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Why Do Women's Periods Sync?


It's a mystery that's about to be solved... why do women in close proximity have their periods sync up? Emma will find out why it happens, and she'll also give you an in-depth look into her trip to Maui.

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Ramble. Thank you, too. Horoscope today, for advancing this episode of sea would genius I've recently beginning into my horoscope in reading it. we single day, I'm kind of sure how to feel about my new obsession but like here we are Risk of today is a daily pog, as it gives you. A personal work has for your everyday life every single day So, each morning you can rise to a new daily outlook, tailored specifically to your design. You can listen to a while you're on your daily commute, while you're just dealing with your daily grind or when you're having a little daily mail downcast, whom we all those that's Similarly, when I tend to read my horse hope is one I'm kind of feeling a little bit weak What I did to read my oars go to sea what my struggle means if that makes sense- and it helps me cope with my problems horoscope today's here to guide you civilians listen doors Gub today, everyday freons, part of I I don't recommend.
if you're a little bit sketch out on or his gloves, eyelids Asia so check it out, because they think it's so really interesting to analyze and to listen. Do. Thank you all. today- Hi guys it's Amman chamberlain- and this is stupid- genius welcome back to me, beings to bid and me being gene is because our having a good day- I am, I think so, yeah I'm sorry. I was so excited. This is like a long overdue topic that we're done much. They were talking about. Why do women I sing sing sing sing in this is usually important for me to discuss, considering I'm fan of talking about my bodily functions. I also tend to have a rough time with periods, and I to vent about them to you guys, so we ve talked about periods quite a bit on this. On this cast so. I felt like this was very fitting in the lab episode. I told the story: if you didn't hear it about,
how I do to my tampon applicator in the Louis Baton, store it would Used it was in the plastic But that doesn't make it any better because it was coming out of the classic. I don't wanna talk about. It was a lot, so I have experienced saint periods all friends are pretty much Saincte. I mean I literally have two friends in my life too, The libyan Amanda, my beard, is ok and I'm with them other factors, I lacked so leg it sense that we're like pretty much always saint. I mean recently depending on like, if you know one of us taking a man occasion or of any one of us is like you know, do a leg of theirs changes in our lives. That would affect our periods can sometimes make us on sink, which happened recently kind of because I now dick agony medicine that literally mainline period now make sense at all like it literally do. When I don't even know it's not normal, like I don't. I just like it'll ran
I'll get my period like one day like. and then like it'll, go away for, like three weeks and then I'll get like it doesn't make sense, really know nods going on because they, like Fox, have your hormones, but it's from agony and guess what who's breaking out worse than ever me so like what the fuck anyway. So but I am pretty much seemed with my friends at this. We were all like a few days off. So I really want to know how that works like it, I thought it was. I always thought it was a myth. Is it a myth? Ok, its controversial I believe in it cause. I've seen it happen, I mean it happened. I think it happened with my mom. I think we were sink. Our one point we together in like I don't really think that's really a myth, because I've been there. It's like you things like with you about a paranormal experience. You best believe your believe in that shit. You know, I think, about period sinking, cause I've
fuckin lived it and guess what women's women, women's. Multiple women's, when multiple women's are on their periods together. It is so bad, it is bad, it is dangerous. My god are you playing with fire. I mean two women on our period is We have learned to leg, what's to things like explode like really pleasantly leg gunpowder and why I don't even know about. I don't know how that works. I don't know how that explodes. Leg, fire and ass, a lean vat
is to women on their periods. Again your point, you're, arguing your crying. You hate. every wine but you kind of aid each other, because your balls on your period and both have attitude so than that combined is just fucking mess and, like. couldn't happen. I wish it in because, like it so much easier, one way It's so much easier, one ones on their period. The others isn't so that you can like lived each other about your times of need. I gave my leg when you're Bob under buried no living anybody up, you're, just fucking, ripping each other. Apart with your clause, that is it so before we get into our gases as to how periods or why or if even they do, let's get the word in the day
the stupid genius word of the day is menstruation. Ministration is another term for a woman's period. It's a combination of latin and greek words, meaning moon and month on a well. You know ass, a man I do not have a period, but I wish I had something else like perhaps I dont know I semi colon: do you get it language, joke? Aha guilds arrest me for that thing, I'm hungry I buy em up That word ok, so menstruation, I think the word menstruation is hilarious. Analogy is one of my trying to make something uncomfortable I'll, like I'm sorry I menstruating re now and I I can't I can't come cause. I'm menstruating is even a word. B, I mean Ivy League or, like you know me like well, Maybe it's I'm I'm gone
through my menstruation you make it sound, really like professional and serious, I think it's funny for me no one laughs. It's not a funny job for anyone else. Again. Just funny for me for my own amusement, I don't fact. Anybody else to laugh or get it exogenous males again it like my menstruation, my use of the word menstruation is like its added its its own level of humour that I don't expect everybody to be tapping into quiet. So what ever, but I'm already, like my brains, are dilemma. Gears already moving like I'm starting to think about this, and I like him, really really. We just wanted to get into it. So let's do it guess number one why the women's period sink. thank you. Doored ass response rings, absolutist, stupid genius, I'm so excited. I am a huge door. Fan, ok food, Liveries service from an app is based the best thing? Dare I say it since
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something to do with the moon, or this is a really really I'm reaching. but the word menstruation has the word moon in it. So maybe. The moon is something to do with your period like waves and like currents. Ok, so things If you in your friend are with you in this other women are, with each other alot organ hello, what the fuck does avenue hello leg suffering with glass. Things are getting loud over here anyway, if you in your whatever woman you're love. Your thinking with if you guys, are together a law that means that you the moon was
its placed in comparison to you on earth, is this same a lot, and you know how when the moon where, depending on where the moon is, that affects the currents and something that because of its Paul right So maybe the moon, if you're close to the moon with your buddy, you guys both Getting your blood sub, daddy you at the same time by gravity by the moons Paul its pulling the blood out its pulling the egg out in its at the same force, because your ie the distant you and your friend to the moon, because your next to each other that make any fucking sense at all. You see what I mean to me. I knew that I was wrong is like I dont think that the moon! Actually I mean I I was thinking. Maybe the moon could have something to do with periods, but that gas would have a law complications because
everybody in the same town would really have the same menstrual cycle in that case, and that's not the case at all so and even people that your friends was sometimes one of his ambitions as union learning, so the gas that would made me sound smart, but it was incorrect. So that's what, whenever long as a sound kind intellectual, then I'm doing then that's all I need is. I swear to you. Don't I mean I just want to sound good seconds seated any is moving on December to promulgate, guess number two. I might straight of area. the female the hormone is called Pheromones right. so what, if you're around somebody a lot, is estrogen what's pheromones smell, he has Ok, ok, so
so egg, so they're, not pheromone, sorry estrogen! I think that there is- maybe maybe women give off certain made is but Pheromones more sexual huh yeah. So and maybe there your as charging is leg up, it's up during your period is a true it dips. This is so interesting. stemmed ok, got it so maybe leg, it's also like contagious leg, maybe women being around each other when one is on their period in the other, isn't it might make the, a who isn't having her period because, she's getting exposure to these. What is it we would even is estrogen estrogen hormone ogier, because
exposed to hormone, it might make them start their period sooner than they normally would right, because they exposed to Level of like ass, your dinner that, like hormone whatever because they around it so then they might their period leg. Maybe a week sooner and then the next month when Thou woman is honour period again and you're, so really close with this other woman, then Get your period of closer to this woman and then month. Here closer next. You know your motherfuckers sink in and fightin in shit. How? that guess, but it's a good guys you're! My guess is so smart, but they are stupid old, still thing it. Ok, now that was like my genuine gets going into this, I wanted to start out with one that I didn't really think was accurate. Gazelles, like I still want to put it out there, but I dont know if it's right now, when I thought was completely right. So now I'm just upset
this is dump me all, because. Like my big question mark- is around how how does one body know that another body is going through a period like how would you know that how the body know that, in order to want to sink, maybe it's something that has to do with. like evolution more, you know in the way that we were evolved. Having to do with mates and recreation in general procreation not required given that our group moment, when you re, create procreation, so my thought
that a woman, a woman's body concerns one. Another woman is on their period, it's kind of a competitive thing in a way because, you're on your period, whom our periods link fact Oh my Maybe you saying if you're. trying to find a may be so you let off more pheromones, when you're on your period when you're. Obviously, So that's why you need only gone tender when you're, all relating because you have another energy- would have believing pheromones that periods alot lot a game. I'm somebody there between number one, It's like a competition between women about like whose, having their period in
ordered a somehow acquire a may, whether that ceiling fairer or something like that so like that the human bodies are subconsciously competitive in that way, and so they want to have their period at the same time. It is he who wins while out there peak of pheromones either that or. Girls is like love going through together like grossly to go to the bathroom together and they, like the other periods together, is squad squatters They believe at the same time gave hours I was glows. What's that,
answer, yeah, ok, here's your answer to what a women's periods sink up when women live together in close proximity to each other. Very often the periods tend to think up what so, these such a somewhat controversial but its belief to happen because of something called socially mediated synchrony. Its purpose is said: glimpse of females become sex Willie, the cept, if all together meetings, they vote, be singled out and therefore targeted by men. Basically, its protective feature put in place by Mama nature to make sure women don't get treated as objects by the opposite sex just because there is only one answer period. That's right! No, shaming! Here we are all in this together. I wish my period would sink up with my lady friends periods. Also, I wish I had a period I'm professor foolish balk at that was a stupid genius answer up to date. Oh my,
God we what vat so basically, what you're saying is a viewing your best ye are fighting over you, on a thin at the club, I don't know anything about club, sign or really know much about bad bud leg let's say you and Bessie are fighting over Jonathan of the club year. Your period, you're friend, is not what mother, nature is trying to say. Is that This man's is going to choose the girl, that's not honour period, so that he can avoid about avoid a bloody. Such ok got it. Ok, yeah That's so interesting that is so fucking weird like that. Almost that seems like conscious think we're What's weird to me like that
not leg. ok but that's kind of sad. That's almost sad that leg. It has to be a fight over. that a woman is an object in that way where it's like, if they're on their it's, like you know, basically looking at you Your friend as the same, the only difference between you do is that one their period, I dont think, as I like to give the benefit of the doubt. Those two guys and believe that they don't think of women like that, I do right to give vent to. I don't like to pin man as evil as often like a with when it comes to that, although they give, I mean anybody can be fucked up and a little bit in the head. Depending on who they are. I do like to assume and hope that most guys aren't like that. although I have who hasn't been proved wrong, high school was a time you know, I mean yeah, I mean yeah. That like sadly makes sense, but I also think that like, if you your period, you can just hold hands for the weak shut up
fuck hold hands for the weak or what are you should go on vacation, make it work, but leg things are heading. It depends on the guy too, like right. Some guys are like I don't care about blood, probably bringuier. Maybe I'm not gonna given that are now, but then Ivy League somewhere around the emperor gonna given that they are now then I will examine thereby girls have I I don't know, I don't have leg, that's grows, it might be. Maybe the sum. nice, all the boys losing this coming down below rate period, blood on gross scale, out of ten In theory, but his grows personally just like like even It's like someone else outlay. I just don't care legged, like super fuckin being a human being
part of being a woman. I also village. I appreciate my period so much because I thought I was never gonna get. It goes I gotta when on sixteen, and so everybody else had their beard before me and I didn't, and I was like- fell really like an outsider. and then when I got it, I really appreciated the fact that I was going to be able to procreate regret, later in life, so I was really grateful when I got my periods of rising. We because it meant, aren't going to be a little children, and I thought I was infertile, so that was like really scary for me. We I got it in its like an all time. Rage recently, like has been really raging on me recently, so like apparently be careful what you wish where Ladys, because I was like Why there is a lot you left. I want to re now, while I shouldn't have been like that, because I could definitely on a few more years without it and been very pleased, but doesn't periods for the day everybody's play Georgia, vomiting at this point, although I think that the the group quota will grow stigma around periods, Guys and gauss get over it grow.
grow up its blood, although I do get something like a phobia of blood imagine being a woman and dating a guy with a phobia blood that would be tough. Specially yeah thou, be in interesting, Even a girl who, as is well known, is girls. They have their periods so there is to it. where's, guys humbly. Yet I see so. No. That would be really interesting. If I they had a phobia like what would you do like I would you just need really have to go on vacation for the weak anyway? That's it for that. Last episode, I said I was going to talk about during the wind out of this episode. My I hygiene rumours so ok, I guess bad and was a long time ago and stabbed tat, I made a joke complete Joe. because I was in the car, they mom we're driving somewhere and I was bored so like set up my snapchat camera. I was joking,
with my mom in the car by how's, like she forces me to shower, but I would like up to me, I don't have to sheriff. I don't want you mom like just acting like it. You know, Ratty, like twelve year, all the gods literally, is what I was doing as joking around wool we thought it was in a joke. And they are like. Oh, my God, Emma doesn't shower for three days. That's disgusting and I was like guys like I say that it was a joke. I never said it was a joke, as I just assumed that my tone was like obvious Apparently I was wrong and everybody thought Whatever his when I was like younger when I was tat, I was kind of a tomboy in a little a little bit and am I I hated sharing When I was younger her now I love showering. I look forward to it. Clean hair. Egg smelling good, like it feels good to me like I enjoy that. As as I should so. I was kidding by was kind of joking around my mom. By, like I didn't you know, I was like kind of reminding her of what it was like when I was like ten
If your ten years, all newly showering you're not live, you have oily hair once a week when your ten you just should I dye merriment here- is divorce silicon, my dad's as there was no way he did not give phagocytes showered. Also Preview, essen- I didn't smell bad, you know I mean I was literally like. And I wasn't was going along with sharing, but I definitely go more time than I should have, because those fucking ten years old, I didn't know any better and my dad doesn't my dad's ass. Might I was like ADA Shower care, you don't mean as if it was fun at the time, so I was kind of a job in another member state are ready, took his seriously and now the whole internet apparent, things that I have bad hygiene. which is you know what I don't hate being hated for that, because its false so like.
also. That's not a valid reason did not like someone, so I kind of just like let it exist because, unlike you know it, This is an army me, it's true. Kind of funny at times in one like you know, I have a sponsorship with a company that has to do with hygiene. Get to make a funny joke about. It, feel like it seems like a good deal to me, I'm not going to and I'll let it happen. I do get defensive, though sometimes week, every time I get in the shower I started for. Secondly, I could snapchat this just so everyone knows, but I don't care enough. Maybe I'm just trying to make myself seem like I don't care enough I also a question of asking myself also of the shower ad in the reflection of taking a photo. Of the shower ad in the reflection of meat, be mean egg, it so I do a verbal,
his axe remember one time like when the whole a shower things started becoming like me and everybody was rose in me about on Twitter. I wanted to snap Jura more. This is bad. I like took off As bad again this hour, but as I am sorry Don't picture, I just think about it difficult year game and come to the vote, of my age in yeah, it was seated and then I didn't I side before I mean I've easily saw it before I would, but the thought the thought. of me, because it only had like Ebay, The fact that I knew I was completely aware that you could like see the reflection of me in the Fuckin shower ed but the mere thought that I e been considered. posing a photo thing with were maybe if I was a little bits maisie that day that I propose it. I was mortified I was literally more like relic five minutes. You know like you get like soap,
like it was like it was you get so close to something that would have been so embarrassing that you almost feel more embarrassed, that it almost happened that I felt about that. That's all I felt about me a tap on applicator falling out of my bag today, at the store, very last episode, like not a lot of people noticed, and I was really sly about it. So I feel like it was. I handled it with grace. Palacio. I would ve been talking to somebody and it would have had like this out of it makes me. unbelievably upset so yeah. That's that That's my shower life. Oh now I want to talk about Speaking of showering in in the lack thereof and not showering. talk about my trip to why, where I I literally
like one amount of beach vacation, I recently went to. Hawaii was great me. My two veterans when and I M, and it was amazing, I swim in the ocean. I swim in the pool I use the outdoor shower, but the funny thing was that I feel like this is the one thing that I almost felt guilty about on the strip cuz I was like. Maybe the rumors about me are true. Maybe my hygiene is terrible. I would go in the ocean and then I would rinse often outdoor showers. I get all the salt of me, but then I wouldn't shower for the rest the day and then they go in ocean again and then so like I was getting in the ocean and then getting out and then getting an ocean in getting out six times a day and I was in like tat. A full body shower and between each time I was just showing off now doors our barely getting this all out of my ass, all and like it was still in parallel the whole day and like did make me feel a little bit gross, but then it's like, what's the point of me showering and between my beach sessions because
frankly, I'm going to be getting fucking. multi again. So what's the point, you know what I mean so I did feel guilty about that, but I mean I would shower than the day so like what's the issue, but I felt guilty because you made me feel bad about not showering after everything I do you. It back I want to talk about it because you just so great, oh, I was amazing. I just want to talk about it because you just so great Let me tell some of the highlights, so number one. best sushi I've ever seen in my life at this hotel. We say the Anders or end as in now. If you want to check it out, stay there cause it's a great otello, absolutely recommend the food was the highlight. I was fully bloated in food baby, the entire trip cause I just couldn't stop fucking eating the food was to get this, so she for dinner that we'd have every night was fucking. Unbelievable, are to get a cucumber avocado role. You would,
oh there's, no way that that's good. Next live next friends, I we all even my friend who is not every night, my friends, I we all even my friend who is not vegetarian was these cucumber avocado rules, because they were so fucking good. We got court on the like this. It was like this japanese corn on the cup unbelievable. The fried rice so unique, the fuckin me so soup, so unique the fucking the corner was killer. I don't even know it was a kind of it was like they did little twist, unlike Mexicans, tree corn and Can I did it in their own japanese, twist, fucking insane good, so that was only I can take that my mouth is like watery. I need a like eat after this fuckin session nodding because I'm hungry, but because I literally like going to talk about food for thanks, I'm innocent anxiously, It was so good, like food,
crazy to me is how, like. Good food can be so impact for leg. Its easy that something that you literally just in the consumer for fuel can like. Actually be so emotional. It can be fucking leg it can be, it can make put you in a good mood. It can like you memories, like my only memory of my trip is me and my friends getting food and coffee like once every two or three minutes, so I the foods that I like are about to make a jealous, but I won't go into detail. I give us who she that you deserve it. Breakfast parfait Unbelievable fresh fruit I'd get me all of whole nine yards off of cartels, whatever fucking, crazy, good, so fresh, so good, an amazing! Then we want, and we are not able from his cue little fucking organic shop,
it was by some rocks that we're jumping off so Q, not dimension banana bread. Moist is fuck, never have had moisture banana bread, there's something in their water there's only in their water. That makes our food more moist in Hawaii, like the stipulate the sushi rice. That texture and never. I know Experience something that beautiful the banana bread. Could literally shaved my head, I would thank it. I love that banana bread, the banana bread, we It means that organic random, like little gorgeous. I'm literally can buzzing. They knew how this banana body was so fucking moist you so good fuck, you you don't like the word moist. That is a right correct word to describe this ban right and I don't care, then in the able was great too, although there's so I'll say both in a way that I feel it at this point like I'm so unaffected by not able to see it in my gap, just like fuckin slick, every
Please also rose, but I mean this weighs was really good and they had like with Tawny on top come on batch, silk and men of anyway, we're gonna, just eight. They may or may not know the last thing they had a charge, Caesar salad which, like so they would grill the Cesar salad. It was a full romaine leaf vote like of romaine leaves There was roasted, but somehow he'll Krispijn sooner batch, the flavor no fucking complexity. It was amazing that was so good so the smooth ease that they made from. You're like sitting by the pool or whatever I Can you tell that I needed this like I needed it so bad, like I'm literally talking about the most random shed, the The thing that happened to me on the trip it was like a problem number one.
I was having my menstruation like. I was being a little bit psychotic about things that I should shouldn't like. Why was I like? There's like I just was like over thinking my entire existence like while trying to enjoy my trip so that you know it my friends were like losing them egg, tanning relaxing and unlike I've, to trying and ten items like thinking about leg. everything has ever happened to me in everything. That's going to happen to me and also how alike much I'm in paints. I was like that, like whatever it was like, I was tryin like enjoy, I'm not really gotta pushing plasma period whatever so we made work and nobody knew actually. I did. I think I feel like I kept comparatively guy I kept a poker face, so it is fine. But other thing is I posted so many times on Instagram I think Instagram wanted to remove my gown, like I wouldn't be surprised if they are like we want to remove her like she's. Just too much.
She's annoying everybody. I like twice a day which is like not normally what I like to do, but. I did and I do know it's because in a lot of people were talking they're like on twitter either. You know, I'm I'm creeping on you all and I do if it wasn't like anything but takes out us yes. You know I like to take this does, while I'm living so there's of opportunities like if I see it. If there is good lighting of it's fucking golden our bitch, I'm outside, if I'm on my way, walking to dinner and and wearing shoot out of it, and it two minutes to like take fuckin like I'm not doing it was such a photogenic look. His nose comes up. I was getting like I'm gonna. Do it. It was such a thing JANET Vocational comes up. I was Slowly rose said, but I would like you know why this is so worth it, because I'm having fun tonight weirdly I love for me, when I'm on vacation, I like being able to leg, kind of just where such that I think is cute like where, like you know, try a little bit ardor when they have it's not really that much harder. But it's like this,
we'll get to where peace is that I don't normally get to aware. Like you know, I was raining cool leg kind of retro leg sailor type of words that were kindly Bermuda languages. kind of ugly, but, like I was making us trying to make it work. I was trying to make it happen: that wouldn't wear those in LA on a day to day basis, but they made so much sense in the in the environment. So it was just fun for me to experiment with that. While I was in the midst of eating sushi sounds like I'm just like wearing fun clothes and I'm eating sushi. Then I'm going to look up. Perfect, but now I'm comin back to my life and I, it miss tagline. My kitty and he's just been like extra loving. Ever since I got back even you, MRS Mommy, its whatever but why was great, I'm trying to another story about it? They were out of re wrap this up. That is me slapping mad. If you can tell o was so basically
My friends and I loved you just go back in the ocean. You know where we like can spend hours in the ocean together, have fun. We live body serve. We like just gonna swim around. We did paddle. Boards are one point we a little a little. The saw the scariest fuckin visionary scenery, soldiers in to don't know what it was, but it was like it can, but but in fish farmers fucking terrifying, I literally to get out of the water, and I don't even get scared. Officially, I'm not scared of any fish like live I could see a shark and not be scared, but for some reason this thing Old Somers like an alien I just needed out. So Yeah like we did the damn thing, but let me tell the waves were a little rough here and there are legal rough, but they were like strong, but like unbearable her, like deadly. and I could not keep my bathing suit all my body and neither could my friends. I dont know if we were choosing the wrong bathing suits, I don't know if we were if they were struck our bathing suit, your stretching out over time because we're in the water for so long. I-
Multiple people have now seen my nipples in the state of Hawaii and, like I M, not, ok, would that not dimension my friend eleven I on the last day, were just completely getting fact by waves like we would like We would ride. We, body serve in the leg. The on, like, really shallow, and then we would like not move the ones we would like right in there. Then we would sit there and wait and wait for another way to come and just like tumblr us on purpose that we wanted to get tumbled like we would get whipped around and should we thought was so funny for some reason will any when I did that my bottoms fell off one time and there was the entire beach lined up with chairs, very close to where I was, and an entire families on my asshole. Guess I got tumbled so bad by this like a little way you know and give because their powerful, but their small but their powerful, and we were letting it happen and I'm I'm kidding. I was mortified, but
The same time, I was having fun, but the thing is: what should I have been wearing like a fucking wet soon like? Is there any way to not have you like asshole vow on the beach? Also people here and there. How do you avoid that and it because even it doesn't matter what type of bathing suit I wear or my friends, we all just are fucking like it's just it's inevitable, maybe we're just too rough. I think we are really roughly. We tend to leg swim, really like really crazy. Anyway. So anyway that was Missouri young families, it was, It was upsetting for these families. I am sorry if I ruined your vacation in mobile. You looked away quickly. If you didn't, I'm sorry like that's just discussing an able but that was why it was amazing. Gotcha mainstream, I'm also filmed of law there, which was fun my dear miss my allay routine, though I miss the work, our glasses. I miss the fails I and I miss my little kitty and Aim- is driving up and on Sunset Boulevard, every night at midnight crying about something
That's that it is going to wear the leg. Sunset boulevard is like I gillig access look I've really. That was always something that like was so cool when you're younger, illegally and sensible. Lord Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard, Enamelled or- and unlike. And I live in a way. I know my visitors like not that great anyway, that's wrap it up, I've been talking really how long an hour and a half. Well I love you guys, I hope, you're having a good day go leg go, eat sushi now my craving suggestions, Good, I need to go to the grocery store today. So, oh, my God, grocery shopping hungry is dangerous and that's what I'm about to do after I leave here so dangerous territory anyway, there are saying levy guys. You guys are amazing, stay Trudy or south. Follow your dreams and also targeted rearview subscribes to the genius, an apple pie, gas. By a reverie. Get your podcast, also good apple pie, gas in leave a review.
we five stars baby. If you want also tell me topics that you want me to do on this part. What's on apple podcast, they have a really great feature there, where you can do that and make sure to check out. I remove official Instagram for more behind the scenes, video on condom for stupid genius. I love you guys in by.