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Short Stuff: Prison Food

2019-06-26 | 🔗

Prison food is kind of a joke, like airplane food. But there are real consequences involved. Let's get into it in today's short stuff.

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Hello unwelcome too short stuff. The shortest stuff around I'm justice, Chuck, Jerry over there and at this assured stuff in case you don't catch it the first time around right. Let's talk about prison food yeah, let's so prison saying: prison food is sort of like a joke like an airplane meal that someone might use casually as to represent really bad food. I think prisoners with literally kill for an airplane food Annie, while this I'll. But there are more than two million people incarcerated in the United States and that's a lot of people. The feed And we're not feeding the very well and there are groups out there that advocates for prisoner who are on the case and have been for a while trying to get better food to prisoners
this woman Loretta Rafale who works for she's, a researcher for prison, voice, Washington. She makes a good point. She say and listen we're not san prisoners. Dont want filet mignon, they don't want look foods they just want food, that's food, real food, real food and that also isn't like come nutritionally deaths fish and yellow and let's get something out of the way if you like, while their prisoners who cares if they have tasty food or something like that or something that's not as high in sodium. Who cares their imprisoned they're not supposed to be coddled, there's actually really getting answer to that, and that is that, if weary, if we are taking care of prisoners in a certain way, imprison and again, there's two million of them in the United States alone, if their eating terribly over the course of years, there also developing the kinds of chronic illnesses that come with eating terribly for years, like
heart disease and c o p d in just about everything you can think of diabetes and then, when they get out, they need health care or need health care, while there in their teacher and so whether thereon government assisted health care on the outside or prison healthcare. The inside you the guy, who doesn't care whether they get good food or not on the insight is paying for that and a really easy way to get around. That is for them to just be served nutritious food to begin with its way cheaper than paying for health care. On the back and yeah, there was a study done in two thousand twelve, that reported that seventy four percent of inmates in state federal prisons and jails, obese, overweight or obese morbidly obese, and I guess it please to say like why give them good food, they
we are in prison. We should give them gross tasting food. But, like you said it's not it's one of these things like, if you think about the big picture. If one of your arguments is, dollars tax dollars. Why my pay for this you're gonna be paying for more down the line, so maybe give them some fruits and- doubles every now and then yeah work on a daily basis, even like human beings, and I mean what are you talking tax dollars and you paying for their food like the amount of money that Ben on prisoners. If you look at it overall for the entire nation, I can't find that data by the way. There's no there's no data. That says this is how much the? U S spends on food for prisoners every year. There's nothing like that. It's more by state the charm, even by jurisdiction, but I've seen something between a dollar twenty a day to about three dollars a day per prisoner, the average American.
It's about eight dollars and twelve cents a day. So there is a very small amount of money being spent on prisoner food, which is one problem, but then say a problem that seems to be evolve. Over the years there has evolved recently. Is there used to be prison? Kitchens, like the food, was prepared there in the prison, and so that meant that the prison could kind of Kader more toward inmates than they can now, where the food preparation is almost exclusively outsource to companies, like era mark or in Washington, there's one called them corrections: institutions food, then vets, decisive food service, so is prepared off site and it's just gotten
really really bad like there's no such thing as fresh food anymore. It's already heeded in like a tray, basically or I will come back in a minute, we'll talk a little bit more about that in some of the other complications of feeding two million incarcerated individuals right after this hey everybody, its Josh and check your pals and get this for the new episodes of stuff. You should know we're going to have a little help from Alexa hello. It's me alive
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An elixir thanks for telling us some stuff, we should know any time. I love to talk about stuff worried. So it is sad to see that many people and keep expenses in check I think anyone will admit you can't just have an open cheque book and just say spin whatever it takes There are budgets to keep in mind and it's complicated when you think about- and this is something I think many people think about, but dietary needs dietary restrictions. Based on your own body or religious grounds, whether kosher or hello or gluten free. I can ever
about what, if your gluten or dairy, free and you're in prison, you probably just go hungry alot or live with consistent intestinal distress which would really suck you know like that's that's. I saw a clothes like prisons. Punishment enough, you know like this is indeed to be heaped on top of it. Something like persistent intestinal distress. You know, I mean it, you certainly not making for more obedient prisoners if someone is always sick. No, but I did look up, I wonder if there if there was a reason that that prisons deprived inmates nutritionally to keep them like docile or if it has the opposite effect, but apparently one of the big one of the big problems, at least in Washington, but I would suspect it's probably nation wide is the deficiency of protein
there's just not enough protein and proteins pretty important, it's one of the big ones that you really need so there's less protein. The protein that is typically served to prisoners is hyper processed, there's no fresh vegetables or anything like that. It's all like preach, candor cooker frozen, or something like that and its heavy in salt in some time sugar to just basically the worst food, you could possibly eat like like junk food made from filler yeah, and if you are, if you do had dietary restrictions and that have health implications, let's say your gluten free or have silly act. They will just Whatever has gluten off of your trade, they don't say likely how'd, you like this. Instead right and you just get less food yeah that sucks me yeah does? There was any talked about how much their spending
copper, county, Arizona, varied famous for sheriff Joe and all the news he makes an apparently there Thanksgiving meal, There's a nonprofit journalism group called the marshal project that works on criminal justice issues. They did so. Instigating in found at the Thanksgiving meal at Maricopa, county cost, zero dollars and fifty six cents per person. It was a cup of carrots, a cup of mashed potatoes and then five oz of Turkey soiled sorry, Turkey, soy, natural Turkey, soil, probably that too far on vat. I agree one of the People who are with one of the prison projects said if you look at a can of organic cat, food and the label of the ingredients, and you compare it to a lot of the food that certain prisons, the organic cat food is preferable to the prison food, which is
fairly shameful. But what about the honey bonds? There's the honeyed bonds? I also saw a recent one about a type of potato chip that is apparently so good that prisoners go crazy after they get out of prison because they can't find it outside of prison. It's made specifically through or prisons, is called the whole should bangs and dumb, this company is caught on recently that people really want this outside prison. So now they sell it on their website as well, but it's really expensive on their website. But it's just suppose through the greatest potato chips you can, you can ever have it's a combination of salt, Vinnie and barbecue flavour. Well, but again I mean I made the if you haven't heard our prisons episode, that's the reference to honey bonds. Apparently, that's a big that have a lot of trade value but jokes aside, honey bonds and even the greatest potato chips ever still junk food right, yeah, yeah, honey, bunsen, graves, potato chips ever definitely still
it clarifies Jugglery agreed and again you know it's, and I know this is a divisive topic about how people treat prisoners under a lot of people think that they are pampered. Are you know they should all be in her labour camps eating junk food? But again, if you really look at the big picture, and if you're worried about your tax dollars and where they're going you're spending a lot more on health care by feeding them bad food than just giving them some. And again we are not asking for filet Mignon, but fruits and vegetables real proteins. That is it just like a heaping beans. Yet just to put in real numbers the prison policy initiative, which is a watch a group, they did a study and they found that correctional facilities spend about six times more on health care than they do on food and again, if you just raise the quality of food up, it would definitely not be six times more in a I do know you got anything else for this.
So too short stuff check again nothing else and it's gonna go sit down and have some turkey ends in soil, turkey, soil protein yet he ends was one of the ingredients in Turkey. Our king, which I tried to look up what that was the only thing I could find that was it. You know the country of Turkey ends blank. Was that it's the ends of Turkey role, which in and of itself does this like much of a turkey anyway, although I can tell you a turkey role is really good. Is it though the room they come there super frozen solid is brick in a foil pan and you the whole thing in the oven for like three hours, but when it comes out buddy salty, I bet it's it's tasty, though you shouldn't even very often as perfect. I should probably not endorse
at any rate, that's the end of this short stuff up a change your mind about things until next time. First That study should know its production of I hurt radios, how stuff works for more podcast, my heart ready. I heard radio broadcasts listen to your favorite chance,
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