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As of early 2013, only 161,00 metric tons of gold had been mined in the entire history of the world. Considering about 85 percent of it is recycled, there's a decent chance your jewelry may once have been part of an Incan headdress or Mycenaean face mask. Dive in to gold in this classic episode.

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trailer for free and learn more Trillo, Dotcom, that's t, r Oh, oh, oh dotcom, good afternoon folks, happy weekend, ever wanted to know how gold works you thinkin and his gold work is just gold. It just is Well, there's a lot more that goes into it and we talk about all the three of gold? Very, very fascinating? from February. First, two thousand thirteen, our gold works. Welcome to stop? You should now production of Iheart Radios Housetop were a work in progress and judge clerk. There's Charles the reach of bright, we're doing us against been a little while the little one, but it still says we should now I thought the name it changed since we took our little Christmas break.
I bet you remember. Our race to the patent office at trade market begins at the eleventh hour and a half that was a close one. Stamped it yeah as why escape actually it as an escape route. No eight. As well as in is what we get from people sometimes and, unlike you know, no start to the gay one of them. Does one of the S It's not stuff! You should know right now. They as it doesn't make any sense. I do great man. I could get you gonna do this one were Toma Gold, Yemen, I've got a little bit of an inch or it might be. A stretch will find out. Ok, let's hear today's January fifteenth tomorrow's January sixteen thing Newton Day? It is a big noonday and also on this day in history, in a three seventy eight, the Mai.
In general, fires born conquered the mind city to call which was recently rediscovered or that recently it's been rediscover the rediscovered genuine and at what the state was it enlarge. The kingdom of King Spear throw out the mice had the best names as outward right name in all of this is going on in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. If you went just a little to the north, you would run into another group. People called Aztecs here which are actually the triple federation, is what it's, what they're really called by? If you were to stumble northward and run it, Let s take empire and ask for gold. What they would give. You is what they would call excrement of the gods. Do you want to try to pronounce it? I'm gonna go with her tale to it
tat tat, nobody else, but I think you may have done a jerk. You killed a letter the only other at last part is Lotto. I love that language is similar to like this tat, some of the native languages we heard in Guatemala. The young fits because they're mine. Yeah exactly, but it's got that same like, and I know it's very staccato, it's kind of cold here I think right, like the mayan city, the heart of King Spear, throw owls empires tale to time, yet with sounds pretty close to that word, tat poor little yet, which means excrement of the gods and that's what the them the Aztecs consider goal. That was a wholly metal, very, very precious metal, every sense of the word and by three seventy eight, I d, they weren't the only ones to have love
gold for a very long time. Now Egyptians were all over it. They thought it was also divine. They heard. How would you rate adventure. I would say that was on a scale of one to ten twenty twenty, two twenty. I would give it a solid like sixteen wow, thanks to higher than that way. Higher authorities gonna get a ten, thereby extended the twenty. So so the Egyptians like, I said they also throws divine of the gods indestructible and they called it a guess. Newbie in you be, and if you'd know, of the african region of North EAST Africa Nubia or if your fan of the rap group, Brian Nubians picture, you would have heard of this, I was actually death. The earlier and that that that names so hold today because of the original original egyptian word for gold.
Africa, of course, has always been a major supplier, the stuff yeah one of the first, while newbie of was, I guess you like the first heavily mind area for gold and then on the periodic table. The M shorthand for gold is a? U which have never understood until I realise that its latin right, which makes a lot of sense, I thought, would be GEO rashly de Ruyter. Yet you somethin like that. Now we had to go at the Latin or M, which means shining dawn. That's nice and we sell is to say that people have love gold for Very, very, very, very long time can I drop one of the steps of the chauffeur me I re when I saw it sounds like just gonna say this is this is the fact I think it's pretty get. I told Emily this last night and she was not as impressed us. I would hope she would have been for ever and ever all the gold with ever mind from the beginning of time, is only a hundred and sixty one thousand tonnes.
Which sounds like a lot. A lot of gold right for of time. That's not a lotta gold. They compare it to something like aluminium. We we get a five point: six million tonnes a year in the United States alone, yeah of aluminum saying again a hundred and sixty one thousand tonnes of gold is all that's ever been mind yet and that the secondary school, that comes later, which I ll go and ruin now. Is that eighty five percent of all the gold we ve ever found still around. We ve only lost or cannot account for fifteen percent of the gold since the beginning of time spreading it with that is pretty good in. It suggest two things at William Harris points out. Why That means that, if you are wearing a piece of gold, jewelry may belong to somebody else a very very long time ago, and two or exactly did they get that whoever they getting? These lay gum gold masks and head peace.
Stuff a mouth from time to time in the melting down a reselling him yeah, I don't know, I mean it's efficient and its good, because goal is chili bad for the environment is, will see later that's really recyclable. That makes it makes me wonder like how are they clearing that. Yet what is your wedding ring? Sir? My wedding ring is platinum. Platinum is loveliest, that's very nice, but is yours minus? I think tiny em, it's very cheap fitted out like a ticket to throw that occurred in his actually, my second one, my first inside of eternal inside of a total of ninety awareness, maybe it's inside of eternal, but I I had the old email and dissent like the same order for the same ring and boom married all over again. For the second time, did you guys have another many ceremony only just like you need to buy another them.
Right, you are right, so um, that's a lot of gold stance and, as has been trying to hammer out people, they go for a really long time. Let's talk about history, gold, shell speaking of hammering out, though new, with one or two little fact, gold, one ounce of gold, one ounce of gold can be drawn out into a fifty mile wire or hammered into a sheet five millions of an inch thick. So it's really want we'll get all this, but it's it's not only. You know a beautiful thing for jury, but its super handy in manual and chemically inert and these great things you can do a gold because avoids of his property. It also makes a kind of ironic that the Egyptians considered indestructible because one of the more malleable idols around and yet all malleable that it has like almost no practical purposes. As far as like hammering things go like you make a goal. Hammer, your dummy
I am a number seventy nine, let's not get at it, ok, so gold again! Oh, was you people go back to the Egyptians, consider the first ones to have gold fever, but with actually found evidence of gold being Smith. I guess during the transition from the stone age, the NEO, with a gauge into the bronze age, the first mental age yeah like before bronze, even write some some places that had easy access, gold like Bulgaria, I believe in four thousand BC were already working with gold long before the Egyptians ever got their hands on it. Yeah and the Egyptians like you said I really had an appetite for the stuff hieroglyphs as early as twenty six hundred showed gold and by
eighteen hundred BC. They were. It was like currency, basically yeah in Egypt, yeah very much. So it was not that I don't know do it did actually minted. As for its currency, the Egyptians yeah I dont know if they minted it. I don't think the minting came until the Greeks and Romans. Actually, King Croesus of the ruler of ancient Lydia, which is a law civilization. Really he was the first to mint in meant gold currencies gold coin in widespread use. Six forty BC, while ok, but it was the Greeks and then the Romans that really started to mint, but years later, the near! So that's it's a pretty nice jump on things got. He was like hey. I like to look at this stuff, but my face. Exactly goes, you use it yeah by five. Fifty the Greeks were doing it.
And then the Romans of course, with their more sophisticated ways followed suit the Orpheus coins they would work out there, they buried millions of those are the ones that they find like to some farmer in Devon. Shire in England will still find. When will you dig up like a chest, filled with these things, while air, because the Romans were everywhere, They were a myth in a lot of these coins. As they are doing this, the same thing is going on about the same time itself. America, because they belong to go there as well and what to call this? The middle sicken era- you I can tell you see, Connor Cease on abetted, cease on syphon. Eighty nine hundred to eleven hundred this modern day, Peru. They There has been a what,
There's been a lot of gold artifacts found in that region. So they were you so yeah crazy for ship. The Peruvians were crazy about the Inca like masks, ornaments challenges ahead and their specialty was hammering golden the sheets in like wrapping stuff in a really creating gold leaf. Interesting. Neither a pretty good at that kind of thing, and then you know there is already gets a certain amount of gold fever over in Europe. Yet I think the M, the English minted their first gold coin in the mid thirteenth century, the same with the florentines do get yeah does we're both about the middle of the thirteenth century as a popular going. It was, and still is, among collective sure, so there is people in Europe were exposed to gold, they like gold, they want and gold over in central and South America over in Asia. They also had a thing for gold with Europe.
Ends, were one of the first to say: hey, let's see where the edge of the earth is and if there's gold there and one of the first people to do that was Marco Polo and strangely alot of people hate, Christopher Columbus or think he was one of the more evil characters in history, possibly rightfully so yeah, but you can actually trace The infection that Columbus, really literally M metaphorically here back to Marco Polo, because apparently is evidence that Marco Polo directly inspired Christopher Columbus to set sail in search of gold yeah and hope in history glass. You always learn about the great explores and the more you. And about it like the real histories, as you get older, the more you learn that many times they weren't sailing upon the shore with like a bouquet of flowers, to deliver the most The time, oh, you know, is usually in it in there and conquer mode here for
reason to spread Christianity, as the Bibbs Spaniards really wanted to do tat. I was the cover, sir, though, cover story, but King Ferdinand in fifty having also sent word quote while you're there. While I added that port, while you're. There then start good get gold humanely if you can, but by, but at all hazards, git the gold right. So I mean that was definitely a charge and thanks to the iter, was of Marco Polo the book that he wrote where he talked about palaces of silver and gold. You know people thought it was just like the streets were lined with the stuff. Right than any world, and I mean imagine, though, if you were one of the keys to nurse who started sailing West and you ran into the Maya or the Aztecs or the Inca, and do you saw that they had all this gold? You would think what this is all very much true in this play: yes, gold city sure
Oh, let's kill all these people and take their goals, and there was actually of famed gold city El Dorado sure that there are looking for exactly like. Everyone was looking for El Dorado in apparently every time, a conquest it or would find a significant seem of God they found Eldorado Ray and everybody else would come and it become legal, a boom area. But, of course there was a mythical city. Rent is dislike legend yet and probably the closest thing too, it is obviously not a city built of gold right, the closest Two is in Brazil in the meanest Gerais grieved region. Ok meet Minister. Is that looks good future base. Oh, I ve noticed like five years in our pronunciation is maybe even worse, them better. Actually, we have a listener mail today, where someone law justice for taking a chance and being willing to be created a directive. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that out a red that when, at the end of this
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it's only available on Hulu the whole thing is set in the very effluent Cleveland Suburb, Shaker Heights, and it's about the intertwined fates of one family, the sure, perfect, Richardson's and then another family in Matic Mother daughter do oh, who moved the town and just kind of disrupt. You could say the Richardson's picture, perfect life. That's right! It's all good stuff! You had me at Reese Witherspoon and carry Washington Khazar they're, both great yep. It's now streaming on Hulu. You can check out new episode every Wednesday only on Hulu so onto America, North America, California, though the gold rush like the point here, is the gold, his rewritten history and how we formed societies.
Because a desert wriggled! It's like spread people out o the world, an inner mixed in inner married, an inner. Did it yeah, like we entire groups of people ethnicities who are the result of gold yeah, the gold, Russia's Ear California's is gets a lot of press, obviously, because by the end of the first year of the gold rush efforts discovered in eighteen. Forty eight five thousand He bore mining there by the end of the second year. Forty thousand people were mining there, but your liner actually was the first american gold rush. Yet, unlike you're saying, California gets all the all the attention to San Francisco. Forty Niners are named after the gold rush. There is great here we do episode with the minor forty nine a memorandum. Yesterday, a scary guy, when you think of gold rush, you think California, or I also think of the long ago, with Georgia, Yahoo, the mayor of Dough, ANA Gomes Twenty said: there's golden them: Thou hills are really. I was.
Diana had no idea since Todd something I think have European up there. In the longer. I did that when I was a kid in Vienna, the twenties, Look if you think you're gonna find a little gold flag and exert embassy rich. Yet, or do you just might find a little gulp leg and if you do you only rich here, you're going to find doesn't by you for Chile, anything but you're, saying North Carolina doesn't usually get much attention, and that was the first goal brush yeah up until eighteen thirty is in fact they supplied all of the domestic gold that was coined here, the. U S meant and Philly came from North Carolina or North Korea lackey as we wait gullet who calls you never cover
have you ever heard it all that I have on a there's, a tribe called Quest Song, a really care, remember what it is, but somebody causing north cake lack Compton Jerry check a Czech had no, I didn't make better. Why disrupt you did geared Jacob. So here we talked about the goal: Russia's in the? U S, there is also a big one in OZ. We can't leave arousing made no hello ass yeah there, like we got tons ago like it. So I watch me MAX here today, by the way, all the way through the original those given, it was and it was, road warrior got out most of the attention, as it was bigger and more
an action adventure, but mad MAX's are really dark. Conover revenge, exploitation, movie, really good OZ boy station exploitation. So was that the one where the guys in the personal helicopters that reward you're mad back that's roadway or other? But when they got only gravity max- and it's like I mean it was windmill- Gibson was still a cop and he was you know there was this biker gang led by the tone at her, and you known as some cool you know just in my friend, yet his uncle is. That was the tow cutter in madman, while his manner cameras name now Uncle Le Uncle took have pointed out that the citizen is Christmas stocking. I can now he d since toes have here load guard
members may know uncle were near uncle doctor. I think that's the better date yet critical. Yet so Australia has this huge gold rush in thee. What eighteen Fifty'S- yesterday. I nearly Edward Hammond Hargraves found golden New South Wales Bam Gold rush fears later South Africa steps onto the scene. Eighty sixty eight George Harrison. He uncover Golden South Africa and what a, though, how many contributions has that
and made the humanity and its hundred sixty eight I mean he wrote here comes the sun. He discovered gold like a hundred years before he was born. Yet not a hundred but under used for he was famous right about the same time about a full century: Thou South Africa's the leading gold producer in the world out today it is our followed by the United States and the noise in the United States. Nevada is the number one gold producer these days you mean Nevada, Nevada. I tell a sock about how you get gold
onto your finger? It's not as easy as you would think, but its while its at times rudimentary and at times more sophisticated, the whole process, yeah and complex, to say the least. Here I mean like it really shows how much we want gold near it, sort of like tracking and away too that the one method it so what you gotta do. There's did you gotta start by prospecting, which is the act of looking for gold right and that's what you would call an old grizzled dude with the pack mules up in the hills in California, prospector yeah? That's what you call a geologist who finds gold today to their still call prospectors, and I guess the ideas that what are the prospects for funding I am sure this working from right, maybe to their prospect. That makes a lot of sense enough thought about them. Back in the day, there was a lot of luck involved looking around for a basically where you think it might be. These days it is way more precise,
They have equipment that can tell you if there is likely gold there and then well, here's the thing is yours: gold everywhere, but it's just not concentrated enough to be worth mining yeah, that's an excellent point in most cases its invisible, but it's still present in the soil and the crazy, invisible gold and dirt and rocks or is in gold slogger, that's crazy to its like they're, just thrown away thrown away you drink in it for premium Bryce as crazy as this growth. That is like a college thing. Oh yeah, oh Gimme goes Gulch Logger Yeager, my sir anything that sounded like vaguely germanic without colleagues thing, Meister Brow right so where they find golden heaviest concentration is when they will say you know what it's worth setting up a mining operation here there may be Metals: error, like silver,
this great yeah a lot of times. Gold is combined with silver in an or yes, I'm sure you dislike bouquet. Great! That's fine with me. That said twice the value love not twice a day, but one in three cornerstones. We could figure it out. So they drill down to obtain samples analyzed it see if there's enough gold, if there is they're going to send the money operation there right, there's not they're going to move on and look at another place that they They might have a lot of gold and then, depending on how the gold is present in the area, there is basically to ways: one is the load, a load deposit reaches its combined with rocker or and it some it can be at the surface or underground yes, and with a load deposit. Basically just want to blow things up when you have on gold like that, if it's at the surface, you're gonna use call an open pit method which is basically just drill, a bunch of holes into the or the gold, or put some explosives in there and blow it up in hall. The or out yet mean your
oh here is just to make I mean if they could load up that huge, bolder and get into it need or somewhere else they might but they're just trying to make smaller rocks excellent point for transport and then, if its underground, the load is underground. They'll dig a shaft down to it and added he got down to it and it's big chance, I'm sure they go down too and drill holes all the way through their or rock gum and those holes are called stops. Then they packed those full of explosives and blow it up. So it's basically like the open pit method, but underground. Because then they just truck that oral yeah an off to the extract. Her! That's right, you wanna get Georgia or maybe a river in Utah Winner fact, of a u turn shouted. You might look for something called a place, her deposit, and that is when you find the loose cold in a stream bed in the little flakes for the little chunks of little nugget in a mountain streamer beach
and this is where you would pan and only scooped up in a ban, and you shake it in a lot of water, a lot of water could go This is more dance, so it's gonna, sank and collected the bottom of the screen that separates everything, and then you get a little bit of gold. Hopefully at the sixth graders are all very happy. That's right- or I imagine, if you're prospector in California back in the day to quite well as a banner yankee, the ground below mine. Yes, my goal of any have to extract. That's a next step, so you got all these big rocks that you blown up here, that I guess this is mostly the first couple stature from load deposits.
The Iraq, you put him on a conveyor belt and they go into a machine. That's appropriately called the crusher which breaks the or into gravel yeah. Maybe take they gravelling. You put him into drums with a bunch of little less steel ball. Yep, spinning around real quickness steel balls collide with that gravel and they turn it into basically a powder- and you add water to that powder. You form a slurry, add cyanide to that slurry and exposed to oxygen and all the sudden you're starting to extract gold from ore yeah, the pulp, basically the gold in the pulp dissolves, with that chemical reaction, the side, and oh two and the little carbon in their like tiny little carbon green. And the gold is gonna- adhere to it. They that they'd, like each other, very much so they're gonna, get to a party for a little while then he felt her that and you have gold bearing carbon at this point- still not pure gold right, so it's called with carbon
Then you move that do something called a stripping vessel. They put another solution, a caustic solution to separate the gold from the carbon right have more filters to filter out the carbon, and so now you have actual a gold bearing solution, but you're still not done Now- and this is my fear yeah. This critical is color lecture winning which thank God, Charlie. She never heard of this is that this whole thing will be even more annoying, but you put you put the gold into sl with positive and negative turn of terminals passer in electrical current over it, and the gold separates us from the carbon solution, yet further the gold bearing solution and is attracted to the negative terminal so much so that I get the impression that
screw becomes embedded in the negative term. Yet I cannot wondered cause. The next step is to actually melt that negative turn terminal along with the gold right and then you begin to separate the two. Basically, you poor off the negative terminal Mary metal may be steel or something like that of smelting Marilla right. Exactly so when you smell- and I thought smell was- is melting yeah like why they had the ass because it's not melting, it smell eggs, haggling. So when you poor off the steel, I guess maybe that comes offers them. What you have left is relatively impure goal, but as close as you're gonna get it in the extracting process, you poor there and bars called DORA bars. Yes, and then you should monitor the refiner. Yet that's not the bar, you will see in diehard the three? This is more impure DORA bar rat Crystal nice to have one I'm sure you can be like. Like me.
Ok and then you need to refine gold from that point when you have it in its purest impure form. Right, so imagine the process that we just went through. It was like add this subject. This remove that, but at this, and unlike the goal that here this and let's burn the whole thing up until it gets multiedit still impure still has to be refined. So when- finery git gold. Dora bars they also frequently, when you sell your your gold, the J D Wentworth or whoever they take all this gold scrap and send that off also to these refineries, which are all which also serve as recycling centres. To basically this like the sad, a shipment yeah, just full of people's like loss, hopes and dreams and embraced this wedding rings and gold bracelets anniversary bracelets, here I'll, just sent back to be melted down, get because the account
yeah. So when they throw all this into the same part, they add a little bit of soda ash and little bit borax and honestly, what can't borax to end the swordfish and bore ex basically filters out impurities in what you have left most of the time and they use a say tests sure to try to figure out the purity, but they you have about ninety nine point: nine percent pure gold and that's usually what they say on the bar that they pour and those bars are called ingots yeah. Those are the ones you'll see in the heist movies. Yes, and if you have ever seen, die hard three and you see them loading up these and get two big Jim bags and then throwing them over their shoulders and running out. That is not possible as each one of those bars ways: twenty seven pounds. So if you have fifty those in a bag like Jeremy Irons might germanic
The strong man you're not gonna, throw that on your back like three hundred pounds, a gold and like go running up a bunch of stairs in and out of the New York where is the New York Hydro Reserve very reserved bank supposedly there in Fort Knox, is where they have all the gold. Yet he was talking last night about that she's like lead in summary, safe level. This golden one place was equal. That's why they say like its built like Fort Knox. It's like super secure, she's, a care, but what, if you know some
is bombed it. So you get his bonnet and then sneak out there with the gold, and I want you to throw diehard three she's like this. I would happen out, that's exactly what happened, but I think she makes a good point. I was thank you last night to like if we have always called and if it is all there, just keeping it in two places, it seems, I don't know, seems unusually attempting fate. I think I agree with Emily near six billion dollars with a golden Fort Knox. No, no, my friend at more know dude. So when, when Harris wrote this one, it will goal, was forty two twenty to announce attitude, origin, twenty two cents in us right now. It's sixteen hundreds seven dollars and forty nine cents an outward? So that means that if Fort Knox holds a hundred and forty seven point, three million ounces of gold, the goals were two hundred and forty five point: six billion dollar: how to sit and Fort Knox Trinity right in this article, nineteen, thirty five. No, I think
Why does it really? I'm writing. Last couple years because of the economy, everybody flocked to gold. Why demand increased, and so the price did so amazing to me, after all these years, Golda still like people who need it, yeah man when gold prices are low. You are very smart to invest in gold because there's always going to be another economic downturn in the prices are always just going to skyrocket. You got a couple and gets in your closet. I haven't I haven't stressed I might like that. I have a limp. When he died. So during the refining stage, we should point out that a lot of times they will because gold is so so of pure gold, as they will combine it with other metals to form alloys? And that's? Why you? get something like white gold, which is gold combined with nickel or silver play, the eminent red gold, his golden copper as Pretty Anna, and they were seen rental and on they seem rose Gulch really all my faint samina has like it has just a slight pink cue to its very pretty snuff. Am I begin. The gold, like his horse jury, get on with it.
And then, of course you have to talk about a carrots Keratage, and that is how much gold is in the object compared to like silver, nickel or whatever else is in that alloy and interestingly, different countries have different preferences. Here you always hear about fourteen care, gold and United States which is only fifty eight point. Five percent golden parenting, India. They are partial to the twenty two carrot
and which is ninety one point, seventy five percent goal and the Europeans like the tick that middle road and eighteen carrots at its very strange, understand what it is. I can name price being a factor, but maybe that's very odd me that like cultures prefer so twenty four carrots is a hundred percent gold. Obviously, yet in forty twelve carried is fifty percent coal yep and about two thirds of all the gold is jewelry, which makes sense and what s interesting about the jury's that it still basically produced as it has been for hundreds of thousands of years using the same techniques virtually the same tools. I'm sure there. You factored much differently, but they are kind of the same thing and while the jewelry accounts for what you say, two thirds of all the new year, nearly two thirds there's a lot of other pretty interesting uses for gold to electronics, useful
gold in a lot of other rare earth, minerals like gum, apparently, gold is very, very conductive, it's more conductive than any metal, except for copper and silver, but has a leg up on conference over. In that it corrodes. It is very difficult for gold to corrode yeah. So that means that if you want something, that's gonna last very long time and be conductive, you might well you some gold, so they and things like processors and hard drives in that kind of stuff. Yeah I mean you, you might see gold on your headphone plug your headphone jack might be gold plated because its if a tyrant, they might use gold yeah conduct. Sir Electricity Hoeyer, therefore sound better. I have seen that I just thought it was like fence,
high end something here's a course tat because they use it so much in electronics and Microelectronics NASA use more than forty kilograms. Ninety pounds of gold and the construction of the spatial Colombia has pretty corvette electronics and they used it as reflected surface. They use gold film memory. You can be on the dolls in, like a point point one: five millimetre
thin sheet. It's amazing! So it's light at that point. I lay reflective effective against radiation. So that's pretty awesome Yossi user for crowns, yet they re. So you go crowns only. I guess and that I mentioned, because it's not reactive, because women things are reactive, especially with cooking it'll, make things tastes terribly yester like there's something called a young fish fork and it was made of silver and apparently, if you had this thing, it was like a status similar whatever victorian the victorian era, but it also did have a paper will use in that silver. Didn't react with lemon juice and which is often used to serve with fish, so didn't affect the taste. I imagine this. Probably one of the reasons why they use golden crowns right so that you'd everything doesn't just taste bank has not reacted with. I think, is chemically under its good points, because you want to be eaten. Some men think a man when you go to makes us
the Lapierre tastes like swayed or poop she's excluded at this hour. So bad now like squid. But if you didn t Lapierre, you don't eat squid, do you eat squid? Will you eat activists? I mean how it all that stuff to a certain degree? I mean like Emily becomes a calamari. She will only like those things, like little. Onion rings, Russia's is. It looks like the little miniature here creature she's like that's where you here and I that in my mouth I will follow you both especially squid. You me won't eat octopus because of one member one of our friends had a friend. They told a story that their friend was a cook for some couple during the Caribbean, having couple like cod and octopus and was going to cook it air they gave it to them to their cook to cook the cook was going to put it in the pot alive and the octopus was wrapping its tentacles around a woman like please don't kill me like I answered
It was you know like one of the worst thing that ever happened work as she did it anyway, like you, let it when you literally have to fight to put the animal to their tad Ghana and then so that combined with, I think, being inspired, go research, octopi, yeah and finding that they are intelligent yangtse relies. I just can't eat those anymore which sanctions they pop up. It's a pretty delicious dishes. I imagine, but there are very small animal is like, doesn't want them either. I'm animals just stupid once you. I can see that I would be traumatized. Oh my god, the egg is, it was like No, I would just walk slowly into the ocean, until it released itself with its ammo you'd, be like the woods minutes a white like I don't know what happened, but then you start to walk back in the octopus, reaches up with one hand and hold your hand like. I want to be your pet. I ought to go back to the sea. Just don't could make don't get me
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worries remembered here's. The thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game He never passes the rock. He constantly Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy switch and save on car insurance. No The vacant ankle sprang because you're absolutely exhausted, so We can save with Geiger it's almost better than sports. Where did we leave off food beverage? you can get in gold, slogger, thicker and certain jellies go about away the Octopus yea and that that's all just for marketing. In making things really. As you know, they have like that. The world's most expensive Sunday or the world
Plus expenses, salary always got gold flakes. It does so much so that I think we talked about this. They have another category four world, most expensive non gold cause. It's like any smoking. Can you know spit out a hot dog in religion and put Gulf lakes gonna be like worldwide restraints of diet and it doesn't really yeah so That means some of the goals that we have lost, that fifteen percent has been proved that yeah GSM and said. Is it I think so You know if so limited supply and bad for the environment yeah to get. I guess we should talk about that yeah we probably should cause. I was very surprised me. I heard that goal was bad for the environment, but I didn't realize this. You wanted. You wanna tell one. Facts of the park. Yes, yes, it is like most mining operations, not great for the environment. In order to get just one ounce of gold, you have to get out two hundred and fifty tonnes of the rock and or in a lot of time,
seems well, of course, as the cyanide, which is never great when introducing those kind of chemicals. Now and apparently they take this affluent right, yeah Refluent and they dump it out in the ocean really which probably effects octopi it's him there's a bunch of cyanide water and I'm sure, though she will eventually like even things out, but for that local area where it gets dump that can't be good. Of course now, and that's where there's a group, a nonprofit called earth it runs a campaign called no dirty gold. So I made If you have a guy the wedding ban and a blood diamond on your finger. Then you just like your that's a double whammy that in the Hendrick yet that well now metrical be three. Then this not in this case. Ok, that's good! As you can get her as bad as it can
So we should talk a little bit about gold, although I think we should do a full podcast in the gold standard at some point in time we touch. I agree, it's some point: let's do it, but the gold standard was what's in it like every dollar amount of it like was you could prevent. There was a certain amount of gold. It had to be in reserve that match that. Yes, the Dodo US, yes it exactly, and if you had a bunch, if you had enough money, you can go up to Pharaoh's urban say I want to catch this money out for gold and they had to give it to you by federal law. And that was for nineteen hundred and eighteen, seventy one when didn't we'd just start pretty more money than gold and said we should abandon the gold standard. Yet I think when you detached year, currency from gold becomes a visa currency right to the whims of the market. I seem to remember discussing the sum in one of our economy by gas yet way back when it may be that I have already a bug me how the economy or the super.
I've got to the economy as well as calm on. There was a good, so two hundred and thirty six tonnes, gold are being so called hoarded by people and governments. As at all, two hundred thirty six Don T seem like if, if there is still eighty five percent of the hundred sixty one thousand tonnes, that doesn't seem like much, but it doesn't it's a lotta jewelry being more. Yeah, but they think there is actually gold out an outer space. You known some these big asteroids flying my that are chock full of men. Rules and other metals. Yet was a ninety. Ninety, eight, the near earth asteroid rendezvous spacecraft passed close enough to the asteroid, arrows you actually send back data
they think the arrows might have as much as twenty billion tons of gold, which probably really drop the value of gold here on earth. If anyone ever get their hands on their, how many? How do you go about capturing an asteroid? Elinor we waited upon cast an asteroid. Mining remember! Is that the same thing? Ok, that's what they would do retreat. Then we should do that. Could thought the arrow to send up with up a gold, a golden lasso. Attached to the jackal of stale, better right back to earth. Anything else, anything else and out. Well, let's Oh, I have one more thing. I want to recommend Harris didn't mention this one of the other really bad environmental impacts of gold is illegal. Gold mining, apparently Guiana, has a lot
of illegal gold mining area and one of the things that you, if you're in illegal underground, go minor you're not going through this elaborate extraction and refining process. You are basically taking your or in your refining airing extracting on site, using mercury purity is what they use. Others, not only a lot of like illegal horrible for the environment, gold mining going, There is also a lot of mercury mining in a lot of mercury like run off to their mercury poisoning. All over Deanna right now laugh and is a really great article. Eight may have one appeal: I found it appeals or dot org, but it was originally Harpers. It's where read it. Old guns in Gorham P, errors that is G
our I am p E. I r o s in it by Damon to bore good stuff awesome. Article is a sewing engrossing. One of those that makes you wanna like not ever use called for anything has that affect a little bit, but its is more just completely fascinating, like his camp believe that people are doing a smile and child labour to write in that a big problem, thinkers part of it. But more it's just you. Are you really risk death in these like a call wildcat camps, these illegal gold mining operations, because I mean, if some design I'd an explosive sir Jerry Arguer in their guns- and you know, people's staking other people's claim sped Benes, so they get old gold. If you want to learn more about gold, you can type that word into the candy search bar has therefore that camp. Since I said that the time for listening
Josh and others. The ten commandments, hijacking Josh, while others only eight- and this is from professor- guys. I T J Communications course in area not in the university's. I often recommend that your podcast of my classes, especially the students it seemed to love learning but may have not been encouraged by family or friends. I'm hoping they may pick up a few important life. Lessons from you guys as well as interesting facts if you like busing highlights, I think you guys display number one normal guys can talk about something other than sports stream. Sports number to good presentations begin with an attention getting introduction. Josh will tell you. This is sometimes easier said than done. Yes, absolutely if you dont know something look it up and if you look
on the internet check more than one source lessons this guy's really paying attention overdue. Learning? Involves mistakes number four take a shot at pronouncing. The word get wrong venture, Just your new hypothesis, then invite feedback, which is the important part, Jarom Piero's number five. You don't have to make fun of people to be funny. If you absolutely must not someone lock yourself in your car, and we're six, it's ok for guys to have a variety of emotions. Nothing unmanly with being sensitive or expressing emotions other than anger, it's even healthy for guys to talk about their emotions. Thank you chuck. Do you like the new Rosie Greer Number seven, it's worth the effort to be respectful of others. Sometimes you have to stop yourself for you make an often joke which, with you Sometimes you have to use the term that is more accurate and up to date, which we tried to somebody have to remember what it feels like to be seen as different and see. Language can be more inclusive or encouraging, even if only one
person than your audience notices the efforts. It's worth it man, because, as is my conscience, riding Number eight curiosity can last a lifetime, and that was the last one. Lisa geysers a lot to be said for teaching by example, when you realize you're, not you're doing it every week, and he goes on with an interesting ps4. Professor time he has a few of my gay male friends, and I got to talking about your show. We try to figure out which type you would be I was unanimous check- is clearly a bear. If you have a gay brother chuck, I have a few friends who. The meat, I'm your brother, but he's not gay and he would not be a bare his prettier than he is very pretty would actually love. My brother is great. I thought you would know would like knowing that you're being stereotyped by a bunch of gay guys, genuine drinking beer at a bar called the whole performing
no Papa analysis, what a world thanks, Professor Tom yeah, that's a great man that was agreed in Print Elena Raymond, if you ever do analysis of step. You should know we want to hear what you pleaded tweet to us. If it's a short inclusion at Ass White Ass K, pod cast, you can join us at Facebook that complex that we should now be. Consent is an email to stuff pie, castor, stuff works, I come and as always join us at home on the web stuff. You should know our come stuff. You should know production of Iheart radios, how stuff works from what had cast my heart rate, I hit radio apple, podcast
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