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What's sarcopenia and what can you do about it?

2009-08-18 | 🔗

Sarcopenia is a form of muscle loss and coordination associated with aging. Luckily, a little extra effort can prevent its onset. Tune in to learn more about sarcopenia -- and how to prevent it -- in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

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our choice. Little meant that come intense once the men are gone, you can do some really made things left over. Ten people have made it a three pillar There's cameras even stoves check. Our house works dot com. Rushed innovators to find out more hey invoking the podcast on Josh Clark with me, as always, is Charles Pride, I don't even know I say that Chuck disco jutting shortly- Did you think this is stupid, ensure chocolate started You say that every week we're going to the bar test. I'm Josh Clerk, there's chuck right. This is You should know listening to us. Thank you. Ain't even hard Things are good. People actually pay for this, but still no people like free, yeah, good for them. Well, yeah we're not charge, and for a few, not everyone understands by any. No, I think about that before you right in and tell us, where idiots
We'll give you your money back. Did you ever see that symptoms were bark goes often that it seems greatly fan now or is actually talking about the simpsons? The guys like, I feel like they only something as a loyal fan. I think it was comic books, goes off on a hockey. Any goes all really. They owe you something for years and years of free programming, entertainment that they provided here is no charge. That's what happens if you know people take ownership and I do the same thing. The idea it's nice to be owned, like lost sucks. Now, could you do that as a sack I've never paid any attention to? Actually I think this passes and was returned. A form of the previous season was alarmed happens. Moving on moving on to sort of any people. Speaking of aging aging television shows. Yes, we could also discuss aging human being very nice. Touch, though, is that
clumsy, less direct, I delivered by a jump pizza guy, less dish, encyclopedia! Ok, I just like that name. Is it it's a guinea is so check. You know, there's some obvious signs of aging is as we progress in our years, especially it seems like these days when you start to hit the mid, delete, seventies right of sudden bam. You're like your height stooped over your rib cages, sunken in, like the guy from the unforgiving metallic video right, saying, scan on guys, these are the signs of age in you're. Just gonna take this for granted. I know I didn't tell I wrote this article, but it turns out that a lot of stuff can be prevented and a lot of these signs of aging are Circa Apamia, which is age, related muscle loss.
Right and we just want to say out there if you are under forty, like many of our listeners, probably are listen up, because it will happen to you too, and you can remember this one day in and use it or you can adviser parenting. Parents, you actually the whole reason this came up was because I was talking to my dad about it all right. He just turn seventy one in July Fourth, and down he's starting a he lost a punch away. He's looking like Mr Burke Reynolds these days examine a lot actually only macro. Only the gives the dry and he's but he's his muscles are staring at her because he's losing a bunch away, Andy's advancing in age, but he's not exercising his much. You know what you're a risk for circle painter and I'm gonna look of this article. I wrote and you're sitting next to me and you said are we podcasting are that this week, and I suggest we are so here we are everyone, that's how it happened at the back story. People always wonder how we pick that's how we pick you sometimes
and the whole reason also because we do have a fairly young listener ship yeah this can we prevent. Most easily by starting am yet starting out. So let's talk about Sarka painters, talk about muscle, loss; first, talk about muscle, chuck protein. Yes, yes, muscle mass is basically the end the end, and I, like you, I said it in an article that the body seeks stasis. So what you want is that balance between production and usage of that party right. You don't wanna overproduce the bodies stasis in many many ways we'll get, as does the that's the yeah that excellent. That's the the level that it is seeking at all times of everything right, equal libyan, equal everybody. Evolving, so check muscle is obviously produced in the body. We don't just you know, go buyer link, the muscle in
certain where we want it one day. Yet right we actually can produce our own through non essential proteins. These proteins that the body produces its on its own right, and we have a central proteins- that we need to build muscle within food derived these by jumping on gazelles in eating their throats out right for just eating peanut butter and things like that. The containment protein tuna by tearing the throat out of peanut butter till we get a tear through something to get muscle, write another essential, proteins. You're right, you may have already said that I think I did, but it doesn't matter body. So we take this protein in and the stuff we produce. That's called synthesis and stuff. Use the now the essential proteins. That's metabolism right, yes, and wouldn't we never really lose our ability to metabolize proteins as we ate buys. We do tend to lose
Billy did a synthesizer out right. This is where you want to get into hormones. Correct you to set me up all day long buddy insulin, like growth, hormone idea of one year, testosterone, yeah and growth yeah. They all play a role in the protection of the protein Josh. Did you know that I did over this article will end the point is these hormones. You know- are the chemical messengers in our body, video, all sorts of Christ just wrote about whether or not you can get pregnant, while your breast feeding in hormones are amazing, The way I know everything there is to know about the feet above the menstrual cycle, male everything he asked me any question later I'll. Tell you monarchy monarchy. The problem Josh is that the approach to these hormones decline as we age right, so the the protein production is.
It's not giving the signals that it used to right through the hormones are non essential. Protein production slips, leaving only essential production, are I'm sorry, essential, proteins that you ingest, and I think he indicated that as we get older, we actually need more protein. So that's gonna like I want to punch right and we don't necessarily get more protein whence you once you establish a diet right in your lifetime, usually kind of stick to it. Eventually, in your seventies, right mean people may What kind of come to understand their bodies? I can remember how Douglas cope and put it in generating x. I think aware of your body right people be aware of their bodies later in life, so they may change their diet, some, but generally your ear protein and take wool remained the same, even though you need it more. So you ve got a hormone decline and voting overseeing deficiency. So there's two of the three actually eating and mention the third yet more,
the most. This is the most vital one motor unit restructuring right. So you got these three things. Hormone decline, protein deficiency in motor unit to restructure, mature, whereby I get into and all of a sudden you ve got Sir Compania exerts stooped over your face, a sagging happy again, you looked like the old guy from other unforgiving, Viejo you're walking slow. What is the unforgiving, video Lena metallic song? None forgiven, yes, order! A cow post good, Metallica here before horrible Metallica. Ok, so I was during that little their attack a faster ride, the lightning before, whatever that law police, a tour yeah when they sturdy wearing eyeliner. Instead, when they cut their hair, so we ve got. We ve got circle pain yet, but we have already talked about that motor unit researching. This is the most important factor right. So you can tell me Motor unit is, yes, suggests, things got motor neurons and they can
and the muscle fibres too tall and terry muscle. Five volunteer must fires to do things right. That's a motor unit as those two things to get right: the muscle fibres they command end the neurons Diana muscle fibres and the neurons at command. Yes, it's a motor, unite and end again, it's strictly voluntary muscle, we're talking about so the neuron gets a command from the brain. I think the article I use example of raise right arm and punch check in the neck. I would never do that I'd say, shut up brain, so the brain sends a signal to the neurons involved in raising your right arm and they fire and contract the muscles innovation which is what's going. I, like your lifting your arm, it's really a bunch of muscles contracting here and when I think about it like that, I think, Little tiny, like pirates like pulling on the the poisoning the sale sure like that like ie,
oh yeah, sure in all the sudden year on year, your arm is raised right. There, you have it s called innovation technically, when the muscle fibers are caused a contract from the Neuro threat. No raising your arm. That would be pretty much probably exclusively the result of slow twitch neurons. You have us. We need to explain the difference here. There's two kinds in her aunts fast which in their slow twitch, F, p in esteem and fast Ich fast, which fast, which fast action I like best, which fast twitch us we have to say, is that I wristwatch exactly it's very specialized because they command like only fast movements like when you ran like I'd does your eyelids, like really precise movement, but there are many of them because they don't come in certain in a limited number functions right will one one
switch neuron, will command down, say just a few muscle five right, because it has to be precise right, so it can't be concerned with a whole bunch of one s which, on the other hand, is that the mass I think the way put in the article was the fast which neurons are kind of agile. Like a tightrope walker, yeah were slow, twitter like bulls and China shot my they're just. And a big and gum in lumbering and were you know exactly which neuron is going to raise your arm right because it just a bunch of just muscle fibre that you haven't really involved, in anything precise, I lose big. Galoots problem is that the F, the fast which ones they die off as you age? First right there to go so what happens if you, if there is a group of muscle fibers, are no longer command, I know there at risk of atrophied, read the witches muscle, death
So then, all of a sudden, you muscle loss to prevent this body has pretty cool system. This is go out of nowhere. The the closest slow, twitch neuron- that's that's, the one. Its closest to the dead fast with our own will take over yellow attacks.
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you love book online, dotcom, slash crush. You will receive a special twenty percent discount that is it love book online Dotcom, Slash crush, so you still need these precise movements, but now, it's being there being commanded by a big, dumb, lumbering on rights. That is the restructuring that Motor motor unit restructure right in the results of it is in a with a loss of coordination. A loss of quick reaction is less precise right. So that's part of that that lack of balance that happens as you age is actually the result of muscle or you might actually and that's part three of the what you called the purpose
storm that can increase Yon set a sort of any right and when this happens, especially along the spine, the muscle fibres along the spine runners, motor unit restructuring or just straight up, neuron death. That's that's what gives us our stoop posture, because the stand upright requires muscles going he Folia bright and dumb when you lose it end up being stooped over, so these are put together. Only signs of of AIDS. The loss of the inner costume muscles between the ribs stoop postures sagging scheme is called senile. Sark opinion. And this is the most preventable type of sarka paying you don't get Zirk Apamia from Disease there, some other much less preventable reforms in Turkey the environmental conditions can sure, like basically lay down in a highway tunnel
for several years in distant Hale, carbon monoxide, constantly you're, probably Sancho Panza will be among the various maladies that develop right. Will. The good news there, like you said, is that this can be prevented, and this is the message that you need to talk to your parents and grandparents about and what people like me need to remember very soon, as I am aging right. Indeed, there is an easy solution to this. Wait. Wait! Resistance training it so for a long time, doctors, while they still do the physician some have or the medical establishment, is always recommended something like, I think, I'm thirty minutes of exercise a day, yet all that cardio, usually cardio like walking running women, getting the heart going anywhere. You need to do that, but that has little the no effect on the encyclopedia, but resistance training does and they ve done a bunch of study.
As if this is one of those articles check where I wrote it in there is so much awesome. Information on their rights is a really interesting article. The right, despite when it was assigned to me- and I found out with our opinion- was as they can be kidding me right. Why would I be writing me of all people and he d- write about whisky. Here, there's been a bunch of studies, that of turnips and really surprising results right. So there is one that I came across that put a group of elderly people, in eighteen. Eighty four year this is pretty impressive: unresisting training in by resistant, straying we're talking about our now. You know where you live. Lakes await with your legs by dislike, flexing an outward a camera. I don't know called here on oil guy, bringing the earth I've done it before those millions of machines, probably a doubt if they recommend that the elderly go in there and start hidden, the bench breast. No. As a matter of fact, they recommended the elderly not try this first writing
by themselves. They needed at the very least the advice of of somebody who knows where they took him up at a gym. Rocks at they're out of her little trainer. You want to talk to your doktor first, if you're, if you're elderly, but were the point here, is if you are elderly and you are developing circa paying it can actually be reversed by resistance training like see signs of aging can be reversed these this. This study that had seventy eight eighty four year olds, they put him on a resistance training programme, and they saw an increase of protein synthesis. Remember that's the stuff that, with this Betty would lose as we get all the right. The increases a hundred and eighty two percent as unreal. Eleven that's huge here, because normally there's like increases in Whenever you look at a steady, it's like others, a two percent failure that significant mark different. This is enormously significant right.
But the others. By doing ways we can synthesize protein Meyer yeah cancel about the other one. Please do the USDA this when they said that the elderly participants, who did resistant train for forty five minutes three times a week, saw for twelve. We over three months bans on average increase of thirty, two percent muscle fibre and thirty percent increase in strength, and that's huge man. That's forty five minutes three times a week, twelve weeks, it's nothing now much and of if you seventy or eighty one I'll see you don't work in the air it. The germ yeah Waldner commands you shoot about astronaut. Well, this year was hoping we get to the soil. The whole reason that we know that resistance training works is thanks to our friends at NASA. This is weird man. What happens? Is astronauts have a similar existence as elderly, because his very sedentary there in a space shuttle and there's not much room,
weightless hanging around Drinkin Tang, do not happen if they had ever did nothing for nobody. Here's the interesting thing gestures but, as you know this, they have an opposite effect. Their slow, twitch or weightlessness weightlessness does well you're, not notched if you're hurt, but you ve heard doomed being weightless the fast, which ones actually the slots which ones dial first and then a vast which ones to pick up the slack right rather down here on earth where they get asked off. First in slow, twitch picks up this line of her They said another science behind it, but I had heard that if you're weightless in space like these people that are up therefore, like a year, this may station are coming back and my team calf muscles, like yeah. That's final result as it is not a loss of coordination by very easily toy muscles, because narrow the little precise fast, which neurons are not used to controlling like these huge. They don't do the Heath her that well
Is it so that the work this all out of tat? We live it out. You know an outer space one day and I think the last point, as is yes you're supposed to do cardio you specifically the thirty minutes of walking every day to stay alive and all that. But the point is you can't walk if you can't stand straight right. You can't walk away. You're Sancho Panza, you wanna, you wanna, do the resistance training. First, you want to start on there. If you want to start that regimen first and then move into walking and again, if here five years old near listening, yes, you have no idea how this applies to you, but my friends, it does Sarah, there are amazing eleven year old man, no she's, twelve. Now she twelve. This does apply to you. This is the place Chuck and I and doubtless go hit the gym body. Do you mean Ernie? so chuck if anybody wants to
this is one of those articles or be good? Can print out and have round yet referred to? I think for cyclists are some really good links and lots more information page to give you more information, lots more information. They can find that article by typing encyclopedia that as they are c, o p and a in the handy toolbar at how stuff works, that com and before we D listener, male chuck was still plug here. We that we have a plugin. I was in a long long time we're not begun. Tooting, our own horn now so we're gonna plug are blog, which we haven't done awhile and you can go to the house the force that com website yeah go to the blog
see it over on the right side, the blogs and health at work. Yet there there's a lot of people have luxury of seven. Eight nine now gather all really great idea. We have them. Tracy colleague, Tracy, Wilson Rights Fan, stop it's all about the dumb. Yet Katy does the history stuff Loggia. I stick you missed in history class, I should say Scots over there with ATO science. We get the whole survey Strickland again. The text of the brain does one yes, but yet you can find all them. The blogs are out of work and I think it's blogs- thought how stuff works that car right home she replied the work ass, the definite we have it. A long time, because we were not too sure of ourselves at first with the webcast, though we do. We we are we now. When did they have? I think it's good. Ok, we do gas every Wednesday at one o clock eastern standard time, and it is life.
Its live video right without a net and it's pretty clear that its life stumble through our surroundings and white nut, not this week or less the week before we actually started over like five minutes, into a debate, it will Amerika so out a hamley dislike. Let's to start over, I don't even remember it was well So what? If I now and it's a little different than the show it's a little more news oriented, we talk about turn of events in and we don't cannibalize there had cast, no, not at all sorts. It's fun watch that on our blog actually, so that their webcast and blog, which means four times, and that means listener mail Josh, I'm gonna call this made me feel good and its from Omaha disagree: title ice iniquities on the fly dear Josh and Chuck I've been meaning to write you and history stuff gown for a long time now for
They may survive horrendous long international, plain trips forward. I save up a bunch of I and listen to them to keep out the noise of strangers, exchanging small talk and baby screaming and to take my mind, anxiety. However, now I really have something thank you. For Friday, I got back from a trip to Brazil and during which I wasn't in the past on talk. So another parasites prevalent in Brazil and the next day I had to put my beloved bunny of nine years to sleep offer. Is it related to talk so close will not at all. I have been heartbroken, Sir said yesterday driving home from work. I played a couple. Your pica had listened to. My trip found myself laughing outweigh the amazing. I had felt like laughing or even smiling four days to cheer me up more than I thought was possible. Also
sure you can save my life or anything like you did with the Khyber Mowing woman, but certainly helped my emotional state. For that I thank you. Keep up the great humor shirt helps more than people more than I know this from grim Bream in Omaha Nebraska. Yeah ass, the area, and that also name, if your last name they got you know, did you give her that she signed it, but then her full name is there's well. Let's fantastic here made limited Will you were have any stories about how we make you feel better about a dead pet or any international travel you'd like to tell us about you can send in an email to stuff part TAT House of works dot com. Furthermore, on this and thousands of other topics how stuff works dot com, what moorhouse have words check out our blogs on the house of works not come
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