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New podcast format, same Emma. Welcome to Anything Goes, an open and raw conversation on… well… anything. Got a question for Emma? Send them to @AGPodcast on Twitter, or leave her a voicemail at 567-ASK-EMMA (567-275-3662). New episodes every Thursday starting February 20th.

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Hi guys its Emma Chamberlain. Welcome to my new podcast anything goes podcast. This is so weird. I know the were used to stupid genius I know this is a little bit trouble right now, but get excited because I'm really excited so I decided to switch from my podcast stupid genius to my new podcast, Anything goes. Because I was feeling a little bed stock with stew, genius in a little bit uninspired, because the I guess was very structured and is focused on scientific questions and stuff like that, which I do find interesting and fun, but it was tough, too about that every week in a podcast when Really. What I wanted to do in a podcast was talk about anything so that's why I decided to kind of re route a little bed in start menu Pike has anything goes which basically gonna, be where I do later anything. So
she's going to be very open ended, there's gonna be a lot of different types of topics, some that are serious, some that are fun some that are stupid. Maybe some that are even a little genius to you know you never now we might. The who made their back. We may talk about science. Sometimes, who knows pride, I dont get Europe's up but we're basely just going talk about anything. I think this so I better for me creatively, because I just want to be able to talk about whatever I want that day. I want no structure, I feel like I work better and that way, because I come up with better stuff and I think the conversational lot more genuine also wanted. involve you guys more in the podcast so that we can kind of have a conversation about whatever the how big is that weak, or just whatever, every week I'll be taking questions from you guys and will be addressing them at the end of each episode, and it can be, every you relationship problems, and you need advice if you have
friend issues. If your I dont care, I'm here we have a twitter account the account. at age, podcast ages, everything goes and you guys can we questions and every week when I'm record in my view, I will tweed that makes. If he knows how many specific questions about that topic, that's it time to tweet me about that, we also, phone number recently, a voicemail, and that number is five. Six seven ask Emma, or five, six, seven to seven, five, three, six, to and you can leave a short voicemail and will answer your question on the podcast once we're done talking about the b for the opposite I'm so excited to get started. This is gonna, be so fun absent if anything goes release every Thursday starting February twentieth larger calendars or whatever and make sure to subscribe for free on Apple podcast, Spotify, radioed com or wherever else you get your podcast and you have
me questions. You know where to find me fair, a twentieth every Thursday, let's get it it lets party anything goes we're doing this round to. Hopefully this is my last round of re routing podcast. Hopefully this is the one we stick with. God only knows c on Thursday