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Why Do Penguins Have Wings?


Emma tries to figure out why penguins have wings when they don’t fly. Then she gets into being mocked by people on Tik Tok at the grocery store, and her celebrity crushes.

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Ramble observers at the sound of Cinema Uncaring CUP. Take up hope you guys are annoyed with me. Hi welcome back to super genius. I'm Emma Chamberlain's is stupid. Genius bar guess, where I'm done that's enough of an injury of me today, I hope you guys are having a great day great Thursday, Thursday and said you know how they feel like Friday. Well, I say Thursday, so anyways hope you guys are having a great Thursday today, we're talking about penguins themselves because I think been Windsor so cute when we're done. You know why they have wings, because if you think about it, why do they have wings because they don't fly so what the fuck is the point in mind
I mean I've. Seen them like kind of jump in shipbuilding, the wings never work like they don't work. So I, like a few, is I mean I'm our really excited about eight like I'm like. I don't even want to talk about me Ray now, which I normally do. It's rare, then we talk about me, but what I have said. I have really good gases for this like want to get into it. Sorry, I'm a guy. Let's get sciences, so quick today I say I want to talk about penguins first, because I used these really my fate exactly at the zoo- and I mean now- I know their legs users pussy fucked up or are they? I don't know, are issues like a good thing or bad. It's like debated okay so like they do stuff to help out animals at zoos, but also like your keeping them in a confines. May I was gonna sucks so right it just upon it's kind of a loose loser.
tonight show bad thing. I used to go to the zoo. Sorry guys I didn't know any better. I was fucking seven so whatever, but I used to love both saying the payment, so they can slide on their belly and it reminded me like when they would cite undervalued. Remind me like when I go down slip inside the summer camp on my stomach. So it doesn't like this. I deeper connection. then, because of that I just I understood that sensation of like fighting on your rallying napping, like so funds our eyes following me and penguins at a lot alike. At that time, and also really hungry you when we need, I just one grossly shopping in some. Take talkers filled me when I was grocer shopping and made it take talkin and posted it. So I'm never going grows job again. We'll talk about that band, so anyways I can't go out to eat. I mean drainage gross urban. During, like I will grow fish are being fucking, obviously back
and so I Campos may re now, because I have good groceries. Emma you have robot is taken. As you know, I mean anyway sorry about penguins. First, they Add the word of the data of Universal consistently opera got to update their town. Oh my eye, that's left over from the eyebrows, like we wisely word of the day universal, I knew you were going to say that to know about my that only those activities that I know the word is water. Oh yeah. I want the larger the penguin land. Did you know that and then they want I'd like its actual the name. It is why we are in a large group of penguins in water is called a raft. Oh what the pact we're we're, yeah! Ok, but the whole planet that we do here, we educate we're learning. We are learning more
that's random, but let's just get straight into the gases than I have nothing to say about that accepts that, like the english language really be weird sometime, like while ago they may like a whole group, scholar, ward, all that's the kind of many guys like me and my two friends that I have like that's it I'll have to. We have a group chat name and I can't say it because it's like privately voted not legally a secret, like you think that I'm gonna like expose myself like diamond, it's kind of embarrassing. Do I got group James, embarrassing. My friend Olympian Amanda, and we it's actually really long. Do it's like super along and we like added to it a few times It's not even bad, it's just embarrassing. So I'm not going to say I readily Groucho names throughout bass anyway. My way with this is is leg with all the penguins, at a group shadow Billig. Why? oh gang liquor of Jack, the garage I name or leg YO, like my waddle, like maybe the groups I name like squad like squabble sob, I regret saying, do I kind of proud of it?
I think this is so bad. My high school groups, I name what Eyes was males. I'm not gonna go into it, but that was and we were, we call ourselves melts. You can't say why. Well I can because one I'm we all like did it. We did like a thing where we can so easily in high school we had a leg, do get service hours leg for community service. We had ever like a hundred by the end of the year, something around of senior year, so we had for years dealing a hundred hours is her, is ours and so we all did one where we worked at a day care for like something whenever four legged charges in the November and- and so we all like to carry these be together, we are alike, were kind of mills.
it will not dimension. We were all previous in freshman year kid, so I don't While we were thinking with the mills, but but yes it we're males in then like we would like writing. We mean shirts once said Melick Scientific wore them to school. I feel tat happened unless it didn't so anyways. Yes, that was the point of this. Is if the penguins at a group chat, you'd, be called, it be called the squabble you know. So I do you know where the term mill originating in order that came from now. We ever seen a movie american pie. Now I don't watch movies. All history said yeah. I just don't but knows that's why I came from yeah. I got why sale of I mean I was my leg. Protein number two you most used word in high school work comes from that that movies from I think years before you were born,
yeah. I don't watch movies anyways every new plant I mean Caroline and in the shining and in forty year old virgin. That's what I was recently and thou Knowest funny else's, you ve crow I've, seen every dimity Charlemagne Movie obvious, although my crush on kind of like I'm just gonna like let him be with Lily Roseanne, polygamous colleague, letting that go any kind of being land one. in trying to live. In the moment you don't even I'm train like women the moment, unlike focus on real human beings, rather than like something that I dont know, you're, no good for you right here. I think this way healthier air. Like I mean I mean ok, he was my celebrity crash, but now I don't have one anymore, so anybody wants to. I don't need one because that's just upset, I do understand much pain. I was in four months like having this pretty crush Timothy, shall may being my with him in being like nothing, is gonna. Come of that,
honestly, I, like God, bless his relationship because that kind of made me give up which made me focus on my own life. You guys do kind of look like I know it's weird Loki he's like, though a prettier boilers enemies me. So even though see now so I so much better than now, because if I were to meet him now, I would be like yo it up. I wouldn't care, whereas leg, a month ago I would have shot myself like shall myself but, it's like weird. I am over it. I it's weirdo, happens again to be upset why we area I've almost started off, about the topic: their retirement, vain and I've gone off. Unlike seventeen leg, why then do this episode remind me to talk about what happened to me in whole foods and then also, like all my different leg, celebrity crushes through the ages cause? I think that's like a fun one to talk about our mind. You remind me or I do it was: do it again
Let's get into three gases wide penguins have wings from number one here. They first guess. My first guess is that they used to be of use. So It's almost like an appendix I wanna use an appendix anymore so like humans down, but we use We need an appendix, but now you don't need anymore, that's gonna! I feel it is a penguins. They used to need wings, fur flying, but then as leg, They ve evolved. They don't need the wings anymore, so they're just kind of there and then only a function they're just kind of their leg to because they used to be there for swimming and now they're. Just limp and then a really do anything. Has that correct issue away? They you still serve a function, guess number! I now guess number her function, guess getting so fast, I'm getting Parnasse this point as we're. Gonna need Bides find cause. I prefer talking about me anyway, so like it's mine, and I have enough
raise Ivy League where we can make it work, Sagres, really care for science. Like I mean so learning something that get over it anyway, ok guys number two is that they used to be used for flying, but then, as they ve evolved, they needed the wings more. As paddles for like swimming. So now they swim with their with their wings and they can't fly with them, but they use we used for food, lying now, they swim with them their almost like arms and also, maybe how each other with them to get all the big intimate with bay or whatever has that thing they mean? Yes, yes, I was so easy. Maybe my brain, just express you got it really fast, I honestly just like. I thought I'd rather spend a lot on the way here. As soon as what happens. When I plan ahead, the podcast gets boring but I've how many stories I want to tell that. I'm not really mad at that was quick. Should I read the actually it's her yeah
so it's possible that a penguins inability to fly comes from their location since penguins and have always lived near water. Millions of years ago they had to rely on the ocean for their source, flew over time. They adapted to become more of an aquatic bird, exchanging their true wings for fibres, and other scientists suggests that getting off the ground took too much effort for a bird that spent so much time in the water. So over time they ve adapted to their surroundings. Undecided become experts, swimmers wire. I love it. That's easy yeah, that's that's a chill as fog answer is not super cambaluc efficient nature, nature be like that's that's. Actually that makes sense to me. I mean I've seen being when swimmin there she pretty bad ass. They like pretty bad ass it that there are some in the water. They are, unlike its inspiring pick out some shark sense. Can they really?
like seal. I think seal is the biggest predator that they have really really impressive, while penguins, I'm so proud of you, but about we talk about. May I thank this body should look. They just be renamed like conceded diaries. Am I talking about herself? Only I dislike loves speaking about me and telling stories, I'm like it's fine that's like what we, whatever this episode of stupid geniuses, sponsored by doored ass. Thank you, doored Ashley Levy, guys toward it, she's literally the perfect app for when you just had a long day a gay yo, Yo Ass, kicked by work or school or what
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so my first celebrity crush ever was the Jonas brothers, and I. like them for many reasons, and one because there from New Jersey and my dad is from it, So like there's like that cute little personal little personal connection, Blue South Cute, then I all by also like them, because their acute and I like their music and my favorite was Nick Jonas, I value is why of lights, curly, hair and genocide. Curly aerosols, like oh shit, I guess I have to stand. I guess I gotta too. So that was like always the crush before that. So I used to watch. I didn't, have cable growing upside watch. Pbs kids. Would you like the free network that comes with like every tv and there is a sure they are called fetch with rough rough meant Kay. It is basically a show where these kids were going Scamander on Saturday. We remember the premise of the show, but they were like
Each season would have a new group, a kids right that would they would do these legs challenges they would have
I don't remember how the show work anyway. There is another curly hair, little kid on there that I was fucking obsessed. Oh my god, obsessed with him, I can find a photo on Google, so I can show you guys what you look like if I can find it easy. Mrs Lucas widow Luke from fetch with rough frogmen, so random. The show was so good. I my dream was to go in the show and I never could go on because, like how do you do that, then the look up fetch with reverent cats. I need to find a region's kid. Anywheres obsessed. Oh my god. I was so unhappy if I m glad I fucking volume. I found him what's his name,
That's not him, but he let me I want to show you guys him like why in retrospect why this is so random. Oh yeah, how random is like so random, but I loved his hair and I just like he was just so pretty to me. I was like oh my god. This is so random like that, is so random the thing really curly hair. You know, I love that. I was like you, you look so in his ear. Oh my god yeah I get it. He kind of like is that was like my tabling forming how long ago is that o thou?
like five. I wonder if he still has all know he doesn't I've seen him since I googled it knows little, maybe I'm about to slide into the dynamic. And then I look there's no ok. So he is also a way to old he's so much older than me, but anyways. I just feeling fucking weird, but that was my first. There was, but one way first celebrity crushes. Then it wasn't Jonas, then it was gone. No, no, no, then it was the actor from diary of a wimpy kid, the main order from diary of a wimpy kid. His name was and what was his name derive? A whim became diary of. Who will be kid actor? Oh, my god, this one, you guys are gonna laughed so hard. When you see this, one is Amy Zachary, Gordon yea. I was obsessed with him of you it
Oh no What the the most colleagues who out aerial went began. What, though, he you literally with every other down euro physically. I do like mad gone, which is like Whatever I was like. Oh my god, we, those Fucking Astaire glide, thousands, physical, unlocking, like a fever dream. Now that is like that is so fucking funny to me fully shape. yes as Agri, Gordon from the terrible and begin movie, was my next and then a man so.
Yeah and then apparently Timothy Charlemagne was leg, thou happened so who's next who's. Next, o course brows was in there for a while You too yeah those were always liberty grudges not really that interesting, but I mean it kind of fun. I actually love hearing whose people celebrity crushes is very telling. Finally, you swains what their type is. what I think is so fascinating, like it so fascinating what people's typees you now leg. In specifically my friends of set specific types of aid, I saw one of my friends. What I mean I have a visa depends. What are my friends is super into tall guys, like lonely, legs tall, guys leg, whatever like loves a tall kind of like really really s guys shaggy hair, whatever MIA, unlike exposing a bedroom. Sarajevo, maidens even as it could be any. I ran. What am I
their friends legs more like sensitive type of light, creative guys that are more like art, see her and then my type is like I've said I only. I can expose myself like that. No, like straight up, it's just it's you have to do. I have to I dont want do I do I find so this sort of my type, but it as always ends up being. You know, as well as you like, a type that leg is like this is like. Whenever I see someone like this, it's like automatically like yes but leg whenever one curly hair, I love the Amazon certain like it doesn't have to be like that yeah but like if it is unlike fuck. I love leg. I just like love surfer boys in skater boy. I'm sorry, I just like love that and I always have for my whole life in its just like I don't know why? Ok, I also I like legacy.
I like when people I mean I like, like a certain like sound like a static label, that's like attractive to me, but I also feel fucked up because, like some people don't leave if they don't fit that asylum Billy or doing you, but this is like weirdly, everybody has a type k, so I like like a certain kind of skater style? You know, love beans and, like you know, pants that are like a little bit too short like unlike socks. Unlike what else Dread locks, I've never have never little guy, we haven't seen a guy with dread logs in a long time, but Leggum Garlic. I dont know what why that's my my type but like there. It is also like definitely look more like a sensitive guy. I think we are in an artistic guy than like.
Then, like the bro yeah, I think I've always been, but I think you like what your dad is like a lot of the time, a lot of people. I've heard that's like a big thing like they like people that are like their dad. My dad is very skater, surfer boy guy man it, but he also is very sensitive, he's very creative, so I feel like that's kind of what I've liked in guys ever since. So maybe that's like scientific thing I wanted, the scientific thing makes you a genius episode. Why do you wanna Davy, while that are kind of like your dad? Sometimes when a date, your dad yeah nosey? That's? Oh my god, that's like that's the one thing I was like thinking about that when I was saying it was like. Is that weird? But I don't think that's weird. I think it's just that's what makes you feel comfy, maybe cuz you like, grew up around that energy, so you want that energy and a guy. I know it's true. I think it might be the same for guys with mom or maybe vice versa. I don't know how to understand that psychology,
I already told whether once I fingers. I want this with whose time that this with I was talking at this, here. Oh I had a meeting earlier. No talking about this with so it is like are no who was it. I went with me a signal of the matter. It doesn't matter, it literally does not matter I under every day. I always wonder if I know right now whom to Mary was there a lot of you. Maybe ok, I don't know, but I always wonder like if I know now who I'm in Amerika, I know them in real life. I know we have talked about this. Ok yeah like cause. Ok, if you think about it, people into marrying people. They, like you, do not respect way. They could end up. You could reconnect with your fuckin third grade best friend and be like you know, and actually we kind of look. He ll get married,
It's true or like I don't know you just don't know, or you know the piglet people that you're talking to re now you could marry that leg. You dont know that's! What's fuckin crazy about it, like I wonder with my friends too, I mean my family, my friendlessness so think on examine, expose YO ass. I wonder like if you know what I'm looking at my friends with the people they're dating right now or you know, whatever people that they have dated like what if they end up marrying those people like you, wonder at so fucking interesting to me and for some reason that's always been interesting to me. I always love to see like like, like what can happen. They were at a pivotal age, says so interesting to watch your friends like, oh, I think, very little day forever and then they break avenue. I know who's next, it's just so interesting and then, like you, look back. it's a gets, we're when you're living, something right now that you know that you're gonna look back on and like six years and Munich, oh shit, I
no idea in that moment that that's what was being formed, you don't owe me evenly friendships like I wouldn't know like a year ago that I would be as close and, like my friend demand as I'm goes, my friend Olivia, who I was already like homes with introduce me to my the manner I annoyed you we're gonna, be literally best friends, leg from the three. We're gonna be best friends when we like men like I was like a game I like met her the first time I her. I told her like the most fucking, embarrassing vulgar stories about myself and like I was like and then like now later, I'm like well, because I feel so connected or automatically just like felt not doing that and little did. I know that you know she would then become part of all my embarrassing vulgar stories. So that's cute, but yeah, I don't know it's just weird ass. I wonder I'm excited to look back on my life right now and six years me like you were so stupid.
Anyway enough of that. I want to talk right now and having to be a whole foods and why I'm never going public again so We as we know recently I've been living, take talk and so like I watch Tik Tok alot in so, and I love it right. It's great. I've been can't stop by MIKE. I have so many people, I love watching and a jog, I'm like I like Stan Ticktockers. I guess her and take stalkers. I'm like nearly a fan of, unlike I love them. So but you know, like I love there I'll get excited about it like it's. The new wave like they really really Tito tapped into an algorithm men like I'm following they talk at Emma Chamberlain. Just got verified on their. I got Subic said aunt. I got the username I wanted so like were were worse, sat on their side follow me and then tell me what I should make takes about Pheasant Atlantic our works. I actually at, and I d ever Tik Tok that I knew
our second ass. One of the oh yeah, ok, well, I can tell you get is a surprise, but it has to do with the fact that I the sign in the bathroom that was so funny. I took a video of it, so I'm gonna throw it into it, talk later in like make it talk about it cuz I just like it got a really good idea for it. So anyways we'll see if it ends up going in the for you page, which is like the explore page on Tik Tok that helps you get. Government Tiktok, which is where I literally phenomena. We reject doctors but anyways some on so I mean who foods and grossly shopping, and my friend we just with Amanda. and we had just like worked out whenever we were like still an end and I M
than today's those a few days ago and then today, I'm like looking on MIKE, like through my tagged photos, and I see that, like some take talkers filmed me grocery shopping in added the song like like something like stinky vs, like you know, everything's, I really dont our honour and I was like. Oh my god. I don't gamble, yeah I only I can. I don't think I can grocery shop again. I think I need to I'm in a now created company just for me, but only I'm going to use called radar takeover radar so that I can hide from noise. She take tigers as that's why? Sad as like, fuck like I thought that Lake Tiktok was like my safe place, but then I'm going to do for you,
Cajun. I see me being made fun of oh, my god, but that's okay, it's fine! I'm I'm just laughing it off. I feel like this is like middle school all over again meeting fucking believe, while I'm trying just like exist, like middle school vibes Loki, I felt like when I was a go, my god. This is some there. It happened to me middle School except Tik, Tok addition moralist organisms. door dash from now on in Sweden that what this today is one of those border killing. Today's sponsor was version sterner, yet some skimming token you know, I'm just going to wrap it up. I didn't today's episode of either we just we had fun. We talked about penguins and now it's time to go me no, if you let me know, if you want to see what can teach talks want he for me, I'm gonna, be it takes Hocker soon soon I'm gonna be here for new. Your newspaper take talker. Just give me a few months till I come up with my tik Tok voicing clam underdog. So I just don't know what that would mean anyway, a love guy
thanks for listening and I'll. See you next week I bet.