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SYSK Distraction Playlist: How Jim Henson Worked

2020-03-20 | 🔗

We’ve already recorded an episode on The Muppets, but Jim Henson was such a neat guy we delved into him even further. Learn all about the man behind the Muppets who was so much more than just a master puppeteer in this episode.

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movie rental store. I can't decide on a movie, let's go back to the land, use, auto trade, avoid search on your smart, bigger and find your next car in no time Audrey Finally, it's easy Welcome to stop. You should know from house, therefore expect hey. You know the podcast unjust Clark withdraws the richer Bryant County and Jerry The last time this year to support businesses all smiles- she is not very how'd. You like that presentation earlier, the sensitive retraining- does great, yes, because we worked for collaboration. We have things like sensitivity, training and in those strings you get shown
video examples of various forms of harassment and they are the best most fun things to watch ever there are fifty over de. I can watch those all day long. I was wondering how much that production company made from there. You know they develop five little vignettes. They I'm sure they pay the actors, like literal peanuts, if they were bad still get rid of the bucket over there. You can pay yourself either out the one that really got me was the year. Actually, there are really funny, but the one with the old guy in the air act, reloading boxes like us, finger yet warehouse. They were given the old man hard time about everything, diseases old, yet old and you know he'd they're gonna hard times either he's out for a while, it had yet cover form my old man and he had grace on said, and he does look on. But his. He does
getting a little more like party the whole time here, as I do, that's good, I think, stick up for yourself. Young kids, you know what to do the backbone prevents him from it anyway. I decide to bring that up is at a distinct, that's not so funny and what's funny. People really do that. Some of that stuff you're like what new there's some creeps out there, that was a really weird set up for Jim Hansen cause he's the one harassing guy he was probably ever yeah. He certainly comes across that way. Is a genuinely get. Dude is not one of these stories you hear about, like maybe some of your favorite children's books, writers are cartoonists or something maybe we can, people know apparently none at all. He was not only There's a lot of courts in this article, John, no divergent strictly road. It turns out. That's not the case. I'm surprised you kiss his friends with her
with at least one of Jim Hansen's kids are really believe lives here in Atlanta, well, and but in this article it's one of those things were everybody who compliments Jim heads and who worked with him. They they go to the trouble of complementing him in a way that not just like how he was such a great guy. Here they all back up just a little bit. Because they're cognizant that that doesn't get it across Europe and they want you to understand that their talking about more than just a great guy like right, always dead, no negative speak ill of the dead near a great guy. That's really thoughtless polite inoffensively, the sage, you're, so like Frank eyes, something like he was. He was a great guy, but at the same time. You know he was a human
he's, still a really great guy right. So like what you're thinking of as a Greek, I get rid of their and actually replace it with a genuine human, great guy here, because it as a filmmaker he's, a puppeteer but he was a filmmaker first and foremost, which a lot of people can forget about, let me point out anyway: oh yeah, that's a tough, tough job. Super, stressful and you and I have seen a- can make good guys and good Ladys be real jerks. You have understood, stressful situations, you know it's it's it's thing, there's a lot of money on the line each day, and now it's like your buddy relaxes the smell, of the whole house, but Frank us think that's the point he was making like even when he would get frustrated in distress like that. It would you still a good guy yeah. I read a written. I guess there's a book review of a biography about him that that shit. It was all somebody said it was all display to him near like work. Was
even though we worked really hard He was able to commit himself. That too is work, be to him. He was having the time of his life there, all the time and apparently like there There is no line between work and play which now seen that sensitivity, training, racket could again and a lot of Greek in our job. But here he he just enjoyed the life that he had from what I understand love cars yeah a lotus that was the same color is Kermit. The frog He had a rolls Royce early on from his work. Yeah, let's talk about Let's talk about the guy yeah, I mean. If you have it, I just need to go and save you haven't. Listen to the episode on the markets. This is about what I consider just a more in depth. Part two on the man himself, it's one of our favorite autumn episodes and from feedback one of the great ally. Fan. Episodes yeah was agreed
episode he has sought to find, and so I hope this argument that when we do justice so on that Actually one of the reasons why we can do this episode, because we did a method that they tweeted about a steamer, the handsome company that have they did, which was they approved, got their actual approval. Try something the the market! says something about market is about Jim Hansen appropriate. There were doing this because he was more than just the man It's even everybody pegs him with the markets, and that is a huge thing was more than I like, you said, is a filmmaker, but originally sorted out as it up a puppet. What kind of a reluctant one year born in nineteen thirty six September. Twenty fourth, James Murray, hence, and Emma. You are why, in Mississippi, and his grandmother. Maternal grandmother was a painter and culture and a need worker and fairly
the big inspiration to him just to seek out the creative in life right which pretty great yeah. I am one of the fun of it. He got into while he was, originally of canvas fan of ventriloquism a little bit he said later on in my favor. Never he was ever liquor obsessed with puppets or anything like that, like you would have expected him to be an easy. Went to college get in Maryland, hee hee got into. He started out as a studio artists, that's what you studying, yet he loved television above all out right from the time his little kid Eustace transfixed by the tube. He almost can made himself destiny mean I've started building and making your own puppets rights. He kind of stumbled into puppetry in college and started out as a studio, art major and ended up
graduating with Homeric degree, because Huemac was the only degree that offered puppet making courses. Yeah he majored took up recourse at first and then add of textiles and craft courses, which is a great way to me, now started We are making your own puppets right so, but how graduated with the home, but by the He graduated. He was already extremely successful. The the rolls Royce, dimension he bought in. To drive to his college. Graduation because it already created successful, shows in his town, yeah think he was of in high school. He was on the local tv station. Guess spots and then Eighteen, fifty five, The show salmon friends they viewed in that you know he also did work on the side making money with them. They needed some of the like really cool counts,
posters of the day, really color, colorful, less extreme posters and in France. It really well They still wasn't quite sure, like I still don't know about maker, I did the short films really sort of way abstract, short films. Why action experimental those holding did you see the time Pisa? There was pretty cool. It was great in its way, did you see the cube watch part to the cube, the Adele. Did you see the end now you gotta see the end. I skipped the middle there's like care. Were you with this year? The well we should set up a quick. The key was a show on NBC, as and when our show anything sixty nine, the name of the show embassy did, was called experiment and television and really who is a different thing each week and he had one week's instalment called the cube, which was a guy just stuck room, but other people become
and out of the room, but he could not write or yes and he starts to get kind of crazy and it has the look and feel of a colored tv, add like all the over. Acting in, like Carol Burnett asked characters and stuff like that. But here the behind it and like the everything behind is really neat and it really gives you a good opening example like what Jim Hansen was capable of, but also what he was into because yeah you know, Think of him. You think of Muppets Bits Sesame Street and protect sure- and these are weird abstract- art films not unlike, You watch like a gem, Morrison art film from from school and had scattered the same style. You know that was what was going on back then here and he actually got now needed for an academy award for timepiece. I think you know is, in Jim Hansen. Heads
Morrison, be by a mile. As far as experimental films went, yeah I'll go with you, there so, like I said he wasn't quite convinced, The tree was his future because he was a family and he was like puppets- are stuck in kid stuff right, but a postcard did the old tour of Europe and in Europe, brings a whole different business. It was a lot more serious and a lot more. I guess It is our yeah exactly, and he said you know it I m gonna give this a shot came. The! U S, married Jane, and even though he and Jane separated than ever divorced really, I thought they did now. They never fulfilled the divorce. They acetate, separated, ok I fancy he was really pretty revolutionary. Again, tv commercials and foreign on company in nineteen. Sixty three with Ivy formed it with
because when you hard Frank eyes and Jerry Jewel, who ended up being obviously legendary, puppeteers and lifelong collaborators of his yeah yeah, but he started out making a basically a puppet base. Commercial at agency in New York, Yes, in nineteen sixty three, making funny commercials back. Then he was really pretty revolutionary right, I'm an they. I mean they did pretty well for themselves in one of the smartest moves he made early on was all of his contracts, he retained the rights to any of the creations he made for these companies So he was creating what some of the things that would later become. Famous muppets, like the cookie monster, was originally made for a chip maker and was this puppet there. Get enough of these chips. There is the wheel, steel, Ernie, still, cheese, we'll see our kids, what it was there any ended up being the cookie monster. In the reason he ended up being the cookie masters because Jim Hansen,
Retain the rights that creation that was he's very savvy. Business got you yeah and he was he was using somebody else's dime these these advertised yeah like budgets to hush form and make his mother's yeah Ralph, shared out appearing commercials. And was later aside check on the Jimmy Dean, show nineteen sixty three, which I remember from the markets are preserved. Wife was the first big market, then its he such like a bit character. Now here that the United States, I'm boggling to think he was the one that started at all. Even before Kermit you're, a big bird was wroth chemical. Though the show I think we're not a little more about current and where he came from right after that producing a true crime show like monster. The Zodiac killer is my passion, but all the researching and editing in the sun,
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some fly by night operation, offering suspect savings. They are real service for classy people who want to be confident in what they are buying. I call it the state farm difference. I don't know what they. God I don't even know, runs the company. Maybe I should run the company. I would keep the jingle like a good neighbour state farmers there, but I would change the tune like a good neighbour states. Farmers there was, right right its nineteen sixty nine and very, very big thing. Hence the gym Hansen he was invited to be on the pilot of, who created by the children's television workshop called Sesame Street, you did not created valuable think he did, but he did make his mark. Creating most of the iconic characters, and if you are The old sesame streets back then not all, but many of those little short films,
cremation ones and actions he directed does as well, which is pretty cool. I never knew that. I think I knew that. Did you here's the curious our recipe. He was their rustic that trade rustic as are the trade so check that the whole thing that changed everything for him with sesame Yeah he's not he's. He wasn't. A creator says mystery. Those hired a mine and actually kind of one over because remember one of the things that Jimmy always struggle with his whole career was He wanted to explore places that puppets had never really going to write in are they hadn't gone through at least not in my the modern age sure but was fighting against them not being taken seriously? Yes, I wasn't like he was anti puppet by any means he was an or anti kids
because one of the big recently signed on with children's television workshop was their goal to educate kids mental to him. But I'm, like you, said, I think, to merge those worlds. Six for he was a big part of his skull right and struggle for awhile rough vic by the way, made the little interstitial things further study. Should I tell this year the innovation, which is why references so sure is television workshop, which is now The sesame workshop yeah from what I understand they want em over big time he makes all of these characters. For my big bird and I thought Hermit came before Sesame Street. And he started out think we talked about this in the method episode to he started out. Looking really weird you're like a lizard on yeah and not cool it all. I really kind of freaky here, which is something that I now that I know a little more about Jim Hansen. I think maybe here even then going for right, but one of them, That system is ST aloud. The dew was too
the kind of explore something that feed long. Obsessed with which was television. Where converged with puppets, which is new territory and Jim Handsome was at the leading edge of it. Tell ya, because if you think about it, when you go to a puppet show alive, you know you're you're, looking at essentially a mechanism for hiding the human and there's just a little area that the public can around in world trade Fixed age, yeah, so Jim has stepped back and said. Ok, the television is little tiny area that the public can state can move around in here. It also opens up the whole world for a puppet because you're using camera angles in theirs, editing and it's not in person- gets his frame out. The people and again we talked about this in the method episode. He created something called plant forming up here to wear the the puppeteer,
no longer had to like crouched down in in Tipp to diminish. The puppets yak as he was a tall guy here tall in length and he was skinny others running shots in time, peace exactly ass, he was in it. They were hysteria anyways about seventy pounds, sound, that's big lanky legs by so yeah that performers could stand up and which was a huge wade off yeah but at the same time, because you're working with cameras and stuff like that and they have the whole universe to move around in and Jim Hansen- wanted him to move around as much as possible and also put him in some weird positions if you ever, while some people, I think it's like kind are ruining the thing, but I think it's really need if you'd, if you just look up on Google images, muppets mother, Joe behind the scenes, owners and it'll, show the the stage sets. You know like six feet off the ground right and all the people standing beneath. I think it's often to look at, but some people die
You know they want to keep that illusion alive right. So deepening person. You are either seek that our don't and we gave our warning in the markets episode. They re. He added, I think, they're, really cool pictures. I agree casino times are looking at them. Video monitors standing there, contorted Easing both hands like at the whip, cheers worked together to me? It is just a miracle because their acting the puppets but they're moving still moving among one another ass humans right underneath, which can be really complicated when, in fact we know some really really talented puppeteers here in Atlanta Gather Centre for puppetry arts, is here. I think the nations largest puppet. But organization we have, and that is where we had our tv show. They party premier hardy here, like is of a really cool experience, I M an otter and again right there on display. I think the Hansen,
cut the ribbon for the grand opening back when it open and donating like five hundred puppets and muppets to the centre for them. The arts of ever visited. Lana replies Well, if you say what we do recommend going and check it out the centre for budgetary art jerk as they have a museum with, like you said, the other human rights work actually figure. Outsize life size gets skaggsy behind scary, as you can imagine there, but I was talking about Raymond Car or friend, you're. A headache the tv show, but it can overlaps user production designer for asked. If you should know, science jail yeah and he and his friends Brandon and again are amazed puppeteers in their and they're doing some really really leading, edge like cool fear in Atlanta, like these giant puppets operated MIKE. You know fitting for top up its operated by six and eight people. Have you seen the space man than they do now unbelievable thrilling cords like it?
how tall yes, he seems like he's twenty feet or another, It is a parades and stuff and is just really really cool, stuff Athabasca, but hinted the huge inspiration to them. Obviously, oh yeah, I think anybody who works even remotely and puppets I gotta be inspired by Jim, has the net other things that he came up with? Was it that was based on putting muppets are puppets anti, He was using softer materials yeah every This is like up that point. Stiff would marionette ventriloquist dummies, that kind of stuff right. He used like foam and it allowed the the puppets themselves to have more expressive faces, which is great for supine tv. The absolutely- and it also I mean you, and now looking back like well. Yeah, of course, is what puppets do that's why I know but that was Jim Hansen that came up with that any changed everything, because it it took something like
I mean imagine, how do you do tat it was, I can call you know it's. How do you do to your whatever, via whether closer per far away he looked exactly the same? Is like a white head like a moving lower jaw, and you know he gave you nightmares with the term of the fog or something like that. The fact that he could have different expressions and react differently and in his Oceans could be shown on his face that made em damage. Popular that much more approachable, sure to people who aren't absolutely, which is everybody yes show me someone who doesn't like muppets in any form. If you dont like getting more maybe but your part is pulling edit for a while, and this is something I don't think I knew he dabbled on Syria alive and season. One law those got him a deal to perform sketches Ultimately, it wasn't a huge success. He wasn't the greatest marriage, but it was
recall that he was seeking out in our different avenues to get those It's on television. There was and is big break in nineteen, seventy five he had it. You want to make them a future. And he had a lot of trouble in the. U s still, even though he had his very successes on commercials and stuff had to go to London and a teacher. What is your name Lord Lou grade gave him a deal with grades. Atv studios said you know make your show. In the market shows born area but having welcome there was it that was it end. You can really see Jim Hansen's love of variety shows in just kind of all. This The stage in the map it show, because if you think about set the whole thing set backstage at a variety show such a great idea. We look back at it like a waiter, for granted little because we were kids, but now is an adult psych. What a perfect way
the frame this world is its basically like thirty, rock or thirty rock. Was the market share, where the Maputo started. All that yeah, I don't know of care over net- was before them aperture yells before was it so she did a lot of backstage Sefton I wonder, who started that? I don't know he. Hers was more sketch some of it was like backstage? Was it I believe so remember that some hallucinating right now. They think you d have a good old. Ass variety show again yeah they don't have those anymore. Does her big back in the day, and I, like the house, comes out than their sketches singing and Amber Cabaret knows. Every what was it the episode we did. Our burlesque burlesque here, yeah how that started out in vaudeville, burlesque, Berlin, that's were stand. Comedy came from those an interesting
yeah. I'm MRS radishes, though, like the Guinea Rogers and Dolly Pardon Kilburn it all the best well. Sisters, although Kenny and Dolly, could decide on a couch and stare at the camera for an hour, and I watched their chair the best great entertain. If there were others too, I'd swear we and our time line while Chuck map. It shows just how things are going pretty well, they happen going pretty well already, financing parenting team. Seventy rubber ducky hit, sixteen on the billboard charts and for You don't know Ernie waste by Jim Hansen, so Jim Hansen sing a rubber ducky that made it the number sixteen and the billboard chart that was nineteen. Seventy a year after the key But before the Maputo even happened before forces, history even right, no some mystery was sixty nine Bulgaria same years. The cube, while
it's very didn't need touchstone for his life. The queue began, pc and busy. The mother show, as it was a huge here at one now, you know. Out of a words it garnered. Go praise and when the hearts of chile, all over the world, but it was also for adults to area. I think that's why he was able to pull it off in great Britain, because they have better sense of humour, yeah king of adults, He got into some more serious names with his next great show fragile rock in eighteen. Eighty three resource second of man really was the night, be oh yeah. I was one of the first area. Original series rather had show timer ridden every year it was ass in Iraq was great and idea there is you: had the the fragile gang and then you had where you you had three Frank groups. Yet the home of dock, whose then earn his dogs rocket. You had
the Franco's who shared cave underground, Frank Iraq with other neighbour the desert in the gorge and these gigantic measures that are engorge scar and the whole point of that show to show how different types of people can live together and work together in peace right is really cool did not at the time when I was me now years old, but what I was learning about was acceptance and he went three cable ace awards. Five international enemies and Frank Iraq? Was? I won the first big rich via this first De Vigo, sneer great, greater lots of great songs that I mean he had every color, like it reggae rock country, We grant is all over the map of the music and framework, and here I mean he wrote, allow the songs to. I think he wrote rubber ducky, I'm sure he wrote a lot of stuff on five. Morocco is yet another thing he did was right. Biotic, Renaissance man,
the other show that he came out within the eighties in the MID Eightys there. I was big time into mother baby. I never saw a second and I love that show we're just enough apart and age were like and things I saw you was your team. Foreign in certain things I was too old. For you know it's weird though- and this can say this, so you me are the same age. Her sister is like five years younger than I am and I used love method, babies, you may sister used to watch mother babies,
So you may like. Why were you watching muttered Davies, if my younger sister was watching for her baby and you didn't want another baby? Now she was like down here is something I watch motives are not ashamed anymore to say I was at nineteen. Eighty four, I was thirteen. The hours just certainly be teenager me. I didn't appeal. I think it was unfairly for five season. So maybe I was watching at the beginning of the series and am agenda was watching it. That's what I've been telling you may in eighty four, you would have been eight. Oh yeah, that's perfect, ate her mother babies, I think we decide on different kinds of his ears is what it was when it is by ever heard around punches, yet a comedian here yeah. He is a little bit about what the Davies. It's pretty, who I really here, he's awesome, love that guy here we saw him live he's just a beautiful human being, mother babies. This cartoon right right. There was no life puppets correct that allows cartoon. Ok, so cute, we're
just the regular muppets as babies. Yes, we have to watch that sometimes yeah like use their imagination gonzo had a thing for Indiana Jones, so he was free like exploring take. Like swinging on vines, were the Indiana Jones, Fedora, IRAN and Afghanistan will see. I would probably enjoy that now. You would definitely I'm gonna go get not that babies chuck he did even more tv. They will talk about in a second ok. Ok, you wanna hear something amazing, discover It is all the cash back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically with no on how much you can learn. How may is that in fact even more amazing, because all the places where discover is accepted over ninety I presented places in the: U S that take credit cards so when it comes to discover get used to hearing yes more often learn more. Discover, dotcom, slash yes to them
nineteen Nelson Report limitations apply. Loading upon things from Walmart. I use my new capital. One moment rewards card. It earns unlimited five percent back on everything I buy from Walmart online, so what five percent by five percent back, right now fibres with the capital one Walmart rewards car earn unlimited rewards, including five percent back at Walmart online on top of Homewards everyday low prices. What's in your wallet terms and conditions of life generally, one do as a united ok we're back So in the eighties. That's right! In your talking about other tv, As we said, the man love television in filmmaking, and so he got away from the markets and puppets every now and then collaborated with Raymond Scott who was annulled Veronica Pioneer actually on short, call ripples and wheels that go,
did that for the Montreal Expo and sixty seven and our jumping around in time. That word is trying to paint the full picture here, not going in a surly and order in any. Did this cool thing called the floating face which, catch those on the tight Jonah my Douglas show in the sixties. Which had did you see in it a little bit weird like two eyes and mouth like these invisible wires? In Brown images of it was is definitely a little more on that surreal tip the hand sensory or to appear kid oriented necessarily. But he got to the movies with them up at movie, which is a big hit still holds, that man is still so great, and if you I know more about that movie and some of the cool facts from it go again lesson in the method of the third year as mere fake pause. This but because of the method of uncertain and come back to this one here, they arose Albion hand here. Experience agreed Wilson on both at the same time
He followed the muppet enlightening to you, made the dark crystal yeah which, is puppets and it was based on some drawings by fantasy artist, Brian Proud, an arm there, humans up it's an animal holds up as well, but it still looks pretty good, well yeah. I think It actually is probably better received now than it was originally yeah. I think critics appreciated it, but it didn't do so well at the box office, but now it's become like a cop classic for sure yeah, and one of the reasons why it didn't do that. Well, the box office because audiences didn't quite know what to make of it. They heard Frank. Who co directed at right, Jim Hansen and puppets, and they think they went affecting the mother movies is nineteen. Eighty two and the day they got the dark, still, instead with yes really dark, though like the theme is, you know,
is evil in it. The evil in it is really really evil here and the stuff that happened to some of the puppets is including really cute puppets here is really horrifying and, This awesome quote by Frank: and basically he says, like Jim thought, was okay to scare kids, as my report, He thought it wasn't healthy for kids to never be scared insulating. He purple I was trying to scare kids and he had he wanted to take the tradition. Back to like grim fairytales, which are very, very dark affected. To point that is going forward? The dark crystal I think it was a head of its time for sure yeah. You look at some of these, like some of the CD movies today, I think that dark crystals are precursor alot of those then he went on to make the movie let the labyrinth, with both right yeah, David Bowe, in a very crews, young Jennifer calmly. Now that was a legend. Ok good movie
but this was written by Terry Jones of Monty Python, fame and then rewritten a bunch by a bunch of other people, including executive. Pretty Sir George Lucas, labyrinth is ok, bad again, not a huge it. Four. Hence in that, as far as movies go, still out there. Exploring these cool fantastical worlds, yeah fantasy world, and he still had a lot of credit in the Ladys you think about it. His payday was late seventies early eighties with the method show the method move yes, after that, it was like I'll try this with Johannsen I'll, try this Jim Hansen, and even even still he had like he was on a pretty great streak. And at the end of the eighty sea had to tv, show on the gym, hence our yeah, and hurry this storyteller. Jim- hence an hour- he was always pushing the boundaries, a storyteller. Looking back now, Jim, hence in our looking back was really different,
you're getting at the time as it was It was all over the map you had certain shows that were, like you know, four I've sketches and one and then three the episodes were fall on one our little many movies, oh really front from begin, like really yeah. That's good point. Actually one of the little many movies was called dog city, which was rate was narrated by Ralph and it was I remember, watching us. It was like a Filmore our gangster thing. Www puppet dogs. There and the main character ass. You was who did Elmo Kevin clash. Did Dr Ace, you and that was, it has to cutting dog city. One ought to be a tv show in its own right to procure a little while but it was really get a mean, its total, like gangster, I'm Filmore, but the Athena rocked the dog right. The gang, however, of the really cool the story, teller
haven't seen before I was, I guess aware of, but on a why wasn't watching it gives it would have been like right. Therefore me yeah seven, in twelve nineteen. Eighty eight I watch when today knows really good like human puppet interact, Chindia witches it's just seamless like theirs, things from studying this it I've realises, like we, take for granted and expect our puppet human in actions to be so seamless that we don't even realize they were looking at puppets. React in and the reason why we expect that is because of the gym Hansen and the people he worked in inspired did to work so hard. Creating that illusion. We add the illusion that these are living breathing things he would go. I remember comment as yes, don't talk, shows he wouldn't go out. His Jim Hansen, you it is. I mean he did those appearances as well, but firm at the free
The biggest on the tonight Show Johnny, Carson or host, or has it may guess says that the nature and Larry King yeah and it was all- this goal of making these real people? but a real living things, not people. Yet, apparently somebody who is working with the gym Hansen was, I guess, a director of the map. It show will be giving Jim notes on Kermit and Jim would just respond like let Kermit respond now it and the director said eventually the sitting there. U turn in dress Kermit, He just force you a yak interacting with the public, even during a note session, the problem without feeling silly or stupid, or anything you know probably seem like a totally normal thing. Did you eventually, but he forced you always pushing technical, visual stylistic thematic. An academy award for that. That was a more control system that helped puppeteers
so he was always pushing technical, visual. I'm stylistic thematic boundaries you ass far ass, he could and they did his work in the movies weren't aside come off it movie. They want the biggest sets. The tv show couple. You know neither one of those last very long, but I think he was, infection. Did you know that yeah think Pneumonia had something to do with it to the net? Nothing and he died in nineteen ninety of deaf infection. Organ failure brought on by a staff infection. Did you know that? I think Pneumonia had something to do with it too in it, not that I saw I saw organ failure caused by a group, a strap infection. I'm sorry! That's there. Very sad and if you ever in the mood for good cry, why the gym Hansen. Memorial were big bird sing It's not easy: being green, tough, stuff,
his children, his legacy lives on through Ninety three Jane his wife are formed. Founded the gym handsome legacy to preserve contributions jam with the public He said he donated five hundred puppets to the center of puppetry arts, and there is also the gym, Hansen, Memorial and Muppet Museum. And travelling exhibits and his. Sons and daughters One is found nation in some of them, are paying company themselves and run the company tat? The company is change, hands a lot. I have sorted the boring. Street when you still alive, he was gonna, sell the Disney four hundred and fifty million is apparently he believed in Disney's commitment to get characters, so he thought like that, would be a good place for them up it's alive. Yeah and does he went? He bought it, but he did not get that deal a finished.
But it turns out a hundred fifty men with chump change, in two thousand and his children sold. The entire company including the sesame three characters to a german media company for hundred and eighty million. I believe that company Phelan Hard times and they bought it back into thousand three for eighty four million crazy, while the handsome children are smart and in between all that there are various exchanges of percentages of stakes with other companies and rights of certain characters, little Dahlberg over all that, but was to say them made up pretty well Eventually, Disney How does They do on all the market studio away on the markets. The apparently the handsome company saw the rights to the second mystery characters to set a mystery. Yes and the Germans Creature shop still builds the certainly street puppet Mother
yes, if they saw the rights of the markets in there. In the big blue house, characters which I am not familiar with that Norma but Disney Monitor, I guess that sort of The player to be named later, that's included in the in the baseball trade and proud of the kids yeah. The great I hope we get treated about this and, from there may Sima seem gate, Brian and Cheryl, and the gang seem like that and right by the dead and there's other siblings. I think we all involved super involved, sadly Jane, passed away. I think in two thousand thirteen here, the age of seventy eight I would have loved to have in what can work he did later in his life. Oh the fact that he died. Ninety ninety so head, like the Apple TV, shows going fifty four years old you ever letter. I left them,
If you want to know more about, Jim Hansen goes into our methods, episode, and so are you looking at up. You can also search Jim Hansen on the search bar. Has the words that camp not bring up this great article and s, insistence first time for listener, mail this is another call this smart sophomore. Hey guys when he was met and I'm a sophomore an ice glove most once more were found in the show I listen while I do everything is what to say dark ages were only dark in Europe. The life expectancy. Dark ages is actually the longer than before, but so because there were smaller wars, but things were certainly brighter and the islamic world, in fact, on the Middle EAST, were really enlightened. During this time within about a hundred years. They conquered alot of new landing, in Spain. Also, the arabic lying grew to be the language philosophy, medicine and poetry, Dad became. The world centre of scholarship
they translated almost all of the famous greek philosophers work into Arabic muslim muslims algebra to simplify inheritance laws. And they made important strides in trigonometry to help people find a way to MECCA architecture grew to, a mosque in Spain only took roughly a year while medieval cathedrals to hundreds of years to build so the door just weren't that dark and enlightenment came earlier than most think, and that is format. Man is enlightening stuff, my friend you're numerals or arabic yeah. It's true. Though we should head on some more middle eastern topics: In the meantime, if you want to suggest some middle eastern topics for us, you can tweet onto us it s landscape. I guess you can post a minor facebook, page Facebook that calm slash them No, you can send us an email to stuff. I guess the house, the forks icon and, as always paying out our beautiful home on the web stuff. You should know
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