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Maybe not all of us have cheered, but we’ve all been passionate about something, and had a competitive drive to push ourselves to be the best. But how much is too much? And how do we adjust when we’ve given up something we’ve been so dedicated to for so long? Emma talks through her cheerleading career, the ups and the downs, the lessons learned, and how it’s helped shape her. Plus, she finally gets started on Tiger King and is completely hooked like the rest of us! 

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Ramble Low, guys, How are we all doing? Welcome back anything goes with me. Hope you guys are all having a good day, funny story actually just recorded about fifteen minutes of this episode, and I just didn't like it And I've never done that with apologize, for I ve never like restarted, but I did today. so that's kind of odd, but anyway, let's get right into it today going to be talking about my past with cheerleading. I got a lot of requests for this we're laying up. I did not expect to get a lot of requests for this topic because I just didn't think the people would be interested in it, but Apparently you guys wanna hear me talk about here and I think is partly because the cheer documentary on Netflix. His came out and a lot of you are talking about cheer. It's kind of like the hot thing right now, which is crazy to me, because when I did cheer it was not called me a cheerleader. It's fun,
to see- and I love outs become more respected in the world, a lot of people. You know used to debate whether or not it was a sport. Now that I think after this documentary alot of people- It is a sport in Avalon respect for that they did before. So been really amazing to see as an ex cheerleader, and you know I want to hear about it. I've some pretty cool stories. In my case calls of gross were to use. I said that I cringe Demille eyes and pretty fastening stories about cheer and just like my journey with it that and could be maybe kind of interesting. Hopefully we'll see you can be the judge you can, let me know so let us chopper into it. Before I start, I want explain cheerleading it's time maybe just for you guys who don't maybe understand how it's kind of all laid out. So there's a few different types of cheer there.
school chair which is basically run through your school and he usually cheer for football games. Basketball games, all that and its basely, a school sports through your school the difficulty level is usually a lot lower, its more dancing east, rather than like tumbling instant based this is your stereo. Typically, some school teams are really good and, like our really Like it's more of a serious thing, but I never some schools is also not in that's been more my experience, but that is Will cheer and then you have competitive cheer, which is it's a private owned kind of Jim? It's mostly. a club sport. So it's like not run through school. It's like run on its own and you're, never cheering for sport, you're just cheering as a performance, basically think of it as like competitive dance, except for a little bit different. You basically
there's a bunch different teams based on school level and age levels, one through say although five and level five and six are kind of similar skill levels, just slight differences, but I won't into that today and then there's a bunch of different age groups, and you can We compete are competitions against other teams in the same division as you, you try to win and- as you know, of course, some common. regions that are dying once you wanna go to like answer, which is common in Dallas Texas, that's like the biggest your competition in the: U S, every Ngos or at least of the like. You know, good teams go and then of worlds, which has only four level five and six, that space like the corner quarter and pics of cheerleading, and then you have summit, which is like basically worlds but for the lower level teams. Ok, so that's cheerleading,
that's busily the lay out and then of course, there's college cheer to, but Can I get into that today because I don't I don't have any experience with that. So anyhow, just operate, the fuckin do it. So I started cheer, because my cousin was a cheerleader Anne. She joined the EU but our town and she started kind of teaching me some cheer moves or whatever, and I really liked it. I actually thought it was really fun and so I am that joining the same Jimmy's, her The first thing they got on was a youth level. One ok Let me tell you: we were fucking awful, fucking awful and actually mean So the teams at my first Jim, that I went to were not very good just because You know we are a small town and not a lot of cheerleaders went there. We we did.
a lot of members at our cheered, Jim, and because of that there was like less like the teams worn as straw I think because we didn't have as many high level athletes the gym right so like we try to have a level three team, but the level three team which level three is like doing round of talks which is like a round off and then back flip for those who don't do cheered on anything about that, and you know that was pacing the main scheme that kind of differentiated level, three from other levels is that you're allowed to flip. So our level. Three team wasn't very good because we only had probably seven people they could actually do those
link skills, so we never ended up winning very often, but I was not team until my third year at that Jim so will get into that later. Basely are Jim was not very good, but there is a lot of drama you know mainly because we lost a lot, but also because there is a lot of competitiveness between the athletes right. I remember me in this girl some o built a few I don't really know what happened. I think her mom got kind, jealous innocent of me because of leg. I think I was put in a better spot than her daughter in the routine, and I were more phronsie, generating than her daughter, and I thank her. Got mad and then basically a feud started between me and the girl, and it was like her mom- was crazy. She would, sitting and stare at me during practices and was like micromanaging
ere. I was in the routine versus her daughter and it was this whole crazy dance, mom shit and my mom and I are very path of least resistance. Okay, we want to have fun, so that was definitely and upsetting experience, but it does but a fire under my ass because mean this girl have the habits you'd, and so we want to be better than each other leg. We both wanted to be the best because- She started to get really good and then like oh shit, that's my like enemy. I need to get better than her. Now so put a fire into my eyes and I ended up actually getting really fuckin good, partly because of her to be honest and we both ended up getting really good for that matter, and the dry oh, that was terrifying. I remember one time her mom called my mom, and you said that I was. bowing her daughter and I was like dude I've. Never
spoken a word to your daughter since we ve started our food and I don't like confrontations, that's just not true and then they tried to get me kicked out of the German. It was just this whole drama. Mind you at this MIKE Eleven, never know what was going on. Also just draw What would the coaches? They were really strict in rude for no reason loved a scream at us for no reason, mainly just for a power trip is funny to me has we would get screamed out all the time we weren't even good, so I don't really know where the screaming got anyone, but it kind of got to a point. After about three years of being at the smaller gym, we just lost all the time we work on we losing and my skill set kind of surpassed the level of this chin there was not really a team that fit me well. That was like
Challenging me at all. I kind of reach the peak of potential for that Jim, and so my friend and I decided that we were gonna. Go to this Jim called Calphurnia, all stars, which was basically one of the best gems in the world. I think, is top three. They were famous within the cheerfully me for being one of the best. They are super well known. Every time you go to ensure competition if you are, hence California, all stars. You would just accept the fact that we are losing an I wanted that shit dude. I wanted that so bad, because I'd worked so hard for the past three years. You know to get the sculls what I had in like whatever and I was like inside my friend and so we were like fuck it. We're gonna convince our parents and we're gonna go to California oysters the Jim was an hour and a half away, and we would have. be there three days a week, but somehow our parents, let us go
and we were so relieved to get out of our old Jim is felt like such drama. unnecessary drama and like it was like we were passionate about this in a different, larger way, we're let us get the fuck out of here. So we went to help when Alzheimer's and it was crazy number one You feel dope has fought because you're at one of the best gems in the country, but that doesn't mean that is easy. Because I was used to practices that didn't really my ass when I went to govern answers all that change these practices, they two hours two to three times a week.
Which doesn't seem like a lot, but we would get our asses kicked. Ok, the conditioning was insane leg, girls would be throwing up, people would be crying. People would be like eating shit because they were too fatigue. They couldn't do it anymore, like we believe on our faces shit, because we are so tired. The flyers which are the people they would get thrown up in the air, which was me, would get stretch until we cried when it was for competitions like bigger competitions. We would have sure practices, and we would be in the gym like five days a week. Six is weak re before competition. We would all be exhausted. We all have bruises all over our bodies. Cuz, you know we're throwing each other up in the air and then catching each other, it's inevitable that you, we get bruises. We would. Our bodies would you like constantly sore, are joints always be swollen. insane, but I fucking loved it. It was. It was like my
I wouldn't want to do anything else. It was like it. I was so far passion about it. It was like I was doing homework on the way to practice owing to practice for two hours coming home icing. My joints. doing more homework going about it too waking up doing it all over again and like I somehow like never got sick of it. and it was just like it was my fucking. It was the love my wife like I was obsessed with it and when we go to petitions. It only got better because we were all so conditioned and we are all in such good fucking shape from getting our asking all the time that when we go to competitions it was like seamless and most the time we had win until we go to the really big competitions, like the ones I mentioned earlier, like ants yea, and all that where we get her ass kicked sometimes because there are other gems from other states that were on the same wave. Assessing they were getting. Their asses kicked as well
but at the more local politicians it was just like easy, and it was fun in performing was like the best performing was the best fucking feeling of my life, like I've, never felt a feeling like that. It's like you're so nervous and then you black out new perform and then you get off stage in issues like the most magical, fucking feeling, and so I was addicted to it and I could not stopped so. I didn't stop for fuckin six years or whatever, but there were sacrifices that you made. You know what I mean like I when I not practice. I was supposed to run two miles twice a week and prose my proof that I was stretching on the team. Facebook page like I had to show my, flexibility, basically in show that I was stretching at home, so that took up three days of the week when I wasn't at practice two to three times a week and
you know about: on top it out. I was doing school and trying to like have a social life, and so I didn't really and of having so slight myself life's ended up being cheered me all this, because I just have time for anything else, and so I started California oysters when I was an eighth grade and then my second, your covering all stars, I was in high school and when I got eyes cool things started to get caught. When I got I schools shit got crazier just because I was like trying about being a high school student and doing cheer, and it was just like it was crazy not to mention my second year covering all Sars, which was the year, that I did it freshman year of high school. I am I tried out, and I were, the two level up from level three level for, but during try out I ate shit, I didn't
and my skill? So I went home and I cried for three days and I ended up making level three again and I was pretty fucking said, so that kind of bothered me and not gonna bothered me the whole season because wanted to level up so bad and I didn't so. It was fucking heartbreaking for me and that kind of by me, although season but then on top of that it was my first year high school and, unlike figuring out o out, so is tough, but I remember that beer of cheer which was actually my last year, spoiler alert. I remember some, like traumatize experiences, that I want to share number one ice, brain, my ankle, so fucking badly We are basically doing this stunt where basically it was a dismal. From a stance has basically how you get out of the sun so to make it look presentable, It was basically where I would lay on my back did. Lift me up. I was laying on my back and then they would
RO my legs over and I split them. then I'd land on the floor with my feed together, so they had throw me over. So basically do I go, flip over my head and land on my feet and one time I just. Am I footing right and I landed straight on my angle, with my whole body weight I'm, They cringing right now to talk about it and I sprained my ankle so bad. I couldn't breathe for like probably five minutes I couldn't stand on it. I was like I had to drag myself off the map and I couldn't even cry because it hurts about? I was prevent awaiting. It was the worst pain, I've ever to this day in a broken bones. I don't even understand how something could be that people, I thought Then my ankle had snapped and have it in fact, tat night sprained. It really matter. I think I tore a ligament, maybe I remember, but it was so bad. I m right to sit out for little bit with my screen ankle, but then, even when it was still fully-
sprained and hurting. I went by practice and I was practicing ice reigned angle and it was fucking traumatized another time, I was really sick. I IDA one o four fever practice and I went anyway and I asked if I could maybe participated low but less because, oh I don't know I don't want no for fever in. If you guys have ever had a one hundred and four fever. Your body feels like it's a thousand pounds and you can barely move okay. They made me practice with a one hundred and four fever. and I was sobbing the entire practice, because I was in so much pain. and it was so uncomfortable, but I did it anyway and all of these little things like kind of started to set me off because it was going to a point where the tea that I was on the team I wanted to be on. I did not level up. I was like going through these like tough mental and physical battles, right.
just to be on a team that I didn't really wanna beyond. I wanted to be on a different team, and so I was starting to get really and uninspired, but at the same time had created such strong bonds with everybody on the team. and with everybody at the gym in like I was so passionate about the sport was just I was kind of discouraged at that moment, and on top of that I wanted to start high school chair. I was like well doing. High school chair could either make me want to quit competitive cheer or could just reinforce my love, back in his chair. So let's do it. So I join my high school team freshman year and I join late because I didn't expect- up to want to do it, I didn't think even have time on my schedule to do it and to be honest, I didn't, but I did it anyways. I tried out anyway, like two months late and
I made the team, obviously cuz I did cheer already. So I had all the skill level like there was no way I was going to make the team school cheer was not my thing. I hated sharing for games. I had to practice three times a week high school chair, while I was also practicing two to three times a week for competitive cheer, so it was like this fucking weird like that. I was like doing both and I egg sometimes would have to skip Highschool practices to go to competitive cheer. Rugs is because, with competitive here you can't miss a practice. Wrote you literally get kicked off the team, where's with high school chair was a less like strict, so I would have to miss practices, sometimes some those practices would like overlap where I'd have to like you, no good at. High school practice for an hour and then drive all the way.
across town an hour and a half and then go to fucking my competitive Chirac's. It was a mess okay, but I managed to make it work, and I hated ice will cheer, though I really hated it. I fucking hated it. I was like I remember one time I got dropped pretty badly, because I was a flyer from a high school team as well, and we were true. This new stun on a hard man with no springs and they dropped me like bad. Just on my back And that was what I knew that I need to stop doing Highschool cheer because they fuckin fully drop me and it scared. Shit out of me on a hard man, and I realise that they are not like in combat cheer everybody's very trustworthy, like everybody knows what they're doing it's very rather you hurt yourself when you're stunting I mean it happens for sure, but like there's a
more training that goes into the stunned that we're doing and where a lot more prepared, where's with high school cheer. We just trained to be doing difficult stun, so I got dropped and I was freaked out and I decided I needed back off from school cheer, and I was like I'm only gonna. Do you know the easy sense from now on? I don't want to come, knocking it. I dont want to try crazy share with this team, but I say on the team and fast forward. I end up having to miss a lot of practices around the time of answer, which was the big cheer competition and size missing a much icicle practices and missing some games when we had a cheer for games, and so they kick me off the team. They kicked me off the cheer team- and I was mad about this because I was like I was kind of relieved, but I was also gonna like YO I'm missing practices to do
sheer elsewhere, and then, when I come back, I know how to do everything I'll bet. You guys are learning like, because I was doing Where was like, I was missing practice to do nothing. I was missing practice to do cheer and then I'd come back the next practice and get filled in in five minutes, and it was fine. It was never an actual problem. I think the problem was that I think the captains of the team were kind of just salty at me. For some reason, I kind of got that vibe and I think that they just were like they thought that I thought that I was better than everybody, because I was doing cheer up a separate, but like really, it was just like. I did, was passionate about cheer and to do both, but they were kind of like no, like you're being like. You know, bitchy, because you're not putting your full attention and love towards our team.
but it was like I was showing up in doing my job for the high school team and and then some some me being kicked off had to have just been in ego issue. In my opinion, so as kicked up icicle cheer team- and I just continue doing embedded sure answer comes around we lose. We got six, I was heartbroken and I decided to quit competitive cheer outside. This shit. I'm done, I just couldn't do it anymore. I was so burnt out. I had been doing cheer for six years and you know I think combination, drilling highschool cheer and combated. Shreds made me lose my mind. So I quit, and it was one of the hardest issues and I've ever had to make because cheer became. oh and her life for six years. I had no other thoughts. I had no other, care in the world? That was all I thought about those all. I care about
No, it took away my summers because I was doing cheer camp all summer and I had rigorous practices all summer. So It wasn't like. I could go on vacation during the summer. I literally couldn't go on summer vacation because I was practicing all summer. You know during the school year there were like. I know a lot of kids had to miss prom because they had to go to cheer competitions. like it was like that, and so I wanted my life back. So I did I quit and I got my life back I already got kicked off high school team service. We had a free schedule, which was when I started in cross country and track, which is a story for another day, but you know, and I sucked a cross country and track,
Oh my god, but the last chair story I have is after I'd, quit high school will, after I'd already quit competitive cheer and then got kicked off high school team. The high school team had a performance and they were like hey one of our flyers camp, form: do you want to step in, and I was like? Ok, so ya, motherfuckers. Just kick me off. and now you want me back suddenly M randomly ok, you know what sure. At that point, I was kind of missing cheer a little bit cuz. I had already been done for a few months, and so I agreed- and lo and behold I practice with them twice perform with them and during that performance I broke my hand because somebody was in the they. Basically, we had to go to reformulate the routine. If Thou make sense like we had a kind of pre reconfigure, the routine and one of the girls forgot that we had changed
something so she walked right in front of me. While I was tumbling and my hand been under itself and I broke, I broke the like bone right below my Pinky finger knuckle. So if you feel that bone, it's just a straight bone, I broke right into their kind of near the knuckle. Actually and I broke it within the first thirty seconds of the performance- and I didn't know what had happened, I thought maybe It was fine, so I performed and I had so much adrenalin that I just performed on top of my broke in hand tumbling on it. I'm doing stunts on it on a hot Matt no springs, and I fuckin did that shit and I remember I get off the stage. He will, or it was more the MAC if it wasn't a stage, but I get off the map
I looked out my hand, in my hand, is fuckin bent, like my hand, like could fold over In a way, I had never seen it do before so I get off, and unlike I think this is broken, and my mom was like holy shit, honey, we're taking urgent care and click. Ok, so first get myself some sushi, so my mom and I dont get sushi with this fucking broken handed. That looks like limp and shit I'm being dramatic, it was not that bad, but I mean it was fully broken. You could see it, you know, but we went got sushi for and then we went to urge care and we are the x rays and whatever it was broken So then I was really done with sheer any chance of me. Going back and doing cheer again was. I was like now that was what the deal for me. I decided I never wanted to do cheer again, and that was that so that was the end of my cheer journey, but I wanted to talk about kind of a funny element of chair that item.
I just think it was interesting. So when I was a cheerleader, there was a whole community within cheer. It was a good own kind of cold and community And there were cheer liberties legs. for each year, celebrities that everybody envied, and wanted to be in everybody would watch their teams perform just to see their favorite cheer liberty. It was like a fool we literally the cheer liberty, how fucking cringes that, but you know there is I can you know when you go to the big competitions, those teams would be there and you'd watch your routines perform any was like fucking magical, and I know one of the girls that was one of my favorites she's. Actually, in the cheer show on Netflix, her name is Gabby Butler
and I remember I was obsessed with Gabby Butler- I remember- I took a photo with her attitude of audition- still have that photo to this day it's fucking iconic yeah, his liquor biggest fucking fan. I want to be her, and so you know, after them, perform, we would take photos with our favorite cheer laboratories and idle, and some of them unite Youtube channels. Another was one girl. Did I tell you to channel. There was a cheer later and I was obsessed with her and I want him saw her dad. It's your home gin and I went up to her dad. I love your daughter like I watch videos and it is, it is so funny he was like. It was so funny how this community was like so weirdly tight knit, but also like there was still that, like like
idolizing that they will. It was so interesting. So anyway, I loved it. Though I loved every minute, and I wish I could go back and that's my cheater story. I hope that that was even relatively interesting. I don't know how it could be, to be honest, sorry needed a civic avi. I dont know if that was interesting, but that was my cheer journey. I can still tumble Tuesday, but I'm not flexible anymore. Oh my god, I lost all my flexibility and I'm so sad cuz. It would just be so fun if I could just fucking do the splits and shit. I probably missed some stories that, like some cheer story is, but I feel like that's all I have for right now. That's all I can remember, but let's answer some questions. First question where your teammates knights or were they stereotypically mean like what you see in the movies
Not stereotypically mean like I. Actually, I think majority of the girls were really nice and cool, and I got along with ninety percent of them, but of course, in any group, of team girls. There's going to be some conflict, so there is definitely a few girls that were mean, but I dont think that had anything to do with cheerleading and everything to do with the fact that we were all ten girls and some ten girls are just fuckin rude. Next question. How many friends did you make from it? I actually made so many friends like I would say, fifty percent of my friends were cheer friends back in the day. I dont really speak too many of them now, but I mean we're on good terms of I reached out to them. It would probably be fun, but you know their own colleagues live in their life and shit so yeah, but I definitely had some like all means that I like kept around for a while from cheer, which was really special. Next question: did cheer teach you any important life lessons? I would say. Yes,
It made me realize, like the importance of showing up on time in showing up like when your asked, because you know- and it may be good at it too, because Like you know, we had these practices in you, you couldn't be late, you know, or else you get kicked off or with covering all Sars anyways you have to be on time like ever. They was this. The rules were so strict right. So what kind of- reigned and need to be on time and too up ready and it, so taught me how to work with a team in a way that I had never done before and like how you know working together rather than against each other, is so valuable when you're on a team, it's like supporting one another and being uplifting to one another, creates like team morale, that's unstoppable, but this These are turning on each other in resenting each other. If somebody struggling is the same Your team is gonna fail, and I think that that was a really great metaphor for me for life,
but also just like the beauty of working together in me, being somebody has quite a control freak having to put my control freak side aside and kind of work together with a team like really made me put myself second innocence for once and like, Made me realize that, like we have to be in this together and shit, we're on you know next question: was there a lot of pressure to look a certain way? A thousand percent? Oh, my god, I hate fuckin bring up this topic again because it just sucks and it's not fun, to talk about, but I do think that cheer kind of as is a slightly responsible for a decent amount of my body, image issues, I've had just because was a flyer which was somebody that needed to be lifted up and you know as a fly, ere you want to stay light. So I was became kind of obsessed with.
My nutrition at a very young age, I was like count, my calories in like doing research on foods that were good for you, which I think actually that you know me educating myself at a young age on fitness, in nutrition and like how did stayin shape was good, but I think that it got to appoint terrorism I say that I think that that was really negative for me, but I think did, learn a lot about. You know healthy eating in how it then whatever, which is actually really valuable. So it was like this double edged sword with that, but and it also was like you know, half of these girls, especially the cheer liberties that I mentioned earlier, are fucking shredded, like six pack huge muscles like whatever, and I wanted to look like that too, because that's what was cool and that your community and I never really got there but just cause coming on belt, like that I'd only I can get like that, but you know I was like doing three hundred.
Ups every night, so that I could look like that and I never fully got there, but. Definitely and also even at the cheer competitions. You know your hair. Your make up, you know, needs to be fucking on please or else you're getting judge by other teams. You know you have to have a separate or else you aren't fitting in, like us,
everybody needs to be ten. For some reason, side get sprayed, hands very single competition, or, do you know loving, Tanner, whatever? There is definitely a huge focus on the appearance, mainly being shredded ten and having fire her and make up was, was the focus in I mean I, she kind of like getting dulled up like that. I'm a shot, my fucking freshmen yourself, I remember I get so excited richer commissions. Collude get me, give me an excuse to get super dressed up in. I thought that I looked so fucking goodnight sense now chats two boys, so that is that in a programme like at the time being it cheerleader wasn't that cool whereas nowadays, but it wasn't back then so they brought were like what the fuck is, and why is she? Why does she would like she's going to a passion, but I thought that I looked hard so kind of a shame. Whatever some ass, he was a favorite move or trick. Probably around off talk was just my favorite, as it was just became. Really easy for me.
ah M, which is basically around up where you do a cart wheel. But then, at the end you put your feet together and you jump it's very arctics why'd you wanna, Google, around I've, TAT feel free. So round of tug was my favorite. I Elsie so really like standing tugs, which is where you basically to of backs lived just standing like you just don't even you just stand there and I got kind of good at those, but those were really hard. I wasn't good at standing tumbling, they filled my leg. Strength wasn't very good, whereas my like upper body strength was better than my leg strength, so I was heads good at like doing shit just from standing, but I did like gainsaying tax. So please talk
the hare loss because of the tight as fuck pony, tells the damage your hair. I actually my hairline receded a little bit. It grew back by my hair line, did received from doing cheer and my hair is burnt because they die blonde and, like all the teasing, you do so much teasing, basically with cheer hair the bigger the better. So you wanted to tease it as big as you could, which is like back coming and making your hair huge, while also looking somehow clean. At the same time, it was very weird, like you did, what you're hurt like rats nest. You wanted it to play this beautiful bump of hair right, but that teasing is super damaging to take two hours to come out ever after every time we perform it was a fucking mess. I was so difficult and my hair was super damaged and only recently has it all grown out now I'll make sure hair is gone finally to like three years so he said. Do you think you would have done something with it? If you didn't start youtubing, your God didn't tell you is that it wasn't right for you
I dont think I actually would have because after I broke my hand, I just was so over it and I and it is a combination of breaking my handing in getting six at answer with my team. I use, was over it and also I was about to age out anyway, because basically, you can only really do cheer competitive. until you're a senior in high school, and I only had two years left- and I was kind of like I dont- want to waste two years of my life,
aka the rest of my high school years, doing cheer when I'm just what I'm not even going to be on my dream team that I always wanted to be on. I was at my dream gym, but I was not my own, my dream team, so I just ended up quitting, which is probably not necessarily the best. I am glad it quit because now look at me. I found other passions, you know what I mean and that wasn't my passion that wasn't my long term passion and I found passion and in other things as well after that, when it came to sports cuz, I did I end up doing track and I ended up doing hurdles for a season in. I actually really love doing hurdles and I would have never found that out if I would have quit cheer so said here. We don't have cheer in schools. So how would you describe the whole thing to someone who doesn't have a clue how it is so I already kind of explained not a little in the beginning, but I will go to high school chair a little bit more base. The high school cheer, at least at my school,
basically where our team was also a com, vision team, so actually my high school team would compete against other high schools, but it was really weird because we wouldn't do like a normal performance. We would do like a cheer leg tee. I g argued: do a cheer like that, perform then front judges, and then we do a short competitive. If you will routine in compete, but besides that we are mainly doing pep rallies. Like you know, different rally that school we were doing mood cheer for football and basketball, which the tea football players in the basketball players hated us. they thought. We were so fucking annoying and I don't blame them because it is loud. It's not fun like they. Don't like it like, they literally don't like it.
Also all the stereotypes relic cheerleaders getting a bunch of deeds, not true. I got no deeds from being a cheerleader at all. Dude thought cheerleaders were annoying the guy's wanted to day the girls like played soccer or like did track because, like there you know they thought that was hot, so the cheerleaders cunegonde, no love also the cheerleaders amazed. Glennie may not popular. That was not how it works like it wasn't like the popular girls did cheer mind you. I did good all growled catholic School and our brother school was in all boys catholic school so like we had a kind of different situation, but it was like the noise most stereotypical public high school cheerleader. Jock situation like we just didn't, have that, but but even when we were like around the guys that words from our brothers school, we still didn't get any love. So that was that, as I said, how do you feel about the rents and uniforms the uniforms for cheer are so fucking insane?
they're, like so glam doubt, unlike so extreme, but I fucking loved it. It's one of the things we have to lean and do it right. It's like Ukiah. No, it's a little bit corny. You know it's a little bit weird but, like you just have to immerse yourself in a unlike enjoy it because its funding gland up like that. So I always loved it to be honest, link the big bosun shit like I I just let myself enjoy it's like. You can think that it's kind of bizarre and weird or you could just be like this- is what it is, and I am now enjoy that's canal that last year question and then I'm going to start talking about random checks have some other reno. Should I want to talk about. If you could turn back time, would you still ensure cheer
absolutely cheer was one of the best things I ever did in my life, and it was it as some of my favorite memories, and it just has such a warm feeling in eight makes me feel warm in my heart, even though I had some shitty experiences within it like I still like love it like I love it. I like. I still watch cheer routines too day sometimes and- and I miss it and I miss performing- and I like it, it gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart. So that's cheer baby. Oh, my god, I literally just looked over my knights. and I record these podcast in my guess: bedroom and there is a cough sitting in here, half finished from when I recorded last time, which was a week ago ass. I should probably put down the dishwasher anyways. Now, let's talk about other shit, dementia related.
I've been doing the same shit since last week, I'm still playing fortnight, oh, but last night. Let me tell you last night, I came in. I started watching Tiger King Edward, It's been taught him attire king, which is this new Netflix show, which is basically about these people that are fucking insane, that like breed big cats, I e tigers, lions, etc and but he has been talking about higher King K and I normally don't like to watch shows that everybody's raving about, because I always really gonna get disappointed, but for some reason every time it's a Netflix dog. diary of some sort. I know I'm the love it so I ended up starting at last night cuz. I could not fall asleep cuz. My sleep schedule has been so fucked up and going to bed at like four hundred and thirty every night, probably because I'm on my phone fucking idiot, but anyway started watching Tiger king y'all, this shit crazy. This shit is,
crazy. You guys need to watch this. It is so fucking good, it's just so good in the drama. It's beautiful, it's, the drama is amazing. It's like it's a combination, it's like funny, because the characters in this I mean it's not characters are real people but they're. You know they are such characters. The people in the show are said characters, and on top of that, it's like such a funny like weird community of people that are all so bizarre and it's just so fun like it's so fun in the but within others mixed in some murder mysteries. It's like, unlike some like you, know, we're colt shit. It's like crazy everything I'm into in a show everything to show a little bit a murder mystery a little bit of cold drama, I'm a little bit of eccentric ness and a little bit of kind of
weird fucking florida- a shit like just some weird shit right like, for example, one of the people. This isn't a spoiler. So don't really like one of the guys who raised the big cats. He like also makes country music and he makes these fucking corny ass, music videos for them and they include them in the show and they're so hysterical me. I was crying laughing watching me.
There's so funny any so funny and he doesn't even know it like, but he's also, I think, he's kind of a murder. I don't know I don't know he's gonna be murderer, but I feel it he's. Gonna kill somebody in the shout nobody's whirl it for me, but he kind of gives me murder, vibes, so rosy, but I still extend him loki. Joe exotic for all, you watch the show, but it's so amazing so deftly recommend watching it you're into that shit. It's literally everything that I could want in a show, so I'm super excited to keep watching it and I rarely get excited about shows, but that's been that and then what else about doing? I'm deadly running out of leg, life experience and things to talk about Europe cuz. I literally have not lived in in days, so I'm kind of losing my marbles, but I think the the whole. I don't want to talk to on this too much, but I will just maybe make you guys give you. Maybe we can be in this together.
I'm I was actually really enjoying being inside and taking this time to relax in. Like the creative find myself whatever whatever totally I was enjoying it right, I'm losing it now, I'm sorry not lose it a little where I am starting to really miss everything, and it's definitely taking a little bit of a toll on me, but hey we're in this together right guys we're going to get through this shit and and that's that I think we have another month, at least in LA so we'll see how that goes. I think that's it for today's episode. I hope you guys enjoyed feel free to ask me questions at AG. Podcast, that is our twitter. I always tweet the top.
They can t me questions about whatever next we saw topics gonna be also feel free to request. Obviously you want me to speak about. I like, despite, yes, we very interactive, and I like to be an open conversation with you guys who feel free to tell you what you want me to talk about, and I love that and appreciate that so yeah, that's that, because her saying sane help healthy staying inside. I think we all know there were all saying inside of this point. I feel that I feel it. People are now actually sting insides, that's good news, but yeah. I love you. I appreciate you all, keep a real keep it one hunt them not to say that I was going to keep one hundred, but those, and grows and peace out, love you. I guess a piece out, love you, but then is it piece out? Love, that's fucking crows! sorry lose rather than out levy guys a lot more.