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Short Stuff: Scurvy

2019-09-18 | 🔗

Scurvy seems like a terrible way to go: Your gums swell so you can’t eat, your teeth fall out and your brain and/or heart hemorrhages. Fortunately, all you need is an orange to cure you. Or some – blech – broccoli. 

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You are welcome to the short stuff, I'm Josh, there's chuck, there's Jerry the Scurvy dog, and this is short stuff like I said Moretti wasting time Let's start your kids, Lord, forgive believe this issue. It is
yeah for Lahti- twelve years, almost if eleven, I think short stuff in particular, though Chuck in his just about approached its one year. Inversely, that's great lowbrow! So, let's talk about scurvy, which is a disease that you can get when you don't get enough vitamin c for a long period of time, though, Scott belong purity time. If you go thou vitamin c for a few days or a few weeks, even you're gonna be fine right. But if you are, let's say on a pirate ship and you go months without vitamin c sure, then you're, toast, yeah and technically any ship or technically any.
Massive land movement, where you dont have vitamin c in your die, or even if you just choose not to eat vitamin c, you can be yeah living the middle of an orange growth. It just a total jerk, but it takes about it, takes about two to three months before the effects really start. To said in our butts it is really odd to think that, like yeah, I hadn't thought about that. You could just remove vitamins, for you died. It wouldn't be that hard. You know everyone thinks like well, yeah, oranges, lemons, limes, rich vitamin c, your true, but did you know that broccoli has about twice as much? Vitamin c is an orange, and I love broccoli than an you hated you, yes, but I would he broccoli if starting to show signs of scurvy. I prefer to eat, though the oranges in the lines in lemons. Could I love me some citrus sure me too? great through here they're, not in the great
little better for me, but now it I would shook it down in my life, depended on it sure you should try. I've got some for you than Chuck arrest, squeezed great fruit juice and orange juice. First, squeezed in equal pay, equal proportions. I think I've had an accident in can have it and also think I have a thing for my childhood in the seventies and early eighties, when a half a great prove covered in sugar was like a meal for moms right now. It just bug me that caught a cheese, yet there was a super seventies. Diet thing are eight. So let's talk about vitamin c because its super interesting to me that tons of animals, four thousand kinds of mammals, even
who can produce their own vitamin c, but humans, primates? More specifically, yeah, that's a big one. Guinea, pigs and fruit bats lost the ability to a long time ago. Yeah and other animals can synthesize vitamin c, so they don't need to ingest it like you were saying, because they have a functioning goulash Jean, they goulash, no lack tone, oxidation gene, which is beautiful words, but the hullo jean. We have a full script of its there there's just some mutation that occurred. When back in our evolutionary history, which has pointed to by the fact that other apes canvasses, synthesize vitamin c either so as had been way before humans were around and, as a matter of fact, the fact that
There we do have a gulag. Gene that is no longer functioning is pointed to is evidence of evolution by people who still argue such things, but the fact that the goulash gene is there but not functioning is the whole reason. We can't produce vitamin c, so we have to ingested elsewhere, which wasn't a problem, at least at first, when we were just strictly as subtropical species like we have to be initially yak as we were, surrounded by fruits and vegetables and ate him a lot, but then, as we know, my great it around the globe to places where that stuff was so abundant. Yet it quickly became a problem it, and so there are vitamins, see pops up in other like non subtropical crops or crops that we ve adapted to non subtropical climates, which is to say everything outside of the tropics and sub tropics right.
Tried red, pepper Vieira, peppers, potatoes, onions or another wonder tomatoes. So does US tomatoes in actually, strangely enough, some raw meat, then say like the livers of certain animals are also very rich and vitamin c which why people living up in the arctic circle like Intuit populations and other indigenous tribes that lived way far. North surprisingly didn't suffer. From scurvy, because they have plenty of vitamin c in their almost entirely meet rich diet. That's right! It pops up in other places by if you'd, if you don't get it, you can't synthesize vitamin c which is extremely important to building college it in your body which it turns out college in his way more important than just keeping your ear, the cubicles of your nails, healthy yeah. We need college and it's a protein and, if you like connective tissue in your body staying healthy and connective. Then you need that collagen
bones. You're gonna get alot of their strength from college and fibres. If you have like a Bubu on your skin, young college, going is gonna he'll, it it'll help the walls of your blood vessel stay strong and healthy. If you like to keep your blood inside your vessels, you're gonna, love colleges, in other words, that's right, and if You are getting enough vitamin c which they say about seventy five to ninety Milligrams, a day you're going to be through about eight to ten milligrams of this vitamin c. If you want to keep synthesizing that collagen right, so you want to have a store reserve of it at all times in supposedly, if your store drops below three huh Milligrams. That's right! That's when the scurvy starts to happen, and it's gonna first start to be noticeable very faintly. You're gonna feel weak could be a little bit of fatigue. Her. It's not gonna, be you're, not gonna, be like it scurvy
I'm I'm a scurvy dog, it's gonna take a little longer and some other stuff to really young. To really point to the fact that you are suffering from scurvy yoga to await lost due to reduced appetite, and then the real dead give away for a lot of people is that you start to get your mouth just undergoes a massive horrific transition in a number of ways. Yet purity gross we're talking bleeding gums, swollen gums, teeth, loosening and following out this is my worst nightmare. Yes, not good, joint and muscle pain, your skin, like, if you you know, we talked about the college and helping to form scar, tissue and he'll booze. You will not be able to heal your boots and old booze might reopen because they're not healing like they should be bones, start to become riddle It's it's really really bad and grotesque. It's a bad jam for sure and then eventually, because remember, your blood vessels are weak
because you reach a member. We did. Our are MA episode like does the by. Really regenerates off every seven or nine years yet like that you're tissues are constantly being regenerated, but part of their regeneration is from adequate supply of vitamin c. If you don't have that you're, not regenerating these things and then eventually some really important blood vessels like ones that that supply your brain or your heart with blood are going to fail and you're going to die of a blood hemorrhage in your brain or your heart. That's right! So, let's take a break and we're going to talk about what pirates and sailors Do with all this right after Hey there, it's Jonathan Strickland from tax stuff be sure to tune in to a very special episode of TAT.
Stuff that was recorded inside amazed to see Ex thirty at the delay auto show where I discuss all the ins and outs of human centric design, while you're listening be sure to check out the first ever see Ex thirty at Mazda. USA, dot com, slash, Iheart or better. Yet to see the entire must a vehicle lineup visit, your local Yo Mazda dealer today already so We cannot give it away earlier by saying you know if you dont have vitamin c it in your new place. We can't get it scurvy will set in, early on this is a problem like during the Crusades, because armies were where there were no fruits and vegetables during the irish potato famine. It was a big deal during the American civil war. Scurvy was a big deal.
But the early sailors of the world, the Vikings in the Phoenicians they had fruits and veggies. So they were all fine between one thousand five hundred and one thousand eight hundred though- and this is hard to If it was the leading cause of naval death, around two million sailors died of scurvy yeah like far the way the leading cause- and it was like a really bad death like your gums- will become so inflamed and swollen it would grow over your teeth. If so to allow you to chew your food, because otherwise you just starve to death cuz you couldn't eat. That's the naval surgeons would cut your gums away to expose your teeth once more. This is the kind of like stuff that was happening to you. You're dying of but the early sailors of the world, the Vikings in the Phoenician they had fruits and vegetables, for they were all fine between fifteen hundred and eighteen hundred, though- and this is hard to believe it was the leading cause of naval death. Around two million sailors
and it's not like they didn't already know how to cure scurvy through, like folk medicine, I'm here there, people kind of figured out If you eat an onion you're going be fine, try some citrus or something like that, but it wasn't like widely. Because otherwise, and certainly not scientifically based knowledge until a guy. The Cut Lynn came around and exposure teeth once more. This is forty seven, he on behalf of the Royal Navy conducted the first controlled experiment that showed that citrus actually can cure skirt, yeah. I mean James Lin comes around, says you're on these boats, you're hardtack drinking beer and salted meat and you're dying a test deaths throw alarm in that beer and you'll be fine. Yet here there people kind of figured out like the eat, onion you're gonna, be. Scurvy. Can I mean it is really pretty easy to cure? You can add, like you, can reverse the effects of scurvy. If you add a vitamin c backing,
in a drill. Easy is that, but they didn't have access to it. That's why it's so closely associated with sailing right. But it still out there today, it's not like we cured and eradicated scurvy I mean cured. I guess it away, but we didn't eradicate it because in poor places where people dont have access to vitamin c low income families, even in the United States, see scurvy pop. Not every now and then yeah, it's a really sad situation in orange groves were ops and people are just sitting around suffering from scurvy, yet is so as as male nourishment has kind of increased because of the western diet so have cases of scurvy like in the developed western world people get scurvy it's more more frequently seen whenever there is like a terrible famine or something like that, but it can happen in people's everyday lives. They can start to develop scurvy. The great thing is- and this is what Lynn showed way back in the seventeen forties- is that
We give somebody some orange juice or some vitamin c pills, and within twenty four hours there gums are going to stop bleeding air within three months. They should be expected to make a full and complete recovery like it's extremely treatable. It's a really treatable disease. Yes, it's just before James Leer came along and saved a lot of people from excruciating deaths. There is no kind of codified knowledge about about how to cure entreat scurvy, that's right and after a few months, you're completely fine. Yet it's great, it is it's great. The best thing to go and get some scurvy just keeps him vitamin c nearby and you'll be a wild ride. I got two more things: ok, one
believe the reason why the British are sometimes pejorative we referred to as lie means is because of that lime juice ration, that the sailors got to cure scurvy area, and in the second thing you said that scurvy was kind of a big deal in the civil war. I saw that there is a campaign poster in Chicago. I think a union campaign poster that's a don't, send your sweetheart, a love letter send an onion because they knew the onions with combat scurvy great. I think that's pretty great the great the great thing we should start doing that for Valentine's day: I was listening on you, I took it for short, separate shrank checks are right. Everybody that means that shortstop is out. Study should now its production. I heard radios has two works for more podcast, my heart radio, I hit radio apple has or wherever you listen to
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