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Why Do Dogs Hide Under Beds?


Sometimes dogs can hide under beds, which is both confusing AND adorable. But have no fear... Emma is here to sort it out for you!

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pop. I standing up. Ok now under the show I am Emma Jane Wilson in This- is to Virginia the pioneers where I'm stupid and am also ingenious today we're talking about. Why did dogs? Your vows here goes anywhere in the show. In a little bit, I'm gonna get rink assets to try to figure out why dogs hide under beds organised by the size, we're gonna, try to figure it out together. And it's gonna be a good time, but first Let's talk a little bit about dogs hiding under bets. I with dogs, I filigree know this by now, because I really I've talked about dogs multiple times in this pod. So leg. I don't know what might like to know why. There's is underlying theme here of my dismay, loving dogs, so much I don't even have one like we family dog but I don't even live at home any so now I just they don't even have a dog said this point ages have like weird obsession with dogs that walk past me on the street, but I don't really have my own, so it's kind of like a weird kind of a
weird thing, but whatever I've always kind of wondered why whenever there is allowed sound instead of, like my dad, starting to bar or my dogs, starting to I don't know shit on the floor, something like the dog hides under the bed and then start sparking or an I like this, is common thing, but, like but like. Why does it happen? No one's asking the question today, I'm asking it I honestly get it, though, if I was a dog I'd hide under a bed to you didn't I mean it's just safe its or under their if leg something tried to attack you that was bigger than you. it wouldn't be able to get under the bed. Ok, wait. Vomited literally been the gas. Like. I might have already started guessing. for today's, like I like why? Ok, well, let's stop Talking about it so that I can just start guessing before I just answer the questions and then this old bog has no structure at all
before we start guessing. Actually, let me go myself off here. Let's do the word of the day. The stupid genius word of the day is quarrel, always autonomous doc by a small animals, especially the rabbit as a dwelling not to be confused with Google. The spanish word from you: His word of the day very helpful I feel like dogs hiding under the bed is then burrowing, but except under furniture, because, instead of being in the wild now, humans have made animals living houses with furniture instead of in the wild with things like rocks and dirt. So now dogs leg, ok, I have to just make do with what I have and that in this case a bed or piece of furniture summits and look you know I actually a quick side. No if I was an animal, I would definitely be an animal that burrowed, though, like that
sounds really nice. I like to borough into my bed at night, like I lay to get all into the blankets and just hide in their love that I love doing that I was an animal I'd, be like a bunny. that's my spirit, animal Yes, on officials, beard animal bunny, and I his burrow in the ground and get cozy and warm all day every day and would be a fuckin good ass time, burrowing is mood for me? I love that, like now that I'm like talking about animals and myself borrowing things like it makes me want just get my bed in Russia solving all my fluffy urban offers blankets that like so soft and just like disappear in there. That's a bunnies feel when their climbing into the dirt let's get into guess number one. First casino I'm not gonna get into guess number. Three. First, because I won't make any sense
now would it okay, so guess number one you know, humans are all really Kaji about the fact that dogs love us right leg, means are like yeah me, may duggar best, fucking friends like me, dog literally leg are inseparable leg literally, like a girl goods made dog comes with me and like we sample. The hot food section together, like my dog and I are best friends or you know it starting to think that might be a whole big lie because when it hide under the bed. They hide under the bed one. scared, or they want to avoid you. Ok leg, How many times have you been leg, standing the groom or it's time to go to the vat in your dog hides under the bed every time. every fucking time that happens leg
you're telling your dog I. What are you ready to go to the vat and they? Don't hide under the bed, it's because your dog is stupid and they don't know what the vet means. That's the only time that your dog dozen hide under the bed. When you say the word that that is it: ok, I don't know one dog delays getting a shot me ass. I don't have one I don't know on actual organism likes, but getting a shot in the ass. So like If you're dogs are hiding it because it's stupid so what I'm trying to say is guess number one. Is that dogs hide under the bed to avoid you. Because they know that you're trying to force them to do something they want to do whether that means going to the groom errors or going to let you know what I'm saying you catch my drift here, so there from you and they know they you're not gonna, be able to fit under the bed and get them out. They know that because they ve seen you try to get them out from under the bed before it. It doesn't work ever
the amount of times I've tried to get my dogs out from under the bed and like fuckin, gotten a bruise on my head from like trying to get under the bed and unlike squirming trying to get the dog pushing the dog out and then like right. When I push the dog out leg, He just runs back under the bed like nothing ever happened, it's like it's very difficult, so they know that leg they can put up. Fight and that their probably gonna win dogs had under the bed, because I don't want to go to the damn vat and they're trying to avoid you. Well, that's big stupid of me. But luckily I have two other gases to try to figure it out. Let's take a quick break from this episode and talk about sent bird. The reason why I smell good- sometimes not all the time- sometimes I forget, but like usually, why smell good
I love simpered because I like switching up my son, you know I mean it. People don't really think that I would be that type of person. The basis switch. I myself, but you know what you're wrong. Ok, I think it's an accessory. I think it's fun and I think spices up life so If one day, I'm feeling one thing in the next annual and another thing sent comes in clutch for that recently, a lot of people have been coming up to me and telling me I smell good, which is like one of my favorite. Compliments like that always makes me feel so good. I mean like telling me. I look good and my makeup looks good. Is nice but it when I smell good, it's like spank God. And recently I've been wearing body by burberry and I'm getting a lot of comments. We will really messing with it, they really like it and I'm I'm into it. I like it too. Obviously I am wearing it and I got it from sent bird and icon, took a little risk. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but in being great. It ends up being a big success. If you dont know at separate is sent bird is a luxury fragrant subscription service for perfumes in Cologne it
great way for you to discover new perfumes and geloans without buying an entire bottle, which is why I like it because, as I said, I like to switch things up. Sometimes they have more than foreign to produce designer brands you to choose from so that you always can be spicing it up, and you know you're getting good stuff they lay you choose the perfume, you want to try and then they'll. Send you a thirty day supply. So it's all. Yours is getting a tiny bottle that, like last you one day and then you're like. I don't even know. If I like this, it comes a hundred and twenty sprays, which is enough to apply more than four times a day for a month. I perfume maybe once or twice a day max, so that's it. Generous. I love it. It's great. It's the perfect amount, its perfect size to test out, because it's not you small but is not too big. It's not a commitment leg thirty days and if you're not feel in it, you can just get in perfume or cologne off some bird and try another one. It's me no commitment mean because in this day and age we hate committing, you know
so it's great and with an exclusive offer. Just for you guys. You can get fifty percent off your first month today and that's only seven hours and fifty cents for your first fragrance you're interested go December De Coms last genius in these micro genius for fifty percent of your first month again as c n T bird dog com says genius for you to try your first perfume cologne for just seven dollars and fifty cents sign on and smell amazing. Like me kind of sometimes thank you, sent birdie, there's a great and now back to the show guess were to let's get into it from so, let's go back to the vocabulary. Word of the day, borough. Ok, I have a feeling that my guess number two is going to be correct and then, like the rest, the party has a fuckin mass, ok because then its leg, I guess it on the second guess than where do we go from here? but I can hold them wrong. But I also want to be right, as that would make me feel, like really good for my ego
My ego would get really nice and big. If I got a right second guess so MRS Gebhardt, Indians, who were the universe, takes us, Ok so feel egg for dogs, them hiding under a bed. Is them hiding from a predator or a larger animal, or something like that. It is similar to burrowing because they're going into a space that so small and tight that, like no larger animal can access them while there in that some, or space so like I was really messy like the way to explain that was super messy, because you know what I'm not Einstein. Einstein has all probably book about this. so he priority like knows how he would word this and phrases, but I'm still learning ok, I'm in the beginning stages of being Einstein so like, let me try to click, this up so that you get it, it's kind of similar to my first guess, but it's not because
It's more. Instead of them hiding from you and they know that their hiding from you, it's like an instinct like go into small space. Is that most? other organisms can't reach. We. They get scared. because they know that most predators are going to be able to reach them in their dogs. Of a very animal is sick mindset like they're, not leg advanced like us, yet they don't have the common sense that we have so one dog. Here's a really loud sound, he's gonna run under the bed and hide because He doesn't know that it was just someone using the front door. He doesn't know that she doesn't know that dog doesn't know that So the dog things that it's a predator and hides under the bed thinking. the predators begging won't be able to reach him there, yes or no. That's my
ass. I am I gonna run and unaware than be happier said. It's like part he's here, because I mean they have to come up with a third which means more content, then parties. Does it really convinced about that? One unarmed, just stupid? No Jean Yet in this progress episode coming, guess number three: when dogs are scared, they hide the bad ok, I have a weird feeling that dogs under the bed and just there for a SEC, because it's dark, it's quiet, it's safe, they just want to go hide under the bed lower the heart rate a little bit, just want to chill out a little bit because there are stressed there. Scared. They don't know what to do. They just want some comfort and if they run under the bed
No they're gonna get a little serene moment under their nobody's. Gonna bother them now, one's going to talk to them, nobody's gonna, try to pet them. It's quiet, its comfortable they're going to a comfortable place when they're scared. you know what else could be this? really far fetched it could remind them of their mother's womb and it made and feel safe in their leg thing about it. Like dog, going under the dark Small confined underbelly of the bed. reminds dogs of being in their mommy's womb she's so comforting. You know I mean begun Olympic crazy and I may be going over the soup stupid with this gas at the same time. Leg how was stupid as our really I think. That's all really great thought like I know, I, like cuddling up in my blankets, reminds me of being in Mommy's boom in
go cord and shit everywhere, blood in placenta, whatever the fuck like low, that I miss those days? What mammals are all really the same if you think about it, like dogs, are the same so them under the bed is just their warm umbilical, placenta moment that they ve been meeting when their stressed out and scared and That's why I think dogs hiding under the bed, because
makes them feel calm and relaxed and remind them of Mommy's tummy, yes or no ok, so I guess I kind of guy this on right. So, let's hear the answer to see how close I actually was and then I'll determine whether or not I'm a fucking genius. Her professor, flew laborious here was the answer to what a dog's hard on the beds. Typically, it's a harmless behaviour. Dogs will hide under the bed or another Doc small area, mostly because they find it a comfortable spot to relax and take a nappy, astern animals small, contain spaces. Make dogs you safe and helped him at a lax easier dogs also enjoys a temperature that is created under the bed of the fresh untouched carpet. But there are other reasons to if dogs or dealing with body eggs, for example, say may want to find a tide place to just disappear for a bit. You know a dog also may hide during times of high anxiety or been three such as thunderstorms. All parties with lots of people still feel safer if they talked away under the bed, I sit separates them from any chaotic noise. All stress I'm jealous already poachers, I'm professor flew Le Borg, and that was the stupid genius answer today. Ok, I'm not
did to me. Cause the whole mommy's. Tommy thing was a joke, because you know what we goofing around on this pod. We don't need to be serious. All the time is now fun about being seriously nine from around it, so I will give it to me because long story, in short dogs will save under the bed and a story like it's not it's not a deep. You know, Sir give it to me because technically I set it at one point I ask just don't like feeling, stupid and defeated, so now. I'm just trying to leg changed the rules so that I'm right. which is what I do and everything also used to do that when I used to play monopoly with my family. I would just in the rules so that I would win. Whoever has least, money abandoned the least houses in the least property wins now I win you don't I and I love doing that because I, like you have to Maybe in order to feel good in life, don't get that everybody? It's really good advice.
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about you so now that we ve seller, fun science, egg man, it's time to just talk, wind down talk about life, get a little person all today. I thought I would discuss. One of my least favoured places on earth leg I fucking hate. It in its Hollywood boulevard. Okay, so I had to go to Hollywood Boulevard, the other day to go shopping for an event. Don't ask me: I don't want to get into it. I dont get into why I was on Hollywood Boulevard. But they do have a lot of costume stores, some of them, very stripper lake but like they have a lot of costume swords with a lot of options, so That was something that is in need of, so I went to Hollywood Boulevard. Ok now, CS the live. on Hollywood Boulevard dead, ass
I lived on it, but I lived on like an end of it, there was a little bit more relax we're the area with more. The shopping is just fucking the worse place in the world, and I want to tell you I hate it so much so what kind of fast fast backward forward less gonna revisit. Why was there so. Honestly. I avoid Hollywood Boulevard at all costs, but, as I just mentioned, I was there yesterday and I parked my car and I got out of my car and immediately I was leg, Ya'Ll smell bad. It just smells like shit there in like. I'm not judging, you know I get it, but it just smells bad, and I dont like an that's already like a bad thing. It's like inside of me smells fine. I opened the door and issues like like awful so loudly
I think the first thing that you experience when you're on Hollywood Boulevard, then you, Sir, logging around in everyone's is trying to sell you something leg I mean a Hollywood celebrity tore a Paris sailing trip across the supplying cross the theatre Hollywood across the Hall of fame stars all this random as Torricelli shit hate all that I had a mission and I was just to buy I assume like item and then leave and, like I didn't even succeed. That was the thing so leg. Walked around in Hollywood Boulevard for two and a half hours And didn't even find what I was looking for. Imagine imagine the pain that I was feeling all of it, was for nothing all of that discussion, nothing more or less story. Is I hate comfort for nothing.
Moral, a story is I hate Hollywood boulevard but Speak a little bit more positive here. Shall we, like song, about where my favorite place in L. A is now to kind of you know just like bring the I'm back up a little bit because I just shut on Hollywood Boulevard for the past, like price only five minutes and now I feel bad, because you know I like outlay and leg I'm gonna tell you where my favorite place to go is so that if you want to come now. Lay you know that you can't go to Hollywood Boulevard in that you need to go to West Hollywood ok I'll love, Wes Hollywood, it is So good for me, I love it. Hollywood. You might be like. That's what everyone says: yes, but the coffee shops, so good the amount of leg vague in places so good. The amount of smoothie place is so good,
never seen, so many vague and pizza restaurants within such a small vicinity leg Wes Hollywood, was made for me nother thing, favorite coffee shop at the moment, Alfred in West Hollywood? I fucking love was Hollywood all the good shopping, all the good first stores, there's the trading post, which is like, if you don't have the trading post, is Every Sunday, there's leg a thing: there's just like an outdoor flea market first store. Looking thing I don't usually really go, but the fact that its there in was Hollywood makes me love Wes Hollywood, even more than ever I've been I've enjoyed it. So, like those, the best verses worst places in L a for them are very basic answers, but I don't care because like I'm being honest with YA launchers, was I what is just chock full of everything. I care about good restaurants that everything the coffee get fuck an erroneous.
Everything speaking of was Hollywood. Let me too but something that happened at a hobby saw the other day while I was in was Hollywood, so all my friends and I were in. coffee shop and We all see this. pray like nineteen twenty year old kid in his dad. And my friend was like- oh my god, that kid is so cute and like ok, What're you gonna do about it. She was leg, oh my god, like Do I dislike stare at him until he gives me is number and Oslo I don't know they like what everyone do and so we're kindly observing this kid mind you, I'm number one wing men of the century. I am literally the best fucking one. Man like you will not find a better way men because I've been a wing man for years, so I'm kind of leg, I'm observing myself, because, unlike our it, how can I get in here? You don't mean
when I'm gonna help my girl out over here and So, like I stand this kid, I was like our dialogue. He's cute, like I definitely like, I wouldn't be mad. If you dated my for another year, look I'd behaviour this like ours. Absolutely wing man, this full heartedly right. So we're kind of observing this kid he's with his dad, which is kind of like applaud twists twist area. Where do we go from here leg? We? It has gone down to this cake these with his dad like dad, might get protective and weird like we don't really know. What's going on here. so. My friend is literally like, oh, my god, she's like freaking out just like he's Q leg, In his dad is so good looking leg, he, gonna grow up and have such could. Genes like this is literally perfect, like our children will be so fucking beautiful, like are a girl. We gotta make this shit happen. We gotta make this should happen so
My friend and I are still sitting waiting for our coffee staring at this kid in his dad and. they start checking out in line at this point they had another. We exist were fully aware that they exist. There is no there's been no interaction thus far, but- dad notices that were staring This is when things get alumina, go crazy. They you're crazy over things, a little crazy right now so we're fuckin staring at them. My friend like going into borderline like it's time to pounce and all of a sudden. This kid's dad starts like cuddling em And kissing him on the cheek in them, we realise oh fuck, that not his dad vat his boyfriend. her face. She was so heartbroken. She was like, oh my god, she literally was like I'm so happy for them, but I'm
subset big. Now I I can't take him it was just like a really crazy moment for us, because it was those things where, for like ten minutes, we were like holy shit, this could be her husband leg holy shit. He could be the fucking one. Ok, like we're in our favour. Coffee shop, eights, it was meant to be like he was placed there like. The universe was like ok, we're gonna. says Q guy here for her right, no he's fucking take in. He has a fucking Bay leg it was so misleading infusing. She literally was not ok for the rest of the day. We literally could not stop. Thinking about it. It was like it was almost. It was like heartbreaking, but it was also leg: ok, but we eggs, we also like love their relationship because their kind acute together, so
to this day I'm still absolutely shaken about to this day, I'm still. absolutely shaken up over just like I can't believe the Universal Play games like that with my friend and I I would so fucking ready? You go into wingman mode leg, I am so good a wing member. I know exactly when to talk. I know we want to shut up. I know exactly when they leave. I know exactly when you come back. I know exactly when to forward a joke. I know it. Have we what not to say about my friends? Why don't embarrass them? I know exactly what to say about fr in so that they know good things about my friend, I know when to lie. I know what to tell the truth. I know when to quite and no wonder to whisper it now, no one to raise my voice. I am the best wing manual ever fucking meat. I was so ready to just fucking git. For the new exchange numbers. It was gonna, be all me baby. I was going to go in their head. First now is going to be like.
Women are the damn century and all of it was for nothing. I was mentally preparing for fucking nothing. You know what, though it's ok, because Now I all this pent up wing man, energy that I didn't get to use on that man And now you have all this energy right to use it on some one else. Ok, next my friend. Brings a boy around I'm going next aims. Mouth is You're not married. after we all hang out, then I and I did something wrong- absolutely did something wrong. I've. never met someone that said Emma you're, a bad wing man, a dozen fuckin exist want to know why cause I've been single for, like all of my life, like You take my life its leg. I've been single for leg. Ninety Ninety seven percent of it no leg. Ninety eight percent of its leg
I have no experience with being in relationships really. I have barely any experience with being and relationships, but when To everyone else's relationships, bitch, I'm queen. I know all about it, the amount of relationship advice. I've given to people is insane like it's insane. In my number one. Relationship advice, just in case you're wondering doesn't give ya need it. Whoever listening is. Oh, this is actually such good relationship advice hold up, There is going to come up with one as a job economic weight. This actually hell good, embrace silly was now If, in the moment that you're with said person, you wouldn't marry them. Then you're wasting your time because, listen to me, you may not marry the person that your wife if, in the moment, you're dating somebody in your leg,
like really think I would ever marry this personally. There does like not that great, then you're wasting your fucking time, because relationships are a waste of time, but like it's worth it If the person is dope as fuck so if you're sitting there dating Jonathan or Sandy here something and your, yeah like war dating, unlike things, are good things are gummed of all, but, like I wouldn't really Miriam and you're fucking wasting your time. go, be single and find yourself. but also. Relationships, can we really it says, really confusing? Just like venting do I dislike need there be myself, I don't know is it before, though, that doesn't You have to marry them. You just have to think that, they're up to your marriage standards, while you're with them doesn't make sense. It doesn't matter just fine find somebody who gets you. If you,
couldn't shit in front of them than you shouldn't be dating them. That's the t see that's it they give to all my friends when they're, like I don't know him or her. Unlike would you should in front of them? They're, like now like break up or Like would you burn in their face? They say these economic break up, Would you share your burrito with them no stay with them? Why? Because, if you put your put down in a relationship and you'll be, will boss around so good relationship. If you don't, let them have a bye to your burrito. That's a good relationship, because that means you know how to put your foot down in a relationship. but if you wouldn't in front of them it's over like what do you do? I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Who am I to judge if all this, That I'm trying to do now career rises and work out relationship, therapist.
Everybody just comes in, and unlike would you in front of them, they say now MIKE, got you don't need my work. He told you what I needed you or of their like then the whole Brito scenario, you know run thereby em. see what they say and then you know from there's only one start. This egg bookings for my relationship, therapies starting next week, call my phone number. You can figure that out at some point or somehow and I was very well. I didn't help you guys with your shit relationships. Maybe sunshiny, though aging, your Brito, that's none of my business anyway. I think that's it I had fun. I hope you guys, I always either than do these biogas and oh, I am a broken record, but that, fucking it. So I'm Emma Chamberlain that was stupid genius. The parties worms urban and am also genius, as we know, dump
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