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What's the deal with the Bermuda Triangle?

2012-01-12 | 🔗

There's roughly 500,000 squares miles encompassed in a triangle with points in Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. There shouldn't be anything different about this area, but some people believe it's a hotbed of supernatural activity. Tune in to learn why.

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In season one from scratch. I had a blast. I descended into the old cotton I visited Varn I and the chefs cooked. We did lots of cooking vegetables the carmelites by it's completely different season. One is now complete and available, listen to from scratch, with Michael Roman on the Iheart Radio, on apple pie, CAS or wherever you get your partners to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works.
Hey and was cast on Josh Clark in those Charles of each of the brain, and I make stuff you should know three podcast rip off a stuff. They don't want you to know in this particular episode thrive. But that's not the case at all. I was just thinking very man with Josh, rightfully recorded a year with Song have you tried every Sancho, the Bermuda triangle- and I think I remember the gist of it- was that the The triangle not only makes ships in planes disappeared, but people from your love life
will disappear to sail through the Bermuda triangle. I remember, but I was, as I told you, I was speaking very mental. I was a kid for some reason. When I was eight, I just thought he was. The bee's knees he's very cool. Yes me Jimmy has every single one of his record: their homes ought to go home and route that song. I still have due to the Bundestag mine Indiana, clue you sweet, given ice record collection. Had nothing vladic, I've got about two crates. While not not a ton, but I'll bet, they're choice, neither pretty good, ok! Well, there you have it merely trying to thank you, everybody, the records range from very many love to like Molly Hatchet. So that tells you what happened. It is nine and fifty for me, I'm Chuck judge you wanna get through this year. You mean you're, a kid. You just admitted to being a kid want. I was once so, of course, the Bermuda trying.
Struck your fancy at some point. Well, in the seventies, it was a big deal like our for it being a big deal in the seventies, and I was kind of thinking you know you never you're about it any more, but I think it was due to the book Charles prelates. His book came out. Nineteen. Seventy four was a calm. The Bermuda triangle Oh, it's the Bermuda triangle, owner to differently, It's just a permit, a triangle bit his soul, twenty million copies and, like I remember this being a big deal at the time it was icon, might Douglas show in here so that I think that's. Why also begin the seventy people were dumber back. That was very well and I was in the seven there was already he wrote that song after the book with you. Why do you want to decide whether my answer was no good anyway? So you want to get into the Bermuda. Angle, the intro disappeared like so many ships at sea was very good, Charles of each a guy like you. So
We think of the Bermuda triangle is old, possibly ancient, possibly lost mystery. That is, that forms a triangle to geographical made up fictitious geographical area founded were with its point. Between saying one Puerto Rico Bermuda nearly enough and Miami it's real, but it's just not it's not recognised by any official geographic bodies right, but if get a map. He could also make Bermuda Quadra. He drank with, like it eight other places too so heads as real as the Bermuda Quadra Hydrant arm. It's not real. If you are a member of the U S Board of Geographic names, because they don't recognize it formally, most people don't not officially, at least by. I was
that you know it seems like it's been around a long time. It wasn't until nineteen sixty four that it got its name. Did you know that I did because actually research this a long time ago and didn't do it for some reason, so I knew it from them, but only from them and their theirs. I mean if you in this kind of thing you are well aware that there have been hundreds and hundreds of ships that have gone missing over, say the past century planes, ships, cars, somehow people just gone depends on. He asked right depends on you know how, like I say, if your into it or not, and basically the key to the Bermuda triangle- is
how are you take statistics near her? You either manipulate them yourselves or how you accept. Statistics at face value was probably a pretty good indicator about how you feel about the Bermuda triangle and life. There's been all sorts of explanations from basically natural phenomenon to the idea that Atlantis there somewhere, which will get into to the idea that it's really no different than anywhere else, and it's just a bunch of sensationalism. Yes, but no matter How you look at the Bermuda triangle: it encompasses about five hundred thousand square miles yeah. It's huge and extremely well travelled area. It's not off the beaten path at all. Do a lot
you. Wanna go to Bermuda well harm, as is in there I'm inclined year, plus it's just that. It's just a heavily travelled route in area as far shipping goes. I imagine Tierra yes, so supposedly there's been as many as a hundred ships in a thousand lives lost in the burmese triangle and the last century right, but something some say her part of the problem is the coastguard. Supposedly is that it doesn't that there's not an unusual amount of incidents there that ok, a thousand people have died and a hundred ships have been lost in one hundred years were gathered. Nothing other people say no, that's the case Lloyds of London which, by the way chuck if you listen to the coffee, podcast the tie that binds happy to Bermuda. Triangle is Lloyds of London, trait in eighteen. Seventy five, the editor of Fate Magazine Mary, Margaret fuller. She content
Lloyds of London. Instead, hey can you give me a list of pay off for them? The Bermuda triangle and Lloyd, said sure we can. Of course we do this thing all the time and four hundred and twenty eight vessels were reported missing throughout the world between eighteen, fifty, five, nineteen, seventy five yet and the Bermuda triangle didn't have any significantly higher incidence than any other areas personally right, which is why the entrance premiums. The Bermuda triangle are no different than anywhere else as well. Yes, we should point out. If you ask a guy disgusting, Emma Jane this with a g. And J Khazar cake ice cutlets is come on closer Jean Quasar Ginger Quasar. That's that's bullshit! That's what I'm calling
Have you been in his bed? Now? I actually that's not true. He had his the administrator, Bermuda hyphen triangle, dot org, you I believe I have been to that, for, in his author, up into the Bermuda triangle, Cohen, pursuing the truth behind the world's greatest mystery. Yet I went to the site because I felt like I owed it to him to check this out. It is another one other sites that looks like Myspace page from two thousand to hear it: draw you in as far as looking valid, not saying it's not, but it doesn't look soup. Rational? There has there's like text. That's We're lapping the images in some pages, don't load like user, a good user experience tat. In this recipe to one's fantastic claims. It really does. Mr Quasar, we mean it. If you update your user experience, people will
listen more there. I would have honestly state on the site a lot longer men like when we look at this, but as soon as asylum it come on, but despite his lack of web design, go here He has put a lot of time and effort and energy into researching the Bermuda triangle are the ones who says Hey Lloyds of London. That's that's that's! Why would you gonna Lloyds of London? That's what he's Well, he says that Lloyds of London and even keep track of smaller craft in of these small aircraft are missing and they don't even ensure yachts, which is not true and looked up. Those on I'm glad you dont up there. Maybe he means yachts of a certain size, yet they definitely ensure yachts. In fact they were. Ironically, I am not mistaken.
The originators of Maritime Insurance way back when, while I might be wrong- but I thought I remember- I dont think you're wrong, I'm so well! Mr Quasar went to the coastguard. Instead, the coastguard has definitive records on missing vessels. They call them, delayed overdue overdue. Here vessels like a three hour towards hasn't come back yes, so it's overdo it supposed to be there after three hours, a hundred and eighty thousand hours ago, so it is a very long overdue. So, Mr Cook, found that they he he was. He says there given data on overdue vessels after asking for twelve years and found that in the previous two years, the coastguard records of three hundred missing are overdue. Vessels, that is it
There are still overdue or they were overdue by a couple hours and they were discussed at one pointless. It is overdue as an excellent question, adding that that is a very good question will out this guy listens to the pack. Ass may be, can tell us, although we could contact him through his website, to pass not that hard. He also went to the National Transportation Safety Board and lifted their database and said: hey. Ok, let's just take a random place than if the Bermuda triangle snow, than any other area. How about off the coast of New England and will say for the last ten years has only been a few disappearances of vessels in the triangle over that same time period. Thirty, I would ask Mr Quasar, like just Gimme, more stats like did he compare the amount of travel there? Was it equalize whether they take everything in a considered. Right I mean. Maybe the the coast of New England has
proportionately, low amount of missing vessels, whereas the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean has higher than in Bermuda all right. We also determine where you're, comparing it in order they have a lot of both think that they found because the water was in his deep. Her was easily accessible because he's talking about disappearances right, my green ever fine wreckage right. So I guess Jean Quasar Ginger these are, is a torch bearer of a very long line of people who have really sunk their teeth in time, gee into this solving this mystery or or
I believe, in promoting something. There isn't a mystery as a mystery. Yes, because they genuinely believe it district and probably what's what kick. The whole thing off, at least in the public's imagination, was the missing squadron: the lost flight flight, nineteen which Chuck actually disappeared. In nineteen. Sixty six years ago, last week, oh yeah yeah, they had a little ceremony down it, four Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to honour the fourteen, service men who were lost on that flight through flight nineteen very sad, but that was then made huge headlines. Yeah me want to go until the story. Girl spoke about flight. Nineteen in I want to point out that this is one of the leading stories in fact when back and look at all the research. A lot of this
based on a handful of stories that have been retold over and over and over. While these different people also seems like there's more than there are now it's just that the whole than the who Mystery of the Bermuda triangle is based on a handful of disappearances that are noted. Nuts. Well, I guess, and not like a hundred So U S? Navy of injures fight nineteen nineteen, forty five I've missing Navy pilot adventures. I guess, is that. Plain gather: Navy Grumman, TV, F, Avenger, Sarah propeller planes, fighter fighter jets are fighter prop planes from that WAR, ok, so they set out on a routine patrol sunny day, five highly experience student pilots, which bit of a contradiction in terms, but I mean these were Navy pilot, so
answer. If you put him side by side, any other student piracy would do, they would dogfight amended in the humiliation into oblivion Lieutenant Charles Taylor. I led the mission the mission included a few course changes departed at one. Fifty schedule course changes yet Taylor knew what he was doing and this was a routine flight. Let's have some say: there's of speculation nets. Taylor wasn't super experienced, likely the other pilots weren't super experience in that he had a consistent heard of navigation troubles the looting ditching airplanes twice in the Pacific Ocean. Well, that's just routine Navy hazing back to him but will get into that. So Taylor Leather missions they took off our,
over Fort Lauderdale Florida when they heard a signal that they thought was from a boat or a plane in distress. No, that was Cox that her that signal This part of the crew right- I was here- you see the base. He was another guy who is flying over a different part of Florida, ok yeah he was, he can to try to help them. He got the deuce distress. Signal He tried to figure out where they were and was giving them instructions. Ok, that makes more sense, so Cox. Told Taylor fly with the sun at your left wing and up the coast until you see Miami in ya know my Miami, when you see it monsieur Taylor said none and I were over a small island and there's no other land anywhere. It was afforded keys which it was. He would have seen a bunch of islands, obviously in Florida sure sticking down there and they only had a couple of hours left to fuel, and then Taylor described a large island there,
They assumed was Andrews Island, which is the largest island in the Bahamas, and so they sent him back further instructions. To get him to Fort Lauderdale that right yeah, but there's a big part that you left out here- and this is important. Taylor reported that everything looked wrong oh yeah and that is compasses were ongoing haywire while yet you're an visited visibly yet a big when he started on this heading. His voice started coming through and louder russian. They took the mean your headed in the right direction right because the basic talking to them for louder than yes. So if you're getting closer you're on the right path but tailors had not- and I think you're right I think we went barn of ISA, we're going to turn around and go east again. At that point, the voice got less we're here and further away indicating that, the going in the wrong direction and allows it they heard from him again or anybody else,
never found any records. As far as I understand, there is lost all five Navy adventures and there were two c planes that were out, and one of unexploded I have to take off in the other one never found any trace of flight. Nineteen yeah so that's a nineteen, forty five right so nice, fifty two and Arthur George Sand wrote an article. Four fate magazine called see history at our back door and first described a quota. Watery triangle, bounded roughly by Florida, Bermuda in Puerto Rico and then and nineteen sixty. Era. Go see, Magyar, sorry, Argosy magazine. Finally, the triangle, its name. By Vincent Goddess, called the deadly Bermuda triangle, which is a pop magazine that rights fiction, but somehow people miss that and took it to be a real thing. Right, even says. The amazing tat
in a magazine, a master fiction, and when you look at it, I looked it up its. It doesn't look like a valid and are not valid, but it doesn't look like a Newsweek mountain. Your highness. Who is my pants, who is Nancy, closing their two of the most powerful people in government today, but how they? at their meeting tomorrow and on. Who is the first podcast from now this and I heart radio I'll, tell you the stories of the most important politicians in America and beyond through interviews with the reporters and experts who know them There is no Illuminati, there's no deep state, but there are means people on who is for everything, from sent a majority leader, Ms Mcdonald answering machine to senator as with warns favorite junk food to wear paternity education, Betsy Divorce and her husband went on the first day, one no more tune in to who is on
days on the Iheart Radio, up apple pie casts or wherever you get your by guests. Part of the other thing that capture the public- donation and that was kind of lost and he the Navy said they said that flight nineteen was lost due to pilot error and lieutenant tailors family was like now here's way to experience for that? There's no way. He would do this there's something else, so the Navy was pressured to change it on the Navy was like I I mean I want your feelings. We heard right and they changed it to thing has unknown yes, which separate mysterious exactly so. In the Navy saying we lost five fighter plane,
two causes unknown known in this area that people are called the Bermuda triangle. That's what really gave the Bermuda triangle, its initial boost into the in catching public imagination, yeah and, like I said, I've looked at more on Taylor and apparently who is the only other for part of the other for pilots, didn't have significant experience, had a history of getting lost. And by the time of his final transmission, there were low on fuel They weren't near land, whether came in and they probably crashed and landed on the bottom of the ocean right, not very mysterious I'm, but the fact that they were never heard from again does again capture the public's imagination. It does that would happen there. Just gone things are exposed to go, especially not airplanes units must not find a tree
something there been plenty of other things that have gone missing like you said, a lot of them very famous one. The merry Celeste is commonly listed as a difference of the Bermuda triangle, not so. None of the merry Celeste, which is a brig from the late nineteenth century, eating the eighteen seventies set sail from New York to Spain and shouldn't have come anywhere near the Bermuda triangle when it was found around the Straits of Gibraltar. Floating adrift, with Nary, a soul board being still on the girl, the pipe still smoking? I think when they found it. No explanation whatsoever just gone by The everything, do the Bermuda trying? I wonder how it got mixed up in this public people. This claim it that's the problem it's like
If there is something going on here, you know you're not helping your case in getting it across to incredulous sceptics right near by saying plus the merest last rightly in that something- and that was a ghost ship. Exactly the vote there was there was one that is legitimately. I talked to the Bermuda triangle, the Milwaukee. An fortieth Erle Airlift Wing playing six eighty reality or by the so in nineteen. Sixty five on a clear night ship. I am sorry, a flying box car the fair child, see one nineteen huge, huge old plain: take the spruce, goose huge. He began it lifted off. From a walkie on its way to Green Turk in the Bahamas, which is that's, that's like it, that's nice duty, I'm sure in it landed at homesteader
base at five hundred and four p dot m hung around for almost three hours and then lifted off at seven hundred and forty seven p dot m waited the Bahamas and was never heard from again after about halfway. There thing never heard from again no one ever found a trace of it the things that really catches the imagination about it and is it had a full crew of really experienced fight, mechanics implied engineers who knew what they were doing So if there is anything that was wrong with this plain, there are plenty of people on board to fix it seemingly, but nothing. The plaintiff gone forever, no trace. No one ever heard what said they found a few scraps of debris. Yes, but they think that
could have been scuttled, didn't appear to have undergone any damage or anything like that. Just like those of a good scuttling like there were high there's the sulphur queen, which was a ship that head like a hundred fifty thousand tonnes of molten sulphur aboard and they found scraps of or and stuff like that relevant indicate an explosion. There is nothing that indicated that, with the with plain sixty, it sank or maybe it was lifted to a distant planet. While that is, is wine explanation that people you so let's talk about we're gonna DV up the explanations in too far fetched theories. Yes, it is what the article I think very fairly calls, inter and at least using outcomes razor and then to more scientific explained. So it start
the intensely more fun and entertaining fireflies theories. Yes, I mention ufos an alien abduction, and that is a pretty hot bed of you, sightings down there, and some people have theorize that that's what's goin on their their parting, these ships and planes abducting them to their universe, their planet or it may actually be a portal to other planets. Yes, they think that possibly our quarrels, there, a blue hole which there are several in Bermuda triangle, are wormholes through dimensions or time and space, and I thought that this is a highly trafficked portal in Bermuda triangle, and ships in place get sucked into it accurately some Josh think again. These are the farfetched there's that were going over now. Yes, something
that is home to the law city, but who, which may or may not and populated by a race of aliens correct. They had advanced technology, some say, including a deathray weapon. Some say that destroyed Atlantis, eventually ichor cases have you heard her. I have sleeping psychic in profit of Virginia beats near here. He was really four Atlantis. He was an he predicted. Actually there in the sixties, hidden predicted in the sixties. He predicted that in the sixties, people would find evidence of Atlantis off the coast of Germany enough in nineteen. Sixty eight was it yeah they found was the Bimini road. Now this is pretty interesting ethnic. It is. It depends on your viewpoint, sure, like Bermuda Triangle the whole, but yes, there's a long. What looks to be a road of shaped blocks of rock yeah,
About fifteen feet of water off because the bimini, yet it's cool, look in a lot of people say this: it is something happened. Naturally, yes, like a coral reef, might and others have studied it and said you know what these stones are shaped and their place there very purposely as a wall. It also cover Binny, Wallace and or road, and this could have been tied to Atlanta, somehow could have been. A lot of people say also look, there's tool marks on there and then critic say yes, underwater tourists like you of use tools to take chips off of it, a souvenirs. They are vital, studying yeah. But if you look at the bimini, while it is very suggestive of being shaped by man, employment being put in place, but these are like enormous rock so yet have taken.
A marvel of engineering to get those there. You know what Jerry just interrupted the podcast, which he rarely does in says. I doubt that the many road so she seen first I thought you said I drove it at first ha. Jerry is an alien underwater doom buggy. We should it has had her say it, but there were do you wanna, say now she once it is. That would mean she exists. Did she beat first did Wowzer. So, let's get back to Atlantis, they supposedly relied on the power of special energy crystals, one of which has been recovered fire in doktor Re Brown, allegedly doktor, Re Brown was a diver and at night. Seventy. He said that he was diving down there and discovered and under a pyramid made of mere stone mirrored stone, envisages weird to see underwater menacing. A mere pyramid. Don't seem like the seventies, like ninety seven yeah, sure He said he entered the pyramid answer
a brassy metallic rod with a multi faceted Red Jim hanging from impact of the room and directly below this rod was a stand A brides, I'm sorry with bronze hands. Holding a crystal sphere, four inches in diameter. Like you know, I'm not gonna take that assembly. Suddenly he found it like Kirkland. You know that I cannot hold their from consequences. Yeah, so he thought I was a good idea to take this. He removed it. He said I'm not gonna, take it, but I'm not gonna tell anyone five years until the great psychic seminar of Phoenix Arizona in nineteen, thirty five when he revealed the Crystal
And what did they see when they gazed upon it, not one not twice or thrice pyramids inside of smaller sizes, the smaller in front of the other, and some people have been said- the scene of fourth one in a deep meditative state and try so basically Doktor Brown says: hey man. These these pyramids are evidence that there is some sort of electrical properties going on in this crystal and they're, probably more these crystals down there and then probably, what's causing all of these problems in the Bermuda triangle, but scarf as you might have disappeared, the evidence of an underwater urban complex off the coast of Cuba. That was recently discovered in the last ten years or so near the goes like racquetball courts and other stuff. But those definitely seventy five look this up
a out of it. What what did you see ourselves is still lacking? The still looking becomes aided in my old they're, making my scarface when he said when he said that scope as you may, yeah. Ok, magnetic abnormalities, this one, I think is What is interesting, a guy, a pilot name, Bruce Yearning, and he CO wrote a book called the fog Colin and never before public theory of the Bermuda triangle phenomenon he said that in December igniting seventy? He was flying to Bimini clear, eyes when he saw this weird cloud almost perfectly round, and hovering over the Miami Shoreline right. So he does, he go around goes to go around it and the carbon clamours couldn't go around it, so he said you know at the things like a tunnel now I'm gonna fly into the tunnel. What fire the other side and get to my destination normative affrighting. Now he her
he he got inside the tunnel. He said he saw lines on the walls spun counterclockwise and my my and the sky was hidden in his use the channel and breathe again guarantee in his. Navigational instruments were going nuts. His compass was spending counterclockwise. He said you know, should be blue sky at the end of the tunnel, but there's really nothing. There's no sky! There's no ocean! There's no horizon, there's, no, nothing but gray haze as his. Why? Yes, which is fine with two I said, Lieutenant Taylor, everything looks weird, yellow, compasses or haywire. Yet that's. Why accounts He contacted Miami AIR Traffic control to get some. Vacation? They said We don't see any planes over on our radar over and a few minutes later they went scratch that we see a plain. Now over no didn't they said that somebody spot
the plane over Miami Army out they didn't. It is not on the right are now. I know got up on the Red Army. Was I in the electronic fog. Somebody reported a plain flying over Miami over So he said to himself that's not possible because it takes a good. Our fifteen minutes to get to my Emmi. I've only been appear for forty seven minutes. At that moment, the clouds on appeals away and the instruments goes back to normal and he looks down any sees Miami Beach, Dwayne weighed on the beach of my Emmi itself, be playing basketball. So governance so that this happened to have no just once, but another time with his wife and down, he wrote a book on the fog and never before publish theory of the room you to try,
phenomenon. He basically says that there is some sort of the force of gravity is weaker there and so, like your bandit, ISM is allowed to escape more easily from the earth's core. Does you ve got and electromagnetic storm that disputes very quickly, but leads us electronic fog that kinda screw you up so of course, make you lose time and then the next thing you know you're a hundred miles off course with your compasses, showing that you're dead. Well, he claims eater. It's time travel tunnel so that's what he says, and he had another. Do that said: hey this thing happened to me. Ten years ago I went through the I'm storm and my watch confirmed it so there
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turkey. So no aliens, no awareness, look at. Let's get scientific here. How bout that the Bermuda triangle is the only place where the compass, the magnetic north, true north and Geographic North line up one or two places right. Yes, the other one get. This is named. The devil see it's off because to Japan, but that doesn't necessarily home what are either but to say. Ok,
about this, and that makes compasses go crazy, makes a malfunction and therefore even a season pilot could be led off course to die. So here's the mystery is Bermuda triangle laid bare scientifically. So what's magnetic declination go hidden explained so may then declination is the distance. So you have your geographic North pole, with his Constance constantly located in the same place were saying about right about twelve hundred miles north of the magnetic North pole. Yes magnetic declination is the difference, encompass degrees between the two north pulse? Yes, north, yes and you have to compensate for when you're charting a court, it moves as you travel. Well, yes, and it's not it's not constant, like it's not always separated by the same number of degrees. Depending on where you are right,
there is a line. Supposedly imaginary line where True North America, ignore, through imperfect climate of that suppose, ok, that I gonna climate area, but it's an imaginary line. Yes right, so you I've been highly the guy who discovered Haley's comment. You know what this again guy. Yet this again incline is arm. It moves it's moving westward it about point two degrees per year right at one point: yes, the economic life. Was in the Bermuda triangle, but it has been away for a while now about in the Gulf of Mexico. You know when it was I dont, but it if it's moving point two degrees per year. Yeah. It probably wouldn't account for all of these stuff. That's gonna Bermuda triangle, if a lot of it's gonna bring me trying right in the other Super Minister debunk, but the other thing
consider. Is that their their assuming that these pilots are accounting for the man declination wish, if you're, inexperience and pilot than your your accounting. For that to get your proper course exactly like these aren't spring chickens who were sailing through to Bermuda Triangle, not all at least we talked about blue halls already here, a k, wormholes rather dimension. Parts of the universe. Now Chuck, let's go on to the scientific or plausible theories, allocate more ok weather patterns it is a very turbulent area. You can have violent, unexpected storms at pop up seemingly out of nowhere, and that dissipate really really quick as quick as they came. There by satellites, so they can't point say well, there was a big storm there. The other was pop up leave. You can have a waterspout, just a tornado over the ocean, the really cool looking pretty can whip water up to about a thousand feet into the air tour of Europe.
While playing very. Nor do I know you could Doug, cannot by one or more. If you're, a boat were ship parked over a waterspout or travel were waterspout you're gone you're gone. So that's that's one plausible explanation, which is just bad weather. Yeah underwater earthquakes. Nearly there is a lot of seismic activity in the Bermuda triangle, and that can cause recalled freak waves, which is to say for those waves, but they can get it hundred feet high and if you are a little boat, even if your big, both a hundred foot waves, you you're not yet and one of the reasons you're gone chuck- is because of the underwater topography in in the Bermuda triangle. There's a gentle slope away from the north american continent, yes, and then it drops off and serve as a deep
trenches on planet earth are in that area right. So, if you're plainer boat and a waterspout sinks, you kicked out of the air or a freak wave pitcher and you sink off the shelf. The continental shelf in the trench you're never ever ever, going to be found, except for maybe Illustration couple thousand years into the future: maybe five hundred it sounds way more exciting on a tv show to say something like and it was never spotted again, especially Robert Status, but it's not as exciting to say it was never spotted again because it sank so deep. We cannot get down there to see it and isn't that we're in itself is not weird where that
creepy that treats me out more than the idea of like a warm hello like how what's down there in the air, like just a thought of a plain. That's supposed to be up in the air is down. There move That part of the ocean is home to three. Our current, the jet stream, the easterly in the Gulf Stream and the Gulf stream moves really fast, which is why Dexter dumpsters bodies in it because it's gonna get washed out to sea at about five miles an hour with something much trust the stairs fast through current ass when you're moving in the water and if you are an inexperienced sailor and apparently this area has a lot more experience pilots and sailors because its, I guess the vacation hath tourist again, it's gonna You off course hundreds of miles if you're not compensating for correctly and if they're, not looking in the right place you're a hundred miles over there, you might as well be on another planet.
Especially if you don't know where you are, because if you're a hundred miles off course, You don't realize you're a hundred miles off course, your guy. What about this methane gas? Sort like the exploding lake? I think this might. This is my favorite explanation. So there is up. There are significant deposits of things called methane hydrates, which is basically super, dense methane, gas in the form of ice crystals and the sea floor, and when these those which keep the gas in place. Rupture huge gas bubble can make its way to the surface without any warning whatsoever. In just a few seconds and in the area of this gas bubble, the guy mixes with the water, making a water significantly less dense, making a ship there
This would be in this area sunk like immediately and also takes up a bunch of sediment. So I conceivably, I ship that is pulled down, sat down to the bottom of the ocean and then cover with sediment is, by all intents and purposes missing forever. I knew it makes sense. I like the methane gas, while also if your plane, conceivably this gas explosion. This rupture would be flammable sure, and if you have electrical equipment, you could conceivably catch fire. Who knows I like it more for a ship yet is it makes sense lakes? Does the water basically bombing out any the ship? Maybe, but it's basically the same concept is Deathray crystal, except like we see these things right and their there mister. I read this this one guys article this morning and in heat,
about a gun in Larry Cash or kush in this guy. He was at the nineteen seventy five pounds. Tat was it: was he I don't think so. If he was there, he soon tomatoes item because these guys. It's like you know what I'm gonna really investigate everyone whose investigating- and he research dozens and dozens of articles in books and tv shows- and you say you know- I'm not many- People did any real investigation there I'll tell him the same worries over and over and over to sell paper. Azure advertising on tv and He says you know what they're just passing. Speculation as its truth, and what we ve got here is communal, reinforcement over the years of people that
got into this whole thing. That's really all it is. It's it's boat sake planes crash. Sometimes you don't get found end of story. That's what he said and here and you childhood. Pirates do they say the modern day pirates are or could be, a missing virtually before the d, a shut down the Caribbean for smuggling and, basically through Mexico, into a fit of living hell some plausible some far fetched, there's the Bermuda triangle. I think this is a good lesson in its like what we do and we're doing. Research if you across the same story in its told an almost the exact same way, using the same wording near across sight. After side of your site, just like you said community reinforced and it's not necessarily true, but
If you, while away you're hours and spend your time researching the Bermuda triangle getting into it. Tickles your fancy more poverty here, I'm not gonna put its fun he's just barely forty minutes preparing it now. I just I believe it's just but thinking in planes crashing awhile and also raises the question: is there even a significant amount loss compared to other places? don't seem like they were removed a triangle. If you want to learn more about it, you can read the article on the site called Bermuda triangle. Just type in the search bar has to work that comp and will bring it up, and I said so far, Time for listener may destroy jobs, and without this mass Thomas Nasty male lung asked himself he's now live anymore.
This from Evan, be in Evan, says I was just listening to the podcast on political animals. The one on the republican elephant. Democrat donkey I have an interesting story involving Thomas Nest. I have an elderly neighbour, but a year ago my mom started working form as an aid he was going, I'm sorry he's gonna, be financial troubles mentioned a painting he had bought years ago. When he looked in Pittsburgh, it was a painting of ahead of Christ and it turns out it was a Thomas Mast original, is very interesting, learn because NASA is known for its political works and not necessarily religious. Once my mom, training to be praise, and it was valued at about two hundred thousand dollars holy church turn out to be somewhat of a generous estimate, but the painting is still very valuable. Nonetheless, the painting was play in skinners auction house set to action in the fall, but not so. Unfortunately, however,
it's gonna be back up, rocks and again at the next skinners option, and I am happy that I finally have relevant story. You know you guys People say that they have always ninety million, but I've never had anything to say until now, but usually when they say that it something significant you can email in to say: hi, that's fine! You haven't you. Get right on the year unless it's what it's all about, that's what it says that they knew a telling his high. Seven b in his mom as a great story. I loved ones like that. Like have you ever heard the one about the lady. Who found like a hundred fifty grand in cash and like a fire extinguisher never happens for rarely. I love that
is it for unsolved mysteries. We proceeded joining us die. If you want to get in touch with us, you wanna tell us high. You can just tell us how it find you can tweak to us as why escape pod cast. You can join us on Facebook at Facebook that conflict that we should now or you can send us a plane or passing emo too stuff fog. Housetop works that count for more on this and dozens of other topics for the house. Upwards outcome to learn more about the podcast click on the paragraph in the upper right corner of our hope is the House of Lords Iphone have has arrived download it today on Itunes brought you either reinvented two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you. We are living in complicated times and seven rule MSNBC, Anchor and NBC News correspondent in my new posts. Ass, modern rules, I'm gonna be
in time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's stuff. I decided I want you survived survival, I spent equal aboard. They won't need its american listening, subscribed my new podcast modern rules apple fog, test the iron radioactive. Wherever you get your pocket,
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