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SYSK Selects: How Capgras Syndrome Works

2019-06-08 | 🔗

There is an extremely rare condition where the sufferer is convinced that everyone around him is an impostor posing as their friends and family. Learn about the neurology behind this strange and sad mental disorder in this episode.

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Duff, hello, everyone! It's me your friend Josh, and for this week's s, why s case selects had chosen? Are Bestowed on cop grass for cop growth, we never We really figure it out this episode syndrome, it's about astoundingly interesting mental disorder where a person believes the people in their life. However, waste by impostors and services contains. The dog is fine. I've ever uttered. Yes, wow, indeed enjoy Welcome to step, you should now a production of my heart radios, housetop work and welcome our guests. Judge clerk, I'm pretty sure the prison me, as always, is child of each upright cat. Grass yeah? I think it's cop graph, because it's a frenchman who was the first person to scrap jeered, scholar, crap sinners,
we're all kinds screwed a year and I'm not gonna, say Copp, girls the whole time so we'll say, take grants and not just say I'm saying like we're, not in that's right. Where was it right? This is basically are our invasion of the bodies and enters episode. Outcast, That, unless we do one on the invasion of the bodies matters once Canada, the other we're talking today about a very, very strange in once thought to be very uncommon and rare disorder, a delusional disorder, a delusional misidentification disorder to be specific near where the sufferer believes that the people in his or her life people very close to have all been replaced by
impostors that they're they're, like I'm looking at you right now, Chuck Man, you look just like chalk and you're doing a great job with the voice in everything. By like, I don't want to say it, and I don't want to look you in the eye by like you're, obviously not chuck and what's going on. I think we all feel that each other occasionally, but imagine like that, all the time like, how would you just not lose faith in the reality? if anything, if you thought first of all, how are people? How are they coming up with great problem? Impostors like this year who is they? Why are they doing this? Why you is it just yours, a the whole world, impostors yeah, it's it's like there's a lot of really weighty questions involved with this and, as a result, science has been trying to really figure out. The mystery behind in has failed, thus far yeah an inner weep. We already should say it's not only
we called on the person, but it's difficult on the person being misidentified as well sure- and usually not hear a lot about that. I read a bunch articles on this and only one said and don't forget if some, if your wife thinks that you're an impostor, it's really tough on you as well sure that is can overlooked every month. Yeah. So this is actually kind of a newish phenomenon. As far as description goes, the nineteen twenty three doktor cop, GA and Doktor Rubul Lush all described Madame who believed that she had as many as eighty husbands. On the same, looking the same right, but they were all impostors and she never could get close to him. Because events
They would just can't leave and be replaced by a new one, and she was utterly convinced of this and I'm sure, the time they thought where this ladys does not. But then the more people did research, the more they found, and I couldn't find any good stats on how rare it is. I got out thousands, and that means nothing so the the one I saw it was in two thousand and six five. I believe the estimate was between one point three to four point: one percent of all psychiatric patients have Capra, and you can probably say that, if this closer than this probably close to the general population, because if you believe that the people were close to you in your life are impostors in your accusing them such they're probably again force you to go, seek psychiatric help
would probably be a pretty close statistic for this is that first society at large and where you really see it, though, is in all timers patients. This statistic was between two and thirty percent of all. Timers patients possibly suffer from Kafka Crab grass. Yes, it is. They're, just Alzheimer's known on an utterly Alzheimer's. You know it's that can be forgetfulness I kin, yeah. I guess this orientation. This is lay civic, that your accusing yeah, your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter of being somebody else. But he posing as their bread, Turkey. That makes sense. So this is different than something we ve covered face finest before right. We talked about came up in something else, but oh yeah. Maybe we did do a whole podcast on it, I'm not sure, but that is pressure prognoses and this is not proper pregnancy. That's when you You can see your face over and over and over, and still you just don't know who it is right in this as you know, ok, let's Josh
I'm looking at a minor that face, but there they ve done studies with a skin conducted conducting when they are basically measuring the amount of perspiration on your face. Right, which is it's a measure of the limits him sit system being active, which is in turn measure of your emotions going off yet with idea being that, if, if Europe's a little bit on the face, then that is a physiological or psychological q that, like hey, look at this picture of your mother, our recognise as my mother and maybe my face a sweater, right. If you are what's called a normal, yet is. If you have Proper Ignacio, you will not recognise that picture right, intellectually, consciously right by your skin conductivity will go off. So that means the emotional q is still triggered. Even Oh you don't know who you're looking at right. That's the opposite of studies of Capra syndrome. Yet, though,
a picture and they will not have the it's basically like they're. Looking at a picture of a complete stranger right in and dont have the yet they don't have a rolling over his face right exactly, but they do have an emotional response. Here's the thing they recognize face enough to know this is my dad yeah. They are rational enough, the that's the other thing to other than this, the rational yeah. It's called a motto, thematic syndrome, where you have one delusion and it's a whopper basically consumes your whole life. So there otherwise the rational enough to say. Ok, this is my dad I'm looking at, but I dont feel any kind of emotional stimulation from seeing my dad and I should yeah and because I don't this is an impostor. That's what I think is good Not yet one of the common things at the people with the syndrome will say is that, like their sole is gone or their sole is missing, that's a different sooner than you know that that that's that's linked.
Grow because, though, recognise all the other person yeah, ok, digression there looking at is that's not my mother, that's not there. There right would, since my mother, sole right. So what think, then, is that when we, this kind of proves that we make memories two ways that are connected, that we we taken steps. You are right, like visual stimuli, I'm looking at you and at the same time, I'm looking to chuck- and I like Chuck, so I'm also kind of taking no that same memory that I'm forming a visual representation of you also has an attendant emotion happiness. I, like you yeah, so when I see you again, I should feel that same thing, happiness, I'm glad to see Chuck. That is a full memory, yeah Capra people who suffer that their missing the emotional aspects and they have the recognition and they vs run. Sean drawn, I think I said his name right he came up in the mere neurons episode gases. Is brilliant genius dude easy Santiago?
yeah go as maybe I think so. He he said probably what's happening. Then you have as a secondary lesion secondary damage yeah, where you're you're right brain is very analytical and actually left brain, which wants to explain everything away and if that right brain analysis is damaged than the left bring, and do go to whatever links it wants to to explain away strange phenomenon in this case. If you have that disconnect between the sensory input and emotional yeah aspect of memory, in conjunction with the loss of the right brain checking. Your delusions than the left brain is able this go off and say: well, it must be an impostor. Yet, while the genocide wins out essentially as a explanation right This sort of reconcile those two thing yet because its missing it's not deluded the person is not delusional its there's an impostor
yeah, you know it's really weird is another one of the characteristics sometimes as it can extend to animals and objects as well yeah. So it's not always just people, they can that's my dog, but it's not. I know that chair is not the original chair. Someone came in here and replaced it then exact, replica and they're, not loosened, aiding and how these their aware of all the stuff yeah I mean imagine the paranoia that that would generate in you who moved the chair who replaced this chair what's the deal and they found that its. It is co, morbid with things Alzheimer's and schizophrenia is well and other psychotic disorders janius its use your spouse to
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or a t mobile for business dog com. So. Let's talk about some of the explanations that science has come up with, since it was first describing nineteen. Twenty three I was right in Freud's, we'll house. Oh yes, psychoanalysts had there had the first crack at it. They swung amidst. They basically said that it was repressed, Sir Electra Complex right yeah and that that was kind of Poohpooh pretty quickly. There are saying that you know that you're trying to resolve guilt about your circumstances, identifying your it's a look alike and then pretty quickly, Scientists at me now that they probably doesn't have to do with repress feelings in this case right done done. Everybody and took his we're home at home. Yeah here he's really been kicked the her
yeah even by psychology. They turn their backs on him. Go dynamic, Jerry Freudians. That was a psycho, dynamic approach. In that that's, like we said, his kind have been poohpooh while Thou The psycho dynamic approach was the one where its repress feelings are already in approaches that you wanted to have sex with your mom you're. So you so you resolve that the guilt from that by saying your my mom, I'm on your an impostor, so fertilized eggs with you in that and then the Glen Millard version of the moon guerrilla guilty again and again, we should take What they want is thrown out a lot of researchers, That is the result of an actual organic caused, something physically wrong with the brain. It makes sense to me, They look for lesions rebel dysfunction, signs of atrophy and, like you mention it is also come morbid, a lot of time with psychotic disorders
epilepsy, even Alzheimer's, and you mentioned schizophrenia, which makes sense, I think bipolar- is honours. Well, yeah, so other doctors say you know what it might be. A combination of these things, like physical and cognitive causes, yellow You had some sort of organic damage, but then you're here, mentally your rationalizing it dear inappropriately, like you, can't accept that you're delusional because of any sort of brain damage, your projecting its everyone else's. An impasse right, I would be a combination of yellow and in physical and again it is your brain trying to explain something that doesn't quite add up in your head. Yeah. So what's clears there's a breakdown in communication there is somewhere in the brain, it's the romish on John and his partner, and I want to just call out the star. Her steam and romish on did a paper in ninety seven, those pretty interesting they they consider it up
album of memory management, yeah we're in. Your eye, if, if our brain is to be, if it's a computer Likud as a computer right too but when we see somebody or meet somebody, we create a file on that person and encounter that person again we access the same file, and then add to it yeah, but it's the same file what Rama shone down in her Seymour were proposing. Was that people who have Capra make a new file every time for the same person, but there is also there has to be some sort, link between these files. I don't think that's a surly and apt description. I think there are more onto it with its just missing. It's. The same file is just missing something that the patient censuses is missing, the right away there and there saying well, I'm missing something, because you're an impostor don't really know you like some sort of emotional identification marker right. This is
really interesting to me. They have studies that should not blind people. It can actually extend to their voice of the person, but other time firms they have shown that they recognise on the phone, but not in person. Yet as I do D S, that raw machine drawn to say can be both he could. His was the only modality is what they call it for his his delusion was visual right so like when he saw his parents. His dad was not his debt and actually Davis, pretty cool his dead one day The idea was a thirty year old, brazilian guy who got into a car accident and started suffering Capra Syndrome and down his parents. Thirty get really worried, they know what to do so is dead. One day came in and declared that the man who had been raped seeing him as an impostor. He had sent him away to China and he would never return and his that's pretty soon
your father and I'm back and it worked for a couple of weeks and then it is went back. That's the guy became convinced that now the impostors back he had cap crust syndrome, so bad that he came to believe they himself as an impostor. While any asked his mother when the real DS returns. Will you still love me and tree me as your friend? Can I still stay around and she said at another you're. So this guy thought everything, including himself, was an impostor it that there are two Panama does that had been too recently that there are two United States while redoubles for everything and are we? he talked to his parents and the father that he didn't suffer the delusion of a strictly say things like tat. I like up, there's this other guy here, pretending to be. You
you know you are very open about it. Now I don't know he would like. He didn't hide it from what I understand interesting, which is something I that's probably healthy. If you have kept Cressingham because there is, there have been instances of violence, with Capra Syndrome Year this one guy thought a robot had replaced his father, so he decapitated his father to look for the robot, even inside a woman in a mental institution killed another patient because she thought TAT. She was gonna, kill her double her daughters double so she was actually protecting the impostor from somebody who she did not necessarily think was an impostor. It is very interesting so, as far as treating this there's you now since is pretty rare. There's not a lot of you now prescribed regular treatments. Sometimes it goes away
Yes, sometimes if it's like a physical brain trauma, reestablish that connection in things start firing correctly again and it disconnects disappears. I when you come out of a chuck like do you feel like while that was really crazy. What I used to think or do you feel, like all the impostors, have left in all my family's back now, however, now that's weird near another thing that they say if its linked to a mental disorder, sometimes it can be helped by occasion that would also hope that mental disorder, but they're really for most people. There is no treatment and there is no cure. I think it's just probably of a long series of of sex on the couch in items in yeah, but I mean how do you forge trust? That's it. You know somebody when you with, which is required here to say: ok, it's me everyone's now impostors. I have a false belief when, ultimately, if
closer. You get to say, like your therapist, the more likely you already come to believe that they ve they're gonna be replaced by an impostor here. This is a sad condition near Tills tablets, Mossad conditions. To that a similar I mean it's a it's. A delusional identification syndrome. It also falls under the umbrella of reduced lucrative Para amnesia and well ass, mouthful so another similar one is the regularly system was named after earlier. Although regularly use a quick change artist, and that leads you to believe that people around. You are people in disguise, so not replacements, but hey. I know that you should be my this, but you really, my sister in disguise is my dent stared like over recognition, everyone in your life that you see
and interact with on a daily basis like we're your dentist or somebody the subway. Whatever is actually somebody very close to you dressed up in disguise Qatar syndrome. That is a belief that you are missing body parts or you are emotionally dead and sometimes I think, like my heart, does it beat, or have, or am I don't exist any longer, and it's not I mean these are people that really feel this way. It's pretty much like the psychological manifestation of an existential crisis, Mere, like you think, your brain is rotting. Inside of you and like you dead man, you don't feel anything. What about Inter metamorphosis decisions on its kind of like come, it's kind of like cut grass syndrome, but it's it's more complete like the man. It's not impostors its people close to switching right. Your brother
now your father psychologically and physically the whole Bala Waxlike. Apparently you see them like when you're interacting with your father. You will you see and think you're interacting with your brother if they ve switched while yes, well indeed, the thing about this thing. You can't get this from the romish yonder on paper, which I described recommend reading it's it's only like nine pages. Yeah, it's pretty interesting stuff is everyone's. While he comes a pulls back in his like kings, you ask him believe the brain yeah it incredible it what it can do and when a malfunction man can ever malfunction but he's pointing out there like through these really really rare cases where you can start to get a glimpse into how we four memories and how he retrieve memories and in better understand human consciousness. Through these, these very unique unusual patients
I'd like to think at the end of our run new known fifty years, we're gonna have a nice body of work on the brain for people to pick and choose, and now you know from like alien handicap, crowd of memories are formed and how you taste and myths membrane. Yes, pretty amazing stuff and I d taste a taste delicious. It's it's our things, probably very topic. You say fifty years here going for you recently impostor yeah. I think I talked about it before to miss good documentary. Good deck Mary go check that went out here and he anything else on Capra nicer, ok, Capra crowd, grass cap Grass Coup de Graf butter. All those things Taiwan in the search bar has to work that common may or may not bring up this article at least a couple of unwell.
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parent want to give you some information on Mormon marriage, though the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints no longer practices nor supports the secular act of marrying multiple spouses. Men can still be sealed to multiple women and I'll, try and explain ceiling to you, but even though I was raised a member of the church details are a little bit fuzzy cuz he's been out for a while, though ceiling is related to marriage and takes place at the same time as a separate ordinance where urgent ensures that a couple receives all the legal benefits promised by the from its ceiling. Insurers are the religious benefits promised by the Lord of the good preacher. Thank you, but, in benefits that I can remember, are one the sealed persons will be together. Time, an eternity and to the seal persons will enter into the highest level of heaven of the three sisters through them. I found out a man can be sealed: multiple women when my parents went through their divorce
even though they went through the legal process, a divorce they never had their ceiling nullified. When my had remarried. He was sealed to my stepmother. And to my biological mother. At the same time later on, when my mom remarried, she had to know of her ceiling to my father. Women are not allowed to be sealed to men. Only men, women, furthermore, a new step bother with seal to his late life? he married my mother, and he still has to this day the bash the church in any way, but that fact that the fact that men can be seal the multiple women, the little known fact most people inside and outside the church Does the church has practice of polygamy? Doesn't bother me any more educated. Consenting adults should be allowed to be with the ones they love. In my opinion, and that's his opinion. I am bother by the fact that IRAN inform people of their policy on being sealed the multiple spouses- that's all I've- got guts,
one to marriage, no longer a member the church, but I still find religion and culture very fascinating, a podcast on how the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints words, would be amazing. That is from Ethan, even even clerk the along further, and we ve been asked by many Mormons and members of that church to do one on their religion. We shall therefore we have a whole queue of ones that we have to do and it's kind of piling up. It's like before we have the fifty year marked was just like one after another, the never ending cycle, Google added to the cycle, the never ending cycle Storing a tray you if you want to suggest a podcast cast in company with a story or some outsiders former. Further analysis
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