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Short Stuff: Nouns of assemblage... assemble!

2020-06-24 | 🔗

A gaggle of geese. A murder of crows. Nouns of assemblage are awesome and we talk about them for about 12 minutes in today's Short Stuff installment.

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Hey Motrin to the short stuff, I'm Josh Clark and there's Charles W Chuck Bryant, and this is short stuff. There is a darkness of podcasters working together right now. I wonder what I had a feeling that was coming. What you're going to use. Where would you said I don't know? I have no idea, I didn't think about it enough, but I will say this: I didn't neither. I know you do you quick witted, I'm not I'm dim. Now. I love this stuff so much. For a second. I thought we were told by far right now I love this stuff. I love what as you know, I love him. Would you at a malady into Malagigi etymology at em, all anti? I love they come from my love. Everything about the nouns of assemblage, which is what we're talking about
which is, if you ve ever heard, a murder of crows or a hairy unharness of pod castors, a hairy of Henderson, let your sins. That's called a noun of assemblage, which is a great bear name. May I say that a lot, but that really is a great banning the rounds of assemblage, I think so yeah, but why would it be that feels like sort of shoe gaze nineties to me? Ok, how's can assailant come early to college rock nouns of assemblage. Opening for Slota, actually, but that's what we're talking about here and we're gonna talk about a lot of the specific ones, but also the story of how is Kim about for the most part yeah. It turns out that there was a book that came out in one thousand four hundred and eighty six that kicked off this kind.
Craze that lasted a little. While that, basically said hey, you know how there's no such thing as teenagers or college. Yet what we're going to force shut all that, but coming up with some word gags with this book of Saint Albans, which is basically a gentleman's guide to things like hunting dog breeds heraldry sport. Just I kind of like falconry falconry articulate letter with a very kindly fifteenth century like guide to manliness as basically what it was he a man I want to go Be this. I looked a mind to buy one, it's it's not affordable, but they do have it
they do have a pdf. Ok, because my first thought was my american abilities and send it John Hodgman, like you would totally appreciate this measure, but yeah I might just print and bind the pdf and said to him instead, like I don't know, I think Hodgman would appreciate it. I don't think it would sink into him. That you'd like taken out a second mortgage on your house, that I am that book. You know it's not gonna happen. I think the pdf Gonna be just fine. Yes, we said nouns of assemblage. They can also be called terms of victory, did their linked to Norman culture. A lot of them came about from hunting in things like fishing in falconry that we're talking about rightly venom. Actually means hunting founders, yeah that that Middle English. It also mean sex in Middle English, which is a weird combo. If you think about
like? What kind of energy? Are you asking me for acquits? That's exactly what you mean: hunting foxes or hunting foxes. They say both well. This book has a lot of stuff in it, but there is a chapter called. And this is one thousand four hundred and eighty six. So there's a lot of wise where you would see eyes like Chaucer style, so the companies of beasties and fowleys, which is a great chapter title and they Basically, it sounds like a bunch of deeds in the fourteen hundred sat around drank, a booze and had a good old time. Making up these nouns of assemblage right would say which,
really cute. In a way, I mean there's a lot of Cubans to the fact that this was ever like a big deal, but some of the things that we talk about today, like a host of angels or a shock of corn, were a panel of judges like all those come from. If not this book The little kind of trend in making up mounds of assemblage at the book kicked off. Yes, you ve got a sleuth of bears a sculptor foxes acid. You a little bit about the time in that both women and geese were goggles. But if you have, group of wives, a group of married women together there, an impatience of wives or noon. Patients in middle age seems kind of dutch to me, but I guess they both derived from Germanic. Writers were a worship of writers that they clearly thought a lot about their own talents. Congregational church goers, a staff of employees, all those kind of came from this whole thing,
So there is like a lot of words there. We, we came up with her. That was that that thinks this book put out or the train came up with that we still use today, but because they were terms of victory, it was mostly meant for animals, so like the fact that humans were showing up in here at all, was meant to be kind of like a joke like a better satire, because the the terms were meant to be now of assemblage for animals. Specifically, yet I think it became sort of it just popular trend period outside of the spoken younger people started. Making these things up in it just became a bit of a fad for a little while it did. It was kind of lying com. It was like a stuffing yourself in
booths fifteenth century style, that's right, you gonna, take a break real quick, enable does come back and say some more of these causes a lot of fun to do agreed. Ok, this episode is brought he by IBM today The answer matters more than ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries or finance something's, just can't wait. That's IBM. Helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson Assistant its Congress. Finally, I designed to help your customers find the answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work with IBM dot com, Slash Watson, assistant tool, more everybody. Terrible things can happen to your house
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I will go to birds. There are a lot of them for birds because they hunted birds and birds are everywhere. So that's where we get murder of crows. I think that's one of the more common. That people know and unkindness of ravens, which I had heard before, and that they cannot make a point here in this house of works article that it He indicates like the gag o of women in cases how they felt about these things. So murder and unkindness for these two birds that people don't really like we'll have a charm of finches, because their super cute, that's one of my favorites, that's a good one. Others also call- If cardinals, which, for some reason me is really evocative like every
This brings to mind a bright red cardinal. For some reason it does I. So I like that, where I think it's kind of part of it. You know it's supposed to really be evocative too, although some of them are clearly choky mustering of storks glue knows, but it's worth mentioning right, yeah, there's one at sea Us Louis coin: that's actually now considered in dictionaries as the proper way to say a group of owls as parliament yeah. Now it's pretty cool to your way to go
Yes Louis. Let me see here. You ve got insects swarm of bees stuck around murmured, not a ton of downs of assemblage for insects, though business supplies which had never heard of fear of a bunch of lights. What to call a flock of life, which is that's just creepy yeah. I think they should again with a beard of bees. Miasmas tat had, but that of a sore and then is there. Some other cutest Windsor rule are reserved for baby versions of our cats. Domesticated animals. Like a kindle of kittens. I looked up the puppies one. You really For this reason, the piddle of puppies in this story, because a why you think I'm glad- I know that now, because I asked until the story of when I got my dog, who is no longer with us Buckley I went to the shelter and there was a piddle up
these all together in a little ball and he's the only one who peeled away from that piddle now and came over to me. So I you the one you're the one, but now I know piddle of puppies it's great agreed. It is pretty great hum what else chuck theirs animals are pride of lions and wisdom of warm bath, which had not her before. Yeah I mean. Do you also get dogs? A pack of dogs was one, but dogs had a bunch of em, because dogs were pets and they were hunting friends, and so they were and have a candle of dogs, a pack of dogs, a cry or a mute of dogs yeah. Those were just the hunting hounds, in particular, is also Gang Legion. A meat of dogs, you yeah, a meat of dogs, sons
they're up to something you know Yan in, although you may have a kindle of kittens once those kittens grow up, they become a cloud her of and at sea alone. W D are of cats, a clatter of cats, which is better than a charter of cats. Really of it. I said some of the wild animals already by the. If you notice, the flies group was called the business of flies, there's also a business of ferrets. In really do it makes a lot of sense because its business is derived from business like something is busy and moving about everything which really does apply to both a bunch of lies in a bunch of It's too so suddenly were kind of right on a game of Wales seems a little out of the blue yeah. A trickle of hedgehogs makes sense. A bloated pit of hippos makes sense
But what about an obstinate and obstinacy of Buffalo never make sense date, they're kind of immovable Yonah? I guess so so I say I propose that we stop for now, but we start a spin off part cast where hurry up is only just spent an hour saying these things: ok, yeah! If you wanna ever go in jeopardy, I would recommend memorizing all of them. He agreed agreed. And if you want to know more about these, you can go on to house, supports that calm and look at this really great article, and since we said that everybody short stuff that study, should know, is production. I hurt radios how stuff works for more podcast, radio is it that I heard radio apple podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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