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Some Really Interesting Cases of Mass Hysteria

2016-03-15 | 🔗

Around the world and across time, people have fallen victim to one of the strongest contagions of all - the power of suggestion. Here are just a few examples of these bizarre cases.

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My boyfriend, whatever almost a check to see Jerry, was there, even though this rumour so small she's always has pointed out. Are you ok, To do my voice, man, it's driving me crazy. I rather wound up and carefully failure. We just talked about dark money. Earlier Maybe we should recall that last maybe could have just done power lifting for the rest of the day job. Do later. So we didn't episode I'm not gonna. Tell you my powerless. Think: ok go ahead to let all interrupted November twenty fourteen. We did. It have certain collective hysteria. Yes, not too long ago. What is of hysteria and it was a good one. Was that a shot me just now cause I interrupt you? A lot was what a shot. They don't want interrupt me designer appear. It's part of the show.
I don't mean to, and I feel badly what I noticed a really you haven't. You notice it. I would say six tensor the time three fifths is in no way to put that I can live with that. It was a good episode, but we did not cover there a lot of cases. Syria, and we only covered a small portion. Yeah we're not gonna go in depth about what mass hysteria is. If you want that goes into their episode, which is a given. If I remember correctly, We should talk about it a little bit sure because I think there's stuff in here that we didn't even cover about the overall thing. Early sentencing familiar me right, so It also called mass psychogenic illness, collective delusions. Version disorder? What else You need a duplicate that those like ten Josh's doing you that what is that? That's a good right there? Maybe Jerry could do that
she can't it's a real thing though, and basically it is when people have physical symptoms of something without there being a physical cause. Not only that so that the psychosomatic illness, true for master genetic illness, the psychosomatic illness is catching. Yes, it's an epidemic in infection of imagined illness, the trade which is pretty awesome. Oh, it's amazing. I mean now when you're going through a new suffering, because the people who are suffering are actually hearing things suffering gear that it might be made up, it might be all in their heads, but to them it's quite real yeah, but that is socially logically and second, the logical psychologically speaking, I'm sick people. So I apologise for my talking good.
Psychologically speaking, sociologically dislike early, fascinating sure. One thing that happens is usually triggered by some sort of stress sure. Some sort of emotional trigger Yeah no usually happens very close knit communities oftener young women the very susceptible to it. Apparently, perhaps isolated communities and then communities of people who are fairly high on the told him poor in that they? I have a lot of social status necessarily or a lot. Say in their own lives and they This is a means of saying something very wrong, my world, yes, that people who study these things, that's what they come up with like I've got no voice, but I can bring a rash I bar click dog, make you do it do exactly that power
So the outcome, supposedly for this for getting over this is better in children and adults. Even more children are stricken with it. It seems like than adults. Yeah, but that makes total sense, like kids more likely to follow, along with the crowd, but then also be like what are we to having a rash about? Let's go play, Nintendo right, so Let's all go play Nintendo, kids, it's nineteen! Eighty seven! I wish I had all any ethnic, the original one and a copy of my taste puncher. That's how you need there. I was into the whatever that first, Mario Game was where it was the big world. Yes, tomorrow both was at it to promote Europe as a guarantee of peace and the Metro, Lloyd. You play much Roy, I dont think Saddam plates and if so, when he s, but I played what was the first really not saga.
At the first play station that had street fighter. No, I think necessary fire a camera border. As our members, those figures genesis may be had three five and six genesis not honour this dude. I knew in college had that street fighter and mortal combat yet mortal combat was definitely. Superman Tender or or sixty four did you play golden? I oh yeah man that was the first great first person the issuer. It was so well done yet, but I just remember listening to doctored race, the chronic and playing street fighter, and that was a mortal combat for a year solid right and I think I went to school and made grades in classes. Good, gonna, glasses, nice me, man, any the nap. You wanna talk about some mysterious. Yes, you talk about nuns in the middle ages, yeah, so in
the middle medieval times, not the restaurant. No, but maybe there too, if you had a sister or a niece or eighteen as somebody who is a rifle heir to the estate that you wanted to hear Oh there weren't mental asylums at the time you couldn't commit them, but you could have sent you a convent or a nunnery, so like a brother could do that to a sister. Oh, yes, unbelievable! Yet so you could take you. Could you serve that that in here that was rightly there's or if you had a daughter who was unattractive or possibly disfigured, you could say what the world to see you I'm innocent you a nunnery innocence, pretty bad. In all other cases, it was your butt
It also was a good deal for a lot of young women because they would get a high quality education. They could pursue creative interests like drawing and being in sewing or whatever floated their Boca sexy outfits sure sure I'm so it wasn't. It wasn't all bad, but I was like why did did anybody Anti convention, and that was why the either give at home or to give him an education that they otherwise wouldn't had. But these these places were very strict in tight knit it's. What they were ripe for mass psychogenic illnesses, the about, if you like your daughter like kissed the boy that you didn't like you could either you worry about that after the comments after the nunnery, so Wigan talk about it, boy cases would nunnery, but in medieval times there were more than one hundred cases of mass hysteria is breaking out. It happened a lot
There is one in Spain. In the fifteen, hundreds were nuns bladed like sheep and head convulsions. We wanted for unfortunately, one with a yelp like dogs and then this one in France, where all of a sudden one day a nun started mewing like a cat, yes on cod on like wildfire, apparently in this convent by within a few days all of the night, were me. Anyways loud, like the neighbours could hear, and not only mowing but came. They me out in unison, became structured right with their me out, so for a few hours a day. They would all get together. Meow the trade hooted imagine just like and by your travels, because you you heard this one convent has really good roasted Turkey lecture you show up in here you
her into a giant room filled with nuns army allowing in unison beer, though it might have been some guys idea of a good time how it is going to make a face and go help yourself. Turkey leg kick back and watch the weirdos mere well. Here's what Alonzo in medieval times in France, cats were not well regarded, they were thought to be of the devil. So for me, I'm like a cat is nine. It's not good. They also bleeding demonic, possession and dumb, so they brought in some soldiers who said we're gonna whip you and beat you in less. He stopped me out and he knew her and they stop me. I re, but that's that's a really important point- that there is a widespread belief that you could become possessed yet so
In that it provides this platform, there are moves individual responsibility here, and that is the basis of this. The for the person who really experience it and taken away from her and active there are welcome and rather be a suffer of. Some weird illness is a belief that something like this could possibly happen, and so they were possessed. Rather and then just me, allowing in going along with the crowd or whatever they were instead possessed at the time, and so their responsibility was removed and therefore they could really give themselves over to it there. I think that the hallmark of massacres go the absolutely. It also happened in Germany, not me owing, but in the fifteen, Jerry another bit another none in the convent and then I don't know that none in turn bit another, but they started biting one another. Yes alot yeah in that just stick around that nunnery? It spread all over Germany,
and they were worried that there is like an actual infection going on yeah that would cause you go crazy bite people right. Not only did it spreads, Germany took it also spread the Rome even all the way to Rome yeah then, apparently they stopped biting when they got really tired. Yeah that was the end of that seems. Very pamphlets did follow up when she be like There was a weird weak yeah they provided. I want, but I mean, like gets very interesting. Mass psychogenic illnesses in another themselves very interesting, but I am also interested in the transition back to normal, see howdy how do groups go through that like work, that out together originally just separate. Now I don't know that you said that be totally we are to be. I keep him for Can we army out? How is so weird were all of our roasted turkey. Legs are now. Let's move on CD kissing scare of eighteen. Ninety nine
try to mean bugs they looked sword like stink bugs yet, but they carry a parasite that can cause a disease called Chagas Disease right and Chagas disease, wouldn't described until nineteen o six zero nine and this kissing Burg outbreak was eighteen. Ninety nine, United States and kissing bug is called back because they buy you. They fish than your blood. Yes, through your lips, which has only three or layers of skin, whereas the rescue faces about sixteen lasers can't hear your eyelids short. So easily penetrated and the bug will disappear and suck on you in your sleep, but it has a little parting gift for you afterward when it finishes feasting on your blood through your lips. It turns around and poops on the whole that it made on your mouth and your I'll ended that was coming and in doing so it can infected with charges disease
Yeah, no good. If you live in the upper one, the United States. He don't sweat it now, finally draw a line from the top of California all the way across the United States. In anything below that you might have kissing. So by eighty. Ninety nine. This bug was well. The science already, but it wasn't popularly known the citizen exotic weird species in a couple of cases of sharks, disease did sprout up by widespread this thing and turn it into a mess. Psychogenic illness was newspaper, reporting yeah, and this is this- was a little bit different. It seems like most of these cases of mass hysteria were pretty confined, but this one is a clear indication of people having maybe a mosquito or any other bedbug, maybe an itching at it and then seeing something of a news and then saying, oh no. I got bit by the kissing bug right in so part of it, the part of all
contributed to an actually the guy. Who is the head of the entomology for the USDA at the time said that this is he called it? A newspaper epidemic here because the newspaper reporting so clearly described the symptoms that a person machination could create these symptoms in himself or herself, and so they started collecting bugs like if somebody was hit by a bug or even saw a bug in their house, he be like I've, gotta, kissing, bug, catch it and send it. After, like the USA for analysis, the USDA got everything my house, via the bumble bees have bought a bugs from people who are worried that they were they were they broken out in his kissing disease. Yet and the Good NEWS is that stopped when the newspaper start writing about it every one of us, just a bumblebee, and it happened in the eighty. Nine is an eighty nine. These were really really weird decade. There was a lot of death calls that
sprang up around the around the year, the world, but there there was a have you read. The book was causing death trip. Now it is crazy man, it's basically this really art for collection of newspaper clippings from Wisconsin and eighty nine. These and assembled paints one of the grimmest bleakest pictures of humanity ever of civilized humanity. Just a worse stuff happened to these people. They did the worst things to one another they just endured so mile, and it was a really really good example of what happened in the eighteen. Eighty something weird happen that decade crazy. You should check that book out needed is look through. Have you seen the which yet to Morrow? So don't tell me anything so speak another way.
Actually check. I wanna give a plug the cinema jar yeah, so european Cinema job, like a few months back, gets a great movie pike ass. It is and down. I was on it recently and they their episode. They came out on Tuesday, Monday Tuesday. We talked about missing persons who, like we, the Thai into our episode nice. What movies did you talk about? We talked about the lady vanish earlier, seeing women know. Nothin, I wonder, is I've seen it have you ever seen the vanishing, though, You know one for the eighties yeah, the Franco Dutch Production, the doubts that the support, right. So it only seen the Jeff Bridges Keeper Sutherland right, which are like that in a sort of reading up on it- and I was like of this sucks compared to the original amira- is that version of anything before than its probably better. It was so good. Do yeah watching it, the Youtube my tv
so it couldn't have been more green right. It was in spoken French, with dutch subtitles with english subtitles, haphazard, hazardous slapped over the. Subtitles in its looking. I was still like Bulgaria, and this is so good good movie. It was very good working away together, a pussy check it out and see the which tomorrow, yet yeah we visited. Where do they did a review of the which- and I put the phone there really and just when I could just barely here that they were still talking in when they finished. I put the phone back up for the enemy yeah, it's good to see, horror movies in the area of Yonah caught a horror movie, but movies like that. Coming back with, like the Barber Jerkin, it follows like people making good quality movie, so I don't like the Bob you look great. A lot of people did get high ratings and Netflix
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walking home and they said a man came out and slashed us with a knife with greater here were bleeding for God's sake, look at me booed! There's blood go find this creep, so they told the gaps in the cops rely. Whoa whoa, whoa whoa slasher right, so they started looking. The guy never found any trace of omen. It was like kind of thing. Further I would have really became a thing five days later. When another woman came to the police station and said, look at this sum I just came by and slashed my wrist. Yes, that was Mary sat Cliff and she supposedly fought him off even and gave a very clear description of what he looked like through. The newspapers like. I think there might be a slash large and within the next five day, several more people came forward and came to the police state in our case the newspapers with stories about how they ve been slashed by some anonymous
you're an Halifax was for reached out you're. They compared the same fear and panic to what was experienced during Jack, the ripper era. The people are just nervous that that somebody was going to slash them yet soccer hooligans started beating people up later. I gotta look right. He looks like a slasher to me, that's a site go against the arrest him fan. Let's go take him down and it became a real problem. It there's a couple of things, so one the flashes that he wasn't very good slasher. Now these were Habakkuk superfluous cuts? No one was severely would at all you know any of the cases now so but it was still confounding, appears, still scared. It could be a bad slasher as the treaty improve so we'd better go.
Got a yard. They did in Scotland, yard, sent two detectives and the detective said. Well, let us start interviewing witnesses. In the moment they did. They found the witnesses story to started crumbling well first, while none of the descriptions matched so they thought at first the dumb cops and Halifax out will maybe there's multiple flatters Scotland Yard said that multiple fletchers now does not once Lasher there like they would have no man Nova, Scotia, the final lady, Beatrice Oral said they. Finally, I guess they put the bright light in her eyes and she said I didn't make after having a row with my boy after she discovered she was pregnant botany, razor blade and said I held hold of the blade and my right hand and flashed out
after a long cut in my Mackintosh coat and cardigan in an oh you're thinking, it's a waste of good cardigan sure an Macintosh whatever that is, is a raincoat. Is it sensible right, yeah? I think so a MAC, though MAC now think a MAC is wrinkle cause the beetle song Elinor Rig, be the MAC. You never wears of makin the pouring rain very strange, and I never realised that right so Mcintosh, I hope it's a raincoat than she said. I then put the blade back into the cut and scratch down my arm twice. To put my fingers through the cut in the car. The other they were covered in blood. The reason why I kept my arm was because I was in a temper and had been reading in the papers about girls being slashed, so she, I guess, was innocent,
and it wasn't just her like nine of the twelve victims- eventually confessed to doing it themselves and this weird math psychogenic illness, economy yeah, because these people are slashing themselves are not eye catching something they yank is is making them the year, whatever their cutting them and then going to the police in saying slasher did I guess for attention, maybe well, we did get attention, they get attention in jail year. They serve Hawaii, for weeks. Still, if you're, like a normal ordinary citizen who slashes herself for himself just for attention for weeks and jails, gonna be problem that such a ray I wouldn't want to do for weeks in jail. The thing is check it. Could not find whether the first two victims were actually slashed. It, I don't think so. They didn't show up in. As far as I know, they were once they confessed array and
I didn't see that they got any jail time. So did somebody initially get attacked and it led to the slasher scare or did they do it themselves or to each other? That's good point, the Halifax Courier on December. Said: carry on Halifax the slashing sky. Over the theory that I have great Wild eyed man has been wandering around attacking, helpless women and dark streets is exploded, walk walk in a wish. People talked so much better back. Then. I was in a temper here last year. My black and toss me- and this is not the only slasher mass hysteria epidemic.
Oh yeah. What else there is one in Taipei, Taiwan in the fifties where there's this. Basically, this idea that there was a slash walking around and this one is more akin to the kissing bug thing where people who had cut some. So now you get occur every once in a while and the egg. Where did he get that cut my thumb right now? Ok, if you had been susceptible to this Taipei, Taiwan, nineteen fifty slash, character. You may have gone to the police in me like I was slashed because in this one is a little more legitimate to me. The
The idea behind this measure was, he would brush past few in a crowd and you wouldn't even notice you ve been slashed until later, who so that validating fire shows that that's better of the slasher mass psychogenic illnesses between that and Halifax. If he asks me agreed, I wonder scene if they was a part of that. Neither so she got the scar which scar she has a scar in her face and she was slash which was a kid playing for artsy by some random crazy. I didn't know that and let's can have all the information is out there. She admitted that in an interview- and that was the story slashing it.
The terrible crime yet sounds like seeking disfigure. Somebody like throwing acid on their faces away. Do you remember there suddenly now live mail? Gibson was on his back in the eighties. He knew it was certainly all West NEWS. I can always like guns slinger. I think a sheriff by his thing was rather than go and see through ass. It is like mad ass it or something like that as they tested it was. You gonna gunfight with somebody. He like throws acid ottoman. They didn't show that the acid being like thrown on the guy. It just showed the crew the reaction in Iraq, the guy! That's awful! That's great! Did you hate it when you seen from a movie in your head. You can't pinpoint words from there. I got one right now of there's, the scene where a guy gets slashed.
Right under the eye is like a parting shot like these students. We're gonna fight, and it doesn't happen guide to slash, is a guy in the markets is right. It is not the princess pride king hampered in gets it reprint. Somebody gets it from somebody and thinking when that happens, ensures suffering you think it yeah somebody, alright it and tell me it was like they were faced off and we're gonna fight, and then they in the guy had a knife with knuckle and then at the very outset, platoon got it Tom, Berringer and Charlie he cuts Charlie Hallo here the blade on his luck only had it right design, he was gonna punch him man and they all talked him down and right at the very end, he does. What flash inside the monopoly, platoon princess bright, a virtually interchangeable game,
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Stan savings as a customer stock up while discounts and incentives last for info You can start saving today is a pico dotcom, slash a lady very check with her head on? Here too, I can give you also known as Tanzania heavy grades in here right back in nineteen. Sixty two zone is hanging sneaker, dry and dumb intending thinking you get. There is a boarding school girls boarding school. So you can understand what about to happen there.
And some girl certainly giggle an apparently it wasn't like a happy giggle. It was like a nervous giggle, you know like anxious laughter and it started to spread yes, which is normal enough. Giggling is like the church, giggles you're that its contagious hard to stop. Yes, that's usually appear to place, we shouldn't be laughing and he can't contain it right in your friend startling Nicky, I can see that you have to go excused herself than you never go back in the room, so this supposedly lasted, though, for like six months. Six months to a year and a half spreading all over the place, depending on who you ask uncontrollable in contagious laughter, they had to shut down the school here for two months like ok, surely it's over and I opened it back up. The right back up. So this would bother me a little bit because he can't just constantly giggle laugh know another possible there. I read this. This
a with a guy? I read the same one though those Chicago Tribune Interview yeah, so they think he made a pretty good point. You say there's very there's. A lot of misinformation voted for small collar laughter epidemic, so people just think like it's like the money, python world, funniest jokes get right right, that's the case. It was again it was not join full after it was anxious laughter and then there are plenty of other symptoms to theirs crying. There is paying there's fainting rations near and there was definitely laughter and definitely did spread, but it wasn't just like constant laughter. He would come and go yeah and dumb it did last for at least six month, and it did spread to other villages, because when these girls, who were at this boarding school away from home, were sent home because the school was shut down, they actually took it with them to their other villages, which suggests that the stress that kick this on
was not just at the boarding school that it was larger than that and around this time Tansy NEA was gained independence yeah. So there is a lot of anxiety about the future held here, so it started at the school where the girls were apparently very challenged academically and then it spread through the stress of you know what what's the future gonna bring right. That's that's the official line that this one language is come up with a believe. It sounds. That's! Ok, Now I think that one of the oft cited examples of a genuine smashed psychogenic around here because of the fact that its spread from outside of a tiny, Boarding school year into the larger in the villages are outside of it. It's weird yeah, that's a tense situation. It is very tense The West Bank fainting epidemic of nineteen eighty three that spring
a thousand young Arabs and West Bank started feeling sick and, like a lot of these cases like dizziness headache, weird stomach pains it's like things. He carefully put a finger on here as far as tracing back like while this must be something and so worse, because where it was, then these were young schoolgirls, largely seventy percent were twelve seventeen years old. So where was in the world Palestinian, There are started sandy. What is are using chemical warfare against this year, because the first kids to fall ill had reported smelling like our odor kind of like rotten eggs stir it. If you're there are the world, you get kids broken up, rashes in stomach pain and board vision in their smell in some funny. Yet this pretty logical conclusion that come to, and so the Israelis counter back.
If there's any chemical warfare being used, you guys are using it on your own peoples. Who can blame us right, so these kids fell ill from the smell and all of a sudden Palestine, and is you are like publicly going at it. Accusing one another of using chemical warfare on an arab kids? Yes, this is a big deal with his habit. It wasn't it You could have escalated to who knows what? But the fact is nothing going on at all. It was another case of mass collective hysteria, because schools in the West Bank
No one else get sick. They they searched all the buildings in the schools and they found no chemical residue, no malfeasance going on what so I found a smelly bathroom though they think that might have been the source of the initial fell smell. You kicked it all off the sticky bathroom. Some boy went into the hurt locker he logged out. That was a reference to a listener mail. By the way I know somebody else wrote in the best one. In my opinion, logged out. I was like you want logged for taking a goop. Yet I gotta go logout, that's ok! I got it is pretty good. It is good that arose out information, a dust relevant like that citizens. I think I just logged onto my internet.
You remember that Ralph! No, it was a quarrel with back when they were kids. I can't figure out why homers having a mental breakdown its cause, he discovered a dead body years ago, then repressed the memory that in Karl talking about the intern putting on his bathing suit and then later on? I gotta think I just logged onto my internet. So great. All over the place there. They blame the West Bank fainting epidemic on stress and anxiety.
And then, of course, your news reports of the toxic gas and said that's widespread and chuck. We can do this all day, but we're not going to was bringing home with one more. So in Portugal in May two thousand six. There was a teen soap opera CAFE by the Bell called Moron Gus com. As regards that's my Portuguese, what do you think pretty good strawberries with sugar? It was the name of the year this routine show Delicious any. Maybe he doesn't six. The show aired in episode where this mysterious illness was striking kid.
The left and right and the source of the disease was at school. I was being spread at schools, a virus and all of a sudden kids in the real world who are watching shoppers. Sugar certainly come down with very strangely similar disease there. He said it was in two thousand six I did say well, astride the homes that was a big here was that the EU is started or ship. No, two thousand seven locate to have an eighth, but we want, at its teeth, has an eighth that's crazy year. Eight men who knew that we would one day be veterans. The medium all that rigid vetture like? Hence everybody around, on imports of their confederate pistols under blankets? That's right! Sorry.
Kids were not only a one school, they were at fourteen different schools around the country, which was a little differently in most cases, is usually it's like starts in this one school right. But that's because the clear cause of this was this television show that gives loved all over the country, the vector, yeah was this episode of the tv should absolutely, and luckily the arms, the portuguese authorities, health authorities, they did some investigating and they figured out that this is mass psychogenic illness pretty interesting stuff, the great and they said what the kids are really stressed about our final exams. Will they think it started, some kids, you had actual allergies and had seen the episode and started worrying that their own allergies are actually symptom of. It is the right that spread the kids you were, Finally, going along with it the out of stress from exams? Yet the good thing about this with this, because it was two thousand six
You can go on the internet, then look at their articles like log onto your internet. You can log on your internet and look of art. Articles at alike is that is the strawberries with sugar virus. Real yeah, like people were riding into newspapers. You know my kid is having the symptoms like. Is it a real thing? today or did they just make this up, and it still goes on a mean apparently this these so there's two kinds: fiscally motor illness and then there's anxiety and anxieties more like fainting upset stomach ache. Where you're, twitching and knowing and stuff like that, but this supposedly hundreds of these cases around the world every year, they happen a lot. Maybe it'll come to your town, if you're lucky join right, it I say yeah me I'll invite than either way let loose for a week. If you want to know more about mass hysteria, go listen to what is collective, area are other episode in Vienna. You can search for mass hysteria. Also search bar has to put this. It also.
Fabulous in her Mouth this long overdue printed this without months ago, untold Georgia that I was going to read it, and I forgot about the fairy tales edge hedge. My name is Georgia. I live in Stockholm has had they catch hedges, hey, hey in Swedish! We did another good observance. There comes a swedish delight, the cops collar he's got the swedish delight, my name Georgette. I live in Stockholm. I been listening to your show for a few years. I love it recently, listen to them
fairytales up suddenly ass, my husband about the term Ashputtel since he's german- and I often use Disney movies, now teach me swedish. You figured out that it's kind of a play on words and implies a scullery made covered in ashes ocean is ash, as opposed to a cinder just incorrectly use the english name since, if you were covered in cinders, you'd have severe burns as it is pieces of burning slag to strangely, from the fridge word for ashes, which has sinned Peter doesn't exist in German. He says sensor. German me, that's pretty grim, but the term first scullion or kitchen helper is passion, Virgil, I'm so good. The German, though this is the male form he thinks ashen PLUTO. It sounds like words, Growing, like another dinosaurs, get wet, may turn into giants funds. Dinosaurs.
No, but I do know the little led pellets that you would like going to fix, makes close enough. Does it work in your mouth, when you're saying he thinks- and brutal, it's kind of a feminine version of ashen brutal, since german is nonsensical engendered her words hope this information her in broad edge, their heads, Georgia thanks a lot. There was a nearly intelligent listener mail, and we appreciate it. If you understand an extraordinarily intelligent message. We love those. You can t to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook, dot com slash the sooner know you can send an email to stuff package second. It is always drinks that are home on the web site. That you should know Doc
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