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High school. For some it can be the best years of our lives, for others...not so much. Emma dishes on the entire high school experience and shares all of her embarrassing stories, from awkward interactions with boys, attempting to be athletic, and a self-inflicted hickey?!? Plus, she answers fan questions on high school and gives relationship advice to a few very interesting situations. And she may have been convinced to get a tattoo??

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Venetian means a lot to me because to my grandma's, I've had breast cancer and there's arrive. and I just love giving back something that you know means something to me. Remember to use promo code Chamberlain when you download cash app from the app store today. Thank U cash. App and high guy welcome back to anything goes podcast because arriving an amazing day per usual. I think it's a little bit. Well, ok, I'm its! How do I explain this? Airways is kind of hell right now, a little bit because It's raining! It's dark its literally dark, like I woke up this morning. at ten a m, and I thought it was five in the morning because it so dark witch. makes me a little bit sad. Not only that, but of course everything going on with corona via So that's of course, upsetting so Things are a little bit rough around the edges? Re now- and I want like talk about something
of serious today, but then it was like. We just don't mean that we need something to make us smile a little bit. We all kind any day. It least enjoy like half an hour of our day right, I'm sick of all the sad shit. Ok, let's just right have fun least an hour so we're doing today and I'm to tells him embarrassing, Highschool stories a few these, I think I've told before but Also, maybe not so I'm excited to tell these stories my who experience was probably more boring than most of your guises, because DA girl school and has basically just a big family I was just a big weeny yeah. Just didn't really have a lot of fun and high really do much as pretty boring. So you know my son, It may not be the best, but I'm gonna morbid have is thinking of you funny ones in their so
the first story, I think, is probably the most embarrassing to meet. Wait honestly there pretty fucking, embarrassing self. This is about on par. So, Sir all set the scene for you sophomore year. I was find out who I was if you listen to my podcast about relationships, I kind of talk about this. One jump ahead sophomore year with this dude, I kind of like touched on it in how leg, I used to kind of try to convince myself that I liked guys so that I could try Get a boyfriend of them made sense protein. Strategy. Maybe maybe don't do that maybe follow your hard instead, but more, your Emma was very desperate to find a man's. so she was on that wave. It's ok, we're not gonna judge her. She was just gone through it. Well, when mean this. Kid first started talking on the changes name on a change to Ralph: ok,
so a mean Ralph for asserted. Logging like we were friends before for awhile, and he would like He was dating other girls and stuff, and I really liked him right and we were throughout all that. Finally, he single, like my time to shine and I guess we just started like see each other more whatever Of course you know sophomore year Emma. She wanted to be a bad bed. She wanted to be cool, so She would leave him on red for life. Why she no leave him undelivered sorry, so he would tell me I read The text- and I wouldn't respond fully to ours- that I could seem cool as one does ok, and it was fine because you didn't know that I read the text because I didn't have my red receipts answer it. what say delivered until I responded. He had no idea. but I was seeming call you know. Acting like I was doing shit, I mean as far as I knew I could have been talking to seven other, do fuckin
add a trampoline park. I could have been having dinner He has no idea right, but I was she just laying in my bed, counting down two hours to respond. That is what was doing anyways. So I talk to this kid Ralph. her leg, probably a few weeks to a few. I mean maybe using two months of the two months we like. For a little bit, and then you said that you like me, then we kind of just immediately started dating very awkward, a very uncomfortable mind you. whole time, I'm just like leaving him on delivered for like hours on end, but I would actually read the message, though the whole time every single time. It takes me hard. Whaley, two hours respond credible. that girl elevate, yeah, whatever ok, fast
I mean this kid Ralph stop talking addendum. Our Hannah ended share with him cause. I just didn't like him like that and whatever, without talking. Ok fast forward a few like like. I don't autonomy. A few months later I'm texting with my friend. and she was leg it, but where do you have your red proceeds on and I think I may read proceeds on she's a gang of your red receipts on like I can see when you read my text and I was like how long is it like that? She's, like Since I've known you like for a year- and I was like show me right- fuck now she sends me screenshot. In fact my red receipts had been on for probably year mind you My mind immediately returns to my time with Ralph when I would leave him on red for like three hours and now at all make sense that
He would see me leave him on red for three hours I was not being slick I was, not being the first girl. I wanted to be in fact. I was completely being clown, Oji just the clown Oji. That was me- I cried I'd. I literally cried. I was like I am sofa mortified I've been leaving this kid on red and other boy, clearly did. I would boys, I don't know going through at the time was on judge me. Ok, I'm judging me a little baby. You can't stop ferry. I have done the same thing protein, not actually, maybe anyway, leaving me boys on red, per month anyway, so now. I check litter once a week to make sure that my red receipts are off, and that was the first story.
It broadly seems like so insignificant, but that she was super fuckin. Embarrassing to me, you have to imagine being me, put, of measures for a second and think about it. That was, you, you'd, be very upset. Ok. Moving on, I was a fun one though I like that story. It's embarrassing, but it's funny. Ok, next story is a period stories. All the boys skip a few minutes. Replied only here. They supply vomit, whatever, whatever okay, so I want you for ballgame with all my home is you know, guys and girls both. Afterwards, you into internet in and out, because if you grow up in California, you know Post football game You got in and out it's just what you do you don't question it. nobody knows: the drill period, we're all in and out and if you Benjamin in and out, basically the seats
are all leg: White Acrylic, so it's like it's like white plastic seats Some say not in the move, my oh, my friends, whatever were like sitting there were, I could need anything it an outcome of fuckin vegetarian, but I would hang out They friends anyway. I just wanted to be included, ok and As we're getting out, sliding out of the booth right and I looked down under the white- see blood. Smeared all over the white booth, complete because, like ice I was sitting closes the wall sooner get out of the book. I dislike all the way out of the booth right, my blue, sorry, it's a sober but like whatever like Vulgate enjoy it. I was like, oh my god. What do I do? I can't cover it like. How do I Like I was, I didn't know to do. I was like how to recover cover this up, and we were leaving and like everyone.
Walking away, knows leg and then one dude Zimmer Jake actually, I'll say his name causes an embarrassing. Actually is embarrassing for him. It is for me: Jake was like dirt. It's the nose. Like I don't know I don't I don't clean load, walk away as anything it's. I think it's like a punch in the daily drag didn't use like oh you living since he had fucking idea only women. What a period was about point literally. I'm ok, that's what it is, but let's go, let's go because we want to clean it raises because we're so which teenagers didn't wanna clean. Anything. Ok, what's clean I don't know what that is. I don't even notice fuckin no you didn't go only got the hubris here, the overseer, oh god we advocate it. While he was, in fact my menstruation in and outside and I I do feel really bad because they did not clean it myself and in retrospect, that's really fucked up and now, if I bled end where legal. I did the federal happen to me again, which I hope it wouldn't, but anything is possible. I wouldn't care,
to be honest, like I'm so happy that I've evolve as a human being and ideally yes, that is my blood. Sorry, but like when you. high school, you don't want anybody to know that you're, a human who poops you know burps that you're supposed to be perfect right when you're in high school. So that's how I fell anyway, I was Nobody was allowed to know that I hate that I had my period that was like, limits and don't why that is like people get are so weird about by. Really functions when their young and then, as you grubby you just get over it, but I wonder why that is anyway. like a vital bugger in my nose now, I'm like a word like home guide my finger in my nose and how would you know me, but when you're younger it's like a book, or whatever so weird is that was that story. Nobody actually knew that it was my blog they I covered. The stories are well, but those labour is a hobby enjoyed that one.
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I was a math class Adam sitting on my desk and we are all doing like worksheets whatever's, whatever and my school we relied ever. peters out and we could legless, music, if we wanted during individual work and so I was listening. Music on my computer and intellectually listening to space song by Beach House, I remember exactly what song was because others experiences so traumatized very hand, some work on this work. She and I've them lasting in my ears, I mean like so fuckin loud leg was hurting my ears. How loud has blatantly love that song so much and a Morgan, the word she whatever can all this and I got here. We will start giggling and I look for a second I didn't say anything and out of it and then it Can I get happening in the research field eyes on me, so look up and online can. I think we have runs out.
in everyone's look at me and I literally paused for like pry twenty seconds enemy? Looking, I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing? I look down at myself in graver. Fucking like Bulgaria, these whatever as they can. I help oh everybody's. Like me, the whole room in mind you have savage. Nice was I can I help you guys like what's going on and they were like you're, humming so loud and also humming no one not and they were like yeah. You literally links singing, and I was like. Ok, great will really there's only to see me at school tomorrow, because I'm actually transferring now, I'm actually never gonna come back again, so that was awful. Thank God thank God. He went all girls who, if I went to school guys. I would have lost my fucking mind, especially at that, point of my life? Where was like, you know, you're in high school, in you just want a boyfriend so badly whatever it's like. The thought of being in bed
in front of a dude is a nightmare, whereas in freedom Girls, it sucks but its leg for me It is not as intimidate I'm not trying to impress anyone so fine like to give contacts at my school. No one shape their legs like. Nobody ever like brush their hair, like we literally showed up to school. Looking like shit did our schoolwork did. Homework. Did sports in to bed in the normal begins. It was time to like put ourselves back into makers of like normal again but like not even though needs to be normal, that's kind of actually unfair society, Standard you know like whatever is normal, we feel comfortable and by You know, we'd make ourselves look, look morbid together when it was the weekend, but during the week we were not looking so that every time there is like event said the boys school casino in the any of those girls go there's a guy schooltool and I do events together like prom and shit in like
homecoming or whatever we like show up to the school. Looking so scary, like I would look like I got put in a blender and the fly. Why didn't have a successful high school boyfriend Oh, my god, so this guy went to again all girls, so there is an all guy school at want to see the name of it because I feel like I would get sued for that somehow in some way, possibly some gonna call it boy school the garrison cowboys so there's always football games in basketball games and all that stuff. At this boy's cool and all of us would go to it because we wanted advice, will experience in it was fine. But ever so. Everybody would always where the boy schools march to these games. Of course, A lot of the girls at my school either had some of the schools merge from their boys.
And their older brothers or their younger brothers, or lay there really close guy friends but from I didn't really have any those connections right. I didn't really have a lotta guy friends at the time. None of my crushes on me. That's for damn sure that's definitely wide. I have a hoodie so I never had like any of the march towards these games so much ass. I thought it was a great idea to go under their website and order, a hoodie, because I felt left out that I was only friend they didn't have merged for this school. Well I was on the website. Oh, my god, you can customize a hoodie. That's so dope! Do that so I customize myself a boy school hurry idea right? Well, it wasn't because I shall have to a game in it in every one is like: why do you have a custom hurry? You know
Oh, I don't know, I don't know I just haven't they gonna like you did you catch mice at yours, avenue now and they like or whose size for small at our school, they could fit into that hoodie as like. Oh. Guy fucking one on the website, customize it for myself cuz any assholes would give me one of yours, not my fault. What will you go to the lots and given its most socks We could have done that, but I didn't I in order to custom one for sixty, but what I do that stupid bitch. Stupid belgian and I myself and I was trying to be eight- All these stories are because I tried to be cool except the one where I hummed in math class. That was just a fluke mistake, but like in the period, but one actually. No, I couldn't made Thou and funny if I would have handled correctly so yeah metering to be cool in high school was a mess, as you can tell I ended up, never getting my own,
boy school hurry from a guy like I never got that. So I. I guess I just ended up wearing normal normal clothes and I just didn't fit in and nobody knew whose team I was rooting for in his upsetting. But it was honestly their fault. ok, this is just stupid, stories so stupid. I hate the story but as owing to my mom today about like any sorry that she remembered about me in high school and she brought this up, and I kind of like so This hurts so there a lot of parties, highschool parties in my hometown. I feel it was always a bus languages never ended up here, finally, it was like we can never get the regularly kids together, like at the time I was invited to parties because it was like the public school would have parties, and I want to pay it's what we wouldn't get invited, cause you're cool enough or whatever. So There is a lot of.
That going on, so it rarely ever happened. But in time. We had this amazing party with two schools, the guy's when the girls altogether it was like the Funniest party we ever had a member for the as the high school at least the time I was there. We always talk about that. One party Zuzu so fun and em for some reason. I thought it would be funny to give myself a hickey on my shoulder and make it has been as I could as large what the fuck, why why do they do this again? I don't know like what the thought process was, but basically I start giving myself the hegyi on my shoulder everybody was leg, thought it was funny. It was getting huge. Joy enormous, ok, everyone thought it was so funny like that, make it big Maggie bigger and, unlike all right, all right. So I gave my this hegyi. On my shoulder Literally
like the size of a lighter, like things like a lighter like a big later, it was like or even more the zebra lighters as a decisive that I don't know I'm using the like a lighter as an example, but like that the only thing I can think of is that it exactly like that it was huge knows why, bigger than that actually. Anyway was huge thought, though funny, and it was all fun and games right. It was funny in it didn't go away for like a month and a half, so I just had to massive hegyi on my shoulder, but luckily because Higgins don't normally go on shoulders, nobody knew that they just it was a Bruce good job. Emma you fucking idiot leg. Why would you do that? next story. This story is a little bit. this is a kind of embarrassing but, like I gotta think it's funny, and I think I even thought was funny in the moment, but it's so good story, so is a two track.
somewhere in the track and My first year ever running like had never done anything any running sore before so I was not were experienced and after kind of training for little bit? They decided that I would be really gonna hurdles, because I'm really fucked Oh and I can jump ray I for no apparent reason figures, because Is it cheerleader so like it? Do you think about it doing hurdles If we can note hurdles, are I don't even knew it? Hurdles were before I'd love how to do it? Sadly, in case you don't know it's a trap, and were basically you run over. You hop you right. As far as you can in then Do this specific, like leap in a sense over a raised hurdle It's fucking hoard in like it's weird that it even exist its by the weirdest sport. I've ever heard of like it's the way this tragic event in my opinion, because it so odd but actually fucking loved. And I got really good at it- really quickly at not like the past but like,
His came to be really naturally, and I tend to be the type of person where, if something comes to me, naturally he's a little bit then I'm super motivated, whereas if I just said and I don't even have a head start at all, I tend to give up which kind of fucked maybe should speak my therapist about that, but yeah hurdles was amazing. I really foma with it, but basically there's too events that I would run, there is a hundred hurdles which is basically like. If you looking at a track re like a high school tat- it's like one fourth of that track, so you run that its very short whatever and then the other event is three hundred hurdles, which is three fourths of a track. Ok, So imagine this imagine running through forests of a track wild. jumping over hurdles. Ok
knowing as fast as you fuckin. Can it's not like your spacing things out. You're going, for the whole time, your sprinting the whole time bitch. Let me fuckin tell you that was not she'll. That event was not chill at all. Ok hundred hurdles, absolutely got first a few times in Jovi. That's ok, though, because it still winning just not adversity, but I was also not that good but I still got first a few times. But in enjoy visa. but under turtles was great enjoyed that journey game. Three hundred hurdles never went well for me now. Let me tell you one time I was racing actually at the school that's funny James Franco went to the high school that I was running the track mean at self on fact, anyways I'm running and I'm at the last two hurdles right. Second to last hurdle.
I accidentally jump off the wrong foot. My back foot gets caught on the hurdle and I eat shit MIKE forgets caught on it. I roll forward- and I was like shit, that's so fuckin embarrassing, but I got up and I kept running I actually play second to last. I still didn't get last, so I don't should feel like a savage or, if I just be embarrassing. I tripped but the better. is that that didn't happen just once a actually happen twice The second aim is a little bit different. So running two hundred hurdles again: and I'm coming down the home stretch. I have a video this on my twitter, so you can find it you're, the sea of finding lonely twitter. I was running, and it was like, I think, is a second to last- a glass hurdle no, it went through my mind but I ran around the hurdle like a key about me so quickly so weak. I didn't I kind of zone doubt it. I forgot that I was like
doing hurdles, and I thought that I had run over my last hurdle, but I still at one more in aid. See it so then just ran around it cause. I was on And so you just running, I got disqualified, but I think it's funny story to tell go find that video my twitter anyway. Those are my embarrassing high school stories. I feel it that's all. I have. I hope you enjoy those does their relatively funnier entertaining ugly, took your mind off the fact that the world feels like it crumbling now, Mcgowan, the twitter, real, quick and answer some questions either has had for me about high school or does anything you want me to discuss what high school first question was going to a catholic school influential over your personal beliefs or opinions. That's a good question, so I should, the Catholic School, as a non Legists person, I found it super interesting
learn about for sure, but it doesn't really change my opinions on my own, spirituality and what that is to me in whatever I've got Boys had my own belief system in a weird way and did not really necessarily match up with any specific religion or belief system, but It's my own kind of thing, but I'm definitely a spirit. person and I definitely believe in different kinds of things. I almost feel like I pull from, I pull the plug of different religions. That makes sense to me and have my own belief system in my head, if that makes sense look. I literally like have different little things from everywhere that I believe in like a book in karma. Unlike in this- you know I mean sets I mix and match. I guess, but I think that school kind of like going to school and learning about religion strictly about Catholicism was like. I may not necessarily be a catholic person, but I can appreciate some of the some of the things that they believe
like some of them moral lessons. I think some of them are really useful like in us. The stories I thought were actually very meaningful for anybody. You know I mean in some didn't necessarily resonate with meares and agree with, but I also don't you you don't? Even so anyway. That was that what groups are stereotypes you hang out with an high school. we're going to the type of person, whereas kind of homes with everybody early tried my best I feel like I would talk to anybody and be friends with everybody, but at mice I don't really feel like yours as much of a stereo type thing, because there is no guys was all girls was very chill, but I do think that the friendship right tended to hang out with was probably me, or of the I guess it is, since they were kind of the popular kids, but I didn't like to look at it like that, and I didn't really necessarily fitting in the grew personally. To be completely honest, I tried my but it wasn't like it wasn't there.
fit for me in retrospect in you know whatever, but yeah that was, like my main friend, grew but actually ended up. Upswimming often hang out with, like I would split off into small groups within the big group, I'm kind of make my own little many groups in so I didn't really have a. You know what I'm saying here next. Are. You have said that you didn't get to go to some high school events. Examples power, when graduation weirdly, no, I did expect to feel sad about it, but actually No sometimes I do like once every blue moon. But honestly, no, because I'm I'm really grateful for my life in the way that it banned out, and I wouldn't want it any other way and to be honest, I would I going to prom anyway, then I programme have so do you think it's next question? Do you think it's disruption, for some people call you a drop out. I mean to be honest, I don't
we get offended very easily, so Nobody wants to call me a drop out in like ruffle my feathers, though, for it that's fine. I call myself a job as a joke. Sometimes I'm not I mean I can't gonna sub heading. There is white sucks the Moses, because I was good student and I worked really hard at school and it was like something that was important to me at the time and leg Somebody calling you drop out can kind of make you feel like o o Howard was for nothing now has been called a drop out for alike, getting three days. My entire life. You know, I mean that kind of him because it makes a killing all your work went and shit, but at the same time I know that I worked really it at school, and I know why I left school and I know that I technically completed high school, and so people can come say what they want in
Yeah might be disrespectful, but I'm not gonna get offended. I try my best not to get offended my favourite subject. That's kind of an innocent question. My favourite subject was science biology a lot. It was really for somebody really gotta biology. I don't know why I just killed that shit. Our aid- they will question somebody asked me if they should bring their loan lunch or eat the cafeteria. I'm assuming that you are not in who yet so you're going to be there soon, because, probably know whether or not this food at your school is good or not. If you know what I mean, then you could decide based on that. Well, let me tell you never like to school lunch hour. I've never forget my dear it's nasty. I feel you just turn firms everywhere did you bring your lunch, although it my private school, the second, I was there. They provided lunch was. It was part of our two wishing, so we just gotta eat for free in the food was like a man who was a right.
but like it was going to be getting one like they first went like in the beginning of the year and then they just started getting lazy and then it tastes like shit. So and the lines were really long. I think bringing euro much is kind of the move and leg Celso healthier, like you, know it's going into that shit, but I also think that if you a good school lunches and it's like affordable or whatever than do that for your hard babe? It's on you next question: have you ever cried because you ve gotten a bad great fuck yeah? Yes, like a thousand times I would get so upset with myself. I cried in the bathroom over grades in four. Why for me to judge we gotta? fucking dropout dammit. I wish when at last That's what what are you miss most about it? Actually, nothing so anyways that's actually nothing. I literally damas anything about high school theirs nothing. I'm is about it in enough in a way that people who say eyes was the best of your years of your life. They cap anyhow,
that shit's sucked it was not fun it all leg. I was like secure, depressed, stressed out lost. Informing do what everybody else was doing makings do but decisions like tat you guys I didn't like being friends. They didn't understand me like what is fun about that did nothing. It was awful, so so fuck that shit I'm answer one more question about high school and then we're going to get some the voicemails. I kinda want to answer some random voicemails cuz. You guys have left some really funny ones, they don't know so they relate to the topic, but I think it'd be funded answer some of those and talk about some of those. So we'll do that. But one more question is it harder to me good friends in high school rather than in real life? It's so much easier to make friends in real life. Oh God, it's so much easier, I mean I think it might be. Little bit tougher at first, because you have too kind
figure out where you want to insert yourself to make new friends whether that's like you for me, I gotta source. I got all the time so, like I've met a lot of friends through saw cycle or through, hanging out at certain places where I know other people hang out, like you to figure out in the real world. You have to kind of take initiative and figure out where you're gonna meet these people which behind kind of talked with once you're there it's way easier, whereas in go. You have such a small group of people to pull from in. It's not like you can scape somebody. So let's say you meet somebody New Darlene, obliging them very much. You don't vibe. You have to see them every day for the recent school year like. That makes it really tough. So I think the real well, this easier, actually Juno it. I kind of retract my statement. I think it's easier to make friends in school, because there are so many people around every day that you see every day, but
its art, its hearted, have healthy relationships in school because if anything goes wrong, Rita and obliging them or you seeing them too much there goes all wrong at school, whereas in real life you can keep made. and how the relationship, because there's not that commitment- sing somebody every single day. Let's get a voice males baby also by If you didn't know, we have a voice mail kind of system going on reading call five seven ask Emma and you can ask me since that I might answer on the bug. Has eight years between the topics every week. what are we going to be talking about at Agee Podcast, so devolve o eighty podcast caused underwater. If you want to be up to date on what then it's gonna be, and then, if you want your voice in the podcast, you call five. Six seven has: Emma and we made answer it, but anyway with actually get to it and answer some Almah. So I have a question for you.
I'm having boy trouble is actually my axe who I wanna get back with I broke up and I am regret it help if you haven't even by thanks. I wish we could just be a relationship therapist as my whole career. To be honest, I I would love to be relationship therapist and we're therapies and general, that's a big problem, dream job now. Look if I wasn't a youtube or podcast her whatever the fuck I do every day, but I totally got you so first thing Is I want you to really think right now? about the long term potential? shoes you could cause by getting back together with this dude, because before you even like you might think re now. Yes, I wanna get back together with him. I miss him. This is in that, but why did you break up with him? In the first place,
and will that issue reoccur if you back together with them, because then you're just gonna break your over again, and I'm not gonna lie to you. This secondly, you start talking to somebody again: are you get back together with somebody? It's like kind of start over the whole pain process right so are already on the way to heal right now healing getting over this dude moving on moving forward, you ve already taken steps to get to where you are you're like you have, some time under your about this. Secondly, used our dating this kid again that goes away and you're on a freshly so consider that in consider leg do you want to go through this again if you broke with him for a reason that you genuinely think is invalid, like you or like, I made a mistake, broke up with you for something that was stupid. I really regret that, whatever I struggled to believe it would actually be true. I think that if you break up with somebody deep down, there's an element of truth. Why you didn't write
they think being true to yourself about that is so important in trying to send your ground as long as possible, but because your question was asking me: how do you get back with him I'm telling you? I don't necessarily advise it, but I ask understand because I've been there so. I'd say you should just start hanging with him again as friends, How things feel be like hey? I just want to hang out with you as friends like, let's just keep it at that for now. using out a few times you'll end up getting together it just had. And I'm sorry. I can't he makes me in the mouth of a bit like if you there. true connection. You hang out as friends, and you guys we're both Billig you this sucks ass in an eagle back to other people. Are not that struck. I mean I'm not even sure it's like who doesn't want to get back with an ex every for you know. Also you broke up with him low key
he probably want to get back together with Youtube, is homey, thereby ignoring about whether you like you broke up with you and if you there's hang out it'll be ok, that's my advice is bullshit. over thirty one to be relationship, thereby I'm just Boeing you about not getting back together, the oars waiver and I'm kind of pay acting my own, history under any next. What to do, if you're a crash kissed you but your best friend. I know you like Hannah you, don't I tell her. You don't matter at all or if he should forget about your crash together can start digging in Ireland's Tammy Bro. I fucking hate that, for you did I'm so sorry that is so annoying that is happened to me actually kinder. That's good story may well those where will actually that story I'll tell everyone. I'm twenty five anyway
there's a few things that I wish you were here in out, so that I can tell you. I can ask you these questions, so I when your team sometimes like when you can people kiss people, and it does mean shit right. I mean that's at least in my experience like sometimes a dozen sometimes a dozen. If there is meant something, I would say that you should not tell your friend which is probably shitty advice, but the reason why I think you should tell your friend is because it wouldn't really benefit anybody right cause. If you tell her, she likes this dude. She still gonna, probably data. and you don't want to be the bad guy in a sense being like Actually like this dude And I'm sad because you, getting together and now and then she's gonna feel bad in Sometimes you bore immature and sometimes, though, resent you would like. Why do you like him, because I like him- and I would hope
the your friend wouldn't be like that, but there is always- potential. So me We just kind of. sit on the feeling for a little while, don't tell her, but if they start it starts really bothering you and it gets to appoint we're like its affecting your relationship with her or him and I say you bring it up to her and you just Billy was- and I don't want to solve this problem. I can feelings for this dude in your with him. So like what should we do, You know, because I also understand our feelings are just go away. I reckon she's on so many people when they like had Friends or like whatever and I'm sitting there in a way you what the rug dammit you don't I mean, and it sucks and if it doesn't matter, if there in a relationship it doesn't matter, we still feelings: just don't go away like they surpass all? Oh shit. You know I mean so
I wish you very much like that, and I hope that help you ever get another here he or like some further tattoo, and what would it be and why I love it. I love him. And because I I love jewellery, some, I actually I use a hate jewelry like when I leg in middles, one high school, discusses too lazy to put it on but leg I always am wearing jewelry Ivy League Earrings necklaces rings all, and I love it, I only were silver jewelry, fun fact and in a way that is obvious. Is that way in my ears, squashy about name all my piercings? I have a nose ring and then have my whatever it's called lobe was called it. The wrong thing in was body. The different bodies are now almost gotta. Love anyway, would have really bad. Never would again.
The different bodies part- and I almost called the low anyway- would have really bad, never would again and again really glad that I might bring combat low key everybody hates theirs, but I've always kind of deep down and I'd never tell anybody, there's because everybody. I tell literally judges the fuck outta me. I've always wondered get myself like a ring in my symptom. The symptom is like the lake kind of they call them like the little ball ring like in the party or knows it's like them, part in between your nostrils, I've always wanted to get like a tiny ring there. Where barely noticeable, but it is, I think, it's so doping edgy, although getting that area appears, would hurt so bad. Oh, my touching it, and it makes me want to throw up As for my actual ears, I just want. Crazy on my ears, but only promise whenever I get college piercings I always get key Lloyd's which are like these weird bump things and then
They had of hurting so bad in league bleeding all the time in shit. So I end up having to take the piercing out so like they need he'll properly. So I've tried to get my college twice in both times take them out and it made my life living, for months when it was like healing it. Just wasn't. It's so of yours. tips on how to get your car. He'll efficiently like let me know, I guess I'm just looking restless sleeper, so just I'm sleeping on a hurt, so that sucks, but I'm Can I get more air piercing soon? I just gonna need to look at some photos. our peoples and figure out what lay out I want but I'm really open minded with your piercings like I want to get a fact under they like on people's Erlich jeweled up and ask that is, I'm really never gonna, get it out too. To be honest, but I did have a tattoo ideas. This is one artist. That's like a french artisan. She does these like colors they'll, colored tattoos, and they, little hand drawn like little hand drawn in sketched art,
ever in there, just so fuckin cool, so they get ever go when I pray you one of those that almost feels like it's like colorful, so it's less emo innocence, but I also they d get a tattoo of some very. babies, Napoleon dynamite. Ok in for some weird reason like it movie. Just like me, We feel so weirdly safe and like I know it's Zubaydah anxiously. It's always been my favorite movie and adjust Leg was my whole childhood it for me, because I didn't have cables. My dad would play the same dvds over and over again, while some Grummet Napoleon Dynamite, and action Ruby, a killer. That was all I got to see. Like unemployment was my favorite shit o incur so I wanted to get. This is seen in point dynamite were where somebody Uncle Rico, he's the uncle of Napoleon dynamite. He throws a stake, Napoleon was writing a bike and it has been the face, and I like that scene
so I would want to get a stake. A fuckin Tiburon stake on my neck, I wanted that legged hand drawn tv sake. I also like it because is ironic because I'm a vegetarian and I have been in I was born. so that was randomly the tattoo on it and it does make any fucking sense. I thought it would look kind of dope there's something about the look of liquor hand drawn lake stake. That, like looks really pretty for some reason to me like not eating it but, like I said the shape of it it s not like a fucking sociopath, now great Niver, concerning a murderer, I'm not! I so thought it could be call to get it out two of so we wisest making me wanna get a tattoo randomly. I need to start before doing they literally well. I had this safety, animal renamed, Biggie Baggy was a bunny and ISIS my thumb until I was nine years old and I take baby
I'd rubbing his ear on my lip? While I was sucking my thumb and really doing Irena Gazelle train. Remember how you do it I'd stick. My thumb in my mouth grab big. Ex Erin and rub it on my whip. As I was kid, my thumb and He big was my bitch leg that severe I almost in we're getting weirdly choked up, because I used have these really weird attachments too, inanimate objects like very obsessive compulsive about it to point. Like if I wasn't holding it leg, I freak out. I had a few of those things. Big big was my main one came with me. I carry him with me. Everywhere till I got, you will need to go to school and it was so hard for me to walk without that big. is really really hard. So my dad they bought me a many little dog ones. as many doggie named Mikey an outcome, My gear out of my pocket in you're really bad anxiety and so reach in my hand, and I'd like
rob this little stuffed animals, and I would make if you like, and we gotta literally getting choke. That's why we're getting choked up rather sorry, my into my pocket knife leg and I could like feel like my parents were oh, my I'm gonna cry. That is so sad Was I ok I would reach into my pocket and grab a stuffed animal. I feel my parents were like standing around me when I closed my eyes so bizarre, but it would mean We feel really safe and they kind of need. Another big, big and another Maggie gives recently of quite lonely so that if we want a male over another big big, let me know her story got heavy for me for some reason anyway, why go back to the tattoo point. Get tat. You like one of those little stuffed animals, on me somewhere would be, super meaningful discusses were like what helped with my anxiety as a child of the very anxious child at low key,
The fact that I almost cried doing that story like makes me want to get the tattoo. Ok, I'm calling my mom and what are we gonna come I'm gonna get out of here. Now I want a guy argue we would I get it. Because that will never go away. I never regret that. like you care regret that shit. I will just cried about it, I'm a cry. Like two weeks. Actually, I could yesterday, but I'll explain that it wasn't like a real reason. It was just stupid. It was about something stupid. I kind of wanna get Can more on this later mourns, the one is there any way I get a big big tattoo. You know what it is She got an idea, I'm here to give idea D. I kind of got that idea from my friend Kelsey, who she kind of a similar thing with a stuffed animals got it tattooed on her body that body that sent a sentimental value, and I thought that was so cool and I see thank you Kelsey, for they idea. She's Devlin I listening to this, but she took him
I guess I'm not going did not give her credit. Does that ship has me off. Moving on to the next question, I really just went that really took me somewhere that Jimmy do a new place. I didn't even stand up for a moment and then I cried like ours too. Much show me the fucking map of exclusion where do you like red, passed us or the wifi disaster? Thank you for listening, you're welcome. Releasing always here so his thing. I have never been a fan of any food that is like white. Like you hear that bitch I hate that shit man is no Alfredo sauce, no ranch no sour cream, no cottage she's fuck, no. sensing a pattern here, hate that shit
so obviously my choices mariners us. I love reds, us its summit were flavour Oh it's a refreshing. I hate something like leaves a milky weird flavour, my mouth and like every does as Demille. You just makes my mouth feel weird and like the flavor, just like it makes me feel dirty like if you're getting to share a varied offered as us living on. If you could have any greed of car, what would it be and what would you name it. Well I'm usually a huge fan of rescuing dogs, so if I could have any dog breed, like a little terrier makes like a tiny little terrier makes I mean it. I wouldn't mind if it had a little bit of poodle in it or a little bit, now we are in it or a little bit like Maltese, your he in it. Like I, like the tiny little dogs there. So tiny that you'd kill em if you stepped on them, but leg not like so big that you can't carry them around. If you want like this is perfect medium. I also the italian Greyhounds allotted Ngos are really cute. My dog Sammy at my mom's house is like
looks like a terrier, but has the body of an italian greyhound which is fucking, weird and unusual, so but a giant grounds are really cute. I like not, I like Abu ALA, JAG dogs, because I don't like to sneeze enabling curbing everywhere so it may be. Reduced rates. If I can name it all, I put my name Gary Next, you can just unburned syrup is secondary I don T want me the floor is clean because think about wait. A minute. Because the idea of subsidy kills bacteria, okay, so bacteria upon the soap. It's gonna kill most, that Algeria right whereas the floor and then the floor policing in me clean, but this preliminary, if you
sponsored I've killed. Bacteria period are eight, that's a great place endings before I end actual episode. I have a story to tell you about why I cried yesterday because I brought that up earlier and I want to tell you a story about a hotel for innovation. That ended up getting camp because the krona virus- and I paid. a lot of money for this hotel because the rates were jacked up because of the event right and it got cancelled, inequality And I was like: can we move this to another day is lacking? Was a vacation in like yeah disregard the event like? Can we make something work? Can I cancel it because you have and is cancelled. They said no so than all that money
just went nowhere and I got religion. Our back some suing accompany crazy. I'm I'm sorry The company, that's crazy. It's crazy! I literally in filing Lawsuit renounce is, finally it I'm kidding. I will private sued for saying that I'm always scared getting sued in on that I hereby shut up. hope because enjoy today is episode. Make sure to go onto twitter. Ask questions at age. Podcast call the number five seven ask Emma dear We have an amazing day, Stacy, wash your hands going public watch movies at home, be nicer. the family. I love you, thanks for listening, talk to you next week, piece out, Bitch,