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Why Is Yawning Contagious?


Whenever you’re around someone else, and they yawn, do you find yourself yawning too? Why do we do that? Well... you and Emma are about to find out. Can she guess the right answer?

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the best items move fast so get on, and now before you miss out on the vintage dress, your dreams. Now I'm getting anxious, ivy league into go on there right now or else on them is something good start. Building those collections too. It's a sick way to cure your taste and share with your friends download it, for I was an android now had a deep, opt outs com to get started. Thank you deeper, because a great, I am Emma Chamberlain, and this is stupid. Jeez the park I swear, I'm stupid and am also ingenious, say where's argue about why yawning is living is perverse. That sounds a little bit about yawning now, I mean I'm all Is tired? always leg, from the time they wake up to this, I may go to bed, I'm always hired in However, we know that about me because I'm so high energy- and I talk so much- and I M so annoying and its like I have a lot of energy, but in reality I am constantly sleep deprived in constantly exhausted, so yawning is a consistent is. It consists in part of my life leg
at the end of the day. I know that gonna be yawning, that's something that never never leaves I'm always yawning. So I mean the reason why yawning is contagious is like. definitely something that is interesting to me, considering how substantial yawning is in my life, not to mention something funny happens when I'm editing my videos if you didn't know browser you do worrisome, whatever, and I add my own videos so What I'm going my own videos, sometimes all yawn in the video right, like the footage that I'm editing I'm yawning in it again. It's so weird, because if I yawn in my video will your in real life and I've done hundreds of times like I'm, not kidding you, every single time, a unanimity I yon in real life, when I'm editing and it's always so funny to meet Legged straight. It makes me laugh because
There's no way like why the fuck am I yawning like ages it It's weird! It's not even like a real human being. I'm watching might pass self yon in. That makes me on what world we live in. I can't make the shit up. Ok, so, that's funny to me so, actually really curious to see why my being open. self, makes maggot current self yawned that that honestly. That's interesting to me, but before we get into my house Papa says is I don't care how many abuses of this to do. I'm still never going to know, say the plural of hypothesis. I just care to find out like I don't even want to know so. We're gonna that private uneven, funny for somebody out there before we get into my I put this, I became
let's get into the word of the day, the stupid genus word of the day is involuntary. If something is involved entailing, it means it's done without conscious control. We just go tell birds like be dancing to us as they Techno beat up I'm moving. I cannot, but Emma add me, there's a lot of things that I involuntarily deal definitely yawning when somebody else Yonder's involuntary cause, I don't wanna be yawning, I mean yawning, doesn't hurt. It's not like a painful are uncomfortable bodily function, Simon, like a belief, symbolic Bodily motion bought the expression. bodily mistake yawning seem it's a mistake, because it just doesn't make sense and look what do you even doing really think about it? Right now, like you, don't even have a choice here. Does involuntarily opening your mouth.
And you don't even know, fucking why, And it's over what the What is going on? That's weird. If you really think about it. It's like us say a word to many times and then it becomes weird at that point that's what thinking about yawning is for me right now. So the more I think about it. The more like this shit is just fucked. It's just weird theirs. A reason. I don't know it's weird, but I'm it's not only like involuntary bodily functions, slash bodily whatever leg. Just things are we doing here So why do you had like? Oh me, home an uphill struggle Get out get out, there is an episode of hang ups, but like that's something that just happens. Some is your body just like acts up and like that's yawning. Especially when its contagious it's just really says right bullets
get into the hypothesis, is and see you may amuse her sourcing gases. Let's get into gases and see why things contagious Pham came back before we get into the first gas talk a little bit about life, some life, some as a nutrition focus ab which helps you keep track of your health by logging, your meals exercise in water and take the water. Big thing is important for me, because I'm always dehydrated whatever your our goal is that will provide you with personalized feedback based on your tracking habits in order, to achieve results, the easy way laser like the nutrition, is in your pocket, one of them things are. They have as a macro nutrients tracker, which is great for me, because I'm vegetarian it's important to make sure that I'm getting all of my food groups covered. So this, your helps me stay on track, that and make sure I'm getting everything I need Show me where I'm lacking show me where I am eating
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nothing really that only potatoes. So, like Finding new unique recipes to make is really helpful. For example, they have raspberry oats with bananas kiwi. I tried that out last week and it's delicious great breakfast A wide variety of recipes make it a lot easier for me, a spice up my diet. So I'm not getting bored of the same foods every day if you want check out life, some which I really think you should go to lay some doubt comes. I assume a genius to create an account and get thirty percent off on the twelve month subscription again go to life. Some dark coms us do a genius to get a thirty percent off discount on the twelve months subscription. Thank you. I've, Zalm. Ok, now it's gettin to guess number one hears my first guess: let's keep it simple. Forget number one aright put ourselves into a scenario here. You see someone else yawning shit vibes like oh shit, vibes like their tired. You know and then
subconsciously your minds like oh shit, you know seeing that homey yawn, reminded me that I'm tired too next thing, you know your bodies like, oh my god, I do realise I'm tired and now your yawning it's like. seeing someone else yawn reminds you that your actually tired, too and then your yawning all of a sudden, and it's kind of a subconscious thing, because obviously, You carefully on purpose, not dimension, Just like as a quick little side, no here to get along topic me, I'll get my yawning I'm having to force myself right now, not to yawn, like I, it in my throat wary. Now they won't do. and I am like literally mixed. No literally, oh, my God, stop literally she's, yawning stop Where is ok now everybody in the room in the arena was like. We are
sadly, this is like insane what is going on. There Scary, look, I feel. This could be definitely some sort of like mine control down the line like the way that, yawning is contagious. pattern of some sort of mine control could be corporate it into that Tibet. but anyway, let's not get too I'm topic. We all know how to do that. Really. Well long story short this number one. Your friend yawns a path, video of yourself yawns, somebody in a movie yawns airline. You're, tired! You are in subconscious is like oh shit. It's time for media onto yes are now whatever ice. Two more gases loses out this guy's. Ok, I always know my first s going to be wrong. Chasms, warm up, spill stupid. You know, got a warmer by being stupid so that we can get genius. I see that every time kind of,
broken record. At this point I would just say the same words all the time. What do I need to read a book like I don't know, I feel like I'm just boring, but also maybe it's cuz. I hear myself talk from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and I'm just so bored of me. So maybe amnesty reading, some books. I brought my vote cab. You know maybe we'll make me little bit little like expand. My personality a little bit in any way guess number two from so guess number to kind of similar to guess number one, but a little bit different, because yawning is not only contagious. When you see someone else doing it, it's also contagious when you even like here some when talking about it, like one, your brain here, or reads. Even the word yon, you want a yawn. Ok, it's more than just seeing your friend yawn and then you being like, oh shit, like you know that reminds me I need ie on either
the word itself is a trigger for your brain. I think leg. You know, if you see someone yon in your mind, your like subconsciously, oh my god, they're yawning K or When you're reading it on a piece of paper or you hearing somebody say it the world, yon. Ok, me beats the sound that it makes. Em hey, wait that actually wouldn't make sense, because the word yawn came after the action of yawning So, as I was trying to go, the route of being like YO, ok the word. Yon sounds so fucking weird. If you really think about it like yawn, it's gonna go Some gross word and it may your body like free, My aim at your body rejects the word and your this opens really wide as a reaction, but the problem is none of that even remotely makes sense at all, because the word yon came after the action beyond so, let's just
It's that whole thing. Then, let's go back to my initial idea, which was leg. Even if you're, not tired, doesn't if you're tired it doesn't matter if you're awake does matter. If you got twelve hours, sleep tat night, the word yawn or sing, somebody yawn is straight up a trigger for you and your body. just can't help itself when they see somebody else. Do it. You're bodies like I guess I'm just gonna. Do it do you know and the next thing you know your yawning either pretty simple. I don't think it needs to be that complex leg, Ivy League just simply being a trigger for you like seeing somebody else whatever, like. I think, that's symbols the symbols that this is a trigger, and then you do a too, and you don't know why. Maybe even scientists don't know why I don't know Maybe it's just the up you wire, where it's just straight up. Just can't control it
involuntary. Yes, yes, I use the vocabulary that doesn't happen. Often, gay so forget what it is and then you know it's too complex for me to know how to use it in involuntary got you. I just use that shit proud of me whenever anyone there. my second guess right or wrong. Not to launch a little I believe that one a little bit but you know what we have one more gas final guess this right. I'm really sorry because I've really bad. Let the past few days, and I need something like hype me up. in our mind me that I'm not a fucking loser. You know it might get here. Let it be that way. Sometimes leg stay until the end of the episode, to hear about my misfortunes within the past two days and how bad my has been but before we get into that: let's get in We're! Third guess!
there's a lot riding on this okay. This is really important for my ego and my leg, while being right now in my happiness. Okay, so we're almost on to guess number three. But let me talk a little bit about daily harvest recently, even using daily harvest lot, because in the morning they don't have a lot of time to put together some sort of elaborate, healthy breakfast. And daily services gray, because everything so easy to make in pre prepared in He portioned out. So Every morning I've been having nice healthy, bread is because of daily harvest. It's pretty much the best thing ever daily, This delivers carefully source chef, crafted smoothly, savory balls overnight notes in more my favorite actually this movies I've been making those every single morning in their so good, it's so easy just thrown into the blunder adsum, adds induce had some water blended up in your done is was too easy. To ease exists. I love easy serve, so I'm not complaining so everything stays fresh in freezer until you're ready to eat it
So it's not like you got a bunch of groceries, go and bad, which is nice because everything I buy from the grocery store. Cuz bad. My personal favorite is the mint cocoa cacao. So I don't know how to say that smoothie It's really really good. There's a colony! the cow nabs I mean it's just really good and if I'm drinking Caille and I'm not aiding it so he's going well, so I'm not mad. Choosing than fifty nourishing options were any time of the day, ready to blend movies, harvest balls, soups and more single serving cub takes one step to prevent just add water or milk to his movie or how are visible in you're done daily dash harm is done, com and enter promo code. Stupid changes to get three cups free in your first box. That's problem, stupid genius for three free daily harvest comes a daily dash harm is done, com daily dash, Harvard Dot com go check it out. It's my new fave twenty nineteen I know we're like a few months in, but let us be healthy ride.
It's fun right now, the third guess from Newgate this is a little bit. I'm gonna have a hard time explaining this. But I really believe in it. So like I do my absolute best to put this into words. Let's see what we can do here, guess, number three. When you see someone yawning right. You want to match their level. Ok, I think that humans can be millions alot When someone sad it's hard for you not to be sat right when someone happy, that's you know, contagious, you kind of become happy not all the time, but you know a lot at times, like other p, those energy, unlike what their feeling and what they're doing that, something that like affects you, you know mean and that's like normal. Ok, you know so Maybe it's the same way with being tired. Your butt
she's, tired in their yawning or somebody in the movie is tired in their yawning use, of consciously want to match their level of emotion so that two like match with some, that's just human instinct to like me. With somebody's emotion? You know him and if their emotion is more extreme than yours, your match it We thus make them very impressionable. So I give somebody's in a bad mood. I'm in a bad mood, not always, but like I get effect by people's energies really easily battled. Thinking like that. I think it's just like subconsciously. We want to match each other's level and so That's why, when somebody's yawning really goes Their tired. Well, you know so cautiously want to match their level song comments or even into the fact, and maybe I'm a little tired too. I was gonna, be on a little bit, but that's it
your brain doing that night, you're frontal brain, you know they mean cause, you don't mean to do it, but your subconscious being like you know what to be tired with my friends, because I don't like being left out. he's all of all. My friends are tired. They want to take a nap. What am I gonna do be bored so I'm just gonna yawned and be tired too yes or no. No way, I knew then me leg, really working hard and being myself in trying to verbal eyes. That idea would pay off, you know, vat performance. I need to run for president next year, as I just think that that was really good. The way that is able to take my odds and put into words that some president shit I'm running for Fucking press
Emma Chamberlain twenty years it link, We like twenty four something like vote batch swear to God saw cycles in every down and. oat, milk and almond milk have to be an option at all coffee shops, sick of that bullshit, sick of going in them only having regular. I am so sick of it. What do you want me to do either? Get a black coffee or I'm fucking diarrhoea it because of your fucking bad milk options. That's your fault! Ok, I'm, sick of that. What else now, that's it! That's all I would change like. Maybe I like make tax does not exist because, like this, if you're paying dies. Isn't, as you heard it, oh God does it hurt. So bad I literally my mom easily be upset about dogs. Is now is like in the now I'd be wound. it was so awful Oh my God
I hated it, I'm really! robbed. I was like Oh, I am upset now I'm getting triggered daunting. Get me started on taxes, a gay. I'm fucking, don't even I'm way do you, I don't even want to talk about it or I and you know, all deal with it. So I can't be whiny about it, but it has a really look. So bad like, even though I'm like, even though we all go through it, like periods while men don't go but like they have other issues leg whatever not really honestly like what it a general had done him. He started but like it's like for women periods that we all go through, but that doesn't make it any fucking easier. Soap when I become president Fuckin starts argument, is that when I do become president, I will periods illegal for one and also tat users
forget all the fuck money altogether. We're just gonna start like trading stuff, and I don't like I have this piece of paper beds, blank blank white piece of paper of totally new, totally ready to use we'll trade you that for water bottle, like that. I so, but for me, sorry can completely irrelevant Donna where, where I got how I got there by it. As even said, the answer. Yet fucking insane literally kissing and read the answer yet in, unlike what is like, can you believe, my level of insanity at certain points like scared of me, genoa.
it's here, the actual answer now I purpose of Louisbourg here was the answer to. Why is John and contagious? Over the years, scientists have observed contagious, yawning chimpanzees, humans, baboons Pinocchio sports and, to a certain extent, dogs what you want copying the yarn on any conscious level. It happens because you just can't help it. If you become self conscious about a young, it stops. Scientists think it's an evolutionary trade. We learned over time- and this is the best guess as to why, like left up contagious, yawning, might head groups to bond by signalling, unsafe, conscious the legs to sleepiness. It likely has more to do with being saves and with feeling threat. I'm professor flew the Borg, and that was the stupid genius answer of the day, ok, so egg thou was leg that That goes a little crazy, The fact that like humans are so,
like impressionable, like that that we're just gonna start yawning someone else's yawning like that's crazy and because we want to leg fit in and feel comfortable. Also the fact that I guess it means that I should become President apparently based on a twenty minute, ran about it. So whatever decide what you I share would now be present. I would hate that, oh my god. Well now that we're done, and we got our answer and I got it right and I feel so good. I needed that. I needed that and let me tell you why, because for today's wind down of this episode for today, podcast wind down working Doug about my bad luck. Ok, because yesterday I straight up was just having the worst luck. Ok, let me talk to you about it. So what I mean
there's a lot of elements to this, but It's gonna give you a few of the examples so like if we think that this is all that just happen all the things that are about to say. No. There was more than one to tell you but like that, there's but I can't even we'd be here all day if I to every single little bad thing. That happened me so for one, so I pay my friend Amanda and we went and we're gonna get Brahman. Ok, now the why, for this Rahman places, always very long and we were like anticipating this, but when we got there It was so long. it was literally, it was curving around the restaurant almost but we're late, No, I, like it's. Ok, legal just do it. So I poem I pay three dollars for parking, because parking right in front of the restaurant was taken side to plunder the bag to the whole valet thing
whatever I d leg like I rarely have cash shows like okay. Well, whatever I have some like. This is final. Does do this. we go me start waiting in line. We wait there like twenty minutes. And the line is just not moving and we are starving at this point, so we like you, know what. Let's just leave we'll go somewhere else, so we're walking out and we're leaving as we're walking away a parking spot, directly in front of the restaurant opens up now, like you know, she's really upsetting because two came twenty minutes later. No, not even maybe fifteen minutes later I could have had that spot, but you know, like that's a little minor inconvenience, but it can't get much worse than that. It's not a big deal, so I back into the valet area, where I part, and they had, those two valet like fifteen minutes after I left meaning that if
I would have showed up fifteen minutes later. I would have had to pay for parking because the guy left, because they closed that, like they stop making you pay for parking after a certain time, so I really just paid for parking for nothing literally be last car to park in that lot. Okay- and I was like that's annoying because whatever you know it's fine, let's just go somewhere else. So we end up driving to our favorite typhoid place. It's so good, you know I mean it makes my friend and I both like have like questionable. But when I went to Georgia's high place and we park whatever maritime food were really excited and we park whatever and would go in order. Tat food were really excited and we I'll get the same order. We both get yellow Currie, which is a random, but it's so good from their or so we thought they bring it Emily Ball take a bite of it. More
they straight up changed their recipe. The whole fucking recipe, I'm like I just want good food, okay and ready cooked for myself once that day I'm not trying to make myself and other music. I wanted to go out and treat myself K. So I'm eating this it tasted so bad and also why? How do you fucked it up? It's been good area that good I've, probably gotten typhoid, restaurants, curry thirty, was no, maybe more I'm not gonna lie at least forty or fifty times I use it. all the time because, like like pretty the like light, you know- unlike it's not like you know, but, still makes you like about moving. are questionable after a belated, still tastes good like now begin to deal so I've done it so many times. In the one time that, like we just had a whole ordeal, the roman place we just wanted to like relax entreat ourselves.
They change the fucking recipe. I couldn't believe it, but it gets worse. so after whom done eating this is so fucking, embarrassing animal to tell you anyway, devoting its money I'm sitting there. You know both my friend a man at me in a manner very open. I like and nothing embarrasses me when I'm with her literally, nothing, there's I think they're good. and they would make me embarrassing front of Amanda. My friend Olivier even like we're both is all such open, bugs nothing but, and this in embarrass me in front of her. But we obviously in public in a restaurant. So what happens next was so very him, so I It was just sitting there, I'm like sitting and unlike volume, so embarrassed
oh yes, I am sitting there from Daganu Amanda. My comfortable colleagues is relaxing whatever and. I like straight strategies. Like far do we welcome loud? and I'm not kidding with you and the rest so intimate review. Wasn't the music really of that loud. Another thing, John Mendez, but like they work it loud mouth forever, to be drowned out again. I just thought an amended was like did you do? That number is unlike no that's the fucking problem gay fighting on purpose out loud is like funny like I do that I was I'm all the number to anybody, anything on purpose. None. Anybody came up anybody, but like be one clothes website, Gay by Farley rugged like as our it's me I can't hold back.
Making a meeting, I'm not gonna, be volume farting loud I gave em when reporting my biogas and I realize you're like only mean but like with my friends, it gets funny. Ok, but even when you're with your friends, if you in it. Wasn't on purpose any kind comes out of nowhere and it, like you didn't mean to talk about. Apps it's so degrading and it's so the feeding leg you're, just like you and your is shocked by your own fart, Actually, in public looking, Your friends is one thing, but especially well egg, who had I came here and did hear it. The most defeating feeling I literally, was like, music in a straight up, give this restaurant my credit card and walk out. I don't even king want to wait for the Czech anymore, like I getting away, and so after my far
That was a lot, but you know I was like a kind of I was kind of in a bad mood before the fire. Happened and dr already made me realize is, like you know what nothing can be worse than that only have held a mere, so After that made me laugh and then only I M Megan will now become literally in a good mood. Now, like loosened me up a little bit, and then I went home and then I went to bed and then I woke up the next ales freshening day and then it'll dislike come out of nowhere and just completely free me out- me again for another few months and then it'll free come out of nowhere and just completely freak me out so. That's me that's! Why? that's the end of our like rambles session today ramble only our mayo. Thank you Rambo.
No, but that's land and my like fucking non stop talking for the day. I'm gonna leave you guys alone and I'm not let you guys go. Do your thing so Hope you enjoy today's episode. Toby had fun. I did for sure and I love you all and late, why didn't say where that well at all I Emma Chamberlain that was stupid genius if I guess, where stupid and I'm also a gene don't forget to rate review and subscribe to stupid genius, unable podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcast admiration. check out at ramble official Instagram for more behind the scenes, video content for stupid genius. Also, I made stooping is more so if your interested in dragon that our go W W W darkens last shop, Emma Chamberlain, TAT, calm and We got some hoodies going on over there and its, I think, they're pretty cool. I mean I don't know one yet cause I haven't gotten together, like I'm so excited aware at once. I get it. So Did I really straight up Holloway. I dislike realise what I just said: W W
w dot com and only one Amendment W W W darkens last shop, Emma Chamberlain, Talkin. no wonder tat cancer, Sharp and Berlin? shop. Material Chamberlain got. I knew what I was saying that something will often I but I didn't know what it was and then and then after assessing always following wide ok. So what I meant to say if you want to buy my march, which you should, if you weren't its companies, cosy it's nice you know it's cute, designed to point what support the pod cause. W W w sure. To say this Emma Chamberlain, dot com are right, It's not a big deal now W W W dotcom shop, imagery Melinda COM, a matter that was a link, nobody even fucking, know how to get to my website. They wouldn't want to take action in that way too complicated. So
have you now we're done now. Actually goodbye.