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What's up with competitive eating?

2009-08-06 | 🔗

Competitive eating is a modern "sport" that's very popular in the United States. Join Josh and Chuck as they delve into the fascinatingly gross world of competitive eating in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

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Hey folks available now from Iheart, a new series presented by T Mobile for business. The restless ones join host Jonathan Strickland, as he explores he coming technological revolution with e restless. And its leaders who stand right on the cutting edge, they know is a better way to get things done, and they are ready, curious and excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future. In each episode, will learn more from the restless ones themselves and I've deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive the restless one is now available on the eye heart radio up or wherever you listen, podcast brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you Welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works. Tat. Everybody loves out its little meant that come intense will, once the men are gone can you some really meetings? Things with the left over people have made mp3 player
There's cameras even stoves check out how supports dot com slashed innovators to find out more hay and welcomed the podcast Josh Clark with these always is Charles, the view shop, suckers, chuckle, Ed factor. Chuck bride. You can just call me Kobayashi, no good. There was a great said. I thought
get out units embedded in Atlanta. Then again, are you talking about? I remember in high school, when I was younger man there is this place dearer buffaloes chain. I don't think it's around anymore. I think I think Europe allows the wings CAFE or ever yet they used to have like, like a ongoing gum hall of Fame or whatever wall of fame is plaque with people's names. On issues like in exemplary wings, right right- and I had a couple friends- are there at the one based by very high school, how Marianna Georgia think fifty or mortgage on their you guess river now in Spain
then another did you know anybody who want to reverse sides Travis trick and some guy who is on some reality, shows that I met now. I did not realise that they are. They went there now. I've got me see, had a cup Crisco document to my school he's NFL punter and would you go? I want to read an over now the cab here. Is it possible that the most famous person that went to my high school holy cow could there be chuck weird woodchuck? What's the most you ve ever even I have no idea it had to be some like chinese food, but they are something to say: yeah yeah those things will kill you, especially the big ones, ethics but phase one restaurant year, one of my friends had to be helped out. I had to help amount within a Robin Hippy, just it yeah close really. Well, you those clothes yeah, I'm onto the perfecting anywhere that I learned that for my dad, you know how to master the buffeted. When
yeah, but I think that your money is worth yea and have since learnt you know my dad was busy gorging himself. My mom was stuffing things in her purse site. This is like How things were in the seventies when you, until the failure of the phase of come a long way since then there are, and why does anyone go to any cafeterias style restaurant, especially this year, buffeted across the street? It's like all. You can eat or a very tiny portions for the same exact price. I'll tell you, I'm going buddy, I'm going to the place where people with oxygen an rascals, you're sweating, Greece are coming out of the door. That's I'm gonna, get that where you're gonna get your money for agreed sober face. We both eaten too much of a face that
really here, but no more with less talk about competitive eating his length sedative about above, accept vying for the white meat assure that the only competitive. That's your thing here, so why there are people out. There is, as you may have guessed by now, that eat competitively alot of people you ve got rugby, you have highlighted poker dolphin lassoing and competitive eating you had is pretty much the top for five sports. I don't remember me to set out here yeah. I would
I can't get any other sport there. Would that would top this no upper highlighting the first position. That would you really look so why do you? I guess we should just go ahead and say that there is an actual federation called the International Federation of competitive eating the icy it since been re, titled major league eating. Did you know that their organization really? I think this will go by the eye. F, o c e, ah ah, but they also go by comparing major league eating since more official. The other way I like it, I like the for some more tinge gonna go inside. The union was founded by Nathan's hot dogs, publicity wing. I does not surprise me. I didn't know that the rumour has it that the Nathan's, the famous Nathan's hot dog, Standing Coney Island, started competitive eating in nineteen sixteen nuts with four friends sit down together and challenge each other to two out eat hot dogs to and whoever eight the most was. The better patriot
So if you can eat more hot dogs, you about a patriot air was think fourth of July Right they did so and then I I think one of may like thirteen hot dogs, and he was the better patriot and since then it's been a thing richest peanuts that measly can such an exit now know I'd I'd like you to continue for the rest, the Parker. How would that be great yeah? Are you going to know? It sounds very Coney island to appreciate that very Coney Island nineteen? Sixteen, I mean your ailed it, so I think Nathan's continued this for all fourth of July. After that are probably the vast majority Paulina during over to nobody did anything during world war. To the thing is: is people were still just kind of arm eating with twelve thirteen sixteen Hotham dry, yet, which is nothing compared to what they do not write, and there were, there were other evening competitions. There was this one between a guy who played out feel, I think, for the Yankees ping body. Ok, never had an italian American,
and in nineteen nineteen he engaged in a spaghetti eating contest with an ostrich. I challenge you ostrich, yet the birthing, that's exactly! I went down thirty didn't any answer, just as I was spaghetti the ostriches eight, whatever the hell out of it, exactly eleven balls, apparently really ping body was declared the winner because apparently the ostrich, either it or died out. It's eleven. Depending on who you ask the proud tradition of the Yankees, exactly the guy said, impinges they're, probably eight the the unconscious ostriches smoke fight cigars right at exactly. Did you gonna drinking contest with Babe Ruth Right is fairly how that without yet and so on, but there is also piloting contests staple of country, fair, shared by various back in the day. I think I d in article LISA said that that was more along the lines of hey, let's like tire hands behind your back, not necessarily Sammy
as you can either the little Moura islands a challenging, but that I think the fun yet more grass roots chuck. We ve been organically and irresistibly led right back. Stand by many you're gonna say that a? How could I not near the great great story that young well Weedin says about the add that he makes up as the young writer yeah the piloting contest yet large right? Why load great seen a fantastically, but yet so that was a county fair play in contrast, eggs is kind of goes Willy nilly all over the place. Anybody who wanted to get fifty people are so to their size.
Or was all the needy contest, while the Ninetys, as we were saying, I think, ninety ninety seven Georgian Richard Shea, who I think may still run publicity for Nathan's famous heart. Those took this all kinds of really drummed it up to date on to the next level and then some and they were answered by some people who have dedicated their free time. At least two competitive eating like I don't know exactly how this symbiotic relationship came about by these guys. It put the call out there and some people answered it. Where do they called Chuck Gerda Taters Gerda Taters is fresh grass. It is, it is growth? Could you supper Ria there in time?
exactly I want again to the few things them right away. Just of warn people it is. It is coming yeah, so is since, though, since the late nineties, actually since the twenty first century is a thing for a few years, it took a few to catch on tat and people are still just really phone in an end, thirteen fifteen eighteen, hot dog, ride home and then, like, I think, starting in about two thousand to a little feller. I think a hundred sixty pounds, Japan, beyond one sixty name to Cairo, Kobayashi, why you said calmly Kobayashi sure not to be confused with the attorney the suspect
I was looking diehard Idiot die hard Kobayashi. The usual sub suspects, yet this not Khatami yeah knocked me tower sort of thinking there not talking Kobayashi in Asia, suspect the filter he'll. Now it's ok, I'm movie guy doing this partner thanks for leaving it ensure cabbie wrong so to cure. Kobayashi hits the scene hundred sixty pounds, shocking red hair I can eat, these sixty hot dogs and, like eight minutes ten minute. So all of a sudden. All these guys who were you know, dislike I'll check me out. I eighteen hot dogs in ten minutes, these dear their weeping it in their grudges right, that's it there done there over their careers, are done. Kobayashi rocks the competitive eating well, and he attracts more and more people. I ethics, I'm he owned it for many years. He did actually lost only because of a jaw. Injury really yeah, we'll get to that. And if you ok,
so yeah he's he's at the Nathan's hot dog for the July harder eating, can't that's the biggest one, there's all kinds of eating contest which will get into that too. We can t we are going to hear we're, never gonna get around any this. The Nathan cider contests is easily the most famous, and that means broadcast world Series of the Super yeah, its progress on european right viewers, actually watched it in four? I wish you wouldn't ask either because I did few years ago. I dont remember why I was in front of my television time, but I did it was discussing it really really growth and our to watch. You know of a red and actually I've got a source. This openly and honestly, I read the sun cracked that calm, ok, but there's stuff called side food stuff that car
Besides the mouth have chewed and man, I guess just through physics, you know the area you two objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. So I think that the rest of that law ends with so some of that stuff comes out. Your mouth there can shoot, the sides of your mother. Yes, so yeah, I understand it is very groves yeah,
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so right now you can check out love books. By going to love book online dotcom, slash crush. You will receive a special twenty percent discount, that is it love book online, dotcom, slash, crutch, okay, so we ve arrived a jury. Chestnut miserly must have been two thousand seven buddy. I think it was the first year he one which has two thousand seven. That was the year that Kobayashi had a joy injury that supposedly have failed, and apparently, during the competition chestnut Kobayashi, sixty six to sixty three and Kobayashi says no. No, I had a joy injury in chess answers, eat it buddy I beat you and I'm now the champion and cut
she said, don't get in some water and I will eat it yeah, because that is a technique that many competitive eaters use. It is in dumb, actually almost all of them a grave and asking the grab servers article actually for this article went to and eating Congress in Buffalo Yea describes. It clearly didn't read the last two page. I didn't. He describes this visit to it and you know several people are there soon you Thomas the black widow hundred pounds, did hundred pounds of korean ancestry, ancestry fury can we just go and mention a couple of record. She holds good. She is littered over the I foresee record book. Sony Thomas has eaten thirty five brought worse in ten minutes, she's eaten a hundred and sixty seven chicken wings and thirty. Two minutes she's eaten four pounds of fruit cake in ten minutes. Can I say my favorite yeah she's even eight point,
one pounds of armour Vienna sausage in ten minutes, while while I am- I go this final one, unless you have one she ate forty four forty four main lobsters dude swelled minute and that's the meat, obviously only which I was eleven pounds of meat. She also you left out, probably or most famous one, which is so everything coherent, Luke, Oh yeah sure the owner, the hard boiled egg eating the Kohen Lucchese fifty ethics. In an hour she ate sixty five hard boiled eggs in six minutes flat seconds hundred pounds of woman, yeah Stephanus flew down through yes, she eat some once a day, one large meal a day, usually from above a church in the article shown so helping herself the simplicity. I saw that and yeah she's a hundred pounds is he lives in Alexandria Virginia in. She dominates right now, as what's the dated eight shook the thirty first
sure she is number six in the Irish Sea ranking. I bet she's atop female Angie. Yes, I'm destroys the female competition yeah, so good for her right is in again, like you said, she's a hundred pounds, its awesome and she goes by the black widow, so it doesn't get cooler than that right now, not anymore. We talked about Kobayashi who, for I think from two thousand to two thousand seven held all the major record right. He just could not be stopped and so competitive eating, from Japan. The Japanese is dominated competitive eating, yet until two thousand seven Joe we enjoy chestnut shows a shall we, this guy has put the smack down an absolutely everybody everyone. He hold some crazy, crazy record. He eight hundred and three crystal burgers, which, through our friends in the northeast, are the same thing, is white castle, pretty much fighters, and I don't know
figures which, from our friends in the northeast, are the same thing, is white castle, pretty much fighters, and I don't know if they would be out West and include a jack in the Box small square. Now now our member that are actually remember ever seeing an evil sliders out there. I'm sure, if you go on to the eye of a sea website, click on Joey Chestnut. If for sure, and he isn't kick Kobe ashes, but in o, seven or eight and then just a month Reich nor even a month ago, no night. Yet they had set a neural reckon right. Injury excuse only go so far. Sixty eight hot dogs is what Joey Chestnut eight this year and thus including ports and was talk about some of these people. Do this young? You talk about dumping, a mortar yeah. Almost everybody uses mostly water by you're allowed to with any drew a deep, your food in a drink. I would use against us
you get. So you up he's ok everywhere. Have a roman incident is our Jimmy? That's a dire foresee causa. That rightly recalled a roman incident. If you ve ever leave. If you vote on the table or on the food, then you're disquiet that guy, but apparently from what I understand if you puke and it doesn't have to tailor whatever you can proceed, I guess, but at the same time like they probably count that is eaten. I think in two thousand to Kobayashi arm had a little controversy yet where he vomited sum up and it was counted, is eaten. He held most of it that right yeah, he put his hand and see this was so Grossman as he doesn't and Ladys were eating stuff in their stuffing in their mouths, and you can see this like look on her face. Like they're gonna die and ass NEC see one of my.
But their hand over their mouth, and you know what's happening cancer can tell you, will see or hear how God will all story from my path matured. So imagine Josh, Clark Aged twenty one July, fifteenth, ok, asleep! In a field behind a home depot, there would have been joy, fifteen. Ninety, ninety seven, ok, I'm in Athens, Georgia go dogs right and I met what was the against the Half Moon pub. Yet there was downstairs here I friends who work there downstairs from the Athens Coffee House. I think so. There was turned down at half moon hanging out with some friends, and I see a guy who am I a mutual friends with where we have mutual friend, I'm sorry
but he's really like each other. He comes over India. He goes here here. It's your birthday. Let me buy, you shot, make sure no problem, so we buy me a shot of two fifty to what it is that Bacardi already it's a shot of Bacardi one, fifty one and wild Turkey one or one. There is no reason for the shot to exist in a universe near so the guy who shot. I take it. You know not wanting to. To physically a coward and already kind of rich, I take a shot and I feel it immediately started can make up another that everything everything so here in Amerika, I throw me, in front of my mouth and stop it just before it comes back up wiped my mouth, but at last out, like the guy in the eye and say thanks for the shot Inter walk awake is he's trying to get me a puke right right showed him. Ah ha, that's a happy
ahead of you and you haven't reality. We go buys been shot. I take it through my hand to my into my mouth puke everywhere, including the bar on the guy. I myself put the shock last out. Look him in the eye and say thanks for the shot and turn round and walked away, you're kidding no and you're disqualified. I was disqualify because it would have gotten on some food is a time for his birthday. You know I had friends at work there at the time of it. They remember that night and ass. You should ask nobody clay, Heaven sentence must remain. Real attack- or it's a Czech, let's talk about, I think we're going to talk about how people do this right yeah. I think that at the end water, we're on the water thing. We get really side tracked by Vomit Toby, she has a little technique, called japanese being or a solemn meaning. Yet breaking the winner in half writing a winner from the barn breaking half stuffing. We in his mouth with both hands at the same time, at the same time to to get together
and then dumping the bond very quickly in the water in its at that point, the bunnies dislike it enough. Soppy message goes dumping easier, imagined right of similar research dude and I gotta tell YA crystals mixing it up. We want to tell you about the Subaru Love promise right. We have a super outback, Emily does, and we ve had to these now and now we love the company even more because of the Subaru LE promise. So Subaru has made a commitment by the company and its retailers to do right by communities that we all live in and work in and play in and drive supervision since two thousand fifteen Subaru its retailers and they Gimme, a and lymphoma society have delivered craft. Kids and blankets. More than one hundred thousand patients across a nation? Yeah! That's right! In this past year alone, more than forty three and blankets in over ninety five hundred kids were delivered to patients along with messages of hope, which is pretty nice
it's great to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit Subaru Dotcom, Slash, love, dash, promise. That is s you be a. Are you come slash, a dash p r o am I see there there hamburger eating contest until September they have no dumping, rule really yeah and their introducing their big burgers out. So it's good, it's gonna, be all crazy and get messy yeah, but they won't be
Doug. Actually radical departure from standard rules yeah. I prefer to see a straight up contest. I mean if it's not sixty eight togs, who cares what, if it's like forty but its genuine hot dog, eating? No Dunkin, no water lots of army? What yeah? That's our Czech Republic put like a needle coming off of a record at this point right? Thank you. We ve gotten kind of all delta foresee on this competitive eating, even I think is discussing not everybody thinks it's. Yeah, it's good or great, or whatever the alot of people, including the fine, fine actor star of Van Wilder Rhine Reynolds thinks I basically it say the real symbol of America's obese wastefulness. Sure- and you know, that's not an argument that easily defend. Now I really isn't because you know you think, well this guy just eight how many sixty eight sixty hot dogs-
Eight minutes right have any how many kids died in the minutes from starvation right and Some of these competitors you're allowed to make yourself throw the food up. Afterward right, yeah, whatever you do after you, efforts done. How have you given right is ok with a straight at Billina who it is, and that no one is is encouraging that by any means in his dangerous somebody's people to when they train they'll drink like a gown, a water in a minute, and they train do these things to expand your stomach. That's dangerous to. It is actually water intoxication yet can be fatal because its crews, with Thea the deletion of electric lights in your body, which is bad.
News to write and a woman died a few years back from water intoxicate IRA content, I had heard that will not only that you can actually get gastro paralysis, which is a stomach paralysis right right and basically, after your stomach is stretched out enough enough times it will stop contracting and you won't evacuate your stomach to your small intestine any longer near which is not good. When that happened. Actually, yes, said, I don't know if you knew that it's nothing the dark side of competitive eating. You know that the people who endorsed Sesar gonna say that they have a lot of fun with it and then it's a tradition and it's kind of a big joke, and when you see it on tv, they look like they're taking it really seriously. Apparently, that's all kind of part of the act and they all think it's kind of funny, but did twenty Grandam align yeah there's some answers prose money for four Nathan's hot dogs is too
thousand our prize and the mustard belt so arm. That's nice old, chunky change, yeah for seven now, hot dogs, but also, I think that I oppose C e- does not endorse or support anybody'd practising or training for it yet, but the the Gerda Taters actually do train very hard. Actually, I think I ever I was reading about an interview with Jerry, Chesnut and dude. He drinks like a gown of milk and a single sitting to expand the stomach he eats earner actually goes several days without eating into subsist. Some protein supplements, so his weight will very radically like in the teams in low twenties pounds right within you know a couple of weeks and then afterwards he gains allow
the bank, because, if you ie eight pounds food, you just gained eight pounds power until you pass it yeah it's there in your stomach is in big trouble. Yeah. I can imagine how I hate feeling for four had its like overweight. You would think that I'd disgorge myself, but did I hate feeling for the worse, angry stiffened metabolism? Do you know why you fearful? Well, I know that My dear friend legitimizes threat euralia. So when you
Gary hormone produced in the stomach called growing sends a signal to your brain via the Vargas nerve, I believe, and as you eat a hormone produced from the same dna seemed genetic code called over Staten Catalogue, obese writin, imagining that goes to your brain and says eighty stop eating right. Apparently, a physiologist studying this names David met from the University of Pennsylvania right. He has, he can't say how they're doing it from studying a guy called eater acts sexually me he is he's figured out tat. These people have figured out how to block the signal from their brain, really highly dangerous, acre Kobayashi sure responding on Kobayashi right, but a better use of techniques.
They all do not have to react to expand your stomach, and actually you noticed a lot of these people are very small and there is a theory that kind of came about. It said the less FAT York as you'd think well, if you're a big fat guy here, you gotta be able just gorge yourself They said no smaller people like the backward, a hundred pounds right. She can put away like the red like the best of them, and they think that the reason why, because there's less resistance for the stomach to stretch yet not pressing up against fat, which, as I have as much as air through to make sense Can it in the paper that was written by a crappy? He these he's a competitive eat himself and he would a paper called can of. Dominant fat act is a restricted agent on stomach expansion and exploration of the impact of adipose tissue income.
Of eating, so some very intelligent. Unfortunately, the medical community rejected it and they refused to publish it and said: go eat your hot dogs buddy and leave the medical journal into us right for popular science had an article that supported into doesn't three. This addresses this basically checks out so legitimate, maybe, but not as far as a medical scientists concern at you. Wanna talk about one gross.
Yeah. That's it just says: M engross at all, Oleg Zorn, it Zorn it scheme he's very fashionable apparently, is known for its fashion sense ukrainian competitive eater. He this is the worst enemy chicken wings. I love all that stuff bratwurst, give it give it give it up. He ate for thirty. Two ounce, bowls of man is an eight minutes and I love manners and it makes me not want to eat monies for thirty two animals, a man is, can you imagine any is definitely something that you should eat moderation? Ok, I'm I feel so good now. Did you mention the cows brains now Kobayashi Kobayashi? He holds the record for eating cows rains which, as you know, how many yeah I think it was like eighteen pounds of cows brains in fifteen,
it was, I could ninety one out of cow, framed in a lifetime. Stoa Kobayashi as me, lifted out, especially now, with this open mouth thing that they got going on seriously. So why? If you want to learn more about competitive eating, including a grab, it ask ease. First person account of what in eating contest is like you can typing competitive eating appropriately enough in the handy search bar. Has the points that I think you said Henry Search bar customers that farm that means a time, thank God for listener mail just That's gonna call this. We are banned and classes for yourself,
he's from Sarah Sarah says of the past, but I recently got a ban for my IP biology class and did you take eighty glasses? You write it you're smart guy aping was an eighty history at science, not she's senior high school and for the past year she has spent every day and biology, lab fucking, dead things and staring at so walls and a microscope. You can imagine it to a boring even for a bio fanatic, ignoring the stench of feudal pigs and memorizing the function of cell organ else. So during study how I would take on my ipod and was in your pocket, some of the sun, we would cover overlap with Pakistan. Besides, I just listen to use I would mention what I learned and essays were discussions and even AP exam. Well, anyway, my teacher discover this. She was thrilled that I've been doing research out of class. Is he rob learning all these odd but accurate. That's when I letter
ipod. She called it a utensil for cheating or tools, the devil subsequently bandit from our classroom? I really think she was more. That about not being able to answer my questions about alien hand syndrome than she was about. My lesson of the park ass either way thanks so much for helping the Acer essay questions together, for the record. I never used your podcast as a the best so we are educating and getting kids in trouble all over the world. I like that. I listened generally moral ethics of good books with very serious. If you ve been told that weird a utensil something let us now send it in an email to stuff cast at how stuff works. The more on this and thousands of other topics is it how stuff works out com.
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