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Anything really does go on this episode. Emma chats about everything from starting to surf, to taking a break from makeup, to why her jeans keep ripping. Plus, she answers a ton of questions like how much she’d let her future kids use the internet, all the bands and songs that would make up her life soundtrack (hint: there’s a lot), the things she loves most about her fans, and so much more.

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Hi guys parody. It's me Emma Chamberlain. This is anything goes. I call myself a my full name, Emma Frances Chamberlain. That's me I don't know I'm talking about so I'm excited, for today I just kind of want to sit down catch. You guys up and was going on in my life, not really the specific topic just kind of wing it I feel, like I've, been giving so much it vice recently that I can ever be out of advice for now like a I think I ran out. Don't worry. I will once again refill my advice. Points and I will be able to give advice again, but I go on talking about random shit today, so I because road, that gives her down. For that hope. That's cool your eye!
keep it late too, because I literally at a pan exact last night, the good thing about having a panic before bad, though, is that you, super anxious. It's like eating at your brain and then you have a panic attack and then you go to sleep. in your anxiety, is like kind of gone, cuz, you're, so exhausted that your brain is like I'm over it, I'm going to sleep so kind of nice, but feel a lot better today and I'm ready to just talk about random dumbshit. For starters, I'm going to a little story? There is so incredibly stupid, but I'm going to tell it anyway. So basically, I'm obsessed with buying genes like I love genes, more than anything and I like to collect almost, I feel like ok, I've known and one like collect things, isolate, collect socks that had like fun things on them, because I dislike liked socks.
kind of got over that whole thing and then have since give gotten rid of all those socks, took up a lot of space and never wore any of them after I was like fifteen. So those are a good well, but I think that my new thing that I like now is vintage genes. Vintage funeral know you rule yeah I've been really into collecting vintage genes. I dont away. Why things, because they're so comfortable and like I just can't stop getting them leg everytime. I vine of heralds right. It's so lucky almost in its rare that, like I have to get them now that I've been collecting genes like this for so many years. I'm kind of I do I dont have space for them like it's bad, but yet I had a few tears. I think it was about five
that word damaged in some way, so one bear had a fucked up zipper and then the other four pairs had a rip in the ass a case like right under the pocket and ass, the bees rips would happen on accident. I would sit down to asked but rip. I know that, but ribs are really trendy or whatever it ethnic groups in the butter, your genes. Personally, I don't like that very much unless it's like in a good spot but like if it's real, on my ass cheek, like not really my thing, so I ripped a bunch of genes and I was like you know what I'm just going to go, get them fixed. Even though I have literally a hundred other pairs, I'm still going to go. Get these just because I care about them and all of the pears then that I ever like my babies, so I go and I get all five pairs of these genes In fact it was actually so I couldn't believe how affordable it was. Like
to get like a whole but rip fixed, whose like twenty bucks as it does so amazing you could. by a new pair genes or you just fixed ones. You already have for twenty dollars, that's a pretty! I may I guess it's kind of expensive, but but I was kind of impress I was like that's. You know they put a lot of work into that for twenty dollars, that's cool, but anyone so God, oh my genes, fixed, come home, With the genes prepare on my favorite ones, they ripped and in our into wearing them. I rip the other side. so, I immediately bring them back to the tailor like hey, so thank you, for seeing one side of my ass cheek on these genes will mainly to fix the other side. Super sorry, I will see you in a week. I don't know what's up with that.
Super upsetting vintage genes are great, but they do be ripping the ass for an hour and it's not like. I have a big booty. So it's not like this any reason This should be happening to me like I don't deserve this, so she surveyed share yeah. Ok, another family talk about because it just fucking happened. Right now I just looked at my clock in its ten eleven am I have been looking at the clock every day at one hundred and eleven to eleven thousand three hundred and eleven for eleven thousand five hundred and eleven six hundred and eleven seven hundred and eleven every light time with eleven as the minute. I don't know what that means. Actually, should we read what it means together, let's find out eight. So I'm gonna look up what seen the number eleven means I mean. Obviously I'm not super spiritual. I mean I am in my own way, but not really I
delay to look this shit up because it's like interesting to me. So, let's What seeing eleven a lot means? I also see it everywhere like it's, not just. The clock, like I see eleven all the time, it's kind of become a favorite number. and I know that everybody makes a wish at one thousand one hundred and eleven, but like I'm seeing eleven at every hour like every hour, I'm seeing eleven any kind of makes me weirdly feel safe, like I can put a finger on it. It could be like just my Rain ass, like a mental blog, and I know to look at that time or something subconsciously either way. There's something about it makes me feel like I have like a guardian angel or something I don't know if that's crazy, but it's been happening for so many months, and I ain't makes me weirdly feel safe. For some reason. Certainly, let's find out what eleven means eleven is message from the angels concerning your soul mission or greater blame purpose.
they're, sending you inspiration and encouragement to develop your abilities in ways that will help all of humanity. Number eleven symbolise the principles of spiritual enlightenment and awakening in is a reminder from our angels, though we have come to this physical world from the realm of Spirit God. This is Thing it's an extremely high vibration. angel number eleven reveals a. We have great powers of intuition, which make, as highly empathetic basically looks like my souls. Larger purpose is within reach. I don't know what that means, but I'm excited to find out. I do come to feel I have been having an awakening recently, though, like I'm not gonna lie. I I feel like the past few months. I just learned so much about myself leg. I've been re. Visiting things that have happened to me in the past and like coming.
terms with them. I've been like forgiving people, whether. say to their phaser. Ninety filling I've been forgiving people behind their backs, Or to their face for things I feel like, I have matured a lot in the past month. I've. Learned a lot of lessons and I feel like for them in my life, and I, like you, know what I used to be. There is growing up in like doing the things that you do when you grow up. For example, next steps in your lively yegg getting married like fun in being forty, you, like, I don't know, buzzer like scary things- that I think I was dreading for a long time in a village. Recently, I've kind of found that those things aren't. They scary and there she really exciting and even though I am not even close to being Marietta nineteen years old, I feel like I've grown
schlage appreciation for that, like that? That's gonna happen to me one day, hopefully, and like I'm excited for that, I also feel like I've. become a lot more level headed. I feel a case. We really emotional and I'm still emotion. For sure, but I think I've kind of like settled down. I don't feel the need b as loud all the time. I don't feel the need to be talking all the time as much. I you suggest talk constantly and be loud kind of indignation, at times, I feel like I'm just kind of over it like I just did not trying to prove anything to anybody anymore, I'm just kind of settled into to myself. You don't I mean so, don't know what that means. Don't have. That has something to do with the fact that I've been seeing the number eleven, but those things kind of go hand in hand. So that's really interesting. I don't know what it all means. I just looked in the mirror and my hair is, I honestly love being blond y'all. I went blonde recently.
and I fucking love it. I like didn't, think I was going to love it this much, but I started using this like certain shampoo that like makes your blondes like more like less orange e, less yellow iii. Unlike more, I don't know, I don't know less brassiere gas and I'll love, my blonde hair. Oh my God, Emma Legging something crazy, but no, I really like it such shocking and I kinda want to be blonde for the rest of my life, so we'll keep you guys updated on that. Moving on since baby, I'm always borne technology has improved in just about everything: phones, car shopping. The only thing lifelike hasn't really change is mattresses and aeroplanes, but the story for another day ah matches up very much in the same forever and guys. I think that we need a lot of them. Our sleep, and I think we deserve better. And finally, the mattress has evolved thanks to purple. Actually is a problem
prison obsessed with it. It's so comfortable. This eager to purple is the purple grid, a patented comfort technology that dabs your bodies, natural shape and sleep style. Purple is for every body, no matter how you sleep, privileged design was over twenty eight hundred open air channels in temperature in neutral, gel you'll, never sleep too hot or too cold, I'm always really hot. When I sleep like I sweat so much, and that's literally why I got this bed because I was like this can't happen anymore, and it's really helped the purple mattresses software, you want it from where you need it and comfortably cool all over. It's truly a man. The desert, all they also have pillows in their pillars, are so good. I must play sleeper, and it works perfectly for me and again, I feel my body to Charges on point all night, I feel like I get the best sleep for
only because we all know that I didn't sleep for like five year straight also, you can count on resting, easy every night year after year, because the ultra durable purple grid won't sink or lose shape. I had a huge problem with this with my old mattress and it was really frustrating and it caused me back pain, which was not cool. So purple is so confident what they do, that every purple mattress comes with free shipping and returns and a risk free. A hundred night trial experience the next evolution of sleep good, a purple dot com, such amain use promo code Emma for a limited time. You'll get a hundred fifty dollars off any problem address order over fifteen hundred dollars, that's purple dot com such Emma Promo Code, Emma for a hundred and fifty dollars off any matches order. of one thousand five hundred dollars or more terms apply. Thank you for apple. I love you guys. I've been a fan forever and I love you all more. So recently I went surfing for the first time I was on a family trip and my dad super undeserving Sousa, come serving with me. So, like the shall.
and I went to days in a row. The first say when I did not. I got up on the board, like maybe twice not really like. Not. It was great I got really cold really fast, because the ocean in northern California, like fifty seven degrees and I was wearing a very thin wetsuit, so I was So cold in the rest of my family had these thick. What suits on and I'm wearing thin little wetsuit, but I could just feel the cold water like my asshole off, like it was awful and I got cold so fast. I had to get out pretty quickly but got of on board a few times. I don't know if this is going to become a new thing for me. I think I like the idea of serving more than actually like surfing itself, like I like the idea of meeting again to get on hit the waves today. and I cannot wait and see. it's crazy and I'm just egg. I'm get other guys want to say she like that.
And I want you to know what I just said or if that makes sense, but I like the idea of- and I like, the aesthetic of it like I like the by but all of it, but when it is actually surfing like I don't have the patience to learn. I don't know. Sir day went out. I was having real. That anxiety the whole day and then on the water and, unlike the water, was creeping up. It went from you know my toes to my knees to my stomach and then to my like chest, and I, like it was so called that I started crying in the water. I had a panic attack in the water, because those already really anxious and so like going out into the freezing cold ocean. Whilst having bad anxiety was agnostic accommodation. So I fully start crying and I was like having an exact in the water in my dad was, would mean. Is it what's going on as if I'm literally having a panic SEC, and I was like trying Like swallow my tears, I couldn't stop crying, it was.
a bizarre and I don't know it was weird but then, day. I was almost like once maybe an exact, over was very short, I put it away, then I ask, caught even more waves, because those can like fuck this. I don't care about anything. Some skin you say, yellow and just send it I did and then I got up more times and I did the same forces good clouded and give up serve fun, I don't know the band of doing anything with it. Now that I'm like, I feel my air like matches. The vibe of serving those I'm blonde and it's like, looks I like going to sign a lot cuz, like my hair, looks like kind of sun bleached in a way, so I feel like I fit the vibe right now, so it's like I might as well ride this wave, no pun intended, but I don't know we'll see another thing: that's been in
is it I haven't been wearing make up recently. I'd like this phase, where, like I didn't, want to be around anybody without worrying make up for, like probably six months, just. because I mean honestly is because on Accutane and so in my hackney was kind of bad and, like I was paid all too has when you when you're on. Catania on the sun in so like. I was super self conscious about how, sickly I almost loads, because I was so pale and I was just like embarrassing to me for some reason you I was really pale May I add me was kinda bad so It is also for some reason, whereas on Accutane and my face would get super read in swollen. Some reason like I don't know why, but it would just get like really puffy, unlike I would get like hot flies, is almost like us it only going, they met a pause, and so I dislike fell.
better with May Gabon, but now I'm Accutane I'm, like am I programme month off of it. I've been tanning chasm finally are detained again. And my skin is good. I do have a zero rate now. Actually, my first is it since I'm off agitation, but I even care, I'm like I'm, not gonna. Where make up any more. I dislike now wearing make makes me feel so much more free in a way I feel leg have to worry about rubbing my eyes. I don't have to worry about it, falling down my face it off to worry about breaking out from the products, amusing, it's just like Nicer- does have a clean face. You know, unlike And just let my skin breathe and I think my skin so much better from it, so it's kind of a win win, but it took me a long time to get to this point where I'm just like fuck this, and I want to wear makeup, scared and now were made public in front of certain But like there certainly boy you're, like oh, it's fine but lay If you
say: click save you a crush on a guy. And you're going out with them? Of course you gonna fucking, we're make up, I mean out of court but at least that's how my brain was. I was like for them to wear makeup, I'm not going to not wear makeup, but now I'm like fuck that, like I'm just not where make up at all ever gonna go back my roots. I used to do that on my Youtube channel when I really bad acne. I just was like fuck this, I'm not going to wear makeup because I don't like how it feel to my face and if people think I look less Good without make upon them that's their fuckin problem. So that is that, but it feels really good and I challenge you guys it take, make a break. You know what's good for you, then it's good for your mind. I think it also helps you. It makes you feel more confident, sometimes in like in the way that your face looks when it's with make up two. We I'll explain as I feel like, if I sobering make it for a while, then
they are wearing it again like. I have a new appreciation for the way that make up his accentuates my features. You know I mean, whereas when I'm wearing make up every day, like I just start to get you to it and then I started like NIT picking and, unlike my a nation doesn't lay very well my face like I look bad or like whatever, but if I take a break from we make up even I'm just inside all week and then I start wearing makeup again. I'm like wow, that's really cool how it accentuates my features. It's more of a positive experience. Do you know what I'm saying so take a break see what happens also, I feel like being able to go outside and tan for me is. nice because it just get some vitamin d n, and you know it feels good to have a tan. It makes me look healthier. like I look healthier when I'm not dislike my dog like a fucking vampire, that's it's inside, so during the ten tan. Although I know dealings acknowledge good for you, but I literally can't stop. I do hate it, though, like that
process of tanning so irritating like who the fuck wants to just like, lay outside and be sweaty for thirty minutes. I do fifteen minutes on each side usually cause the uv ve indexes insane and allay, which is basically how strong the sun is so like a guy. Lay off for longer than I will it's not healthy I do fifteen as I each been growing a nice healthy tan. It's been great nice orange nails to match my tan until one of mine broke, and now all the nails loans are closing away, so I dont know to do, and I'm scared. My thumb looks like it went into blunder legged. It looks terrible, but there's nothing I can do about it. I can't fix acrylics amount and I might do a road trip somewhere to get my nails, then no joke. Like em, I drive. A few hours away to Frankie. Don't do that, I might literally drive,
to San Francisco to get my nails and then come back like it's kind of tempting cuz. I love having my nails done, but anyway whatever, Lastly, on the document is jewellery, because I obsessed with Julie recently, I M gonna look at what have going on right now. I've Cecil, getting piercings for one obsessed like I love piercings love getting my ear pierced up, although they always get infected and closed up, but I think that this time, like the last time I got my here's my body reacted properly, so now I think that these ones might be here to stay, but here's what I've been into recently mixing gold and silver. Ok, I this phase rose like only silver jewellery period, nothing else, but now I'm like gold and silver. It's every it's kind of everything like I've been wearing this gold.
A necklace within a little silver, lock necklace, and then I have a bunch of different gold and silver hoops in my ears and issues like so fuckin fun jewelry, Really fun in I, it took me so long to figure it out like it's one of the best accessories. I think- and I am obsessed with it it is hard to find good Julia places. If you guys have any, let me know firmly ones that aren't that then, are decent quality books. to get infections in my ears when it comes in This isn't shit. I don't care where it's from, but leg with earrings. They have to be real metal, or else I get an infection, so shadows, my body for literally rejecting everything fun because they're, so many cute fun hearing that I love so much, but that I can't wear because I'll give me an ear infection so and make my ears drip with pass.
so yeah, you know says being appears things. I made up my mind, a decision that I'm never getting it. How to I dont think emerges my personality. I don't I I love touches on other people. I think it's like so fucking cool, and I I love it. I love seeing people tattoos, I think it's like a very it can be very attractive thing as well. I really like it uses like cool when people tattoos I like it, but not for me. I not for me, I'm sorry, my dad music. I don't think I can ever get a tattoo music. I can picture you with one I can't so not that I know it's going to get biggie big tattoo. I know we talked about that big, a big, my stuffed animal as a kid, but I think that's cancelled my thing. I'm never going to get a tattoo. I'm very indecisive, in my mind, changes about things very quickly, so I
it's a good idea anyway. I'm done talking about me all that stuff was so boring and irrelevant, but I just kind of wanted to talk about things that were light for a change. and hopefully wasn't too boring. But now I'm going to answer Rand questions. I just as you guys it send me random questions. If you want to tweak questions to me for the PA, gas at age, I guess twitter. Let me find some questions to answer and I will be back. Ok found a few questions. Let's get into it, Sir somebody said, I'm really interested about your opinion on this, how much freedom with the internet. Will you give your kids? When do you think you'll give them a phone, and how will you enforce their privileges? How would you help them stay away from the bad parts of the internet? honestly, I'm going to keep my child off the internet for as long as possible to start leg.
I mean I'm not gonna like it's one of the things that I'm not going to hand my child. If that makes sense like I'm gonna, I don't think I'm going to give like put youtube in front of my kids face when their young, like I, don't think I'm going to make my child, Instagram when their fuckin first born. I know people do that. They like make their baby Instagram when their babysitting, I'm gonna keep my child off the internet until they're like mom. I really want to phone. Unlike mom everybody s, goals enshrined like I'm gonna, keep them almost in the dark about all of it. Until it's like. Not avoidable anymore. If that makes sense, I want, cadavers, normal of a child. It is possible, which is another issue, I don't want to raise my kid in our because I feel it here. It's like everybody's came a few steps ahead. I'm gonna keep my kit off for as long as possible, but
and at a certain point, its inevitable they're gonna, be like hey. I want an instagram and that's what I'm going to give them a huge talk about everything I'm going to be like ok, here's the rolls everything on the internet is permanent. The internet is not real life, never mean to people on the internet. Don't talk to dangers on the internet, giving them the whole fuckin rundown, but I'm all- not going to be the type of that's like only lead to go on your phone for fifteen minutes a day because at the same time you To give you travel freedom and we do live in a world where, like our phones, are very important, and so I'm not gonna like I'm gonna, let my kid learn for them, sounds, but I am also going to make sure that I'm Cecily planning seeds about how toxic it can be and how you need to be careful about X, Y and Z. So it's like a balance. I'm not gonna, I'm going to
keep them away from it for as long as possible, but at the same time, once they get on phones and they started do, though often you know what can I do, but I'm definitely keep my child off the internet. I don't know, what I'm even going to be doing when I'm an adult with my life, but I know for a fact that I'm to keep my cat off the internet at least like I, wouldn't I'm not going to post a photo of my child. I just can't because I have seen the way that it like that. If my keys, Is it ok with it? Then it's not gonna I need them to tell me mom, I'm want to be on the internet like I like this, like I want to be. In your video org. You know whatever nl considerate, but even then like. No, I don't know, I think, internet, so awful, but also like so amazing, but also like so awful, and it can be so scariest see for somebody who's developing like the affair, said it has on. kids in their self esteem, is so terrible, unlike the things can cause. I mean you know
I struggled with so many different mental things because of the internet, and I want my kid to grow up without that. If possible, I don't know if it's possible, but I'm gonna do my absolute best to protect them from it, but also, hopefully show them how the internet can be fine and hopefully help them have a healthy relationship with it when it comes to enforcing kids privileges. I have never been a believer in like being overly controlling of your trial if you like, if my kid once did spend all day on their phone, there figure out on their own, that that doesn't make them feel very good and I'll be to be like hey you're feeling a little bit, in the dumps. That's this is wide says you're on your phone all day, but that's up to you. You know I mean, if you'd rather go get notion or something with me. Instead, let's go do that.
But if you want to be on your phone all day, that's up to you. You know what I mean if it's hard to get out of control than whatever, but I also think that it's very normal, so it's about giving your kids The option like you, don't you know you can be on your phone if you want or even come like living real world with me, and we can go to something fun, you don't mean, and I think spending with your child as well, will help prevent that. If you give your kids things to do, put them into sports, you know, get them started on some Hobbes. Take them to the beach. Take them to go. Get food like do things like that, so that they don't, Have as much of a reason to sit on my phone all day, best thing you can do is just tell your child the truth of the matter in a way that respectful of them like, if you projects like hey I want you to do what makes you happy and do it. I want you to feel like you have freedom, but at the same time I need to tell you
dangers of the situation in a way that makes them feel supported it, but not like they're in trouble. I think that they're actually going to listen. I don't know we'll see. I won't probably have a kid what ten years, so we have some time to think about that more Zambia's. What's my wider families opinion of my career, I think in the beginning, my family, my parents, were in a with me, so that's kind of different, but. like my entire family. I think they were kind of like what is going on and I think it was really confusing in the beginning for everyone, but I think now everybody kind of has you know it's been I've been on the internet for three years so. I think everyone is kind of you to it now understands the whole thing and You're really supportive animal grateful for that, but I think it took some time for everybody to understand like what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it and that
seems like a serious thing in it's kind of not just like a little joke eating them. You know I mean, like I, don't know people realise how serious it was again only failing a surly really how serious it was. Until I like moved out, all that, and we ve had a lot of conversations about it and they ve got a lot of questions and now I think, we're on the same page and they kind of see it for what it is, which is also. But I dont also expect people who don't you weren't in it to understand it. Like it's a very weird thing, and it's also a very new thing. You know I mean this didn't exist. twenty years ago, so like All kind of learning about this whole thing together and yeah, but they're they're into it they'd support me in. I think that their products in a really good over that next year you gonna live in eleven. I shall have no. I made myself now recently. I've decided no I used to say yes, but, like I literally hate it here right now, for some reason I can put a finger on it, but I don't like it right now:
I'm kind of his off with lay at the moment. I want to raise my kid somewhere else may give my kids some seasons, maybe raise my kid in like California, but like just not in anyway, Ella is an awful toxic plays. It also is very amazing in those very many amazing opportunities and there's some amazing people here as well as shitty, but there is also some really amazing people here that I wouldn't met. If I never lived here that I think I've changed my life and like I would never trade that for the world, but at the same time I don't live here forever. Like I my friends end like whoever I married to move somewhere else when we're like thirty or something. I don't know where that locations gonna be, but definitely not fucking. Here. The other weekend. I was in this little beach town in northern California, and I was like
this is so amazing, it's so chill here does not want to do, but then again, when you're next to the beach go to the beach everyday. I guess I was like this is like perfectly. This will be a perfect place. Rhetoric had made. two boring I don't know, but like a lot Beach, town somewhere. I feel like it would be very amazing and that's kind of my life goal. I'm kind of excited for that part of my life cuz, I'm kind of sick of being like in this constant, go, go, go state of being in a way, unlike our now, and it's just kind of Mary. Here I don't know, I'm ready to get out of it eventually. Somebody said: are there any other types of media you wanna bet Terrain, like reality shows acting honestly. No, I'm really happy with Chamberlain Coffee and you tube and podcast and you don't social me in general, which everybody does that's, I'm really like whatever, but I'm
we are happy with it. I dont have like a passion for acting. I don't really have an interest in being in reality. Show like I, don't feel the need to like. I think a lot of people want to keep adding more things to their list of things that they do or whatever and that's great but like. I think that sometimes they can force it and I don't ever want to force anything. I if I want, to be an actor, I would be an actor. I wouldn't have became a Youtube. I wanna be a u to where I like, being myself on camera, which is why
being an actor, would just not work for me, like, I think, I'd cringe too much. Actors really do hard work because that it's like so mentally confusing, and I have some friends that act- and I just like it just doesn't appeal to me like whatever, and I can't sing so definitely won't be going into the music and but I love listening to it. So that's perfect. We have for now I'm just I love working on Chamberlain, coffee. I love making Youtube videos and I love making podcast. So I'm just going to say that and we'll see where that takes me. I think I'm more interested in like instead of going like doing more things were like I'm the personality in it. I really like
the idea of like having a business in learning about that, because I'm passion about that in its confusing process, but that something that I'm more interested in and say becoming an actor something moving on. Is there something you look back on him regret doing you know I've been so with his recently, because I'm always somebody that believed till I live with. No regret like. I believe that you can't regret I mean. Obviously, if you do something like really bad like there, I don't know, even if you like, commit a crime legacy you like steel from a store and you go to jail for something. Obviously, certain crimes is different, but, like I'm talking about something, that's Didn't necessarily harm anyone when it comes to the other stuff. That's a hold of another conversation bit,
Let's say you do something really not good right, like steel or you know you Cheat on somebody, I've never done that, but I am misgivings have legs things like that thing is I feel like the way the people should look at mistakes is not like in a way of regret, but in a way of wanting to learning grow from it. You know I mean I I do have regrets sure like there's things that I regret but. at the same time, I wouldn't be me without those things and every single one of the things that I Quantico regret. I've learned so much from.
I do my absolute best every single day to turn my feeling of regret into a feeling of inspiration to be a better person and to do the right thing and to take care of myself and to take care of others and to treat people right like I use it as inspiration for that, and I also appreciate the lessons of those regrets have taught me, and so I think that if you look at it like that, having regrets is actually a really positive thing and it can help you become a better person, we're just sitting there and regretting something doesn't get you anywhere, but using it as a way to grow Learn about something is, is great, like I've had regrets where they ve taught me something that, like there's no way when I learned otherwise. I am so grateful for that lesson. But the problem is, you have to make the mistake
to learn a lesson sometimes and that's what shitty about life. But if you live in regret, you won't ever be able to move past it, but if you accept that you ve done what you ve done and you take the steps to be a better person and do better and not do that same thing again. The NASA really amazing thing. Somebody as favorite thing about my fan base I mean there's so many things I think mainly just though, like I feel like We all have the same sense of humour and I think the same things are funny and I think it's really cool wow you there's make me laugh like a lot like you guys, will comment, showed that so fuckin, to me real tweet, should I mean that super funny or what
and it's like. I love that I love it. You guys get my sense of humor and like know how to make me laugh like sometimes you know, if I'm in, if I'm kind of bummed out I'll be on twitter- and you know somebody will like tweet me, something is really Unlike that makes my day you know they mean, and I love that- and I love the. U S get me like that. So definitely that, but also just you know the support and you know the understanding that you have given. have for me is really special and I just appreciate the support in like the in the love that you guys give me that I feel like is so special. So is it? What would be the perfect soundtrack for a movie of your life. Definitely this charming man by the the Smiths would be an it. Definitely we're gonna, be friends by blacks. Is black waits rapes? It's embarrassing! The white stripes.
It's in the new point I know my movie in that some will forever. The in my hand, Also, what you know by Tudor Cinema Club would be in there. Definitely such he hides by the postal service. Definitely lack of color by death cover cutie was cosmical gonna coconut records, Dare by guerrillas for sure also read my my by the killers any taming policy song, any hazy. Musgrave song any store song by the strokes any song by wings, Palmer, Kearny wings, any beetle song David Bowie as well, would be in their family we can will be in their. I Orange County would be in their oh, my God, the growl we would need to be in there. That's a crazy one, beach false. was in the Walter's as well God Dust Albert,
and it would be in their own the band hers would be in their, especially with that song called it's like my favorite song. Haven't. I forget what once was by hers. I got this idea is up. That's like how a wide is went into on. That sum is that I can't get over the fact that all my friends of boyfriends at the moment- and I don't The thing is, I don't even want to be with anyone, and I couldn't see myself being a long term. Commitment is very scared. Me. Have you ever felt this way? Absolutely I'd appeared it I'm there were. I was the only single friend and all my friends, boyfriends and I was like holy shit. This is awful. What do I do Levin multiple times in my life, because I like really have a hard time finding by like and then when. I do. It's like great by its ITALY's grateful as long as it's gonna be great, I mean independence, but the thing is If you aren't ready to be in a committed relationship. I know that it's hard, because when you know your friend
my boyfriend and you don't or girlfriend If your friends are in a relationship in general and you're, not it can feel it you go very isolated because you're like ok, they're busy with there significant other like all the time rank, is ok when you're dating somebody, you hang with them night, sometimes urge you go to dinner with them. Are you like get coffee with them or whatever and you're like doing things with them, and those are normally times that you would have spent with your friend, but the now your friend is with their boyfriend or a girlfriend or significant other, and you like, my god, what the fuck like now. I have all this free time and I I'm kind of your left out because I now have to split my time with my friend with the significant other. Ah, the thing is this is a great time for you to make more friends so great time for you to start a high bees start like putting that extra love,
but whatever you're into at the moment. You know me like this, a great opportunity to focus on you, because, if like if you are ready for relationship, unlike fuck yeah fun tried like, find something you're interested in, send a few dams. Walker Somebody at a coffee shop like fuckin, send it, but if you're not ready, then just spend time on yourself. Work on yourself, make yourself better, but also don't be afraid of coming. Relationships I'm like do you know? I don't know this is weird about me, but I I don't have any hesitation with it like I'm, never like I'm either yes or no, when it comes that taboos have, I feel it I mean they're like yes, I would day you first or like? I don't have anything to do with you at all. I dont really tough. People, usually in less I'm like interested in something more than
Just like a conversation or like a little thingy. You know like I'm, not in it to be messing around. I guess like I am. I wig really plan on things being for the long haul, like I don't ever plan on it being a gala day dispute this prison for a few months, and then I'm out like or oh I'll, get with his person for like a few months and animal bone the label on it. Like I, like that security, you know, and I liked being really as long as the person I'm with his good, like being in a relationship, is really beautiful thing and if it's the right one, then you're gonna be learning and growing from it, while you're in it as well. So dont be afraid. You know you mean just wait for the right person to come along and it's it's actually can be a really beautiful thing. I didn't think that was possible, though I used to think
like long term relationships in general. I was like. I don't think that there is any way that this can be. I always thought of it as being something that like takes that, like Are you down a few levels? Does that make sense like I was thought like? Ok, if you're in a relationship in your ear, giving up you're giving up your freedom and you're giving up like you drive in all the stuff, like you're gonna, become lazy and you're gonna whatever, but that's all not true. I think that if you're in the re relationship you we'll, be literally learning and growing and leg becoming better. Way faster than you would have on your own leg. Being right: relationship will force. you till I wanna be a better person in like force you to work harder and, like will force, you did kind of.
look at things that you ve been doing in a new way because you're like would this person, then I'm with now like how would they have felt about the things that I did, my passer, how you know an hour and then it makes you like think about it, may makes you wanna be better. You know mean when you admire the person that you're with and they like push you be better and away, that's not judgmental right cause, that's keep, but I think that's a fucking beautiful thing. So you know obviously don't force yourself in anything, but also don't be scared, like you can be a really beautiful thing. They can teach you a lot and somebody said is Coachella legitimately stressful, for you, like the idea planning office in meeting tons of people of being in big crowds like I know it's Coachella, so it's obviously going to be fun, but doesn't make you anxious honestly. No, I I mean I get a little bit anxious, but it's more like just excited for me. very well. I don't know about any more. I use a very social person like com,
saved social interaction, leg, just loved being in big crowds of people loved meeting new people could talk to anybody whatever and I'm still like that for sure, but I also feel it. I don't really have this like craving for it. much anymore. I used to be like, sir, excited to go to some Eric Hotel, because I would just say so. People that I knew at once. like so interesting, and it was a kind of fun to people watch unlike you never know. What's gonna happen, you're gonna have so many fun conversations with people. You're gonna see people see somebody different That's it was like fun, it's exciting, but now I'm gonna, like I'm, really contend with like my homework, right now, some almost like I dont, really some kind of Yes, when could tell comes around like you'd best believe it's gonna be amazing, and I cannot wait, but also I'm not like I don't
crave these social interactions anymore, and I do think that they actually been giving me a little bit more anxiety recently than they used to. I think I used to just like love being around people, but now I do think that it's been giving me a little bit more anxiety because its on the type of person where I never used to think like this, but recently I have been in. Maybe it is a bad thing, but I now leg Get anxiety about like what I said like I'm like would have a joke. Wasn't funnier like what if they thought it was annoying or like, would if you know I like over share their like. What have you not? I mean there's so many things to worry about afterward untouched somebody, it's so much easier to just be the people that you love, no entrust hang out with them talk to them about your feelings. Now with them and then there's no risk, because you know that you can trust them talking to people, you. Don't know that well is like kind, a risky. I also have this lake Constance
noise about like people like lying about like what, if ok, I have. This like anxiety, run like what up, somebody was like you're off it's really cute, and then they when told everybody that I said that there it was ugly like I have the singer that people alike have it out. For me, I don't know why that is. But it's like it's weird paranoia constantly, where I feel like people are trying to like change my character like they want. Does that make sense or like me look bad or something- and that's not true, like I dont think that that's true, I don't actually thing people do that or trying to do that at all, but I think that I do have a bike or of that, and I think that I get anxiety about that sea would like zeal rational. That is how right nor is it to be up all night embed being like would if somebody lies about me. What?
Like that, just so like out of my control and like something that I can easily be like, hey guys, this is not true but like. I always have like fears of people and lying about my character, and I think that being around a lot of people at once makes anxiety is it just anxiety Orson in general, but Capella is fun. I'm really excited. My camera did have Cooerdinating outfits with all my friends and all three of them and in its can be crazy, but that was like really I've topic. I don't really know where what happened, but he asked me, have you ever proved completely naked? Yes, sometimes sometimes you just need to get naked yeah. I've definitely done that whether as before the shower or it was or things you got a little bit too out a hand in closed, are flying off. It has happened. So he's a do you really
everything on Twitter also give anything muted. I don't have anything muted. I don't even to do that, but I also I don't I don't. I don't see everything on twitter because I don't go on twitter that much I found it can be like a really really crazy, overwhelming anxiety provoking app and leg. So I definitely don't see everything because I'm not on it all the time. I do definite go on it, but just like not a lot just they feel like it can really affect my brain in a negative way in it. There's a slick so much information all at once, and it can be so overwhelming. So I do avoided because of that, but. I don't have anything you did so I don't know how that works. Somebody said I was diagnosed with anxiety three months ago and my doctor was getting a therapist and I freaked out. I convince my family that I was fine because I was scared, even though I wasn't the thought of me talking to new people scares me, love you and your podcast and trust you to ask you for advice.
so glad that you feel like you can ask me for advice? I really appreciate that and I'm here for you always ah so here's the thing that you need to remember the thing that I think are used to hate paid heed hate therapy. As I went to therapy for a few years when I was younger ass, she was only a few months, but I didn't like it either it made my problems worse at the time and I really hated it, but I think you're just cause. They have a good thereof like I don't think I had a good match- here's the thing we need to remember is this person is talking to people all day about their problems. Ok, They're, not judging you for yours. If anything, you never have to talk to this again, you can tell them anything you want and if, for somebody. You get uncomfortable you like, and I want to seize power is never again like I M bears myself you just don't you start going to that therapist
It's a very low risk situation. I know that it's scary, but I can promise you that it does feel really good to get everything off your chest and therapies can really help. My experience was personally not the best, but at the same time, I do believe that there can be a really really useful thing, and I remember when I am. I remember I was going to really tough time and actually called a therapist once she just did sessions like one off sessions on the phone and like, She really help me. You know, and it was scary to give our call, but once I did it, it was like really, if a really good, they felt this huge wait lifted. I think give it a try, and if you don't like it, you can always outgoing going. So don't follow up your feelings and don't invalidate your feelings, because you're afraid of going to a therapist or you're afraid of what people will think. Sometimes you have to do uncomfortable things to help you with your.
Problems to later have a better happier, healthier life coffee time. He ok, oh my god, I'm really hungry. For some reason, I don't know why I'm too lazy to cook. I also thank all my other causes. A rotten tsars guy make eggs with other causes, but I don't think I can, because it in the way of the quotas are making their rotten some anyways. Ok, how do you forget about somebody that you spend every day of your life with four years? I can't do it and I was completely cut from their life. It so hard. You know this is interesting because I dont know if you're ever going to forget, I dont think you are.
There's people that I was really close to it have not close to any more and where you know the loss of them has really hurt me, and I have never forgotten about them like I'd die so think about them. Sometimes to this day
but I think that the way that I think about them now is a lot. It doesn't hurt me to think about them. Yes, they're gonna crossed my mind, occasionally, of course, but it doesn't hurt me anymore. So it's all with time. It there's nothing. You can do to make yourself not care anymore. Ok, you're, gonna care, like that's fucking, normal and its inevitable, but I think that you just have to be patient with yourself. Don't be yourself up over it and eventually you're going to be able to think of them and be like all. This is a passing thought and I hope that their doing whelms are using awning. I hope that their doing well, but I'm not gonna, push that thought away. You don't mean you just like
let it be a passing thought, but I mean there's no alienating my parents about like think about their first relationships are some of their old friends that they don't have any more. Like there's no way that like not only that she goes away, that's always gonna be in your brain, but it's about how you feel about it when you think of it, and I think that you're gonna get to a point where it doesn't hurt. You anymore, somebody as well, would fifteen year old, Emma think of current Emma. Oh, my god, honestly I I know I don't mean asshole, but I think fifteen year old me would be like wow. I think my fifteen year old me would be really proud of myself, because I have really blossomed a lot and in a short amount of time, and I think that I would be really relief
in like excited to see that and I think fifteen year old me would also be really happy that I found something I was passion about. Finally, an like, I think, the main fifteen year old me would be friends for sure I might have a lot of advice for fifteen year old me that I probably I would be giving advice two hundred and fifteen year old man, fifteen year old me would like shut the fuck up and not listen, and that's what's wrong with me so anyway, but I think it would be friends. Somebody said in a if there was the purge you know from the movie. I don't even see the movie, but I know it's like there's no laws for twenty four hours is something. Would you Hide or would you go and do something definitely hide thousand percent hide, but I also feel like somebody would fall try to kill me. I don't know who it would be, but I wouldn't be surprised if somebody trying to kill me, so I would definitely go into a closet, lock it and knock em out tools over. I would literally go to another city like I would in
I'd in Alaska, something I have no interest in hurting others. Stealing things or anything of that sort and had not very that dozens of funding. So he says you ever no wonder action when your younger everytime, I wonder one direction on Twitter and Tommy but I still don't know why cause I don't go twitter enough instilling I didn't read into it. I guess They may be doing something together, something or they're all friends again or something. I don't I was going on, but I didn't really listen to a lotta one direction as a kid or Justin Bieber like I never really was ended the pop music thing like as a kid for some reason. I didn't really listen to music until a freshman year of high school eighth grade issue so like I was the loop, but I did know definitely it handful of one direction, songs and there only if a few that I liked analysis.
That song by now, that's like the one that is really sweet. I don't know it's called like this town or something that's on it. It's not called the sun, I don't know but like what's. It called find it so my sleepy time play is oh here, it is yet is called the sound. Ok anyway, really good song, Very relaxing some recent I'm a junior high school still have no clue what I want to do with my life and I just feel pressure of time me that I should already know. I guess it's not really question, but I need some advice. The thing is there, Is this pressure in our society in general to like it what you want to do with your life when you're, like fucking born, like people expect you to like know how you, what you want to deal with your whole life,
that is just so unrealistic in it. So sad that, like bats, the world that we live in, where like we have to have our shit figured out the second that we breathe. Our first breath like that she's so annoying and not true, I dead. You know you will find it on your own time and there is no rush in even if you go to college for four years for something that your kind of, if he on just that's. Ok, like you, don't need to know. I've: u need to fund, take a gap here or something to figure it out like if you don't want because it all like there's no rules like. I know that says my garden. Look it! I just looked at my fucking phone, it's eleven eleven God.
I literally swear to God. I don't understand why this keeps happening with this number. Oh, my god, it's scaring me anyway, you don't need to have you should all figured out be patient with yourself. It's gonna come on its own time. One you're ready to discover it. Oozed somebody's actually get some sneak peaks of what coming up on german coffee- listen Ya'Ll, I can't say a lot, but I'm gonna make a whole there's something something big okay. So some me I'm. This is what I can say. I think my descendants, my team, and make sure that something very big, this chamber in coffee is changing and it's getting a lot cooler a lot better. and a lot of things are going to change very soon and we ve been working on for so long and so. I said I can't talk about it yet, but I just know that, like I'm very
I did about it and I don't think I've ever been this excited about something in my life, new products and another whole change of its things are changing, get excited. Oh, this is really interesting. So is it as their ever been a time in your life? Were you thought you had everything together, but then you reflected on that time in realising your actually wrong PS, sorry, this kind of dark, absolutely all my God, yes, so I've like be. I can like think of specifically a time in my life when I was definitely not doing well but, like I had convince myself, that, like the people in my life and like the thing I was doing with my life for good, because I was like that because I just wanted that so bad. That, like I convince myself that it was true in retrospect the people in my life or toxic.
I had a bunch of issues with my mind, like my mind, was fought like really bad, mental issues like struggling with, like crash in in a really bad away, but I wouldn't it to myself so like this weird thing that I was like following an bottling up. Unlike not admitting myself really bad anxiety knows, confidence like all that shit toxic people around me like, and I just bright. I convince myself tat. I was living my best life, I don't know I thought thousand percent. Somebody said what do you do in your board or feeling down to leave your spirits, especially in quarantine? Recently, I think going to the Each has really help me. I love going to the beach. If, even if it's just like driving past it, that really helps me jumping in the ocean. If you guys
I live near an ocean maybe have a leg. Maybe you have a fucking pool in your backyard? Maybe you have a bathtub light. Just getting a body of water, for some reason really helps me and makes me feel really calm and happy. That's what I've been doing all right, so last question Somebody said if you were to ask years old herself a question: what would you ask, I would ask them you know I should only go asked them anything. I don't want to know what I don't want to know. I don't want to know. I like living in the moment like I don't want to know what my life is going to be like in ten years. I don't want to know, I mean I have my own ideas of what I wanted to look like, but I wouldn't even wanna ask right now because, like what, if I go in a different direction- and I do something completely different when my life.
that would like bum me out about what I'm doing now. Do they call then what's the point of what I'm doing, you know what I mean so like No, I don't I get asked them anything I really have to use the party, thank you guys for thing to me just rambled about random shit for so long today, please feel free to re view and subscribe to anything, goes on all the places that you listen deposit As I really appreciate it leave a review. If you want good meal of five stars, never hurt nobody. and I really hey guys. I appreciate you listening to me talk and let me just vent tee all and if you want to tweak, questions are topics to me. Twitter is at age, podcast and that's about it, I'm going to go pee now I've been holding it for the past thirty minutes, and I love you all so much for all your dreams and be yourself. Okay, I'm out of here