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Why Does Our Skin Wrinkle When In Water?


You know how it goes - a nice long shower, and next thing you know, your fingers are raisins. Emma tries her best to get to the bottom of this one. She also discusses her addiction to Tik Tok, her cat Declan attacking her Christmas tree, and more! 

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Ramble hello. Welcome back his steward genius, my pine cast the chamberlain. This is stupid genius in Euro, listening to stupid, jeez. Thank you Today, we're gonna be talking about why desires in wrinkle when it's in water- and you know I'm quite- am I mean I'd I'd. Love me I love me some showering. I love showering. I love me good shower whom oh, I know a lot about wrinkling fingers because all this showering. I do all the time also because I love swimming in the pool in the ocean. I civic go to every weekend with my family and- and I would just be in the pool for eight hours and I'd get out in my whole body would be one big problem and it was awesome. I love.
I loved going in the hot tub. Looking down on my fingers and sing. a little raisin stacks of fingers that they were at that time, and here I mean the recently I haven't been going in as many bodies of water, except when I shower all the shower model times a day, very rigorous showering routine. I a southern I do actually still him in M still familiar with the pruning of fingers because of my very rigorous, showering, routine anyways. But I've never known why your fingers get pretty like that. It doesn't really make sense to me cause. I I don't see why, like I've, never thought about it and I've never really cared to talk about it or think about it. So that's what we're doing today we're going to care and think about it before we get into it. Let's talk about the word of the day, which is sebum, which I actually know exactly what that means. Can I guess ok, so isn't sea like that, it's the creates acme
I think he I think it inside related. It's like this stuff that comes out of acme. I know that because I'm an acute pain so that I can not have see by many more anyway. Well, it's not good. You're Seeber, because right semen is the oily secretion of the sea basis glands that act as a link. can't for the hair and skin and provides some protection against. Mercury is also a good thing. Ok, yes, I think it's like I don't know it actually does. I am, I know it like kind of it makes your sea bottom it put it. May Sicily produce less. Even so, you don't get I have too much, and then you don't get at me anymore, so he was really excited to have dry skin for six months. I haven't started that yet very excited very excited. You guys will give you updates. It will give you an update or something I think this actually house, maybe they think. I know what happens now and I not because of the word see them now that I know that seem does more than just act.
I think I know exactly. I think I know exactly what it is never going to get on the first try. So, let's see what happens guess number one and only gas, because I imperfect and also a genius and stupid and genius so number one guess is that We are in the water for a long period of time. You or body keeps room or no, the water keeps removing the layer, the protective layer of oil or Ciba all right. The volume is removing that from the letter from the top of your skin. So then, your body keeps replaced right leg keeps putting out more oils, and then runs out. Oh, no and then because it runs out. There's then
the wrinkles, because that's where all the sea bottom in oil used to be, but now it's empty. You like fifty percent, no way ya. It's almost like a it's almost like I studied for this test, and I didn't oh, my god. It's finals, its ever finals right now. Sorry guys ahead to bring this up but anyways. I feel this is my final exam re now. Ok, some forty percent air. What right were worse? Where did I go wrong? But dont tell me, but they kindly give me an area German, What you got right, the ass, ok, so yeah! You got right that its washing away the seamen from the skin waters- Ok, maybe maybe because its washing all of the issues?
seaboard. Oils are both, as are the same. They simply okay, so because it washing away all of the sea them. That's such a fucking grows. Word it's not as grows to me, though, in emerging doktor, pimple popper and seeing the sea bottom come out of visits. I love that shit. I'm sorry! I said it. I love Dodger, pimple bopper and I love poppy, my friends it's so if you guys need yours, it's popped. I'm here I dont get dressed out. I will not judge. Unless you have a really really huge one, I won't judge you still, but I might like throw my mouth a little bit while working on it. But I'm not going to judge you, though enemies. my number is, hundred five. Eight, two three hundred m, so call me: what even is that for empire carpet.
its carbon and reduce the bag was their marketing using right of other magnetite is bugging literally regurgitate at their entire phone number yeah exactly so anyway. They obviously, They need to give their marketing I raise. But ok, my guess is: when all the world's incivism gets washed away than your fingers get dry, because Is there not any oil hide rating in then it goes a crumpled up. Ok,. Maybe it's your bodies response trying to. Let's say there is an emergency in you needed to, climb out of wherever swimming in because there was a shark so your body when you're in the water you're, not as you dont, have as much traction like when you are trying to do things. So, maybe, though, your fingers get
that text IRAN. It is in order to help you climb. I can be of use, guess that's part of them we haven't no know way way ass. I never would have guessed that yo. This is I have a science project. I am kind of stupid, but like low key, though I'm a little bit whatever I mean, that's pretty good This episode of stupid genius is brought to you by cash out the number one finance up in the app store cash as a free up. That makes it super easy to instantly send money to your friends whether a friend owes you money or you want to settle up a giant group dinner. Someone paid for cash app is the apt to use Last week I use cash out because I went to dinner with all my friends, I lost my credit card at the gas station Anna. like hey, can you ok for me and they were like? Ok,
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use when you download cash from the app today. Thank you cash out for sponsoring this episode of super genius. You guys are. Now. I'm just that took all my leg, mental strength of my mental ability, like that, like everything I had out of me so now, I just need BS yeah, so dear last answer was like fifty percent ripe and other part was like wrong. Also so many way so staying in water for a long time washes away the skins see them. As a result, the water can penetrate our our layer of your skin. His causes risky to become waterlogged researchers believe, We figures could be an autonomous nervous system reaction. Why? Because it's easier to pick up went with wrinkly fingers, wrinkles on your fingers may give you more grip kind of like treads Cartier what that guy I crazy we're. Ok, I'm serious. I did not google that before like that was literally. We literally came up with that. Like five,
this before I got here like I had no time even cheat and I never have cheated on one of these. So I'm just going to say that that was legal boozing needed. I woke up at one p m today. I feel I feel stupid feel like a loser, but now I feel like I'm gonna fuck and create the next Tesla truck. So I guess I'm feel that smart right now, so I needed that. Thank you guys for being here. Now, let's talk about things because we're done with that was fun, but it's time you just talk about me now my favorite part of the pot gas thing. I know I'm with rhythms talk about anything talk about this on your before, but I need Discuss invent to you about how bad my addiction to take talk is becoming not making take talks. I dont like making he talks, but I want to explain to you how big of an impact tik Tok has had on my life. Ok, for starters, I, when I watch taken
Looks it's genuinely an addiction at this point and I've gotten all my friends addicted to. We cannot solve watching take talks. The way there algorithm is set up, is so fucking car but it's so incredible because you have your following where you can watch like people that you follow and there presently shuffling it absolutely after you ve seen all the new content. They just start putting old videos of the people that you follow in the future. so the you're still getting like interesting something might have not even ever seen before, because it may be super old, but you're. Always something new, whereas on Instagram or whatever, we want snapshot you're too currently seeing the same thing and it's fucking boring facebook is dead, to me. So I don't even know what that is blatant on. Facebook is like look at photos me from when I was younger on my mom's Facebook page or lead to finally I ain't ever mainstream Cyrillic, that's it so teach ox algorithm. Isn't
at a ball because also then, on the four you page like the explore page, which is what everybody watches anyway, it's just like it she's like popular take talks and you can just scroll ruined fine funny ones you can go on there all day. And you will never get bored, you will not they whatever they did, did it so right in I love Tik Tok. Love with it, and I never thought I'd say this because I hated musically, I thought it was so stupid and when Tick Tock first, when it went from musically to Tik Tok, I was like good luck. Losers know what nobody like musically now nobody's going to like the bootleg version, Gross now I've been, I literally I'm going on my screen time right now to see Many hours I spend onto talk a day so bad in unhealthy, and this is also because its winter I'm a little bit having bad time of your way, whilst they spent seven hours on Youtube this week,
so guys, I'm true to my true to my career. Ok, let's see how long is spent on. I don't know how this works oh, no, it's a day spent eleven hours on I get it now, as this is an eleven hours on you too, because I was listening to a sleep meditation while I was sleeping and that's ten hours, long stay and I'm alright. So that's what that was. I was really scared. Cuz. I was like that's like not good cuz, like I probably yeah, okay, so I spent I spent four hours on Tik Tok this week. My phone associates went to ours. So these two hours on my by messages, which is weird two hours uninspiring this week,. Thirty minutes on Twitter, like I barely do anything on their ten minutes unsafe.
because there are many streaks with anybody has nobody's now. Sets me bagged Super offensive five minutes, five minivans avare in five minutes on phased because I was trying to phase tune lay. My leg you could see. I can't explain that story, I'm not facing anything bad but like you, my arm bit was I didn't shaved my arm now trying to like make it not a way. So that was the five minutes of me on phase tune. maiden and opposing the picture either, because I don't have to face dunes like every time I try to like fix anything through
just you can towels limit that so fucking. Funny, though I actually love that, like so anyway, my total screen time this month I mean this week is twenty four hours, but that's also because I did spend ten hours on Tik Tok, I'm not as an ten hours on Youtube. Listening to those meditation selling, so. Can you blame me? I do feel guilty about hey. This is Emma Chamberlain and I'm the host of stupid genius. If you ever wanted, set up your own podcast. You might think you need all kinds of equipment to set it up, but it turns out. All you need is anchor. Ankara's in all in one free tool from spot divide that lets you create your own podcast, get it heard everywhere with anger. You can record edit and be heard on all listening platforms and I'll even pair you with sponsors, tell you get paid for your show. It all work,
in your web browser right from angers, mobile, app and best of all its totally free. So your podcast with anchor today by going to anger, Fm Slash genius, that's anchored dot, stupid genius. Thank you anchor. Also I'd love to hear to hear podcast guys podcast because create any. So please tell me links if you guys do started to talk videos. Pretty short, oh yeah, there anywhere between like like two seconds and like sixty rarely sixty usually between two seconds link, fifteen seconds it's like via, no, you just cannot stop it's like vine, but like better, and I and I've found so many cool people that are my friends with through take topic. I like I, if I see a cool takes over there, all
it's so nice on there and its subjects. Ok, but I promise, when I heard a positive dog, I get fucking roasted on their there. It's a it's hard hard audience pose to. They are ruthless. The calm are our ruthless, but genuine social, Z last I had my friend and I were messaging. Each other take talks in. If you look hard enough, there is this whole dark side of Tik Tok that leg If you find it, it's scary leg people in these weird. I mean like scary, like like people that are like probably should like goaded jail like they like garlic, threatening like they're, like not like a bad way, but like there being like their dislike, terrifyingly shilling, weird people,
in like we're dungeons like I've found some scary shit and, like I dont, know leg and they get like a few legs. They go get like three legs, but if, if for summer and they get on your explorer page cause anything's possible anything Gideon get on your score page. So I give you get one of those things on your we're page and then look at their account like it's terrifying. Also, the tick tock translate. Really. I personally can't make it talks, because I have a hard time being like Creed giving a short amount of time like I don't like that, more of a good, you know, like I like longer like for me, like, I just don't thrive on the shorter, I would like to say so trying to fit something into sixty seconds for me is virtually impossible. Considering I can't stay on one topic for more than five seconds feel like for me to get from the beginning of my story to the end of the story it takes about an because I end up
went off into so many different directions. They don't take talk. I would actually privately. straight to the point, and that is not physically possible for me. So Tik Tok, sunbathing someone's I heartily watch out for too long now, then I want to make it tik, Tok, so bad, because I want to wanna join with, I feel left out. I may you two were you know. I should probably due to talk to you now fully be all over the place and have all the different things on, but I just can't I just can't do Tik Tok I wanted in all the popular girl. Take. Talkers usually are like that. Rules that are like renegade. You know there are the dancer ones and I mean yes, I know My rhythm is phrased goodness ferry,
dancing. I know, but I just don't know if I can. I just don't know if I can put that out there yet, but if I, if you guys like harass me enough to make really good dancing, Tik Tok's, I might consider it. I made some pretty good ones in that make good ones my friend legos have fun but they're, not good they're, not good quality. Take talks almost feel guilty that even pose them cause they're, so shitty and they and they and even talent people put so much work into their talks in I put a video of me like fire. Asked motioning like head banging on my leg door and Think it's funny and then I oppose it and like, and it's not funny, tik tok me, you know, and I try to do if you talking ones and then I just felt so rejected from the tick Tock community, because they don't want me, you little
like my don't want me. They want me, I'm not bring anything to table for them, and so they just roast me- and I don't blame them. Tick. Tock is a very strong community of talented beings and I have not run my place in the community yet and I'm working towards that anyways. So if you guys have any Tik Tok recommendations for me as to what I should do, I do like it. I want to hear anime tik Tok worth it for me, like how I can make it out I'll get there. I just have to think about it and find my way whatever way too many blog on their. Where I draw my keys down my garbage shoot and then, when my dumb sir, and had to find my keys in them, he's and dripping behind my dumpster, the hold them. So I just Doug through my entire dumpster and had crash all over my legs,
in my hands in my arms and it splattered. On my face cuz, I was trying to find my keys because my car keys likes four hundred dollars for a place and also because I have like keychains on there that like are cute and mean something to me, so I'm not going to like lose it, and then I looked in my trash can anyway, I have a block of that She took those kind of fun to make. Maybe else are doing logs on take talk, but his out aloud so hard in this day and age. Keep up in Canada will see world besides, TAT took two took fucking years. My lie: that's why we're mice arcadian rhythms are off cause. I just watch I like. Oh ten minutes go by and Emma can fall asleep. Forty minutes take Tok put it down and we can all sleep. It's now for em. Picks up phone take out for another hour and a half its four m f for
no it's five. A dot m now so can go to sleep. She needs to figure out what to go to sleep. Emma makes it tick. Tock, it's stupid per usual. She puts it into her dress, maybe I'll post this later. She says, then she picks up her phone again. Then she the phone down and then she goes to sleep. Then she wakes up in the morning time to watch more take talks, show does take talks all morning. It's time to maybe get some work done, does work for a little bit. Thinking about Tik Tok, the whole time finishes. Work goes on Tik Tok I do any more from my guess. We could talk about Christmas with Ivy says your crime. I mean it Mrs coming up Christmas used to be my favorite holiday, and now I just couldn't
a good and in this year I got a low many Christmas tree deadlines already ripping off I'll fuckin ornaments one is more. Modern betray might as well be like a stupid, might as well be a cat toy. At this point is this: you eat the bristles itself of the tree. Oh yeah, Healy, Gwan, quietly hop up into the tree, insert ripping off the ornaments. Then he brings them into my room. Interests are telling me me me me and he's playing with them in my room, while I'm trying to sleep this morning, I woke up to tackling my cat just easy to know he had ripped at my hearing and he was chewing on it. In my ear. I'm losing my mind, I'm losing my mind. I love him so much he's such a great cat needs so sweet and when he's like being relax its awesome But then, when he's ripping out my hearings.
and then chewing on them. In my year I yeah, I lock amount of my room, so I can sleep properly and then I let. in when it time wake up, but he's very a very bad bad behaved, he's not a good kitty right now and I heard its cause he's going, team ways, but I M so pissed. Also, I wanna get another cat, because I've heard that if you have two cats it actually makes both of the cats behave better because number one they put each other into each chose place. They also get to play with each other and so they tire each other out so that you don't have to play with them as much also thou, and I get a new kitten. So like the thing is. I'm not I'm considering it. My friend Mikey just got a new cat and acting is solve. Its leg is tiny little. I gotta see yesterday. In it was. I mean the way that kittens sleep on you as a different, like has like me,
I got now like a deadline like I love him is amazing. Well, in his is good, as is gonna get for now and, like you know, unease leaves with me early sleeps on me like its ill like last for, like maybe fifteen minutes, kittens will see when you for six hours and they will not now, and you could pick them up in there, just like other, does lay back in they don't, even though living care and its great. So excellent. Honestly, I wish that switch. That cats could stay like that. You know like I wish the cats didn't go through a team face cuz the team face is taking a toll on Mama. All right, she's, you know stuff, like my house, is just getting ripped apart. Is he so bad? Does you sleep? Well, look through the nightmares you like robbing he so once they go to sleep, he's like good, like he like war, he'll like sleep on it is actually highness
cause. He like I mean when I go to sleep like I dont like really let him I don't want him to touch me, it was like being nice. Touching me, like you know, but he's not so like he's feeling down he's a kid in like, but now he just will sleep like on my bed, but like far away from me, which is kind of nice cuz, I'm like okay, I still feel his like presents, but I'm not having to like deal with him. So that's good, but it's like at eight a dot m He's trying to my toes and leg, and then you know by nine, I am my earring is out I have actually lost about probably six earring.
stood a deadline showing them out and they mean they ve been like nice. Earrings am I declare you know. This is why we cannot fucking nice things. I never like he. Also he the one. Knowing thing is he tries to rip off my jewel recently. I have this bracelet, that's like silver, whatever and healing, and it reflects so. He can link see at any Treasury bit off, while I'm sleeping, but now I have cuts there kind of going away as a kind of figured out a stop him, but he try slick chew it off, while I'm sleeping on. So I wonder, is period where I just had all these like. My arm was just ripped up because our wake up and he's trying to rip my bracelet off and everyone is like Twitter and like a blunder like did you do and I'm like no like deadlines is trying. Also I dont like cutting his nails cause. I don't
the like heard aim, because I don't get too close whose quick elect whatever the quick you know like. Where do you come to us there now bed than they like start bleeding, and I definitely could do it, but I just get nervous cause. I just my mom has been cat. Cutting my cats nails. My whole life select one. She does There's make her car dekom snails. So as nails are so sharp and so any like it's not it's not an innocent q. Little scratch. It's like you're, getting ripped open, not to mention! Oh, my God is piecemeal, so bad. This like these makes me so man when he does is so pictures on the toilet and obviously in tackling will do this thing when I'm on the toilet, where he'll jump into my lap that's cute now right. Well, no because then he's sitting on my lab, unlike a vicious chinaware dude. Malaysia is final. can't we gonna reason care and then he'll startling lose his balance,
I'm so mad at him, villas, I'm so majesty, oh, my god. It makes me so mad holy shit. I'm getting heated so certainly loses balance on my legs and they know certain then ill fall off, but then you'll try to catch himself. and your fucking reach around in on my bear skin and already just nails enemies get any over. He will fully be propping himself up employing himself up using my leg, fat and, unlike any heard so the link I literally I like had for my legs- are just ripped because of him and Not only that, but who also do it like if he's falling off my bed, while I'm sleeping, and I don't like to sleep allotted covers on so like he'll like ripping like my back. Oh my god, they see what my stomach and an electrode of whose are falling off the bed.
Reach up, and oh my god and I swear to God. It's like it's like walking back door handle and you're like earphones, ripping out combined with hitting your funnybone, combined with leg Your toenail ripped off, like all at once. That is the feeling of one deadline, tries to use me as like a fucking. I don't even know try to use my skin to help him Paul himself up onto his said service like it. That is the exact same feeling. It is such a night. and I dont know what to do, and I need him to have a friend, I'm getting another kind I'm getting over gambling guess what now know. I d sadly goes vivid image of like me. Finally get. another capping linked in it being good for like a week and then legal we go by and then now they're both trying to
my leg at the same time like on the toilet and then they're both ripping off my other leg. Like a dog, I need a dog I can't cats are grey but like I'm actually getting like I'm getting physically upset thinking about what difference it's me through But then, when he's in a grey mode, its awesome, like I love when I get to like lay in bed in a modern, Tik Tok sugar- he's just like laying in my little arm and were just where does surviving like we're Distrait arriving, and I love when we have that moment, but its foreign few between these days cause now all he wants to do is just play its like dude not, why so now I got you so we could be home ease and we get just chill in my bad unlike relax and then he is now rubbing on my leg errors with his fucking nails, it's really shitty
give him display our differences. Ok, I'm done fuck. It happy, Halloween I'll, see guys next week, happy, hollowing I'll see guys next week. It's not merry Christmas. If it's like your Christmas or maybe it is Christmas, or maybe it's like near Christmas. Whatever happy holidays, if viewed on Celebrate Christmas, that's fine cinema, This, and also have a good holiday and if he does over Christmas, you promised are having a better time than the people who dissolve celebrate muskets Christmas is really four and everybody just gets mad about whether your gift was either too generous or not generous enough. So can wait for that we debate the world and have this year about why Timmy should about army about a better gift in my grandparents,
only got me like a fuckin link. Iraq were painted, like rock from petrol. that's always the debate we are having today the holidays. Not about gives a good luck. Happy what is.