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When inventions kill!

2018-10-11 | 🔗

Few things are more ironic than an invention killing its creator. The stories behind real life cases of death-by-invention are pretty interesting too. Pull up a chair and hear about a few from Josh and Chuck. 

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You at Lexus their greatest curiosity. Is you because the Amazing machines are inspired by machines, their inspired by people. That's why Lexus Esque different questions, better questions, more human questions. Like. Can you see with your ears and aunt? There are as inspiring as you are, which may leave you with one question. What amazing ideas will inspire you next discover the answers at Lexus dot com. Slash curiosity, welcomed study should now Hasta. For Stockholm, hey you no, the pod cast Josh Clark Canoes Charles of each have brightened, there's Jerry role and in this stuff you should know
I don't know addition. This is, should be a pretty interesting and entertaining how that then. This is the interrupting chuck from watching the cabin on Hearing edition yeah really man talk about historical glued to it and, unlike we're gonna, go to do my job. Sorry for some, did I feel guilty, like I'm response? No, no! It's not your fault. Thanks for. Let me off the hook. We gotta make the donut man, gave them the recording. It's always go back right after this ok cool, what talk really fast. I go back deceiving re dread after this yields a speed. It will ignore and tell me what happens. Oh goodness, alright, let's do it death by an engine yeah. I guess This would be the the horribly ironic twist edition of self. He should know yet and you know it, talking of people who died by their own hand in a way
and it's really sad. I mean all these people are pursuing their passions. For the most part, to die because you, creative, inventive, passionate person. Except maybe in the case of Lisi It's really said it is I think I'm to die in any way at any time, for any reason is, is a natural This is wrong. You know here they lifted out a couple before the official list of five. There's like a whole, very low, yes of them, yet where we will do the same, show like everyone, What's a quarter, maybe maybe we'll chuck five more people will see will see how this one goes out.
Did you want to touch on it in a couple of those other people that yeah I mean Henry winds? Stanley is definitely a kind of a famous one. He built a very famous lighthouse, Eddie Stone Lighthouse back in sixteen ninety eight year, and I think that was the first adoration of it. The thinkers for total, and we talked about it on the young lighthouse episode yet This was the first one on rock right, and this is like out out therein: some rocks in the ocean or in the channel one of the two of the sea. It's out in the water yeah a candle light, old school candle Lit lighthouse, very romantic like very romantic invented by, like he said, Mister Henry you Stanley great name and speaking of great Five years later there was a girl, storm this lighthouse, actually that he built collapsed on him. Held him while he was trying to shored up yet him in five other people and they were found as to said
Is the sweet, the sweet, the sweet? Swept him as the sweet does sweet swells by this week's war yeah. It's really that's such a tragedy. What about Marie Curie replied at sixty six? give radiation poisoning which technically she didn't invent radio. Polonium. She discovered them, but I mean to her work. She won Nobel prizes for it, yelling work, the dangers of working with always dangerous, but especially back then and then in nineteen forty five again physicists Harry Dag say dallying Darlene, tagline, ok, Darwin, that's it I'm good, with Bay Man, it's up for grabs, so silent g, silent H. Yet and if I mean there's a little bit of a guttural in there, what are hate letters? but other superfluous letters,
So Harry dallying was another scientist who use working on the Manhattan project on the demon cord, the core of the plutonium bomb, and He died by his own hand as well. We were stacking carbide bricks, Dunstan Carbide around the core and dropped one which I can imagine bike. Frightening moment that would be yeah even more so Chuckie. He had a monitor. He was trying to see how many tungsten bricks it took to make the plutonium go critical yet which is like once it goes go you gotta nuclear explosion, I hands to hear is in there messing around with this, got a monitor showing him in the bonnet or said a man that last Rick will make this go, go critical right. It was a monitor from the seven So it said things I came in and so he knew like I gotta get that break away and he went to go like pull back away from the stack but
in going to pull it away. He accidentally knocked it onto the core, as we had to go into the stack after it to get it away. The core to make sure that thing didn't blow up and he did, but he has supposedly suffered tremendously from ready some poisoning, the army. He died within a month. So that's that's pretty tray. Again. You know he did sounds like you the hero, because it that thing would have exploded in many many many lives lost yeas, definitely honoured as a hero. He also was not one to follow the rules, apparently because he was in their daily by himself, which was against protocol. I think he went back to work after dinner and was sitting there, working on a new their by himself, that he was trying to see whether the threshold was for getting at critical cheese. This a little crazy. So these examples to serve as a set up, though, to the official five and where we start with Lee C o I s, I got no love for Lisi. No,
Now this is not one of the ones where just a great it is following their passion. I don't know, maybe he was passionate without harming others and about during drainage people on core intrigue for sure yeah. That's a good point, but we're going back to ancient China here. We too, twenty one b c E. There were saying, oh yeah, and China this time was making the conversion from A big mess of of warring states into what would be eventually be the keen dynasty there right, Chin GIN, weeping to buy that officially to anyone else. I looked figures like I'm. Not I'm not fallen for this again here I did it and I know that you less time cheer definitely was so the year the Chin Dynasty finally being ruled by one dynasty. So it was a big change for China. It was but the way
They assembled all of these kind of, like fetch fractious states into you a single empire was through this practice, call legalism yet is appalling, doctrine that basically said it basically soon, the worst about people that their selfish and dumb and at the back. The way to make a state out of your citizens is by exploiting them and lying to them and passing. Law for everything brutally enforcing it yeah, in Canada government just fully fully ruling with an iron fist. Dozens it's a protein fascism, like the the the point of your citizen ray, is not to serve them. It's free citizen read a kind of all their power and work and attention to the state, the emperor yeah. So there's this sort
outlier. As far as where this I started out Lisi became very very prominent with the Chin dynasty, but he was. He was not born into it. The commoner in he was a clerk at a local government office, and He really worked his way up to the system, pretty Irascibly gal up to private MR, so local government clerk Prime Minister, and I mean This guy makes like Machiavelli and the many cheese look like cream, puffs woe. You can't know Medea screen puffs yeah. I am compared the Lisi, yes, China and not just Lisi. So like the emperor of the Chin dynasty, the founder of basically China, an emperor name, she won t, I'm pretty sure that I say it. I'm almost
equally sure that I've gotten it wrong, but he was the king of Chin, the first Emperor Chin and dumb. He was pretty bad. Oh buddy. He found good company with least see in his brutality in the way that he saw citizens and people and then so the kings eunuch, who is basically tied for second place with Lisi He was the kings. Official spokesman was CIAO and the three, then together just ruled, quite brutally was you know you? U bribe people, and if they didn't take bribes, you killed them. You neighbouring states into accepting your rule book Bernie was huge, and this is where the Lisi is most commonly remembered for instituting appalled the burning most books, especially history books, in an effort to to form a single way of thinking for all chinese to to fall in with, in the way that you start there
to get rid of everything. That's been written. Doesn't fall into that line of thinking. So Ian instituted like an pyre wide book burning DR yeah, like the only thing that he said it ok or books on medicine. Books on growing things in agriculture and then divination, which think I can't believe we haven't done it but guest on that. At this point that water witching yeah. I think so right yeah. I think this part He also like reading frog, guts and tea leaves and stuff to see the future. Will that part totally makes sense, because you got to know how it's going to come and had at least she been at all capable of divination. He would have seen that his end was coming horribly ironically, and it was going to be very painful for him. Yes likes speaking to Machiavelli. They they definitely lead the path in do anything necessary to get what you want, and he said you know what I'm pretty I'm pretty.
To torture as a means of getting what I want. And I've invented a pretty foolproof way too. Ensure that someone is dead or This is what we want and imaginative dead anyway, you it is called the five pains and it it's sickly, cutting things off of the body one at a time until you get to five, which is the body you cut the nose off first, then you cut off a hand. Then he cut off a foot. Then you cut off the the pin, or the the Vagina church, castration and Finally, you you just cut in half your body is cut in, come down with yet the five pains really under sells it it really does so is the five pains for me or traffic rights traffic. This is the first, of unbearable, yet social media. Yet none of them involve cutting off hands and feet and knows
you mentioned losing your knows that first to hear no less serious, credited in some circles with inventing there. Others say nets, not entirely clear, but she Wang D, the emperor when he died, he died abroad, suddenly and Yeah Chow and Lisi decided to conceal it because the king had said my l, sign is my air. I want him to take over after I die geared solely see in jail. Chow got rid of that decree and forged in decree to the other side. Who had been exiled for opposing that book. Burning idea that that was a reasonable problems, because he was no friend of Lisi right. Exactly so leave he in Chow drafted a new decree from the king, and it said, son kill yourself and they said to him- and the sun killed himself gear.
So they had now they had consolidated their power and they named in infant son of she is she Wendy to be there the new ruler. They decided that was in any good, so they killed the infant and they turned on each other. The angel chow got the upper hand and said Lucy I have some terrible news for you you're about to face the five pages yeah I mean that's. The thing is when you, when you ve got to cycle creeps. Working together. Eventually one of them is going to turn on the other. That's out always goats, let's hope than ever. Since the US Parents had caught a creek experts working together, What is the kings? Eunuch though so Eunuch was castrated by known Erlich is but like so the kings. Eunuch is why did they castrate them just to render them as subjugated or whatever or two
worthy like now. I can trust you around my wife or whatever you that's. Why why people will get sized right in this case he was like the spokesperson for thee, the emperor. Here's like that, the highest the imagine like the press secretary and the chief of staff combined right, that's kind of what he was, but no penis. Now I hate so he so Jacek turns only seen and has executed through the five five pains in his invention. Supposedly then, which- I looked into that five paints thing. It seems to come under the tradition of lean she, which is called slow slicing, which as bad as it sounds in? I think it's way worse than the five pains its egg, there can be twenty four. Caught Sir thousand cuts. They call it
actually last used it in nineteen o five while and there's a horrible picture of the man who was executed Nineteen o five by this like being executed through this, the slow slicing method was, he just cut all open, bloody yeah. It's pretty pretty rough was pretty awful the sea, but They did it up until nineteen o five members is when we would send each other those awful pictures think we get is embroidery like nothing. See too much. You find it on your own, more power, dia yeah! you become a father. You know my father and my own way, so I feel, like you know, we have to protect ourselves, from that right boy are able, let's go, take a break to go watch it format, the cabin on hearing, ok and welcome
right back right after this
world, yours, the ball park ass, the new cars with a fresh perspective, pop culture, a bail, you not just matured in a building in one city. Impressed us talk about this there. All eighty every owner is seventy own away out criminal, social media. Ok, she carries out a little quality or whatever they may live animals. I any machine does I'll see to the millionth right I'll shillings. My explained sitting handrail summer right out like like yeah yeah, yeah Lorelei, my man is in jail and I started the like someone else. I know it's not right, but I really can't take when I feel what should I do even coupled with your marrying obviously gave worrisome makes a huge out on our brand new package and a large share of animal. Now, on the radio have on Apple pie, gas or whatever you get your plan can Nora we're back
now, let's talk about parachuting, Franz Rifle yeah. I know a little bit about this one, because I did something back when we were doing videos, the care member exactly what it was, but one of are half it attempts at a video series. I think the blog post was it yet most in work either It was like it in that same series of the baby cage that like hung out. Oh that's right, remember how would relief it was when we were finally told Hey guys. One should Pod, gas gazettes, a job, those nice when the great you don't have the dance like a monkey on Youtube. A blog like it's ninety. Ninety seven people method, stuff it's crazy, I know, but the we enjoy this, the ILO
casting Chuck our rights, it's late. Seventeen hundreds were in France and there is a series of of men that are intent on jumping off of things and thing out. This new thing called a parachute yeah and certain fourteen seventy dementia is credited with designing. The first with designing the on paper and seen. Pictures and apparently somewhere, somebody built it and there like yep the works of courses divinity, but something in it figure out, what it was, but something in the eighteenth century. Nineteenth century just cause like parachute fever in in there is like you really You can't really attributed to anybody else, but the French development of the early development of the parachute, there's a bunch of frenchmen working on the parachuted about the same time, and maybe it was that of hot air balloons, which was another huge thing in France, her
and they were like warm up here and I am I gonna get down there if my balloon sorts crash, so it's possible that was it, but there lot of french guys, jumping off of like buildings in the late eighteenth in early nineteenth century. Trying out parachutes ass. I mean over a ten or fifteen year period. There was a guy named Joseph month Gulf here, then golf mountain o nice. Louis Sebastian, Lenore MOM, it's ok, let us drop the last couple, letters on anything french and now they do it yet the third guy name bore J. He does his lecture you heard, however, work today, in parachutes. There is another one too, Pierre Blanchard, who action I realize that silk is pretty good for getting out of a hot air balloon as a parachute. He had to ditch once back in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety three
So there, a bunch of on an Lenore is the guy. You actually coin the in parachute Para in the Greek means against and shoot in french means fall. So it's against. Following the parachute. Yeah in a way, so they say The parish was invented by a number of people, but there is one specific parachute kind of like a wing suit. But third from a wing suit in that it didn't work at all year anyway. Invented specifically by a guy named Franz rifled in I would love to hear you say his name properly fronts rifles, that's pretty good yeah. That's that's an interesting case too, because this was a full Michael. A hundred years after people, were successfully using parachutes, so like you. I got a man. These things have not worked yet and I really need to figure out a better way. So I think France was,
he had a death wish, but I think- He was shooting for the stars he was, he was an eccentric What I have gathered yeah. He was an eccentric use, very talented Taylor, but that this article points I think, quite astutely, as as per part of being an inventor is knowing where to draw inspiration from among other inventions and inventors right sky, apparently just went through the two first prince holes, like Isla Musk, does where it's like? I can buy batteries on the market. For this, let me instead figure out what you need to make a better in our old by those parts of making for way cheaper. The fronds rifled seem too to have the same impression about his flying suit. He this kind of made it up not based on anything else. He just did it himself and he was My proud of it need, took it to the Arrow Club of France is a check this out and they said do not use that error.
Yeah thing is not going to do anything any said are nuts to you and he started doing trials from its fifth floor apartment window with a dummy and it didn't work He wasn't dissuaded by any of yeah. The only thing I can figure out is that cause again, I dont think death wish I think he must have thought the only thing I can figures. He must have thought a dummy. Like it needs to be a real, rigid human that can move their body and a He is just not gonna cut it. So I need to try to sing out, because I think it's gonna work It was a time in nineteen twelve. When, apparently you could go, the Eiffel Tower, and just the cops here. Throw a dummy off of the Eiffel Tower is to check to drought my flying suit, and they said, go ahead, we went up there, but I don't think he changed his mind. I think what accounts it. Was he intended fully to do this himself? the whole time
and the suit like you have been hinting at it. Didn't do anything. It didn't and actually I should have you this one to british pathway or petty quite sure what what the the old newsreel service they were there and beyond it, there is a haunting video of him here hit this close up. Like it's, how far away but close up like on the ledge of the first half form of the Eiffel Tower you a hundred ninety theatre, almost fifty eight, here's high just like eating waiting and then he jumps in disguise straight down like a sack of potatoes and dies immediately idea hundred ninety feet very, very tragic yeah, and on the film the you see the police measuring the depth of the impression he made in the ground when he fell. When you hit the ground, it's really say
the sea beer like its don't do it don't do it here and you beat, but you know, obviously that is going to do it and he he died There was a time to where people work. Trying to figure out the stuff out so they're all kind of crazy. I mean, and now we have it done one on the Wright Brothers yet, but leave you other crazy flying machines that people were trying to come up with right. It was. It was a time of spirit of adventure, was in the air everyone. There was probably like check out this guy he's gonna fly off the Eiffel tower yeah I mean they say that are, they all had allowed. A bloodless him coming out to see this guy die I dont think yet a death wish either chuck in here. We applied for a permanent that sweet So I mean it. Why would you apply for a permanent? If you had a pretty good idea, you were going to die. I think he thought very much that there was going to work and he was going to live and he didn't want to get in trouble, so he applied for permanent, first good point about moving on
yes number three eggs, Valliere body at it well, yeah value. I don't like I guess your letters, man needed the French sure Although this guy wasn't even french, was you know here born get this. He was born in Austria, Hungary in the town of bows in but Austria, Hungary broke up is very sad and dumb that is now known as bizarre, no ITALY but the his last name is value. So there was the italian or what the hungarian empire collapse. You would have been a time but whose Austro Hungarian well yeah, but you know what I mean. I mean it's not like. They said all you Austro Hungarian get out here. I don't know, they said: are you Austro Hungarian get out of here? I don't know I really don't know. I would guess, because it was an empire. There is probably a lot of movement around the empire. So who knows what his his MS ethics your pedigree was in his family.
Well, we know. One thing for sure is that he was a smart dude, and He did not have a degree in science, but he was very good at figuring, stew, out. He was an end. I guess an amateur engineer would be the best thing. The column and a bit of a group be sure. But, like a group EU put his his has, where his mouth was. Yeah. So he read the book by a german engineer, name Irma, oh birth, and it was called the rocket into any interplanetary space. Just just wonderful in early twentyth century, when books like this would be written yeah. This is this is, I think, credit with helping inspire the idea that, like we we could do this year so Guy gets inspired by this book, on an amateur level. He develops a forced stage, program and
starts to get to work on what what would be wet with car Company Opel and his side, like in partnership on a rocket powered car, not a space rock. But a car and he built these things and actually work Opel was involved in this too, like a red ball degree. They were like with like this crazy stuff check. This or making a rocket car, but volume was like no. This is the future rocket in a power everything, and he actually, I think some of the first test were pretty, see like one of em when a hundred and twenty five metres in thirty five seconds, not super fast at me. Like a fool, I feel in a quarter in thirty five seconds is not fair but later on. He got some of these rocket cars. Up to her. In forty five miles an hour? Yeah, that's impressive, and then he got a rocket sled up to two hundred and fifty miles an hour. He had the nineteen twenties yeah so like these kids are working he's he's, making work
Then there were. There is a phase three and four of his four point plan and it went from that again gents just the rocket engine tests themselves to rocket car. Iraq, its lead and enduring empowered aircraft in space rockets yeah and to his credit, like It's not like things were going really poorly and he was just pressing on anyway like like you said he got one of em up to two hundred fifty miles an hour, so it makes sense to go to a stage three the rocket assisted aircraft. And then very tragically may seventeen, nineteen, thirty he died working on face three working on a liquid oxygen gasoline fuelled rocket motor. This thing, splits, Pisa shrapnel severs, is a order and he's dead like immediately yet Everything I saw was that he did he just drop dead, so it must have been a heck of a severed, a order I mean. There is hard- I guess than her. I guess so cheap
yeah an an explosion that a piece pieces shrapnel, it savagery order, you're, not gonna, last much very long after that anymore thirty, five years old at the time period, a pretty bright future in all of this is self taught rocket. Guy pretty impressive. It is by his this articles. Hilarious about how is legacy continued, so he help found an organization called you won't take thou in sure! love that I take German and you take French and both of us, should have taken Spanish and neither one of us can do Chinese. The tray I'm gonna say marine fuel rum, She thought not bad Chuck. That's what I want to say to MRS Society for space travel because it again at the time this is like people. Smart people are saying we can actually do as this figure out how to do it, and some very famous
people were members of this space society. Some of the members actually went on to work on the Saturn five projects. Including one member name, Arthur Rude off and the thing they cracks about this articles are the rude offers, a Nazi work criminal. They do in it at all right who is basically do plucked out Nazi Germany, at the end of the war from the v to rocket programme which devastated Britain and other parts of Europe and the work on the the APOLLO space Mission and then that they said. Ok, you have to go now be you're being accused of working people to death in your ve factory. He carried on MAX values. Legacy in a way we get so yeah yeah. Did you see me the the trailer for the the Neil Armstrong Movie No! I haven't olive all Oscar Buzz and looks good Sherman, better right,
I think they knew is pretty good. He's great. You won't take a break Let's do it. Ok, when it comes to sport history doesn't change or does it
find out on the special teams podcast, which is now available on chastened Smith and unlike Army, together Jason. I looking back at the most compelling genes and sports history squads rerouted for against, as they achieved their titles of the best of the best, but he's always have the will to make without our progress you just now to be fun or infamous or dangerous. You'll. Remember the big moments and baby become aware of some. You didn't each episode will feature differently and will also do a deep dive into what was happening in popular culture at the time, because it's not just boards. It's like, I was heading into my sophomore year and heavy metal was all too that's like nineteen. Eighty one listen and follow wanting. I hurt radio at the plot gas or wherever you listen upon guests,
I should think Redonda too, and this is weird because normally we do top tens, but we do seven or eight of them. Five and by God, we're doing all five. That's right when they saw the lead at all, this when William Bullock Bilbil I can Boykin one thirty. Two there was printing in the printing press. You know the history, the printing press. In fact, we should do and on that too, at some point you bet really fascinating. In many many people contributed to the printing press, gaining attraction and gaining in speed just getting more efficient and be able to pump out more and more You would call sheets per hour paper sheets per hour right end up in
my one thousand eight hundred and thirty two they're up to about four hundred sheets per hour. There was good like it's not bad at all. It was a flat press that you have a. Set I'm like a flat board that came down and you'd. Take the paper offer flitted over and then print another one another when they could do like four hundred seats per hour, like that, this guy named Richard HO came up with. He replaced that flat thing with the type setting with a cylinder with typesetting, so it just spun and you just move that paper on and off as fast as you could and all of us you could do like a thousand of four thousand papers paid in our there's. A huge leap right and by. I think, eighteen, thirty, two as when Richard Hose invention came along. Yes, a flash forward, another thirty two thirty three years and we import comes along again a great period of invention in the world and in the United States and he created the book press, which was this is sort of the one word more used to see now, which is a road.
Repress which had not shy. So paper, but one big, huge role. But some of these were up to five miles long, were you is continually a crank in these things through and all of a sudden. You could get twelve thousand sheets per hour yeah the most amazing about so before, like it, it didn't matter how fast that cylinder was moving you. So human who had to take up a paper off after was printed and put a piece of black paper on to do the next one. With this is fully automated. I am yet a cylinder on top doing the the front the cylinder on bottom doing. The backside of the paper seek print you cited. A thousand she's per hour in today, from I saw those rotary presses that Pollack invented move paper. Like twenty miles an hour and can do like, I think, sixty four
thousand two hundred and twenty eight page booklets in an hour now they're there that fast, which is I'm impressed. It's come a long way, but Bill Bullock, like you said, kick the whole thing off with his web. Rotary, printing press and I mean think about it: think about making an improvement to a machine where it was forth? And pages in our now, it's twelve thousand thanks. You you'd feel pretty good about yourself, plus It was a newspaper editors too, so he was kind of this based on his own observations and how to make improvements in his own industry, and he was orphan raised, his brother, who is self taught mechanics just from reading books and made up I'm impressed with William Bullock, except for one of the last things he ever did in his life, yeah so because he was invented this machine, he would work on himself. He would agenda stupid and make repairs himself and there was at the Philadelphia public Ledger in eighteen. Sixty seven one of his bullet presses needed some work. So
Oh he went in there himself was working on it and. Exactly what you think happened happened his leg its caught in one of these rollers There was no pulling out at that point in time. His leg that gangrenous, He died a few days after that during an operation amputate lay to very awake. I feel it he was close to making it. He was here's. The thing, though, from I saw what got him was he was trying to kick a belt back onto a Polly If his leg I caught in their instructing them is he was doing that while the machine was operating area, that's exactly what happened so yeah, not that simple. Save, but he uh yeah. It's a terrible way to go gangrene complications of surgery from gangrene brought on delayed, crushing brought on by not just stopping to turn the machine,
brought on by being a brilliant inventor, great guy makes me more relaxed and enthralled and watching a a newspaper operation being printed, therefore have here I'd have you been? It doesn't ring a bell. Yeah. I think I said we are talking about Thea, the the movie. The last year was called the paper. No, the post, the post. There is one of the happiest. I have ever seen in my life. Is in that movie you? What is it where and the lawyers and the editors are all at. I think they're at Tom Hanks his house and their arguing, and they like to this. The cameras is moving around the room is taking in always frenetic scene, and one of the shots is by.
When David from Mr Show like pointing into the chests of the lawyers like in rhythm and lawyers, are backing up in rhythm, almost like it's like a Rogers and hamlets hammers time and used to call suddenly breaking out it's crazy hours like who directed this, and then I saw this its Spielberg directed this thought I think his every beer see director maybe came up with that one. Like it's second unit, was shooting holding, I'm hoping it is lovely cats. Mr show, We know that it was pretty great, did not expect to see that in that movie, have you seen the paper that Michael Keaton Yellow I was thinking of that's that is it class when those IRAN Howard Movie, whiskers numbing movies for the most part, yet it was its establishment. We didn't one year on Howard made the Hansel a movie. I,
No, that did you see it, not letting care for it Those were the when I saw that I like to reserve RO one one that was good yeah. My lead are nothing to do with anything right. It was well known danger. I'm a great idea. I wouldn't say, had nothing, do they need, but it wasn't like part of the I don't even know it's our screens call that the cannon yeah we're we're just gonna get slaughtered for their. So that's fine, but I've been slaughtered for so let's move on then how you gonna have you pronounce. It goes name taker, Michael Digger. That's it I'm going you keep all the letters. I looked it up in dumb and find any news coverage of it. That's usually are you can find somebody's terrain. Yet. This is surprising because this was very recently and we're going back to rockets again with this one This is a really interesting.
Idea for an invention. If you look at these things, I assume you check out the pictures of the jet pod dude so this guy's idea he was born in the UK nineteen. Fifty six was a pilot in the british Army and but good. And he had this idea for something called a jet pod, which is ethically and air taxi. So he was. If I I think, if I can invent something they go Doesn't. Very much. Runway to take off can go really really fast and in a quick time and land in a kind of a truncated area. Then I can speed up. I can make Likud a Jay taxi, where people can get from like an airport to a city centre, The case of London, he said in four minutes from heat he throat a central London, yes Stewed, which I am sure you know this from when we did our UK tour. It takes an hour,
the least, to give or by regular, like car taxi. Yet by the Bye Black cab, it's horrible, so the idea of getting from Central London Heathrow and four minutes man a dream by itself right, Janni things are cool lookin. They really are and from what I until this is not just like some pie in the sky kind of thing like this, was on track area. This thing was like the real deal is something called very quiet short take off and landing aircraft, which is a type of the Theo well vertical, take off and landing which, like you, it just needed a very short strip of land, which meant you did have to have to have an airport. You can have like a dedicated, say airstrip, but it could be too to take up a very small amount of land in the middle. The city and they gonna sell em for a million dollars which meant that trips on these, It would have been like fifty sixty box, yeah as much as a cupboard yeah and
four minutes rather than an hour, and the whole point was this is this is, ease congestion is going to be cheap and easy, waited to kind of hop short distances are medium distances and some ideas for military and yeah like ambulance, uses It is well so it was close and who knows if we might have these things by now? Is in two thousand nine the guy died, and he was, during a test fight of The idea that the jet pods There were few of them. I think we said semi feed about four hundred ten feet to take off. It is about a hundred twenty five meters. And it would go like three hundred and fifty miles an hour which his awesome yeah, but he had three models: the t one hundred sort of. If you look these things up, it looks like a little ultralight plain, but it's a jet This would take about fifty trips a day back and forth between the airport and
city centres, it looks like a short bus plane is what it looks like this. Because its yellow Yanina it totally. Then it's like stubby. Yet stubby with wings and goes super super fast, Then he had the M three hundred, which was here bigger, this is the one that, like he thought, could take the place of like a military helicopters, right we're not take the place of birth, Nina assist with removing entered soldiers from the battlefield. Four hundred was like a like flying ambulance, yeah. So these things, like you, said they were speeding along Again, not pie in the sky. This was a real thing that was happening and then on August. Sixteen thousand I not very long ago, he, took one of the eight cedar models, a prototype in Malaysia protest flight. The sky was in Taiwan, really yeah. I couldn't tell where it actually happen interesting, so he
and this is where it gets a little frustrating- has hee hee could not get airborne on three attempts to me as when you like, I right, let's just grounded for the day in figure this out, but he tried the fourth time the area- de Winter right straight up into the air vertically and then right back down and killed him yeah. It's five hundred to seven hundred feet and yawned left and crashed, and that was that and that was that curious. I would imagine that this Wasn't completely scrapped after that, I'm curious what the statuses I fine, anything about it. It's the company that he founded that was developing. It is absent. Av C and- and I couldn't find with the status of that thing- is They continue on with it, because it would just be wonderful to have these things because another I mean these were jets, but something they had some sort of knowledge that call the jet noise in half by fifty percent yeah. So it's not like we're just hear Jetson in our ears.
These guys constantly Wyatt modalities relatively inexpensive, Campechy needed that straight up and straight down thing our Ip Michael Baker and our ip all those inventors exactly see are met, interested in wishing him there, who died by their own invention, hats off to you for your spirit of curiosity and ingenuity agreed, If you want to know more about inventors who died by their interventions, go onto the internet, there's all sorts of stuff about their in them, time, simply listen a meal. I'm gonna call this? I love it when we get answers to questions that we ask, is this from Scott Miller and asked about how they test for color blindness in animals. And he knows because he does that. Guys just finish that episode in checks question about how they tell us that was very excited
This comes from my own area of study in behavior analysis. Actually, a very simple and clever experiment expire minutes will will teach an animal to respond to a color by pressing a lever button. For performing some action. That is easy for them. Doing so the animal to treat, but the end. Was only get treats if they press the lever, wins and colors are presented to them. So In this way, an animal does not respond differently between two colors e g, green and red for dogs, then that would indicate that they are deficient in detecting those colors. The same is true for birds rodents. Hats and anything else they have tried this with. Congratulations on being one of the greatest podcast ever love Scott Miller. Thanks Cheese, those reserves, those very three end, thanks for explaining that makes total sense. The poor, animals there, like. I can't tell before you red and green. I did not give me mouse anymore,
another mouse head if you the answer to this. Like Scott, did, we would love to hear from you. You can hang out with us at our home on the website. You should know dot com, a fine links to our social media accounts where you can sometimes find is lurking around or you can and a plain old fashioned email to stuff Podcast House of work stock. Were more or less and thousands of other topics does it how works
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