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Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?


You've seen those videos of people scaring their poor, unsuspecting cats by placing a cucumber next to them without them realizing it, right? Why does it affect the cats so much? Emma's about to do a deep-dive to figure it out.

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Ramble high amendment chamberlain- and this is stupid- genius the park as where I'm stupid and am also a genius today we're talking about why our cats afraid, or can you kind of why I am so reading MRS Cresson, after, like so many absence of doing it, I just like having in front of me it's like a safety net anyway, you Brian. I know what I'm talking about. If you're, not more you definitely don't know what I'm talking about, because there's no video, I mean, If you can hear this, that is paper. It helps me it helps guide me and keep me on track came on anyway, so already: I've topic. Okay. Now this is not necessarily a popular scientific question, but I think twenty one, if you ve ever seen, on Youtube or twitter or anything like that. Those videos of cats get
really free down by cucumbers like I'm talking about like they turn around, they see a cucumber and they will literally job like ten feet in the air. Like I don't know what it is, it's definitely my opinion, scientific shine tip, phenomenon, and it really makes no sense to me so today we're gonna get to the bottom of it all right. I want to know why cats who so Fraid of cucumbers. I actually have cats at home. I have two ones same as jasmine hate that bitch such bitch. I really don't like her honestly. Sorry like I love animals and, like you know, would I definitely would give her belly rob here and there are now that she would even accepted if I literally touch her, she would just call me in the arm. we never got to get like intimate or anything like. I never to smugglers, really sad so like she's alive, bitch anyway. So She was more like my mom's friend, you know we have my cat. My cats name is Oliver That is my homey age when I moved to, I really wanted to bring all over with me
but my mom said now, even though he is my hat, she was, egg you're gonna not take care of him properly and I was like such a badge MA like, I'm sick of it just kidding. I didn't call her a bitch cuz. I love my mom mom. I love you, listen to me. I know you was now may episodes you know view game. but like. Why? Don't you let me take Oliver Dalai me. You know You said that you would be sad because he wouldn't have any where to go outdoors, and I said he can deal with it he's like a fat cats like to lay down obey like he's in that he doesn't need to go outside my mom said no, we thought about it five minutes and then we hugged and then we got over it anyway. Oliver is my homey. I've never Seen him react to a cucumber Have you something down the line that I should explore next time, I'm home in San Francisco? But for now, I'm just gonna is the internet as my my personal experience.
Which is what I do with life in general anyways. and if you're wondering why I feel like I'm talking really fascinating, I'm sorry but I drink bullet. coffee today because well we'll talk. about that later, we'll talk about experience. I'm wired, I actually had so many I've already had three have drinks today it is it's one p m also gonna have diarrhoea soon from that leg. Whatever, like it's, not my fault, anyway, let's get into the world the day so that we can get to know the stupid genius word today. Is God, oh god, is a flashing, typically large fruit with a hot skin, some varieties of which edible. That means you can put them in your mouth. True swallowing things come out up another place four years later. That would be very sound, so Can we talk about how he just use the word fleshy, and that word makes me want to end my life, I'm.
like I really just. I do not like that word. Like most people are like ill. I ate word moist in I know I ate the fuckin word, fleshy, oh god that is fucking grows. I don't like that. You know another word. I don't like this, for one for me to say: I'm gonna get it as cluster I really don't like that. Word God Juno. I think it's because the images that come up my head. I genuinely move on from that topic as I'm actually getting really gross out like it actually makes me sick to my so make when I hear that word what I also heed the word poor, like your skin, pours knowledge pour. pouring a glass of water. That's fine for me for some reason, but the word poor, as in like your skin, bigger muddled, grow up. I
I really do now. I got word anyway, gay gourd, another thing about it. I dont think I really like many gourd foods I'm not really that into cucumbers and narrowly that into zucchini that fits into the that's fit. That can we find a list of gourds like what even is like what urgent just google it so that I have it right in me. Let me see like. I don't think I like gourds cucumber, don't really like that much, but I can tolerate it watermelon I do like squash absolute hate. Oh my god, I hate. I hate that pumpkin I mean I guess I don't hate that I mean I like sometimes it's like good. so a lot of sugar in it for me like it and now and then now with that fuckin melon called they call him musk melon here, but I know its not called that what Are you kidding me cantaloupe, hello, oh, my god that was worrisome
What does that say about me? anyway? What ok? I don't like squash or cucumbers, so I'll get. My question is thou she's my question: now that I know in a more familiar with the types of gourds. Why our cats just afraid of the cucumbers and the whole family that tells something I don't know it? It tells me yet, but on a fuckin figure it out by my third guess I'll write. So I now that we talked about gourds, we know what it is and we know that I'm not a big of a fan of em an apparently me neither our cats, let's get into gas number one. Ok, so, like kind of guy, none of my reaction. To our word of the day to day what did I say, I said I don't like gourds. But more specifically, I don't really like cucumbers and let me explain to you why- and I promised this will lead into our answer. Just let me rant first
I don't like cucumbers because number one their flight is very mild, but in a way that to me is like soap, I just feel egg there's really add much for me. It's not really doesn't really pack a punch, not to mention a huge texture person in cucumbers can either have a really gross texture or they can have a really good texture and that's a risk em now willing to take on a tooth. At noon where I'm having a bad day. Okay, so I can't rely on cucumbers for like a good reliable food, so with bananas like some images, not that good, ok, look I whatever! So what I'm saying is Cuba we are a fee they're, really, not that great, not to mention the seeds in the centre. There. All a machine shit count me the fuck out, I mushy foods. Ok, but I do like pickles alot But keep pickles can even cause me problems. Sometimes I like many beagles, because there's as much squishy seat. I'm sorry
squishy you food, I don't know. I honestly have a feeling that cats instinctively after years and years and years of evolution have come, to terms with the fact that day don't lay cucumbers based on eating them throughout the years of evolution. Now twenty a cats are if afraid of cucumbers, because they dont like them and just like me me, cats, something in common. We just don't fuck with cucumbers and what I'm saying is: is it when they see a cucumber to get startled out of lake kind of like instinct because of the years of evolution of them, eating, and then hating cucumbers, so they get startled because own another shit again and then they run away because they're scared owner is gonna, make them eat said cucumber, ok as a food, because now animals are humane ized, oh my god,
They fuckin live with humans now right so like now, they're all instincts of trying out cucumbers and hating? It are now. Coming to buy them because cucumbers are in the house of their owners and they think omega, I'm about to have to eat a cucumber, or else not going to get Bell Europe's later and they just freak out because they don't know how to react and they jump really high. and I hated that gas. Moral, the stories I'm trying to ceiling like they just don't like cucumbers, and they know that shit. They know they know that they are like the second. They see a delay o of ugly, that what are we then yes, or no I mean yeah, There's no way I was gonna, be that simple, we to put a little bit more science into this Which brings me to my second guess from guess number: two! Ok here!
something in right? I think, let's say: there's more science, he wrote a gay let's say, there's a camera in the cucumber, maybe it's a cent, maybe it's a chemical, maybe it's an odour leaks out of the skin of the cucumber and cats sensitive creatures and they and they you know they pick up on this smell- and if not. Shell did Its super? Not chill? They don't fuck with it all right makes them freedom. God, because they smell this smell and they like. It triggers something in their head. That makes scared, maybe it reminded them of something in the wild. That's poisonous Maybe them of the smell of a
creditor, or maybe it could be like the opposite of catnip. None of this is what I'm saying here there is. I'm going catnip makes cats go absolutely buck. Wild, ok, if I can lose it over that shit, I mean Have you ever seen? I mean cats with catnip. It's like. It's like we'd for cats, not even it's like primary and get a brandy again, but it's like cocaine for cats. Ok like vague ovarian haywire, their role in or on the ground. There like sphere, when at the mouth that doesn't happen unless your head as rabies, take it to the vat getting closer, those in your anger, abies, yeah, leg, cats freak out we even have to eat it necessarily like they can just smell it and they start freaking out. So what I'm thinking is The opposite effect with cucumber so catnip there they go crazy, they love it and then cucumbers they get freak out and they don't like it.
For whatever reason the chemicals in both of those plants affect cats in those ways. May it's almost like a dragoon away. It's like it ex their brain leg. like how drugs do makes them react said way: being happy Kook being freight, the Volga what do you think isn't it was then again I feel like the key. The chemicals and a cucumber would make cats b, super chill, because when you're out a spot for cucumbers on the eyes were cucumbers and the water, like Numbers of us be real relaxing, so I guess thought about that more before bud. now. We have guessed number three and using them about this layer and actually what our guests for three: let's see what we have to say
This is my best guess it's a little bit less scientific, but still scientific, ok, it's very simple and is very to the point I write. Guess: we're. Three cats are for stupid hello, we been jasmine, my cat at my mom's house, he's a dumb bitch because she doesn't give me the time of day, ok and that in turn makes her down, because I could give her a really good sense. She's in I would totally rubber, tummy and stuff. I could rubber I give retreats. I could literally give her kiss his on her face and every I would literally do that for her, but she doesn't like me and that's her loss cats. Dumb is what I'm trying to tell you. going off of that cats.
Turn around they see this cucumber and they think it's a snake. They think it's a lizard. They think it's some sort of green creature that attacks them in the wild and is a predator slash competitor in the wild and they freak out because they're like YO, I don't know snakes. I don't like lizards. They think it's something I don't know the snake biggest snakes, Oleg Long and cucumbers, economic overlay the air. So illegal lizard. But then again it could be a snake because, as I said before, cats are dumb so like they would be the time to be like order snig. No, you dumb little bitch Which is wrong, we're cassettes, dogs, you, dumb little free, rat. Oh there, it is again.
That is a cucumber you are so stupid, yeah, so like what I'm trying to say is that gets scared. These think it's a snake. They think it's a lizard that I'm thinking snake, though, moral saurians cat thing is a damn snake. Am I right or wrong? Ok if ye a gay were av on this one are a list. The answer is actually so excited either. I was close on that one F Ali. I put this off Lula Balk here with the answer to wire.
that's afraid of cucumbers. You have probably seen so studio something internet where owners scare the unsuspecting cats by putting a cucumber near them without simply lies in it. When they finally see those tiny me, I'm yells jump up and away in terrible o cats are creatures of habit and cat behaviorist scarce those are real people's think it's not ingrained in their behaviour. No, the cats were simply caught off gods. The cats fried could be likened to how we sometimes jumpers scream after we turn around and see someone standing behind us. You know like in the movie where you like opens a fridge like. I would like some below me and then you close it if the duration door and bomb there is Mamma staring at you and like a screaming, but it's not going to subject your cat to the same on settling experience, especially when tat eating stress can have serious health effects on cats, and you want them to feel safe, whether eating hello, no much much disturbed stirrup, you know what s a fluid Borg, and that was the stupid genius answer of the day
I'm going to go on Youtube right now, and it's like every fucking video that has anybody scaring their cat with a cucumber because y'all are evil. You guys are seriously I'm literally pay de PETA, I'm calling I'm pissed, You should have done your research now you're, making your cat unhealthy and stressed yo. Belly, rubs, back rubs, head pets and treats and toy is in catnip only for cats. Twenty nineteen- Putting cucumbers, mind your cats, that's abuse, so I was kind of wrong, but I mean I was right about the whole startling thing, but I think it's a lot more simple. I think it's literally that people This call their cars off guard with cucumbers and like maybe they just thought it was funny and like that became a trend. I don't think it's actually likes me. make the cucumbers, like you probably down that would like a fuckin pen, too small, probably done that would, like alike
scarecrow, and they would mean that will mean only mean but still lighting the moral. This episode at this point now that we ve figure this out is don't do that. Like I'm serious. Do speaking that not don't start your cats, don't sorrow your friends, don't startle your family, I'm not kidding you one of the things it pisses me off. The most is one like people think it's funny like jump out at me in shit. I have no tolerance for that. all. I, I really don't think it's funny I hated it makes me so pissed leg, genuinely subset, unlike it's never funny. It's not funny, don't like being scared literally leave me alone. You your piece of shit. If you think that's funny, you are mean I'm kidding it's not like it. Some people think it's funny and some people would like enjoy being startled, like some people like that, but
not me some moral. The stories don't ever do that to me and if you're one of my friends or you're my family or your somebody than knows me, don't do that I get startled really easily, though I think it's also like me being sensitive because getting the other day. My friend, so I was like upstairs and My friend came over while I was outside it. Let my door unlocked for them? They come in and then I I mean after them, and I was are you here? no response and I'll take this path. I'm about to get startle arena slight access to them- and I was like hey for come out, come out cause I'm not trying to get started right now stood in one spot in the middle of my dining room. Where, I've there's no corners or anything near me so that nobody could pop out not either not even getting and was like texting in trying to like what we're like make them show themselves, nothing
I go downstairs, I'm freaking out even I know they're in my apartment and it I lay Papa had to make s room. literally my friend, Does it say anything? Does like move is you fill me in. I scream literally didn't even jump out at me and I freaked out so like this. The personal problem. One hundred percent. like. I'm still not show their selling morals or is down startled me. Any I already in starting the wind down portion of this episode, which a daisy where we just talk about whatever to beef up absurd. Also because I love rambling about random stuff. now do you understand, I feel about that and wise sympathise hard with cats. Let's talk about. some other things- number one being let's talk about bullet proof, coffee, ok, I try to, for the first time, A few days ago, I was shooting something, and I was
those to try this both for of coffee- and I tried it and it was from airline which is like the the pretty and ass girls sore in L actually never been. I've had been, maybe once which is surprising, say like health food by I've. Never, I don't go to airline ever it's like that's it's like fairy known from just being so So incredibly, pretentious like bad, like it's fun of its a meme like everybody makes. One of these is the people that you see and there I thought was bad either. I was like you know. I love my computer. I love my cocoanut water. I love my. Vegetarian weird vision made slick. Yes, I am like that I love my smooth these and I love my juices. I am that bitch sometimes and I will walk around all day and work out clause. I will do that, but you not catch me. An air one cause I'm embarrassed anyway, but they got this
what we coffee from air when I tried it feels this is an archive early good. It was. So it was so good and basically were bulletproof copies of you didn't know. It's coffee, I think of my I called brew might also be, might Espresso shots, I'm not sure, and its mixed with coffee mixed with key purified butter Even I'm Trinity, dairy, but. I heard IE is not bad for your skin so because they pay if I had so there's none of that Southern ITALY bad for your skin and effort is actually really good. So I don't know that's true. whatever, and then it has cocoanut oil in it. So you think of AIDS like super I fat. So as we are, Good for you metabolism its was to give you a lot of energy all day and so find out about this, and I think our aid
I think that the soup- and so I never tried it, but then I tried it when I was filming this thing, and I was like honest said: I didn't have a choice and I had to drink it and I ended up liking it. So then, a few days pass now here we are today I go to Seoul cycle this morning. I get their literally in our early for no reason. I'm too stupid and I was like Ok, you know what I'm no walk over to earth bar across the street and I wanna get another bulletproof coffee because they have them they're. So Furthermore, as biggest moody place, go over there get one ok come out. Ok, I'm drinking it! Ok immediately, unlike YO, I've never done any drugs, but like this is kind, am starting to feel a little bit like
this might be what it would feel like, which is just me being ignorant cause I've never done do not ignorant does other way. We're billing me just being like naive. I've never done any drugs. I don't know it feels like, but I think bullet proof of he may be closed. I started to feel a little bit like oh Oh yeah look at their reflection. We know well, like my outfit, so good you're. My skin do he said I was like fuck you like. I will I really tweaking a little bit, and I think it's like I, over that anything to do with that or it might have been that I just Didn'T- eat breakfast arrow either way. It is full of recovery forgot about it whatever. Went into my class. While I was in my soul, I go glass. I drink energy drink
Take a green tea energy during a great now we're like really wired. I didn't even work like I don't know what I was doing there. get out of souls I go and then I'm like ten. Some pills go over to fills dream more coffee. Bad for me of what are we at last? ok, honestly milligrams of caffeine. Wiser now we're out leg probably we're Maybe I like five hundred inhaling- I'm not I don't know. Maybe more maybe last but like I'm not doing ok. Also egg feeling my like stomach his like isles, haven't eaten anything yet today because I have had time, I'm so excited about peace after this, but right now leg I am a subjects like making sounds like I, but the thing is. Bulletproof coffee going back to that, I'm not actually that hungry right now, because bulletproof coffee has so much fat in it that it Like almost a meal like, I was drinking it my lips in throat words,
coated fat. and I was like this healthy link beats me, I don't know so anyway, that's my- having intake take whatever now let's talk about something else saga about. A recent thing that I did feel I want to see the video on it, the video will probably before this so might already be up, might only be familiar with this. If you may you two videos as well, so I recently did a video where I stayed outside on the balcony for twenty four hours. Ok and I wanted to disguise this experience more in depth because it was really something so Basically, I to do this idea, because it's like warm out now lay now ok, the weather, Sardinia, good and suchlike. Fuck it like this
fun. Video people would want to see this. I don't want to watch this. I think it's entertaining I'm to get the tent I'm going to sleeping bag. I'm going to do the whole last thing I'm going to ten outside during the day like try to have an activity and then anonymously than the sleeping bag it's you know, camping, and can it be great? Ok? Well now so number one fail that set setting up the ten. You can see this on the video you wanna watch, I'm not gonna, go too much in depth. Cause you're can literally going to see it. If you really care that much it, literally eighty five degrees. I was sweating to know and oh my God leg lip neck back. Armpit Behind my knees, even like I was damp I mean it was bad, unlike. He's trying to sit in the shade and like nothing was when I was a mess so and not dimension. I couldn't figure like I'm trying to set up this ten. While I like, during the heat of the day, it didn't work I fell asleep in the sun for an hour, then.
That was a fail because, like I ended up with me like. This is a bad idea than I took another like our. In the shade. on a towel. like how did I even do that? That's called being sleep, deprived decay of yours we, the enough. You can literally sleep anywhere, and I know that because I did it, a few days ago, and I was like Kosovo hanging out with my ignite time. I and I was like ago, like it was ignite time, but I did so by bankers. So these added that anyway, launchers aren't okay, so then found for the night time my tent never got set up, so I'm just like in the sleeping bag outside a with a leg. Pillow And I I genuinely sub outside, like I genuinely did that I'm not gonna lie to you use a lot easier than it should have been. I only wish one time being. yeah what is going on and then
I pretty easily fell back to sleep. I was weirdly really comfortable. I got really good sleeping bag for this, like really good super soft soup, squishy super comfortable, super insulating, but not too insulating. Like perfect thickness, for what I needed an like. I was like. I was honestly so comfortable in that sleeping bag. I felt like I was in a cocoon: it was really nice all I'm so anywhere, I lay to sleep and more cold environments, so for me being outside it was like sixty degrees. Which was honestly and ideal temperature. For me, my like lower have my body was really warm. Upper half was like It's in cold. It was honest Grave, like I felt, finally hit homeostasis in my body where I was that the perfect temp, like I just was loath to sleep by the wind like the wind was blowing across my face. I mean I'm not gonna lie to you. It was kind of romantic. I was by myself, but it was still kind of romantic for me by myself, whose, like
self love moment me outside looking at the stars. Just kidding were and allay look at the smog and just enjoying it, taking it in being one with nature. Finding myself I, I didn't I woke up this morning at at nine eight nine thirty. Like eight I mean I slept like a fall last night outside and I'm not going to lie to you. I would do it again. I'm going to make all my friends get sleeping bags and one day I'm going to have a tall sleep out there. Cuz I'm kidding you. It sounds like, though we should do and during the day being outside is shitty, but at night it's amazing during the summer Semites in a smog. Flying through the wind funny story, though I was look, at. The weather her to try to see like it who's gonna rain, has a kind of got foggy a little bit at night and it said no, but it said next to the temperature, its head.
seventy degrees unhealthy air quality, and I was like Fox but I like Nobby, aunts and uncles, like wait, yellow films, Youtube video and I'm already forgotten. Ninety percent way done with it. So I'm stay out here and ruin my lungs or something forget so I did that but it actually went really well, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be during the day with Hell, whatever go together. If you want or don't fuk it, I don't care. You listen to my podcast. It's nice enough You don't need to do that. But if your curious to see me like beat the shit out of my tankers. I got like super mad when setting up my ten, then I started kicking it. I'm I could be entertaining good Thursday night activity. If you listen to this, when it comes out anyway I think we're going to talk about is another thing that I've been struggling within. That is a fact that I of bobbing, my blockheads so much, but I wake up the next morning with dots all over my face. I e re now high. I have doubts everywhere because they
all my blockhead last night and I love the feeling of it and I M doing it and I cleaning among Skinner affiliates like spring cleaning out old cells in with the new cells, not to mention ever since I started working out consistently, no matter how quickly I watched my face afterwards, I get a lot more, but Kids and I did before that's fine. The price you pegged to release him, endorphins would sell. My skin is ass anyway, so I I've been putting my black had the least like twice a week in the problem is like I pay is, I would like shit for like at least twenty four hours afterwards and pay. The rise rain Alec. I look like over my head in a blunder and like it's like it's not fair. Because it's like, why can't I like Palmer Black, it's an acute and like is no happy medium. The That's why? like having other people's blockheads because, like
now you're the one that's gonna have skinny irritation. That's gonna make make you self conscious for the next forty eight hours, but then I don't have pay. Any rice sounds pretty good to me. I should like a lot of words. A short amount of time I'm tired, I might add that place words. Very energized from having, but also varies derived cause I like, just am always so. I think we're going to just I think we're in the end it yep. I think that's orientation. anyways. I hope you enjoy. Today's episode. Dump De rate review and subscribe to stupid genius and apple podcast spot of irony, Gator Podcast and make sure check out ramble official, an instrument from behind the scenes, video content for stupid genius, I also have merged for the podcast. You want check that out its
shop. Emma Jane Melinda com also have other merge, that's for me, but more importantly, with stupid genius March on there, and I think it's pretty fucking cool so go check it out. If you want okay love, you guys don't have as many caffeinated drinks with me today or else you're going to have diarrhea all right, bye.