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What's the deal with headstones?

2014-08-26 | 🔗

Headstones have quite an interesting history. From the beginnings of marking graves with simple wood carvings to the elaborate tombstones that would come in the Victorian era, Chuck and Josh break down the deal with all things headstone in this episode.

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welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks that are you invoking. The Pakistan Josh Clark their trials of each of the brain sons out Jerry's over there in July. I can see I have a windows shoulder. You must I mean this
can imagine you're not depressed at his hearing. It found here when I look at what I may but you're the light. Thanks makes everything, ok so very familiar. We make him, he was so how you doing I'm sleepy, ok! Well, let's get this over with epithets. I can what could take a nap, and I guess we have those like japanese style map rooms here. We're very forward that will be wonderful. Has the forks near altogether will do that work taken that now, no way? No, I don't think I will be able to either, but I would think you'd be wonderful just because it would show how progressive Hester forces, who should have
copies that are like flexi, he can watch people now. How can that be or air every very uncomfortable, but there are one or two weirdos here that we'd love to do their job in Strickland. Success, thumb not a surprise. Yet this was there with cobbled together this one, which is unusual. Our words you get some of the information. One was the international southern cemetery, Gravestones Association and the other was the? U S department veterans Affairs Buddha, definitive sources. We know all about headstones and grave markers and tombstones yeah by any name yeah. I think the professionals who make headstones are grave markers tombstones call them.
Funeral markers are grave markers. That's the lingo. The jargon of the industry s in this pairs nicely with our coffin spunk, as do the tears nicely with a bunch of them. This is part of the dying sweetener will never end until we die. That's your lies, Josh and check the death sweet so check. You wanna talk a little bit about the history of the stuff. I've got a little bit history. I don't know if you have not about how long humans have been burying the dead, but here it is pretty old there. As mere fact there is evidence of legs, weird funeral rights, kind of re, at least there an assemblage of people acting differently or an assemblage of primates acting differently around a recently deceased member of their group.
Invulnerable apes, so they like pocket and think that movement. I don't think they were poking it with the way that they are interacting with one another like those with the highest rank had the most access to the body right. They were kind of guarding it from being disturbed here, like early signs of respect, yeah and apparently neanderthals as well, used to, as is as far back as two hundred fifty thousand years ago? This evidence that parts of the dead neanderthals were put away from the rest of the group in what you could consider like a resting place, a cave or something like that that started because of this obvious things like smell in writing, bodies that was just or maybe both. Why
mean we're hard wired for discussed it experienced discussed in disgust warrant is like don't need that poop right unless it's a fecal transplant donate their vomit render any consensus, so there's a lot of stuff. They should do like. Don't don't eat a dead body, its turned yeah, surrounded nice, fresh dead body, I would guess that funeral rights grew out of the our sense of discuss. Like you say, you dig that that's the kind of ambiguous stuff, though the neanderthals like me, they defleshed bones in them placed the bones in several places. Some people are equal is evidence of cannibalism. O people are saying that the funeral practice right, the unambiguous evidence.
Burials comes. I think about eighty thousand years ago, between forty thousand and eighty thousand years ago in Egypt, child was buried next to a cobble pit, but that is where you like to excavate stone like pay roads or talking with her catch it. Although forty thousand years ago they were making out, I'm not sure what a cobbled it is, nothing new issues, its excavation, ok, I guess that they were excavating tones to make tools, I would guess rather than road, but there is a child buried by anatomically, modern humans between forty thousand and eighty thousand years ago, so we ve been doing it for a very long time yet. But this is just burial right, overtaken voter headstones maiden come along until far after that, right, while their word out well, let's go back even further
Roman Catholic Times yeah they had had stones that there were kind of it seems like they were. He advanced with a time, and then there was a period where they weren't so detailed. But early on, and they were super detail. They would have pictures. They would describe things that happen, these battles that took place and if they died in battle and same as in Scotland. They would describe the profession. Maybe sometimes it was pictorial like if someone was it a carpenter, they wouldn't say here lies a carpenter. They would just have a hammer. Maybe right, like a saw yeah, I think they give away that it was Scotland was very descriptive. Apparently, in their early days of headstones, do they would describe professions so like early on
seems like the profession was a big deal right like this is what they did here on earth and in other cultures to there was this idea that you could erect a memorial to somebody by placing a stone or something and upright stone, yet not necessarily at their grave fight like that. There's things called Stella. There are We just markers it say like this person. Did this right or this person thought this battle in wine or lost her? This person was great for some reason, excess wanna memorialize. By carving this into a stone and placing it upright and never said this person, didn't you so much,
not really that clean later in the twentieth century. But the idea of stones period was before gravestones. Even. I think that the term headstone for I gathered is from the jewish custom of marking graves with stones, yeah, and then I think that other cultures did that to like, supposedly to keep the dead from rising. They would, I thought those don't worry, but I also heard- and I think it makes sense that they didn't want the bodies to be disturbed by You know packs of wild coyotes yeah so to combat that and if you were lazy and didn't feel burying or you live in a place where the dirt was just too hard, you could make something called a cavern carne I see I are at night, the amateur others. Bananas, which is basically you lay the body on the ground. Maybe you dig out a little bit of shallow pit in a new place rocks around and on top of it, so that no not even like the Hungary's Coyotes night can be able to get through this pile of rubber
right- and you may also erect like a marker at the head of her knees. I think at this point pre nineteenth century. I don't even think there were cemeteries. It was just you would be buried near your family plot right near home with your family, yes, but they weren't all gathered together, bunch dead people in one area You always the whole family. Was there you have it not like a cemetery and then, depending on. On where how many people lived in a village say eventually that morphed into the churchyard. Yes, the graveyard was moved to the church, The church was so intertwined and people's everyday lives. It is made sense, that's where you would go to be buried. The thing is these were almost purposefully gloomy places.
They were reminders. Here was a reminder that you're gonna die momentum. Morey he ate the churchyard itself was a reminder that you're gonna die in the they were not landscaped. They were usually They had a fence around. Maybe, and there are the markers, but that was about it. There wasn't meant to be a place of solace or peace or meditation gathers went over in my neighborhood. Their Sayer Churchyard cemetery in it is futile different than just your average cemetery is, it looks all different nuts does seem a little like Elena, while the reason why, because you and I are used to its called the rural cemetery movement the year- the Arcy em right- you know you have a teacher, but that was they came out of the nineteenth
three, the, I think, gum them the early mid nineteenth century, where this idea as cities fill tat right and people became further further removed from nature, and you also had less and less based. It is very somebody in the churchyard, yet they they started moving the dead slightly to the outskirts of the city bright and also put some thought in few landscaping the areas well. So what you have is what you and I think of as a modern cemetery, get very parklike shrubbery paved roads that they allow people to go through a nice place for visitors, he so much so that very early on in the rural cemetery movement for awhile families would go picnic there on Sundays. I was like a park here, but you also plant you're dead. There, too, there was a little bit about. But it also during this time the savary surprising, because during this time, death was so much more fully intrigued
in a graded into the life of the average person gear that having a picnic there on a Sunday didn't Singhalese fit bizarre mecca yeah with their went to hang ups like we have these days, it seems, right, because nowadays it sterilised and removed bright death is backed. It headstones, the young, the Kells started using once. Christianity came to oil and they start using the the Celtic Cross, which was originally the I think of the Sun Cross, which is a pagan symbol yeah, but then I think Saint Patrick and put the Christian Cross over the Sun Cross and we now had our Caltech Cross and they started using. That became a kind of a common but again not specific, just sort of like an unmarked grave still with the cult across no inscription
right right, yeah that didn't come until later, but, like you said there was, there is a lot of symbolic, easier symbols attached and then over time it evolved to include things like date of birth of death, the person's name and then inscriptions later on yeah, and thanks also to the Irish, and they were the first ones. I believe to get a little cheeky with their sense of here thirty Limerick Signal Phenomena, but other private. I can see there is but one example that, in the article I read said, I think of me as you walk by where you now stand. So once did I, which is in over the eighteenth century, that the spectrum funny, the rights, the exact again. That's what I call the memento more. It's like a reminder that you're gonna die so don't get too big for you. Breaches are don't forget to go, live your life. There's all sorts of reasons, for that
in Amerika and the Colonies Colonial times it was it Superman see and they they use. They started to do things like limestone a marble instead of wood, which would last longer sandstone, but then in eighteen, sixty they move to igneous rocks, which always wanna say Ignatius. Cause of ours must take his confederacy it it is, I think it was the name of one of the key at the main guy Ignatius Riley hours it it's igneous. What about seen Ignatius? Who, who is if there was ever a name for a think, it's Ignatius Sane Ignatius, though what was he to Saint remember now. I just his name always stood out to me like dad is the same thing patron Saint of Apartheid
in eighteen sixty, so they start using the igneous Rock witches underground, cooled rock and that was much more permanent because other stuff crumbled in you know the sandstone Let's talk about weathering Sally Ann in Colonial, It's too, and they were using these markers and headstones. So symbolic, who has been a part of headstones for a very long time, yet whether it was the Caltech Crosser saw to indicate a carpenter whatever here and in the colonies. Apparently they like to remind everybody that only the most pious select few we're gonna go to Heaven. Numeracy you're gonna help right like no bones buddy. You are going to how they are and dumb. I would like to use
stone to remind you of its army to put his going crossbones on the death said they carved the death. The death said yeah onto the grace, don't remind others that they were going to Hell. That's where the Puritans did yeah victorians. Fancy, and always so. They had read elaborate, headstones in tombs and They were also big on like that. The really nice park atmosphere, you well that's what it is that sort of grew out of the victorian era. Yet Usinor linked to about summer. So what some of the victorian symbols mean right, yeah they had some there's weren't quite sir. They were intended to be a reminder that you're going to hell they're of all more hopeful and a lot of these. You still see I'm two stones today, headstone like modern millions of people who were buried like you'll, see a bundle of weak gathered together, and that's the indicate that some
they lived, a nice long life, and then they were harvested and they will go on and into the next life. A gateway might be nice Gazette Mincer, that's the gateway to Heaven. Yes, any kind of arch or gay yeah butterflies, the symbol of Resurrection Raina. Some, if you have a broken column, indicates that your cut down in the prime of life, how men taken too young, if you have a flower, that's broken verifying that now forget it. It's it'll be like a rose or something, and then it's like snapped in two. They indicates that you were, you died suddenly and if its abide, if it's not an open flower bright indicator, was a child. Since I got this code, yet our glasses, the transience of this life right or a lamp light of truth,
clasped hands. You know where there's like somebody holding somebody else's hand, their means like take care of see here in a few years. Or the saddest, maybe maybe the willow tree that's just morning- Missus really send it is sad, but you There's. None of these are reminders that you're going to gonna go to hell where he die. It's gonna be bad. The victorians were a little more uplifting. If anybody had their finger on the pulse of death, it was the Victorians Vigil what they were doing. Another thing human beings did in the eighteenth century was more tastes. These pages iron cage as they would put over, but the Victorians right now, that's really until well. Get rid of this part of the reason why? Because there wasn't that need for it anymore. There was a member, the cairns or the cards, you mean to say Carnes. It is probably wrong by there was the protected from Kyoto disturbing the grave. He also said more
Once the morgue live in a common, Jakarta Chicken Loris injure camera on the the more it seeks to protect the body from being dug up by people who were wrong. Been graves to sell the bodies to anatomists, yet were imagine you know, maybe loot the bodies well on your way, yeah, like here's, your body disregard where that wedding gold wedding ban was on the finger member. Mr Burns has the suit that Charlie Chaplin was buried in a shadow boxing. That's a good one, and I can't you know
I guess I mean skipping for though, but the modern era, the last hundred years has been. I mean headstone. The headstone industry is a big deal. It suits. You know. People put a lot of thought into what goes on there. Headstone other families headstone and has a lot of money, and you can be as ornate as you want to bore you can do. I can now World Hannah bombs and invent her own. This lie fake headstone. Here, just pretty good. You wanna talk about some of these ones. Yeah some of these epitaph. We have the slide show on stuff. You should know dot com call that twenty one remarkable epitaph and it is definitely worth checking out- and this was my favorite check- Charles Bukovsky yeah, you caskeys.
Don't try their earlier. Any has a little pugilist do yeah he's a huge box event think he might have been a boxer himself. He died nineteen, eighty four yeah crazy. For some reason. I thought he was like in the eighties or something now he's still working in the eighties yeah boy. He didn't get there the end Well, he pretty much rank has helped to death. I know that he had hidden it'll, truly better. Remember seeing a documentary I think from eighties are not only nine is. Is it the one relates kicks his wife off of accounts or something is like being physically abusive in the document, though it wasn't a nice fellow, now really wasn't no, not at all. You saw butterfly right, that's one of my time. Favorite movie, I figured Scotland Missus Allen
Mitchell's. I was just a person, yet we dislike room noteworthy while they sucks then Arthur yeah. That seems like something I might do actually well the Saxon. Your grace then yeah he's got me thinking of what I would want. You know I mean I didn't come up with anything, but I think I would just want something sort of like humble, like you know, he tried his best but need help you didn't do such a good job, all the time or the army I wouldn't keep going. I wouldn't want to like flouts like tat anything or trumped up any life. You know like this. Here's a simple: do you tread the not be such a jerk right as that? Basically, what about male blanks? Yeah? That's all folks! Here, that's a give a man, a one thousand voices, that's very nice. Some of these are a little small c and sweet. Besides did Robert Clay Alison his tombstone, he died in eighteen, eighty, seven at the age of forty seven,
epitaph says he never killed a man. They did not need killing. That's pretty good! That's a gun! Slinger right there did. You know that only like four I find in the history of the United States, where the loser and actual gunfight in the centre of town. No something good don't be done. Do you make a mental note? Ok, I think it's verify like five times or something is very much a movie thing. There are plenty of gun. People, shootin and gunfights, but like the whole, like Jaime here here, come out the middle down and draw your guns it. The ticket the clock or whatever you notice of earth was a surprisingly good movie. Three o clock high jealousy their Richard tastes and in cases of Moscow, gas or that when it came out and thought man, this is kind of different movie. Here, then years later, it's sort of occult favour skill that guy, what was his name in the movie? The bully for his real
now his name in the movie. I don't remember it was like a scary first name or somethin anyway, non tourists, sale. Arnold forts in anchoring kindergarten cup lacking, see kindergarten cup. Really here you can see it Would you mind? Do anymore received just tell me where you go check this out. I think we should use the illicit this one more. I raised for beautiful daughters with only one bathroom, and still there was love. That's nice! It is nice. He wants to be morbid. You know, I think the son of he said you're just gonna be some orbits line of how they say. I'm gonna get you a check, one more thing about epitaph engrave stuff for remove on. There is a third member White UK the Whitey K bug you. I wasn't sold on that to begin my father a lot of potential problems. It wasn't just with computer programs, yet one of them was the great marker industry a lot of people by their headstone.
At a time and they had nineteen and then nothing after the date right because they expected to die in the twentieth century. While a lot of people had to have this filled in research because they lived under the two thousands. There is a big problem and apparent: a lot of long standing. Gravestone makers around the sixties or seventy started really trying to persuade their customers did ya at that in bright, alot of people didn't listen. Some people did some people, then why did you get that ahead of time. I understand picking out your blood and you know what you want to say, but the actual etching like who cares? I guess these people really didn't want their families. They have to do almost I get that, like just put. Nine nine are backed up and if they are all yesterday, grumpy like I'm alive, it's two thousand gotta call that guy exactly Emmy wooded what a thing to have to do less? Merely give my epitaph
then Enrique are of drink novelty and get epithets regard. I shall move on here after this message. Reagan talk a little bit about military graves and government funded hello stuff, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help put to your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to or identity, and they see more than what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal yeah and if you ever problem. Lifelike: U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps it take to help resolve your case.
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curse or even before the national cemeteries were established in eighteen, sixty two and they hadn't like a prior to the civil war. They had all these frontier armies and they with just bear you and don't bury me over temporary. Basically, there very Diane Battle, not a mask as in they would dump everyone in there, but a mass grave site yeah initially like It is very everyone together or any wouldn't even market yet or you were does buried In battle like where you died, if things were really tough, if you, if you re lucky, I M quite sure there are plenty of soldiers who were not left on the frontiers of basically be picked up by falters sky burial sky burials on the american frontier yeah you're, exactly I m sure it wasn't until it the nineties, three that they started even marking these mass graves. It was like a bunch of soldiers died here this year. The pit fill it in English, about it. Then, in the mid nineties, entry
like the Crimean WAR, for example, they would raise a monument saying, there's a bunch of guys buried here who rail and in this battle here and there was an internal war war, one that they started to really tried it individually. Bury men who fell in battle. Yeah initially in the civil war days. They were done these the wooden board and it would have registration number and some sort of inscription, but they didn't keep any gonna records of burials. At that point, that came along waiters well, but once the civil war happen, after the battle of analysis, There were like a lot of people are dying here. This is becoming a problem here. I think we need to find a way to respect these soldiers, and so the quartermaster general from the generals orders in September eighteen sixty one. I was directed to finally start keeping records and provide head boards have boards in Forms yeah doll the commanders around the country. Yet so they could just keep track of everything in the.
Is the first time that anybody ever made a coordinated effort to track burials. Ever apparently, yeah and after the civil war, they made an effort for the first time to relocate people that were buried in battle and have them relocated to an official grave yeah, the wind after that, the civil war, oh yeah, because they had a bunch of them confederate dead that the southern states reclaimed yet and move down south to bury yet so that they would have to be buried in a Yankee Earth Yankee Dirt in eighteen. Sixty five is when they started thinking, hey these wooden burial markers, lasting. Very long know they were expected less about five years yeah they each cost at the time. A dollar twenty three years is not cheap now and so
when you suddenly multiplied by the three hundred thousand expected dead from the civil war that you had very then maintain their their headboard every five years. They suddenly he's gonna go well into a million dollars over the next twenty years. May we should come up with something of a more permanent. Then popsicle sticks It was the economics of it and the public sentiment started growing too hey. Maybe we should memorialize these soldiers and a more permanent way. Yeah there's a little weird thing. That's rotting after four years is pretty Canada disrespectful thing? And apparently there is a huge and vigorous debate over why we should use as a headset three. You like something like marble. Where should we use something like gag organised iron quotas in zinc, right, it wasn't in familiar. That was the thing until today you never heard of it either, and I guess course like seven years, there is a lot of debate and angry. We
flying in in dumb, I'm sure Marvel industry was. I gave a marble galvanise iron instruments like that. You better get. You didn't even get this past and in full really the Marvel people one. Yeah and in eighteen. Seventy three secretary of WAR, William W Bell Map, said you know what we're gonna designing stones are gonna, be a national cemeteries, are gonna, be permanent, but their own before the known dead at this point and the unknown came about as well, and not only that it. This is just for union soldiers, that we're not provided forget confederate soldier has a bit of a slap in the face. I believe the reverse that position later on And then anybody who ever fallen in battle in the United States got a marker and they made different markers for the unknown dead. They were basically just block. The stone, and then it had the grave the burial plot carved into the top of it and then away
they said no. We're gonna make all of them. The same. Everybody gets the same. Marker and they made it retroactive too, and starting started, including past wars. Revolutionary war were making twelve mexican war in indian campaigns and then eventually to spanish american WAR, so that a lot of thought went into. It oppose any kind of never think about that kind of thing you to see like Arlington, and you don't think about other the scenes work in decisions that need to be made on exactly how to do that yet and they they even did a study in nineteen o two to find out how the the eighteen, seventy. Nine markers were holding up and they said we need to change these a little bit. So if anyone ever asks you what the official military headstone in the? U s dimensions are disobedience, arcane piece of trivia anyone, but her asked prettier Kane, but you could probably impress some
don't go your grandpa out with this one. The height of the stone is thirty, nine inches tall, twelve inches wide in the thickness, his four inches, and apparently the height extends twelve inches above the ground. So you have twenty seven inches very below the ground. Near you, ve, been early to screening is really something you're. Good Open cemetery yearn aware yet the narrative yes pretty nice. It is really something here and they open even has and avoid scope. I don't think a deafening ups, but they have like concerts. They hurt and stuff like that here and I think they are movies are yeah. I think so, like an outside, think there's some really neat muslim like a miniature statue of liberty. There, some really ornate beautiful Muslims Bobby Jones, the famous golfer is buried there and theirs.
Hunting green on his lower grave say everything that yeah fewer. If you there's usually gulf, falls there. I think if you bring your computer, you can visit their put on his grave interesting. Why just recently saw Washington and MRS Washington's grave at done up there in DC, which was cool. But they were moved as well that one's really kind of when you go there to Mount Vernon. You know you see them bear oh yeah. We saw that recently to hear you see they remove from original one billion original to MR their right, and they made a nicer one, and then there is the slave. Burial ground which is just a really kind of sad least division cause. It's not mean they ve done something now, but I'm sort of a reminder of what went on, which you know. Speaking of that, Washington is like you know his lauded for freeing his slaves yet, but it was after he
he freed them after he died yet and then in his willows after Martha Washington was to die right, then they would be officially freed, and you know it's that's great. Whatever but he still held slaves until he died at least you're Martha. Washington did something remarkable, though she gave the slaves that she inherited from her husband, their freedom within a year of his death. She didn't wait until she died. She's like you, guys, be free and I mean in Washington favor for sure he also provide substantial amounts of money for their for them to start a new free life. It was yes, like your free good luck right. It was, you guys, are free like peers, here's a new life for you right did you go recently, yeah yeah, pretty
It is like a really well done. I guess living museum Gallant last year, but just my sister and then went again. Actually, when I present within the last, like few weeks of each other, when it yeah does. I went with my niece and Emily and am highly recommend going to Mount Vernon its and money. Tell of two. I saw him up in their amazing. They oppose the largest, really great spots. You go check out yet political, I'm! You can stand there and look at the bed where he died yet view like five. He familiar I try to get in and lay down and they It gets no smacked onerous right after this break. We're gonna talk a little bit about unmarked grades, new year's resolutions, are very, very difficult to keep git
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ever go to the post office, again, Chuck yeah. I m interested in learning the definition of an unmarked as per se, someone named Joe Lean, while it means it's a great. That's, not Margaret pretty much. It's almost exactly what you think it is as if somebody is buried in a grave yeah. This is, according from this article from House to Fort. According to Julian Mason who's, the general manager Pierce brothers westward villas more your park, which is where a lot of celebrities are buried in LOS Angeles securely, want them ass, useless. Can she says it? There's? No marker, headstone or name plate in there is someone in the grave it qualifies as unmarked she's, probably like yeah. She hung up the shaking her head here. There are many reasons
there's a lot of reasons why you might want your grave unmarked. Man, though, is so carry overs. Just then to make one that lady will make fun of quote the whole thing: sorry everyone they Nicholls at Caddy. I was moved to say something like it said: there's a lot of reasons you might want, or why there's rings you might have an unmarked grave. Historically, you might have an unmarked grave if you are a really bad person like Himmler. Oh here, his grave is Martha, make sense, yeah pretty bad persons. That person good example of a bad person. He thinks you're welcome.
The executed criminals, a lot of times have unmarked graves allotted time is to show like in contempt for what they did on earth, but a lot of times to its also. So it doesn't draw people there to be no go to bed things defaced, the graven anyway sure I'm family victims or whatever its also. If families, if you die a pauper there, you will be very much The potter's field in Oakland Cemetery has powers feel yet on the needs of the theatre to the driving theatre. Is their potter's fielding area another right next to it by a basic places, a plot of on Mark graves here and the state still there you are the one next to a starlight drive in his arm like a lot of bad stuff concerned with aircraft pyramids, prostitution and drugs. In here. What else could you do? You can scatter the remains of a bad person and not even
the grave at all and that's what some of the Nazi war criminals? That was their fate. I like Eichmann, incurring, were just scattered and likes, and no one would know what You know I wasn't around then, but today it would seem like a few came up against the Nazis. Again, the best way to dispose of their body would be something we mentioned in. Our episode were words and waste disposal body and member. The auto, like this one we turned into The risk is due at I can be poured down the drain yeah, that's what you should do with nazis these days, put it in the toilet and flush it. Yes, yes, good had the Nazis year, but in subsidies, don't they treat wastewater for eventual drinking water that the process of origin, this renders it sterile. So you can therefore down the drain, but would you wanna drink it? Those who might I can imagine the molecules that we drink the things that we drink or they use
to be yeah that still make it into our body on a molecular level. I'm sure would be revolting that now sure as more effective anybody out there does now. If you work in like wastewater treatment, something share some stories that the good fight gas enough. I want to know Do you remember the story of that poor girl, in LOS Angeles, who went missing shoes on a trip there by yourself for a few days, is from Canada and last couple years the one in the tank yeah yeah. They found her and then what the drinking in the hotel water tank on the roof year after, like I think, a week or two year, because people said the water tasted funny looked funny. Yes, she was one that did, though, the strange stuff with the elevator right. Yes, yes, she was, she was meant that was really said, was a mental illness her with young drugs. I dont believe she had a history mental illnesses. Yet she did, she didn't get. Medicine is a minute said either way give it a first attack on my gosh of the previous sitting.
Seeing her behaviour. So, weird yeah, if you look on line there's a lot of sixteen year olds are like the animals that she was possessed by a demon and ate it. They actually mean it Jack. They mean come on sixteen year old, detract together and now to close we're gonna go over some famous people with unmarked grace, because sometimes, if you famous your family, might one and on my grave, so your great site doesn't become a tourist. Stop! That's one reason I guess: he's ever been delayed period, machine and now have, but I've seen picture yeah when of course, because I was just at college way into the doors and you didn't go to live now. I went and looked at it
you don't like the doors anymore, the idea combo it it damn. It was a passing fancy, but I don't like this the doors, but I was a really into him for a while, and then I now collect. Morrison was not much of a poet about his poetry books back then, and I was all into the lizard king. I think if something happens, when you're twenty shit, let's get music. I still I come out in the pink Floyd for a while to, but I don't listen in the much anymore. They have a new come out from what I hear. I did hear that all material that they were there's gonna, be off here last eleven boy, but not like I did when I was fourteen near. I Mozart he's an unmarked him, because, even though we see him as a big shot, he at the time
was not in the upper echelons of society know you had to be pretty Haifa, Luton in the eighteenth century in Vienna, to give it marker, yes he's very. They now have a my and eighteen fifty they built a monument over where they think he was buried, and then that was later moved to a space where they decide honoured various muse, that were buried there and they put up another monument near his regional, assumed, presume grave site and mark cemetery. Saint marks an hour s arm, and it has an angel. Meaning up against a broken column which, as you remember, indicates someone who is cut down the prime of life and must sort died aged thirty, five suddenly of rheumatic fever, the vapours he had the vapours, how they got that. That's what I call the innocent. I surrender
Lovely it is John Wayne he is buried in his family gives his reason for his unmarked grave you're, just not wanting to be disrespectful to others that are also very there yet, which I think is a pretty nice thing. That's kind of her and I want to say a trend, but a lot of celebrities. Families do that they their buried in Denmark graves either because they have the same thought that you have lecture you. You wanna, be humble you can't be much more humble than had been buried in an unmarked grave here. I want to be marked at least so. Like I George see, Scott fires occur there both an unmarked grave, zero Orison Roy Orison is because really is family, never got around it. Putting headstone honest
there are planning on moving and we never have so yet and laying in an unmarked grave. Since ninety eight near Bessie Smith, famous Blue, singer ass, she was big and the vaudeville scene in the nineteen twenties and like a lot of the siren singers of the day, had a problem with alcoholism and died in a car crash in nineteen. Thirty seven and she didn't have a grave because her husband, apparently the rumours, did, want to pay for it and years later, Janis Joplin. With such a fan, she had moved to pay for, and commissioner headstone for her, and I didn't see if it was ever done. It says she died shortly thereafter, but I do know that project was ever completed. It was ok. It went through MIKE Tyson devoted to his mother was died very poor, and I think I had an unmarked grave
very small marker and after he had a big one of four things he did was get this huge gaudy, elaborate, headstone erected for abolition is than they ve had some problems with fans abolishes parting his grave, so they moved him from his grave and Marthas vineyard to a spot that only the family knows, but they have to send out soldier empty terms. I want it Marthas vineyard one at his family part in Chicago, where you can go visit, but apparently only like his family knows where he is truly very now, and you know I flung out in the room where he died with time. Then in the pollution cabana at the Chateau Marmite, oh yeah. I always think he resumed it was seen over Chicago, but that was a Chris Farley yeah who died in it exactly the same manner.
Elucidating Chicago yet a little weird, I mean you're sitting there in your in. I was having a good time and having a few drinks and like John Belushi, died right here, we're standing and numb yeah that way to go, see ball, shut and then check. I got one more Remo Peter PAN, the Disney movie, the cartoon yeah yeah low boy who lives who voiced Peter PAN. Now he is buried in an unmarked paupers grave that has said He was in his name is Bobby Driscoll. He was in need of Peter PAN, but also treasure. I went away, I recalled the window and he was a child star and after he had puberty, he was apparently discarded by Hollywood and hit. The skids near naturally died thing
I hope the kid who voiced Peter PAN Data Age, thirty, one in an abandoned apartment in New York City, said not even of drug overdose but of a whole bunch of drug overdoses that finally led the catastrophic heart failure his mother started looking for a year after he died and found that he died cause. I guess the police printed him. He was just a John DOE until his mother started looking for a while, but he's still varied in an Amr grave from what I understand yet and if not just like. Oh, he was famous and so sadly died that way, because thousands of people die every day in this country, homeless, people there
died with no family in knowing that cares about bearing at what there's also a lot of people who have family whose family dont have enough money to do anything, and I have no choice but to allow the state to handle the funeral, and it is not. However, a funeral state state run funerals or not elaborate, I'm sure. Unless it's in a head of state, then there it was Bang twenty one than salute I got nothing else. I don't either good or website stuff. You should know dot com and check out twenty one remarkable epitaphs. It's pretty good. If I say so myself, it is good you can read the let's see what is it? Ten famous people buried an unmarked graves that articles on how that works, dot, com and, since I said ass, the words that com is simply less airmail. I'm gonna call this brain Nicole illusion and this is-
and that we hear about a lot and as fans of radio broadcasting myself. If you never seen someone you ve always heard so is jarring z. Look like, and some people still don't even want to know what we look like, which I get blame you, man, I've seen Cairo's dull before yes, it's fun to look at them, be our people like those rights, is expected to be three hundred years old Lois Rights is looks exactly like. I would have thought she look younger than I thought but not much. I pay guys just joking Jerry and again Jerry Spilt directly. People are really get more than man. I've been an avid listener to your progress in the sister podcast, since two thousand nine never thought it have anything interesting enough to read it.
But if I may happen- and it was so perception altering so randomly odd- I thought you should know all these years I had an inner podcast movie playing of you to bantering going through my head, always good. I could see Chuck laughing. I can suggest studiously waning things and I stayed in Part Caslon, never having been carried out shows or videos yet enjoy meantime as well, but what you're? My upside down and seem like a brain uncle. Illusion was that I finally did see video the two of you and Josh's voice was coming out of checks face in touch voice, had a beard on it. All this time I had thought of each of you was the other person, and this is after he had already seen pictures. There must be really yeah, seeing those voice coming out, different faces is done, my head, and I think the culprit is how your pictures are situated on the Pike S image would check on the left and Josh and the right since westerners.
From left to right and the show always starts with Josh and Chuck and then check. That's all My brain put you and I now have to fight with my inner podcast movie to correct which face the voices for coming from and it causes constant bewilderment. You guys are meeting my dreamland every night with your friendly voices thanks a lot. Perhaps I would just follow the advice of one of those funny tee shirts. I reject your reality and sub my own, because, no matter how hard I try always eat Josh with a beard and chuck with a bus cut, you get it wrong power and that, even though I did have a basket recently Avalon thanks a lot of wine. We appreciate you writing and we do here that a lot so for everybody who that's ever happen to. I'm sorry I guess, but not really consistent and we could do about it. Your brain look like
Look like you want to share something from your brain with us. You can tweak to us it s why escalate pod cast! You can join us on Facebook that complex that we should know you. Consent is an email to stuff pod cast a house of works that count. And as always check this out at home on the web stuff. You should know doc or more on this and thousands of other topics how stuff works, dot, com zone impeachment. I mean only right if you want to know
each year for going on right now. Well, I've got just the pot cast for you, I'm Haze Brown, a reporter and editor at Busby NEWS and the host of impeachment today, a daily podcast produce in partnership with I heard radio in just ten to fifteen minutes every week day morning, I'll catch you up on what just happened with the help of other Buzzfeed user porters. Figure out what it means and give you the context you need understand. W e f is really going on right, now: listen and subscribe to impeachment. Today on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you listen.
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