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Was Atlantis a real place?

2012-04-10 | 🔗

While the search for Atlantis has been pushed to the fringes since the 19th century, archaeologists have quietly pursued cities that may have inspired Plato to fabricate the mythical city. It looks like a team in Greece has found it.

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I am Bobby Brown Welcome type hard task beyond the beauty show from. I hurt radio, I'm here to be sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from. I hurt radio is number one for pod cast, but don't take our word for person to be on the beauty and the heart, radio out Apple Todd cast or ever you get your package because we all have something to learn about. The real me brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you. Welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks, gonna walk into the buggy George clerk back in the saddle again we're trying to reach a right which air force
we do the horse side car. Actually, it's a small mule attached to your horse and I have to mean into the corners it's more of a hay, cart sign up back in the saddle, meaning we are back from taxes and back in the recording this for the first time and what to eat. It feels nice to the design and smelly little dimly lit room. Yes, strangely elites, it's not like blood colored man, I'd be weird, I'm so Chuck. Yes, I guess we should get started. You don't have an intra. Why I'm asking these dangerous nature guided have
you have you ever heard of a place called the Atlantic I have are you? Are you read like the remainder triangle? The vacation get away now. Well Britney spears state for free for, like a month when they open the tragic Jennifer as well, which are there back in a manner that the things they happen. I don't know I can't. I can't discuss the financial, a state of Atlantis, the resort in the Bahamas bored I can discuss. Is, it landed the possibly fictitious place yeah. I got him go on record as fictitious. Are you
After reading this, and by the way, this was often that hey no idea about the secret surprise, that's coming, which one, while the day other place the real place I'll catch. Ok, which meant to ask you before how we pronounced that, but will discover that number. You say: first ok, but at yeah I'm assets for teachers and based on that, ok, I think I kind of go with that to mainly because one of the things about Plato is, he was the only person ever mention it. Let us plenty of people, imagine it after him, but it was based on what he said right, which kind of makes you think. Like ok, is this some. This is an ongoing. Probably it's about wickedness yellow is beginning to mass yeah. That was a book but refers mention it yeah, and if those written in three sixty BC
and to me this is one of his dialogues. I believe, and Plato has a thing where he likes to take real places, real people, real events and then just kinder. You, some literary licence, sure he's a philosopher. Ok here he was, he was not the documentation of real things right, But, along the way somewhere, there idea got lost right right so, for example, Saddam in camera,
I would wager that a lot of people think that Solomon, Gomorrah others can something really happened and had it was. It was taken eventually is used as Alexander that these people were punished by God right arm, but really something really bad happened to him in somebody decided hate. This is a great great chance to use this as a wife lesson for everyone. Yet so there's a really strong possibility that Plato did the same thing because, as he describes at last, they they had gotten kind of a few basic. I guess it does mimic guy other things in the Bible it up and down the great God Poseidon, who is the God of the sea and of earthquakes. I decided that he can tired of the people of land us.
Was the seat of a court that worshipped him right here. So he using the techniques at hand, said he created his. I guess, created an earthquake that generated is soon army. That's sunk, Atlantis beneath the waves lost forever. You I think the quote from the book was: it does sank into the sea in a single day and night of misfortune. Yeah, that's putting it rightly so, and he placed it didn't actually here, where of Spain there's of Hercules, which is now called the Strait of Gibraltar and these people, looking in Spain, now right, yeah legal think was right phone, a feeder, archaeologists, their fun here so arm so Plato. I guess part of the problem. Is he saying like? Yes, this was at the Straits of Gibraltar right in his parlance at the time he saying is that the strategy,
through the problem. Is the Atlantic was this magnificent rings city near and it had like fantastic technology in architecture, and it was just an amazingly advanced place, but he also said that this will happen nine thousand years ago? Right right, so night doesn't use before him so their aliens, while those that is thanks to a guy named Ignatius time. So this guy's Plato, write about it lay in his goes about its business dies in Nepal Nobody back then took it seriously. It don't that's like modern man were the first people to say: oh, maybe there wasn't Atlantis, yeah they were. They runs like now. They displayed I've gone off again right. It was this. Diagnosis, Donnelly, oh he's the one who lay at all at his feet, jerk because in eighteen eighty two he published a book called Atlanta, Anti Delusion world and in it he saying. Ok, the Azores, the Azores man put there or not.
The threat of the islands in the middle of the Atlantic. That's actually the highest peaks of the highest mountain tops of Atlantis and way. There's more the credibly advance civilizations in Egypt in high up in the Andes of Peru, near Pre Inca. Those were colony set forth by Atlantis that survive because they weren't there for the sinking of Atlantis. So basically we had civilization to thank We have at last to thank for civilization farmers. All this is totally unfounded, but it just kicked off the occult accusation: Atlanta yeah, that's been placed everywhere I'm still trying to see the Caribbean and the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, canary islands and article supposedly Switzerland a really dead and choose that went down, but I saw somewhere that somebody
that's what you want, but I wouldn't say everywhere here everywhere at lattices, everywhere there is some EGRET Casey who is known as the sleeping profit of Virginia Beach user psychic. He arm. He said that at last stretched from the Gulf Mexico to Spain and that the Bermuda triangle there are a lot of you know if there is mystery in the Bermuda triangle its due to at lionesses energy crystals, I will say, though he said it would rise off bimini and they were made. The many road everyone's like see their yeah and thence to bed. Cherries I hear because she's like I do, the Bimini, Rome yeah, guess british remedies in the house payment. We did mention that. So, once Donnelly comes along kind of takes up the mantle of searching for Atlantis
It is far out as possible. It just becomes more and more the domain of like fringe dwellers right sure, but that is not to say that there are legitimate archaeologists searching for something like it lay in a sector as mean that there isn't something that inspired played out right and we probably know what that is. Actually that's where my money is here, and I gave me say it even though I have to say it he he leaky hull leaky, hit Hillocky her leaky, Halleck, yeah, ok, Collegial spelled he'd like yeah. I saw some weird pronunciation things at it and understand when I looked it up yet so disfigured at Europe. That was Greek t T hit so near the cat out of the bag. As far as I am concerned, it is a leaky. The least glow end of pipe here was a super interesting story
This was well documented by lots of people not like a single source like Plato, Single made up exactly and it was a lost greek city. It suffered a fate. Much like Atlantis supposedly did yeah so leaky was this very powerful city in ancient Greece on the Gulf Corinth Paradise in that area. Imagine have you been I want to get back to it was powerful not to have its own colonies. So imagine if outlined. Had colonies in, like Germany, thrice very much the case for a leaky, then it was the seat of power for a twelve city, Lee called the occasion League, which is kind of like the confederacy in the south. Yeah, though, that we like having a bar and indifferent city, that's like your homework. Like you know
like it's. Usually football based. There's like New York Jets Power Atlanta, maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers Barn Atlanta, maybe that this evening I thought it owes more like the capital of Lake Ass, a number of states. Ok, I don't. They
the same thing, but I like the analogy and has been going on so the the keen league now just realized that I've missed something demonstrate yoke yeah. So they re highly keys the city where the center of the acute legal controlled, Laker, shipping, the other by the time Plato came about. It was hundreds of years old, already every act of port, they have their own coinage yeah and it looked very goal to I looked up the coins here, like dolphins and now, Poseidon yeah Pitcher, not pitchforks, where they call the trident strident there and it was there had beside none the coin, because this is like the seat of a core of Poseidon yeah, just like a lantern exactly, and
it was. I had a very prominent well known statue of Poseidon, just like Atlantis right. A threat for the similar is starting the mountain they are and they really mount in a big way in December of three seventy three b c windows: people started noticing, wait a minute, all these small animals or scurrying for the hills, and that's never a good sign, because we talk about another podcast. Our animals can sense under tremors Durban, and how earthquakes or yeah, I think, that's what it was and sure enough earth. It came in the middle of the night on the fifth day. And that was followed by an enormous wave and just like that overnight. Just like at land is, it was submerged yeah, delight him of the sea at the bottom, but now and not necessarily to see you will see. Yet this getting more mysterious
oh I'm! So this really happen. This is pretty. It was a pretty well known event, one of the other. Well, I guess we should say there is no survivors like people from the surrounding cities. I got together like a search party near a rescue party that set out at dawn just a few hours after this happened, and I guess there is why think they walked as far as they couldn't were, like oh yeah, others. Now, like a sea where there used to be this, this city yet gone, there was no one. There fairly the only thing, visible worthy tops of the trees in Poseidon, Sacred Grove, describing how a guess olive trees, nerds attend ships, and this will come up later to from Sparta that were a doctor in the port and they were gone as well just gone, and that will play an important part here coming up yeah. So imagine like this city, it's
powerful, rich city and you live on the boondocks, and you just know: somebody have theirs and earthquakes. You gotta check on the city and then said, he's gone in silence and there's ten ships that aren't there anymore. Everything is just gone creeping. What was even croupier, though, is you could look down and city underwater and see it all there still yeah, including that Statue Poseidon, which apparently still stood erect and in place in a local. Fishermen and Ferryman report having their nets get caught in Poseidon statue all the time just kind of ironic here, but so you could see a leaky for hundreds of years, which is one of the reasons why so well documented? Here they repeat, it was kind of like have you heard a fan. Tourism dark tourism, adapters, India, so it was kind of like early version of tourism site like come, This mass cemetery yeah exactly and you could go check it out and
employers and writers and scholars. Didn't they documented what they saw, a pretty pretty young, specifically to like in stadia. They said: well, here's the this is where this it is now. This is why it was in relation to this river that river, so like the sources are pretty pretty abundant in their pretty specific speaking of abundant and rivers and sources. Look at you that area was was a unique in that it had. These are three rivers that met there. Bringing freshwater in so you got some good fresh water some good seawater with funds, a good seafood are you got very Land for crops get irrigation, can together freshwater the weather's gorgeous. So it's right here on,
lovely seaside and that's what made it and, on the ideal spot for people to say hey. Maybe we should settle down here. Yeah. The thing out here for a while get fat on shrimp, unfortunately, is also a bad spot, because it You fault lines that run parallel to the area. They haven't been under causing major disruption brought the ears like the earthquake that destroyed leak, its generated the tsunami. So it's it's kind of like this whole places like made to produce a while sitting right yeah, because There's other places around the world where there's the violent tectonic activity in its coastal. So that means that is in danger of astronomy.
While California now the boy? Now me, I don't think Japan, yet the Malaysian soon Army he doesn't for the others lotta places, but to produce a subject that will ruin a coastal city right, yes, but for it to become lost, it has to be covered up somehow and Holly key is in a really unique situation for this because of those three rivers that form the holy key delta, where highly key was situated right. So you ve got the earthquake. You get the sooner me see a ruined city yet now submerged and then these three rivers bring a lot of self through the area, and so eventual leaky was covered up over the over there centuries. Yeah. You put it in the article about how, if you bought a house or not bought a house that they built, house, along the shore
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office? Again, I'm so you ve got the tsunami. As you get the river, you ve got the assault, the silt. You also have the delta itself, because this violent activity is moving up, their fining yeah overtime and its rising. So you have arising Delta, which is loads like right at sea level here, but it's it's getting bigger and silt is piling up in making dry ground even further jump out into the coast. What it made was a nice little surprise for archaeologists, and I imagine archaeologists just went berserk with this place, yet they had no idea. They just thought how leaky itself was there? They knew it was yeah and that they suspected it would be kind of like a palm pay
surely the more they they considered it even more vital anteater, archaeology, ideological record I'm pay, even where were they found now, as you know, Josh, but we're springing on. You now is six other distinct occupied horizons. Besides six other Windsor, seven total six total six total five others. Besides a leaky yeah underneath why top of the other that had been settled in civilised and wiped out and covered up in like this can have captured in time. That is crazy, yeah, which went what were they so there's one from the byzantine period, which was pretty long. I think you ran for my two hundred eighty to the fifteenth century. And then beneath that there is a roman ruin which is from the second to the fourth, I d, Now uneven features a roman road which is the road that
employers and writers used to come look at a leaky writer ruins and their own also check this explosive mine. It's so captured in time that there is a human skeleton, a top, a like a cattle skull that, like it, was knocked on top of this beast and killed like by Iraq and rubble, and kept there. So their skeletons are intertwined. Now in that not so the roman cities, on top of a hill leaky, then beneath a leaky they found even more stuff. They found a settlement from the bronze age. Twenty six hundred and twenty three hundred BC, and before that They kept digging and found prehistoric, neolithic period civilization, possibly is almost twelve thousand years. I wonder if there's something beneath that, even this makes
they should start digging in LOS Angeles or other, like seaside retreats yeah. This is well there's a whole. Is this whole idea, especially among Atlantis hunters, that its extremely intuitive because of rising sea levels? anything that was established around the last. I say driven it about the end of it. The sea levels have risen by more than a hundred feet. Since then,
So any coastal cities now under water right, that's like a big big thing that they hunt for an hour the archaeologists or can it starting to try to get into is looking for human habitation underwater. Well like there's this whole area of Wales, I think Northern Wales and Northern Ireland, maybe or Scotland, it was called dog your land and it's like this. The submerged area that used to be above ground and there still there finding like neolithic settlements that core well ended in other earth, has changed so much over the course of its existence. That, what's here, didn't used to be here in what was there was something else in
I think it there's no telling what stunner, but that their idea and the fact that you can find new ethics aromas under water supports. Ironically, the notion that there could be something like it, Lana lost somewhere Hillocky right, so So these ghosts they found this the sum area and once they found a leaky, it all started there. They just it was like jackpot jackpot jackpot, but finding a leaky itself proved a little more difficult than they thought especial. Considering all the documentation that they knew supposedly knew where it was called unquote right, like it's not like there were searching for a needle in a haystack right. There are certain for like get put you in a haystack yeah. So in the late eighties a couple a corner professors started looking for it for real zis and
they had a little bit of misinterpretation. For the word for the patient for body of water and lucky enough that greek woman with them was she's one of the corner professors, though she was yeah. Well then lucky that she ate, Oh yeah. I guess you translations like wait a minute. She's like it may not be in the gulf. After all, it maybe inland yeah, and they were like one
Everybody I been thinking that this was the the Gulf had swallowed, Irma swallowed up the sitting, which will make sense it turns out. It was an inland lagoon. There did so. I think it is very much akin to the other Noah's Ark episode. We just uh yeah. What is it the dead sea? I think where they think that the dead sea used to be fresh water right now. It's salt water might because that's evidence of the flood happening right and Polly. What they think is the Mediterranean overwhelmed the street. What street it was you searching the reaches yeah anyway, I think is much the same way.
That he used to be around able to gain, and then the lagoon got a lot bigger, tha swallowing city right, so they looked under land in all the sudden. They headed into their scuba gear for shovels, and they found the first roman city, the verse ruins like wait, a minute, twelve feet, just twelve feet knew of the land didn't seem like that far, and I know it's not the Roma. Who is really for five feet you. I would think that someone would have accidently found it before that. Even you know. Well that kicked off. There is a german archie, just who was travelling in the area and found a leaky coin with precise like holy cow. This is significant right, so I think that kind of how it started- gotcha, so they found have found a lot of stuff. Since then, buildings, industrial buildings kilns, looms intersecting streets year with buildings along the street
like a real city ear, what else the coins, of course, jugs jugs with the regional contents and those from the bronze age ready found a storehouse of like jugs of different sizes and types from the bronze age. So we're talking like five. Thousand years old crazy. They don't have any idea about the civilizations, but this was contemporary too, like ancient Troy right, which itself is considered a lesson, a city until I hurried Schliemann found it. So the just finding this stuff is amazingly, awesome go and there's more their supposedly yes, so they think that they found the outskirts of holy key and that they there's a lot more left. And that is intact. Oh they're, not actually, actually here now there in Hawaii,
but they're, not in the city centre. They don't care gotcha none. So there is out in the outskirts thither they think yeah, I'm in when they were looking for illegal. In the Gulf, something called it in there. I don't think. I know that you do know it found the sea wall. I dont see walls of the city early and they also found what they think are the tents spartan. Oh yeah, the train of thought, you're gonna, say the statue Poseidon. That would be like they'll find a revenge. The mother lode, if they founded thing still standing up, I hear the earth, so they keep following. They started by following the roman road right, so their basically, there unearthing, like a man in the street, there unearthing like three lost cities at once. That's crazy! Isn't that insane! Do you know it like an archaeological treasure trove that is so their unearthing, I'm and as long as they don't intersect.
Right is long is like the Roman Townsend built directly over the statue. Poseidon bright to we're getting too Poseidon would undermine the roman town yeah. Then they should be able to get. And they're gonna be due to excavate this for decades. This has been ongoing since a Ladys, he well They really started, uncovering stuff and like two thousand miles, but they they started in nineteen. Eighty eight saw some miracle so that the whole Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball there's always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock. He instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease. The switch and save on car insurance, no need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with it's almost
better than sports, so of course check this that anybody has stopped searching for Atlantis, lowering the archaeologists in Spain he's looking Elinor, which comes from this theory. So maybe he's autism is possible. He's gonna start digging up in Barcelona. Barcelona people can see what doing drink someone. So you were saying that you think that Plato is inspired by a leaky too. I think they're substantial evidence in what we said, but also keep in mind. A leaky happened in three. Three Plato wrote his book and three sixty thirteen years later and he lived in the area.
The pretty well known catastrophes there, I think You'Re- probably right, but where it we would not have had the awesome tv show man from Atlanta had it not been for Plato. Now I guess it's true did you know that was the very time and there's an awesome, hp, love craft short story about a german new vote that ends up in Atlanta US awesome. I tried to find Youtube stuff of man from, alas, that there's plenty out there. You may have the web hands when I was a kid up, yet webbed hands and feet. It's not prince me more. Is the sub mariner prince anymore, Nemo no prince anymore, he's a marvel comic. None of those men it was lucky ran for, like one year was like the text. It was a year he was arm. He had super half an hour. He had superhuman strength and could be
underwater, had gills any had webbed feet and hands, and I think, like some government agency, snapped him up to do like investigative undersea work for them. I know your time welcome back caught the did from from Dallas, Sir Patrick, what's his face, Patrick viewing Patrick Duffy, if they can check that you doing the basketball right that your daddy? This gives the never heard of that. It was only around for one year, but the boy was into it. When I was like seven went hand had come into play. To put you hadn't been eating it for years and funding are so little. If anything, I say thank you for doing this, one with NATO,
and thank you for open my eyes to coolness anytime, you, I know more about her leaky. You should search for. Was there a real Atlantis by taking that into the search bar has not come, and I said that which means a timeframe listener, that's right, ass. Remember when we did a little tv pilot recently, we tried to get these bookends funded the show a rival, the late we were unable to, but I want to tell me about this. Cosette sons, recouping does, from my kid guys, been a big fan for couple years, I especially like that some your causes you have taken on he considered and in Pakistan Kieva in the corporate for education. So our Guatemala podcast gave him an idea for a facebook fundraising idea,
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