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What was Tin Pan Alley?

2019-05-23 | 🔗

Tin Pan Alley was an area of New York around the beginning of the 20th Century that served as ground zero for the earliest iterations of the music publishing industry. Learn all about this unique place and time right now. 

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Yeah man. I thought this a super cool it tin pan out, yet This is one of the things were I'd sort anyway, ten pan was? and are you always have heard that term thrown around but I never really really got it until this episode the same here and it's pretty cool like the term tin pan out eighty I am full stop. P. A an alley forgot to second full, stop their full stop I just want to make sure people knows not one word like tin, PAN right stewards, but that is linguistically speaking, that's a select a key It is. You know what that is right. I've seen the movie man that movie cheese from out the jolly often thing right, sure, yeah, yeah yeah selected. He selected a key, York, yes, worse enact, the key is its when a specific place stands in her.
Broader term like Wall Street like Wall Street. A real street The Wall Street also means like the finance industry right or Hollywood Hollywood surreal place. This makes a lot more sense than that. Charlie Kaufman movie. Yes, he said in PAN Aoi is is a bunch of things. It was a place right and in New York City, which Get you in a second like exactly where, and it was also refer to sort of beginnings of the music, publishing industry and genre as well. Yet does Canada other things, but it it stems, the root of a tin pan, like it too, PAN herb was a cheap piano like if you really cheap piano demons it. It sounds ten Panny right because like that's what the hammer on the pianos hitting his tin pan rather than string yes answered like a real tinny tone like your bidding on a tin pan, so that the term, originally came from
depending on who you ask. This area of New York was cool ten pan alley, because perhaps a journalist first wrote about it all this Coming from the songwriters from these buildings, one block sounded like tin. Pan out I got it. No exaggeration to say penalty. Specifically this little stretched in New York like block or so maybe less than a black. It's it's a block. Ok, was the place where the american popular music industry was born year. So it specifically twenty street between six and Broadway Cotta between Chelsea and keeps Bay alone, northwest of like the Flatiron building, gotcha and. It's interesting to think that, like the mused, the beginnings of music distribution, was it like pre phonograph from Pre records It was still music distribution, but it was. It was sheet music right right, so I think tat we should go
in the way back loo and go to an indeterminate part of the maiden nineteenth century. The United States, So, like you said, source through everywhere a lot of it. If it's like, you said, if you wanted to hear music, you had basically two choices. You can oh hero played lived somewhere everywhere from a barber shop quartet to maybe an orchestra or aboard rush you could have a family member who knew how to play me and by a piano inhabitant in your home. Those does your two two ways to hear music, because everywhere there is no such thing as radio was this was to say it everybody? There was no radio there. Wasn't it
and if you think about a radio was, was you know, we'd, we tickets so much for granted today, but it was a huge watershed change in the way. The Americans in the world heard their music. You could just hear it at home being played by professionals like the most think the greatest musicians you ve ever heard you just sit around in this treaty, hunting, whereas jist years before, a few years before you had to listen to, you of your old try to bang out some the song on the piano that you just bought, and that was your option aside from going to hear it life, and so this this whole the idea of the music industry Being born is basically predicated on two things: Chuck one was the fact that pianos worsen to become ubiquitous in american houses. There and but were learning how to play those pianos of music instruction became kind of widespread and then secondly, copy copyright law, sir
the really solidify in the United States in the nineteenth century, and so that sheet music became much more valuable than it was before you like, if you Here, like I can't read sheet music, I'm learning I can you D. I learned to play guitar by ear and Canada. I guess every friend I know that's a musician, except for a couple learned by ear. Came up formerly through high school banned or something like that, or maybe just private music instruct, and then you may be able to read music, but back in the day, if you could not still today, if you could not play by ear the only way to do so was through sheet music, and that was that was the first. Commodity in the music business was literally to selling sheet music to people right. Partner up your head around now, but that was the commodity. It is hot. Wrap your head round. But if you think about sheet, music is basically the predecessor to Thee Cosette or that the record
or the CD or the mp3. It's the exact same thing it's just too too, here it like those what you were in bought at the store and then came on and played it rather than listening to somebody else playing it yeah like they sold a lot of em like the very first hit the tin PAN Alley put out in this. The period. I mean this is an eighteen. Anyone when wait till the clouds role by was put out so simple, I generally was early eighteen, eighty still early, nineteen, twenty or so I saw late, nineteen twenties. What are rarely here near. I guess you know you never say when it was dead. Dead right, in one month in one thousand eight hundred and eighty one. They sold seventy five thousand copies of sheet music to wait till the clouds roll by that's amazing yeah, because this was it was a good song and people wanted to hear the song, so they went and bought the sheet music. Yet so there
one thing right: so there she music. That was how you got the stuff out, and but even before, wait till it Kraut clouds role by which it seems like was probably America's first number one smash hit near pop music. Prior to that there was plenty of sheet music to be. Old, but it was all largely like church him during it was it was. There is a lot there were sold for schools and, like I said Copyright law changed, it allows impartiality developing to develop? So it did so one it one. It like. The court started taking copyrights for music Firstly, in the second half of the nineteenth century, so you could actually enforce your copyright against people who were infringing on it and then, secondly, the courts. The Supreme Court and specifically said: hey. If you wrote a song outside of America when it comes to America, it of
enjoy you can copyright it in America too, which means that the music publisher source of freak sheet music, which was just basically stealing foreign music, printing, it out in sheet music form and in selling it and not paying any royalties, because it enjoyed no copyright, protection that source dried up and so all of a sudden, this american music, that they they had to pay for now seemed a lot more attractive because now they pay for the the it generated overseas to so this copyright law and the fact that more and more people are learning to play piano in. So you had an actual market for sheet music. Those two things came together. I must take a break if you like, it's pretty good set up Ok, and I will come back and talk a little bit about who these music shoes were and how they went about their work early on and the tin PAN Alley era radically.
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who's out a tin pan alley had backgrounds, as salespeople So there was a guy name, very successful, publish name Isidore Wit Mark he started selling water filters. Another one, namely o feisty, sold courses, another one named Joe Stern and Edward, be marked, sold, neckties and buttons in a lot of these people. We should point out two came from Europe. A lot were jewish some act. Can american songwriters like they were Minorities cannot for them a early on. It feels like out of they saw a huge opportunity in this music business. That was certainly coalesce because prior to this, in their work. There were music publishers, but it was basically some guy who worked at a printer who had a friend who could transposed music by ear and they would
take some song that they heard and in turn it into sheet music and start selling it or to the music store in the music store, basically did the exact same thing, and so everyone was ripping off everyone else's songs and anybody could be a music publisher. But when those copyright started to become enforced, it became much more you able to invest in original music because you could make it a lot more money off of it, so those those a lot of, but it migrants in a lot of the african American, songwriters and composers kind of coal lest into New York. They came from song that they heard in and turn it into sheet. Music can start selling it or they worked to the music store in the music store. Basically, did the exact same thing and they all moved to New York and they very specifically move to this. One little stretch on twenty eight street and it became TIM,
an early, yet is really interesting to look at like how or back then, and how it sort of mirrored. How me like music, grew out of that model, really in change in some ways, but Kennedy the same in a lot of ways to like you always hear about music, contracts and how terrible they are for wrought musicians or pop musicians and kind of the same way back then these these publishers got together. They created this songwriting factory on this block of buildings through different companies, and they would they would recruit songwriters to come in. They different arrangements. Sometimes they would just buy it outright for me. Including the at to change the name of who wrote it sort. Times. They would have the right to Music grew out of that model. Really in change in some ways were kind of stayed the same in a lot of ways to other Co. Authors name on there, but they would, just you know, say right, said rightly songs and where buying from you and we're
to try and make them part like you, couldn't put him on the radio. So we're going to try and get them popular by getting them onto vaudeville onstage and sending not more. I guess, but it was almost like early payola, sending these Farmers and a vaudeville to sing songs. Before any songs and people like all that's pretty catchy. I want that right. That's how they are they marketed and those like that. The whole thing they give if you it was the first time that the debt, using became an industry because it there is also An assembly line feel too it where they would have. There's out to find out like what people into the music at the time, one of the one of the earth.
Transitions that PAN Alley Underwent was when it started. It was a is a factory for churning out, like comedic, often deeply racist, songs, lots of ballads just what you think of a super old time. He songs right and then the public, started to get kind of board with that, and they decided that they kind of like this ragtime thing that this Scott Joplin Fella has some has started to create and so tin, pan alley. This is a classic. Tympanum went out figured out how to play ragtime started cooperating ragtime genre and created pop music. So they took what was a really difficult kind of music. It's called think of painted rhythm, where you ve got a melody,
within a rhythm right. So you know ragtime, I sure, ok, so they they figured out how to take this very difficult thing in kind of pop, a fight to make it easy for in the audience to play, because again here's the thing they're, not saying: hey you, the best of the best studio musician. We ve got this really tough song over here. That sounds great, but it's really tough to play. We want to pay you to complain, we're gonna recorded industry under the radio that didn't exist, yet they had to figure out how to take difficult songs, kind of dumb down into something hatchie, a memorable and importantly easy to play so that they could that sheet, music to local musicians or those barbershop quartet's also, The twelve year old home could play it for the rest their family, and so that is how they kind of started to take popular music and make it even more popular. They decided what music was popular based on what what the young, what Amerika was starting to get into it
time yet, and they would there were these musicians called song. Bloggers sewing Howard. Work is A music publisher and tin would buy a song or the right the song offer of a musician who wrote it. Maybe put their own name on it, and then they would give that song to a song blogger. Who is a musician he would go and perform this at a music shop that may be sold pianos or something like that, and this is pre radio, how they got the music out in the public. It was crazy. Decent loggers got money. Irving, Berlin started out as a song blogger right in and was so it's kind of like If you yeah, you go to a grocery store on a Saturday and they'll be seen there giving out samples of something to the USA, others. This cheese with his cracker tastes, really good I'm gonna go by this cheese in these crackers. This is the exact same thing subdued say: oh, this sounds really good. I'm going to buy the sheet music! That's what music pleasures were for! That's how they got the word out there,
that's how they advertise the music was to play plan and then another way to do it. Check is, like you were saying they would set. Vaudeville shows up or musical reviews. Orse Broadway shows whatever, with these popular songs and these songwriters two to help. Get him out that way too, so that audiences would go here these things. So you could hear me the music shop. You could hear him at the theatre, you. You might hear Well, it's basically hit is the theatre in the music shop, where the two main venues awesome, forgetting one air they would. That was the plugging but also booming. So yeah, said he had Irving Berlin and like George Bush, when started out as a song blogger. I'll Sherman started out as a song blogger. But if you want to more aggressive than that. Even you could do something called booming, which is You would buy like twenty five tickets to a show
you have the plug her up, they're playing the song and then those twenty five people were plants, basically that already knew the song that would sing along to it and then everyone, You know the or even better than hearing a great song, for the first time in you know, Nineteen turn ten in New York City is hearing twice people around you sing it ignored in your thinking. Have I've been missing out on this thing right and that may be the first time it was ever performed in public health tat. It was all just a big kind of scam. It was Solaris, though, that's how you just look around suddenly be overcome with foam. Oh, So you be into this new song and run out by the sheet music- I guess early farmer, so so there's there is this process and, like you said that you could be a no name composer, who would show up a tin pan out with the song that you're trying to sell and if it was good, the publisher might buy a bit like you said you would get sums
of terrible contractor. They will buy it outright. Take your name off of the competition and put their own name on there, but they also hired composer. Think like you're saying to where they were, they were They had a few hits under their belts, so they had a steady gig, the music publisher and their contract was it'll better, but they were not in creative control. For the most part, where the music publisher say: hey everybody's in this ragtime make me some ragtime songs everybody's into this as in the blues stuff, make me some blues, he kind of stuff that I can turn round and cell in the carpet. Shimmers really fierce among the in house, composers, because is because you composed a song, doesn't mean it was going to be turned round and transcribed into sheet music, and then people would buy it. Thank you You had to basically audition your song it to see whether added to the next level- and so on impartiality, and this is where it got its name. There will be no, no, no, composers, house, composers, vaudeville acts.
All running round playing music from these in windows, because there was an air conditioning back then and so at any given you'd, walk down tin, PAN Alley, and there be a dozen or scores of difference. All being played on these pianos streaming out of the windows onto the street. At the same time, and that's that reporter Monroe Rosenfeld came up with the idea. Tin, PAN Alley said it when he was walking down the street, he was kind of describing what that was like. You said it sounded, like you know, a bunch of TIM pants being extra What's your name? Is this whole area of New York? This one block just really big, became like a creative. Well, there were vaudeville theatres. There were play theatres like it. Sort of the earliest incarnation of the theatre, district heating before move toward times square and in other parts of the entertainment industry, obviously word or drawn to that area, variety magazine- that's where it first popped up on that block, one was called the clipper.
The William Morris talent Agency had an office on that block, and it was just sort of the you know after I think by ten Chicago Cincinnati, and I think one other city, were the early seats of the early music industry. It all roundly landed in New York and just so creative area, an era. It so need to think about two, because that's happened in places before where, if you take a bunch of creative people in jail, I'm into a small area. Just amazing stuff happens like you, can do something as big as birth. Of the gene, rap music or like pop music, which is like a guy. RO at Saving genre John Genres, underneath pop music. You know where something that big It happened when you get that many creative people together in one place to be taken of the brig sure another breakin, we'll talk about some of these songs of these composers,
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as a standard american song Book just like It's an an unofficial designation, but their considered to be like the the classics at the earliest early twentieth century. Like and we all still no, these song stuff like ain't, she sweet, I don't know they ain't she sweet walking down the street that's all, I know what I want. I have not heard a boy. Do you know baby face? Yes got the keys. Little baby say: yes, I love this makes me smile and by the way, the silver remove give my regards to Broadway be days or here again For there are a lot of this had to do with like water, early wartime, stuff, right, sweet, Georgia, Brown take me out the ballgame. Given that their particular regret to say there was room by two guys Jack nor worth, and Albert Vine tells her here
Did you ever they'd, never seen a ball game before? Well, maybe this you're, saying though, you have you really where you take me out to the ball game, because I've never been re exactly and they change that one, but that was so tin, PAN Alley like words like everybody's into baseball right now. So let's make a song about baseball. You too, we ve ever seen a baseball game, doesn't matter, make make me a song and that's that's, have taken out above was formed. Yet I think under one of the like, you said earlier, some of the earliest work were like a kind of humorous, comedy songs, one that still stands out today. I believe from that genre is yes, we have no bananas, which always thought was kind of funny. When I was a kid, it's a little funding and I guess I still far from being honest there is also I'm here You can go down this lines in there's some pretty substantial songs. That, were written during this time and not them were stand alone. A lot of em, like I said earlier, were created for music, go review. Yeah, Thumb, America, beauty.
Four was written by air in Berlin Forum, physical review called the European YAP Hank written. No one has heard of no one does anywhere, but it was. There was meant to be performed an produced by sea Georgia had eight show run by dump the song, obviously America, the beautiful, survived long beyond that, because It became an american standards so that these these vehicles that were built around to kind of get the song out there to the public faded away, but the songs themselves have stood the test of time near absolutely. I think he pulled it from that. Production, or was it any regional production or for it? I think it was in the original Well, he eventually pulled it out of the production. Then I because he thought was to sentimental and then that went on to be the one that everyone remembers. Yeah. You you're right. I didn't show up in there, but he also said
You mentioned Irving Berlin forming his own publishing house. He was a quintessential rags to riches story for timber. Where he was like a waiter in a cafe, became a song plug or one of those guys who plays songs to basically marketing couldn't red sheet music knew everything by ear. Had a friend transpose the songs, he came up with tooth into actual rap music. That's a private law factoid there, the Irving Berlin couldn't read or write music right, and then he began a well known composer, and then he became such a well known composer. He opened his own publishing house and then started making one hundred thousand dollars a year in royalties and Mason. There was another guy named Charles K, Harris the earlier success stories. I think in eighteen, ninety three or two he had a song called after the ball. And he just newer was a gem because he offered it to a publisher
They offered him a price for it that he was like that's way too low. I mean a set up, on publishing house and he did and he started, selling it and was making. Like twenty five thousand dollars a week, amazing 1890s money which seven hundred grand a week gal This guy, just went from nobody to seven hundred grand a week, ended up selling five million copies of the song after the ball. He listened to a now. It's not that good. Frankly, it's not by boat bully for him. No entry sweet now had these men. People like popular music, hit the world bike. No like a lightning bolt from the beginning. Yes, because it was so old trick tailored for the american public, like again, they would take ragtime, which there was a Scott Joplin creation and
Scott Joplin was the son of a slave use, an african American, a of people thought he was white still to this day. A lot of people think Why? I think that it is his name here and clean, and it was the predecessor. Ragtime was the predecessor to jazz and a head like a real like fee, to a real soul. Everybody's heard, like some of the original ragtime music, like the entertainer, may believe rag and you can immediately bring those to mine just go to Youtube and you'll be like out. Okay, of course I get that, but the idea that that tin, PAN Alley could just kind of come along and take this cool, deep, soulful, music and Papa Fire, basically to make it palatable to audiences, in particular white audiences, who had the most money at the time that was, why would wear? Why became so successfully was,
almost dumb down, it was music that was dumb down in a way to make it a bit appeal to as many people as possible. The or even worse, co opted by white publishers and produce is to be used and minstrel shows yeah. This version of music, this new genre of music that was so making the Harlem Renaissance by Scott Joplin was Co. Opted for minstrel show so shameful. Yes, so there's a debate going on now about the legacy of tin, PAN alley in some ways and some people point to it and say: look these guys were churning out the most. I helping Lee racist songs they that America has ever come up with yes on terrorism. To be sure they were we're coming. They were selling them to the masses, and in doing this, because this was the of the origin of popular music, they were really effectively perpetual eating racial stereotypes in embedding em.
More than they ever had been before, because people were not being mass audiences were being reached like they were with this early sheet music, and so in this. In this respect, The temporarily doesn't deserve to be revered, respect or are they needed as a bestowal landmark as the real fight yeah that that's, I guess recently is like late last month, if there was a landmark commission city, Landmark Commission meeting where this is being done right? Well, yeah! So, like you said, some people are saying that on one hand, other people are saying yeah, but so many These were jewish immigrants and ethnic minor So many of them were African american, sound writers and tin. Pan Alley was also the home to the first black own enough, it'd music publishing business in the country, yet some people are saying, look like yes, it was taken in co, opted to be popular. But so were operettas imbalance like that's just what they did it wasn't? It wasn't meant to be offensive to African Americans
it is a matter of fact. There was basically these jewish immigrants in a kind of identify with your plight, and I want to preserve, and so read this and expose this music to as many people as possible and that some people pointed this process and tin PAN Alley as the way that the african american arts became hum exposed to the larger the large, population of America. The time near pretty interesting, yes, so that the debates going on that's what The idea of whether or not this area should be designated as a historic landmark is is falling right. Yeah in, like you said, is kind of hard to pinpoint an actual death date of Tin PAN Alley, because these things, that happen gradually. Time, but technology like it has so many other times kind of killed them can obtain finale? Didn't it lets earlier point. Rightly,
radio. Where was the radio radio killed the old timey sheet music star in video killer areas are afraid exactly so again. Didn't need to make sheet music any longer or you certainly didn't have to learn to play she music at home. If you want to enjoy music, if you could just radio? The appeal goodbye up here, no it's kind of sad said it would be nice if everybody was Walker, I knew how to play a piano hope like hotel. Lounges would be a lot more interesting right, but that's what I mean once the radio came on our way said so long sheet music, I hated you all along, but you're. My only option now I can listen to like Benny Good in all of these other cats who are super hip and really what they're doing and I wanna listen to their their music and not only did technology tin, PAN alley in this sheet: music publishing industry, but it also change the the genre a little bit. It kind of skewed it more into
wing- and they say- is yeah big ban, some other stuff that came out of the thirties onwards yeah, it's kind of sad. It is said it would be nice if everybody was walk round have you ever been somewhere where they have a public piano and seeing someone just walk by sit down blow minds. Didn't you see, Craig Armand, do that God! No, if you know, someone who saw that please. Member who it was because I need to hear that story I'll. Try to remember I care about. That's pretty amazing. Ok, I don't think I'm making this let me let me go. Let me go back to my specific mental rolodex that I have you ever seen that sure, just like I mean not Greg Allman, but I was just seeing your regular person sit down a piano unlike like, while someone New York does this from time to time will have on a sidewalk or in a park or something
in Atlanta. They have won over an Atlantic station of some people, do it there and it's always just really cool, and that makes me miss the fact that piano Ike, a lot more people used to learn piano they do now. I think I would lie to know how to play the piano media are there for that very reason: cause I'd love to be able to sit down and is one way to guide so bad hurry. Sunday too late. I remember the first time I saw it was that a student council retreat in high school there was this one. You know all the student councils from the county get together over the course of a weekend or a week and do stupid stuff they learn about leadership, I'll someone New York does this from time to time on a sidewalk or in a park or somethin in an Atlantic they have won over an Atlantic station of seeing people. Do it guy did and he was uncertain council some other school, but he was like you know, have like the rat t shirt and just
like a dirty metal head. The bad boy of student council totally was in those piano in one of the lobbies of the dormitories, where we stayed at Bury College in Rome, Georgia and on the very last day there were, but people hanging out in there in this dude goes over and sits down in just crushes. It remember, seeing the girls in the room, thinking that guy is got it all going on her like that, the key man a boy and a rather t shirt grew up to be Gregg on Have you ever been to a sick, gold's request room, many or that you, my friend, Joam again T owns it. He's corner but any place piano there. It's like sing along piano, karaoke out and it is amazing I cannot believe you haven't been there yet you have so does
person play the piano and Ariane sings along Joam? Again t plays and then no do you like people can sing long if you want, but it's really one person go out and doing karaoke with Joe accompanying you on the pier, ok, I've done. I've done the rock and roll life they carry Oki before oh yeah, here in Atlanta, which has a lot of fun. Okay, we would you, would you do that somewhere in the highlands and thank the dark horse. Maybe ok, yeah that sounds right. Yeah went for my birthday couple years ago and did cheap tricks, surrender and down did a pretty good job. If I may say so, is that surrender parentheses dream police does her duty of its own? surrender frenzies. I want you to want me. He had that's the one. I've heard that, but it's funny at the one in Atlanta there's. You know that J English Nick no way with the unlike the radio, a radio deja year. He still s shirt.
Was Nick in Atlanta here he's hosted in here is the the the emergency backup. If you're no good hurry, hookahs being better carry he's no fine but being bad at lie. Banchorie Oki is really no fun for anyone, so he stands back there and not very good. He singing along with you and he will just give the signal to sort of do a little. Of his vocals and lowering vocals if they like the slice across your neck like that now mean that, I think, is the second I signal. And I remember, being nerve cells like our man. If aid, if they bring up English Nick during surrendering, be mortified but. They didn't and afterward, he gave you not like a good job, but oh you got the nod from English. Heck means a lot. I have opposite story? Oh, what happened I went to clear out. Loud Did you carry out years back again chosen you darling. Nicky entered in the middle. The thick karaoke dj breaks in Ngos.
William Shatner singing, isn't it MIKE? you muse there their supporting dancing but really just hanging on by her fingernails Yonah. You get an stopped and insulted midsummer mid song, but I finished buddy good yeah I've. I would literally pay a hundred dollars to a scene it I wager they would have been worth to fifty Who is pretty pretty bad, Do we have anything else on tin, pan alley? Africa was for. We are talking about chuck where we should we're not gonna get into here. We should do a full show on ASCAP, though yeah, because yet another thing that early Irving Berlin did was create ass cap. The american society of composers am performers right. I think producers produced, I believe we have in front of me by Adam. They basically protect and register copyrights for artists, yeah its color so convoluted to these days. Yeah
yeah. I think it defiling deserted something, but there was another thing that was born out of Tin pan alley yeah and you know what I am living in the future now because I have a turn table now. Finally, again after many many years of not having one that I can play wirelessly throughout all the speakers in my home? oh and then amazing. That is the future for sure that you can actually do that in a sound. Great and now I just went to the record store for the first time, in a long time yesterday and bought thirteen records are traded in probably five hundred cities to get thirteen records he was like a hundred thirty bucks for the lot now like fine, fine, just get this stupid. Ninety cities- way from me great, but I was just I felt like I should pay him to take all these off my hands. Did you still have the job cases, oh yeah they're, all either or something jeweled up and so yeah about records for the first time and again, that a year ago,
to her now and when I travelling and make it a point to go into local record stores again, nothing, It's great. I really really had a good time, thumbing through records that was modified. I'll go with you text me. Yes, do it? Ok, I think that's it. For TIM can alley. I repeat, in Pinelli, depending on your viewpoint, I guess yeah there needs to be a great another, was a move in the forties called tin finale, but so much ado. A really good look at the early burgeoning thumb. I'm sorry movie and almost oh boy, music, industry about ten, ventilated Macao yeah. There would be greater, so many characters involved just put a few Jackman shark NATO in it in writing it and by the way you got called out for bringing back our bread. I did. I said- and I have some of us are that I think the diving Bela so that we should bring bread back in Yes, that's what the kids all saying I didn't realize it, but like at least
and people email and said yeah millennials, who talk about gettin that bread me up like they are. I guess so. I like to think that I have absolutely nothing to do with that now. But I bet you're the seed. Do you think so you never Gnomon Chemical for we go check, I do have one more thing, but I have to give a shout out to what I consider the greatest song to come out of tin. Pan Alley and I believe it was in Irving, Berlin Song yet was less- have another cup of coffee. If you're, though we use at first, then did we I dont remember. We probably did because is prominent in one Favorite movies, Vall Time paper. Moon. There is a great sigh. I love it Song so much if you haven't over her this on, go, listen to it, because it's one of the most just finally optimistic songs of all time in Tibet. Coffee am pie, ok now at it. I've got nothing else. If you, I know more about tin, PAN alley
there were no man. Let me call before we go to check a do. Have one more thing: what I have to give a shout out to what I consider the greatest song to come out of Tin PAN Alley, and I believe it was in Irving, Berlin Song. Yet from someone hey guys, ensure you receive emails like this all the time, but I would be remiss didn't. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I've had a really tough time mental illness been a lot of knights, your wonderful podcast, staved off panic, attacks or worse. Thank you for keeping me com and educated and thank you for making me feel safe, even a perilous circumstances. Thank you for giving me something to talk about when my depression is kept me in a fog without your massive backlog and seemingly endless supply of fresh, fascinating, objects surely would be lost. I spent some time researching and I can truly appreciate just how much time- energy, going into becoming familiar enough with something to explain it, as simply as you guys do So this is just a very sweet,
the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. You have truly save me, kindest and warmest regards Georgia. Really lovely Georgia wherever in a town near you, you are the guest listed guess, wow Chuck. I think that was a really good good idea. Thanks a lot Georgia. That was, sweet email. We appreciate it we're glad we can help in some some small measure. Thank you very much for the kudos. If you want to send escudos, we love that kind of thing, including kudos that anymore, yeah, I remember those who disagree, those they were great, actually antonov if somebody centres one if it would still be so great an ignorant. No, I think like they would, have been manufactured in nineteen. Eighty six keep up the candy mercy. That's what I'm saying that around in Vienna So while I was a little side tracked kudos when I have you and again
This is going to stuff. You should know that common find all of our social links there and you can also send an email to stuff part fast and I heard radio dot com stuff, he should know. Is production of Iheart radios how stuff works for more podcast, my heart radio? Is it that I heard radio apple podcast having listened to your favorite checks, Jackie enjoying the birthday party yeah two year old age, but unfortunately I have to go unleashing a car today. So well you can LISA car right from your phone with the roadway. Look you can do it right here at is pretty cool Dave and deliver the car right. Dear house really well I better get to my house then see welcome to the future car leasing. Brutal gives you access to hundreds of cars online or on the roadmap, with Crystal clear pricing, weaving deliver the car rights your house so hit the road. The easy way with Roto
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