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Should we have a fat tax?

2012-06-12 | 🔗

The concept of fighting unhealthy behavior like overeating by taxing unhealthy food has been around since 1994. But as the debate over a fat tax rages on in the U.S., Europe has begun to institute them and there's talk of taxing overweight people as well.

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Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball is always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, It's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake an angel sprang because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger. It's almost better than sports practice by them invented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you, welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works out I welcome the focus Josh Clerk, Charles Babbage, a bride is taking eighty refreshing, Scythopolis crop brain carbonate
soda and down since he's doing that. Wearing a pledge, sleep, teacher, and I'm wearing jeans. That means there is establishing a attract people, Secret formula genes on you play shirt on me, nothing from the waist down on. That's it sacks of course, and foot for it makes it. Whole thing. So much more unsettling, I think still there's nothing there's not much fun here, then since shoes on with no panacea that their homes, Yes, it's always funny he's nailed it, especially with his pointy little brown shoes. He wrote, turn pubic mountaineer these as well Time has an area where we weeks we ve been out of the office for two weeks to some people. Now we're getting back in the things in it, Sir refreshing to the earth
to do something. There were good at me happier. It is sometimes it gives me a sense of control. Yes, I feel like we're good at this check. We now we're doing Suffer maybe the union's one, and now I mean it good all the information was there but, like I am sounded like I had a Trans orbital. The bottom me like just moments before we started the thought was given did Elsie this one is gonna, be a good one. My friend remember the tipping absurd. Yes, it's gonna make that look like Whoop. Ok, we're talking today Chuck as I know, you know about the possibility of that tax that right and is well what we'll get exactly what it is in a second. But let's talk about why you would even consider
in fact, it seems like Chuck. There is an ability epidemic in the United States and the United States, but in the western world we're not the only fat it, although we are typically the values of the fairies. Yet, over the best in everything here by persons, by percentage, I think they're more obese people and states than elsewhere. Yes, but It is still a problem. It's very prevalent everywhere, when you mean I went to Japan choose issues like everyone in Japan stuff, then everyone is very thin. The very small please learn very we wait another issue last time you were here so yet it's everywhere, but they would probably say like
that now, because we reading american food, I, that is what they say, but, as you know, what they're, probably right and of do their Mcdonald's makes our Mcdonald's look again like poop, like they have. The this thing called the mega muffin and it's a young Enigma muffin with sausage, unlike extra, and its huge and its parliament delicious thing of everyone in my life, I'll I'll eat a sausage, methanol, dagger renown and what you can get in, an egg MC muffin with sausage hearing the stairs, if you know it asked for sure, but it costs you like sick box. But it's worth it that's true, but yeah anyway. Yes, the double egg interests me there, though it is true like it six bucks easy. My arm up, he saw in the United States was throw out some statistics, because this is where we live. And again the United States is the greatest country in the world when it comes to obese people praising the Obese in a
in obesity costs the: U S, an estimated two hundred and fifty billion dollars a year here in health care costs. That's a significant amount of meat yeah, twenty two percent of all medical costs in twenty six percent of Medicare cost are out during last year by four due to obesity, is twenty percent less significant yeah? I thought I was a weird statistic that wasn't yeah thought, as will the guy that pollster through your quoting he was some, definitely biased, it seemed like it was his own pole. I know what I'm saying like even still is like here's. This pull their weight is whose how I feel about it, the airy got a lot of money being put into treating diseases that arise from obesity,
a preventable disease it while yeah obesity, is considered a chronic disease, which is something that can be treated and prevented through behaviour. Modification like shock therapy, which cost far less than treating heart disease point one: the sea, the costs are expected to rise, is there an dumb? However, you feel about Obamacare. Take that off the table. It put it on take it off the table, either way. If we don't, change the amount of money were putting into care for obesity related diseases. The ghost Costaguana got just because the sheer number of these people are expected arise, Chirk, there's some like seventy two percent of Americans, very their overweight or obese boy. That's a lot! It is a lot.
I think more than a third of Americans are obese in obese- is a body mass index of like twenty five to thirty year, twenty five to thirty kilograms per square metre right and then there can refining that. So it's not dissuade anymore right. It's the amount of fat you have on your back. Apparently there is a move towards refining that even further, which is how much fat do you have on your body which is the really unhealthy stuff adipose right. I know I can gain down below my ways, unlike my dad, carried all between my my chin in my waistline dessert It's getting what we're gonna get like that, the big, but that some guys get you now
since I've been running in my but has gone up and out a little bit- and I guess that's so its first be, but I don't like it man, I've conscious about my bottom now: ok, so visa! The percentage of these people in the Eu S check is supposed to go from about a third by thirty. Two. Thirty three percent of that now to forty two percent by twenty thirty? Let's just now, overweight or obese S, creeping up, tat path, the country yeah, that's a wife must have something for so there's a lot of them as a nation. There's a lot of reasons that people would start talking about instituting a fat taxing when we're talking about a fat takes we're talking about this concept that was first introduced by a.
Yale psychologist named Kelly De Bruno yet Twinkie tax ahead, they throw twinkie on any everything, always do any time. Something has to do with junk food, the twin cancer. It like the twinkie defence there, the word twinkie was, uttered during the trial, yet in the trial. It was all junk food that was a Harvey nothing yet here it was I can say in white, near the day and white values He never mentioned twinkie, but that was the press. They just between you anything they can't jerks. Yeah he's he first point, MRS back in nineteen, eighty four in the New York Times. So it's not the newest. Idea to be floated in their there? different ways that people have suggested that we go about this. He has a cup, proposals. One is attacked. Seven to ten percent on unhealthy foods, and then is that revenue to subsidize healthy foods to make it cheaper to make that cheaper, most expensive,
the idea behind. That is what the people to buy unhealthy food, because it's cheaper, because it traditionally is that I wonder if we would find out. If that's the case, I don't think The case I don't know I mean, I think, people by those words because they want to buy the junction eat it. I guess it depends on what you're talking about, though I give it a tv dinner, yeah you're looking for dinner and its super cheap right true, so if you, if their healthier alternatives that are cheaper than that the maybe they would go with the healthier alternative, but about when you, when you want an area you want in Austria, but I bet you get one of the young. The little healthy choice me about the same as a tv dinner and those about the same right. I wonder. I wonder, though also of proportion has to do with it too. I think proportion control is a huge portion. Pushing for the proportion is course well when you're, comparing a healthy choice to examine proportion, but in the thing is too, though,
I mean the healthy choice. Meals in those does diet, meals, wait, watchers meals, they are lower in. I guess, like fats and count stuff like that sodium. It still be hard to argue that their healthy kind of like package processed food like that is inherently dig it out like super healthy. I guess you're right, but is probably better than hungry. Men was like the whole thing with them. I freaked US courts, her sugar, refined sugar is a healthy comparison to it. You know like come that whole throwback thing that Pepsi did write like that was supposed to be better for you, but they use just refined sugar and survive fruit. Concepts. I wonder if I were what you're saying that is its along the same lines. I guess we'll yet, and that presents one of the problems that will get too is how do you if you're gonna do some like this? draw the line, and how do you attack this? Is it just sweets Eddie Foods or you know I have been in Jerry's. Ice cream is made with really healthy, draw ingredients, but it's full of fattened calories right, whereas
healthy choice, weren't goat, is processed in loaded with preservatives but it's lowering calorie. So it's hanky, you presented sticky conundrum how they're going to figure this out if it if it ever gets here. So that was the year the first proposal, yet by a brown now it basically seventy ten percent tax is that the revenue to find your subsidize healthier stuff yeah and can actually ana how they did this by Oxford University, actually put it that number value on how many lives a year that could save yeah They claim that of seventeen point five percent of value. Attacks could save up to thirty two relies ear, and I guess it's probably just in England emerging right.
I believe so. Does he like English all over? This is well yeah there? U S in England, where Europe is is kind of moving towards this, but yet the studies that we came across seem to be mostly british origin. They love their studies everyday! I do so that's one one proposal was the second one. Other thing always less aggressive is was basically just tax. Lesser amount, two unhealthy food, and then funnel that into public education and brown, also that there will probably be easier to get pushed through yeah I'll legislatively, but it would have less of an effect. Yeah, I mean if you're gonna do this remain even know if it's a good idea or not at rather see cheaper, healthy food than some stupid campaign. You know me: awareness campaign. I have doubts about the effectiveness of those things, but they have
obesity awareness campaign going on and it's like they're using these poor fakirs models and like white school. Do you go to where I have to be private tutor now, because you're literally the poster child for obesity here? So you are saying that the Brits came up with the idea of doing a seventeen point. Five value added seventeen point: five percent value added tax vat, yes value added tax- is basically like every time. A raw material comes into the manufacturing plant, is a tax on that when the manufacture finishes, the final product sends a to a exporter, was attacks on the export or give two distributor. There's a taken that and ultimately all these taxes build up in are passed on to the consumer.
Yeah right, the savings are passed on the left, the taxes extra payment, so the these these Brits who studied that found there. If you, if you did at seventeen point five percent tax- and you just did it on food, saturated fat right, the correct We be counter productive, they for they model there. They found that it would drive people to other foods yeah yeah they end in, would have even more and would have even more severe health consequences right, interesting and then what's more, here's a big problem to it would increase food costs by about three point: two percent. So here yeah here's, here's! reach a really. So if your liberal right, you like We need that. We need to look out for people these people don't understand that the consequences of
eating habits and they re I haven't surpassing along to their children, we're all gonna die at age fifty. So we need this kind of text in some Agus its regressive search unfairly, taxing the poor in every liberals because forget it perhaps forget it all ever get by that. That's part of the problem, because you know the poor tend to spend a large percentage of their income on food. So if you start taxing food it's going to unfairly hit the poor more than anybody else right, so they found three point: two percent for there. For that one is just the same that and they did to other models to hear the one where they actually assign a score rating to your food. Don't ask me what the stands for. Yes, I see three score. Elitha couldn't find what it stands for. Supersecret must have thought that the supersecret score so they basically the going rate foods based on eight nutrients and a higher
score is bad. If you, if your plus eight, then you're going to get, axed more here and that would save twenty. Three hundred lives. I guess is that a year and then increase four percent, so even higher increasing focus right, but it saves lives rather than having more severe negative consequences and its it hits the sweet spot that you are looking for. The science right so like you could run anything conceivably through this algorithm made up. Why doesn't it blind whether its lean cuisine or how house right it's gonna on this score and Danny underscore you get tax or not. That makes a lot more sense. It does still the four percent increase in food costs that signify. It is the third one was where basically it was, they spread the tax among a bunch of different foods, almost half foods following healthy, though I don't know
I don't understand you out and get this one. Ok so, but what we did for what they found was that it saves lives but increases taken by about four point: six percent so, if you're an anglophile- and you are in the studies- and you like choosing, multiply possibly go with number two. I think it makes more sense to me and you right and it should everyone else while driving ourselves? actually in Britain. They already do this on some things like ice cream and potato chips dimension in here already have a value added tax and in some states, Energy is not one of them. They tax. On small, taxes on soft drinks and things like that see. I don't know if that's true, because I found this one, this one already, about Redman California, and where their talk,
about adding a one cent per out, so the attack in it says that they would be the first city in the country to actually push it through. A really yeah Well maybe it does say California and main American had fat taxes approved and then repealed, so yeah sitting the nation, the levy attack, specifically targeting soda and sugar laden beverages. Interesting. So, but if this goes through its coming up, pretty soon, I guess in November, but if it goes through theirs, one problem again, where it's a regressive tax right cause, it's a fixed amount is one cent per out and because of that, the cheaper, the value of an ounce of soda. Yet the more percentage you're gonna pay in taxes. Right, let's say you pay a dollar for your generic store brain to later, right that sixty six or sixty seven ounces, you're gonna pay.
At a cent per answered in a panic, should sixty seven cents here, which is sixty percent more cars, yet almost double what you're paying before and the people were buying that dollar store brand to later, probably people who can afford the dollar regulator exactly now. If you do, I twelve hacker, something like that right and it's a hundred forty four ounces, nearly twelve tax already like six box right, that's only an extra dollar four for the something like twenty percent or something like that yeah added tax, whether it is actually so that's why they say regressive. Taxes are usually unfairly burdening to the poor yeah. That makes sense as well. I see it all the time was to say that you do. I used to working in their convenience store, and so I had it, a good eye on who was my and what? In what kind of snacks people aid and I was made
Fine. When I worked in a gas station that people to white clay me they two white clay, I don't know what that means nothing. Why Clayton look around next time you against such an especially on the sticks? They'll be a little cellophane bag with, like the little paper hanger, you know like you, gummy worms or whatever it like that by its food. It is not a food item, its clay and people chew it. Apparently some never heard it's like a folk. Tradition among pregnant women to chew clay, have like this kind of arm craving for it as well, and they saw this inconvenienced. We're never knew that lower noise.
Blew me. That's gonna be on the lookout now, so we ve talked about all the reasons why we should do this right. Yes, it seems like this would have all been pushed through if there weren't some sort of opposition to the concept of fat taxes, tony blair- oh yeah, for instance, in two thousand, for he called it a Sign of a nanny state that kind of sums it had occurred, This is like the government, once again legislating something in your personal decision you wanna make which, as yet, if I want to eat twinkies and get fat and die of a heart attack at forty, it's my right yeah, because I love those twinkies. That makes a really good case like who, who is the government to tell you shouldn't right
There is a really good argument on the other side. That often comes from the same side, though, which is if we, as a society, have to pay for your healthcare right there yeah you we do have a stake in telling you now you can either Twinkie and yeah. We agree we can't tell you naughty that twinkie, but we can make you think twice about by raising the price of it. Well, and therein brings up the third man which is not to tax food, but to make people pay more for something like insurance if their obesity the text, the person and that the item yeah yeah it which is found the more diabolical model of the year of the others yeah, but it's also like I get that, but it also at least singles out the the problem MIKE.
Although some people might say the problem is the existence of the twinkie, but they don't. But the credit to say no, but you know what, if you're super healthy and you like, and all Jack Twinkie every now and then there is nothing wrong with the existence of twinkies check. That was how to further correctly observed occur, but, like you can't like, if you like, tax on junk food and I'm a marathon runner that once I love my my recent got right. Why should I have to pay more money on that because a larger person eat some five times a day, I disagree with that, though, because think about it. Man like like whose really paying for that that extra tat time the larger personally reads: the many times a day or you who eats and once a week flag, buck up and pay the extra forty cents and shut up we're trying to do. Something over here to a random Mary thought about that. That's what I have to say that I personally, as far as it goes they d o obese person who will win your faced with that
the of having to pay more. For that raises there is no sweet spot as bad as economists want to be able to say. This is the point where everyone will stop paying, yeah for researchers and stop eating them with the same with gas, yet. No one has any idea. You can take the average of all this, but it's really different for everybody. So that's one of the big challenges is: how much do you raise right? So if you take away the the idea that that's going to change behaviour. It might not, it might just mean that people are gonna. Have the shell out more money which sucks. Well, what happened was smoking did people while there a glass when they started tax and cried out. Oh yes, they don't really
example of how you can successfully tax unhealthy stuff and change people's behaved, so that worked, it did work, but they think about what a pack of cigarettes cause today compared to ten years It's like, I think in insane New York, it's probably about twelve times more than before. I know like almost overnight after the tobacco settlement. Ninety ninety eight was settled. Yeah tobacco prices doubled just from the added tax, but tobacco use has gone down. It went down like twenty five percent from like ninety five the two thousand seven, and is it due to the price we are. They know that it is, they believe, its due to the price to Power Leon. I want you to have a declaration really they were educating the public before than anyway you're. So, yes, they think that it has to do with the fact that the tobacco settlement lead it just ridiculously higher taxes and still continues to
so you can say that there is a model there. Okay, if you just adding more and more and more money right in the form of a tax to this Adam, eventually, everybody's going to fall off right will reach that where no one will pay that any longer. What you're talking about where were you actually taxing the consumer? That's different that saying I'm whether you Terrible you're, not until you get down certain what body mass index or whatever you have to pay more for health insurance, I'll I feel like it should be. The other way round. My car insurance, like you, get brakes if you're a good driver like maybe if the citizens the plans. If you lose weight, then you get lower costs right, be nice to lower costs for a change
but it is ultimately the same things just a different way of looking at it. The people aren't losing weight or paying their paying more than other people, but I see I think, it's starting out a level and then people who are better at something good, who do well. Yeah pay less Etsy. It seems fair, there's some problem so like how do you? How do you keep track of their keep track of of the individual yeah- and here I mean how often can do you have to like. If you lose a significant amount of wait, do you go in China, say hey, I need a letter from you saying like I can get a reduction in my insurance now because they fit this goal or whatever you're gonna run. You're doctoring. You now have a. Have a standardized form where they take certain measurements and if you If you want to apply and get the cheaper rates, then it's up to you to get those sheets filled out and turn them in every six months. You may do so.
Woman, it makes sense to be well will in Japan, are doing something like that. It's called them a programme where every year, everybody goes in for an annual check up anyway, and they do it through their employer, greatly added some sort of like Body Mass index measurement now too, and others like for the person there's no financed taken losing weight or hearing a tardy away, but there's a lot of societal and peer pressure from their employer whose getting pressured from their city or county or town India, which is getting hit financially further for x number of people better, not losing way right so they're, using like this societal pressure to pressure people, because the the Japanese no shame and will see. That was that would work for me because I'm overweight and if I guarantee you, if every time they ring up something effort
a little speaker, the regiment, that tax fat tat, I think, like start buying those things right or I would find out a waiting to get them on the black market. I think a lot of people would pursue here. That would show me that that's what they should do, I'm a minute previous statement, I should have a computer voice that yells out that tax everytime. You buy something Why not combine both of those chocolates combine both because it then I think you have the powerhouse The czech play- and this comes from the crises like thirty by both the rohingya. Sometimes the best ideas are you the seeing m. I gonna yeah like a restaurant menu bar in seeing the calories next to it. That definitely has an effect on my behavior for sure ah apparent. Let me I shall set up anyway, so it's not like seeing like yeah that
nine hundred calories. I don't feel like that right now, yeah, I guess so it does it for me. I guess I'm never fooling myself into thinking that that fried chicken doesn't have that many calories, but maybe sing it yeah. I get at future me. I guess, if I think of Michael, yet fried chicken has many calories. Put it any more. I think about it. If you see it, yeah, ok, What what are american sank? If you believe this Paul and three believe that obese people should pay more taxes, then healthy way. People- and this is conducted by the failings, investment partners, LLC And but he's got a lotta, he asked a lot of questions in here. He did a lot of states. He does find an interesting and eighty two that the obese could garner support by forty percent of Americans. In this third five percent of over wait people even saying yes. May I, like
over wait, people or even saying yes. Well, I like the Yankee TAT. They should pay more for healthcare. It makes sense to he. We allow short sighted or near sighted people to become we allow short sighted or near sighted, people have become lion. Tamers Ays appears basically comparing that, but that kind of brings up a larger question. Like is this habit? Is it just poor habits and poor eating behaviour, eating patterns and if so, then yeah this guy can make a pretty good case that, yes, we need to bear people's bad eating habits, especially if their passing them on to their kid through. Well. Interestingly, younger people responded generally more in favour of
I think that more than older adults and people have higher income responded more positively to a that tax could quote, then obviously people with a lower income, so wholesomely terrible- I didn't mean it like that, so this is all can theoretical right here I mean what written Richmond, California might have a one cent soda tax, but they be the only city with that other. These have tried at New York tried the same thing, but apparently the soda companies shouted down as a naked money grab cleverly disguised as a health policy that stand near it sucks from lobbyists, get their Mickelson stuff, ah meetings at monogram. But if you go to Hungary or Denmark, Hungary, is it off
that they have a fat tax because of the country's name. But if you go to Hungary or Denmark, there are fat taxes instituted there. Hungary has one that's like a flat. Thirty point: thirty, seven euro tax on anything that unhealthy there and I'm not quite sure what the parameters are, but basically junk food. What we consider here in denmark- distance to did something to where they tax saturated fats in foods to the tune of like sixteen kroner, a kilogram which comes out to be like- dollar twenty nine a pound and then divided up, and they take into account not just what ends up in the end result of the fat, but how much it is also put in may be lost along the way interesting they go after it out like a like the cup
the incentivize, like our own discovery channel, will pay for half of Europe Stomach steeply jump membership, oh yeah, which is great like make a little cheaper to join the jam, can make you go the gem, but you feel like a sucker when your pain to go the german doctor, the Jim. I forgot that they'll do. I need to take them up on that. I had in its once that you dismiss the deadline, but it's a man wants for core fifty percent of your Jim ambition for you anyway, Well, that's great! I totally forgot about that and if not the most money in the world, but few shackles makes you feel good yeah yeah. I will definitely come up and thank you for reminding me our next time. I reminder pops up. Our minds have of the Argo started today must see. But yes, please you remind me just as all make me feel good that you remember it. I guess it's about it that taxes,
replacing Europe there spreading out of their way West yeah. Maybe if you want to learn more about the proposals for the fat taxicab typing, that tax in the search bar has approach that can sell, bring an article written by jeopardy winner, Jacob Silverman yeah Jacob I watched, offer either says he went twice. Three times, thirty real ended before well he's coming they had to suspend for like they do like the tournament or somewhere. So he'll be get some point to continue. His red is also yet I never even knew the guy, but he was really I see me when I first got hired like we email, a bunch and kind of like you help me out early on in someone, see those accidents with Jake, Oh, you never saw a real time. Isn't a guy yeah? Well, congratulations!
Also, if you want to learn about Vd D, you can type in the search for another, bring up an article by an e g, and I said so far in there somewhere, which means it's time for listener mail chuck sorry. I know that normally we should be doing this in the mail here. But let's, let's tell everybody so Itunes is cool enough to say: hey guys were agitated. Podcast is your favorite. Payment. You certainly put in clothes and they there's us there's amidst competition stiffly us discovery news for economics, Real radio lab radioactive up against radio every now there is that all of them- and I want to leave anybody out very great. I guess I can't member but the
we're applicants and heavy letters. So we are so they say they created a poor on Itunes, Facebook page. You can go to Itunes on Facebook and I, look on their wall and go down, let's see a few posts, are going to see that that you know what a detail. I guess you like the most right. You go workforce. If you want indeed fell, be very nice, we think there will be sweet if you did, if not it's cool listening anyway, we know you like us. We want extort anything from you, but if you haven't
finding it here's the URL Http S, calling slash Slash W W w dot facebook. That camp is probably get a place. Where does your slash questions pearl? Slash, one zero one, five, one: zero one, five, zero, seven, one two four five, eight zero, three flash that's right and you can go- offers One of our first, you can also go vote for TED Talk. You came over forever, you, but we think it is nice they did and we'd, but oh yeah, we let their party. Everyone gets featured wood and I think- and if Europe if you're familiar things check that out,
Joshua to call this The attrition follow up with Mariner medical marijuana, gas. We talk about the synthetic pill mariner that you can get a prescription guys I'm a huge fan and even followed and said hi Josh once in Missis Lennox Oh yes, yes, yes, you noticed. I remember that guy you Jimmy Jimmy the doktor. I didn't really stimulus pediatrician he is a vital aid, had abandoned counter the grocery store without my two than the other way. There's did you take a picture now I like, I, don't think you notice I, but I think I came across because I was acting real funny because I didn't omitted any Polly think you have a drug here. I didn't want to smile row. Big cells gonna get a nice to me anyway, I'm a huge fan from Jimmy and us
take interested in Shucks hesitancy in saying he had taken a mariner till the horses. It's a legitimate prescription, drugs. Why one does it normally associate medical marijuana with the under eighteen years, while the use of mariners not uncommon. Actually in our pediatric oncology patients undergoing here. Maybe I'll uses second or third line of anti naughty drug. However, children who are unresponsive, medications, a mere now is safe and often highly effective alternative. That being said, surprise, at the number parents who are hesitant, who even blatantly refuse to allow child to take mariner because of this, associated with it being quote from marijuana. This normally leads into a conversation describing the fact that many of our medicines are created based off the street. Drugs, like you guys mentioned, the derivation of the very commonly morphine from Heroin. I'd say that data Fifty percent of the time we can can the apparent to allow the help their child. However,
Again it certainly not uncommon for them to refuse to credit frustrating! Let me tell you especially when a child this clearly suffering because of their parents, heart headedness, but we ultimately have to spect their opinions in their wishes, doktor how house he doesn't respect anybody's looking he just hammers through that, the treatment he just thought you guys may find that aspect of the social stigma associated Mariner interesting thanks for doing the topic, it's when they come to frequently my circles net stacked Jimmy thanks. Jimmy, I totally remember you are those that was nice. I made my data on time. You move very impressed. Death and see if you have an opinion on the fair tax sure there are plenty, I'm pretty sure where we would, with them, even without asking, but let's go and ask make sure everybody feels comfortables telling us what they think.
Nice, but we want to hear about it. You can tweak to us as why escape had cast our on Facebook at Facebook got complex issue and you can email at stop podcast at discovery for more honest and thousands of other topics, is it how stuff works out com to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you
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