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Why Do We Get Brain Freeze?


You might also know of "brain freeze" by it's other name... an "ice cream headache." It's super painful, but why does it happen? Emma is going to find out!

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Grandma, I remember Chamberlain in this is to be genius the park as we're I'm stupid and am also a genius today we're talking about. Why do we gain Irene free range? I know that saying brain freezes, like plural like that, is not grammatically correct, but one if I ever been grammatically correct for one in four too. I like it better so like whatever you know I m somebody where I only like cold drinks. I don't really like drinking hot drinks ever like our coffee. Absolutely no eyes. Coffee is always better ice, t is better than haughty, although one I'm say cod, t can kind of like those, but I do know I've. Always been a cold drink. Fiend like genuinely. I I can't even drink room temperature drinks like it makes me like really nauseous for some reason am dramatic about that, but I really really just love me: a good Crispy ice drink, but because
that, because of the that I only like It's called almost painful drinks. I experience brain freeze quite frequently it happens the most with smooth ease for some reason. I dunno what why maybe I hold it in my mouth for longer, or maybe just cuz. I want to suck it down super quick yeah, I don't know I mean brain freeze is painful, but I mean I know the hacks. Now that's a how to like not get one or no not like not get one cuz. I still get it, but I know how to like. The pain number one tongue on the roof of the mouth, my personal favorite, some on the roof of the mouth pressing so hard that the pressure. My thumb is putting on the roof. My mouth is almost more painful than the brain freeze and the next thing I know the brain for is gone. So That's what I'd do if you didn't know that now you do,
I'm down for a brain freeze every once in a while. If it means that I get a nice crispy cold drink I'd, really it's not that bad for me doesn't really get in the way my day to day life, although it didn't exist, I would not be upset, but just part of life, You know you gotta go a brain cramp every once in a while. Ok, before we start guessing as to why we gave injuries is brain freeze. Let's get the word of the day. The stupid genius word of the day is tie Germany. The Thai Germany Nerve is unearthed responsible for sensations face and motor functions such as barging and chewing. It is the largest of the crater, your nerves, nice. Ok, so I'm gonna assume that now that the fry, german all day, she sailor right. Well, it's rare I'm going to assume that has something to do with why you get a brain for his, because why would it be the word of the day if you didn't. And if you didn't know, I don't pick out the word of day because
That would be cheating I'm going to assume that something triggers the Tri GMO more nerve? and makes you get a brain freeze, not to mention tried, germinal kind of sounds like Gemini and Josephine. In case you didn't know, I am a Gemini, which is why I can have this podcast, because I just don't fucking, shut up ever so that wonder like throw that in their also every says a german eyes are like really like really bad people or something I would like to argue that I'm pretty awesome not dimension The german eyes are all very defensive about their character, because the FAO there were german eyes makes people label as as like psychotic manic. human beings when, in reality that true, but I am still awesome so that nothing at the park as episode, but someone if they do that or else this wouldn't be fine and we would never have content
if the ramble a little bit or else we have nothing okay. So, let's get into gas number one before I talk about something else. It doesn't make any sense. Thank you. Two cent. Bird for sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius, you know us great feeling when someone comes up Dean says wow. Do you smell good every time happens to me. I just feel amazing. Ok, I don't know it's in ego boost its like one best compliments itches proves that you smell good. I mean obviously, but like smelling into something I'm constantly concerned about. If I don't smell good, like I'm, worried, ok, I have legal phobia of it. I never want anyone to come up to me like you. She smiles bad and you don't probably has happened before, but thanks and bird. I don't think it's going to be happening again. Somebody luxury fragrant subscription service for perfumes in Cologne that allows you to discover new perfumes in cologne without buying the entire bottle because think about it. If your ordering a profit
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we're just seven dollars and fifty cents, sign on have a good time smell amazing, so birdy! Those are the best. Thank you. And have an amazing day. Smell, good cape. Ok, so I guess number one. This has only have anything to do with the tried germinal nerve by actually having a hard time connecting the. It's there because like it's really hard for me, sometimes like it, me to use that for one of my answers because, like I don't know, if I have that capability in my mind, but how fully as we guess I'll figure out a way to incorporate it. Sorry, it's not happening at so because our work I think, a gay. Imagine this picture yourself in this situation. You are drink in ice, cold, cocoanut water. When my recent favorite beverages, I liked one with the pulpit, keep that in mind and go tried out if you want so imagine or drinking that at an alarming rate, you're, so dehydrated, you just got out of sorts
I go and you crack open old, cocoanut water and you just start gulping, ok, you're, gulping, so fast in so fiercely, not dimension use got it out of the fridge. That thing is called and not only that, but it's next to the leg cold men in the fridge. You know how they give you put something close to The cold vent, like the the van in the fridge. It big gets a cold or cause it's like closer to the source of the cold. Ok, that's where your cocoanut water was right, you're drinking that so fast next thing you know brain freeze. Why does have been well here is what I'm thinking you head to such an alarmingly cold temperature leg cause you just gulped this cold, coconut water how fast the your head, the temperature they just starts lowering and next thing you know your head is that when, in reality, a comfortable
a comfortable temperature for human being is like a ninety eight or a Europe of fifty seven year on in you're nearly dying at this point and your brain, because his party, your head, is also at that. Temperature. Well, I the start growing in your brain and they start stabbing the meat of Europe. Rain and because of that it hurts really bad because of that you have paid and that my friends he's a freaking brain freeze, because you get so called icicles grown your brain, and then you have pain, yes or no very well! You know I gotta start out with like a stupid, warm up, or else it's just so there it's the genius park. I have that I also have to be putting euros it or else what's fun life anymore. Ok,
ever that was wrong. Let's get into gas number two together. I am really stumped. We need to start just working through this together. Okay, let think about the sensation that a brain freeze gives you cramp The first word, I think of when I think of a brain freeze, is cramp your brain to start cramping up. Ok when other times, do you get cramps, Kate, your period, sure or. May be when you so your leg too tight and the next thing you know your toes are bending backwards because you have a leg, because you test your leg too hard None of this is helping me, but I need to work through it. Somehow! Ok, maybe ok,
You know what this is. Actually, I think we're getting somewhere with this next little observation about life here, one work out and you haven't warmed up your body. Yet leg you haven't done some jumping Jack yet to warm up your muscles and you're, just in cold. Your muscles are all cold. Your muscles cramp up. maybe I love this. Maybe your bodies, automatic response to be cold is to just cramp up. It doesn't know what to do Like this is not normal, this is not normal in your body starts freaking out all the nerves, all all of it just cramping up right. Well, that's why happens to your brain, I'm reaching here. I'm sorry, but like I'm, not gonna lie to you like I'm having a rough time. You know what endured. Don't act like at home that you fucking know what is done act like at home. They that you know who you are
are doing better at guessing re now because guessing too! I bet you not learn this in school! Ok, I'm going and you are too don't judge me: ok No one knows this. I mean Ok, maybe, but I doubt- and I mean I was gonna biology so like this is not my fault but a back to work. I'm gonna guess this is a region. I hate this answer, but you know what that's a part of life because, like some if the hate, what you do so you can see that you can succeed and you can like what you do because then there has to be that contrast. There sometimes doing bad stuff. And being shitty at something for a little bit makes Pritchett, when you succeed rhyme. where is my TED talk about this? I'm serious, literally sign me up TED. I'm serious have a lot to say like I could really go on about that anyways.
we're to that shitty is that your body like automatic response, when something is really cold is too cramp up in. Comparison and king alongside when you work out in your cool muscles are called you cramp same at your brain and you drink. Something called your brain cramps up that doesn't mean fucking makes sense. I hate myself. It was I wouldn't things nagging anything there, but I think Big. Give me another! Second, ok! Let me really think about this last one: I'm really use science and I'm a stop, stupid- I may get junior right now again, thank you to honey for sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius, really is frustrating to me when I'm shopping online- and I know that out there there's a discount code that I could be using, but I just don't know where to find it, and therefore
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try germinal nerve is in the throat, a fact envisages give going- or maybe it's in the brain in the throne- it's in the mouth to mouth. Instead, they throw or mouth cause. I kind of that's gonna. What I meant so like both on the brain, but the thing size mountain triggers the breakaway Joanna Arrow. Wherever that could help me cheating still virgin is ever their number is fuckin nine or something ever cheated. Fuck. Ok, no, but I didn't because I'm so like guessing okay, so here is what I'm thinking when you something called it's in your Slash throat region really, I'm really reaching year. I wonder I knew that information and. when you doing something called hits your mouth. It hits your throat and
at sensation in your mouth and throat triggers the tri gene, tried germinal nerve in the brain and fat Makes your brain seize up the nerve freaks out? Ok starts like doom, weird stuff enemies, your brain feel. the sensation of a brain. is because that nerve was triggered by the cold in your mouth, Oh man, a my onto something: ok, it's my guess. Let's see if I was right. Cheated. So I better fucking be right on this one I was close. I was there I mean I was like closing up and over there will give it to me. Cuz, like I had a rough day yesterday and won't talk about that. So I need this egos. I honestly every time I come anymore accordingly like
here for an ego booze to prove to myself that I am smart. That is like what I just do every time. Ok, let's hear the answer. I pull fossil fuel a bulwark he was the answer to. Why do we get brain? Freeze, brain freeze, also known ass ice cream. Headache is a short term headache that can come from eating ice cream eyes. Pops offer recall drinks typically happens when the weather, this very hot, and you consume something cold tool fast, here's how it happens, something code, we coup the capillaries off the sinuses and then your blood vessels would narrow. Then a quick. We warming by something warm like will widen your blood vessels. These rapid changes, nuth, sensitive nerves and the palate creates a sensation of praying for ease the awesome cures for when it happens, drink warm water, push your tongue to the roof of your mouth or cover the mouth and nose with their hands and breathe rapidly to increase the flow of warm here to the pilot professor fool of work, and that was a stupid genius answer of that date. Back to you Emma
so I was wrong kind because, like This more has something to do with leg leg: this answer really went into detail about capillary ease in leg opening rose, I mean ok, you know what I am sorry. I don't even think I knew that there was capillaries in my mouth like eating, ailing forgot about that like either with my biotech in freshman year and then like values. One went out of I mean for remember: Capillary was a thing not to mention that that would affect your brain. I mean that was hard, but I think of it. Might for an Mai of context clues to mention my effort and also the amount that I care. I think that that shows that I am still awesome, despite the fact that I was a little bit off on that, but I think that we should still say that I got it right. Just for fun could guess who makes the rules of this park asked me like literally me so like at
to me if I wanna be right that they, even if it's not right, I don't care it's right, because I made it right, ok, I'm kind of readied already to the wind down Davies. I look forward to this. I love this part. This is the public has where I just talk about whatever the fuck I want, and I love that so let's do that. I have some things. I have lemon hoof. Where do I start? I want to talk about my day yesterday, because I mentioned earlier: I kind of had a day yesterday. Ok, I mean honestly like if I looked back, I really didn't do anything, but that's I did do let me just tell you- and I did so- I had a video to edit that I needed to upload by today at one: ok, whatever well, deadlines are the death of me. Ok, if somebody says you need to do this by here. I we'll. Do it. But it will be hard for me. I will break down.
No, I didn't have a mental radon yesterday, actually at all, and I didn't today either so I think I like, I think, I'm like I think I'm levelling up anyways, so leg basic, I had a video I had to finish. It was a collapse with my friends, so they wanted to have it up today, which is a Tuesday at one p. M I was like. Ok, I will do it so last night, I added no general nihilism yesterday edited from two p m to three, a m that thirteen hours straight and I did not get out of bed for that entire thirteen hours, I literally like I got up, and I headlines all over my back from my shirt and been like. I literally have like sweat all down but it was. It was like very dramatic for me and I go and I had the worst headache. I've ever had my life. I get my legs, for God had to walk
they were literally asleep reference to episode of if a genius, where I talk about why limbs fell asleep, you can check that out by looking at other episodes. I've done if you care enemies, but I The leader of my body was not ok, now I don't want to come on here and make you guys in. Planing like no I'm not I just want to vent. Ok is a difference between complaining inventing planing is when you're, just like being negative and being annoying, now. Can I don't complain there like a lot, because I do so Party who I am sorry, but I'm am now venting. I think that you know like I'm proud of myself that I edited for thirteen hours straight and I didn't even like, like I I
I did I did it go at once to make a coffee and I came back downstairs and then I didn't even drink it cuz. I just went back to editing and then I just let the ice melt in the cup and then the next thing. I know five hours later all of my ice in my coffee smells and I can't even drink it, because so for guest. I was so into it- and this reminds me of the time when. I had another ready I needed to upload I had mano so pushed it off for a I sit here and there and then like any whatever in the next touch it here and there and then like any whatever and the next. You know there's a deadline and I needed tabloid tablet. So with Mano, I added first, sixteen seventeen hours straight now, vat Was crazy talk about next level I pulled in all night, or so I added from five pm, which was when I woke up that day. ask Mono will do that to you and I, at ten a m the next day. It was insane. all I'm saying is when you lay in bed for that,
Long. it changes you leg when you get up in your dumb with the task. You are not the same person leg you have aged ten years minimum I mean I got up and the gray hair for one I had like my say, had gotten worse, I literally aged ten years and those are ten years I'm never getting back, but like no regrets, because whenever I like, because it worth it because of the product that I made. You know I'm proud of that video, I'm proud of those videos and I'm excited to share them with the world. So it's so worth it at the same time now I have gray hairs and I'm eighteen. What can you do? Ok, so now that invented about that. I mean honestly. I don't know why I did made it just because I like what, and people to know that I added for that long. Just so that, like it didn't feel, like a ways to make as like
I think, that's what it is. I think is an ego thing The aid is wanted out there just like for my own ego and I'm sorry, you can you could have you can't get through that if you want just like, let me have the platform to do that. For my ego, maybe some agar. That might be the wrong word anyway. Now saga. burps, why are they so grows and wise everybody so mean whenever I bourbon front of them? I wouldn't fucking supposed to do not Burke sailing with farting, like my friends, will get mad at me and I'm like I ate bodily functions. I cannot do anything about it. I cannot solve it and I cannot control it and you know what you do too. So why are you being mean? Why is that taboo? I am so triggered about this topic. I literally I'm gonna make a whole pug. Has episode called stupid genius episode? Why do people hate burps, theirs scientific answer. Maybe there is-
maybe there's a negative reserve but like. Why does there have to be things like that that are gross? I get? It lay gets a kind of gross or something and like me, it's because they like sometimes can smell, but they all smell for me well, but I'm really awesome. Unlike Ike I and it does not affect anyone like it's not like I'm burning in anyone's faces. I always blow my burps away, which is a happy few bird blown away legitimately can blow it away from the present Endlich. They won't even know that happened like literally fifteen seconds later. The bird might as well not happen. So why am I being leg Why are we will judging me for stuff like that or if I bourbon videos. Yes, I'm going to include it because I think it's money, because the sound of births are funny, and yes, I am a fifth greater, ok, When I hear a bird unlike omega that was funny, I'm I am sometimes in third rate, but so are you ok, because, like
Tell me like when you know you're Berber far you'd only laugh over and over again. So I Ricky, more and animation its enemy. Tv show whenever its great show one eye, faves watch tv often, but when I do it's either Ricky Mortier Jersey Shore, don't ask honestly, I have good taste, it's not my fault leg. or like a one off series that, like everyone's watching as I just feel left Alec, that's my tv experience. So like ok, for example, Rick is always burping. While he's talking- and you know what everyone thinks it's funny when Rick burps, because he's a fucking animated little scientists guy, but when I berber it's not funny cause, I'm a real human being. That is so not fair. Ok, if I was like that there's no justice for burps in this world and for me so that is annoying. not to mention whenever I part in the car, I'm somehow like the devil. Ok, my friends get so place these having so much a monopoly. Spitting laughing about this, because it happens so
How often you don't understand leg double times a day. We like my friends, all four in the car on actually in then like we all yell at each other for it. But why are we yelling about it?. like that is like so norm all imminent. They couldn't wait one time, oh my god sort I'm I'm I really needed this meant session today. Barely like I just I guess I was hoping can be forty minutes longer. Those like Wanna talk today like really bad. Maybe just I in bed for so long yesterday. Could have something to do with that. I didn't open my mouth for thirteen hours anyways so the other day leg. I was out of sight play with my friends and I felt a farce on and I was like you know it. I'm gonna be funny right now, I'm full funny prank, all my friends and I'm gonna get out of it. Our add this red light in Fort outside of the car and then get back into the car, so they don't get mad at me because I want approved them that their them bullying me for what
do in their car is not fair and it's not right or just so. I did just that. I got I literally we're out a sob light in traffic and I got Out of the car, not a busy street, while it was actually But it was like, I was safe, what I did It actually really wasn't sure like at all, but there was a, whenever I did that, and you know what the crowd went wild all my two friends left both of them all. Two of them ok at but might, but see the thing is in like, but the problem with you know I'm actually not going to say when I was just going to say it cuz, it's gross mademoiselle aren't you know I'll say because although we hesitate, maybe an exit are now you want to know.
I got narrows summons when you partly far above all you when you move okay, so, unlike the far volume back, I'm going to learn is like nothing arrive and our gaze I like to know if I can gather the guard, but hopefully flooding the moment. It is a really really generous gesture of me. I risk my life so that my friends would not have, deal with the wrath of me farting in their car, but the thing is it didn't even pay off whatever Ok, Naxos, sir. Talking about something that I am also referenced earlier and that is cocoanut want her want to talk about it. I really do you because it's been a lot. It's been something isn't like really problem in my life recently, so you know I never like coconut water. I actually stood two spies and my mom always used to get it when her and got a whole foods. Can we get dinner? I hope is all at times this was quick and easy. Unlike tasty so you do that, like after leg cheer brightest, sometimes yes the cheerleader! I will talk about that
I die, and I will never let anybody forget. I don't know why was just it was my am I picked whatever okay, so she would always get a coconut water with her meal, and I was like a fats grows and I would take some of it not hate it every time. And cocoanut water kind of just disappeared out of my life. Well, One time. For some reason. I had this imports to buy a coconut water. and this was kind of recently this was like a b. six months ago and so on? coconut water, chunks and illegal coconut squares Guph. I love it. Ok so I bought that, and I really wasn't like sure what I was doing and I really dont know I did. It was like weird like something came over me and I bought it and a drink that being- and I I
I'm not gonna lie to you. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was literally eye opening. Ok now we explain to you, why I like it so you take a sip- is refreshing. The flavor is like really mild you know the cocoanut water, not to mention like it's. Good for you to theirs electoral rights in an I'm, pretty sure that could be false honestly, but am I think my mom said that one time, unlike hide rating it. Just like it's really mellow, it's just nice, okay and has a good under flavour, a little funky, but you get used to witness something special about it and then with this. every typical gonna water I get. It has the pope and so after them. Slaver now give something to chew. On. Oh my god, it's so fun. Okay! So then you have these coconut chunks, those tests. So good I love cocoanut signed up to and on that and then I swallowed it's amazing Now I'm someone who doesn't like to hydrate my body, video, I'm somewhere, I don't drink water- I don't like to Do that I like to be dehydrated. It's one of my hobbies. so.
Cocoanut water situation has been really light changing for me because one, unlike I'm actually really dehydrated. This happens at least once a day I'm like aren't. I haven't had water and like at least six hours, and this does happen every I'm like I need to quickly hydro myself, I'm going to drink a coconut water, Oh it hits the spot in many kind of A kind of just like makes my body feel normal again so that I can drink water and it doesn't bother me like I, sometimes when you really dehydrated water, something the last thing you want a drink so that a coconut water is for me. It's the way that I keep my body healthy. So, yes, a coconut water is a real real power move with pulp only if it doesn't pay. Why are you doing that so boring? I mean it would still be good, but not as good. But one time Last time I was sick, which was like to exist. We could go mainly two weeks ago, This exact thing happened to me. I had a really bad fever in my bed: and so I just was laying in my bed it couldn't go, get water. I was by myself, so I just got.
super dehydrated for like an hour with this fever like just lying in bed, not moving some kind of I'm sorry, but I promise you gets better. Finally, my fever- I sweat it out. I'm good my throat- oh my god, MIKE I'd never been that dehydrated in my life, I actually thought that I was like not gonna be able to get out of it. I did. I am really dramatic, so that was part of it. Yet bed and I get a coconut water. I was so parched at this point said Sweat out all that Oliver liquids in my body from having the fever not dimension, hadn't had a liquid and six hours so. upstairs at of a coconut water, idle literally drink it in thirty seconds like or less the whole thing is, may I throw up in it nothing, to do with the fact that I was so in that everything to do with I drink it so fast, I literally chugged it leg. Haven't you ever seen those you two panels were people like chug things like
record speeds and it's for some reason really entertaining and then use like cancer watching them. Just me: ok, whatever, so I did that with my coconut water and certainly my body was like you. Shouldn't is bad, but coastal waters had the spot any cocoanut water companies with Paul. Send me some p r. I would literally love your I love cocoanut water, keep this in mind. Listen up! I like you. And yet soap, I do of that. It there's my god where, where they get in their kalganov social good, why are the rule not so good. there is no. Bring this damage. There is literally it so It is so good and my friends on it to its so funny them recent video I found in the bow
ground of the video you just see cans of them everywhere, because we are all just like guzzling them like before we started building because urges well, that's ever today's episode either I was going to be really tired today, unlike have no energy and just like, have nothing. I can have nothing to say because I like barely thanks access, editing for so long, but I'm not going lie to you. I felt amazing today and I still feel amazing in some areas of energy, so hope the Mai energy that I said, I pulled out of my ass, I can prince over to you of an can, try that through your day of energy, that I have re now, somehow some sense. Whatever Well, I love you guys. Thank you guys for today's podcast episode does it to re review and subscribe to stupid genius, unable podcast Spotify or wherever you gayer podcast, and make sure to check out at risk official instagram for more behind the scenes, video in content for stupid genius. I also have stupid genius merch if year
interested in that their hoodies. There really cool. I actually, where mine, literally all the time which is kind of conceded but whatever and if you are interested, go to shove, em, Chamberlain, dot, com and you can be twinning with me. Ok, bye,.