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Whatever happened to acid rain?

2012-06-14 | 🔗

Along with the hole in the ozone layer, acid rain was one of the first international environmental threats. It's fallen to the wayside in the face of climate change, but we have yet to lick it. Join Chuck and Josh as they revive the 80s drumbeat.

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Here's the thing! Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball. Is always that guy who joined your game, he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance? No, need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger it's almost than sports brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you welcome to stop, you should know greenhouse gas networks. What can I get them? Josh clerk, Charles, the beach of bright, and were doing this again, bringing the science this time for once in your life, Ass, it were
holding down acid clouds how acid rain, by regional data that guy silk we watch it again. The other day, despite chance, an unseen and a couple years, and still just these hard to Chad, said our friend it's hard to believe that voice comes out of that guy yeah he's got a new one like mother economy, there are some yeah he's a good guy dunno, which other reigned about, but there's a good collar. I would be very interested to hear everyone's interpretation, of which half the rain means
I had left the effective? Let's see Chuck, do you remember back in the eighties hearing about two things to terrifying, environmental things, one the ozone layer specifically the hole in the ozone layer and to acid rain you're, throwing apartheid, and that is the eighties yeah. I'm not gonna play sensory note here that the pretty much also don't forget, cocaine, Ronald Reagan, Jelly beans and the eighty yeah M Agnes, but he kind of transcends the eighties really be asked me he's just.
Of a man of all times. Their arrogance on. The very thing is this: since I guess maybe the mid nineties, whatever you don't hear about any of those things for Magnum any longer yeah, because of course, the warming took over, in everyone's afraid, we're gonna mount now, and so they said. Well, we need to worry about ascertaining where we fix that problem right. I think there is a perception that you know acid rain was fixed and take care of and astoundingly lot of ways it has been yeah, they come a long way gravy those on whereby the way has not been as more effect another one opened up in an arctic. Now everywhere we have to better listen, that's another topic of discussion. The acid rain must get back to. It, though, is a very it's. A nice success story in a lot of ways and it came from a comprehensive understanding of a problem and a comprehensive will to address it. That's right, that's how you take care,
if there is still a long way together, now bring me back on earth. I completely fix, but it is good at heart warming to know that you can see a problem in and reduce something like acid rain. Precisely so chuck weight is acid rain. Acid rain Josh is a Trans boundary issue, which means, even though it just occurs in the north, only occurs in the northern hemisphere. It still is gonna cross over, in effect the rest of the world, and the reason is worth mentioning is because for many years up until the nineteen eighties, they thought it was a very low. Problem? And then I realized, I know its not and everybody can I got on board with fixing the track boat. Like you said, northern hemisphere occurs mostly there, because where the dirty war, the Varela, most polluting air. So specifically, what as is rain with acid in it literally
emissions of sulphur dioxide S. Oh two, nitrogen oxide, in a wax from things like cars and factories, power plants, all those nasty things lining strikes volcanoes the natural and they will actually react with water vapor in the atmosphere and turn into acid sulfuric, nitric acids and they can fall in the form of wet rain, snow sleet bog or they can be deposited as particulates and gases
right. That's dry acid rain. Well, the whole dry ice called acid deposition yet because it can be wetter, dry right and it's been deposited exactly on earth yeah! That's what that word is its branch from deposit. Isn't an exit didn't even occur to me, and so you so bravo on explaining acid rain pronounced for proper Sarah daddy. He wrote this yes, she did a very good job on this. When will you can't just be like, while this this rain seems a little hanky here? We're gonna say that that acid rain they actually know there's it there's a very strict definition of what constitutes acid rain and it they used a phd the determinant good opiate scale so appeared scale. Is this spectrum between highly acidic and highly basic right and acid rain? Obviously false toward the acidic side of the scale, middle of the scale. Is
here water and that's it of seven point now, it's not at zero. That's entirely neutrals and neither basic nor acidic, It is very interesting that its scale of Zaire to fourteen, with seven being in the mental servants in the middle of zero fourteen year, but I mean it just for me. I would say: zero is neutral and anything above would be negative, but whatever in the grand edition of Civilization, established by the Romans, those appeared scale started one rather than zero shirt. But you see what you're saying I'll, I says you ate a fourteen in here. I like the fact I think it goes from one fourteen momentary got it wrong in the graph here says, wonder fourteen I wonder, but back to its seven to the Middle EAST, it seven. So it would start its euro. I guess I'm so the the more a city
the lower numbers in the more basic is the higher numbers right. Yet the thing is: is rain isn't neutral? Now normal rain still is slightly acidic in. It hits about five point: six on the PH scale: bread by though, why well it combines with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The enormous slightly acidic carbonic acid deposition, witches branch from the route where deposit, so so acid rain is something like five point three to four point. Oh as far as acidity goes right, four point three to five: ok: here there is a big difference: And if something like, what the acidity between orange juice and black coffee yeah, which sir is keen to point out, which is better
No more while its true, you can't say well like loosely coffee in that you like this, the coffin grass and it's not gonna, kill it see. I am a it's in the eyes of. My hat was off to her for saying, like barbarians who still going. She says your office by because, if you think about it, rained orange juice, all the time, you probably have the same impact on behalf of all the old that will window each morning. I'd be like ours with partners in the press. With acid rain, though Josh, even though it is
has he acidity of coffee or an orange juice. It can wreck small parts of an ecosystem and, as we all know, if you read small parts of an ecosystem, there's a domino effect that occurs that spreads throughout an ecosystem. One of the most valuable things on the planet is something like plankton yet point in its high currencies like honey bonds in prison, but further here in a pre much and when plankton, which is very sensitive to changes in PH, especially when it becomes more acidic plankton dies in small, invertebrates, die. There then yet starves out the larger animals fish and frogs, and then we started get hungry, especially the French who fog legs. Ici acid rain is a huge problem,
ain't that right and eventually it just mass hysteria, pretty cats and dogs Kimberly from different jobs and of a green here, that's right! There are a couple of programmes that monitor this. In the: U S, the National Atmospheric deposition programme and they handled the wet deposition and the clean air status this network handled the dry and what they are looking for is trying to determine the critical load, which is how much in A system can take before it starts and a man breaking down. You kill me with the stuff right and the ph scale, it is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions right in substance. That's what makes it either acidic or basic great. So
These programmes are doing is measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions to determine acidity, and they say out. This is this is too much science? I would just walk out and be like like this. This plankton is not looking very healthy. This is a civic. I don't even need to measure the stuff. You can do spot unhappy blank and pretty much but his that's not hurry once you know where to look for you I'll teach you something else not hard and when you ve met, happy plankton, it will never be the same for the different like night and day, New York as a loosening are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office. That right, you standstill I'm instead because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer, with your small business in invoices invoice or packages,
in our minds, seller shipping out products stamps that can handle it all with ease yank it. This was simply come. You get five cents off every first class stamp in up to forty percent of priority that's right. You s postage twenty four, seven for any letter, any package, any class anywhere want to send it, there's no risk and Our promo code, ass white, ass, gay you're, gonna, get this offer afore weak trial, plus free postage and digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone off the top of the home page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come we'll go to the post office again so soon Its waters are where said rain is, is gonna hit you most initially precipitation, and you don't really think about this. You think well it rains in a lake
enter into a river. What it does is it rains on the ground and although sure it rains on the water surface. It's also gonna run through soil to get to water right, one of the purposes of soil. One of the functions it provides is buffering water. They percolates through it toward groundwater toward bodies of water and, what's buffering
well, it has the ability to neutralize acids yet and that often yeah. I think it brings everything more towards purified water or neutral, PH right yeah. I think specifically with a lot of like the arm, the minerals that are in the soil like say, calcium. They counteract acidic rain rice, civic water to bring more toward neutral right, but the problem is when the soils buffering capacity is overloaded, they're just too much for it to handle a lot of that and on neutralised ass. It gets pass long into the body of water, and then you start Heather's big problems with the little unhappy plaint yeah. It's almost like a water filter. That's passed its date,
You know I just can't filter anymore nice around and think it so we ve talked about what happens the where the french end up with a lot of big problems in coastal areas, nitrogen member. We have on what is it sulphuric, acid, and what acid? What for answering yeah, nitric, ass, yeah, ok, so nature, guess it is based on nitrogen. Nitrogen has a really interesting impact on coastal waters where, when its deposited, it supports algae blooms, yet lights, because algae love, nitrogen and went out Blooms take place, algae starts die eventually, and they sustain bacteria, specifically aerobic bacteria that flourishes itself and set up all the oxygen in the water starving fish shellfish plants, rent and eventually like leading to
at the very least, a strain, if not a collapse on coastal ecosystems. So too much acid rain will increase algae, increased algae means increased, dying, algae and increase, dying algae means increased bacteria and they rob fisheries of their oxygen. That's a domino effect. One of things I love of acid rain, is just how elegantly understandable it, as it is very basic and simple. I love it. It's not basic ups acidic. So this were not done with the soil to by the way I know em. In addition to, like, I guess, increasing its buffering capacity, are overloading its buffering capacity. Acid rain has the terrible habit of drawing aluminum out oil, yeah, normally locked in the soil. Acid rain draws it out, which means that tree routes can suck it up and that's poison to them.
The talks in Yemen in Sarah good Point here like a status, wait where we're going to find a rain, forests is levelled all the sudden because of acid rain, or your fine, a lake or river that looks now de indicating and disgusting water might actually look cleaner. Yeah man, ironic, it is ironic and beautiful, and What it's gonna do to your forest? Is it's gonna, stunted growth over time. It's gonna have an effect yeah like it. You can have bald trees because in addition to this
toxins coming out in the soil and low lying areas from acid rain, and it also degrading helpful minerals, like we said, like calcium and other things, that trees also used in higher elevations. The acid rain turns into acid fog added, that's crazy to me that that I mean to say at this time that is a great banding ass, a fog yeah, but so just imagine like trees bathing in there all the time, the strips their leaves and basically makes him. Chile yeah, that's why, when you see mountains in the Appalachian, mountains have bald peaks. It's not because trees can't grow up there. They could grow up there if they weren't sucking in being surrounded by acid clouds. As far as far as not stand it any heavy rain and right now just and particulates in the air crazy and let them
can a lead to how it affects us, because we are not nearly as sensitive to these kind of changes with acid. Read that the acid rain brings right now, You know you can swim and allay cure and acid lake and you will be fine bite and acidic legless, an area because it's just about battery ass. Yet so you couldn't forming a barrier, never will be, but a you kids women in acidic lake. As far as acid rain concern, the problem comes with that dry deposition, the arm sulfuric, an nitric oxide, nitric acids, combined, ah in low lying areas, with ozone yeah basis
and create smog there, which is bad for Europe, a Tory system, ground level, baby yeah? It can also do things like if you ve ever seen an old building That is a monument that Scott these little the groups that could be acid corrosion like years and years and where we stone it'll. It's no friend to your car paint job than ever, which I mean a few new current big deal here that tree sat pollen, bird droppings, an acid rain or the four enemies of euro of your Otto paint, their considered, corrosive environmental fall out and friend of micro. Air mecca love. That's so the idea
about acid rain. Consider this that's stone statue here, just describing the takes a long time. A lot of orange juice rain has to fall on that thing, yet for it to become pockmarked and weathered prematurely right in its head actually plenty of time to do that. The statue our genes on hurts you be like spitting image, so sorry so The man you got me with us so uncle the reason, the reason its head a lot and we ve had a long time or that that statues weathered over very light out, because we ve had acid rain for quite some time ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution that every month has remember, they thought was very localize problem and the reason I thought it was local was because it had such quick rapid effects, but the acid rain,
who coined the term ass in fog, but acid rain was coined by an Englishman name: Robber, Angus Smith, beckoned. Eighteen, seventy two here and it was the monument that made him say what in the hell is going on here, and there were a lot of people then like. I was thinking when I read this like men. It would have been great if during those boom of ingenuity and industrial revolution. There were just as many people concerned with the impact at my have bow. It just could not work that way, it's almost like they decide to do their thing and then leave us to figure out how to fix it out a clean up the mess sort of, among other things, to do. They have evolved I'd simultaneously. I think you're onto something I mean. Maybe we wouldn't have now that I found, maybe Who knows? Maybe we would run up, maybe we'd be better off in a lot
there are things we would have more stuff. Maybe it would have changed the way of thinking rather than just get get get in. There have been get, but also has its can affect other people too. Smith was a man alone in early ecologists, will say near to get for him and you can come up with some great like off the cuff creative solutions. Well, that's not a solution, and if we had a time In our view, the other way back machines in the shops. Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball. Is always that guy who joined your game, He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance known the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so
which in save with Geiger. It's almost better than sports. So giant, is dead, determine by what this given these nineteen Seventys, the acid rain was a problem, and it was Trans boundary not just local and so there are nineteen, eighty. Thankfully, the acid deposition ACT. I said you know it reinstate this for ten years and what you see what's going on ten years late ninety nine is a big problem. So we need to do something about it and they did very quickly Congress. Some took the already established clean AIR Act and added sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide right to the list of like most. Why
reduction people materials, and this is in their ninety. Ninety five with the Clean AIR Act and the acid rain programme bright, so nineteen, eighty five. This is when everything really serve to come into effect yeah. I am- and I guess at least as far as sulphur dioxide emissions went while they successful year compared to nineteen eighty levels in two thousand and ten, the writ the sulphur dioxide emissions have been reduced by fifty percent. That's good! That's downing did that is astounding because consider this. That's not from here
this since nineteen. Eighty- that's hitting me ninety, since nineteen any fire, we are to get it back down to fifty percent year without your down fifty percent in seventeen years. That's amazing in the way they did, that is through a cap and trade scheme. I can like your cap and trade. It makes a lot of sense, cap and Trade Josh. Basically, what they say is ringing said a cap for how much as I do that your power plant create the limit, but they set the cabin this. As you know it, you ve got these allowances, though. If you come under, you get these credits in Uganda, as the other company render a need- and it just stand on out some about it makes sense to me. It makes a lot of sense and then over time you decrease the amount that the people are alive. You're mad and when you're cutting it into these allowances that allowances by by virtue of the scarcity of em
become more valuable, yeah really incentivize as you to do something about it for your company exactly so they were truly welfare. Nitrous oxide reverse sodium sulphur dioxide. Yet what are we talking about here? That's why to say yes to end with the nitrogen oxides, they did instituted, cap and trade, until I too doesn't three so is lagging a little bit. But it too is something of a success story. They are, they reduced it from twenty seven million tonnes in nineteen. Eighty two, sixteen point: three million tonnes in two thousand eight that's good now, and so this is, however, a discernible effect on the environment. You're apparent we see the acidic lace? The number of acidic lakes throughout the country have reduced dramatically. Ah, there are seventy percent fewer acidic lakes and streams in Wisconsin in Michigan, and there were a nineteen. Eighty four
A third of the bodies of water. There were acidic in the early nineties in IRAN tax in the northern Appalache and are now not considered acidic at all. That's all some. So there have been like huge strides made other places there have not been we and also you found this really good. Little can overview of acid rain and what happened to it by Nina restore III from slate. That's his stuff, I'm quoting right now they have been huge strides there's still like you said originally a long way to go. Yet the national acidic precipitation Assessment Programme said that another another forty to eighty percent is what we need to hit to really restore these ecosystems, and I think we were headed their sounds like they're like will check and in ten years and follow up on this to my getting that we could
the reverse continued will never woke up will be our come back. Special, ok, whatever happens, whatever happened acid rain by check. I think that this is really valuable lesson. If you have a non polarized international initiative to take care of a problem, and you can shout down business interests and just eight now. This is what you doing in here. Are you gonna? Do it here You can make things happen, yeah guess no one was San. That's a green doesn't exist. They'll drains really not back right. It was pretty much non polarizing, except for big business and also where any jobs lost by this cap and trade scheme with industry hurt by this cap and trade scheme. I would wager probably not kidding. I would wager not a better some business. There is doing it with clean coal and what scrubbers and all the other good
it's interesting and I'm not even environmentalist, I hate the environment friendly fascinated by this measure. Well. If you want to learn more about acid rain for ass in fog, you can type either those words into the search bar has two ports: dot com and I'll bring up this very interesting article, but daddy- and I say acid fog, which means time for listening before listener male quickly. You're gonna COMECON this year. For the first time, yeah like we're like presenting at Comic going in Spain, and this is the one in San Diego the original comecon that is coming up in what MID July yet July, twelve to fifteen. Yet San Diego see,
and I guess what we were not quite sure when we're going. So we just want to say stating her detailed yeah, but we will be there. I mean, like we have white book than everything hotels, the horse it back in May or may not. Our presentation may or may not include certain other. I must be going to give us an travel beaufort we're trying to answer some whales. I'm gonna call this MIT nerd alert. I gotta very nerdy email from an MIT student, and I t strengthen Read this on the air and make one of you is that ok and here's some other stuff. You can make fun of me about in checking Jerry. I love your recent episodes on how language of, but is an MIT senior. Graduating in a month, which is probably like right now nicely that my duty to make a very important direction to your intro, they are called the engineers, not the MIT exits call them.
Indeed, our unofficial school song is the MIT engineers drinking song, which includes many nerdy jokes, some of the expense that small, liberal arts pull up the river Harvard Additionally, our mass got is TIM, the Beaver TIM being MIT spell backwards. Because Beavers our natures engineers, in fact every class as especial rain, called the brass rat which to fix a beaver on a vessel, the easy, oh, what is it seems, are dying notable. We would not me mit, I suppose, supposedly, is one of the most recognisable rings in the world. Now man I started listen to the pedestrian long long hours and laugh and grateful. I am grateful to you guys me during my password yours at MIT appears at MIT. We wrote
or to everything by number, including majors and buildings linguistics. The field of Mr Chomsky is called course. Twenty fourth inimitable, MR tongues NOME. I believe in his house crazy. In building building thirty two eighty status centre, sorry ramble on a very proud of my soon to be alma mater matter in. The thought of one more really be keeping you might wanna make fun of. Regarding MIT mascot, the Humble Beaver one of our cheers. Football games. It's gotta be virtue and I'll. Do there ain't, no, I'm a beaver, you're a We are beavers awe and when we get together, we do the Beaver, call eaten you D, you slash the annex ii to the eggs, Tags co, sign secret, tangent sign three points. One for one, five, nine, integral radical,
m you dv hamster these are smart things and understand us lipstick slide rural MIT Go Jack. I feel I can just issued some sort of orders. Three people understand another carrying a terrible missing here, like the nuclear suitcases like about the side a cave and say you're, Beaver Cheer, that's held them. I am it's! Ok, Chuck Lucifer, Laura thanks a lot longer those given I have one for you you're here an engineer joke that my dad, who is an engineer following long time from Urban Elvis himself. Let's hear takes a minute more. You bear with major. So an engineer, a priest and a doctor or all playing golf one day and a half of them are these guys
think, they're sitting there their driving, unlike the opposite direction of the the whole there just really terrible, became a golf. So the beer guy comes round on his cart and down the priest is like do you have any idea who these guys are there? They I've never seen anybody play. Golf is badly in the biggest losers, three fire fighters and they put out the clubhouse when it caught fire, but they all lost their sight in this fire. So we let them play whenever they want the priestly takes.
Back and put this hard on in his hand on his heart in good faith and the gorgeous give me their names and gonna go pray for them. Gonna have my whole. My whole church pray for them at mass this Sunday. There their site is restored. Doctors like TAT, is terrible, like here's my card, make sure that these guys get in touch with me, because I know some really good. I surgeons in maybe we can do something about him and the engineer goes: why can't they display at night again very nice, Mr Clarke? Thank you very much like a joke, like that, like this, not a one minor, but a toll joke yeah love it. So I see check a lowering and ass for what is chocolate We want to know each other rank means also. TAT is on day- and you listen to this. If you tell us what it means, There were a whole lot of water. To be great, that's pretty special! You can t
he was taken on day or otherwise, as why escape. I guess you can also visitors on Facebook, great respect, I can't fly starvation and you can send an email at stuff part best at discovery, dogs for more on this and thousands of other topics that how stuff works out com brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you, I am Bobby Round welcome to my party, has beyond the baby,
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