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SYSK Live from SXSW: How UFOs Work

2011-03-31 | 🔗

In this episode, Josh and Chuck ditch the studio and head west -- south by southwest, in fact -- to record a live podcast in Austin, Texas. Tune in and learn more Stuff You Should Know about SXSW and UFOs.

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Welcome to the part tat sun job for me is always echo. Is Charles. W Chuck right hello, how are you doing I'm lesser anything slightly unusual today We are in a different place, the normal we're in Austin Texas. Yes, are you guys from Austin that are cheering ers edges, enthusiasm he Boston, weird, that's the models are right, we're doing our best, We say to those of you. Listening on your ipod chucks talking to people who are watching us part right now he's not in saying that they got it laughed track. For years. They got all after the little Red Box after two years. So, yes, we're doing on our part, as this is a little different for us, I'm normally not so sweaty from being stared at when we record
I'm getting a lower you sometime and I lost my coffee. Somebody get really dry. You don't coffee. Now be ok boy shock Josh. Have you ever heard of the experts? turns out of that was true. Really well. Ok the at the hall old healer, who may or may not be like killing. People like that, Portmanteau lies versions of the exiles, but the overarching thread with aliens, yet not not like the shape shifter episodes according to how you are further work on how the forts dot com is probably true, but you know I'm a believer. Are you I'm in Smaller again, I'm, although these hag moody to me now You are as they are for education. I thought you would always be Fox Mulder, and now it right, I see nights, he sank moody. Now, that's a huge huge changeover
yeah. I thought someone more violent self regulation that I'm sure I a lot of brooding on x files and not so much thirty thirty seconds. Well, ok! So let me give you some examples. So the x files or we're gone kind of retro here is that you are foes is very nineties in very fortys and even eight exactly so, have you heard of the ancient indian Sanskrit scriptures? I have sir again tomorrow. Thank you very much to thank you very much. I got the first beat
in in these ancient indian sanskrit writings? There is a description of an airship and it actually talks about how this airship can go forward and backward and vertically, very quickly and a man can travel by sky and in a very short time, and the weird thing is these texts were written like way before there is. We urge its right yeah, it's called the them on us and they described things like a great flying bird made of light material. They describe a mercury engine with an iron heating apparatus underneath so they get really specific about can move and how it operates. Guesses, not anything that, should we have oddly specific right now. Allow me to continue twelve eleven. It was written that a group of people in England Great Church one day and there's allow crash from us,
church and they all go outside. There are very dirty, I'm sure they go outside and they look up and there is an airship again. You're gonna notice, airships keep popping up in this. How ufos work podcast and it anchored like an anchor- has- has dropped into the sea steeple above the church and its stock, and so all the already very, very old, tiny medieval people are like what is going on. Some guy comes down from the airship tries to get the the anchor out is grab There are about to be killed in the bishops, like not just let this guy go. I don't know where his jam is so as to have his so so they, the airship, cuts, rope and flies off I should point out that we are drawing twelve eleven. Eighty there that's weird
any time? It's weird! So a fork! Folklore named Catherine Briggs points. I think she puts a perfectly that this is one of those quote, one of those strange on motivated and therefore rather convincing tales that are scattered throughout the early chronicles. Like basically saying this, these this chronicler had no reason to just make us up in it just so weird how specific it is now and then we can fast forward to the nineteenth century. Tons of airship sightings Nebraska was huge. Texas was huge, our Fournier. It was basically like that whole James, Westin punk thing right, but in the time so wasn't Roger and then just this February in Jerusalem, there is a big citing. There are several videos of added here about this one as well. There are three different videos and the founder of the site, Marshall Brain put it better. He tried to saying like this is how it was hoped
entirely can? But there are supposedly UFO over the dome rock in Jerusalem and this is February and if you go into the mutual UFO network website every day there still you have four reports coming and so the mutual you phone network sloop move on. They may tons of appearances in a move. I'm fine, on setting what who its little foreshadow palpably sunk. So if you go on the move, website you'll see that there is still just dozens of sightings every day very much embedded in our culture, which is why we're about to talk about it now Chuck that was my age and was elevated. Here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball is always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and
completely hack you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with echo is it's easy to switch and save on car insurance, no need to fake an angel sprang because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save with back up its own, better than sports are for talk about ufos. Let's start well! That was sort of the beginning. I guess, but list in the middle Twentyth century, As everyone knows, you have. Those were pretty big in the nineteen fortys and fifty's alot of press, and in fact that's when term UFO as by flying object was coined by the United, Airforce novel. Everyone knows that yet discovered, We simply want this room. No. That now and you know unidentified flying object, flying saucer flying disk. What we're really about is alien, spacecraft bred animals, cut to the chase. That's why you followed you have been talking about. I was pronounced. Yes, you
Ology, because I have seen you philology estimates excited they refer to. The IRA is the earth so apologists! Yet now I don't know it's you followed, does not follow it's ok! You know you follow just so therefore started investigating these things for real and found out that five to ten percent of UFO sightings are unaccounted for. The rest are explained away. Your or whether balloon, whatever the heck that is or hoax, hoaxes opening in any kind of unnatural. Whether phenomenon can be mistaken and hoaxes respect people, people like faking their photography, sure or crop circles Yasser, so that there is a pretty significant point that- brought up that there are some cases
you emphasise that are out there that are unexplained right, yeah, where's ear did have a standing here on that is the ten percent. Now I have numbers twelve thousand UFO sightings. They airforce research between forty in sixty nine to twenty one years. If my math is correct and all, but seven hundred and one were explained away. But if you ask me, seven hundred one that he can explain this kind of lot. It's a significant number Fisher and that's why I believe and that there is a I name J Alan Hygienic, you kind of figures, big into you, follow GI, he's the man or was his best way is that yes, he was but he still kind of lives. On very long, winded and detailed definition. What are you have always? Aren't you gonna take this year? Should I read it? in one breath. There's no. I could do
wrath, but this is the best definition we ve got for Doktor Heinrich verse, he's an astronomers. He doktor yeah. The reported perception of an object or light scene in the sky or upon the land, the appearance directory and general dynamic and luminous behaviour of witch hunts. Just a logical convention. Explanation and which only mystifying the original percipient. But remains unidentified after close scrutiny of all available evidence by persons who are technical, capable of making a common sense identification if one is possible period and as once in it,
That means that says it all to basically really saying is like after you know it's a deciding in its. It seems weird than ever closer examination. It really is we're yet classy UFO, citing that was his first draft. I think they are forces. I can get one more specific needs, a garment, stronger check on my hair. I have no time to write sentences that makes sense to you idiots, but we say or force because he was actually hired by the air force. He was a faculty member at the Ohio State University, this article in safety, no, that's the railways a regularly think if any Buckeyes other our right What are you doing in there, Nineteen, forty eight, they said, hey dude. Why don't you come work for us? We got all these weird things happen and we got a program called causing one eye yells originally project sign. Then it became project grudge, which I love and then project blue book was what they landed on. That's that's not it.
That's a good name for a scientific investigations, and you know it things a little now grudge. What blue book I imagine was before the whole auto industry thing with used cars to cough now. Little known fact, it grew out of their respective seduce vertical. That's that's! Your cars raided now so and it was his deal was he was a sceptic he was hired by the air force, not as someone to say hey. These things are real was just. Instigated, and he was a big time sceptic Why do I he was it? He was an astronomer. I didn't believe in extra terrestrial life. Anything is nineteen, forty eight, so he had really given much thought to it Eventually, he became kind of a defector because you follow GI. If anything is this huge clash with attains between people who believe in ufos and sceptics
for I believe you are right here and hygienic started out as a complete sceptic and then eventually in alarm that they basically gave him all these files and said, look through these and see if this was an asteroid. If this was a comet, basically just get rid of it, big backlogged start with right of twelve thousand sightings and he signed off on lots of them and then he kept running across ones that made up the seven hundred and one inexplicable cases. Yet first, you call them puzzling right in any. He calling them like home, my god this is real. Damn yeah he became probably the most outspoken. You fought bless you see, I was weird that does not happen, became one of the most outspoken. You follow just people who said yes, you offers a real
and he was in a position to really cannot take that claimed more than anybody else, yet he found himself at odds with the air force they were on. I don't think they knew what they are getting into when they heard the scientists, who was originally sceptics and now the sudden he starts touting these things and airports like now, don't say anything: Is it not what was his line about scepticism at not having any the scientific method or no ridicule ridicule. So there is another if you go over the back, the first you follow. This is named Charles for and he's kind of a of hero of mine, He was a scientist yeah. If you Rita the forty in times, which is why the grace magazines of all time is based on. Guys, philosophy that, yes, it is the proper approach to it. Meaning the universe, but you have. Investigate everything incredulously or else you just kind of a jerk right you can, collectively say like
You know science can't really explain this right now, so it doesn't exist, is not possible. Existing we're gonna make fun of you for even thinking that it's not what science is about in jail and hygienic held the same views, basically that that through project blue book science was failing the public by not properly explaining hey. This is whether balloon Like you, don't know what a weather bloom looks like. I don't know whether balloon looks like I don't know what they will be held at some point in time by science and he was upset about that and then the idea that they were heaping ridicule and scorn while not even tearing other duty rent irked him to say the least so Heineken the guy. Actually, that came up behind a scale which you say: what is the Heinrich scale? You might know better, wait, wait now. What is it exactly? We should do this every totally love this It is about You might know the Heinrich scale better as the close encounters chart so
the dude- you invented it and the first time as citing you see it because encountered first gun the second kind of deciding plus fiscal evidence. So let's get a hint scanner crop circles, sometimes they'll be like vegetation. That is like the Senate. It sometimes and had in research this, but the spider web, like pain from trees about any of you. I can find that either. Apparently, that happens younger brothers nearby, while the big problem with them is that what they are, but, although the touching just disintegrate No there's the spider web like strings. It's like gum, silly string, but that's been left out for many many we got so that's a second and the third kind is observation of an intimate, animate being wasn't white right according to speak of her.
Always at the third. Well, that's a thirty year. They did he ever being, but let's get bored after Heinrich they added forthwith six and seven times he wouldn't part of their fourth kindness abduction in the fifth time is bilateral contact event through vote. Very human, initiated, copper, so that was really so the third kind should have been the fifth kind, because France Watcher foe in the movie you have set out the who who initiated There was a sign for it to be dead and remember. That is, and did you know that was France Watch refer run around probably did famous after he was in a movie and then the sixth time is direct injury or death, which is the least on time and the time, is the best because That means you are knocking boots with an alien and create. STAR child
that's true close and counter the sometime. India have excellent alien and they get pregnant. There's a wry variables traditionally alot of sexiness involved with alien abductions, whether it for population the standard, opera, whatever there's some sort of sexuality associated with with abductions, you wanna go over some of the election hooking, yes about prodding in poking in improving profiling, probing. Where are we well the bullets? I guess it's talk, a little more about the characteristics of ufos. We talked about these strange weblike disintegrating remains. Rob circles, circles which may or may not have been led zeppelins thirty one. Those imo mutilation sometimes are associated with that. That is when you find It was a cattle with organs removed, but no signs of human anyway around we should do one and that we should probably not
because I was looking this up in apparently some sheriffs Department Arkansas when this, like the height of this cattle mutilation scare, was going on. They they took a cow. And I imagine, shot in the head and left it where it lay because suit for in order to really undertake this, you have the kind of killer cower, was and then leave it alone, with the, but they had a dairy cow for forty eight hours in this field and filmed it in and said, hey like all of the normal stuff that dairy cows body undergoes Otto. Ices. Future faction, like all of us, can explain like these mutilations you're talking about her way to sell them. And I think it was kind of like the same the same group of people worried about Satanist behind of put, alas, stock in the animal mutilation things. I think that one's kind of
on the table. Radio and tv interference happens a lot cognition failure, which of course happen. I keep looking around for closing, comes that they're gone the movie nerd like me, but yet one start, radio cuts out lights, Flickr Ufos nearby. This is related to sign this correlation. Then I guess that's about it right. Well, I got was tat. The others not trust me, that's it. For that part I looked up UFO sightings by state, because I was curious. What state you think leads the way next was good. Guess, Novalis could guess not not now think about a crazy people. Cuckoo California I hope there is known for California in another case, seven thousand nine hundred and eighty one sightings- and this is a very you know. This is a high science. This is from the centre for you. If those studies or coup foes
there are no more than a movie or setting and number two is actually Washington State four eighty three. I did look up texts. Because that's where we are Three thousand one hundred and seventy two and I looked up georgia- would we have about a thousand and guess what state is the least. Keep going? He had you'll get to forty six more North Dakota, which I figure I figured I'd, be lousy with it because of the desert space seems appealing to. I think everyone in North Dakota to depress to look up well that maybe there's a lot of people there, so that may actually have something to do it. So only a hundred and sixteen in North Dakota, we do have a poll in here that is so outdated that we would like in that they live Paul. Since we have what about fifty people here, I was
four hundred we're gonna. Do this we're gonna do that applause, but you're not rooting for it. So don't feel like you have to go crazy if you believe in it when I get a little a little thing seller, if you believe the alien have contacted humans to some light gulf clapping Seen answers says: sixty percent If you believe aliens have abducted humans a very valuable and their zero can see an end night in any sense, at fifty percent of the people polled They said eighty percent believe the government is hiding something about ailing
When are you only let everybody calls on the government. I think more people think the government's hiding something I believe aliens exert. How does that really something? I don't they networks? That's our first life all. So I found another pull in two thousand and eight and the only thing I could and was in a do. You believe that there's intelligent life, it's been two earthen contacted humans and it was down to like thirty percent, which is probably about what we got here, but that significant, less than sixty percent and ninety seven. I think it was White UK axed. I think that everybody like there's something go we're gonna die like your hat, was suddenly Peters, gonna stop I When the guys I keep people stupid, nothing's going to happen. Well, you know that I have my van packed with water and Sarka unless they were living in this half a dozen my normal confirm on so I project a blue book. Air force of
Eventually, in nineteen sixty nine said, you know what we're gonna closed shop early since what they said. They said they're going to close up shop and the name to me, what is some tricky wording with three statements. He said no, a reported investigated and evaluated has ever given. Indication of threat to our national security doesn't mean that they didn't find anything right. They didn t even a threat and then there's been no evidence submitted to the air force. It sightings categorized as unidentified represent technical developments beyond the range of present day knowledge and there's been evidence indicating the sightings categorizes under an idea. I'd are the terrestrial. Boom bam were closing up shop by that sucker but that's tricky to me because all they said was classified as unidentified internally. I found out. They might go a crap names the they don't quantify.
Criteria for the categorization no, but if they did find something, I interrupted internal they were still saying like this weekend. So so aliens. If there they weren't doing anything that we could already conceive of the yet you and sir friendly at least because they were in a national security through better they were easily like beat up. The other three good everybody, but I think it I think it's worth pointing out. This is a department of defense, publication you'll, be very hard, pressed it. In the deity print and release anything. This talk about aliens today, but from nineteen forty, eight nineteen sixty nine. They carried out this very famous. Castigation, the weather was half hearted or not like they were. Actually you know spending time of taxpayers money on this, and it was it's a significant move. History, where every I believe the aliens right right
Now everybody does believes that the government's hiding some garden some so. A move from the government to the private sector with a city which we mention is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. And see the centre for you of those studies. So there's a lot of work still going on, and these are crackpots Lot of my very scientific and other research, Jody Foster works there and what they Wanna do is, while not they want to disprove. They wanted get bottom of it. Well, yes, cities very legitimate, they have funding from NASA and they are all very scientific scientists, some and they they emit their mission. Right like in the late nineties. They they got they're the ones with the big radio telescopes and there they got a signal. They found it just like that and there it was about a million miles away from
Yes, it's gotta be aliens, a million miles away right and then three hours there like oh no, the sun, watching observatory that a million miles away, but they have met their mistakes and dumb and they're, not very sensationalist. I get the impression, so I said he's pretty much carrying on the year that they're carrying the torch. Now that the government's shut things down, I tried so everyone and here is suspicious of the government. We can actually pinpoint the mob that happened, took place in nineteen forty, seven, Angela, seventh, as a guy in New Mexico outside of a town called Roswell. His aim is MAC Brass. And he was a ranch foreman so he was going to check on the cattle. I guess I'm one day after some terrible thunderstorms night before any found,
some weird debris, and it was weird enough debris. They call the sheriff and I'm sure they like spit on the ground and talked about it for a while, the one there were strange. We should mention the night before there was a much of strange lights in the sky, yes in terrible thunderstorms. So then he finds the debris right. Ok, that's an important! and so they the sheriff, comes out. They figured they should Polly called the local military, which kind of a weird step. If he asked me the middle, comes out, they take the debris and take it back to Roswell Army AIR Force Base Yemen to date no higher, which is another we're thing to do. If it's a weather balloon is the government of eventually said it was between then the guy who ran Roswell Army AIR Force Base, release the statement on July aid You boys, seven saying it. We recovered the debris from a crash disc, making. Airports and you guys can actually see it and I have to say it, but a crash, was found,
three hours later his boss down I believe released. Other Presley saying, because Don't say anything he's ever said. Forget all crush this thing exactly it was a weather balloon and we ve taken it and floated to write air force base in vain for some reason, but just don't look behind the curtain, everybody, and at that moment that was when all of the seeds that have sprouted into us going like this. When we see like a press release today, that's when it happened that that first pressure, followed by the second one started the the whole suspicion of the government. That was a cover chuck this right and there was some other keenest going on. There were eye witnesses that say they saw bodies being removed from the scene by the military. Some people said that they were actually present at an alien autopsy. Your member, the Fox network, did that tv show
alien autopsy awhile ago, and then it turned out that I said ACT You shot all the stuff in the nineties, but swear. This is footage? I saw an unjust recreating it in that footage, as is now destroyed, but this is this is what I saw by it, took me for ever chemical that allows the biggest. An area fifty one. You know, as is the area now, and these people believe some people believe that the government is still pending ding aliens it area fifty one meeting with aliens on a regular basis studying them and that's, why it's gonna get big fences around it? The only possible reason has fences around it, though, what we're going, pike, s, probably hopefully on area fifty. They one data sets about our gonna talk about whether the fences, many black yeah
It's another characteristic of the. U s o phenomenon right, then actually came out of a guy named gray Parkers book in nineteen. Fifty six, he wrote they knew too much about flying saucers and in Black make their first appearance. Well great Barker Ponds, off as a work of nonfiction, we was actually fiction, but there, I guess, came out long enough after that. The man in black entered kind of the young that collective consciousness of have you seen Jose tonnes from outer space that one x files episode where Jesse I venture and Alex Drawback play. The man in black really get pretty awesome is the best x files episode ever really as it is now than ever again. Is it's a genuine isn't it? Why did you say? Charles Nelson Riley, Charles Nelson Riley Place this author, whose interviewing Mulder and Scully in trying to get to the bottom?
but this one incident that happened in dumb, it was very good. I highly recommended everybody ripped off now get back to attract and abductions. I think this is this is on. If I may to this one up, please, So you think it's kind of one thing to see something sky and say: well I too UFO, but many people this Ronald Reagan said he saw you ever in as governor California, in Gleason saw aliens because Richard Nixon took him there, yet true story, Jackie Gleeson apparently was in Florida married to her, Why, at the time any came home all disheveled from something and his wife Gonna Jackie you're, not your usual sunny self, any I can't talk about it, life, but later on. He said that she does have a name. A camera was already, but I he did his collar. Why is it one of these days
so then he says you not happen. Is I met Richard Nixon, my buddy Richard Jackie Gleason was way and are apparently next said like to go, see some aliens, this my written so they ve seen it well you do we apparently he time it's all too little too for aliens little help. You find this Jackie, Gleason and He said he. I will not never tell anyone. He told his wife that you can't tell anyone and then they got the horse and she started telling everyone yeah shit so suppose, lady seamen, ISA Ronald Reagan, someone he was on a small Cessna flight and he was governor. A thorny at the time, and he was talking about what he saw until you realize you talking to a rapporteur from the Wall Street Journal and then things like. Maybe I shouldn't anything, but an dumb. Yet others is Jimmy Carter. Carter saw. What do you want to do your Carter? I don't have a higher here,
did see one in Georgia in Rural Georgia and he still thought about this day, apparently ten or so years ago was the last time it Emory University in Plenary, teaches he was actually still talking about it and said I saw you. I went into Sebastian, Man Escargot, p cordiality, and this is the peak and Sebastian POD catches a show of beaten. I talk about our personal private lives. Just two guys I am comedian, P Coralie and I really biometric PETE six years ago on a bus in Toronto. Ass, terrible Iheart radio is number one for podcast, Zeno purpose man that you go like the step by step might have doesn't say anywhere. I do in the highest pitch voice. You have as fast as you can see. There's other podcast out there that you probably listening to or watching listen
People I'm telling you right now. This is comedy gold were taken to show to listen to the page. Sebastian show on the eye. Hard radio, app apple pie cares or wherever you get. Your pipe has so one thing, I see you a foe and to talk about it. I M reared a show, Jackie Gleason, something weird I but entirely. Other thing in this kind of became this spin off of the UFO phenomenon, and that is abductions right. That's the money, the money shot. Basically, there's this whole group of people came forward over the years, starting after nineteen. Sixty five issue will say: I'm insane Yes, I've been aboard the craft. I've been engaged in alien sexiness. This is My life is suffering because of this right, so with the first abduction story was a Betty and Barney Hill.
Have you heard of them they have on before? Then? Yes, ok, because and sorted into stuff. Ok, there were the first in the early sixties in you so they saw in we're not does it initially but then later who had noticed, started remembering this things happened yet and there there was the first of Dutch in case it was written up in the Boston Globe, and then there was a book called on the inner journey had a really huge impact on their lives. They started suffering psychological, the servants there there big problems among them after this, and then it was made for tv movie Mr James Earl Jones played Barney, did a great job and from that moment on this kind of arm established checklist, almost of traits of an abduction, were generated things. You're being taken against your will. Your being proved
all right light, sometimes the spirit and unless you up a beam, the tractor beam tractor beam. The d. I hear no, the rip losing time as another big one feels like two hours and then having to deal with this in their actual studies of objectives in the nineties, because it was such as such, a weird significant thing that we're saying little and its consistent, which is the weird thing right. Arms. You go experiments on people who said they ve been abducted and they showed similar symptoms. Two people post, traumatic stress, disorder, there's definitely something going on, but similar symptoms. Two people, post, traumatic stress, disorder, there's definite or going on were whether or not it was on them being abducted or if they were so
from some other trauma is what was at the heart of the matter right and there's been some pretty good explanation for what was behind this whole abduction phenomenon, that kind of died. Now, which is weird if you think about it. I yes, Susan Blackmore, is, is a famous sceptic and she D little experiment in the mid nineteen armies with a man named Michael, pursing. Her he's a neuroscientist and he claims. That all kinds of, Phenomenon with the body can be explained by that's a firing of the temporal loves and so I think it was missing was no one had ever really tried to replicate this an experiment says he's a said: did put me up to the stuff. And far away unless you have, she said that she had the sensations you'd being pulled, stretched by your leg to the ceiling, she was suddenly like very, very angry and then, after that you certainly very fearful. So basically the guy
to her. And then she went and told the world in this new scientists article that, yes, if you can mess with somebody's temporal lobe firing using magnet son you you can get them to think all sorts of crazy stuff She basically Evian an experiment said I was so out of myself, that if someone would have told me you were by an alien she's probably would have believed it and she's escaped. So probably that's it. That's a good explanation. But then you you have to ask all: what's what is exactly exit this magnetism on people's brains. Tat causes temporial of firing certain explanation problem better than anything? Is sleep paralysis right or false awakenings Yes, the paralysis you know. Does anyone have that sleep paralysis, your wife? Apparently that's where you wake up in here. You can't move here when you your wake, you, scholar muscles are normally paralysed, while you're sleeping, but
once in a while, you can wake up and your muscles. Don't kind of wake up first, so you can't move but You don't really know, what's goin on your groggy, this hallucinations that accompany it right, yeah, usually airy stuff, yes and downsides very fearful thing, and then, if you are the type about sex right. They can it adds that Having maybe idea the whole thing socially process is a pretty good explanation: and then the false awakening is another good one. Where you wait, you were dreaming that you ve broken up and it's pretty common actually and that I think the thing that gives gravity to this The nation is that the most extreme abduction reports always began with the people sleeping really yeah, that's entirely possible
were confused. Well, there's also correlation between UFO sightings and was it not seismic events? Is he said that he police or might trigger this magnetism and people wake up in their bed? They think they're being but what about the people in the cars and out in the fields? I don't wanna go figure. This out, I was going to say I think, a good way to wrap this up was to say that we are wholly unqualified to offer any explanation of what was going on, but the very least it was interesting. And it was a wild and crazy time. There was a good right. There agreed, and I think this bears some follow up. We gotta hit areas if the one we gotta get into the abductions and more to one, That's it you anyone! I got nothing else on this one, it was, you oppose, we do very well. So if any of you everyone again such as this,
you can send us an email. I want you to wrap it up bank and on the bottom. Send it to stuff par cast their house. The words that come. Thank you Yeah thanks for coming to rein in Monday morning for more on this and thousands of other topics, Housetop works. I come to learn more about Comcast Click on I guess icon in the upper right corner of our homepage. The house networks Iphone up has arrived download it today on Itunes brought. The reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready! Are you
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