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SYSK Selects: What's the deal with Rasputin's death?

2017-06-03 | 🔗

In this week's SYSK Select episode, Grigori Rasputin, the Russian charismatic cleric and political adviser to the ruling Romanovs, is said to have been poisoned, shot, shot again, bludgeoned and drowned. Exactly how did he die and how would such a legend grow around a modern figure?

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Ford or mobile drag or road course, Tom Gas or diesel come to bed the answers with us on the two guys garage part gas, I'm Kevin word and I will be hosts of two guys- derives motor to network. We are sadly but our brand new to Gaza ROD, pod cascades gonna be tactful DE. I why tips for making maximum horse power and going fast plus conversations of summer report is in the outer mark a world of other cool new products. You can listen and Paul the two guys garage part gas, taunting, aren't radio, app apple pie, calf or where ever you listen apart. Yes,. Buddy. It's me Josh and this week for as Y s case selects, I saw Did our episode on Rasputin's the mad monk I remember, was recorded during a weird time house the efforts for some reason. We were according to an old corner office in there we're blackout drapes on the windows. It was very odd, but it when lends itself perfectly
this episode iron. A heads up, I should say this: one: it has a lot of talk about. Genitalia serve Europe, You made me want to be aware of that. Arrest burden. You don T, Welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse, therefore stop paying more podcast and judge. Clarksville shows a reach a bright then this is that you should know right. But we do in Rasputin's Geringer Recipe for a kid no dispute and rescue, but actually there is a lot of theirs tons of it. The man whose life is in Vienna Dream MR hypnotists possible fewer porn star, pretty much porn star. He was innocent, freaky stuff he could have been
They did six four, yes other unknown in in others, pictures of which is great Keziah time in our world history, where we had photographs of these folks right, but even even even that said like the fact that there are surviving photographs of him when he was to some peasant near Russia really speaks to the impact that had the people around them totally there few russian peasantry portraits. You know yeah about studies of a specific person from like eighteen, eighty eighteen, ninety even to score points, but there's pictures are rescued him before he became famous year and thus creepy eyes, yeah. It depends on the photo. I think Some of them make a little more creepy, now somewhat Photoshop the ethic. The glowing ones Let us also and he's like, I think he turns around I see that the area library, so
Yeah we're talking respite, I think everybody can has a certain idea is also known as the mad monk, and Here is a prolific lover: yeah he's kinky man. Now and he had the ear of the bizarre and bizarre arena. The last once Sir Nicholas the second and his wife of the Roma, now, the Roman us it's another way to put it there. So Alexander, Alexandra and Nicholas the second invite a recipe neither which were given to us to start chronologically here. The dog I like birth, yeah, he was born Gregory if I'm a bitch rest in eighteen, sixty nine Siberia. Imagine being siberian eighteen. Sixty nine is too big, ball, laughs or two thousand thirteen, and he supposedly, although this was disputed by his daughter, I believe
I want to say For me, this is how much this act of the podcast Rasputin Head- Children yeah. The key had a family, he was married from age, twenty on they still exist, apparently in France. I wonder what was in LOS Angeles, I believe, are really pointer. I don't think so. I mean think about it. Rasputin and disbanded mine. He was Mary, and had a family near this whole time from from AIDS give us a little weird, actually so his daughter at a believe disputed this, but apparently early on his religious activity was and he was involved with a group covering the costs with a k in an age and why oh hi, then everything else normal. Then then they were then do some serious, like you now say, activity like self adulation that that erupted into.
Orgies rife self isolation in front of a group yeah, and then people will be like a K. Pompey time. Yet with the idea that the north cleanse yourself of sends you just had to do. A lot of that said is right. And the reason that they would have orgies was be. It was part of their religious was that if somebody who was trouble with senior to help them work, it out give it to the same by doing the same bright, values, a sin have an orgy, so they did a lot interesting and they were hated among the Russians. Basically, they were mistrusted. Here they were just viewed. Upon his weird and there actually failed subversive and they knew they were viewed like this, so one of the tenets of being a clearest was it you to the church, the Russian Orthodox Church and you're fervent announced. Ok and super into the Russian Orthodox Church, by outward appearances hours what you did, if you recollect
and the engineers Dirty secret was right if yourself and have sex with, like twenty people, think I'm exactly nice well That is not disputed. That use involve other historian say that he was so I read that she said that he he was rejected by the cliffs really here. Well, he might have never my Morgan, who that he may be too much for them so he built his reputation travelling on Russia as a healer, That is a mistake in a preacher and eventually landed in Saint Petersburg in nineteen o five somehow got introduced to the performance, Zaireans arena yeah, but before that he had become here. We're gonna, really just conversion, apparently from about the age of twelve, he was like doing it with anything. His hands on end but I dont know what age, but I would say before twenty two twelve and twenty some
monk came through town can through the village. Is it you know what I think is come with me. The monastery think you're kind of special You ve got to tell exactly a man, so he took him to the monastery and in that way Rasputin underwent this religious conversion. There came out really fervently religious like the real deal, he actually from Russia to Palestine and back walked, that's not a short trip is their dispute in the reserve. Not that I understand I haven't seen a disputed gotcha, but I think the think. That's it. That's a good point to bring up thing that sounds even remotely a stretch. That's attached, Rasputin! You should probably take the greatest all the actors Emmy, because he was such an odd, unique individual honour in world history. There had been like stories and I'm sure
The time there were just like rampant stories about who the sky was yet another only that most of whom were written and spread by his enemies, yeah he's very hated person can temporarily so the No accounts are of people heard to make him look badger, and then people started basing biographies on those original account you and that's why? he's, got such a bad reputation, there's so much lower and legend and right relations surrounding him. That's so viewed you don't really know much about him. That's what he was for him The second is this: the giant siberian monk looking for a good time friendly. What's out to get me boys, everybody gets so many hang ups and now the haters so yeah him. He makes it he's already cannon known as a star started, star. It start a religious adviser and by the time you get Saint Petersburg, hear anything about. There is going to make it in the big city. This is where the Roma live. This a good place for me to be an option.
Like you said, were impressed somebody enough that he was taken to the roman arson introduced to them at court. This is my soul, be buggy night yet is, as you know, he's Eddie from the valley all right so see does get introduce and warmed his way into the inner circles not warmed his way through, he earned place in the inner circle. He d find it by healing Hemophilia back an alexis who was the air the throne and very important, keep around and alive and here's the only boy in the family, despite being hemophilia IQ, would do done things like right horses and fall off them, Apparently, on the first time I have a second time, is not down to heighten Rasputin, supposedly heal them, possibly through hypnosis, so with hemophilia didn't really realise this. I was sought him. A failure is where you cut yourself and like them, you, your wound, wooden Claude,
so that is well right or not. It is, but I thought I was it right, apparently that much bigger problem is with internal bleeding, actually meant. I was gonna write and that's what Alexey head- and they were worried about him becoming a more fanatics, so they wouldn't give him any morphine. So you suffer like this, these bouts of colonel bleeding, poor kid and Rasputin's. The doctors couldn't do anything right and Rasputin's came along the first time in and basically just took away his pain, yeah and in nineteen twelve. It happened again. This is after the horse fall MIA and he was, I believe, not there. At the time ends arena gave marine and said hey Rasputin, we need you to do your thing again and he sent a telegram. The said: don't sweat, it he's gonna recover the next day, and I guess it's like you know. Long distance hypnosis her whatever happened, or maybe healing prayers. You know there are many none of that. The others also hypothesis that he just he exerted the first car
influence over the house about this matter, yet any ever had and at that itself had a here as some sort of healing effect. I think, Personally, I known to be a very calming figure. Well. I mean they earn his problem with hemophilia think too low. Your stress levels will help you I'll bet. Men stresses the killers in it. It is literally so at the same time, while bizarre going on, like you, said there were people other than did not like him, one of which not the least of which Prime Minister Peter Sullivan and he was like gathering a case. Put in a case together, basically to present and get him ousted from the from the court. Yes, in this crazy sex murmured. Yet I think he was not the first, under accused of being a quest for like really was taking their and running with it, the argument and I'm gone and he died
shouted the opera before he could make this case in some say that Old Tsar Nicholas might have been behind that yet. But we don't know that for sure whose these are yet. They were not even in the Secretary who Helen Russia at the turn of the century, with especially not of cover up scandals. Mister,
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it is still a pin, comes up. He tries it fails yet not radically just try to get em removed right of wishes, not worthless prevail back up here at time. This is the nineteen ten one thousand nine hundred and twelve one thousand nine hundred and fourteen The rest is undergoing. The world is undergoing huge transition from agriculture to industrialization near and Russia peasantry loves the tsar, love those guys here, but they want yet in the cities Urban working class is developing and they the tsar they don't they think desires. Disconnected touch is back in these agrarian days in everybody's moving forward into the factories, and others know that desire. Has no love for these Snoopy, and this is where linen came from and the ball fix came from ordinary factories, so this is all going on in the background. That's inroad
outside of Russia. Europe is going to war for war WAR one, so Russia is torn between the domestic problems and these international problems here and it's headed by a family that is becoming viewed as increasingly out of touch with what going on in Russia and therefore have are losing legitimacy pretty quickly and now the sudden there's this weird who humps anything that moves and has the ear of bizarre and bizarre arena, and who, where did he come from what is what's goin on beer and increasingly less influence on the tsar, apparently over the years, but increasingly more influence on the Tsar Rina? Now she was way into him specially at heal the sun twice or supposedly dead. And ass. She deafening believed he did so yeah. That's all me exactly the thought, and even called the Mamma and Papa he s interesting, I think that's
manipulative, whose power I take it from my impression that he was being manipulate, by calling that not better was creepy. I bet it was sees in the news. Prison stuff, his ease becoming a well known guy and or the industrialists are reading this and, like you said he was discarded The centre of all this and he's got this great influence in who equal, even is he even worse? He had not only influence, but once once Russia join World WAR, one dollar it. When I was there Nicholas, goes off the command the army and the tsar. Ina is left in charge, which means Sweden is sort of in charge. We have mandatory close to being in the arts himself, any opposition to stack while paying high level government jobs with friends Cronies were incompetent and inept, and they almost completely
undermine the infrastructure of Russia. Like trains didn't operate armament. Weren't built for the war effort, people weren't, fed like. Nobody running the show. Nobody who knew what they're doing browser in the show- and it was all Rasputin's fall- and this is the last straw- yeah. This is what wider revolution The well and also to Some murder attempts were used. Morally people would try to kill him and interest didn't happen Una, one on June, sixteenth, this woman, Kenya, commissioner, goose ever those just like you apparently was sent by a former friend of his name, Sergei proven off. He was a monk who was tight with Rasputin's, but they split. The nineteen eleven, because he was kind of disgusted by his. You know, I'm penis and apparently sent this woman to murder him and she stabbed him
stomach and like it was Norway Apparently he had some entails hanging out cheese. It was easily immortal wound, but here in the article article they do said like he held a few weeks later. I made it like he killed himself. He had like surgeries, and I think it was like you know eight to ten weeks, Gov recuperation of like any mystery to that they managed to save his life. But he wasn't the same after that. You became an opium user and the daughter was one that was just like. It was just different after that that sucks he had bad. Stomach problems which will get you later. Actually that battle player all see there's one other aspect: the Rasputin then Iconic gathered about him from researching him, and that was like he had this sum. He had this thing same thing here he had kind of light yet exuberance. He he loved life. He
didn't seem to be a even though been accused of all sorts of manner of crimes. We don't really know what he did or didn't do back. Thank again contemporaries sources are like. Is he the Devil yeah. But he seemed to have something that was really neat about Mikey with somebody there. I think a lot of people want to be around here and the idea that like that- went out of his stomach wound. That said it is, Those sectors as ultimately happens timber, but let's keep going. Ultimately happen is a plot. Was hatched and we'll get to the the newer Sadly, true story, but here's the original story prince Felix use. A party was the the husband, of the needs of the Tsar Nicholas on this. Twenty nine way he was sixteen. He was also the gay lover of the person who is also an heir to the throne if Alex didn't make it who the Brits favoured
so keep adding. He was married to the needs and the gay lover of yeah. What about this basis, We look for him. Night seeing this pretty here for thinking. So he plodded too, for a world in evolving by thanks. It was maybe he you he plodded to kill Rasputin's, to save Russia and where things really like the details of how this went down a really highly disputed to stay here, was basically use above. Supposing he invited him over said: hey, come take a look at my wife he'd like I also read that he said we get a job, Wine Party going on over here and rest periods like I'm there. Well, here's the deal the other. He gets there. He laces, pastries and cakes and in wine with cyanide enough to kill like five men supposedly rest search challenged down, nothing happens The daughter disputes s and said he would not. He had bad stomach problems after his stabbing incident and he didn't.
Wine or eat sweets anymore. Ok, that's what she said. Well then planes later finding that's what she said. They does explain later falling. Perhaps but he had hyper acidity in his stomach. Issues like he does wouldn't have been doing that or possibly he was a moon. That was another theory which I think is back that he had taken. Part in method autism, which is like slow a building up your mutinied poisoned by ingesting small amounts of boys and have been doing for years. I was at Y know her Falco or maybe data ever theory that the cyanide might have vaporize when they make the stuff and cakes the high temperatures. But at any rate the poison had no they're gonna men. They were like what is going on with this creep. I D get killed two men with the stuff or an ox use above later said, so they said, I know what will do much to shoot him in the back. Her easy Peasey easy busy
and he did so. He fell down and died. They thought he checked his so I went first, they went upstairs and partied well the aid they checked him out and then, like he's dead, let's go party and then he came back, I think they get a code or something let them again to get it. I think that's what store out the story. I really occur and that's when respite This is like comes alive and like attacks again after they shot him twice in the back. I think at least one to buy arms. That point, I think so being for total, with one in the forehead right wing get to as well. Ok, so the shot him once and then they came back stairs and he still move in not only now lazy, still alive, humanity they get to his feet and bust out the door and out into the yard out. Do you suppose yard when they shot him twice a year and beat him like severely there
years of his body, I haven't you severely beaten with a rubber club, in a blanket dumped, his body in the the river, those governess again shown the back once you get that that's how they shoot em to more times they beaten with the club. Here they read, in a bike estimation in the forehead to those that a fortune, ok, Sherman, forehead reform, variable drop him into a frozen river near they ve carved a whole into, and then that's that for rescued. That's that until we find them- and I found him and his arm was outstretched like he'd man is to struggle free of the blanket right he managed actually free himself indicating that maybe he wasn't even dead when they put him in the water. So they did an autopsy item in the autopsy list. Rest feuds mode of death, as I prefer me- no not not be shy, four times in beaten to death, including the forehead shot, which they all manner of lake,
evidence says that this is a was a kill shot by professional yeah that, but supposedly he died of hypothermia possibly animal seriously. They didn't other now that you ve explain at NASA mysteriously. They didn't find arsenic in a system right, but that until I guess recently having aside sign out, ok, was a year. There was a big point of law like he ate all this stuff. This paste, cyanide list pastry and like it didn't show up in assisting right, sounds like joking system because he didn't actually eat that stuff, and we have caused. A wonder if he was beaten was a year has been ok, so we was shot four times and I guess you something the river near, but what's in dispute, then yeah, who shot him in what was the actual cause of death. Did he really free his arm or was it
something that you know that happen. Gotcha like what was the cause of death and did they cut his penis? Well, that's a big one to supposedly a man all these double entendu. I now exile, tired. I apologize earth is another. I've ever met a single, oh, my guy sustained scarf. So supposedly they may have got his penis off and it is changed hands throughout the year maybe even belonging to a french collector who loaned to should museum to put on this way for a little while there are pictures when we just don't know, that's it or not. If it is its joy normous, good good for rescue somewhere, so there are apparently vile. No one's actually tested it, but just looking at it some biologists filling the horse is from a horse or a cow yeah or, as you said earlier, I have paid his arm. Holding an orange, have issues so
We don't know if that's his penis or not. It certainly adds another little strange sidebar to the story, a deafening, don't you know also. We should say that after he was buried in the Bolsheviks, revolted they dug came up burned his body because I'm a guinea that we should say the Bolsheviks, their revolt area, Tsar advocated the crown in March, I think, nineteen seventeen and then the revolution happen. They are placed under house arrest and then very famously the entire a family, the doktor to serve in family dog were all executed by Bolshevik Revolutionary including Anastasia here and right and rescued unhampered, had predicted that, as along with his own demise more, he died. Writing If it was one of your relations who have wrought my death, then no wine in the family none of your relations will remain alive for more than two years now that my Rasputin
and that's what happened. I mean like the he was killed in December. The end of nineteen. Sixteen they were killed before the end of nineteen eighteen, so he was right and apparently, also written that he didn't expect to make it the January. First really news killed two days before the other speech about the data, but I think they settled on December thirtieth so supper Thea, the the weirdness now well, they ve done. This more recently in the two thousands Scotland Yard, has a detective name. Richard Cullen, an historian name Andrew Cook, and they have a theory that I think is probably true. It was the s I, as a british secret service, actually led the poor to kill him and model forensics believe they had tied the guy in the caliber of the bullet in the forehead was different than the other three area, and so they had tied that back, because it was and not a rare gun, but RARE after where they tied it back to the sky.
Grain of Oswald Rayner. Who was a british officer who was there? he was there. He was also a friend of use above and, while he's not named in use paths, memoirs about the murder of Rasputin Yankees pop boasted about frequently he appear suddenly. In that same time, So either I city here and there a lot of well a retired Scotland Yard detective in an historian both think that that he's the one who carried out the killing Yeah and Rayner actually supposedly told his cousin that he was there and that he was there It did the deed, but before that and sixty one he burned all papers, and he only had one sign and he died just a few years later. So all evidence is gone except for a memo, a memo assent between Rayner carriers, on scale and Stephen AOI, who aren't they
the time and the memo says this quote. Other matters have not proceeded entirely to plan, which you know that's preacher. Our objective has clearly been achieved. Reaction to the demise of dark forces, which was rescued code name, have well received by all. Although a few awkward questions have already been, about wider involvement. Rayner is attending, the loose ends will no doubt be you on your return. Well, so it sounds pretty. Rock solid to me that the ESA was might have been behind it right, There is another conspiracy that actually probably just a broader look at that there is Actually, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Lloyd, George, who was Ultimately, behind this plot to murder, Rasputin's in stall use paths, gay lover, the the prince right and the whole
reason for either these theories. The reason the Breton Wanna get involved in the first place was because there are worried that either one Rasputin was going to persuade Nicholas too. Draw from the war or his continue undermining the credibility of the moment of so much that there was a revolution and either way Russia was gonna, which often a war which is a big problem because they were in Germany busy on the western front right, which meant that Germany was divided between the western front with Russia in the eastern front, with the Brits dicey, it was of Russia and pulled out Germany can put all of their attention on the other western fright right. Were held in for light. I got em right the first time I gonna backwards yet, but she corrected. Thank you, yeah so maybe serve made Britain and you know it makes sense if it was ass. I ass, it might have on our way to the top of the prime Minister. That's true source Rasputin.
We think there is to know about him and completely factual every word of it yes resting, well allow us. If you are more about Rasputin, you can type his name in the search bar house to first outcome. That is, capital are a s p. You t I m right beaten his eyes had rescued. That means it's time for a message, Sir,
world yours, the ball park ass, the new cars with a fresh perspective, culture, bail, you not just material in a bill down in one city- impress us talk about this there. All eighty every owner is seventy own away out creep in all social media. Reporting. Ok carries out of court EU wherever they think wipe out by any measure does also did a million ass right. Oh she's, my explained city and handrail summer right out, like like young Ya'Ll, are alive. My medicine and I started the like someone else. I know it's not right, but I really can't take when I feel what should I do even coupled with your baby, the other key Rory things makes a huge out on our brand new package. The shell of animal now on the radio have on our ever. You get your plaid cast knows
felicity Josh is a very special listener? Male Peters Jerry! I wasn't even the US businesslike forget you guys. This is for Jerry so you're sagas. I've been listening to your show from the very beginning eyes and have never missed an episode. I wasn't about fifteen podcast on a regular basis and, listening to those other podcast makes me truly appreciate the job that Jerry does on your show, I was in other shows, I often hear pieces that were intended to be edited out, but obviously we're not something that is extremely distracting me. What usually happens is one of the historic descendants doesn't come out right, so they go back and start that since over again, not done in a very natural way to drive me crazy kind of like finding an obvious type on a book when this happens, it takes away from a conversation aspect of the pact gas and emphasise the fact that there is an outline for these conversations. I cannot guarantee that is now
happened in your show. I can't think of one time were something was obviously supposed to be edited out, but was not right here, The production of you show was so good feels like you did the podcast and one continuous take without any edits. There's not through or nothing stop insert a lot. Happens mistakes, but we're pretty conversations as we say things that we know we can conclude it feels like you did the poor get someone take without any at its. There is much more others much more entertaining as it feels more like an organic conversation in a planned out discussion, obviously guys plainer pockets with outlines and point to touch on, not true. No, no, that is not true, and that goes to Jerry's powers and still pay check. I thank you for those of you did on now. I feel like we said it gazillion times in interviews, but not everyone reads that stuff. We Our first conversation about the topic right here in the studio.
Independently and would come down sit down and we have our first conversation about it, but sometimes it starts and stops, and Jerry takes care of that. Finishing up here it seems more natural and your part, gas than any others that I listened to. I just want to thank you guys for many hours of entertainment and thank you especially to Jerry need to raise, even if it comes out of your pockets. I agree that you need to raise another of our part, but none of it, and that is, Spencer S, couch of couch law like damaging to offer remedies like please do so. That is couch law in bountiful, Utah. Well, you're. Maritime law needs not infallible. You called cultural, ah monsieur le practices, but your invaluable you turn your in need of a lawyer give Macao.
Good taste in you appreciate the fine work of Jerry. Here's four hundred dollars an hour and if you are in need of a world class podcast older, you have to keep looking, has juries arse attract young. Thank you do next year,
She d saluting the S eye view Wanna singularis praises. We love here in that kind of thing, chatters ones. Actually, how is it Nancy? Ok, you can t tourism as why escape. I guess you can join us on Facebook that complex that we should know you can send us in Imelda Stuff Pie cast at this very dot com. I Jerry gets thirsty and you can join us on our home on the web stuff. You should know that count for more or less and thousands of other topics is, it has to have works, are calm
or mobile drag or road course, Tom Gas or diesel come to bed. The answers with us on the two guys garage part gas, I'm givin word and I will be hosts of two guys- derives motor to network. We are sadly but our brand new to Gaza ROD Podcast, damn it's gonna be packed full of DE. I, why tips for making maximum horse power and going fast plus conversations of summer report is in the outer mark a world of other cool new products? You can listen and Paul the two guys garage part gas, taunting, aren't radio, app apple pie, calf or where ever you listen apart. Yes,
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