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Emotions, we all have them, and they can be a really tricky thing to navigate. Emma gets sensitive sometimes, as we all do, and she talks through it on this episode like a therapy session. From getting over people who wrong you, to worrying about relationships, letting yourself be vulnerable and opening up, why crying is actually good for us, and a lot more. Plus, Frankie the cat makes a (very short) cameo appearance on the podcast.  

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Ramble. Hi guys! Welcome back to anything goes. I am in my class. right now with my cat, so you here Weird sounds literally he's running around in doing the most annoying things possible This is being so loud. She's never allowed like this. I thought you'd be fun like maybe I could record of her sitting on my lab ragged pet, her and to be really well, axing but she's kind of ruining my life right now, but she's. How accuse that's cool, huh, ok, sir. Today we are talking about something that I am struggling with. In the current moment, you haven't noticed this podcast is therapy for me. probably more than it is useful for you. It's actually useful for me, which is amazing for me, cause I need anything asian get so I've been loving it you know about already. I want to say it say: we're going to be talking about Being a sensitive ass, little bitch, that's what we're talking about, because
the fact that I am so sensitive sea that was my catch. You just tried to jump up onto a piece of furniture and then she slipped. I might have to take her out of this room at some point anyways. I in struggling recently with how sensitive I am more than usual, and I woke up this morning- and it was something's bothering me which I'm not gonna, get into directly my alarm to switch off. I'm having sensory overload, my cats fuckin jumping everywhere, I'm just try get a fuckin word out. My alarms are going off from this morning. I woke up earlier than I thought I would I'm kicking Frank you out of here. I sorted out. There's no element of peace when your mother, it's crazy, anyway. My verse sensitiveness. If that's a word like my sensitive side-
sometimes fox me over, and you know sensitive In my again, when I give you a little definition of sensitive. In my opinion, I mean there's an these definition, but like what I am referring to is being sensitive to people's energy being sensitive in general like just being very sensitive, sensitive, as the only word I can use to describe sensitive because there's no other word to use may be needed, pull out a dictionary anyway. This kind of over thinking things a lot in like king twice about everything and dislike over. working, my brain in that way, but also being emotional and all that. That's kind of what we're gonna be talking about today, because it's kind of biting Mimi Ass right now, and I bet it bites. What are you guys and asked to so I want to vent about
and maybe we can kind of help each other here in learn. Something were calling this the sensitive episode what's funny about me being as sensitive as I am. Is that that's not really something that many people know about me, because I really don't come off as being super sensitive. Not a lot of people would know that just upon meeting me because I think possibly as a coping mechanism, I come off very nonchalant and, like I, don't really care about anything. Even when I really fucking care, like I don't know if it's because I'm a German, I in Germany's are really gotta being two faced in a sense, but I just come off like I don't care, and I that I do that, like I'm fully aware than I do that, but it is for its definitely coming mechanism. Now that I'm actually thinking about it more, I come off like I don't give a fuck, because
makes me less vulnerable, which then prevents me from getting inevitably hurt. Eventually, although I dont mind coming off I dont care because there is actually a lot of things. I don't care about, so it's like it's kind of a weird thing, because it's like I act like I don't care about anything. The truth is I do care about. Lotta things, but I also don't care about a lot of things so in both of them are like, very extreme left and right here, like I mean either really really care about something or I don't care about it, eat at all, like there's no, in between I'm very extreme, like that, all my feelings are very extreme, like I have very extreme emotions like I'm. Never like fifty slash fifty on something I'm always like a hundred or a hundred. So maybe that's a bad thing. Maybe I should be a little bit more up front.
with everybody about the things that I'm sensitive about, maybe that would prevent me from getting her a little bit. I don't know, but for now I'm just gonna act like I don't care about anything and the only people that really know that I care about shit are people that are close to me and there's like five of them, and you guys because I really open up on here, but I dont know why do that? To give you sense of actually a sensitive? I am about random shit. I think it's kind of funny. Let me tell you about the things it made me cry randomly Besides the obviously emotional take talks, I've always had this weird sensitivity about gifts, ok not giving a receiving gifts myself. None of that. If I'm on Facebook pv I'm on Facebook, scrolling through and I see a video about. somebody receiving a really sentimental gift. I start crying
Another thing that makes me are crying PV, a grandma or a mom, or somebody makes a dinner for their entire entire family. Family doesn't show up that shit. Ruins me. That is the one thing that makes me cried. The most is when somebody puts a lot of for it into something, and then they go unnoticed. Oh my God, I'm literally getting choked up right now. Thinking about it, I have a really our time at that, I remember, I saw this video ones of this guy who made banana bread or something any brought it to work, and he left it on the cap her and then nobody aid, the banana bread like the whole day, went by nobody cut a piece, often he's like watching waiting for people to take a bite of this banana Bradley a little piece for themselves and nobody did it and he so upset, and he was like what's wrong with my banana brain. That made me laugh. really cry. I remember that video was even kind of a cow many video. I don't even think it was meant to be
really sad, but I literally almost started crying about it like there's something about those situations that make me so emotional. I wish I understood why, but like that shit makes me cry, I fucking cried while watching a Disney movie the other week it was like, maybe is five month ago now, but I'm smiling by. I don't even know what day it is, but I watch the Disney movie onward, and I know if I talked about this on here yet but word and I completely I'm not gonna spoil the movie, because I think you should watch it Disney These can sum whose end so fucked up this movie. Oh, I got I'm literally. It is her grinders thing about it. The way that this movie ends should fucking be illegal, It is so fucked up. It is so wrong. It is so wrong it was so not and it was so fucked. I was crying my eyes out. Those are my friends house there
like price seven of us watching this movie. I know with seven people. At the same time, that's literally unheard of. Ah, I was crying in front of us literally six other people falling eyes out like not just like tearing up like fully like like because it was so fucked up, don't watch, I'm of even also please logic, as I want to vent about it with somebody Thank you to doordash for sponsoring episode of anything goes door I love you. There are thousands of restaurant, open for delivery under it asked the need your patronage now more than ever supporter. restaurants under dash Doordash is that brings you food. creating right now, right to your door. Ordering is easy. All you gotta do is open the door dash app choosy. You want to eat in your it'll be left safely outside your door with the new contact list, every drop of with over three. Four thousand partners in the: U S: Porter Ego, Canada and Australia. You can support your local go to
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my main issue with friendships is the fact that I'm sensitive in friendships and it's gone better, but let's dive and do it a little bit when I was way younger. I was always analyzing on. My friends felt about me constantly thought my four were mad at me only fellow my friends were lying to me constantly felt like they didn't want to be around me and they were just faking being friends of me for whatever reason throughout alimentary middle high school always felt like I don't really know why that is. It might have been just insecurity for, bunch of reasons that are not important but, like I definitely had reasons to be secure in though I may I didn't but like in my head. I did, and so I can kind of sea possibly how my securities led to me questioning all my friendships but I also think it was because I was so hypersensitive too how
were behaving around me from such a young age, that I couldn't understand why I was like over analyzing every single word, my friend said in over analyzing every single action and over and analyzing everything when actually none of it really mattered and none of its actually. That deep when I was younger, I didn't have that later sperience to know that, like I was, over analyzing in so I just drove myself. Fucking insane and by the time I go to high school. It got to appoint we're like. I was so hyper focus on everything that my friends were doing. Then it was exhausting and I didn't even wanted to hang out with my friends anymore. It wasn't even just like trying to figure out whether or not they hated me or if there are mad at me, it actually kind of ended up evolving into me boy, super sensitive to their emotions. And I had a lot of friends that were really mean in high school. I had some great friends to or cool in
friends they even like maybe they're mean at the time, but probably aren't even mean now, who knows but like they're a lot mean people in high school that just like, they didn't even mean to be mean, but they were just kind of patchy and like that energy would like drive me insane and make me miserable because it was like I was so sensitive- did every nothing they would say, and I was so sensitive to every action that they would act that like it was miserable for me to hang out with anybody at a certain point because, like if I may in over analyzing them. Then there I was off and I could feel it in that would make me uncomfortable in. I would to absorb that energy and then I would start to feel miserable or I would start to be mean, and it was like. I was absorbing everybody's energies and like it was just too much for me to fucking handle, and I was so I just end up cutting off like every high school friend I had.
Because it was like I was just too sensitive to almost have friends literally and then I moved delay and then it was kind of like this thing happened all over again, I made a lot of friends and then for different reasons, as I'm so sensitive about so many different things, a lot of the friendships. I end up cutting off abruptly and not saying it's even any there. thoughts, cause. I don't wanna blame anybody for anything and I want to be an asshole but leg, let's focus on me and my part in this. I can't handle when people have in energy that I dont leg or what their wishy washy with me in like they're, not true about how they feel about me and there like half seeing the friendship because that's not wrong answer.
Oh I absorb that in then. I like it drives me crazy. I don't really know that makes sense, but that's why I have like very few friends left, because I like to hang out with people that I feel safe with and then I feel like. Aren't you gonna turn on me in a second, and also that are good people in a genuinely because when people are bad people absorb that an economic field, I met like Ethan me inside and shit so That's probably, I don't have a lot of friends. You know it's just sometimes hanging out with people's more tiring than is being by myself. It's like being around people is like sensory overload for me and it has been since I was younger, which is funny because I still loved to be social like I love it, but like more with people that I don't know that well, because that's like not as much of a responsibility right hanging out with somebody that you're like fifty fifty
friends with, is such it's so exhausting because it's like you, don't really know them and well enough to have a good line of communication. You know you don't really know you can trust them leg. You they're lying to you like at everything, is just so up in the air when you're half friends with somebody where they going and being social at like a social event where you meet somebody and you have a good conversation with them, and then you never speak to them again, like that's amazing, because there's just no commitment involved, it doesn't matter how that conversation goes you not to overthink what you're saying like whatever and then with people that you're really close with it's like you know, you don't have anything to worry about, so it's whatever, but for those fifty slash, fifty friends that shit is so exhausting and that's why sometimes I don't my friendships never reach their full potential because I just have to dip out before I can even get there, because I just don't even have the patience or the energy to like, nurture it to get to the point that
could be because I'm spending too much of my time, overthinking it or they just suck. So, there's that those two options but yeah I get tired either I kind of cut my own self off about the whole sensory overload thing hanging out with people that maybe don't get you or you don't know that oh it's like fifty fifty friend, as I said, it's like sensory overload because you're like trying to figure out their energy and link what SK going on in their mind, and then you also trying to figure out like how the feel about you and then you're also trying to figure out if you even want to be friends that this person, and then you're, trying to figure out. You know how you can like if you're mean your people, please or how you like how you can cater to them, so that your book the best friend possible, because you're worried about your status with his person, you dont know. I know my going to deepen
it, but it's like this is the way that my subconscious mind works and I'm just putting into words. Now and now it sounds stupid but like when it's happening in my brain legged. It makes complete sense, and the thing is true is that I am me, really know. Somebody is feeling the second that I'm in the same room is them. My friends will tell you this nobody can I their emotions from me. I can read everyone like a book usually, and so I know that kind of contradicts what I said earlier unlike always trying to figure out somebody's feeling I know somebody's feeling, but I don't know why there feeling the way that their feelings Zemke sense. So, like I, always know the way that everyone's feeling immediately, I can tell somebody's putting a wall up. I can tell I think, I'm just I don't think I'm fucking psychic. I just think that I'm really, I really really pay attention to people's body language in that's like a huge thing for me like I
make sure that I am paying attention to people's body language, and so that makes me very like I can see of somebody's feeling immediately when I get in the room with them. Even if I don't know them, but I don't know why they're feeling the way that they're feeling and because I'm so perceptive, if you will about how people are feeling it makes me hyper aware of that, and then it makes me question why they're feeling the way that they're feeling and then because I'm kind of sensitive. I always think that it's my fault like let's say some he's in a bad mood. I'm like this is my fault. I always think it's my fault and it never fucking is actually it has been a few times, but usually it's not like I'm just overthinking it. So that is jumbled. The explanation of my sensitive mind. Ok, it doesn't make any sense. Well guess what does make any sense to me either. Thank you to Billy for sponsoring this episode of anything goes although sometimes I neglected myself carrot
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loyalty like trust, that's just like whatever, so I found my now, which is amazing and doubt has like, but but the but the point between me trying figure out who my people were and also trying to get settled and allay, and now like there, I don't know when the point exactly was. I think it was recently to be honest where I went from just kind of having costs in uncertainty about like who my friends were, who were my people were? Who I can trust like feeling safe and secure and allay infilling comfortable. Here, like I didn't, have that stability up until recently, I like literally within the past- probably two months to be honest, but now, I'm in an interesting spot, because everything in my life for now
I trust everybody. I feel really good about the relationships I have and everything's great, but the problem is that I can't stop putting myself out. There like just because I have a really great group of friends. I can't just Iceland self in stop trying right leg. I still need to be. Trying to meet new people and trying to expand my circle, because then the day like life is about surrounding yourself with as many good people as you can and like enjoying people's company. Like that's what I feel like life, that's when I get the most joy is being around people that I love and feel safe around and whatever. But I need to do that like I need to be open minded and I need to like let some p. In a little bit and take a little bit of some risk, but it's so scary for me, because I have been fucked over a little bit. Sometimes in the past. You know
because I've been so sensitive. I think it's affected me a little bit more, maybe a little bit longer. Who knows but, like you know, because I've been fucked over so many different random times in so many different random is now every time I go into a new friendship or new relationship, even whatever. I cannot let go of what other people have done to me, and I cannot I have not figured out how do under, stand that, like every single human being is different in me talking to a new human being, whether it's a friend a fucking boy, I don't know, I don't care a fucking coworker for FUCK's sake. I don't care leg. I dont know how to not carry my hurt from my ass relationships and friendships relationships is broad not like dating strictly untiringly all relationships every single time. I do not do not bring that power.
best upset in the new shitt. I don't know how to let go of it like I hold on to it like I woke up this morning and- and I literally go downstairs my mom's visiting me right now right now and I was literally like I cannot get over this one thing that somebody did to me there's this one thing somebody did to me that I just cannot get over, and I was like in its making me hold back in potential friendships that I could be making right now, because of something that one person did and they are their own person. Who knows they gotta learn from what they did. I dont know they could have like you know I dont care, it doesn't matter. I still am like traumatized from and I dont know how to let go of it. So I hope that some of you guys are in this. I mean I don't get this issue Eddie, it's almost like kind of having. I think this is what would the twitter stands? Call trust issues: ok,
I kind of have a little bit of trust issues, and I don't know if it's, because I'm really sensitive- and so I hold onto these things more because I take everything a little bit more to heart than I should like. There's just no reason for me to be taking things to heart like I do and to be making everything such a personal attack on me like there's. No reason for me to behaving like that, but I do, and so I want to try to work through this together. Maybe we can give ourselves homework and figure out how we can get through this shit, because I dont know how to not hold on to the past what the fuck, I can't believe. I'm too, I don't even think I'd like worked through the ship with actually the human being, and now I'm talking into a microphone by myself in my closet, about this like this is literally something that people talk about their therapists and I am literally putting it on the internet and I dont have that's a bad thing. I don't think it is I like it. I don't know why I like you, but I think I like it, because it's almost like less confrontational. I can talk about
problems and then, if I want to go read what people are saying about it. I can't, but it's like up to me. It's like when you're in a room with a therapist you're talking about shit in your immediately getting a response. I don't know if I like that I mean I should like it. I pray you should give a therapist, but I dont really bad. This is off topic, but why not at a really bad experience with therapy as a child? all talk about it. Why not? This is why I use this pod cousin. I don't go to therapy. So when I was probably around eleven, I my parents were divorce. They ve been divorced for a few years at TAT. Point my pet for starting to date a little bit, and so I was really having our time with that, and so my parents, like you, should go to therapy and obviously meeting eleven. I was like fuck no, but then I didn't really have a choice. Cuz I was eleven and I didn't know it was best for me until my parents, like let's try therapy for her cuz she's struggling a little bit so they sent me. The therapy
fucking hated it, I hated it. I'd leave school every tool at around noon? I had to go to therapy, and I we didn't, like my therapist. She just was such a bid to me, and I felt she was. She wasn't a bitch, but, like she didn't mean to be a bitch, I dont think but like in my alive. you're old mine. I thought she was such a bitch and I was like I felt the way that use communicating with me. Talk to me like I was a little baby and she in I would literally, I just would sit She had the subtle sandbox there was with the magic circle, and I would sit there and I would play with this and she would ask me questions and I would not respect to her the Inter recession, and then I would, after my mom would pick me up and I'd say mom. Can you give me a bagel and she would say yeah, let's go to get a bagel, then We get a bagel for me and then I go back to school and
It was miserable though I hated it. I hated going to therapy. It was like. I was such a chore and I just was not ready to like talk about my problems yet like I felt like I was being forests and it was just so awful and it was so traumatized whenever one time I went to Ireland with my mom during this time and my mom, we organ in my moment Irene, extend our trip and, as I can, we please extend the trip. I don't wanna go back yet rose at. What do you want, back in the I was like. Please, I don't go back and I start crying crying is what's wrong wrong. I don't ever want to go to that therapists again. Can we please stop? Please don't ever make me, go there, and I was so upset in traumatize and I can't really understand now, why I was so send traumatized by but like, like, I don't know, I'm not in my eleven year old body, I don't remember,
what was so bad about it and, to be honest, I think I blocked most of it out of my head, but all I know is that therapy has this like really really toxic gross feeling. It makes me feels weird feeling in my chest, and so I just haven't been able to get myself to go since, but I have talked to a few energy readers over the phone when I've gone through some really really tough times within the past. Two years, there's like these energy readers that you can call their black therapist they're, not like psychics or anything they're. Just like people that try to read your energy in like help you there is be a therapist, but over the phone and I've called this one woman a few times and she is help. She helped me a lot. So maybe I should get a therapist or maybe I can just called Gee reader at my disposal anyway. Why why this is crazy? I'm kind of shocking myself without open, I'm being like. I don't.
How? I can just talk about this shit and put it on the internet and not like hey Emma. Maybe this is personal. I don't care, I don't feel like it is. I believe this is like what's wrong with talking about it, I'm having an internal battle about it like exist. This would this make people and People see this is me being fucking, overly sensitive, wondering like people gonna get uncomfortable. Listening to this, because I'm kind of just word vomiting and talking about my feelings like two people, even want to hear that this is my son, positive side coming out in nobody to hear it. She's not really fun to be around our before I talk about how I can improve in how we can all improve on our over sensibility and sensitive billowy since sensitiveness, I thought we could have some questions about being sensitive. Somebody asked me what the simplest thing you ve cried over. Probably the onward movie, the Disney movie that was stupid, but then again that plot
pretty fuckin sad. So I dont really blame myself God, but would boots is stupid thing it acquired over. Let me think for a second really need think weathers cause. There's plenty of funny answer. You know don't happened before. I don't have a specific example, but, like no new stub, your toe really hard in your alone, and it just piss you off. I've cried my four times from sheer like stabbing righto toe because its leg, sometimes you just hits different unlike some passages hits home and interests, It just sends you over the edges. Sends you pushes you over the edge so that something similar cried about moving on, so yeah, how can I open up to people without crying? Every time I try to? I don't know, control my emotions. This is actually an interesting one, because I used to be like this where- and I still am actually one eye talking about things that are alike. If somebody else
He was wrong in its something. That's really really emotional. For me, I'll definitely burst out crying usually for me, what happens is that first, I'm like doing completely fine, unlike something gets said in that I just lose it like. I'm not like somebody, you like slowly starts crying it's like ice fine and then, unlike bawling, my eyes out in there's like no between, I feel like I'm, usually pretty good about. Not crying under pressure honestly practice leg literally from practice, but I dont think you need to know like stop yourself from crying. I dont think that Unita back crying is human. Ok! Personally I love when people feel comfortable enough to crime me I never get uncomfortable. It never makes me feel weird if
he's going through something, and they start crying in front of me. I'm not happy that their crying is obviously that sad and I don't want anybody to be crying. Is that fuckin blows, but I like, knowing that somebody kin release that feeling around me and feel safe to do so. I dont want people to hold back their emotions or on me, like I, like one people fully our front in like let go and around me because, because I'm so sensitive in a sense, that is something can connect with and that something that leg I can see for what it is like. I see if somebody's just acting, weird and being rude, because their upset
something in there not telling me what's wrong. That upsets me. Somebody can sit down and start crying and be like this is what's going on. I would love advice or I just want to vent like what do you eat no thoughts or whatever I'm I'm? I love that because I love that they feel comfortable. Sorry, just like threw up in my mouth a little bit and now it's burning my throat and I keep swallowing to try to get the acid out of my throat so anyway, it hurts so happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach anyway, I dont think you need all back. I think you should just let it let it out. If you need to cry you cry crying releases. Crime has not pointless. Ok, crying is
just like our bodies. Way of just like being dramatic. It's like crying literally release is something I think crying releases. Endorphins. Give me moment why Google is ok. Would you look at that and is googled it, and this has crying for long periods of time releases. oxytocin and endogenous soapy oils otherwise known as endorphins these fields Chemicals can help ease both physical and emotional pain once endorphins are released. Her body may go into a numb stage totally true. I'm actually going to read some of the benefits of crying, because I feel, like people forget how important crime, is in that you shouldn't ever not allow yourself to cry it did hogs as the body had help self suit yourself. It does painted proves your mood, it rally support. I guess legged me no makes people come to you and help support. You helps you recover from grief. It restores emotional balance.
Helps a baby breather, cable, we're, not babies. I don't think babies are this biogas moral? Where is crying is good. Let it loose! Ok! Next is thoughts on our people, invalidity being sensitive, saying self like you'd only decry over. That's, not a big deal cetera We have any choice over. What we get upset about. Amazing point is is anybody in your life? That's invalidating any emotion that you have there not a good person if it's like your father, Finally, I feel like family dynamics are different because, like you know, I feel a little bit less did it with our family members. Sometimes save noticed that with siblings I dont have siblings, but I've seen other siblings like be really insensitive with one another, and I dont think that that is that lets exclude that because they ve families a different situation, because there's like this element of like comfortable
ness and like it's just different, and I don't really understand sibling, so I want to touch on like family in value. Haitian but like when it comes to a friendship, if somebody's constantly invalidating your feelings, There are so many bad things about that. I've had actually, oh my god. I have a specific. Yet I had a friend, in my life. They constantly did this a long time ago, like long time ago, like I'm talking ears, and like it made me really and secure, unlike feel really bad about myself, and it was really really toxic. so glad that they're, not my life anymore, because the friends it I have now are like so fucking cool about it. My family's well about like make me feel heard and making my emotions like like Biennale. Allocating my emotions, unlike that makes you feel
how much better by yourself on somebody's invalidating, like you crying that's the worst thing you could do to somebody and if you do that, work on that, because that's not a good friend thing to do if somebody is doing that you and your life distance yourself from that person or just don't open up to them as much because you don't need that. I would cut them off, but that's I tend to just kind of be harsh about things like cut him off, because I don't like to waste my time. You have one fucking life, you have one life why the fuck. Would I be around people that are shitty? I dont wasted damn minute period. If somebody sucks I'm not wasting another minute, if they just proved time and time again to be an asshole, I M over it, I don't waste any more time and that might make me seem impulsive, but I've never regretted it. Sorry that was passionate. I don't know what I've gotten me. Somebody has
I do not cry when somebody raised their voices you this actually do me a really long time to learn, because I used it totally cry every time. Somebody would raise their voices me and, like I mean up until our brightly thirteen Mary, but I think that I ended up figuring out so consciously that, like yelling is just it's just a different tone of voice O Gaelic. I know that's obvious, but like If somebody is yelling at you, you just need to take a deep breath. Listen to what they're saying in don't let the words stab you in the heart I used to let every word every person said stab me in the heart, but you have to sit back at an arm distance length in like fuckin, not literally but metaphorically, be no kind of separate yourself from what they're saying for second dont be insane.
Dave but kind of shut down. Your sense. It try to shut down your sensitive walls for a second and try to just numb about it while there screaming at you, that's what I do and then I absorb what they say and then I respond to them in a very relaxed tone. I never yell back rarely unless, as to my mom she's, the only one I yell at in she also meets beautiful where we have, but it's like she's, my fuckin mom like whatever, but I never yell at anybody back. I just talk in a very I make them feel a little bit stupid for screaming. At me, by being very level headed and then usually the screaming stops and then everything's fine, it's like you just
to get through that initial yelling and then you're good, so just try to be as level headed as possible. Released come off as level headed as you can. Somebody say when I'm on my I cry about everything. Does the same thing happen to you, of course, I'll get myself crying about like really dumb shit, and then I will go pee, like, oh god, it god it other I've had my period for two weeks this month. Sorry till all the boys, it are listening, but I've literally at my period for two weeks it will not go away. At least I know I'm is better than being pregnant, but it's still taking it on me. I've been very tired. Somebody said: what's your favorite thing to do and you're feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, this actually good, crushing sounding a touch on this. At all, I mean a little bit, but if I'm feeling like very emotional and just kind of unstable, I will do one of two things
number one. Isolate myself a little bit go home by myself. Listen some music sing it out that helps alot, just kind of listening to music. That makes you feel good like for me. My feel good music, how my fucking tail ball? Now? Ok, I'm sorry! I'm like I've been sitting on the hard won for four fifty minutes. So my tell bonus telling me now I'm lying on the ground and that also kind of hurts, but whatever some I feel good music. When I'm like kind of emotional number one I mean obviously like all my monthly playlists that I may guns bought if I needed update them local level of do them in a while, but I make upon earth mega playlist every month and I'll listen to one of those playlists. I also like listening to palm,
mornin wings, cannot explain it. That's Palmer, carnies ban that you made after the Beatles his songs with that band. Put me in a good mood. I cannot explain it my assignment of my dad either it's a conspiracy like I'll read the song title, studiously you'd, listen to them because there's something about them. They just literally turn my move around, like I can't explain it, but they're just so up and I've been listening to them. Since I was really young. I remember it was like the first song I memorize, all the lyrics to is band on the run by wings. Okay, if you're in a bad mood, you need to listen to
oh, you can also. The Smiths is also a good song. The earth good branda, listen Ducas avis, such uplifting songs, actually just go into my fucking. All these places on Spotify anyway banned on the run list. No at the man said and silly love songs by wings. Those arms will turn your mood around period. They will fuckin change here. Your view so anyways sing to those songs and dance around and enjoy yourself or if you have something that you really love and trust that you don't have to put like emotional effort into having relationship with them. Like maybe its apparent. Maybe it's like your best friend call them and talk it out. That helps ought to last question and answer ones. It I'm being sensitive help
you I think it's held me, be a better friend a lot of times, and I think it's made me a better listener and a better advice. Giver, which is gonna, be really nice when I like have children one day, have kids kids because I'm to be able to give them advice, because, I've been over analyzing everything. My whole life in its made me better, giving advice. That is probably the one prove at all that I can, in my opinion, give decent advice, and I don't have time to demand Warner. Maybe I'm just talking shit over here, but yeah now talk about how a sensitive people can Work on it, what I'm gonna do is my homework assignment. For myself is that I'm not gonna. Take my past kind of Roma and upset from friendships and relationships into my new friendships.
relationships, I'm not going to assume there would. Somebody else did me, is what somebody else's can do to me. Doesn't make sense like I'm not gonna, bring that energy into my new friendships or relationships moving forward, because everybody is different, And you just never know you just have idea in it's not fair to the new people that you mean to be putting that label in a sense on them. Ehrlich now but like to be putting that judgment on new people when you have no idea what their life I wouldn't want somebody else to be like if so, we ll see, somebody was can be played, pointed be friends with me. We were starting friendship, but then they kind of stopped Give me a little bit, or maybe they just stop talking me altogether, and I was like what the fuck. and then the reason. Why was because they were too traumatized by their passports, ships- and they just Didn'T- want to make a new friend
to be really sad because I feel like I would have proved them wrong. You know what I mean, so let people prove me wrong to let people prove me wrong and if they don't prove me wrong, then suck that's my homework assignment you guys give yourself a little homework assignment in any way, doesn't need to relate to this part. Gas just try to do make it go for yourself like diving, that's really important and yeah. That's enough on being set. If I have no idea of any of that made sense, I cannot wait to listen as back and be like You are so you're such a mess, you're such a mess right now you are a fucking mess, but I'm not going to lie being locked inside for the past month and a half or whatever, has kind of made me a little bit crazy, like I'm kind of losing my marbles and I'm over thinking thing. A lot more than normal?
in my mind, is like analyzing things, a lot harder than normal, because I have nothing better to do anything, my brains and still egg go there when I have nothing better to do so like I've, my brains been a little bit master. Recently leg had been a little bit crazy, recently leg. You can ask my friends and my mom, I'm like over thinking everything and crazy, like overhanging, the most random shit. Like even my friend, some backhanders conversational, my friend Libya, today, like or yesterday leg. in response to my text like she's, so yesterday I was leg. I texter China responsible for our smells like tat is so, unlike Olivia legacy ok started to think she was dead or she was pissed at me for some reason in it like freaked me I almost like semis off into a fucking panic attack over it, and I was like
and then she text me back and like I just fully free download and respond to me like I don't know why, like do the other day. You didn't respond to me in the morning, and I did this- things using. I free doubt that you are mad at me and I was like. Why are we doing this like me and Olivia like in my friend Amanda, to like we all don't get weird about shit like that, like it's, never like that, but be we're locked inside him. We have so much time on our hands to let our minds, Rome, we're going weird and paranoid about stuff like in ways we never do, because we're just leave nothing our brains have nothing else to do our brains are so not stimulated that we're like almost creating, use that aren't there to entertain our own brain. That's what I think bizarre anyway. That's enough of me talking, I think, we're all sick of me talking. I'm not gonna talk for the rest. The day I never one here
Once again, I love you all. I hope you're all cuban a real, and I can't wait to talk to you guys again next week, don't forget to tweak questions to me at Agee Podcast on Twitter. You can also requests topics that you want me to talk about, I'm kind of running out, not really, but it's like, because I'm not doing anything in the a world because we're locked down like I'm, not hide on me funny stories, sir. Oh yeah no place for night and maybe go like start an argument with my mom cause. I'm bored so fuck ants, but it don't forget to review and subscribed. Do anything goes on apple, podcast, parfait. Wherever else you hear podcast, that's all she wrote. I love you all have the best day.