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Will the moon save humanity?

2010-01-21 | 🔗

In this disaster-themed episode of Stuff You Should Know, Josh and Chuck ponder ways the world could end -- and how projects like the lunar Doomsday Ark propose to save humanity.

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I welcome the podcast unjust Clark. He's. Always Charles the reach, a brain is making fun, we came to see me late over the holiday. I'm not just you seem like your pointing that out, and so I guess the honest thinks well again prison success this last. When was it like today's checklist get started? Show, yes, where is your bet for how the world is going to end twenty twelve, the large hadron collider, maybe a third World war, in the Middle EAST, I'm gonna go with natural disasters setting off a chain reaction of events. What with a chain reaction of Oh, you know paranoia chaos, dogs and cats living together,
man, fighting man, woman, fighting man, woman, fighting, woman right, my favorite and yeah. Then everyone kill each other. That's luck with! Ok. What do you think. I think it's going to be a single cataclysmic event. I think that humans are really good at adapting the stuff e g climate change. That kind of thing, I don't think it has yeah gumption to wipe out humanity, a natural event or a human generated of either the major asteroid, impact or another holocaust to think it's gonna, be something like that. Something big and sudden and Facebook and Twitter will play a part in my scenario, will no, no that's the degradation of society. This is the distrust. Humanity we're talking about? Well, no, I mean wants the chain reaction starts. I think things can get out of control, with information being so easily doled out. You know this is why lovers chuck like we have
spoken about this. At all. I sent you a link like about this for the stuff you should know, and we haven't spoken by right right and one of the things that I came up with for the intro was that were a very paranoid species and you ve just touched on it to ya. Think you for being you check right outside and Emily about that, the other day that no one really knows what social media gonna do right and I could definitely see or noise, spreading false truths, Redding so fast that it gets out of control and what's the deal with twitter, can you really see anything important twelve fifteen times a day and a hundred and sixty characters are less you're asking the wrong guy? I don't think so. You twitter page near Thou, ever use it now I did for
let alone and discuss how weak producer is a hell of a week. I bet I've been saying hell. Latin Parker slightly, have you noticed now? Listen to the sun was ok hell hell all over the place fire? Yes speaking of Helen Fire, so we're talking about the world ending we're talking about humanity being paranoid and one of those I guess beneficial byproducts. That paranoia is planning good, put good, sensible planning agreed right. You ever heard of a little country called Norway. I have nor regions live there. He gone with the seed vault Let's start with that sure. What's the official name of Dino, the civil Norway, the C4, yes pretty cool, what they ve done is they have taken on pretty much every seed?
known to man like one and a half million species near along with equipment right to help grow things sure, and they put it in a vault. Very deep within the earth is it and I think it's a mountain side somewhere in the yeah, I don't know exactly. I think it is an amount inside. Actually, whenever you shouldn't research that has one others, while this isn't even this is totally supplemental right when we're doing this on top of our heads but yeah I remember hearing that the entrances in the side of the mountain and exert, but so are there is, but Seeds, younger areas, pro again right differ, wiped out, and then the british have an underground vault. There is basically a dna depository yet know about this one until today, yet they have
netteke samples from all manner of plant and animal right material people kind of things here they said that you could potentially rebuild an ecosystem with the stuff specifically which ecosystem I'm not entirely certain. Here sooner, is it a desert has who really wants to rebuild that? Nobody could point right: and then, of course, we have the point of this article right. There's it there's a nice little moniker that gets tacked on these things like the sea bottom, Norway, the DNA Wall in Britain Right arm doomsday arc. If a right of more than one yet the nor the norwegian things a doomsday art I thought you'd do you are going to talk about the specific when we're talking about what was the: U N residual lunar doomsday can't as they do say. Arcas people say which one the one in Britain, the one in Norway, so they all fall under that larger heading right did not realise that its to get him four things.
So. We're talking today about the lunar doomsday ARC right Chuck yet, which is a concept that was first proposed in ninety ninety nine book by a guy named Robber Shapiro, not the lawyer wreck called plan. Terry Dreams. I believe right and then again in a six right by some actual scientists like yeah, he's a member of the alliance to rescue civilization la recent kooky bite rubber should pay and his colleagues that form the higher up said. The air sea are actually really well respected. Their scientists signs writers, yes assists engineers and they ve come together, create this group that is trying to carry out this idea of crew. In a doomsday vault on the moon, yeah and their base it, and why you at New York University
and they officially actually tossed this out and oh eight, two at a conference in France yeah and it has received a bit of trading in a little bit of support as well yeah, I think the I was reading a blog posts. You get kind of the sentiment that all people are like you guys ready to now. This is never going to work in here. Like super cool, I, as one of the comments on a blog posts I read about it, was. What harm can it do? You know how much money we funnel than the NASA just to get to the moon and been like? Well we're here, ok, cool right! I mean if this thing costs even billions of dollars. Let's dissolve they. I g he's all its holdings are, and then you know put it into this. What can it heard is the railing and what could it help
Italy is all of humanity right how and the planet well judged. The idea, like most arcs involves, is to bury important things deep within, in this case the moon, so they are protected in case something really bad happens right and what they want to start with the alliance to rescue civilization, which, by the way, was very much legitimized when the European Space Agency YA got on board with this plan absolutely arm. So what this joint venture aims to do is to put all of humanity knowledge, not all of it, because they ve are aware that there is not an infinite amount of storage right, but the selected most important stuff in among humanity, so there won't be a drawer with our part gas in our desk buddy. Anyone even consider these it'll be all this american life. They want to put it all in hard disk right
and buried on the moon. Yes and they're gonna record all this in different languages: pretty cool, arabic, English, chinese, russian, french and spanish- so get your basis covered pretty much right, but what the house and for sea I just did it again. What's the point of burying some hard discs with all of humanity? Is knowledge on the moon? anyway. Well, what you got up their dude is DNA sequences attack information, how to me metals how to rebuild that's ina. When you talk about this valuable info, it is valuable info. If, if What point remember, is to help rebuild that humanity rival innovation. If the people here on earth can access it? Ok, I gotcha right, that's the most important part, otherwise is disk
they're. So let's say that there is a a meteor with my years makes worth a meteor hits. Earth kills off everybody, except like fifty people across the planet, so it takes Buddy Anna and there they these fifty people start wandering around water world style, the postman style, take whatever really you want about bull, I'm style, that's probably the best. I can end. They stumble upon one of four thousand earth based depositors, rape, tourists bright and what they're going to find, and these things are computers that run empower solar power and Preserve food,
and medical supplies. I think it would be like a bonanza for them right, yes, and when they hit the space bar on these computers to get screen up they're going to find that they are receiving transmissions from the moon if they survived, witches will will get to the M the downside of this, but that's assuming that these receivers would survive that, whatever cattle. The mic event right. So bullets, though they did ok, so that the point of having these hard disk varied on the moon is that they're going to be hooked, a radio transmitters that constantly transmit this information back to earth. So, in addition to Davy, sees Le Maire, which really has very little value when you rebuilding civilization, bright, there's going to be things like how to grow: wheat, Yoda girl, corn,
and how to smell iron right and how to rebuild civilization right so they're going to do it in, like he said, I think, seven different languages. I guess within an instruction manual that any post a popular dummy and understand smelting for dummies right. You know what else they might have in there, what human, an animal embryos yeah now that they are saying that the the suspended animation. The temperature needed for suspended animation right that their figuring so far is something like at seventy Kelvin really which, low temperature? Yes, you can really do that here on earth without sucking up all the energy on the planet, but you can in the shade of the lunar crater, ok, so that definite possibility, Well, you also have to create an environment that these things can can survive in right. It's not like earth, no true together. Yes, it's a three step process: literature,
first, what you have to do is built machines that generate the proper gas mix that basically replicator atmosphere has yet to cradle any earth inside the moon, which is kind of my loan. Actually, by the way and the plants you know can thrive inside it atmosphere and then they eventually decompose and release what c or two yes airily carbon dioxide deadly to humans. Unless there's something present algae, perhaps sure so they bring along sir Algae and Mr Algae absorbs the ceo to emit oxygen and basically establishes a cycle just like we have here on earth, yet an big bang boom done, you know you have right there what atmospheric conditions that are suitable to sustain human life
so all of a sudden. Now you have a place this. This lunar arc now becomes a lunar colony, potentially yeah. Well, it be great if we had a colony of their first will. Yet we need people attended the yes stuff. That's the ideal scenario, meantime arc as saying that they then we could do it through the use of robotics right sure for what make sure that all the stuff is functioning properly. But if you can make it so that this is sustainable
human habitation, then you have a lunar colony right. So let's say that on that, meteor does hit ok and it wipes out all but fifty people and by spectacular coincidence, all four thousand sites. These repository sites, basically bomb shelters right, are also wiped out. That's Benes! It is bad news for the fifty people on earth. Luckily, we ve got the people up on the moon right. Who can come back down here and say: hey here's all the information. You need to know what your show you, how to smell iron buddy. So that's kind of one of the big points of the plan
is that if we can get humans up there, then we have taken a part of the human population right out of the equation of a global disaster. Will just be upon the moonlight. Let's thinks right, then they'll have to wait a little while if all of humanity is wiped out, part of the contingency plan for this is that the people up there in the moon will wait a century. Maybe two then come back down to earth and then the sexy business stuff Well, if you're waiting a century to up there than there's gonna, be sexy business on the moon, to assure there will be sexism move within they're gonna bring their sexy business back to earth, which means the first people will be born on the moon. Sure they will not be earthlings technically no they'd be moon. Links the first point: you're cute little moon links with little edible, kneecaps yeah. So then what happens
in humanity repopulating earth through their sexy business. Everything is saved it. Basically, we went to the moon waited for the cataclysmic event to occur. Waited for the dust. Settles, went back and were like artless. Do this again right? What is wrong with this? well there's a lot of problems, potentially that I could I can see, one is a I said earlier you have to count on the fact that these receivers will not be wiped out as well. Their answer to that is so they are wiped out, will stop the information for man to eventually rebuild them and make them work again right and the the lunar arc will be transmitting still that whole by so when they, when they do get these radio transmitters right receivers back up and operating they'll? Be like? Oh, here's all the information we need from Moon Central farfetched me: doesn't it a bit one of the other problems Josh is.
No one is gonna know where these are are hidden in the correct right: you're, not publishing? No, if you do, then you ve got somebody like the creepy blonde guy from the movie contact trying to sabotage right or GEO caters sugar. They they must nefarious group of all right. It takes a mamma, take the radio transmitter, LISA mutinies money in its place or a saint anxiety, But- and I say that, because we get some boot unease money this from a GEO cash from a Duke S who who's this, virgins of our pockets and walking convergence of stuff? You should know I'm really also. I think one of the reasons that this is such a derided plant, not by I want to say like I know it sounded like I'm, I'm chiding,
here there are really not like. I think it's a good idea idea and come up with the money in it doesn't know, take food out of starving people's mouths and true right as I agree, but I think that the whole thing hinges on a lunar colony, a yes, we can very hard discs and under the lunar surface we could start broadcasting transmissions, but really we have to have people on the moon with an ability to get back and forth young earth. For this, the really really work. Riah, that's the ideal, and that is where nowhere near that. Never a long way off. If poked around that that Rio bet, but it's not it's not ramp up anytime soon. They do hope to have that that stuff buried by twenty twenty yeah and what was the other date when he
They want to have a living organisms right in that at three part: atmosphere, creator, machine right, twenty thirty five sounds like the serious future, but I said that about twenty tend to, and I was it's not knows little, seventh greater and now it's the future tat. We are living in future, and there is one other point that I thought was pretty interesting I read about this. The whole sentiment of it while it does underline our paranoia as a species,
also underlines our disposable mentality. We're like ok, the earth is screwed up, we'll just move on to the moon yeah. You know them saying whether then try you know. Climate change was a big reason that this whole idea was proposed here so were rather than doing about it less this figure out a way to get out of here see what other planet we can mess up yet. Have you heard a tear forming now we're talking about tear forming Mars? I'm not exactly sure what they would shoot into the atmosphere around Mars, but they are issued in orbit around Mars, but they there's a guess, some elements that they can put in orbit around Mars. It could spontaneously generate an atmosphere really which would habitable atmosphere right, which would essentially term Mars into it. You know the new earth cool, get your asked. Molly
thank you for that. Your name that movie total recall him a very good job, all right so Chuck. I think that's about it for the doomsday heart you want to read about that or the norwegian seed Bank really doing we got one on the new agency. Thank you can type doomsday art in too heavy search bar has the force that can bring all manner of interesting stuff and of That leads us to listener male, yes, I did want to see an official thank you to mark for Massachusetts for sending US mutinies money, ethics, he leaves those sizzle GEO Cashing, treats as little found items, and I did up one. U S dollar is equal to forty five
However, you pronounce that goal terms with chinese government does not very much money now, but it's pretty Ilsa sentiment is very like her ugly american. Ok, judging the call this funny email so begin earlier this week Kelly. Chuck a recent heard, a pot guess where women rode into Sayer Paquette saved your life. I felt compelled to tell you that you Also saved another, nearly unfortunate saw that of my co worker rather than from Detroit. Here you see, work for local magazine in a small office. It consists of about twenty short cubicles for the most part, the people I work with it. But always assume. There is the exception of one I like in her to the case of the Monday is woman from office space greatly she choosing puff I'm incessantly she repeatedly and loudly size obey throughout the day
someone totter TAT word one day and she thought I was the greatest thing said she learned to blame everything: a Murphy's love She wears ungodly amounts of perfume that smells of my grandmother's couch and lingers well after she has left the area impossibly worst, but definitely at last. She whistles loudly Christmas carols in midsummer. You know it's more irritating that a poison ivy rash in a spot. You can't reach Josh what let it snow whistled through the more of an obnoxious co worker in July. But let me assure you, I grew up with three older brothers, I'm a poster child for tolerance. This woman would try the patience of a saint one day when I was at my wits end, another coworker mind came into the office. Looking a little under the weather asked him what was up and he set his brain, had shrunk and went on Wayne that he had one too many the night before and subsequently is He had stolen water from his brain and basically this is how she learned of our Party Caskoden, now. Whenever I want to hear the unmistakable first notes of o wholly night Christmas
I plug in and let your sweet voices of salvation take me away. So, on behalf of me and my coworker nearly went postal on. Thank you and keep up the good work. Kelly thanks Kelly thinks she's, not murdering anybody GMO spilling over a year ago. It do you see sense, or they nice check. Out. Before I give a call out for emails, I want to mention our activity while good job jar Jude. We have generated since the beginning of October, right you should know listeners who have joined the Kiva team donated have had made over sixty thousand dollars in donation since the beginning of its awesome. Yeah, it's awesome weirdly. Yet we are the seventh largest donation team and here's. What gets me just what I know a scant percentage total listener ship has gotten involved here yeah. I think it's. What like too
and one thousand of like twelve thirteen hundred members? I think that one half of the half a percent wireless inertia and exert well life. You join our key. The team. There is always room for one more, a hundred thousand more whatever you like. Yes, everyone's watch. How can I go on the team words a high in this manner of interesting people, Almoner yeah, you can check it out at W W W dot Kieva that cat Uk I e a dot. Org slash team, singular slash stuff, you should not right make, you feel good her promise and if you have an email that contains a descriptor of how your grandmother's cow smells, you can wrap it up and send its use. Duff podcast, stuff works, dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics. Is it how stuff works com
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