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Transdermal Implants: Body Art or Nightmare Fuel?

2020-01-14 | 🔗

Transdermal implants are just one in a number of procedures under the banner of extreme body modification. We don't like to yuk yums, so we'll offer a fairly straightforward look at this niche art form. 

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domain welcome step. You should now production a pirate radios have stuff. Where are you walk into the podcast on Josh Clark, Moose, Charles the reach of broken loose jury over there he has a donut beneath her skin on her forehead, which makes the study should know between Stormont employee addition, although, technically that his subjects right right through the different I'm kind of excited about this year. I'm excited because, as we record live today, this is the last full length sash of the year right for doing some Shorty tomorrow, yes, and then I'm doing movie crushes tomorrow and that's it man who were done for I could calendar days. Almost three four weeks you had a big data morrow, don't you recording a lotta thought of?
besides word five six seven episodes tomorrow. So are you we're not gonna, be recording for a little. While are you like now, I'm super glad it's by amending a person, is, I feel the same way that I'm not saying I hate always view people, but gonna, be no brains, really good yeah we're getting charges, tear that covers all of our textbooks yeah back in through a substantially less amount than what we pay form? Yet we what we after the bell rings, would go down the hall throwing our papers around and get exactly Tibet Airlines legally Firstly, and this is work yet now. It's me great brick and means good. Quality family holiday time not having to research stuff, it's nice for a few weeks, the air and then it makes us eager to get back in start researching stuff again and not only that we get to go on the road shortly after we get back on its right, in a baking Anna shot out. Prepare for this
we're doing a show in Seattle, the more on January that be the Thursday. Sixteen, let anything here and there we'll be an airway for the her podcast towards on Friday right, no events other than that night, because we're in and out then Saturday, we're gonna, be it sketch rests within Castro. There live, show brand new stuff, it's the eighteenth eighteenth, so yeah, it's gonna, be a big jam tried and then I'm doing number the crushing the nineteenth right and this year gonna do a single guess talking about a one movie, I'm gonna mix it up and get the audience involved very nice and have a slate of people One stage be wandering around audience with the microphone. I may have a lot of fun. I'm like nervous. Just thinking about oh yeah, I'm Navy and to be in the audience, can make them in town. I am sorry, but the idea
of being in the audience in you picking me. How does this voluntary? He and I'm not gonna sell while running someone's, that's classy of even if as the cream of the crop of stuff, he should know lesters, they're, not sure they're, not these drunk energy jump on the MIKE and Gue, nay, and gone off our main again they're nice, but we had a couple of drug use at the end that tried to ruin the show we totally did in their fine now happens from time that I have been answered, Cisco or Portland what's up or Seattle, Seattle, sorry yet were hidden. Portland in March we haven't announced as yet, but poor linen Vancouver. It looks like, and then we were debating other various places for twenty twenty yeah right in. Let us nowhere to go. Ok, so off two trains terminal implants, Charles
yeah. This is one kind of an extreme body modification, and I want to go ahead and say right off the bat. We don't like the young people's yums right, we're going to do this as straightforward as I can, but it is hard and some of these circumstances to do not recoil in horror at what you're seeing. But the reason I feel like I can say that is, I think, that's kind of the point. Right for allow these folks as they wanna. They want to sometimes scare your average square walking down the street, you L seven! Otherwise they wouldn't every picture, wouldn't be them going right right in the camera lens alone do better inciting a reaction, and I get it it's fine fisher. There, I'm freaking out the norm is basically
not all of them. I was reading actually looked up, psychology of body modifications interest and this person wrote. I think it was from a tattoo place, her piercing place in their lake, despite what most below average people think there's. No, some sort of psychological defect driving people the two this stuff right, but there is some psychology to it in full currently them the most common explanation for doing this, the self expression, the Asher, can't really fault anybody for that. Sometimes it's kind of dignity, you're filiation with the tribe, or something like that, like a few grinder, which will get into were raver her Garth, yes or look, look or possible you, sound a million years all right now and then, let's see who's. The lesson of sexual enhancement also can't fault anybody for Thou. On the actual talk about, some of those two, so I but I don't want to leave behind high and because here I like
I don't have any issues with anybody doing whatever to their own bodies or for whatever reason short of like so serious, So it is a method that does come about its very, very rare, but I do if you look at pictures of that, the after or the during sure it can make one little thing tee. Is that what you mean yen Emmi were curious. People like if I were set down across from someone with a split tongue and elf ears, and things like that and say: hey. You know what's what's gonna with that, must say about this: you say about them: copies should think baseball and right now I want to pick their brain a little bit and- and the likely response, like he said would Be- is too self expression
This is just how I feel I want to protect myself share he's like you, wanna projected jovial bearded Ghak. So yet your grows so word more just kind of a drop in on a so culture that were not affiliated with in any way shape or form. Barometer squares with this is until a parade em around in them point and got Enlighteneth. So if you, if you here for that move along, that's right, ok, all right boy. These are weirdos getting so we're talking specifically about trains, dermal implants which will get too, but those are a, I think you said, an extreme form of body modification in Vienna yeah e, it's very important, is not to be confused with the mountain. Do version of extreme there's an e at the beginning of that work which legitimizes the fell tremendously euros a year. You Child of the nineties, you know I'm talking about me. I've never had mounted do what never. I dont think I do,
ever tasted mountains. What about mellow yellow? I think I've had a couple. Those- and I was a kid look Evelyn you're fucked you covered about the same virtually the same thing, other Mon Dieu as branched out. They have some new freaky stuff. They get all kinds of colours and flavors now so there's more than blue that you may accidently got from a vending machine the other day and brought home. It was like I can't tell us, but I'll bet, you'd like to drink blue stuff. This is the epitome of blue stuff that you shouldn't drink, but it's like a highly addicted. The taste is like all its awful on another sit, really that's so weird, which give it it's a very addictive carton, candy issue, taste, the little bit of blue raspberry mix it I'm I'm not sure what it is, but it's, my brain is still a quivering from and this is like a week ago. I don't notably raspberry asylum already convinced, but I really we gotta think chuck their people
who do engage in Trans terminal implants. Listening to this in their like, these guys are talking about the while this experience. Had recently and it was blue. Now. That's how the sure that deserve stage in life that were in mind uncomfortable that ok, so it's an extreme for embody. Modification, which is a larger umbrella, covers a lotta different stuff in some stuff. It's been around a really long time, like tattooing teacher piercing gauging so you know it there's a hole in your ear and you can make a pretty Brady big that takes place in a traditional custom. Yet that dates back a very long time in our path at sea. Apparently had zero gauge years really yeah. He was from what five thousand something years
for years, and I have also seen it in the lip yeah, the cultures that have the disk inserted in the lip and so yeah. This is something that is. It is very important to point out that it is our western culture to us. It's like other, new thing that these kids are doing but firm. Can't you like for thousands of years. Other cultures across the world have done similar things like right in that also raises a really important point to embody. Modification can also include something like a pierce or a nose job we're getting eyelid job right in Lille. Nibbler tuck sure in these are typically people. Modifying their body to reach some sort of ideal, social ideal, a beauty a norm, beauty that they feel like they dont have naturally, sir modifying their bodies with stream body modification like trains, dermal implants, it's the end
has to go the other way right, but it's still like on the same coin. It's just a different side of that same coin. Right, it's a beautiful thing to them right, but I think they realize that it's going to freak out the normie. That's right! So it's a win win yet is so there. You know we're not gonna get into all these possesses mainly on these Trans drama implants, but we do need dimension. Things like a beating, we ve talked the tongue splitting do you know a beating is go ahead, oh you're gonna to on me Fisher China laid on you, so that's how fair, beating origin, beating or pearling is inserting like bees something beneath the skin or on the top of the scanner somewhere under the skin on the penis. That is a million per cent. First. Sexual enhancement will cover some for her pleasure turquoise. Are. These the say, that's what it says on the bathroom, all of the gas station no
is like ribbed yet for her pleasure right sure They also have ribs instead of pearls, but like a ribbed peanut, I gotcha sub, but those are sub. Dermal implants meant to be under the skin they're, not supposed to break the skin right again of the generals? that is true, which will the tongue splitting apparently there's one form of some tungsten in India, where you have movement over both sides. Oh no like independently, I think so, that's pretty hot. I haven't seen at an action like on you too, but I read that listening a couple hours ago. I did not go to Youtube on purpose. Yeah. I've suffered quite a bit. Less evil days from my curiosity getting the best of me and then is the sub dermal implant like you were talking about, which is different. If you ve ever seen anyone
looks like they are. What word of the star Trek? Is it cling on? That has the big we're gonna, kill, Huffy, STAR Trek guy so, but would we everyone's had the very prominent brow a lot of times these sub dermal implants can look like that is something under the skin. That's a shape of something like a sob actually saw pretty cool and oh yeah. On the top of a guy's hand, he had a skull. Under his skin yeah. So and I gotta metals like that's gonna awesome, it seems like trains, tourmaline, plants, there were sub dermal implants first and then transferable implants, kind of made a splash and then arabic. This is too to hedge here. Is: let's go back to sleep? dermal, lance and now those are a big time thing and apparently the success rate forum is much greater and their mental, be like you're saying completely under his skin and come in all these different sizes and shapes
and dumb, the sizes in particular, meant to just kind of slowly stretched the skin. Like you do when you, age, your ears yeah can grow bigger and bigger right. So you just point in and let your skin candle loosen up around and underneath the skin there's that shape of what you say, a skull yet seen skulls hand, grenades, throwing stars which may or may not have just been regular stars with pointy edges, hearts, music notes, cherries, like whatever you can put them anywhere on your body, and it's just like that shape protruding from underneath your skin or the most famous. Whether when I saw, I think, for because I think the kid you did. It was an early adopter that donor shape on the forehead, which I'm not sure what that, if it's just a steady if there is some sort of symbol, is behind it or not, but it is a sacred examine it. Look it's not like Doktor Manhattan, is it I don't know who that is now check. Is the illegal seventies disco group now
the watchman character from the watchman. What did he island novel? Slash movie slash now, He had like a glowing thing underneath his skin right now he was on his forehead. He had a circle but whose We are now didn't gloomy. He could blow sometimes give me that using it with, but there are now subdermal implant that have led lights out loud, so that not only is your skin the shape protruding, it also lights up. Did you see that thing about people having magnets put in their fingers? Let's talk about that for a second. Alright people have that's in their drinkers. Sometimes yes, Shannon Layer, it was is like kind of huge extreme body, Maud artist, which is something we should say the people who, in land? This stuff recalled artists? The people who have it done to them are also called artist typically to kind of like art I do.
Art and I am the art exactly that. Don't call me a doctor, especially not document hen but dumb Chin and It was an early adopter, magnet fingertips, but work out all that well because of the way that they were produced here, that is called sensory augmentation And the idea here, as you put a tiny magnet in your fingertip and you ads, you can, since things like magnetic fields, when you become a magnet, drives the Tipp your finger. Does he like check out this pit clip now it's attached to my finger. What are you gonna do normie? Well, it said there were some funny things in this. I got a couple articles on this. One of them was what you need to know about getting magnetic finger implants. George Gorsky George Divorcee know him always from the Pew GEO, nine writer, ok, so one of the things said it could be useful. If you work in electronics, you can feel belied wires versus the dead wires and I'm thinkin like they have devices
do that and then they listed a few other things and violent said. You can also do things like pick a bottle caps and paper clips Brittany. But it's a early example ashes a primitive example of bio hacking. Yet, which is like trying to do things. It's kind of like up the trains humanism umbrella, where it's like it's like stellar, quit the ear outcome. Ok, of course, he's like an hour ago, two poster child for trains. Humanism, future. This is actually following through I'm buying, packing with your own body right and theirs. It actually name for that community that very specific set of people were actually doing the stuff in their call grinders yeah, like a magnet or an hour if I d chip sure something like we can like. If you really know, you're gonna be working at the same office for a while, you might have that your Arafat's Deckard planet into the top of your hand, of illicit any justice wipe your hand into freak out your normie coworkers. Yet this one,
I from wired, and he wasn't even listed as the author- maybe because he just wanted to remain anonymous or she and this person got the magnet done as an experiment for the article what it said four months after the thing, basically eventual. Try to get it taken out by his family doctor. He said my family doctor try to remove it and failed them. Shattered into pieces in it. Longer worked as a magnet. He said, but four months later, I lost all the effect. The spot darkened and magnetism returned the magnet being a magnet had reassembled itself in my finger wow. That's author, that amazing, any reassemble itself into a stolen crossbones. Now he said it wasn't as sensitive, but he could pick up on a cassette, editing, unsure
it is ultimately the point in a yeah. It's all very interesting and there were laughing a lot and stuff, but it is. It is unusual, so forgive us if you're out there and you have a magnet and your finger in your offended by us. Yet listen to some other episodes is deficient. Knowing you you'll catch, our vibe you'll know we're not laughing at. You are actually take a break. Sure artless do that gets a magnets implanted in her pinkies agenda will be right back John New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep getting
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we'll go to the post office again You know what, things I saw about having magnets implanted in year in your fingers and actually any kind of implant loves metal, MRI is a terrible idea. I saw that in some time You might need an mri to medically necessary. It will pull it of your body and day, though, I saw two different things are so one article where a guy said that you need to let them know so they can account for this. And I saw another one where they said now- they won't. Let you do this sure Simonov Accounting, for it means like hanging your hand up the cider.
Much is not possible, I think maybe temporarily amputating your hands you threw them are in the re, attaching I'm hoping for the best that something some out of a movie that ripping a magnet out of your finger and real. So everything we ve talked about. Basically up this point has been sub dermal implants, which are completely under the skin. They either use for, like bio hacking or just for adornment there's something also- and this is what we are actually talking about today- does those are called trans dermal implants? right and they bear a striking resemblance to sub dermal, except they are even more extreme body modifications because their implanted under the skin, but they also protrude out of the skin. Atrocious means that break the body envelope, which makes them extremely risky. As far as this whole thing is concerned and of her that's also called single point:
is another name for it. I've seen those winner Micro Journals religion yet which will get to know because yeah, it would definitely wouldn't be single point Khazars. The second point that they make wait. Let me think so yeah, I think single point is. I will talk. With micro nervous right. So the idea of the implant, though, is Imagine a permanent jewelry, maybe or if you look online, first thing that you will likely see if someone with a shaved head and little horns or spikes or in any kind of adornment come out of the head, but this guy. What was his first name, Mr Al Ward, his first name Chuck was Joe Joe right. He was one of it seems like the first people, if not thee, who got this
on nineteen. Ninety six Roma Heyward, yeah Hayworth seems to be still a very prominent body. Modification artist he's called the Maud Father while their those sub dermal implants are dumb. He designed in cells and like crazy, made out of silicone yeah, because he worked in medical tool, engineering which were not saying this? You know a qualification If I was in this, but you probably help oh yeah. No, no. No! This guy basically Open his father's company, his father, created cosmetic surgery tools and Steve, join the family company and he'd, made cosmetic surgery tools and was very successful at first was as follows: company and then later with his own company, but he also said well. You know this is kind of a coup idea to using the stuff for body modification? So not only did he invent design and create these tools that are used for this stuff. He also invented the
seizures and he also invented the implants. So he was here created. This truly is the mud for half a year, you know it's not always a metal mohawk of spikes or anything. We should talk a little bit about a general name Dennis Abner, who is no longer with us if you have ever poked around this Ronnie than you know who Dennis Abner was. He was known as stalking cap, yes stocking cat or just the tiger. Or kept me, I'm bored tigris or cat man. Yes, he is The? U S navy in this is from his obituary, written by Shannon Laurette from my blog from the mob block, and he worked as a programmer in a technician, and he had his toto was
was a tiger right and a female tiger. He was a Huron native American of the Huron tribe, so he was actually ok. That's what I couldn't find out how he doesn't if he just followed along that tradition or if he actually lies here an actual huron. Ok, so he also had implants and things above his lip to cut a puff it out like a cat. Middle whiskers yeah. He had a his his upper lip surgically severed to make it more cat like what's occult, I can't there's something active. Neither yeah I'll tell you that how it ends and ends with active me so his ears, his nose his lips. He had fangs, not just like you know, you ve seen the little vampire fangs like these looked like legit cat fur. When I saw he, and maybe he did both, but he did he tooth filing to give himself fangs
I also saw TAT he had his his adult teeth removed and he had Fang in that ensures implanted that they had to because these were super along right? So am I wonder Didn T filing a person it didn't suitors needs. And then maybe he what followed up the dentures, but are you doing all this and face tattoos. We should mention extensive. Facial Tatiana, like Tiger strike right any looked like a tiger like if you're like we're, gonna die. What do you think you look like any one would say Tiger. Yes, he nailed it in that respect. He total it, but he was still in the process of he said. I saw too things, one that he was trying to emulate the perfect balance between human and a cat a tiger, and he wanted to become. Synthesis of those two things another was I hear it's just trying to become a cat right. There is working on being surgically altered so that he would have to walk on all fours and that it would be comfortable for him just like, ultimately
his end goal, either way he died by suicide before he reached his goal right, but this was like his life's passions, but he did this he worked so that he could make money and he repaired computers? And then he took his money it to underground surgeons. To carry out these. These procedures or body modification artists to carry out these procedures on that's right. I think the one quote I saw was its brought me fame, but not fortune right anyway. He liked. If you look at the pictures of me Hammond it up at the ripples believe it or not. Opening borings like that, like you really enjoyed being in this this, the spotlight like this year, it look like he stepped off the Broadway stage from cats. Sure except it was real. A better life time. Free admission to cats is like, I can't believe it actually closed. I was just liking it. After the thousand time using cats yeah, the time rag and on its terrible is there
It's the worst. I mean I've heard things like that, but I have also heard people that are so excited windows movie do do not trust those people seeing as ITALY, I think, life Martineau. A good life motto is: don't trust. Anyone who says they like the show TAT King but anyone who is familiar from a former cats remember one in eggs of yeah Grown Tom Tucker than the travelling cast was that one of the names yeah Eventually, I remember the one of the things that we should say about stalking cat that in the body modification communities widely considered to have suffered from eighty six mental disorder like body this more effect disorder. Something like that right that that he was the most extreme version, even though he gets lumped together with all people who engage in extreme body modification. He was liar in that
probably did suffer from a mental illness separate so back to the implants there, their anchors under the scam like we talked about a return or how they do this year and kind of what they are and how they do it and put these anchors. It seems like now holidays, are mainly clover or figure. Eight shaped, that's what I saw in that thing you sent, although I did see that they could be round or circular round in circular the same thing or rectangular, they are, can be custom made they're made from what's called implant grade, titanium or teflon. Or silicone right, I don't know how they could be. So I don't either because it seems that could be wobbly. That seems like a more of a sub normal thing, but maybe not the key. Is this chuck whatever you're the post or the the the anchor the anchor of the implants as it has to have gaps holes in it
the trade and the reason. Why is because scar tissue is disposed to grow these holes in really cement their anchor into your skin it better than an anchor of its not anchored exactly yeah me. That's the whole point is it: it's not slipping around in your head or where you have it, and it is stuck there and its protruding through the skin via the posts that part of the anchor that's sticking out of your skin. So anything any time you see a little devils, horn or whatever that is screwed on, and they can to screw that thing off and screw ANA Homer Simpson, Head That's what I want to state that will begin. Mohawk of Homer Simpson, like good doctor, clung for a man a fistful of yes from the can you five movie. I remember that he he added a prosthetic arm and he could like her hand he could and
screw it and put on things like a flame through our guest beer gone or something like that. You sing Kentucky Fried movie. I have spent a long time now. It's time you saw it again it's even more juvenile than you remember, but it is just fantastic or juvenile than when I was twelve in Montana. That's amazing! I've seen it yeah, because when you're twelve you like oh, this is how grown ups think right. I can't wait to be a grown up when you become a grown up. Feel like now is just the Zucker Brothers right. So there is some controversy around all this and I looked up illegalities and from what I saw like if you're a tattoo piercing place. You have definitely been. Certified and you have your operating licence and all that good stuff They have an autoclave sterilize everything, probably so that if you live in basement though it's a different story. Well What I saw was that the courts have still- and this was from an article from last year- the court still have not been.
Ass to rule on extreme body modification, because the question is is does this qualifies surgery or is it like rehearsing? Is it the same thing is piercing their scalpels their sutures? Yes What I've seen everybody in the body modification communities? I know it's that surgery right like it, sits pure and simple. It's a type of cosmetics The reason why it seems questionable is because ray other cosmetic surgery. You ve heard of is towards this butte this norm of of like a norm western norm right or is this is the opposite way. People are going. What are you doing? You do the Senate in a tattoo place or a piercing place right, not being coerced right, but it still still surgery here. Absolutely so g. Should we go through the process? I I woke up excited about this part today. I can't wait
kick it often ok, I'm charge, and I would like a. I would like a hand, multiple hands, giving high five to each other down the centre of my head. More welcoming shock have a seat I'm a body modification artist or what you think one side is like night. It right, I'm kidding check on this teasing. Let me take that again. Oh well, please come in. I received my thanks: care for some local anesthetic. It's illegal work, and I want you to have it. If you want it. Yeah me there could some local anesthetic her there could just be ice. Are you breaking with one right now that sorry, I've heard sometimes there's just ice tat could be, which is really saying then because people like you in the extreme body modification community endure H, this amount of pain in doing this prison
you're that were about to describe to one another, even though you're my customer right. So what what happens next sway way as I and seen I can go back to normal yeah, I get so what happens next? very straightforward. It really is so the the artist body modification artist flesh underground surgeon will make two so the Will you say I want a metal mohawk, which is a bunch of spikes competitive like the top of your head about where your forehead and she didn't slidy about the hands I find? That's all the hands have amounts. I know what ever so um How many do you want you want like so you one hand coming out in another him commonality of two: I want them all in a row. So I want for sets of two hands. Senate's lot has eight total hands facing each other, okay, so many figure out and in show you where I think they should go to do that by using like a sharper marking those spots. You'll say: yes, that's perfect. I've got
eight doubts on my head right now. I think it's great placement for these hands and then on each side of those die. Swear. Those implants are gonna, be I'm in a measure off about an inch about two and a half centimetres and make another mark that mark where the actual incision goes right and in each of those eight spots and again should bear in mind. You have ed, maybe some ice. You turned down the anesthetic as yours, super legal right, you're, going to feel a scalpel, make a slit in your head. Different times about an inch away from where those implants are right. That step one. Yet that's gonna be like a driver on Paradise Island compared to what the coming next. As far as paying yeah mean. That sounds bad enough, but then what needs to happen because remember your skin likes being very close to your head gets up.
Seducing, that's not Lucy Goosey, but you need to make it a little bit. Lucy goosey cause! You got a slide that anchor over from your incision point to its final destiny, asian right, which is why you have to place two points, marked authorize the place of implants coming up for the incision. So how do you separate the skin? You separate it with a little tool, sort of like a tiny little spatula, invented by Steve Hayworth. Did he invented Jesse? Didn't I thought was this guy's legit. Do the hunter had said he, but I thought it was all had been long used in plastic surgery from what I saw. He invented the the dermal elevator, ok, what's a journal elevator, it's it's! A little all thing that you insert a new use it as a little pry bar. Basically, yes, I guess bachelor looking to deprive the skin up from your head yeah. So what you're doing then is creating was called a pocket em in creating this policy get that. Do you ve got the dermal elevator. Now it's it's press, like you, separated the skin from the
but your head, he Geller Room along all these incisions you re doing at one at a time I would guess, is you dont want these incisions hanging out waiting for you to be done with the first, but you slightly dermal elevator under Finally, until it's under the spot, where you marked off where the implant, going to come out, and then you too you taken other may be either the scalpel again or dermal punch and you make little hole. And they now you have that pocket and then you have a whole and you take the implant, which again is consists of an anchor with the post coming out of it, and you put it into the incision, move it through the pocket that you ve. It is with the dermal elevator until This kind of move along their sculpture IDA that whole until it pops out of the hole in the hole for this. This specific procedure is because you want the whole that the implants out of to be smaller than the Ankara the Implant yet, which is why, make that incision, so you can move the implant in and it won't just protrude
The whole that you ve made for the implant come out of the trap. You do this in your case eight times after that. After what I just said in the implants in an imposition, then you suture, and then I guess you do it seven more times I can't imagine sitting through one but on eight yeah. It's not my bag seems painful, but I got my ear pierced when I was in high school met that hurt. I used the self pierce my own ears. Well, you know the funny story is. I got my ear Pearson on Spring break senior year with all my buds like the dumbest, suburban white boy thing to do. Every George Michael me up right here. Basically here and they are all stand around, don't jitterbugs so yeah rather than actually Togo, the Foreign minister and everything in order that we got home in my mom got really upset and cried. So I took it
She cried a right out a year. She did and then she felt bad and my mom re pierced my ear. Oh about that. Why did she feel bad? She was successful. In what crying out a mayor who, I think you know occurs was was one of like eight guys analyses on the guy who it cried out of their ear. I gotcha links to see now came around there was that initial, that's great shock, that's great shock and all the normie came to love it. Yet so one other thing, so we're talking about how it's not our bag and that it does have a five year period was painful. One of the things I saw in an explanation why people do this is for the paints and people off on the pain, yeah figure that, but also some people want to kind of push their comfort zone of Their pain, tolerance, they're, not missus. Really getting off on it, but they feel like their increasing their endurance, their grit.
Whatever you want to call it they're gaining something right there and possibly a spiritual experience from it that it's not just like you know, people out there who don't use necessarily think, like you may like us, avoid pain at all costs? some people run into that stuff. Headfirst forehead. First, it's a cut, cut some holes in this man yeah. So let's go I mean that in that basically, the long and short of how you do that you ve got this post sticking out. Then it suited up. However, here's. What was what say: here's what they dont tell you, I'm sure they do tell you. This is the success rate for trans dermal influences super low, its it like what is it twenty percent, so I've seen? Yes, twenty percent is what I saw too. Are we now that's a great place to break, because that's the first
outside and we'll talk about more those when we come back, here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly rex theories and who completely hack you and then put his ends up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch. Save on car insurance. No, the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So We can save with Geiger it's almost better than sports
So I took you said the success rate is twenty percent, whereas I mean well, That means that twenty percent of the time that everything is great you dont, get his skull infection and the eighty percent of the time of a number of things can happen. Infection is obviously one of the biggest risk right because you're working people who you know may have things fully sterilize or may not, I'm sure they take. It really seriously now sure- and I'm not saying it's all alike in someone's basement and they like efficient tools, scalpel on other pocket right, I'm sure they take it really seriously now. But infection in hospitals is something that the problem so right
to be a problem here, it's it yet it's not even necessarily that the tools or the implants are infected, but you have just broken open the the envelope of your body and now there is a direct pipeline into the money that was vulnerable parts, your body, your skull in your brain, from outside environment, come on in bugs and if you ve done, eight times in your head and technically you have six, in holes in your head now, eight for the implant in aid incision that sixteen opportunities exactly and so, even if you keep the the thing clean and really keep up with their while it scar firing in healing it's still. You have an open area, fruit outside environment come commandeer into your brain and that one of the one of the frequent infections that happens is a skull infection. You might have a skin infection in my go away, but it might have just migrated to your skull and is eating India or Skull, which can become an app
in your brain, which is a real problem. You can imagine that one of the risks of trains, dermal implants and in such a way, that people in the body mogg community are like this? Is Nazi really probably shouldn't be doing this? Let's go back to subdue animals, so I saw a ship finger on the pulse I'm super hit. I drink nothing, but mountain do blue all day. I've tried a picture now being a like a cub reporter podcast her infiltrate, the organisers in, I get talked into doing a donor forehead. Thank the accusation, believe you, because you see you get a velvet. Where can I just do some cocaine or then approve you like well, when I was younger, I gotta be lodged untermeyer his skin Bebe gunfight. How do you remember that there really happening? Oh yeah, I your amendments now I was taken that from world scented bombs, you see it s, so they go. You ve had a sub normal
there was unwilling an involuntary, but what happened? Did you just put that thing Rebecca I didn't Custodian at my school did a man. God bless him. The outlets amazing tablets, her. Oh, really! Well, you old man. She was the definition of grizzled yeah she's, like I can help you with that worked out a knife in this way to TAT man, the custodian at my elementary school. These people are like teachers like you grow up with them. This is my high school Yet we have the same guy for seven years by Roger yeah and he was amazing. He was. He was like six threes Tom Lanky and he had this big long. Cadillac with affront life is so said, he's the front license plate the said Maharajah linear rushed, and he was so cool. Is my dad was principle answer he hired Roger and offer the two guys who like work there? they were there. The whole time, like those bodies with those husky do
higher Roger Maharajah, when he shows up with that that car here good guys Disney are it so I feel like it. A scum wide for not remembering my ladies night hurried out. Well, I mean, I think, the fact that my dad was the principal I got to know a lot of the staff more than a normal kid might was should cause. I was there in summers and hang announced during the health check work her here. So where were we talking around trading? Oh ok, here some of the other things can happen, happened aside from infection. Obviously rejection anytime your introducing a foreign object in the to the body. It really doesn't want there, so it strives to reject it. So when it does work out, it's sort of not luck, but you know it's your body failing to do what it wants to do.
Which is get rid of that thing right and can also move. I admire you, so I guess, if it doesn't, that tissue doesn't grow. I'm curious, I guess the suitors was to hold it in place enough, while the tissue grows I know that I mean the. I think it s. Was it for a while, while ask ask whether you are tissue is good by dont know that the suture has anything to do through the suture, like I thought, was just from the incision say, which is an inch away. Oh, I thought they see. Turn around like, though, really there's a bunch of through here, and I think the whole is small enough, that its not really gonna move as long as you don't mess with it, while it scarring. So it's like the little snaps on a truckers. Cap kind of interesting. What are the one of the other things that can happen to, as some people
use dermal elevator. Some people use butter knives. Instead, it is, I saw there is another wired article from two dozen six they saw a wired is all over. This can see yeah Steve Hayworth Thumb was saying. That's like trying to thread a needle with a cadillac gets a model Roger tat lag and You just don't want to use a butter knife and if somebody using a better life for this, just stop be likes it. I've stopped from any go find somebody else, but Even if you use a Trans, Germano, dermal elevator, you can go to deep and pulled too much skin away Instead, the mess with tendons and nerves and all sorts of stuff- you don't you don't want to mess with and that can they can cause a lot of problems I have, as you can see, I slice my thumb open last week in Ireland tip of it is still completely numb cutting a beggar with decelerated knife near and it is completely numb. Yet you know
I didn't want to take away from your glory by cut a significant portion of my finger off right here, like so seal. Listen up to the nail, just off there and took a while further for the. Going to come back a very long time like I was like. I don't think I'm ever going to get feeling back, and I did it comes back as it takes a little while for the nerves, but didn't calculate that my fingers intact again now it is a Greek him, regrow fingertips, so I guess I'm trying to say keep the faith by while yet another story- on this? I will then come up with my own. Against the end, this was two and a half months ago. I kicked my bed frame machine and am Emily heard the sound and I hit the deck and she now attend overreact. She was
I could be in a hurry Europe. This is worse than when I got my ear peer. How was I told her? I was like something happened. This is not a normal shin kick area, and There was a lump and if you'd touched it, it was clearly some expose nerve like Kane, would shoot all the way through my leg for like two months and now, the left top of my calf is still mom to have money later awhile and like a large like seven inches worth of my gaff, is it was things were its power? We best that its numb give me in a lot of pain if it were mean, is basically healed now, but that love and the nerve damage was now. The lump is just now gone, but it was pain like have never literally never felt before it's crazy. It was awful. I didn't like it now. I didn't so. This is not my my thing. I understand I'm not down with this, but the whole thing is leading into
the suggestion that we tackled nerves and nerve damage, asking why sure I've. No while he went on pain itself by such a big topic, we have no time to tackle it right, but we will k we done with this problem. Oh, we were gonna talk about micro journals before relief yeah, so those are way safer, because the idea is that it can be done with like a piercing gun type machine. Yet so it's there device. It's the same thing. It looks like there's a piece of jewelry or some adornment growing out of your skin, but is much much smaller, and what a Trans Anchor anchor imposed can handle much smaller yet, and so you basically just kind of make a hole in dig the skin away, just a little bit to secrete just from a pocket to put it basically, a mini trains, dermal Posten anchor in there, but it's so small
all they, you can just kind of move the skin over and in a hole and pop it. In there The scheme clauses back over it, and now you have a little posting. You can screw a little. You know, Sir or diamond or whatever it just looks like if you ve ever seen somebody with this energy care that, and it looks like it old mole or something like that, but that's a micro dermal. They actually have a hole in their face, not going all the way through right that it that they just there's a postcard of in there their apparently easier to get out to which is a big problem with Trans dermal. Here is that once therein and scars over, you got a real power If you want em out their hard to to remove time, surgery is involved, and that I saw even though they were called permanent- that eventually they all kind of need to come out at some point right, I'm not sure if that's where the with what the sciences behind or whether you get an office job it. That's, usually the science behind them
Another lesson I wanted to do was read over some of these adult piercings. Yes, have you how many of these did you look up most of them? I couldn't, resist. Anal, piercing, yeah, so two things, Google image. Beware edited! I think it's fair. Who could see away and also, if your kid, your mama dead, prepared to see what a good anal piercing whistling or just you know you might want to hear any these things, but for or, if that you're playing this for your class for some reason reflect a teacher. This might be a good time to stop so for males its list, the following ample Lange's you're describing these are just fell in houses, has spelled I didn't look up all of empty. A double l, Angie, Thou and I didn't see- is that the glance piercing I'm not sure about our only looked up
after these there's another when the begins, with an aim that the glens piercing the upper draw vs methinks her, where it's a there's, a piercing with two studs instead on either side care. That goes right through the head of the penis again for sexual and has been all these are fixed sexual enhancement. Well, almost all the time sometimes is for you now aesthetic spaghetti lilies. The summit called a deep p, a so called a dolphin. Some called a database. Force can piercing boring something called a glitches. Have you seen that now I gotta see that yeah you check that out describe it without losing our show. How does this spell gee? You, I see H, yes, pics princes want a reverse p, and then
ever popular screwed, a ladder. What is now on? Look it up, and these are the adult piercings listed for females anal. Of course, men and women, Christina the old clattering piercing before shut the horizontal hood. The hymen interlocutor Isabella, nipples, boring outer Libya, Princess Albert the triangle and the vertical there is a lot of things to be pierced on her vagina. Apparently, there are and dig you're right. We really will probably can't describe the creature creatures. It sets it sort of like no man's land This is a really great way. To put it, I think you to save the day. Good
if you want to know more about body modification, there is an actual there's an article on how stuff works. You can check out the great place to start. Maybe it's your bag you'll find out it, since I said, may be at your back five, the listener mail. This is about when I was talking about the story about the googling, the two words oh yeah, that didn't match up or whatever I check mentioning edifice, he a Google us a random words to get as few results possible. I got really excited this practice is called Google Sculpting and it was used in subversive poetry, movement called forth you're. Under this, this guy wrote and sort of fraud. I wrote my senior english paper on this in high school fortress would use Google sculpting to create the worst poems could muster using. Could muster using lines from the few results they would get started as a way to expose scam publications.
That admitted every entry collected, submission, VIII and commenced. The poets to purchase a compendium but far was so fine a quickly gained a life of its own, this from prison to silver and with healthier and he he sent his paper along, and I read it and justice. So everyone gets this read out an example of a flop. This by K, sullen Mohammed and his poem is called gold mine. I type slobbering anus into Google cause I'm one big fat, lazy, exterminator night. Some people think I'm a gluttonous poor sign, worry man, killing gold, mine made of sweet gold beauty, and he said this poem references. The processing creating Clark in the first line see explained so he wrote a poem itself by compiling the sulphur search results from googling the phrase slobbering ain't- it
that is democracy, Microsoft, sober from a silly things like Chris, those great Google Sculpting, Google's flash coaches creature creatures. If you want to get in touch others like Christa Scylla from Philly, did you can go on to stop it? com in there. You will find all of our social links and if you want, you can also send us citizen, email, rapid ups, banking on the bottom Pearson somewhere and sent it off to stop I I heard radioed outcome stuff should know, production. I hurt radios how stuff works from what had cast my heart, radio but I had really apple podcast or wherever
What's your favorite show, how are you feeling today right now? How are you feeling about the world you live in? You want to make the world better, so you know how I'm not sure I do, but you know who did Mister Rogers I'm Colonel Wallis hosted. Finally, Fred Pack has about friend Rogers million fund. Here all ten episodes of finding friend on the heart, video apple pie casts more wherever you listen,
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