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How Does Gas Power a Car?


Today, Emma tries to figure out how gas powers a car. Will she be able to guess? She’ll also get into a super embarrassing thing that happened to her during a clothes fitting, and how she's a terrible driver. Don’t miss it!

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Ramble damage, Chamberlain, welcome back too stupid genius. I hope you have a good day. I am for once. Jesus Christ does in urban areas the nomes getting fill you say come on you're and I'm like a mass bravely dynamic, relatively like mentally sables, lakelets kind of like right. This way today, we're gonna be talking about something that I really members that I don't know how works we're gonna be document. How does gas? How does our car, when I told my dad that I didn't know? he was not pleased with his daughter, Ok, because you, like you really don't know, I'm gas fucking powers. Are you seven years old? I was like. Number one mentally? Yes, most of the time I am seven years old, so now just kind of like insensitive rose. and also like sorry, do not give a fuck about cars to be brutally honest leg I've, never been somebody that can read
we get behind hurry. About cars. I know they're leg, you know there's a lot of people they like love cars. And I M, and I'm just like, not one of whom I just don't fucking care like I don't care like if it gets. Two point: eighty point B in the gas mileage is like above average, like I'm, pretty much happy and I love my gar re. Now I had one of my first car was a subaru. a hand me down for my mom. It was really nice where thank you mom for giving me members car for Greek as I no funds at the time to have a car, and I need to drive to school. So thank you for it. Not for me, my mom love Subaru. For some reason. It's it's up! They are opinions on that matter Where's garbage Subaru, I got completely rose it on a daily basis, sigh everyone. It was late, The way you know in high school everyone, his leg
going to school in, like you now they're cute little little fish, order out, ease and I'm going The school in, like a Subaru feeling like good, that even fucking have a car and everyone's leg. You know feeling just hide that I could drive myself the school in everyone's like what the fuck are you guys My soup is, like things got heated seats in your fucking. I can show my soup What do you know about my suit? You don't know shit about it. Don't fucking both my soup anyway, so I had my sued for a while and then I move delay again made new friends here again, roasted about my separately. You was a constant. Everyone whose roasting me and then finally recently are now recently been like last October I got new cargoes may suit was starting to die on me in I literally my whole process of building a new car was done. fucking move like I literally didn't care. I was like as long as it's comfortable and be we'll talk
about my car opinions and then to the opposite. Goes we're literally like I've I have a lot to say. I want to talk about What do even want to talk about it? I'm igerne irony forgot how much was done rather than the episode Authority forgot. What was I going to say about it. Oh then, the episode guys you guys. I expect you to remind me to talk about how I bought a car that is so big that I dont know how to drive it again remind me to jog rather than ever, but for now we need to talk about. How does gas paregoric has? Literally? God knows, I don't know so,
but before we get into it. Let's start with a word of the day. The stupid genius word of Sunday is complicated. A cobbler writer is, it defies that's mixes ia and fuel for internal combustion engines in the proper air fuel ratio for combustion. Add guess: watch if it is an improper to fuel ratio for combustion, you do not get confess to know you get a terrible, bring forms a bar tender on alcoholic of course, too many cranberries, not enough Babo Jews, who this gives me a little hindi when tea? because I a feeling it had to do with some sort of like reaction in a way that made energy, they could make the cargo, but I still don't. I dont know how, like I don't know the details, but this is legs. I guess the carburetor is like where the magic happened. Some to keep that in mind when it making. My guess is in while you guys are making your guess
keep the word and mine. Thank you. Let's get into, let's get into gas number one. Ok, I guess number one of hastily gas is oil. And I'm thinking about this in like a way we're like humans. We like humans when you eat fat or oil. In food form, it gives you energy for a long time Why is that fucking know takes a long time to process, maybe because it's like- I don't know, but like that kind of bad like how how oil in fat like that in your body how that works, but I'm trying to like connect had two cars so late? Okay. So if fat can power your body for a long time, because it's like.
substantial, unlike Guenaud, gives you moving them with. car. Maybe the way that gas powers the car there is actually no connection here: yeah, there's no fucking fuck em that didn't work. I thought it was mentally stable today, unlike mountain poisonings, that was like fuckin like. How can I connect that? Ok, you won't. Let me Juno. Let me try. Maybe like oil gas in the guard. It Here is the car energy that does make sense Why are they so dumb about this? Guy, literally, like I no, like, I dont, know what I wanna like, I want it guess about like her. I want away I feel like I'm going to either not get it now,
guess this right at all in all three gases or I'm gonna, get it like next in that scares me cuz. I don't want to get it right. I like I the heroes journey that I have on this point. As I like fucking up. I like that? It makes me feel vulnerable. Any fine I don't want to get it right, but you know I'm gonna like that my guess, number one which is meeting being an idiot, I'm literally gonna cut it off their. My guess number one was it somehow gas? hours cars, the way that fats power humans, obviously That's cause, and I don't even want to go off of lack of thy desire. It decided that that's wrong and there's just nothing about that makes any sense in any fucking you. Earth and literally aliens would hear that, unlike literally pro me out of just anger, because I'm such a Wikipedia so I'm just gonna, move on guess number. Two. Ok, guys number two is that
Ass is like okay, so Gaspe, if you, if you make you're like maybe inside the car somewhere, the guy. is being heated up somehow, whether it's in the Corroborate her Carburetor, whether it's in there or like, then we're anybody was Lamborghini, renounce cringing. Because they know all they shed their like those motherfuckers edges. I know everything about cars. Never. if nobody nobody's who has lamborghinis listening to this episode, but doesn't They are like I'm sorry that I am not educated. buy me a lamp owned. Teach me about it, then, if you're so fuckin mad at me, anyway, Maybe the one the gas gets heated up. You know, unlike when things get heated up it creates it can create.
like energy within it, you know I mean like you can like, and then it back. I don't fucking now I don't know Leg- that's all I wanted to do this because I knew I was gonna, be fucking stupid this whole time and not know so. I knew that there was no like. I knew that this episode. I was just going to be completely confused because there's nothing about cars that I understand. I barely know fucking drive in the first place. Totally out of spades works. Ok, maybe Maybe they heat up there. liquid gas in turn, into gas gas, like actual ghastly, air type of gas he's it. I'm saying like gas gas like not gas, not liquid gas, ass, he gas
and I'm not going by the FARC type, I'm doggie about like leg, it's the gasket heated up, turns into gas e gas. and then it Maybe a leg expands, unlike presses, something that eggs. The car move help me was that wrong? How with a hearing I know I literally zodiac as regards a year Ok, I'm close. All your Lamborghini owners of the way Lamborghini Gateway, Lamborghini the way, oh my god. The way that I'm saying there are now reminds me of that fucking guy that had that type of Youtube commercial Infomercial, where he was like I got my lamborghinis here
to read one whole book a day. What was a case. if you want to know how to get the Lambert Jeannie's like me, you you have to read my take my programme who what the fuck was. any deadly rented, although Ambrose, what was his name Cody, corrosive him, Oh my god, I can totally say Lamborghini. They tie Lopez, My new talent, guys, I'm gonna America's got down next season is any soldier, and I'm not egg and I'm going to be when you get up on this asian milk Lamborghini in there going to be like what did you do? what was that like? What did you just do a milk Ty Lopez impression regularly? over all the audiences give us our crying for me. Fucking awesome dodging my idea. Catch me next season. What have really did that like as a joke but like they like charges out? I was serious, now be funniest, no wooden, nobody laughed
whatever. I would say that matters, Ok, I guess number two is a closed. Will ignore cigar Thank you away for thank you away for sponsoring this episode of stupid genius. I am a huge fan of away bags, basically the ideal piece of luggage, if you no. What away luggage is it's a luggage brand that has literally a piece of luggage. You would need one really progressive features leg. You can charge your phone using away luggage, and that to me his leg, that's what we need is when he named nineteen were you know. Making steps in the technology field and leg a charging luggage is like exactly what we need personal. I have the carry on in white and I literally love aided so Sheikh. The thing I like about the most who, as that I've gone through,
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you don't even you're not going to give it back so, but it's really nice. They do that cause made for the nobody's going back. I know fact, I've used every luggage that exists, and I anyway for twenty dollars officer case, which is a complete bargain visit away, travelled dot com size to budget is in use from good super genius during check out again that twenty dollars. A suitcase at away travel. Dotcom says she would genius using code stupid genius during the check out. Thank you away sponsoring this episode, I love you guys and I am travelling this week and you best believe I will be using your luggage right. Thank you guess number three is that the gas I'm Sardinia summer? The ask its hitherto by the corroborate her by the care Eber Aigner, by the carburetor man eater.
And it gives heated, and it turns into gas in the gas e gas mixes with oxygen, and it can bus it's a small explosion, in the car, and then it start burning, gas and one burn gas you can create? energy, and I know that because of something I learn when I was in religion class in high school. Where are they burned like a gas candle for. I think that was was an offence at Monterrey. Now, if I try to guess like what that story was because I dont remember was out like a did, these is like a leader, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I I went to catholic School. I ll try debated your billing did I know I do ok and I got to learn anything like some sorry but anyways like gas, candle, energy,
created a fire which is virus in and then energy. So like I know that my guess didn't make sense, because it just me train like PIG little air little parts. They make sense to me, but My guess is that the gas is earning inside of the car, which is using it. and that's why you run out, because you are not a gas to burn it burns because its beak heated. by the corroborate or by cow brainer by career bird ter pray how but then also why, when you press on the gas, when you present the gas why does it legally sound makes his errand so maybe when it makes his errand fuelled that's what creates the fire or the the combustion that then burns
gas, I'm fine! If I, if I go this whole episode without getting array, I'm just a big dummy I'm big dummy when it comes to this. So I blame myself, you right here, ok, I'm eighty percent there which for me eighty percent, is in a In migrating system, so lake, I to hear the answer, because I just feel stupid now want to have an aha moment. So let's hear the answer, use your answer to how does gas power a core against
in court typically uses Spock ignited internal combustion engine Fazenda compression ignited systems used in diesel vehicles in a spark economic system, so fuel is injected into the compassion chamber and combined with all the air fuel mixture is acknowledged by a spark from the spark block. That's correct, as boosts brings team once said, I was told you can start a fire. This outer Spock, I guess boost, thinks dean. Was a science major grandfather told me to tell you sat joke. Had a high professor flew up work, and that was a stupid genius answer of the Tampa by this, bar plug, and then it burns the gas. So I forgot that a spark plug existed. Sorry, I may see Now- and I now did I alone now in our day Because I have to marry guy that only legs till I used by
slugged only like likes writer you're like a scoreboard around because, like I know nothing about cars and I'm scared like piss them off when like I don't know what I'm talking about with it. You know the others is a cry for help. So may I need a warrant like a car documentary. Although I dont care like, I would literate where's your car documentary fall asleep. I dont care, you know, use like look. Ok I'm somebody where either like really care about something with every bone. In my body, like I just like love ate like clothes, I just love closing. I just. clothes made me feel alive, so do vacations so does MIKE like those things love those things know everything about those things very interesting, those things etc. I also believe that would cheerleading you is a disease and but like cars,. I don't care, I don't care about the fucking car on the look, I'm
I mean if I see a cool vintage car on the street, I'm gonna appreciate the beauty of it cause. I think it's in some ways like an heart. It's like in other ways there you know made is just really cool and their aesthetic is really. I appreciate the aesthetic, but I do not appreciate or care about how commerce they will never know how to fix attire. I don't care. I want to learn. My dad was like you need. And if you put a tire anaemic, no, I dont want to arms stubborn these things, I don't want to know, look, I don't even want to know. I want. Someone else to do that. For me, I really don't want to know that I don't I can pump my gas and I, DR, like ok. Most of the time that's where I just came out. I don't want to change my dire. I don't want to know about where the dishwasher fluid noise, the fucking why sure, who goes I care, I don't care,
I will take my car into the shop and I will zone I don't. Why are we so triggered? I think I'm triggered because I don't know anything about it. I feel insecure about that and I feel it like. My friend Olivia, maybe see my badge. You know, she like is so good that shit like she knows where everything goes she could League retire. She can like. You would not think it when you their bitchy leg is so she just like knows how to do all that, like she knows how to replace her leg, dishwasher fluid in our her windshield labour void like she knows how to do that and leg. that's what her job is in my leg, islet, let her do that for me if I needed, although I don't ask her to do that, because I feel would you but, like you know, I'm saying she knows what she's doing sheep sure tyrants and she like, you know handled it like, I just can't relate So anyways that was really interesting. Another you guys know all about cars. Just
you basically a Lambeau now because you know so much about cars, let's go, how bad of overdrive crime, because ITALY bad. I actually don't think I'm a bad driver, but I think that the type of Cora have. is something that, like relatively takes kind of talent to drive. A huge like, as you ve, which I got As minors car because I was like, I want to feel like a prince, that's what I'm driving around I like to feel like the ground all the car at a really nice smooth light, Harry drive to it, so It's like the reason why I got the car more than anything. I also thought it like looked kind of cool, which is like for me, doesn't really say much cause like. I don't really care about cars. Look as much, but like I liked. I thought it was kind of causes works and, like leases into bad, so I guess I'm in right, even though
gas mileage on my car is not good cuz, it's an suv, but for some reason I wanted nephew, because I like being high off the ground. I don't know why I feel safer so anyway, this car, it's great, I love the drive. I love how it feels sitting its super comfortable. The seeds are really comfortable. I think cars great only problem is it so fucking large. Its bigger than a minivan like the thing is huge, and I cannot, navigated. Ok, a tiny, the garage that I like the May apartment parking garage. Is so small in narrow in tight that I've done my car in the garage forty times I have hit walls. I've hit pools. I've hit the gay I've had like everything it so narrow and, like my car The beaming sound when I'm getting close to something, but the problem, I've actually learned it. I hear that sounds so much of my car because I'm sick,
fucking driver that have actually tuned it out and now sure it anymore so like MIKE literally the only time. I know, if I'm about to hit something as if our friends in the car- and they tell me that my car is beeping and then I zone in and hear it, I'm just so like tone. Deaf to that. I cannot hear it anymore, more or less. They have a huge debt in the side of my car that I'm gonna get fixed because I That is just the beginning, and I dont how about these subjects of my car? I don't leg oh, my friends were alike Emily get if takes like two, so that you can feel like you know like what Marilla keep it keep keep up in my now, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna pay too vague and fixed the two parts of the car that I fucked up, because I voted to support part of the door and part of the leg kind of like grim that goes over the wheel. Look I fucked up both of those. Like that is not fun thing,
it's a lease legal, I'm just going to leave it back pay for them. It's gonna have dense everywhere, give it back pay for it. Can have dense everywhere else anyways. Why would replace it if it just gonna get more dance? I Bad driver, I'm luckily I haven't I'm when it comes to leg things that are like ok like me, like I don't hurt anyone, I'm not a reckless driver in anyway, I'm just have really bad depth reception. I can't fucking, my car, so big, I don't wanna mentally. I haven't adjusted yet I'm going. Better but like I've, had this car carver. eleven months ash, And- and I still am hidden ships but please! I'm gonna parallel parking. I Allow part in it the other day. That literally left me in inch on each side between the cars it took me. probably six or seven minutes to park.
But I was it was night dominoes so determined to parallel parking. Why? Because I knew was possible, but I knew wasn't. Gonna be easy and I knew most people would give up, but I wasn't gonna give up like I'm, not the worst I can very apart. That means I'm at least kind of good driving. So anyway, it took I d, like fucking, maneuver it in like ways, I've had a parallel bargain away had never done before. I was like in jetting out and then going but anyway morals or I did it. so for all aid or other southern that like a Now you could do that. You probably could. I think anybody if they said the time train a barrel of arguments while could do, but it was not easy to hurt my brain posed by myself in it. pressure on me parallel working in front of somebody else is such a bitch because I'm gonna burial of arguing Blake, especially by myself. I can swoop right in their it's easy, but of eyes, yes in the car. I feel The pressure to like showed talent and like that's too,
much pressure for me and then I fall short and then I don't like my friend Amanda me, her and I tend to drive around a lot late at night. Talk about feelings. It's like our thing. Whatever we drive up and down sunset Boulevard for six hours, literally done it. It's like interest, about our issues. Sky. I don't have to pay for therapy, thinks Amanda We also gets that end of the stick to, but because bet a lot earlier, some anyone Angie yeah, I'm so egg. more of the story she's seen me because we're always in the car car together. She see me trailer park so many times and I can never to arraign driver
Google but she's. My best friend, I'm not like she's fucking. Seen me like shit myself, but she's literally me see my pants like. I don't think that she cares if I'm good or bad to parallel parking, but for some reason it's still messes with my head when I park in front of her all the time I park for all the time, and I can never get it right in front of her and she makes fun of me like I swear to God, I'm good when you're not around it's like one's own. You may do back with nobody's looking for me. The pearl barking. So that's my driving. So that's all I have to save cars but talk about something amazing that happened to me today, I didn't want to tell the story, but then I told the story to my dad when I was on the way here and it was like I think that's really entertaining, and I want you to do so. Where bodily fluids- ok great, it's not! That grows, but only got way, this one's actually bad. What I believe is. Nothing! Ok, let's do it. I've started shooting events. That's why worse, so basically
I had a fitting there's fashion week in New York, next week or whatever and I m. So I had a feeling today for one of my office for one of the things. Whatever ends I was at you know I was at. The lieutenant storm Rodya Rodeo, where everybody's very pretty Gather in very you know We are like they are very classy. Let's say that so have I fitting there and everything was going great, but I started a new acne medication that makes my periods illiberal regular. So I am about to try on his clothes and I'm gonna be wearing and I so that I had bled into my problem. So Lovelady Ombudsman ACT. No problem problem was ok, the tampon applicator thank you. It exists. There is no trash can in the dressing room. So I was like ok. Well, I'm
I'm going to like not put on it to put in a tampon right now to handle my situation here, because I don't want to wait on these clothes cuz. I need to wear them in like a fucking. We can have a blood on them like. What am I going to do they will get mad at me as they should sizing any to handle this. But I was like ok. What do I do that? what am I doing wherever this big guy right, but I did There is no trash can in the little area, was put back hosing. I don't want to do this, so I put it back Lastly, put in my bag, Kip thought it was fine. as the author an hour later, whatever kind of girls by like this way to do so, and I'm I my fitting wet grip super exciting. I was like great while you have to While down the living on swarm. Radio drive in Beverly Hills is like three stories tall it's huge, and so you have to like walk down all those stairs. What are some walking down the stairs and I reach into my bag and I'm getting on my sunglasses and
all this a nice I season they under the corner of fly across the stairs, and I was like it- was something for my bags polemic glasses and I look in that's fucking tab. Applicator in front of fucking. Like all these leg, you know I as people in store and my fucking Hereupon Apple, here's on four, unlike like I feel bad, like that's disgusting, like, although everybody thinks that I'm like grows, and I a bad hygiene which number one you like, I feel bad, but that's disgusting like, although We think that I'm like grows, and I are bad hygiene which is false. but they can then that if they want to saving it's like kind of a meme saw alike let them have it. I guess Talk about their necks, actually, it's funny long story short. Come on, I will give you the floor. Picked it up quickly. Shoved in my bag ran out of the store, didn't wanna ever see anybody space again wanted his beer wanted to float away. That was one of the great I do so because it was like I mean it,
It could have been worse it something worse. We have only reached into my bag and I pulled it out and it was like what would easily more embarrassing than a fucking Tampa navigator. Like literally having like a condom via your bag is cooler than fuckin having like, because it's like. Oh shit That's fucking: do you know what I mean, but like a tab on its leg, just grows If it was a used condom, no like that, Is there not jail, Why would we so bad but leg? So I that might be equal, but even then like your job, is, but you really mean leg in the Lui returns orally, all the little high bees in Arabic, oh shit Oh. They are mad dog Bernard. I mean what you really like. I believe more Marum waiting, like a used.
Now: ok yeah what I was thinking like what it's like you like birth control. I popped out of your bag or something but that's like everyone. Does that bloody underwear without any did actually do you want, in general, any type of underwear falling out of your bag. It just like. It's actually funny, because I, when I have feelings, I bring leg, you know like an extra pair of like more cover, underwear tillage, whereas they they gonna be women are doing the feeding our seeing my ass, all hell I'll in so I We have those in my bag when I go to fitting so honestly, like what would have been worse for me, I had two options of things that could have fallen out of my bag number one. A pair. Grammy panties. We too are. You a tap on applicator. I do think underwear weirdly is worse. Ok, so I'm just glad it could have been worse. You know what look I wish like my gum would have fell out of my bag. That's so predictable and easy, or, like my keys every
as those there's, nothing weird about that are used. Tampon, applicator Eyelike didn't even realise that I was a thing like I forgot cause. They just like didn't even have any real estate, my brain because, like I just throw them out so quickly, one it's like over it's over, anyway, so that's that now, talk about my rumour about me not showering how the fuck it start in how do we move forward or shade? where then, the next episode you know it I'm really beyond cliffhanger we're gonna talk about that in the next observed. The shower rumours how they started in how I feel about them. Ok, that's for the next! If you didn't funny story. Hopefully you thought it was funny if you didn't Europe, we throwing up sorry you're eating in your list. This. I wish your bag is like then these episodes of Muslim noticed you shoot, because this link my therapy, so I? Otherwise, because having a great day, I love you guys, you are awesome,
don't forget to re reviews of privacy, stupid genius, unable vodka Spotify or where every gear podcast make sure to check out our ramble vigilance room for more. behind the scenes, video content for super genius. I let you guys have a great day. Throw away or tampon apple caters, find a police work harder, don't do what I did. Ok, bye.