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SYSK Selects: Who Gets to Name Continents?

2020-11-14 | 🔗

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, right? Maybe not. And who named Australia? Find out the unusually uncertain origins of the continents and other interesting stuff in this classic episode.

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Hello. Everybody who gets. name continents, that's a great question and we answer that on March. Twenty second, two thousand sixteen thinks The Josh pick really interesting, interesting topic because heck I didn't know who gets incontinence, and now I do- and if you know was this one had given listen now, Threerd Miracle episode, who gets to name continents, welcome to step. You should now production of Iheart Radios, housetop work under the broadcast on jobs or theirs, Charles, the beach bright Jerry's over there. To stop me. no geography,
in North America. That's right, Chuck according to some courtier, actually getting everybody. No, not everybody! Oh yeah, yeah we'll get to it. Ok, we don't spoil it. Basically, the fact that the public has a right how ready with this is, as I said, about geography, and if this kind of thing for you both I strongly suggest you do look at how maps work for red list into that there was a good one that was rubber. We found that, like people, other people see the work the map, but I doubt sure you know it all- depends on how you look at it agreed and that actually kind of comes into play, not just with how you look at a map and say: oh I'm, on
and you're on bottom. So, therefore, you must be developing bright. Naming continents is a kind of it or what we humans are kind of being on names. I guess yeah, they were begun. Location sure begun identifying with were from with where we live, that kind of stuff there it's a whole in group out could be in a year and a boy I have to say for a short issue, podcast, which this is gonna, be some of your longest one Ellis taken every then how about you, I have to say that I learned more in this than ten Barbie podcast thin, intend Barbie by gas actually does not dwell on the lot now on two of them, but this is just loaded with interesting stuff, because I am not the biggest geography buff for someone who is a man, a road maps, Buff yeah. What are you like on anchored for their artistry right?
oh, just ordered a great new map. I wish I could remember the guy's name, but it was read article on this super detailed awesome map in the United States in the sky spent years, and Here's drawing blotting Arby's all over the country now Hungary's vat. That would be great, although It is folly or knows you, don't really need it always know yet dislike smell the horse. He sauce. I love that stuff other resources by far the superior of the two wealth. I think you get mixed up that's a gate not always are more of a beef in cheddar cheddar mix. Yes, army saw us it's delicious, then the horses, although mom, ok with worth a thousand men, had Arby's in forever. It highlights the delicious that have a fairly scattering rosebud sandwiches, so good right here
anyway order this amazing map and dumb it it's hasn't arrived. It can wait for it to get near the it's gonna. Actually angry framed this one. I think. Ok, you have all your maps framed now. They know they can human huge wing of your house and to have every half you have right framed on the wall. I should really like I'm starting to see a pattern here. That would mean that have a huge to my house all to myself and that's not true. Unfortunately, not a swing hammered unto yes, build another room, Chuck room I wish my friend so Chuck we're talking about continents in their names and all that stuff right. Yes, it turns out that when you think about the continent's names, some seem can a whole hummer wherever there is actually some really great stories behind these things agreed and the witch start at the very beginning way back way way back and nineteen forty eight even further back than that nineteen, twenty two hundred,
million years ago. If you looked at the planet earth you would have seen that there weren't a bunch of different continents that there is actually wine a huge cotton. That word head man and had enormous like for arms yeah, they Pangaea yeah what a stud, nay continent and there was one ocean in the name of that ocean was Panther, Lhasa yeah, it wasn't all divided up. It was just one big chunk of land and surrounded by massive ocean right and then as well see later. This brought prominent theory by the way right. Ok, we don't like now
and was around back than to a million years ago and be like note to two thousand sixteen right. This is the way things are land wise around here. You know in the dispute. This theory actually was we ve talked about before it had to have been in the earthquakes episode. This guy was awesome, Alfred, regular they're back, and I think nineteen fifteen he published his theory on continental drift, yet pretty amazing the theory, while there some reasons behind it. But the theory is that in other this made up these big plates Phyllis Dorp volcanoes earthquake episodes. We talk a lot about that and over time they sings cracked apart and shifted drifted, and we now have many continents right, but that's not what people thought for a very long time like I guess I just took for granted that the continent, where the way they were but Alfred Wagner for
Well, he noticed on a map like well. It looks like you could really talk: Africa, EAST and West Africa into the eastern part of South America really nicely yeah and in fact the more I look at it. The whole thing looks like a puzzle that kind of fits together if you're, if you have a brain, so that's where he got his idea first and then he started setting about proving it air supporting coming up with evidence of that UNESCO and am one of the things he looked at was coal seems along edges of these puzzle pieces and found that they were composed of basically the same stuff. Yeah like coal in Pennsylvania deposits in Pennsylvania,
similarly, the same to those in Poland and Germany and regulate Britain, yet which shouldn't happen, because what coal is basically compressed. Former organisms yeah decaying matter right yet, and so you would think that these different organisms would have evolved differently on different continents if they weren't together in the fact that they were the same in camp and decomposed in about the same amounts suggest that they were all part of the same landmass. At one point pretty neat, and then he also found fossils on different continents. That really shouldn't have been the same year saw play at fossils in said: wait a minute, I'm fine in the stuff in places that are widely different from one another. Rest fossils. So maybe again that links to my theory or how about this mountain range, the Appalachian mountains very similar to the atlas. mountains of Morocco, It was all one big, mountainous mass at one point, and it turns out they probably were attacked
what was the name of that mountain range agents are part of these Central Pangaea mountains, which apparently form through the collision of the super countenance of gun, wanna, N or Russia. Yet because then we were also in addition to this house, the forts article, you found a great article by tee, a ghost who writes for life, science and rights and pretty great study. This is really good and goes is basically just broke. It all out, like Pangaea, formed what tangier broke into a really interesting article, yen, concise alike articles it it's not fluffy gonna write dislike, packed with tax get to right at the beginning. Ok, I love and don't let up. don't stop to have enough. So in the article they talk about the the process that spanned. If hundred million years with a continent call
Loretta at the great continent in parliament which includes part of North Amerika in some other micro continents. It formed eventually your America, that's not bad. It sounds like a good draft or Galvin who it does totally your America crashes into Gondwana, which I mentioned before am, I gonna- do I'm just gonna currency, I like rabies, these pre current continent, continent, name three white, dude name right. I guess so, but I think there were named by white through its probably more creative lighted and Gondwana included Africa, Australia, South America in Indian Sub continent yeah. So, like all these, it's so hilarious that all of these things, ideas of nationalism and all this man, if you just gone back a few hundred
years ago to be won, T be neighbours, let's all dislike nuptial directly, and that's actually a thing that we we talked about in the maps episode to is like. When you draw map, you are you're, making a political statement. It's just there such a sense of otherness and togetherness based on geographical distribution. Yet its it is it's it's interesting. It says what about the human psyche, yet we should do a podcast one day on the human family tree Yazzi Super interesting new. So getting back to the forgotten it. A couple hundred million years ago, Gondwana split off from Loreen Asia that go into fifty million years later, Gondwana broke up and then they had in the sixty years ago, North America, off from Eurasia, and these are all the prominent theories again while they follow the continental drift theory. Yet
and I mean it's Alec, their dislike say- will say. The indian sub continent broke off a church from this continent psych now that they have gone through and done that the geological comparisons and have seen like when this basically matched up that and that's what they ve come up with its pretty astounding that it leaves out if you have the enough patients via and brains. So, interestingly, they talk to belittle been the article about a climate in what it might have been like then, and maybe the interior of this large supercontinent was completely dry as it was surrounded by mountains. Maybe parts of what is now North America used to be like the Amazon Rainforest like a super lush jungle right would be conical near by if you want to go into the interior when you cross the? What was the central, the Central Pangaea Mountains ya like you're? Just You. Apparently there is a ring of mountains that
ran around the middle of the whole Pangaea in the Interior and on it just pretty strange shadows that kept rain out from the interior of the continent, so it would have been just totally era desert. pretty cool. It is cool and, of course, this isn't over our they point out in the article that things are still changing. Australia is creeping up on Asia very slowly. Of course, yeah pretty cool and harsh part of Eastern Africa is just trying to get out of the rest of Africa. Eastern Africa staying so long, I'm going off on my own going to stick my own fortune and adventure. Of course, this is over the course of hundreds of millions of years.
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that is the view of continental drifting. The whole idea is that there's a layer of magma, yeah and then on top of it are the continental plates in their constantly shifting, and again I'll, be at very slowly and when they do, they expose a fisher, and you got volcanic activity or two plates light up when another once of ducks below the other one year and you have earned quakes. So there's a lot of evidence that continental drift is real and I think, like hollow earth are probably not correct. Probably ever have you noticed every time we do any kind of geography, especially mention Plato,
colleagues the the hollow worth people come out of the woodwork and send an and leave comments and whether there there there like the hypertext corn, sir people, they like really active in the comments actually afro photo and the gang away there middle or indifferent in tangier we should mention, is a Greek for all lands or all earth. So that's a great name for the original supercontinent Ryan Panther losses all ocean, the ocean that surrounded in pantyhose woods considered a true continent. We should say: is Gazelle come up later, but a true continent is a landmass surrounded by ocean. I all sites, I'm looking at you, Asia and Europe. In fact, part of actually, I think you sent this
idea, didn't you yeah what the poverty for the show was from you, but not too long ago. I was, I think, Emily asked me issues like what is Russia is that part of it Asian or as a european as I go now, Asia, let's go look well depends part of ITALY. We are part of it, then seeing what Turkey is split, and you know some Why did the fire with Europe's on people involved? Asia? Well, that's why the term Eurasia? Well, now I got then I got it from this article, but I didn't know that, like Russia itself was split, you know what it s like. I could see like am cosmic stand or something being like straddling the sides? I didn't realize, like Russia itself was split on that's pretty interesting, maybe some Russians or write and tell us how you identify yeah. Are you eurasian, asian European, which one
yeah, because obviously a lot of these lines are drawn culturally right is their mountain ranges that that separated yeah. That's not I mean it's a geographical border, but it is not an when you're speaking, incontinence. It's not incontinence rush shall we tell them Jerry's bad joke. Yes, before we started check, Jerry said I guess we're dead We are in continent, and I said no technically were all on continent, and then she said or within continent, and none of the three things that we said were funny. That's itself happened, ordered yeah, that's why we release the stuff beforehand. It's usually much better than that. So, let's get down to this chuck suck about naming continents are patently with continents. If you, our prominently involved with this discovery. He typically get some sort of naming rights.
Yeah I a lot of these are very just conjecture. Goes two, maybe who name these and who didn't one big, an adoption as Antarctica right because its new issue, it's like PLUTO yeah. As far as when people discovered it, In fact, you can go to the New York Times and read in nineteen o four about the naming of Antarctica. If you were so inclined to be bored here now I love those old articles. I, like a lot of until I remember the subway, exiting where people get shot out of the subway tunnel that was being dog there. That was an interesting article. This one is its bad. Did you read it notice this enough? while a man named Sir John Murray was a great to explore in ocean augur, for he was part of the famous h M S challenger expedition, which, for my money is the greatest of all ocean going exe.
Patients, the challenger Yemen sixty nine thousand nautical miles while unbelievable. If you look at the map of the that this thing, the route it was just its staggering, do you have a map of it? I don't own one. I looked it up today. Ok, it's pretty me and I never knew a tumor stood foraging her majesty's ship. I never knew that. I would just like a mess, there's another one that I don't like and what is the? U S, s just United States ship. I don't know. I never thought about that either. Probably probably. Someone from the Navy can maybe point us in the right direction. So I anyway John Murray, even though the expedition, the challenger expedition, did not the kind of buzzed an article they didn't actually see the land, but the came close, but he will or go on to do like actually go to Antarctica. Cars can say like than how did he do?
anything about it. I guess his interests was Peter, saw icebergs and stuff he's out. I'm coming back here, because this places cold he's come on for your thorough into Euro so a night, You know, for he actually is able to name. It is a combination of aunt opposite in Arctic. The north pole sets opposite of the north or the South Pole pretty neat and which one has penguins, and so the and article has penguins in the North pole doesn't in their right.
But that's like that's the case rate does in one have one and the other one doesn't know we got a lot of email. Three did I don't know I'm doing this again. I might as well just hook a car barrier to my dimples it'll. Give this I got you are now and yet so, let's talk about America because I this is really something check. This may be played in geography classes and like middle school and stuff. So if that's the case, I wanna go home apologized middle school at his head. I hear me say that That's ok, don't don't rather at home that I know it is a matter of what greater in your house how long out of school you are agreed. so America, the name America. If you went to took civics class geography and elementary school in high school. I got the story that America Vespucci was I in it was named after him european explore yet think I
has been slandered maligned, maybe worse than Columbus, even near. Apparently He had a lot of rivals back in ITALY and they work very hard to sully his name, and it was quite effective over the centuries to the point where there is a big. They ever revival in in hatred for America, Vespucci and a lot of really inaccurate ideas were were revive based on propaganda, a contemporary propaganda against him. So so, what's the idea that he ripped off Columbus? Well, that's not. It depends on your definition of ripped off. Although I dont have the impression that he ever said, I discovered America. He said Columbus, discovered America, but the distinction between Vespucci and Columbus is that Columbus didn't realize tat. He hadn't hit already this.
They hadn't hid undiscovered previously undiscovered by european land. Right right. He thought tat. He had just found another route to the West Indies, apparently until he died. Yet this beauty was the one to say no Europeans ever seen this before. I please those great, though isn't like it, and so he is the one who supposedly this continent was named after because he was the one to recognise it as previously uncharted land yeah in its on record in fifteen o seven cartographer, a german cartographer name, Martine Votes, a Mueller are two favorite accents. Yet the tie in Germany to the only two you can still do these day right. get taken a desperate sure. He very famously made a map. Those a big effort in France in the fifteen hundreds to really bring
that that the modern map into the forefront and like these old maps like these are made by budget dummies. He didn't know anything so, let's really exist, and our geographic knowledge and oh yeah. This is like Mercator, started working yeah. So this this would cut map that vaults Mueller made was the first to depict a separate western hemisphere, the first to show the Pacific Ocean as a separate thing. This guy here, Sir he's a get that sea monster, offer their deadly Betsy Mam just for fun, but he it's an Easter egg. There was there was one of these maps. There is one of these maps still existing in two thousand three. The library of Congress bought it with donation from discovery channel. Oh that's, right, barely nice for ten million bucks, it was in a castle for three hundred and fifty years in southern Germany there like, while was by it and despair
I wrote about a guy who I've found a an original copy of the declaration of independence folded up behind. meaning that he bought at a yard, sale dollar that four dollars amazing. I think he sold it for, like a few million and the normal mailer body- filling eight million while by air at somebody just founded the declaration, but as I guess in much the same way, that's amazing, I got nothing to my attic. Even looked oh, you did. What are you don't know, but I guess you do some old doors towards can be worth thirty, forty bucks, yet the door from the early nineteen. Thirty scare people love those things that go crazy for having his knee but out you know what it's like: a statue of nautical bull yonder somewhere like prohibition, era money. my house in raw materials, but knowing nineteen thirty prohibition yeah, I guess so.
Maybe some old booze moonshine I'd be delicious. So the the reason this map, significant by Balsam Mueller, is that it it says America like North South America, are designated America by this map, and this is map that is in question was from when was it one thousand five hundred and seven one thousand five hundred and seven and somebody said: hey: buddy why'd, you call it America and he said did it in honour of America Vespucci sure so the
First guy, who really uses the word? America is on record apparently a saying he named in America after America, Vespuccia here by a lot of people, said: that's a lie as a historical fallacy. Inaccurate right, one guy went so far as to say that America has specie, actually changed his name after Amerika was named and that his real name was the Giovanni. The sketchy, no Alberto vis beauty that he changed his name to a merry go from Albert, go to conveniently aligned with the naming of Amerika right. But apparently this is this again. This is contemporary stuff. People said, if you change your name, you big liar right and then in, like the nineteen seventies, I think some historian revived it like that was
idea, but somebody else, my back and apparently founders baptismal certificate that lists him as America Vespucci. The thing is: is that still doesn't mean that America was named after Vespuccia Chatrooms there is a long tradition among cartographer that had already been established by the time America was discovered to name new lands. If your naming it after an explorer, you named it after the explorers last night. If you want to name it after royalty, you name it after the royalties first names to think about Georgia. Yea Virginia and then Columbus sure or Hudson egg. The explorers last name royalties first name, is how you name states, so they would have named America this you to land the United States of this future, exactly rather than America be great. But if, as I named after dispute, then, where did America come from? Well, there are some things
he's one is it. It was named after the American Amerika it is my inward. Actually. Yes, mountains in Nicaragua. This is where my money goes. You think so So people think that Columbus invests beauty both went to these mountains after American NATO said hey there, golden them Dar Hills, which of course, is really all they wanted anyway. While that's not true, they wanted to discover new lands, but hopefully new lands with gold right in people. You could subjugate DEC. So that they went there and then it was named after those mountains la bad and did you say both Columbus Anvil PDA supposedly travelled to these mountain? Stick. They wanted to go right, so that pretty good reason to call it that and it when you combine that with the evidence that a cartel four likely would have named it Vespucci land rather than America Margaux, it's entirely possible that it
America is actually named after a indigenous my inward first mountains. I think it means place of wind in mayan interesting. Another theory in this one. I don't think he's very only holds water, but there was a British Royal, Rep Name Richard Merrick, and we are. I k e and supposedly Explorer John Cabot became the first well, this isn't suppose it in fourteen ninety seven. He definitely became the first to sail under the british flag. the new world and apparently he got back. He got a big guy. What of cash from American? He is like hey, I'm gonna name the country in cotton and after urine, but that there is really nothing to substantiate that right in a cab retired make some pretty decent border area set him. I think, sir. Surely it's him still, maybe any several
years they won't take a breaking. A yell is breaking them all talk about our favorite continent, Australia, telling everybody you were telling everybody our favorite. That's what looks Luther Jean Lex is gene like sleuth or wanted in Superman. He wanted Australia to his own Superman two year, member Leonard Google, it a three either the three Terence Terence Sir
standing on the gang air came down and he likes Luther's working Cahoots with them in their illegal. What do you want returned right for delivering Superman? He said Australia, an arm of the net managing hackers great. I saw this the beginning of a movie with Robin Volumes and Walter Math Thou RAM Williams is like a baby at the time, but like they follow up robbery and like become heroes of the innate there. They gotta, like survivalist conference I think I'll survivors set. Think so I tell you first mad totally another movie, but I was like man there's, no one, no one on the planet like one. her mouth out now. Many warlike Gunnar was also manoeuvres, like I can't imagine Robin Williams, Walter Math are working together and then did they do like Moscow and the Cynthia, was no one and one on one. I think I'm a thousand that one. Oh, he was it. I thought he was maybe was. I could be wrong
I never saw it does early Robin Williams, movies or great were wearing the garb. I never saw that one house, those by the guy who did site or House yet honouring here he's pretty great area, but then it made me think about catch trip. remember that movie with their own Walter math. I didn't see it was again. Yes, it was so good. I am, I haven't seen it in decades, but I guarantee it still holds its math on accrued yeah ones like a con man, pretending to be crazy and the other one actually is crazy. Who is? Who is the only way and who can sense that this guy's a con man, you know I've never been there. You're sorry he's a con man pretending to not be crazy. Ok, let makes more sense its great I've never been the huge stand, Agora guy. He definitely is
Dna grow Dan, accurate and allowing dislike em, but Walter Math as providing a nice slow burning distraction over here. If you'd like denigrate, you're, still a culture and boy the odd couple Mathilde women I ever saw the original one so all right. It's called movie sidebar with Josh and Chuck and that sort of a gene Hagman. We didn't talk about him. Oh I love Jane. He needs to unread. Tyre is what I'm saying seriously. I go make another movie here: you're Swan song, I say, are right: we own Eugene, Hackmen Australia, which is what Jean Hackmen is like Luther wanted. It is a bit of a mystery. to most people will point to Matthew Flinders in one thousand, eight hundred and two as the namer, because he was the first to circumnavigate it and create that map and australis mean southern, so it all makes right, yeah back back in the day, the cartel
for his wordy aware of Australia before Matthew, Flanders circumnavigate it, but they called it. The terror australis, which is the southern land Matthew. Flanders, is like I like the sound of Australia more, it's more pleasing that the ear apparently is how it was put. The thing is in for a very long time: that's how Australia was named as far as any moves concerned, but then Austria's National Library discovered in a way older map from before eighteen o, two from fifteen forty five year from a german astronomer name, Ciriaco Yok up soon, Barth, that's a great name, great name, not at all German. If yes makes up for the Yahkuk thing soon, Barth is but that Syria go definitely doesn't look german now yeah fifteen. Forty five that's like way way before yet and apparently there's maps that are even slightly older than that around and one of them might have been produced by Mercator himself. That also referred.
the area around Australia's Australia, something so Not everyone was referring to. It is exclusively the terror australis, ok, but it is probable that the Syriac Go Yakov Zoom Barth is the one who first label they Australia. We should do a pike s on the history of Australia. Sure super interesting starring, Hugh Jackman for the war were to part by the way when I mention he Jackman is Pity Barnum. Ok, he is in fact playing Peaty Barnum in an upcoming musical version movie, but right oath. I, didn't know or I'd blue eminently new, ok, but I did overtly now I thought later on after I found that out there you just messing with me. The man was so well. I apologize for assuming
sorry either. Didn't know- or maybe I had read that and forgot her chatting, because you said it like three time or maybe I should get into cast. If you didn't know, then hats off to you, because that was prescient so now What's move on to our regions? Some of the suggestions. We gather, oh for pity, Barnum yeah. I think that my favourable as John C rightly he would he be John C, Jerry being our pity Bartleby. He could totally do yeah? I saw one someone said Tom Hearty who, like he'd, be great in anything but he's in everything right right now, he's so hot right. and then someone said, call Meaney who is sort of like the names like another name? Who is it that you, like the English Chauncey Reilly sort of, looks like a busy in order that we may be irish area Hazel older yeah. I know who he is. The kind of look like a bit
mean he's got a little more dapper, Agnes, too little Morse wildness. Maybe, while there's nothin about John you how to swap have you see, we need to talk Kevin. Ah, oh you'll love it. The malaysian the sleeper with John C Riley until the Swinton about there were a kid who is a bad kid. I told us what intending to deal with it. Interesting, really great movie, it's on Netflix right now that love jaunty, rightly so. The that he's kind of a prop in the background for this, it's mostly till the Swinton of- should create a hearing, the hat. He knows. Ok, there's no way he play that role and as a now very I never knew we could talk some What movies in this one? I didn't see that German. So let's talk about the other continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Basically, what it boils down to with the rest of these is
there were likely named by sailors who had to call them something yet probably em and the Like Africa has a few different contenders that are pretty good. there's a the african people who were in the northern part of Africa there there Berber tribe, yeah, not a bad source, yet make sense, and then apparently a prick in eager a preacher and latin mean sunny right, yeah thanks, it's too, and then there's soap hoop, who knows the pointers, but there's no documentation for win. Africa was first named and it is most likely Africa. You Up in Asia were named by seafaring folks, two who were like we're going this place they needed a name for this place of the their families, with
where they were to go. Look for him. They didn't come back here, and so they came up with names like Europe and Asia. yeah phoenician sailors, its believe they may have used their proximity to the sun, because Asia might come from a see you a queue for sunrise or EAST and Europe, which is of course West closer to the sunset you're standing in the EAST right e r, E B Arab, which mean sunset or west? That's a phoenician word right, so it's possible finnish and sailors named Asia and Europe there's other ones too, like Europa, the Greek Mythological figure right and then Asia could have been, and after a ruler named obvious, a Trojan ruler yeah, I think that's it. That's
fun thing about things. Words like no one knows you're like that's, not right, yeah! You return, you read theories and need some makes sense to you in some. Don't like that. That's why I don't think math never appealed to me and why does appealed to math fan as its rules apply like there is a right and wrong, I'm much more prone to be. Like to think about something and have theories about it, Well, you know they say you read a lot of fiction right yeah. They say that people who read fiction are much more open to ambiguous,
resolutions are non resolution enclosure because you so frequently get that from fixing. It leads to the question that which is first. Are you attracted to fix him because right that usually has resolutions like there? Have you been trained to except resolutions like that from appreciating fiction, while back to movies one of my favorite things, which really bothers a lot of people movies with ambiguous endings? If it, if done right, I think it's one of the coolest things you can do in a movie did not wrap it up in a little bow and can't leave the end with a decision like sure what's going on? Personally, I let him for a sequel. Well, maybe about math majors hate that, though another think about area and now and then finally, some people still depending on where you are in the world that recognise all the continents now in this actually make sense to me because we said earlier continent is a body of land surrounded on all sides by a body of water right. So then,
is that a lot of confidence that we recognise over here in the west is continents incontinence their incontinence. So, according to some parts of the world, North American, South America, at just America, you and then Europe and Asia- just Eurasia near unless it I've got a great pavement, t shirt that has North
America on it, and it says Canada and then Mexico and in the middle it says pavement and I get a lot of compliments on it and I think it's from people thinking I'm making a statement like the United States is just a bunch of pavement and like Canada, Mexico Norte, when in fact is just the banned or maybe they're all this payment bans. Paramount. If you can't tell you can never tell me, says: that's a young facebook friends with the Bob understandable from payment. You didn't a trick them because we had some mutual friends. Your mom said that you have to be friends of fear. Facebook. It's pretty great, though Alexey an insight into these, like people are revere, sure he's back horse racing guy, oh yeah, yeah. He likes the ponies.
I don't like going to the track necessarily, but I like the big three, although I will go the track regional hammer, and here we don't and bring it on Sunday mail about harm wrong for going on track or wanting to, if you, I know more about naming continents or geography or any other jazz head on over to house of works that calm and type in geography and search bar opening up a mess of great article. I said mass it's time for listening mail. this road trip in the lot emails from people that this new US, whether Roger but yes to Verona, hey guys, my husband, an iron adventuring on a road trip from Texas throughout Florida, been addicted to the show for a couple of months now, but my husband is not listen to a pot gas in his life. I started the driving in the trip and he asked if I could make it all the way to Florida. First of all, husband,
yeah. That's pretty serious! That's why we're in Texas One can you make it all the way to Florida? I gotta catch some zis needs and ensure that I said that if It wasn't a stuff he should know, then I wouldn't stop driving he sighed. Regrettably, Let me turn to sought on five days into the trip. Every time we get in the car he now says, educate me on stuff. I should know nice. Our biggest debates are deciding on which broadcasts to listen to next, we literally made it to one of our destinations and sat in the car for another fifteen minutes. Ray Hour drive just finishing episodes. Wonderful, thank you so much what you do and that is from Cameroon, Tom Kepler and since we are not reporting too far out these days there most likely still on the trip and enjoy the trip be safe. fine and drive? You know every now and then Tom really Tom, let's get it together! Sally Athos. I hope I just heard this view on again
much of this, because you love us on the road to refer you, whatever you can treat to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that complex that we should know you can send an email to stuff podcast, how stuff start come and, as always, join us at home on the web. Sufi should know. Dotcom study should know its production, I heard radios how stuff works from what had cast my heart rate, Is it that I heard radio broadcasts Listen to your favorite shots.
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