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How Do Bioluminescent Animals Create Light?


From “Finding Nemo” to catching fireflies in your backyard, we’ve seen bioluminescent animals in all shapes and sizes. So strap in as Emma finds out not only WHY bioluminescent animals create light, but also HOW.

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Ramble hi, I'm really mean this is stupid genius upon guess where I'm stupid and am also a genius today we're talking about how to buy illuminate. How do I look like I M so excited in curious about this but you have no idea. When I came up This question I got, So excited because its action, something that I've been curious about ever since I watched finding memo when I was like three three as like seven, but still an leg I've always wondered like why not only egg, how but like why, like, what's that Herpes. How did they? create light in their own body like that's insane, so get excited, preserved, uglier, as enthusiastic as I am about it. I feel
deep sea creatures, because I mean a ivy league, mainly by a luminous in animals like the ones that we think about our fish right, Early, that's me manner now or fireflies. Violence ok, fireflies too, I think more of the deep sea creatures cause. I feel egg I don't know I just that that fascinates me even more because there deep in the seas. Are you don't ever see? Em leg, Actually? I think, like that, c is really one of those interesting things that exists. I mean The animals are, we, don't know, exist I have a low ones at laid out, I'm so excited to figure out, like I don't know, is like the first time I've been giddy about something like two days, so lads I think, the last time I was giddy about something was when I figured out a new smoothie recipe on acts it in. guess I ran out of the fruits that I liked so that actually grow together, Random Sheridan and actually ended up being good. As giddy
that now giddy about this site. like this energy village, were, I think it's good but before we get in today? Let's get to the, where did the day the stupid genius word of the day, is molecule. A group of atoms bonded took as representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compounds that can take part in a chemical reactions, anything smaller they can participate, ok, love it no lots about molecules, I was in a very annoying chemistry tat while wasn, I was in a very difficult chemistry class. of more year that waste, so trauma arising that I actually probably bring it up like once in episode because it was so traumatized leg. It was unbelievable it was. They gonna disguises we're like looking back, I'm like, there is no way that, like
if the principle knew the extent of the difficulty of the class they re like water flown leg, it was so high, in the amount of homework and like the tests and like. Anyway. Sorry, I, like I always go off tangent about that because it was so traumatizing, but we a whole unit about modules- and I remember it was Like such a bitch till I memorized leg. All the types of atoms that go into a molecule any was so complex whose programme as complex things ever learn about like how you know, only certain things can bond certain things to make a molecule, and there are so many rules and there are so many equations and none of actually make sense. It's all very abstract when you're learning about in our member, whose so hard- and I forgot all of it- The last minute I couldn't tell you like: ok, there's a good, I think they could alien bonds like that, like what
even if that, like I learned about that really like three and like I literally couldn't tell you, have about it anymore, such a shame, but I do know that molecules, although learning about that all thing, was really really hard, was kind of interesting, and then I got to go home parents than the day like Flex on them, that I knew way more bomb all yours and made it always shoving their face leg. Just like I don't know brag about it like brag about what I learned. Billy Yeah, but you didn't know ague prevailing bonds. O me work between, I mean I don't know anymore, but I used to know anyway is great great bragging. Rights really two months, then I forgot all of it after finals. Actually the word molecule kind of like is starting to egg give my Jews his flowing, like it probably is privately
molecules with it. Ok! Well, let's I guess he had fog it! Sorry, I'm getting out of myself. Let's get yes number one. I don't wanna start off too strong here, but I, like literally I'm already. feeling pretty savagery now because I feel like I might have already gotten it and if so, then you know that's it I've been on the park, so could be kind of fun, so my fur, first gas is that. I mean a gazelle. I obviously organisms are made up of ad everything's made up of atoms whatever I have a feeling that Peter only the word of the day was molecules that must have something to do with this right. So what s leg There is a certain molecules: vat leg, one there, while their certain, I guess-
while this, actually there so many levels, there's like Adams molecules. so in the music skin. and then there's like oxygen and then there's like carbon and then using dirty direct them, so they like a lotta levels. You don't mean something forgetting its like Adam molecule. Think look himself in only Mean says. I dont tell me it's for me not to know things. It helps the Haug be more dynamic, anyways I'm guessing that leg, the combination of atoms, that leg are in these by a luminous and animals leg, light up like it's like almost like a real, maybe there's like leg
maybe the molecules, maybe the by illumine as in animals. They are the only ones that have these special molecules in their antlers in shit or wherever they light up. They just are the only ones that have it and that's what you can do it, I'm fuckin ending that guess. I'm like I do go what I'm saying like I'm trying to say that, like it's like us, special molecule. I think, to sound like an idiot. The whole time because they think I don't know what I'm talking about, which is ok. Is I'm being vulnerable in that's good. But yeah. My guess is that by eleven as in animals, have special molecules at light up. Is I right? Ok, ok, so I wasn't like fully ripe, but as a halfway there, which is. Actually, surprising, because I wasn't expecting that
but guess number two is kind of like us because I'm too and then we'll document from so forget them are too well little before it in December. To I was taught This topic with my dad last night because he was helping me come up with podcast pigs, because my brain, is basically equivalent alike owed me Like now eighty presented the time so anyway, he was all we may come up with an idea in whose aim of this is something that this is a topic that he's always wondered about any net. Look it up my dad's very leg, love. Still. I Google shared in my gloves, watch documentaries like whatever he'll, literally like wonder about something for once again and then he has again every argument about it on the tv like that's him so which makes him right, which makes him like the smart guy in the room, usually but he's very humble
but then he'll roast the fuck out of me cuz like I'm, not like that, and I don't google things I just like gas and then, like I'm stupid, like cuz, I'm not I'm not knowledgeable. I don't know like You know what I mean anyway, that he keeps me on my toes but He was saying something about luck would have it has to do with electricity like there's some, way than by illumine as animals. They can generate electricity either. Those really interesting I was wait. Maybe because, like you know, I was thinking about it and, like Ok, if I think of two buy animals are now I think of them, one fish and remember what it's called but there's like that one fish caught Tommy, don't humming has actually want to guess light up, fish will call the light up fish eye. She will call the headlamp faced because if you ve never seen them, they have leg. It's like a fish but then it has again almost again
or that curves over the top of its head and has a light on the end of it anyway. So call those light fair or no more others? lamp fish, that's organ, call those! So if you think headlamp fish and then you think of FF I advise they both have leg. A part of their body that leg moves. Quigley almost quickly enough to leg generate I in my mind right leg, a gate like fire I have wings and their fluttering those things really fast back and potentially generate electricity, and then one If I die there, leg whenever they never won. Their light goes out. Hello and to their wings, stop moving. So it's a goes hand in hand and when fireflies art flying there. Light, is it lit up so vague
maybe there and then I don't know much about headlamp fish. I mean obviously, apparently I don't fucking know shit about, and I literally going with headlamp fish. I just saw an emo and then like now we're here we are but like there. A thin move others are swimming in whatever, and then that could generate electricity, which then Jane it's the way that they use for whatever, They use it for dont know. If that gas is right, but I'm really fuckin we're out of it and not proud of much so how is that that was wrong? I'm cells average because I believe that was like an Einstein: s gas, regardless leg,. in like a hundred years when, like science, is like more advanced. I might be. About that you and I mean like when they figure out more shit, They like prove themselves wrong, like scientists and stuff cause that happens.
You know these other those flat and then they didn't in the now they do again and now and then they didn't so, like you science is kind of like that are not always final. I'm gonna be right about that. Now hundred years watch me again anyway, let's get into guess number three, then thank you sent bird for sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius. You know a lot. evil to you now like to talk about the fact that I don't shower, that's just a running joke and I'm sick of it want to know why, because I've been using sent bird to help supply my purse fume collection and I smell great all the time, and it's not I mean ok, it's mostly because of simpered, but I also shower so whatever but simple,
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is not really very scientific, word wise leg. That's very broad, so let me try to like honing on this matter. I'll be ok! I wish I knew the answer I have like her. If I knew a little bit more about molecules, I forget is like a view. One leg, molecules mix. Yes, yes way! When MA. Cures combined baking it. Chemical reaction is correct, but they re I'm late. Getting all the words in shit? That's, I am like my God, my cat, Radiators is man she's, so mad? She oh man, she's! as he as issues rolling, run. Her grave but she's not dead, so I will just be fuckin rude and she's, not even close to being dead, she's doing great, as far as I know, managed chicken
Oh you Miller after this, not for that but I hope choosing well actually like her. She by Ok, maybe within The organism patterns within the organisms that our biomedicine. There are. chemical reactions between molecules that they contain in their body. Produce light, or maybe isn't necessarily like a chemical reactions but kind of action in some way where That makes the combination of two May. Molecules that oh, or could be like something from like the outer world. They eat something called there. So we options FARC Science but I I'm just gonna. Go with this too.
Like one certain molecules combined within the organism, a creates luminescence. I was in no way savvy age of you. That was actually agree that I like that. Ok, so we I did, I get geyser. You is cool, being you great without It was actually here the real answer from
the provisional himself. He is stupid genius answer to how do by luminescence fish light up bio luminescence animals produce light with a chemical reactions where an enzyme called Lucifer Rice stimulates a reaction between molecules, called Lucifer and stimulate Lucifer likes it either Europe and oxygen. This reaction releases energy in the form of light. However, in some deep sea fish lacks anglerfish, Headlamp fishes Emma called it, the largest actually produced by bacteria living with in special light organs, not organs like the Hollywood level, like organs like body or can you know like soup cute me, but why do they do it? Am I right? Why do they do it? Please tell me: ok, Professor Lula widow, Bio luminescence can have like many uses, fireflies use it to attract mates and to warn predators. Anglerfish use alighted, move to attract pray and there are other examples of it being used as camouflage communication on illumination on like a flashlight and more
That is so interesting. I start we're fireflies. I didn't really know what their purpose was and why they lit up, because I like who cares, this was like, I may add pretty. This is like so summer vibes whenever I saw fire vires, never like never leg thinking about the science vine. It as I got other souls fuck but although you don't see fireflies in California, that just doesn't happen here anyway. Will talk more about that later? But I always leg. Also, thank you. It's not headlight fish, its anglerfish got it I'm sorry I, whatever I remember I like that. I thought that was because I mean that was solely just because they are blind is fucking like couldn't see in that, and that is a late like help help them see to me as legal, weird evolution thing like ok cause like it. Why blind fish at the bottom of the dark
at length the bottom, those words literally darker than it is anywhere else in the universe, not that's true, probably, but like very dark down there and language? the blind fish down their leg What do you know they meet legal? Why did that evolve like that, but then, like they evolved to us, then have like the like light by eliminating. So then it like even sapling. Why are they down? There, though, still like the whole big there, like aunt largest, could have just been cut off. thousands of years ago, and they could just be a service fish. like. Why are they acting up like that, unlike like making sure complicated? That's just my opinion anyway v, If an episode, I loved that, but now talk about me, my favorite part, the podcast. About me. Let's get into it from first. I was gonna talk about how their legally. Summer. This islamist relates actually
topic today, Blake, so like. California goes. I grew up in California. A gay is lakes, it's great, but it's also a really boring because fiercely not a lot a nature, at least I grew up anyway mean there is a lot in nature in California, but not where I grew up leg. Not seeing fireflies your hearing frogs, you're, not seeing fish leg. For me, I grow like on labour. Those, like the cool thing that I can find was excited, walk how's it going some man and in life the causing was like seeing like a worm leg right up on this. A man like that was about his leg interest as things got with creatures and stuff. During this Wherefore me, I mean unless they like, we know of a few hours, then it was cool but like, directly. Where I lived was so boring and then I go. On vacation every summer domain, when I was younger and there
Just all these animals, there's fucking, you are walking around in there's just frogs and then there's five. you're flies and then there's lake, we know salamanders no home. That's it totally all this cool shit. There's also like takes that could give you limes disease, and that was a big thousand concern, but leg it means, I guess it comes all make out, there's lots of caterpillars to which caterpillars holy shit. I have we have them so, like you know you, Get like ok, you get see the cool fireflies when you're on the east coast. then you also have to deal with like potentially getting like a caterpillar in your hair view brush by a tree. So you get what you pay for they mean anyway legged summer now in the I live in a way. Obviously- and I am just I mean
It doesnt Felix summer, like in order for it feel like summer. You either need to be in ITALY. never won by a body of water in were too late Indeed, we like a pool like a game, the same thing you need to be like it needs to feel you just hasn't relic summer for me. Yet which is why I'm literally trying to force my friends, you gotta. Why, with me like two weeks, I will fucking, I will pay them, I will pay them to go me. No. I won't. I will not do that, but I, like I mean Feel summer, I'm not summer, yet I have been in L a leg. This whole time in life. not even like. I went to Malibu like a few times was like amazing, but, like I don't wanna, I don't live there, so it doesn't really feel like summer. I Media like I need. I need the beach I need pineapple. That's like good,
not. The bullshit from health foods is a precursor up like I I'm gonna do experience. I get the summer, I'm so pissed, unlike I'm. Also like I'm turning into an old woman whirling and go to bed early and shit, like a good about eleven. Now I'm not even having is a cool hot summer nights, logging leeway out at night anymore, I'm eighteen years old and I dislike. go to bed early and I don't even hang out they friends anymore and I d go to bed far. That's so sad zone. have. Children does an lived through them, but not you quick to. I am not in the mood to have children, That's just not on them schedule. But the thing that's why, like eventually, when you start to leg, become an adult like ok, I don't have any reason to travel now that I'm leg go to bed early in shed, unlike I have like shit to do so like. Why am I going to? I don't want to travel? I don't want to go in like a vacation when you have kids.
What that's like that gives you a reason D. Like goaded, you know why We usually only gonna want the kids to lake. Be link culture link, haven't good childhood then like your kids on trips. A man, but then, when you're in a dull, Udall care by yourself enough till I on a trip by yourself. So, unlike this weird middle ground words again, it's not. I have kids, I'm a kid, but not doing fun stuff, some skin organ that anyway, That was my therapies session of the day. I don't have a therapist like this is good for me, although I may call the therapists, I was not doing good and I called it. Our past I've always been so anti therapist, ok, leg. I I hate it. I was ways now: random does Renault there's no way that some random person
going to leg. Give me advice? They, No one eye I for dinner. They don't know my mom or my dad or mine Math teach alligators, don't know me They don't know what my favorite food is. They don't know. what I like how are they gonna tell me solved my fuckin issues, but the weird thing Therapists is that they do. You say one word them and they know everything about your life, its crew. The anyway I've only doktor only twice on the phone. I would recommend it I'm I always was so Andy. There was that it was so like whatever, but I mean I think, but instead numbers coming on this podcasting. Using. U has made Airbus because those calls Spencer in my insurance doesn't cover it yeah I didn't do it in person than I did on the phone cuz I'm on the move, and I also don't want to cry in front of embarrassing and I don't look cute at all. So I was like. Let's do it on the phone
I want to know what they look like anyway, would recommend. If she mean what I, though maybe meet somebody embarrass him. I don't know. I have experience rather too, although I. leg, I when I was younger, I went to their pissed and when I was a really young like ten, because my parents for me Ducas, like oh yeah. She needs it. and I didn't think I did. But anyway I hated and it was so funny because my parents were like you, need to go like you are. While I was missing my mom, but you said you need to go, and I was like okay, I didn't want to go number one. I got to leave school early every day to go or not every day but like once week to go So that was like fun. and then number do I would say: is there a piece of some like eleven maybe like eight, I don't know- and I would just she had like magic sand in their so play with the magic? Then, as you would like, try to leg talk to me, and I would not spawned to her
so anyway, barely eventually like my parents, the abuses and wording is like she's, not opening up there but she's playing with the magic sand, and I actually think it really held ages would play with this Jack Sand. In, like I got to leave school early leg. That was not good like that was not me like you'd, like that, but I mean it was fun for me like I was like when they got it on a magic, Zena homely. This is so closely at like New, like new toys like at the office, whatever any whenever my childhood. What what else is going on oh, I know something interesting a little bit less. deep, although I don't think that's deep in it I mean Maybe, but not really, I was in Salzburg, older, sorry. I now shut up Emma like everybody, hates me at this point. Is all I talk about his leg. So I go, but it's really my only hobby and am is
I'm working on that I'll get more Hobbes when I get more. Hobbes will have more to talk about me more interesting, but for now it saw so just bear with me. Very emerge game. Is so fucking annoyingly, good. Ok, it's so good luck We tell you like their marketing strategy, because I've analyze it in I've become a slave to it. I mean I mean there all the time right, unlike you know, number one. There merge is set up. I mean ok, honestly late, I'm giving I mean better. Let me have is low level I kiss Thereas when it's now my ok, I just I respect what they're doing here. You walk in and Blake by the front door where you have to check in and stand in line. There's merge on both sides of you So you have to look at it and your problem. We bored cuz you're in a line. So then you start, you know fumbling through it and then you know
and then you're basically shopping. And then you not even thinking about the fact that your checking in your d shopping now. Now you're, not even in line anymore, actually you're, just shopping and now you're not even get a check, and you like already are now in Niger. Sidetracked sounds me every day I walk in. If there is the same stuff is yesterday, I still look at it. Why? I don't know, but they put it in the perfect spot in the lobby. Then they live the way that they like this, it like the way that they hang it up. It makes it looks so appealing leg. It almost like looks like linkage oh appealing, you want to touch it because the way that they like said it's like various theoretically. Well done, everything looks softer like measurable, and you just what you want to touch it so then you're like its it looks like a scream like you know, when you're looking through the glass and like all the ice cream- and it looks oh god, what you're not eat. You know it's like, not
It's not yours yet, but you're looking at it. That's how I feel about this. The cycle merge, ok and then you know I like don't buy anything, I'm like. Ok, I'm not gonna. Do it, because I am a leg stopping so stupid, like you're stop like get over it ignored ever. I taught me out of it and then but here's the thing at the end of quote When I come out, I see it again. then I have to validate my parking and then I'm looking at it again and then I like and then I'll leave with something, and Why does that happened to me? Like ones for two weeks that much billion, if you think about it that way too often like it's like, they have done to science, not mentioned their changing everything out all the time. So it's like I'm never get to rest, like I always it's like in its heartbreak, because it's like
I get upset when they, when they have a new, like thing that I like, because, unlike fuck, I don't even I know, to do this, and I want to go down this whole, but then, but I like fall in love and then, if We without it I'm heartbroken in the next I may come in and if it still there. I think the universally brought us together like we're like mates. You know And then I buy it and then I regret it, but then I don't because then I wear like looking we re now, if you, what, if you could see me right now, I'm literally it's disgusting, I'm wearing it right. I just bought the stupid fuckin fleece. The other day. Eight is ninety five degrees every day and I bought a fleece because their merge game is a disease and I do not have the vaccination for it. I am so. It is so bad so that's what I'm sure I mean, I'm trying the leg bring that energy into my own life like How can I leg legs?
air Merge Game is so strong. like it makes me want to be a savage because it's so inspiring because they even have me like just. They have me like week over their march. Let stew I'm mad anyway, but I also like take the shopping in Lebanon. healthy way. Been for a long time Even since I was younger like before I even had any like of style at all. If I would go on to justice, if you That stories. I hope you don't. I didn't I mean oh, I'm going to justice in. I would literally have so much fun like I'd be leg? Justice is so overpriced. My mom would be like honey. You can't leave this link in ITALY. This is too much like what am I He claims like I landed s, and then I went the five to when I was younger was like.
I would by shit. Why shopping in my Mama's, our favorite activity do so we go shopping, the other, can I get on and I would a bought a bunch of stuff they would not even where most of it like. I would end up just like never wear. Because it was like two out of my comfort zone or something, and I would get too nervous towards school because I was like oh, my god they would have paid, think. This is like because, like such a girl, you know like this is kind of like a unique I've ever me like it, I wanna. Whenever then, I wouldn't where it and then it was a waste of money, and I would all the time as a child, and I feel bad Because those kind of wasteful me, but it whatever At least now- and I go shopping, I, where everything leg I've, we're in every single souls, legal peace that I've bought. Lady least, seven times, and that's like really great. That's a great turnaround time. That's a great like you like the knife in turn and there's a great success rate that is like a great like, I mean I mean unless I'm getting use out of it.
if I wasn't then we'd be having a problem. Yeah that's that's all I have to say I ran out. Ok. Well now that I Lord vomited timed now kick you out, I'm leaving. so I hope you enjoy today's episode hope you find it interesting actually really did so fun, yeah, that's it forget to re- reviewing subscribes to a genius unable vodka spot of IRA. You get your podcast in make. got our ramble official on Instagram for more behind the scenes. Video content for it is then of em genius com, we saw that which, if it is, I'm an asshole for bringing it up, but if it is then shove, MJ, Melinda com check, it adds a fun hoodie, even though its Summer, in what's the point, whatever ok, bye,.