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Fragments of a map from the 1500s sparked a theory that’s been going strong for decades. It holds that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, gifting humans with advanced tech far beyond our means. Today we investigate the mysteries that make aliens seem almost plausible. 

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Every once in a while. We uncover something that changes our understanding of human history. More recently, a skull was found in Morocco that suggest the first homo sapiens appeared one hundred thousand years earlier than anyone thought and a night in twenty nine researchers found a man from the fifteen hundred that was so accurate. It could only mean one of two things: either a huge chow, of human history is totally missing from the record or the map wasn't made by humans, This is
supernatural Spotify original from par cast on your host Ashley flowers, every and stay I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth, you conveying all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on spot a fine this week, I'm talking about ancient aliens. As the theory goes, extraterrestrials have been visiting earth for thousands and thousands of years and they left evidence behind to prove it from Stonehenge to the great pyramid. So maybe the question: isn't: are we alone? Maybe it Have we ever been, have that in more coming up stay with us.
mother? You create algorithms that recommend what people listen to or use rhythm to make the music they'll hear stay, focused, use, lightning, fast, speed and incredible sound to go deeper down the rabbit. All with the Ex thirteen verified for exceptional experiences with Intel EVIL platform get into your universe. With Del acts. P S unless you ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you probably heard about ancient aliens its wanted biggest pseudo scientific theories out there and law The most controversial too near got instinct. Might it's all a bunch of crap which wouldn't be unfair, but stay with me for. because it all started with something that is really difficult to explain the Pirie Reese Map,
in nineteen. Twenty nine. A group of researchers are working in the archives of top copy palace. Inestimable this place built in the fifteenth century as a headquarters for the Ottoman sultans. So they find sons of relics and manuscripts inside so many that by nineteen twenty nine people are still coming through making sure they ve catalogue. Everything it turns out. There is something they missed. A piece of parchment raw pulled up on a shelf in the library forgotten and covered in dust, its tor so it's only a small fragment of a much larger map, but at sea to show the eastern coast of South America, the islands of the the rebellion and the West Coast of Africa based the dates inscribes, it has to be one of the earliest maps of the Americas ever drawn. They say, it's from the early fifteen hundred some eggs,
look it over and he determined at this map was made in one thousand five hundred and thirteen by a guy named Puri Reese back in the day cartographer would basically crowd source their info pulling together data from tons of different sources and maps and naval charts Pirie risks ensuring used twenty different sources for his some from in times some more recent, but most important we won made by Christopher Columbus period. uncle was a private here and he supposedly eluded the Columbus map off a spanish soldier in fifteen o one. Fortunately, it's never been recovered. So we don't know what details period took from it, but everyone much assume Swamp Columbus, explains how he knew about South America and they basically just piled up responsible way and forget about it. That is, until nineteen. Fifty six when it turkish naval officer gives a copy to the? U S, navy.
from there. It ends up in the hands of a retired needy captain named orally in each Mallory and die This is when the mystery really starts. Mallory is a kind of amateur archaeologist old maps or his hobby and ask looking this one over he's spot something out of place. Then no one else noticed before at the very the bottom of the parchment Berossus landmass. That's maybe few inches along its clearly host line with inlets and bays and islands and Mallory it looks you really like the coast of an article You probably know Antarctica is covered in ice. It's been covered in ice for millions and millions of years there is land under their somewhere and thanks to heck innovations like sonar tests. We now know what the coastline looks like, underneath without access. That technology, how
guy in the fifteen, hundreds, no Mallory, is so stunned that he brings the map to some astronomy in geology, professors for a second look, and they are just confused as he is Eventually, it catches the attention of Charles, have good. A professor Teaches the history of science, a keen state college have good is no stranger to alternative out their theories about science and he's intrigue. He takes the Pyrenees map to the air Airforces cartographer division, and they all too. a firm that yet The lion mass at the bottom is in fact Antarctica figure out how that could be possible have good, and students spend a countless hours pouring where the Pyrenees Map and comparing it to other maps from the mid evil and early modern times in the process. They find even more odd details like some
The islands off the coast of Antarctica. Look just you really similar to the Falcon patents, which, as Far as we know, no one had discovered in the early sixteenth century when this map was made and theirs mountain range drawn in South America that has to be the Andes which nobody from Europe or Asia. New even existed at the time, and some of them features are surprisingly accurate for exam the distance between Africa and South America seems to be correct, which should be in possible, because there was no way to accurately measure longitude until more than two hundred years after this map was made, good even brings in a mathematician from MIT to convert the maps measurements into modern latitude and longitude, and they confirm gap. Wits We much spot on so, the question is how did this happen? Could someone in fifteen thirteen pinpoint launder to chart the coast of
Article and I and if I landforms that no one had discovered yet happens, Only conceivable answer is wild but simple. he thinks there must have been some ancient lost civilization that existed before an article was frozen over and they had super advanced technology enough to sail around the whole globe and map it all accurately, including Antarctica, but it some point, this civilization, was destroyed, probably in some big disaster, leaving behind little to no evidence of their existence, except a map which was somehow passed on to their descendants. But there's one problem with his theory the timeline doesn't add up in Monica has supposedly been frozen over for millions of years and homeless. maybe didn't even evolve until two or three hundred thousand years ago. The first
human civilization didn't spring up until maybe six thousand years ago, ok. Maybe those dates are wrong. We find new evidence all the time, but how could they be off by that much it defies all logic. So we have good pub she's a book about his theory in nineteen. Sixty six, its most we ignore, but it does catch the eye of a swiss hotel manager named Eric, Yvonne, Danica Mundane again comes up with a different theory, one is even more radical than a lost civilization he notices is the Pirie Reese Map is very accurate in terms of the measurements but parts of it. Just don't look right. Like South America looks, weirdly, distorted, curves really far to the right, and the Tipp seems too merge into the coast of economic at the bottom now
if you ever seen a satellite photo of the earth, you probably noticed how the continent's look. This Where did and disproportionate Since the earth's surface is curved, a two dimensional photo can capture it accurately and I mention this because one Diana can discovers that the way the coast of south Forget is distorted on Pirie Reese Math is the exact same way as it is in satellite photos. So he concludes the. Harry Reese Map wasn't just based on other maps, it must have been based. on aerial photographs as well. But he isn't suggesting that have goods lost. Ancient society was so advanced they developed airplanes. That would be ridiculous. Instead, he thinks the photographs were taken by aliens. Coming up the beginnings of the ancient alien theory, oh I'm Hannah Maguire an answer.
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now back to the story, Eric Montana can isn't the first person to propose that aliens made contact with ancient humans, but he is first person to give it serious consideration in his one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight book chariot the gods is the evidence is that there are certain monuments and artifacts that ancient cultures shouldn't have been able to produce, for example, the pyramids in Egypt, The individual stones that make up the pyramids way up to fifteen tonnes each even with did he's technology will be really difficult to transport and place stones that are that heavy experts, that these stones were probably transported on wooden rollers, but funding we can ask where did get the wood in the middle of the desert. really a lot of trees out there. Even more interesting, is the NASDAQ aligns these
I and shapes drawn into the soil of the NASA Desert in Peru summit. or just straight lines. Others are animals or human. Like figures Each individual shape is up to twelve hundred feet long at that stage, it would be really hard to design anything, that's proportionate from the ground level, because you can only see the full shapes from above all over the world. There are other landmarks that fit this pattern. Stonehenge Why statues on Easter Island, ancient my a temples massive often explainable monuments that seem really differ. To construct usually seem to have a religious significance. Well, according VON can that's because gods are actually aliens in practice. we every religion around the world? There are references to alien visitors or spaceships. In him, Mythology the gods travel around in flying vehicles, which vandam
can suggest are actually spaceships. The old, estimate, has angels beings that come down from the sky to communicate with humanity, the book of his he'll even describes what death currently sounds like a UFO. In this passage I a wind storm coming out of the north and immense crowd with flashing, lightning and surrounded by brilliant light, the centre the fire. Looked like glowing metal and in the future There was what looked like for living creatures in appearance therefore form was human, but each of them had four faces four wings. It a little wild right and It goes on. There are can hieroglyphics that look like helicopters. Paleo little rock things that seem to depict asked her. in space suits
everywhere. You look. It's the same iconography the same stories of divine beings that live in the sky, Bundy elegant things, that is A coincidence, all these religious myths are just retailing of something that actually happened at some point in ancient history aliens came down to earth and humans mistook four guides. is alien. Visitors brought their advanced knowledge and technology with them say, pre Stork Satellite photos of an article or whatever tools it took to build the pyramids and because ancient humans would have been blown away by this stuff. It We would have seemed supernatural to them so sense that they then used the technology to build these here. monuments in honour of their godlike visitors in Burundi. I can suggest that some of the monuments might have served actual purposes for the aliens to, for example,
from above. The NASS collides look suspiciously like an airfield and own hand could have been built as a landing pad when he released his book in nineteen sixty eight its widely criticised is by historians and experts, but the public Those wild cherry its of the gods cells, seven million copies and kick start the entire ancient aliens industry, which to this day, is thriving Tv shows, conspiracy theories and an annual convention called Alien Conor, basically sprung out of this book, and in the years after its release, other writers add their own thoughts and speculation to the mix. Nineteen. Seventy six, this guy named Zacharias Cissian, publishes a book called the twelfth planet. P. argues that ancient Mesopotamia was visited by aliens from an undiscovered planet called new bureau.
Supposedly than the bureau visitors, came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to exploit the planet for minerals after a while, they got tired of toiling in the mines themselves, so they literally created humans through genetic engineering to do the slave labour. The alien said of the first human society in Sumer and appointed a king to act is their representative, the scenario people recorded stories about their alien overlord. Two may call the anarchy accordingly such in these anarchy or the same ancient aliens who built the pyramids and all other monuments, VON Diana couldn't explain this look around and guided human culture until about twelve thousand years ago, when the last ice age ended evenings melting ice caps caused a flood, the destroyed all the inner he's bases, so they basically just stand what humans to their own devices. But that might now
have been there last visit the same you're, a writer named Robert Cagey Temple comes out with his own book called the serious mystery. Miss free he's referring to is how the dough gone. People and Molly could possibly know about a star called serious, be which is employed civil to see with the naked eye he proposed is that around five thousand years ago the Dogan were visited by aliens from a planet in the serious star system who bore then advanced knowledge of astronomy over the next few days Aids, countless others, come up with their own new theories, each one wilder than the last and it reaches a fever pit, In two thousand and ten, when the history channel launches a whole series called ancient aliens after two. Episodes, the show is still on the air today, pretty Every self proclaimed expert on this stuff has appeared on it, including VON Danica himself
probably seen that mean of the guy, with the big frizzy hair from the show fishes executive producer, despite the fact that he's a former bought building promoter with a ba in communications. The his we channel bills him as one of the world's fourth most ancient astronaut experts, which is an index creation of a glaring issue. With all of these theories, their approach, tickly, zero scientists or archaeologists who buy into ancient aliens like at all, ever since the theory became mainstream. Its essentially been blasted by every academic on earth, and not just because of the wild claims themselves, but because hideously dark implications hiding under meat. Coming up all look at the truth about ancient aliens
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one of the authors who built this theory had any evidence to support their claims. It was all on wild speculation and misinterpretation. Me, let's go back to that. First, piece of evidence, the Pyrenees map As I said in the late nineteenth, it inspires enough controversy that academic start looking at it seriously. ninety. Ninety eight Stephen Dutch, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, examines the map and me Neatly notice is some problems with Charles have goods interpretation for starters, his view, the map doesn't accurately depict in articles coastline. After all, he points out the map is blatantly missing. Key features like the Drake passage. and the islands in the well see, and if the coast of Article isn't really as accurate as everyone made out to be: there's nothing, strange about it being on the map in the first place, innocent seen century was commonly believed that a southern continent existed. Even if nobody could see it, they called the slanting
australis and any competent cartographer in fluted it in their work. Here, he's himself even explain in his maps captions, though the land mass on the bottom was supposed to look like a combination of this fabled Sutherland and south american coast. How detail was missed. For so many decades is a mystery of its own. If you take away the Pyrenees map? One Deanna control theory relies on the premise that ancient cultures were incapable of building the pyramids and Stonehenge and so forth That's blatantly not true. If he'd have spoken to any archaeologists which he apparently didn't. He We have learned that they have a pretty good idea. How most of these monuments were built. Like you, don't action we need to be hovering in a. U F, o to see the aligns lines in proportion. They can be clearly from the surrounding hills.
There are many credible theories about how the Stonehenge Rocks might have been transported, even if historians can agree on which one is most likely the limits are still a bit of a mystery, but evidence suggests that Egyptians might have just use ramps and police systems beyond that. There are so many false and misleading statements in Bonn Diana book. I don't even have time go through them all in the words of cod say again, I know of no recent books so riddled with logical and factual errors. As the work of on Diana KIT, the author, that followed in his footsteps aren't much better. The twelfth and it is based on a total misinterpretation of sumerian myths and there's. No, evidence that the mythical planet, New Bureau ever existed the sea Yes, mystery is also pretty much a fantasy
astronomers, agree that the dog on people probably did get their knowledge of the stars from a more technologically advanced civilization. But one that came from Europe, not another solar system and speaking of Europe, there is something we need to address. With the exception of Stonehenge all of these ancient alien theories review around non european cultures as tons of acts, Experts have pointed out. This reinforces the old imperialist idea that non white cultures are inherently less capable like no adequate and how the ancient Greeks built the Parthenon, or how the Romans perfected aqueducts even hard core, Ancient alien theorists tend to accept that. Yes, the evidence is clear. They did that themselves, but when cultures in F occur or the Americas accomplish something similar. They react. Is somehow there's no way they could have figured out on their own now does it
in that. Everyone who believes in ancient aliens is racist. No most people, probably don't even think about these implications. Now these these wouldn't exist without people willing to question precedent set by established science, history and mainstream thought, which is good people would be curious. People should question as a society and as a culture its how we hope and grow our collective knowledge. But what so try? pulling in this case is believe, don't apply that same scrutiny to their own theories. They reject any evidence presented by actual exports, but are basically willing to believe the word of some random guy off the street without a second thought irony is kind of jarring, like dirt, the twenty eighteen alien con, one woman, told the producers of ancient aliens quote, I'm doctrine aiding. My children, in your shows, so they'll ask questions and not believe everything. Their told
That is, unless there being told that aliens built the pyramids, in which case they should apparently believe it. Without asking for any proof, the blind people have in this theory, is almost caught like which probably is Surprising, given the connection it draws between extraterrestrials and religion, in fact, the Kevin Burns and executive producer of the ancient aliens tv show. That connection is the whole point. he told the New York Times really a show about looking for God, Sir I would have you believe that we are the result of nothing more than a chance assemblage of matter. The real truth, we don't know. in the end, that without the real heart of this story, not the tone really answerable. Questions about who built the pyramids, or, what's at the bottom, road map, but the true the unanswered questions that science can't resolve. There's this
human need to believe that we're not alone in the universe that no matter how chaotic the world may seem someone who knows all the answers is watching over us guiding us. First, that guardian is, God, for others. It's aliens, things for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find in all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify, originally from our asked for free on Spotify Soup, actual stars actually flowers in his Spotify original from par, cast its executive produced by MAX Cutler, sound designed by carrying Murphy with production assistance by Juan Shapiro, tried, Williamson and curly man, deception
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