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Short Stuff: The Number 23

2019-05-01 | 🔗

There are people out there who believe that there’s something special about the number 23. Exactly what? Who knows. Exactly why? Because it pops up a lot. But does it? Who knows. 

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Hello and welcome to the short stuff, I'm Josh there's chuck, there's Josh for the three of us together. This is short stuff. Oh sure, yeah, and we should mention that you know Josh's in here with this guess producer and ass. We recording on- and I said the number twenty three any set out under that. Oh yeah, said well, I apologise because I'm probably gonna make fun of it a lot, that's funny so jobs then you're a twenty thirty and is what they're called here. Number two. The number three. The letter are the letter d, the letter I the letter, a the letter in and then be. There's more than one the letter ass and we know that real because there's a facebook, page yeah Facebook, basically Yoda Mises everything, so we're done and about the number twenty three Apparently, a lot of people put some stock into this number. You're, just Josh
no he's, not the only one they made it very. Does too they made a very bad Jim. Carry me called the number twenty three did you see it? you just presuming it was bad. I'm presuming it was bad from all the people. That said it's bad. I have now seen it and I presume to his bed too, but I have gotten just desperate enough. I'm like Netflix at Amazon, Prime, let's try it there's so much good stuff on there and you can watch that is there. Oh, I don't know, does everything stink. I dont know. If everything stinks, I don't want to say that, but I think. I am at the number twenty three level, now what follow up only hear about it. Aren't you gonna are its The number twenty three you seen it on Michael uniform. He picked, it appears because that was as close as he could get to half of forty six, which is older brothers number
Older brothers is forty five and forty five guineas when lorries would be exactly right. Then, of course, since than other people try to emulate, Michael, like Leubronn, and so the other twenty three easy basketball, and even some other sports, sometimes or tribute to Michael Jordan, Yellow David beckons, twenty three, When you went to Real Madrid was in homage to Jordan to see a majority, the first every other twenty three. Was a year in homage to Jordan, which is that's great it's not where the number twenty three ends I thought you had nowhere. That number twenty three started now, Why did it started elsewhere? The number twenty three as for as long as arabic, numerals have, but the obsession with the number twenty three they ve tried to trace back as far as they can. There is actually a guy who came up with a book.
Came out in two thousand thirteen. This guy's got one of the better names of heard, no I'll Barnaby Roger sin. Yet in this book, title is just add a hand Roger since book of Numbers Colin the culture of numbers. If, in from one thousand one night's to the seven one of the world. That's the end of the title as colon hyphen dear, he should have ended that with a exclamation point right, as I think you have to when you say the seven wonders of the world yeah Anybody who says it like without an exclamation point, so Barnaby Rogerson traces, the obsession with number twenty three to a little rider that was dragged out named William S, boroughs yet the man who shot a million bucks in his arm says Matt. Dylan really was at the thank the quote: yes from drugstore cowboy right Might Williams,
who played a old aged heroin addicts and been met. Dylan said he must have shot a million bussing ahead arm. She watched that again and stood another twenty three. Ok, I gotta at your assignment. Okay? So I was supposedly at one thousand nine hundred and sixty this story has many many holes, but and probably because of all the drugs boroughs was in tangier, probably because of the drugs and said he met a sea captain named Clark, not me who said He had never been an accident in twenty three years later that day Clark thank his ship and died, which does whereas here Thou Perker antennae up for sure- and supposedly later that same day that night I heard a radio story, new story about a flight. Twenty three: they crashed in Florida, also piloted by Captain Clark, This all sounds very interesting until you realize that that didn't happen. Well, there was a flight
three I didn't see whether was piloted by car, cannot so it's possibly heard a story from twenty seven years earlier. Yeah Maybe they were recounting the story or something like that in order to ensure we are set to remember again, peace hopped upon smack right either way, I think smack is one of many at any. Given time exerts bloodstream by it is usually the guy who is first credited with becoming obsessed with the number twenty three and he was, you could say, fairly influential in the underground scene, in the sixties and then into the one and so on, and one of his his name, Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Anti Wilson went on to co right. The very AMOS, Illuminati trilogy if you're reading I have it, but that's that's Josh's main interest: okay, they're fast! books are wonderfully written there. There hilarious their engrossing, there really interesting, but he was friends with boroughs and so the number twenty.
Three is a major foundation of the Illuminato trilogy, which also draw from another kind of underground school of thought. I guess the in the Sixtys and Seventys, which is called discourteous ism, the which is kind of like a made up, parity religion that actually makes a lot of sense so much so that a kind of blurred lies between reality and non reality. When you, when you look into it and none Twenty three is a wholly number four discourteous ism. So if you kind of take all together, discarding, isn't the Illuminato trilogy and William s boroughs and put it all together. That seems to be where the kind of coal, like awareness or obsession with the new, twenty three came from, I tore gonna, take a break and we're gonna come back and talk about more twenty three coincidences right after
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look me twenty three again, Darwin's origin of species was released in eighteen. Fifty nine, you Adam, one, eight, five and nine, and you get twenty three, that's all the more interesting when some of them are just pictures of like a truck with the number twenty like there. It is again. Those are a little right answered only too, but there are some is to enter into interesting coincidence. Is that that pop up, when you look around like her Cobain, born in nineteen sixty seven and if you add those up, it comes to twenty three he died and one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and if you add those numbers up, they come to twenty three as well: okay, much more interesting than a truck with the number twenty three on it. For sure. Conspiracy theories will point to the nine Eleven tragedy up nine eleven, two see rosier and one and you get twenty three. That's a good one. Shakespeare was
but were in an died on the same day April, twenty third by years apart, obviously Julius Caesar was supposedly, if you look at detailed reports, stabbed twenty three times this up at like this one there's one called birthday. Paradox. Have you heard about that? I did see that an after reading it four times and not fully on understanding it. I just walked away in tears. It's it's really fascinating We should do understand that, but is actually to simple. So the birthday paradoxes where, if you get twenty three people into a room, and you now have enough people who are there's a fifty fifty chance that two of them are going to have the same birthday, which makes zero sense. Is there hundred and sixty five days in a year near. You would think that you would now need that times two to have a fit? I guess it three hundred and sixty five days of five thousand and fifty two, but now because tear ducts each of those twenty three people have the opportunity to be compared to
There twenty two people you get a number way more than than twenty three a number of comparisons way more than twenty three, and it turns out it's enough to have a fifty percent chance of having the same birthday among two people: and has been proven out? Yeah yeah, mathematics is it's his manner had no it's very. It's very well proven it's interesting. I don't want you to look into just the probability of you, like our makes way more sense. Ok, I took a statistic. Some college. Actually, that was one of the mass that I took. I took statistics Chuck on two Twa times: did you get in F, F in a deep I'm up final ds? The last time I got a d cuz, I have the same instructor all three times last time. She's like Dee just go just go away
you're, never going to get the year you and our liberal arts guys I was an english major and they before that class actually had a math class called math for poets was the nightmare and it was basically like the math class. All english majors took as it was very simple, arithmetic. Notepad, let's get back to a couple of twenty three things are young princess, Leia Josh in the very first hours home than detention, block, AA, twenty, three, ok and apparently and George Lucas's first film Th Ex Eleven thirty eight there is another twenty three in their, so some people might think that was. That was his way of giving a nod to that number. I would guess: oh George Lucas wouldn't be the only person who is a famous they merely of twenty, oh yeah, twenty thirty in a famous twenty three it one of the most famous is John NASH, the guy who's, the mathematician whose life was drama.
Eyes in a beautiful mine, the book in the young, the movie here, which is a great movie, if I remember correctly, but he was obsessed with twenty the number twenty three he said it was his favorite prime number, that's our the obsession and he also says that he or she said that he appeared on the cover of life magazine once disguised as Pope John, the twenty third perfect and Japan. On Twitter really did appear on life magazine, but but it was him JANET, The saying what I was made yeah I shouldn't laugh then the Bible, which is a book the there is a. I was about to call it a chapter, but I guess there call that the book of numbers and the verses, its numbers? Twenty three, twenty? Three! If you look that up what hath
If you take all this in you, you look at it a certain way. It becomes plain that there's something very special about the number twenty three. If you look at it, If you, if you take all this a new on you a certain way. It becomes plain that there's something very special about the number twenty three If you look at it in a different way, it becomes plain that people have invested a lot of like me single significance to twenty three, that is actually there near that day. It could be any other number, especially any other number that is within one to thirty, because a lot of people ascribed dates. You note significance to dates. I should say: John NASH died on the twenty third of May in two thousand fifteen point, and so that just proves it to people who are twenty thirty. It's obviously twenty three mean something, but if it could also be fifteen
this seven or three there's a lot of like numbers that we ascribe we search up. Significance have, and if you ask a cognitive now what's going on, they will just basically say that our brains contain a a mechanism for detecting patterns. We search, and sometimes we force patterns onto things is now- we save brain energy is finding patterns. We can predict things and this makes into the world. Around us, and sometimes we force patterns on two things right: it don't actually have any significance that don't actually mean anything, and that can be things like the number twenty. Ray popping up suddenly randomly yeah. When you look at the clock in its eleven eleven, you make a big deal about it, it's more likely that you just don't make a big deal every other time of day that you look at the clock exactly chuck. I got nothing else, except for twenty three, that your stuff
he's out. Stuffy should know, is production. I hurt radios how stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio, I hit radio apple podcast or what listen to your favorite shots.
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