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In this episode, Emma dives deep into one of her favorite interests - fashion. She discusses her early influences, tips for curating a great wardrobe on a budget, the importance of confidence, why she hates showing her neck, the secret to finding the perfect thrift store gem, and answers your questions.

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Common breast cancer foundation. I've got a few people in my family. A breast cancer and funding means a lot to me and says really cool the catch up is giving back. It's amazing. Breeze Promo Code Chamberlain when you download cash app from apps app today. Thank you cash app guys. Welcome to our third episode of anything goes, I remember Chamberlain. I was weird thing my full name: it's like super uncomfortable, but just did it knows fine. So how are you I hope you guys are doing great to tell you about how my morning was so. They have switched egg is, I can add, a rough morning. I started my morning by going to the dentist, which way yep early this morning was uneasy because I went to bed at five. Thirty p m, not pm powder. In great. I went to bed at five, thirty I am because I can fall asleep for them. Me- I lay in bed for six hours and could not ball. Sleep is awful. Will This morning went to the dentist,
my invisalign so now I this is not sponsor railway line. I wish I was, though I got embezzling because didn't. Wear my retainer when I was a child. and because had braces when I was younger and then I wore retainer for a few years and then I stopped and then my boy teeth got crooked. I described my bottom teeth as a meat grinder. They just look like big. shred just about anything, because they're all sharpen turned around and shit hey so I got a baseline it's in my mouth right now, weirdly enough you yet tell at all earlier. When I first got it, my asses were a little bit messed up, and now I am completely normal. So I don't know I'm just like super technology, because I talk so much that, like my adjustment, time is shortened, but any I that's what I'm map? Nobody cares about my embezzling journey, but I will give you as it is really uncomfortable. I'm not gonna lie, but it at least. affecting my speaking so that's great now. It's getting to the actual episode today, which are
fashion, which is weird, because I got a few request for this topic and I was like I'd only can make a full episode out of this at all. But then I talked about it with my dad and going to brainstorm nose like Loki, but still so here we are we're going to be talking at fashion today. I think Fashion one of my biggest interests whether I necessarily show it or not, considering I'm a big fan of soil, suits like big baggies web has, with the big bag, sweatshirt and air. Where's ones. I love that look. deep down in my brain and thinking about fashion, but, like other out, It doesn't look like I am in their money in my brain right. So I'm excited to talk I'll, give you some tips tiresome stories do at all, so, let's get into it so my fashion journey began as a pre score funny story. I used to in setting to day care, I would go to my grandma's house, those for a few
there's, so I was may grow us every day with my cousin Casey and we would just hang out together with my grandma. While my parents were at work- and it was great Actually, some of my best memories, although I was so young, I don't really know I can remember magic separately, peeing on her balcony and then running around the house with dirt in shit like that's all. I remember when I tell you as a good memory anyway so my grandma had a neighbor who, I dont know if he like a fashion designer or if he was in employee at nicer store, but he to give my grandma like tat. we're closed that we're super fashionable so like imagined, legal, full Chanel runway outfit, but for toddlers, ok
this guy would give outfits like that to my grandma and then give them to me and my cousin Casey, and we would wear them so I loved being glamorous at that age, even though I was like ironing out a brain yet, but I was like obsess about and I was obsessed with all the chief jewellery that you'd when it like Chuckie cheese like if you will The judges in you I got enough little it gets you could get like or coins Is it quaint? Whenever forget, we get of coins than you could get like a plastic ring. I get those classic rings and I'd wear them until they turned black. Ok, because I was like success with all that stuff and then those fancy outfits and it felt like a princess. So that was that I dressing up whatever it. the fever dream, though, that my grandma's neighbour, some the connections to get Many feet designer outfits four children living where do you even by that league? Where did this men work? I'm so confuse like
much did it cost like. I wonder how expensive the actual out its where I know for a fact there are like fifty bucks, if not more in that's like one tiny piece of fabric, because we think about Toddlers not a lot of service area going on so like fifty, for a little out. It's kind of a lot anyway, very bizarre, but that's where I think my fashion love started, and obviously you know I'll injury scald. I don't even remember when I was wearing weird shit like out to places like coals, Josie Penny, others have the boys in just pick up shit that didn't make any sense no sense at all leg, The worst thing I could find for some reason: that's what I was wearing an elementary school stuff with like a little like monkey on or like little weird flared, caprice with, like big flip, I don't know what I was on the list. If you like that she's going to come back, lay that kind of early two thousands, style that as worrying elementary school, that's going to come back and I will be wearing it protein to you
three years, so that comes back, our literally be James. You myself, because I'm talking shit about it right now, but I so lame. When I was in all areas, and I don't think I really knew what I was wearing so and no reason jargon that middle school when it started beyond my radar, because I towns. So I went being an old in an elementary school? Where is a very normal? Class, just super fuckin, normal town, nobody was like really wealthier anything, it was very normal and then I moved to a different with my mom, my dad still live there, but my mom, and so I move there with my mom and the energy was quite different. Bigger I was still like a normal kid, but a lot of the kids in this town were really wealthy, so ice are going to school. Seeing all these new brands. This is a middle school, so, Sir, going to school, new town and you know the kids Eleanor. While they saw I'm sorry, you see different brands and I've never seen like
Crombie Hollister, you know, air possible, whereas I was wearing pretty old. Maybe you know the more affordable, Sup in all these kids arrange these expensive clause and it was such a shot, for me. because I was not cool a middle school when I first move because I was like wearing the cool brands they were wearing. You know did not fit in with the squad. Squire did not have friends for a long time in middle school meals. the worst, I'm in my life, debatable the worst and my life So I remember The first thing I wanted was absent: be genes. I was lake, I need Abercrombie genes The cool girls have Abercrombie genes, low wasted, let's get it and so I think, for Christmas or something or backed school shopping. I was like Begged my mama's, like please in their genes, are so fucking spends browsing bump
It may be I mean these, and that was first time I started and that's when I started conforming to the masses of my school. It was like prior to that. I wasn't really thinking about conforming, but then in middle school, like oh, no, I'm gettin, Abercrombie genes and I'm getting the fuckin halls from going to the holster outlet in Abercrombie Outlet They have. Those in his amazing is the plug. When I was younger cuz, it was like nobody knew was from the outlet, but it's way cheaper. So I get like the same Abercrombie genes and everybody else had, but I get them for nineteen dollars and everybody else who thinks sixty box outlets, huge hack, but anyway, so I like was literally knocking to shop to school unless I was feeling with everybody else, which is really really sad in retrospect, but I'm being honest, I'm not gonna like now I wanted to be myself fuck. No, I didn't I wanted to be every other bitch in middle school. I did not want to be less of it all I wanted to fit in. If it wasn't Abercrombie genes, Hollister top in vans. It was
Lou Emmon, leggings black, nor face in Ali Jacket and some sort of van or converse? That was the look. That's all you are, like for Christmas. That was my time, whereas, like I'm, gonna get everything that All of my friends have so that when I go to school, I look like a carbon copy of them. ass. This is it basically. My point here is in middle school. I didn't and think about fashion. As a thing I was literally just trying to fit in ass best. I could I didn't care I liked what I was wearing is needed to be wearing what everyone else's roaring- oh, my god but it was a huge thing back until you, although I do like these many little boots that are like our boots. I would you the ugly outbids Alec I get the ones that then there are the high ones are ones that went to like your mid above your maid cap and then they had the buttons the Lord. It was such a mess, but I loved it I love being a part of
something I value as a part of something this middle, cool basic bitch army. Now I was in it and I loved it and it was sad because I remember I would sometimes go to stores that whirling little bit different. Let's say I go to firmer twenty one. There's a broad array of styles, I would see something that I was really cool entreat by it and sometimes even by it, but I the school, where and I'd feel so in secure because it wasn't for in with the basic bit army. So I felt so out of place and I would feel so insecure all day and I've literally go home and I feel like I'm, never wearing the shit again and I wasted a lot of my mom's money doing because I would find should that I liked, but then I know and of wearing it because it didn't fit in and that's really sad ugly high school. I uniforms so didn't have to worry about that cuz then. Second, I got to high school. It was like theirs
No such thing as fashion we had one free dress day. On Fridays, every Friday we got to where, whatever the fuck we wanted I would wear my the form, but with What pants under it so that was all girls school for me was quite a journey. I ain't litter never dress queue for school, maybe freshmen euros. I trying to be trying to be cute for some no apparent reason. There is no one to impress Sedona what I was doing, but there is no such thing as fashion for me in high school. I feel like That's. When I started, though, like on the weekend, that was what I would like you to do sadly where whatever I wanted clothing. Wasn't on the front of my mind every day for school but when it came to the weekends I kind of didn't really know where to go. When it came to putting closer my body, I have basically no fashion sense at all, because I wasn't strengthening that part of my brain, because I literally during a uniform every day so
I just didn't have time to develop my personal silent all, but towards the end, of my eyes we'll journey when I started to kind of disconnect mentally from school. I think that's I started to get more into fashion. I remember I would my dad go out with me and against him. Photos me in these I said I thought were cool, kind of wanted to document them and I wanted to create a vibe or whatever kind of when I started shopping at leg. brandy, unlike urban, and trying to like my game a little bed but it was hard because I was found guilty by buying close cause when you want to be fashionable, it costs money right and I feel bad because I didn't make my own money, so is also hard mean, expand myself, because I didn't have the money to do it and my parents are not c of Google, so it was I could go out and chop whenever I want right as it. as for most for almost everybody in this Fuckin moral, its kind.
Have to be strategic, which is when I kind of sort of getting into drifting, because I do a thrift store and I'd get twenty pieces for a hundred bucks or more. Or I gillig thirty pieces for a hundred bucks and That's when I started to build an experiment more and then I started you too, which kind of open my eyes to more fashion shit to and then this kind of me trying do my own thing, while also kind of Imitating what other people were doing that I admired, but also making my own thing, which ended up making it sometimes nodded cute, if that makes sense leg in the beginning, our try to imitate when other people were doing but then- because I want it wasn't. An exact replica was like Emma's spin on it. It would being kind of weird it would missed the mark. just didn't, have it all figured out yet, but
I just started doing a lot of research. You know looking Vintage magazines- and you know just Looking at people whose style I admire on Instagram on fuck it anywhere anywhere. I could find fashion inspiration. I would like take note of it in like a son, take photos a magazine. Sometimes I would you know, if things in Instagram folders, I made a bunch of painters boards and I just started kind of figure, now my style and my aesthetic with clause, so that I could find a medley of all that increase my own thing, through years of putting together outfits time and time again I kind of feeling I've figured out my sound now, but figuring out in it evolves constantly, but thou go to my fashion journey, throw my life and I kind of found my love, for it Thank you, too Pepsi proposing this episode of anything goes Pritchett, you guys
he wants you to be, you and do what you want to do. leave your best life. Ok, Some going to talk about some things, I do and enjoy no matter what anybody has to say, because that's paths he's a vibe okay, there, that's what they want embody. So something that I do that is kind guilty pleasure. Would to be talking to, everybody. I know that sounds weird, but I'll be in public seven hour. Long conversation with somebody had never met and that's great now But you know sometimes my friends and I are places to be and thinking it all israeli would make. As I talked everybody too much, that's my guilty. Sure, but I do it anyway, as it makes me feel good, and that is the energy that Pepsi supports and brings to the table not wearing. them. So thank you, Pepsi responsiveness, episode of anything goes. I appreciate you guys, Pepsi, that's what I like. You get a framework for monitoring this episode of anything goes.
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meeting its formal, a wedding. Ok, I used to alone, love dressing up. I didn't even want to go to prom. I never went to problem, so I guess I win, but I, you know when you got a problem, I dreaded problem as it can. Because I didn't know what to wear address, because I feel so uncomfortable and redress. There's something about me wearing a dress, links, what of gown it just doesn't I feel like me at all. it never has, like when I look at the mere in the mirror. Wearing like a big gown of some sort, I just didn't like. I don't know that bitch and I don't really like her it weirdly feel so, unlike me, and I dont know why that is so I always hated dressing up and I even getting my make up down in getting my hair done because two beyond I actually feel prettier one. I'm done cast down leg. If I just have lay, May Gabon actually even know make up sometimes which
people, have to come to a man's converters me. I did this page splits, bucking ugly as hell with no make up, but I actually prefer my face sometimes in make up, because it just feels more comfortable, into me. Comfort is beauty in a weird way. Then, even though I'm not saying, I think I look good without make up, that's not the point. The point is I feel comfortable without make up and when feel comfortable. I feel safe and I feel pretty, but it's like this weird kind of naturalness, like that just makes me, feel comfortable. It makes you feel confident in a weird way. So even though I am I not look in the mirror mill, I dare say that zero, my forehead like say seated today, cause that's what I'm seeing leg They feel comfortable. Mason more confident and weirdly enough wearing- dress up close and having one should make up and hair can someone.
Actually make me feel worse about myself, and I dont know why. That is what I think it's, because I don't feel comfortable with that. As a group, You know I've had to dress up for more things. I've learned the kind of make dressing up fit me. So that I feel comfortable when I'm dress up- and I feel like I looked open like whatever but it's been hard because I don't feel it good, and I use I feel, like a fuckin loser at all, so weird, I believe. A lot of you know a lot of people. I dressing up, and you know somebody all look forward to a new kind of never could relate to that until recently, just cause. Now, I'm trying to is being very particular about. You know how looks and now makes me feel, unlike what part my body are showing versus covered and like how that makes me feel confidence wise. Whatever can I weird thing when, as a child about showing my neck like where they still do man's wayward turtleneck so much. I boys
I felt really really vulnerable and insecurity for no apparent reason. When I wear that show my neck. I have now fucking idea, why that is I don't know it's because I feel it gonna get like somebody's gonna come up. I mean program like choked in kill me or something, but not like a turn, like what help primate easier actually, but I do know ways but weird about my neck, showing silent member. When I was thing about going to prom. I was like, I need to find a job where you can't see my neck can be so tat, I dont know, what that is, though leg. I have no other issues like that, but my neck Freaks me on my neck and, like my leg upper chest, like like my collarbone area. we don't like wearing tops died. Why that is fine. Now I don't really care as much, but when I was younger than the great man alive. So really know the point that whole tangier was but dad's gonna wanna join where I feel more comfortable with low make up comes
My clothes doing my thing for dressing up can be fun. You know time place, I guess I have a lot of great questions today, so then I found on Twitter, I have for the boys, mobilizing Jack very excited by I'll keep it short lived, spend a lot of time on questions today, because I like questions better for this topic than just me, rambling collection we go on guy so last two things I want to talk about a star with involvement in leg. Your fashion in how that's above my taste I'd love to talk about that cause. It's just kind of interest. I used to never really understanding. Runway trends are like you know how that stuff can predict what's in next season and whatever I never understood like how the bigger designers can impact like stores that are afforded or whatever and like how that relationship is now you can kind of. you're paying attention to hire fascism,
as you can catch onto a trend before its main stream. But I think that ever since I went to my first show- would leave a time last year and that was those like oh shit, this whole new world leg. You know, even though the Our debates are very abstract. in others. So many areas of in spout to pull from that, even though ok, I'm not gonna, walk on the street worrying full runway outfit, but then you look like the shoes or the way, the day layered, the top with the job. or the way that the paths fit and then you can kind of from that in little ways: India, earth style, like you after trying to break it down, you can look at out and as a whole, has you're not gonna, get anything out of that. But if you want your runway show on Youtube anywhere. From a designer that you like her any designer at all, for that matter. I'd, say, Waterloo, Baton, joke as those are my favorite, but if you This shows you can learn a lot about the
Nick trends, just from watching those shows and then kind of breaking apart each outfit or the the catch your eye and then pulling bits and pieces and then incorporating under your thing, and I think That's actually help me a lot, for example. Lastly, we should ensure that I saw somebody wearing a vest, Ligon needed, vest, and I'd, never really consider doing a vest or like whenever I have now worn a vest three or we're time since in life, with a turtleneck or lady, with a college or yellow stove, as fuck something that I got from watching the runway show because you know I wouldn't where the crazy flamboyant of it They had on the Roma, but I like the vest element in well there it is. So if you go want some kind artistic fun, info weirdly watching runway shows on Youtube can be really fun. And I can teach you a lot and it's actually a cool thing. Did it
like you feel cork has your and, like I love watching all these shows cause. Then you know you can go on twitter and read what people are saying about. The shows in its really funded just see the conversation in like that can kind broad new horizons, allowed NATO for me, it totally did because it just made me realize how like truly abstract the whole thing is and how its more than just like what you're pairing together, it's like trying to create like a vibe too late, you're trying to create like an emotion with your outfit and in deep for nothing but like that's where, Now I think of it now, let's go even if I am to swing genes and a White T shirt like I want that to have a field, when you look at it like Oh, that reminds me of lake. Fucking. I don't know, girl in the nineties, who. Is going to home depot early in the morning with her dad too big would cause their building a tree house. That's about it at all.
Disney. You know what I mean. I want to have something like that with every outfit that I wear all the right now, I'm literally wearing brown cargo shorts in a crew neck. So I don't really know what I'm going for today. I think I'm going for All my favorite genes are dirty so and I wanted to be comfortable starts. They else lasting. Honour diagram for a new culinary is shopping on a budget already have they cover this never, but let me tell you you do I I hate spending a lot of money on close there. Nothing. They excites me more than like finding a cool peace. in it the store it? That's all or ordering, and so what's more unique and I know for me, I have a I don't really like wearing things that I see other people wearing cause. I just one an eager thing what it is, but I can only be old different. You know I mean I'm not saying I wear the same. Fuckin brandy Melville Grace weapons that everybody else, whereas by like This place like have something it's kind of one of a kind
recently been using deep up again wishes responsibility, but I think we did a brain with deep yeah. We were too before developed hit airline. Again I love you. I have been going on deep up so much because its grey, you can search like vintage, vintage, pants right and then you can filter out decides then it's only or sizes there's going to you can find literally dope vintage pants, one of a kind. No one else has fully anywhere when twenty bucks in like no even lower I've got biggest skirt lofty pop. There was from the nineties- so Dope ten bucks and it fits big it's so fucking cool, ten dollars and free shipping. Ok, it was raising or even vintage shoes, vintage Doug Martens's vintage horns on there for cheaper Vince hoodies for, like thirty by in their engrais condition Bob is an amazing amazing tool all in all we can sell, and there too I bought
so much shit up teapot recently its laser thing going into a with restore because you can search through or for hours and have no luck or and anyway, live always is not very lucky because everyone for if seers sounds kind of secrets up in all vented stores here just go to the store stores by shit that they know that kids and allay would want and then sell them for two dollars at their store, so that thought I works by deep, dude buying one of a kind things that are cheap on wherever that's the keep, that is the key it's, a win, win win situation there. Really, not. that you're, not winning and also through using deep you can be selling sex at the same time, so you can be selling in buying and then it's like. You know the monies kind about it. The troll there in it's just Two fuckin wind brows to check that out I think I have covered everything can question some fashion questions here.
I wanted to know what you said, he's better my interbank high advice on improving your instagram feel so, not the best this, because I'm the biggest fan of my own instagram petering out, because it basically all just photos of me which I hate, but I don't really take photos of anything else. I am now self reflecting. And it's terrifying. Sumner stop supper fighting with every gout did, and I'm not gonna say that I do this exactly, but in an ideal world I'd be doing this too, so I think it He is like deciding what you're aesthetic is gonna be in order me like do you want to have a color that, like is consistently showing up your whole feed kind of, looks, green or blue, if so take photos and make sure that they have those colors in it or, if not, you can always. in post it. I don't know how to do that shape in a lot of my friends you that, where they at the back
that everything matches images with feed for work. In my opinion, but you know something you can do Another thing that you can do is you go and risk our the editing acts that have, filters and you can use the same filter on every photo. I used to do that for years that's the way that I made my feed look consistent was, I would use the exact same filter on every photo. I would James take down the intensity of the filters that it like wasn't as strong, so that photo still had its own natural colors. It wasn't like overpowered by the water and then sometimes I d, just like the exposure and saturation and in the temperature, and all that just how to make the photo look the way I wanted it to, but while having that underlying color pallid, because felt it it's on top sites like that while the photos are next to each other, they all the same color theme I that's my biggest tip is using the same filter. Although recently and actually- using instagram filters as a whole
and now- I don't know my photos at all went through a little bit of a crisis where I was leg fuck this up put filters on my voters. I'm not gonna work given my photos unless I want to, but besides that now forget I dont care leg. If I like the photo, I'm not gonna headed it, I'm just gonna fuck and leave it in Loki actually like I'm. I feed looks like like that because now its leg. I to focus more on the lighting and like the composition to make the photo cool, its own, and then things actually meaning is making me more creative with mainstream further to tackle so yeah so much we're filters on risks. are there Wes Anderson was innocents. It movie director He has a line of filters that you can buy on disco, thereby dog one d. two and three, and will make any sense, but
if you know about Vsco that will make sense and you can buy those filters and I think they're really good, but you just have to make sure you turn down the intensity of those filters, a lot enjoy. Ok next question: let's talk about swedish drifting tips Emma. I love your videos and I tell you I was your idea forward. anything else why your test, before Christmas and new year after People who want again did everything was like some entreat you have when you got what you all for your videos to realize your style as well. I hope you agree today, eleven percent, loud. How is the sweetest message ever receive? Thank you so much. I appreciate that every they're. All I got you so pure my tapes. Basically, here's only. I learned with drifting, that's kind of like a tough the swallow at times, and I think it's hard for people who just start is that
You're not gonna, walk in there and pick something up in love. It they're. Just it's just not going to happen. You're going to spend a lot of time like this everything you do when all your friends are out of town and it's a Saturday and you're in town and you're, bored and you're like what am I going to do you go to the thrift store and you spend three hours in there. That's the best way to find a bunch of good shit, so spending a lot of time is really important, but also having an open mind right. So let's go, find something where you like, this is kind of cool, but I look I'd where it unless it was cropped, Yolande, fucking crop it brow orbiting the pan you're. Ok, these bans are really cool, but there will be two long. Customers is when you go. Let's eat your leg, All these points are really Cuba, like the waste, is a little bit too big, but I like the way they fit use issue raised about when you wear them. I do that all the time passed are such a messy journey, that. The time this I'm a pencil femmina and I either or
there too tight and then only suffocating the whole day or play the tubing on the legs, but they look perfect on the way so that it's just like I just have to deal with it or they're too long, and I pick up them kind of like working around working around it, because it is there a little bit too big? You can easily belt them, and it looks they fit you fight in normally and there's a lotta hacks for, if pants low, but to beg you can things around the EU. rapid issue lays out an icy hacks on Tiktok. All attempts to make pants fate if they're not quite right, another, is dodges shop in one? section legs. Are all sections, ok, even ones are you wouldn't normally go into leg, for example, when, eighteen year old woman, I have found genes, in the little boys section that were amazing? Ok and I also found good stuff in like fucking. And pants section which normally wouldn't fit, make them five five but like I made a work, you know
ended up being really down there. They cargo pants than when I was a thing and there are great like I made them fit, and there are great so like don't avoid areas cause. You think that, like it's not in a work, you'd be surprised what you can find in like the sections that are, you wouldn't think before you, especially the in section, that's the funniest one leg lit, I love going in there. It is kind of a hit or may ask most of the time the shit's really tiny. But someone you can find something cool. You know in occasionally last drifting tat? Is my favorite things to thrift are hoodies, sweaters and t Shirts Ivy League, Those are the sections that I always score in. So maybe start there, so that you're not do when, when you go, get pants, cosponsor, fucking nightmare and even like regular TA, can be kind of a nightmare, because most of them are ugly for some reason yet just started
with those areas in you'll probably be fine men's hoodies are the best. I love that section, my favorite section. I found some really into it in there and even sweaters to events in six waters willingly eighties and there so go check it out, go for acting its responsible into Annabelle and it's fun, and even you find something cool and it's not maybe for you, you can always give your friend or sell it on deep up done, now we're gonna go to twitter. My grandma dislike to me. What did she say? Emma a fund trip love. You says we're going to Paris and two days and I'm prepared and I'm actually sick. So what's gonna happen that God only knows hurry somebody, asked me what my favorite stable pieces. I mention this earlier, but definitely a good pair of genes. For me, as Levi's I love device. I love the way that they fit I love getting Vinci's Levi's, because their super soft uncomfortable in there. Too tight, they have a nice flattering fit with comfort in that's really crucial.
good pair blue jeans can go wrong ex question, my five must have wardrobe essentials will the genes as one can. I just mentioned that number two a good pair of black boots of some sort like for me. It's dark martens leg. really nice. I guess it's just you know, that's not really. No it's wardrobe. really to Paris, stable shoes. Ok, I'm just gonna sit on general because I feel it for me I switch between Dog Martens air this one's la here first ones. and converse re, no kind of what I doing, but having few, whereas a stable shoes that you can just switch in between, so that you just always out among the one on the line up, I'm fucking thing. You is Adam Ready. that's too a stable, a few stable shoes, but I'm counting that has one blue jeans, I'd say
good basic hoodie weirdly enough because I like to layer hoodies with things Ellie toward leg you can wear a hoodie with genes with like a cool like leather jacket over it, you can wear a hoodie with fuckin anything. with sweats with leggings with plaid pants, like you, can really saw them with everything. I think that's like really nice during the winter, and it's just huge like just have a bit like a basic one, though the leg will never get old like a basic gray, soft comfortable, putty next, sick white tee shirts cropped not cropped shorts. Eve Long sleeve its great for layering, like you can just let them with anything, wear them cells during the summer they match any statement. Pant three legs in pan that has allowed They got on or even if not they just go with everything. It's amazing. And in the last April would be a nice
turtleneck, firmly white You can wear for four layering. I think you he'd a white making your closet, you can wear it under you sure big, where it under sweater best, you can wear it under a crew neck. You can wear it under. You know jacket. You can wear it under. I mean you fucking May your you're wearing that way. Turtleneck under it, you I wear away turtleneck under fucking everything like it's my job. There was Mary, but that was five me tips on wearing clothes. A kind of touch this second ago, but I The key is like finding. He spoke like I The only way that I fear that I figured out how to layer from seeing other people wear. So, like I have no idea how to do that, but it's just kind of looking around in seeing only pinterest singer people do it I'll name. If you, my favorite ways I love worrying, collared, shirts or flannels under a crew next letter that was really cool.
I like wearing hoodies under bigger coats, so a long coat, but with a hoodie under it. I think those dope again turtleneck under tee shirts, under vast, under based we anything. What are you these put paternal like under anything? For me on that stu, I layer then that's kind of aid. Those are my favour ways, but finding smells like my biggest way to do that, because there is so many ways to do it. Then I think the beginning, we ever starting with that kind of its wool, ecosystem when you're fucking layer and close it so difficult to me a lot of a figure that shit out so anyway, but like finding and smells good, ok moment, How does one dress uniquely, but not idiotically,. I think, as long as it makes sense to you and you carry an alpha with confidence you'd near now. gonna, be an idiot, and even if somebody thinks you are, and even if you look back and you think you're an idiot who cares
love it in a moment and you feel like yes, this is a bit imbibing with this. They love it then you're, not you are being unique in you're, not being an idiot, I think is really. For the people like I We appreciate when people where outfits that necessarily understand because it challenges me in my brain, unlike like damn my think of that you know, that's kind of weird but leg it they live. Then you know that show you something that it. Maybe I'm not pull something from this You know maybe it'll make sense to me in a year when my brain is about who knows thoughts men in fashion I loved men smash in so ouch. Like weirdly more than women's fashion. Like I love it I love washing men's fashion- shows just think itself. I actually love wearing. Like I, men's fashion for myself. Actually, I tender
I actually take inspiration from a lot of men's fashion. In my own closet discuss I just like it and I think it's cool, so I see my, I believe most of the clothes they were on a daily basis are literally from the men section leg. Now my hoodie or micro. Next from the men section, my pants are not, I should they might have I don't know why. I just love it. I think it's so fun to just colonel. Make it my own and silent, no way that no else word or it's like ok think when you're styling men's fashion, its leg I, not going to look the same way as the mannequin, which is the same way with move fashion, but you know it's different. I liked it, men's fashioned trends in turn it into something that expense sense for me. I like to take like amends fashion trend in turn it into leg in everybody's fastened trend. That's what I'm trying to say like I don't I
to just make it. You know what I'm saying I spent my new backwards or so stupid my nails falling off. I keep bending and on shit anyway, Achilles are a danger hazard. What I'm period eighties nineties to thousands is your favorite fashion era. I'd say: overall eightys by really. I'm in love in the nineties, and I'm in buying a lot and ninetys shit, but eighties. Madeira I actually also love the sixties as well who worst colors society together. I don't think exists, but I would say blue and navy Blue can be a little bit upsetting. Does almost the same but they're not like. Don't do that in a favorite two brands. Recently, I've been doing so much vintage shopping that its leg so fuckin random. Like I mean you know I don't even know where they came from.
The brands are just weird random vintage brands, but when I do shopping. I do of going to opening ceremony it's the store. It is really expensive. I more go in their kind of just for the in spite of it, but I really is so it's like. They have really cool after this, like smaller designers from others big designers, and but I really do some cool, like the upcoming designers. I made some similar in now and I'm pretty sure that's what they a lot of what they have in their. it just really cool. I gave it. They have really unique stuff in there and it's always changing. And then I usually by all my basics from Brandy Melville which, as you know, Like I love getting their weapons like what can I say that such a working group He bled breathing lay that I have my embezzling enzyme, literally toilet. Do you see yourself getting more deep into the fashion businesslike, starting an actual pulling line? Apart from Merge Pisa
refashioned sense. Thank you so much and I do but that's almost say rubber period. I actually a great question, then on how did not care what other people think about the way you dress. This is great because this should be so long to figure out I mean I think, being in school. You know what same kids every day, it's hard sharp and indifferent unique our unique outfit, because you know they see wearing the same shit everyday than if you shop in Eurasia. Special ever reservoir. The book, the Jew, dress up more wearing that agitate where the bug you go shopping like building. I mean you know, I mean in cell It can be really hard ass. I think school. I never actually figured it out school to be honest, the entire time I was at school kid. I never learned how to become both in what I really really really truly wanted to, where I never figured that out but now that I'm older, I think it's about
kind of doing it. and seeing what happens. Its leg put on love it, go outside literally see what habits most of it, ninety percent of the time in lesser at school, with some assholes. nobody's even get a notice. If anything, there see european milk like damn. They really served as out of their box today. now looks amazing because its unique in its different they're gonna, be like damn that's cool I can guarantee that nobody's really that worried about. You came in he's giving you our time is just an asshole at school. That's board people don't really care they care of themselves. Ok, people are worried about their wearing Noah you're wearing so we might think something that Europe and for the port first, maybe three seconds of being caught: a good deal and then directly after immediately. That thought will go away and there is going to start thinking about themselves again, that's just how humans are. Do you nothing to worry about, and even if you.
are giving you shit. it's really can be really frustrating and it can be really upsetting. It's happened to me, but you have to be like. If I just keep going they're going to stop and if they don't get them expelled, that's ruin and this absurd. Or just never, hang out with them again, if they're not in school. Hooray, well, I think those agreed episode. I had a lot of fun. I'm going to fashion we this weekend, so expert see some shit about energy Cosmical already happened. I am, I'm scared to travel right now, cuz, I'm not feeling so good, and I don't know how that's going to go, but I'm really going to get very sick while I'm there, because I'm actually, let me knock on wood- very, very superstitious over here and certain wish me there. My then I don't like wake up after my fourteen hour. Flight with lake assigns infection. I a casual, come in so you I thank you for listening again enjoyed again. Hobby got something valuable out of this
hope you guys are enjoying the new podcast If you have any ideas for coming up, says that you want me to do tweet at me Gee Podcast interview The questions that you owe me answer in upcoming episodes? You can call his phone number five six seven to seven five, three six weeks to leave ashore voicemail question and I might add on episode, sewed, don't forget to subscribe rate in review and apple pie passport. If I'm radio, dot com or wherever else get your broadcast, it really helps me out and they really a priest, it and I love you guys so much and MIKE like nail is literally have hardly now. I know in it in bleeding underneath it. So please pay for me. I need to go to the hospital love. You