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ALIEN: The Pascagoula Abduction


In 1973, fishing buddies Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker turned up terrified at the Pascagoula, Mississippi Sheriff's Station. Over years of hypnosis, interviews, and public ridicule, Charlie and Calvin convinced multiple experts that they had been abducted and probed by aliens.

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I will be all the voice. You just heard belongs to forty two year old, Charley Hickson in nineteen. Seventy three, he told Berkeley, Professor James harder about the strangest day, his life. So what scared him so badly if you take Charlie's word for it just a few months before that, recording he and his friend were paralyzed, abducted and probed by aliens.
This is supernatural Spotify original from par cast. I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth, you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from our cast for free unspotted by this week. I'm talking about the past the bull objection one thousand nine hundred and seventy three alien encounter in Mississippi. It's one of the most famous accounts of its kind, and yet it took forty five years for the public to hear the whole story I'll dive into the truth. Coming out. stay with us. This episode is brought to you by truly. If this package takes you to darken absurd places we truly sour bright crawlers delight the way these show We gummy worms are yummy gummy and made to be laid to rest in your Tommy.
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while in unexpected event happens that totally changes your outlook on life. It could be the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, a big break in your career today, Story is about one of those moments amplified to the MAX something so earth. Shattering least range happens to two men and Pascagoula, Mississippi that it not changes there outlook it completely ruined the rest of their lives. its October eleven nineteen, seventy three and forty two year old, Charley Hickson a nineteen year old, Calvin, Parker or fishing on the Pascagoula River. Despite the age different serb supercool Family friends Charlie's always been kind of a father figure to Calvin, and today we are celebrating Calvin recently got engaged and to help pay for the wedding he started to work as a welder. The shipyard were Charlie's of foreman by nine p m. The sun has set in their about ready to pack up, but before that,
go home. They try out one last fishing spot appear by the old shelter shipyard and that's when things get weird as Charlie reaches into his tackle box for a piece of Beit he hears this zipping sound coming from behind him its loud enough that he in Calvin both turn around- and they see this view vehicle in the distance that has these blue flashing lights at First Calvin thing, some cops or poking around his car with the lights start today. Closer and common realises it can't be. The police he's never seen any squad car, that's the size of a yacht and floats in mid air, yet whatever vehicle is, is now about seventy feet, away hovering two feet off the ground and its huge about thirty feet. Long tarling, Calvin stare at this thing in total can
fusion. They have absolutely no idea what to do or what to make of it and before they can formulate plan a super bright light shoots out of the. I guess you could call it a ship, the lights, coming from a door on the side of the ship, which is opening and something is coming out of it before they know. Charlie in Calvin, or face to face with three strange looking creatures there about five feet tall and have somewhat human features like they clearly have arms legs ahead. But their covered in loose gray skin, almost like an elephants and their faces, are like nothing. The men have ever seen there are these sharp pointy spikes, their nose. An ear should be there. eyes and mouths, look like slits kind, illegal snakes nostrils, but they could just be flaps of wrinkled skin tarling Calvin can't help in this
having legs, they don't use that, like their ship, the creatures hover about two feet off the ground and as they float tor Charlie and Calvin. The two men noticed their hands there too long. Pincers that look like lobster clause. Now the men become completely frozen in fear because they don't run? They just stand there as one of the aliens reaches out and grabs Calvin by the arm with one of its claws, the pinch is followed by a sharp pain and then nothing Galvin's. Whole body goes numb, he's completely paralysed, The last thing Tobin remembers is his body floating inside the spaceship and being surrounded by a brilliant light. After that everything goes, dark, Charlie, on the other hand, still has his bearings
however, the aliens did to Calvin doesn't seem to work on Charlie after getting pinched, Charlie's paralyzed, but complete. your week. Is the aliens float his body inside the ship? He comes to a stop inside rightly lit room without being able to move his neck. He can't seen much of what's around him, but he can see what looks like a large television screen that has a strange football shaped crystal inside its small silver and moves around like an eye when Charlie passes by the screen crystal starts, examining moving up been down like it's taking a scan this whole I surely has no idea where Calvin is. He tries to scream friend's name, but he quickly realises he can't he physically can't make any noise and that's when the reality of the situation starts to set in Charlie is completely and totally vulnerable. He can't move he can barrel.
see. He has no idea what these aliens plan to do to him. I mean for all. He knows, they're going to come open and examine his insides like every cipher story, but thankfully that's not what happens. Charlie doesn't see any of the creatures. get he slowly regained his mobility and the aliens just float him out of the ship they are still in Mississippi right by the river as Charlie's hovering above them Bank, the aliens release whatever hold they have on him and his body slumps to the ground cal It is already standing on the river bank. Arms outstretched with a look of terror on his face. Charlie gets to greet his friend and, as he does, he hears others zipping sound. He turns around just in time to see the ship with its belief.
Flashing lights, raise straight into the air and blink out of sight and just then Charlie. Here's a voice in his head say we are peaceful, we mean you no harm and then it's over. it's eerily still on the river bank. The only movement is coming from Calvin, who, understandably, is freaking out, unlike Charlie, It's been knocked out this whole time. He has no idea what happened to him and No one knows how much time has passed until they make it back to their car. It turns out it's only about ten p m higher abduction only took an hour now, Lee Charlie Calvin sit in their car for bed just trying to make sense of what happened who had it worse. Is it better to no more or less, but before long
conversation becomes about what they should do. Next at first Charlie tells Calvin. They should probably keep the whole encounter to themselves, but after some twigs of whiskey, nerves are steeled and they changed their minds. They have to tell some one is the right thing to do. sure the alien said they mean no harm, but how be sure their own about trust, a bunch of space creatures that paralyzed and abducted then, and it this happened to them. It could happen to someone else to, and maybe the next time people won't be so lucky so around ten fifteen Charlie in Calvin Drive to pay phone and call the? U S air force. The key or AIR Force base, is only about three miles away, but after breathlessly reporting their account, the men learn that the AIR Force Dozen
we care the woman on the other and tell them that the air force no longer handles alien encounters? The air force did spend a ton of time investigating UFO sightings across the country, but the last study Code named project Bluebook ended in nineteen sixty nine, after that, the air force shelved their alien tracking efforts for good, which leaves Charlie Calvin at a loss. They are afraid that if they call the local sheriff's office that we laughed off the line or worse sent to a psychiatric hospital, but as they do home. They eventually decide. The ridicule is worth it by the time, Charlie in Cash then, call the sheriff Department, its around eleven p m. When it captain answers the phone Charlie begs him not to laugh at what he's about to report after the captain assures him that he'd, never Charlie, says well. We got picked up by a UFO,
and the captain immediately breaks his promise. He burst out laughing, but after he gets it all out of his. Damn he tells the two men to come down to the station he's willing to hear them out coming up, Charlie and Calvin struggle to make their story heard Massive spiders fear crocodiles. Vial kangaroos within the dangers lurking within Australia ones, species remains feared above the rest humans, high news, its Alistair from past, and I'm setting a new Spotify original called crime down under every Sunday. On Spotify take a trip to the oldest continent for some of the most shocking, true crime cases in modern history features
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being examined by human investigators from the county Sheriffs department. Both men have puncture marks on their arms, which seems to match their account of what happened floating aliens with claws, pinching them, but still the deputies have. Hard time buying their story, Charlie's breath smells like whisky, so they could just be drunk and pulling a prank become to find out their not Charlie, incur in both pass sobriety test. When the investigate leave them alone. Together, a private conversation convinces officials that they might actually be telling the truth, Charlie in Calvin dont know it, but there's a tape. Recorder hidden, Interrogation room when officers leave the room, the two of them start discussing their experience and their entire exchange is recorded when investigators play the take back later. There stunned
early in Calvin or comparing notes of what to say or how to keep their hoax going. They really come across as two people still processing the most traumatic experience of their lives. Now I've listened to tape its publicly available, and, I have to say their fear, definitely seems genuine. Look at for yourself if you don't believe me, a few weeks later, Charlie submits to a polygraph test. run by an independent agency and passes with flying colours, regardless of what's true, What's not Charlie, at least truly believes he was abducted by aliens as far as any can tell. Charlie and cabins stories are legitimate. They ve been super cooperative, they're, saying and intelligent, but once the reports are filed, there's not much more. Anyone can do. The aliens are gone. Investigators can't tracked down a space
they wouldn't even know where to start as for Charlie in Calvin. What are you you, after you report your ailing abduction to Paul the appropriate channels, do just move on who else you tell everyone? No one. How do you cope for these two, The answer is very differently Calvin the one who doesn't remember much of the abduction essentially shuts down and becomes a recluse with Charlie, the one who remembers most of it gets the idea that he must have been shown by the aliens by fate by God for some greater purpose. He doesn't know what it is exactly, but it'll probably become clear at some point in the meantime, he's happy to keep talking and there are loads of people willing to listen. By mid morning the day after the abduction. The story has already broken nationally soon everywhere. Charlie turns theirs
camera and a reporter asking him a question. Journalists from the way times and Rolling Stone magazine call him for interviews. He appears on the deck cabbage show, the tonight show with Johnny Carson. The attention puts path Goulash on the map, the small town becomes a hot spot for you, a phone busiest from all over the country, but after a few months, Charlie needs of aid nation from the media in January, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. He travels to a friend's farm for a long day of hiking and hunting squirrels, you spend some being navigating the dense forest by MID day. He stops for lunch and notices that he's weirdly alone in the forest. Like two alone, there are no bird birds singing no squirrels around some thing is driving the animals away and then surely sees it. The same space ship
October hovering in a clearing about twenty five yards away before he can see dream, a familiar voice, runs through his mind and it says we mean you no harm, we mean no one any harm. You may communicate later you have endured, you have been chosen. There is no need for fear. We will communicate again According to Charlie, after hearing the message, it's like a thousand pound wait lives off his shoulders when he gets home. Charlie tells his wife Blanche. that he's not afraid anymore, the aliens The only have good intentions, and this time he believes them he's also completely validate, the aliens really did, select him to serve some greater purpose. He still doesn't know what exactly that purpose is.
But he sure, though, let him know the next time they may contact, which happens just one month later. According to Charlie in February nineteen. Seventy four, the aliens beam another message into his brain. This time, give him a mission, you must tell them world we mean no harm, your world needs help. We will help in the future before it's too late. You are not prepared to understand, yet we will return again soon and they do and the next time they returned. The boys isn't just in Charlie's head on May 12th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy for Charlie's family takes a trip to his parents farm, which is Couple hours away, it's a bit of a tight squeeze with eight passengers totals Charlie and Blanche, their son, there, two daughters, their son in law there granddaughter and this guy earnest, whose a relative through marriage on the way back
ask a goal that everyone in the car notice is a strange light in the sky. It looks like it's following them. The like raises pass the car and once its ahead of them, they can see it more clearly. Charlie instantly knows what's go, no it's a spaceship, but not the same one that abducted him. This one is bigger about a hundred feet. Long with a row of windows down the side now for everyone else Heart this is terrifying, they all start screaming, but Charlie. He feels inexplicably drawn to the craft. He like, I feel it calling me which is not the right thing to say at this moment. Everyone else in the cargoes Ballistic Blanche can't stop sobbing. His kids beg him to stay in the car. Then another voice appears in Charlie's mine that says: go there will be. Another
Time another place, it's like the aliens know about the family drama happening in the car and they don't want to get in the middle of it. The graft speeds way and Charlie, is left in a car full of his crying relatives, but that other time and place it never comes that's the last time. Charlie ever is contacted stay up until the day he dies in two thousand and eleven Charlie spread the word that aliens or real, and they mean us, no harm. His son Eddie said quote. leaving he wanted to do was let everyone know we were not alone. He didn't care if you believed him or not. If you wanted to listen by gum, he tell you but Charlie wasn't the only one of ducked it. He may have lived his life like an open book, but it took forty five years for cabin Parker to finally tell all coming up Calvin side of this,
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Calvin has no desire to be in the spotlight. All he wants is to forget when he first gets home. the abduction he so disgusting. And scare, he actually pours bleach all over his skin to feel clean again after the media. except the story. His stress shoots through the roof three weeks after the abduction, pressure, and the attention gets to be so much that he has a nervous breakdown and has to be hospitalized when he gets out. He leaves the shipyard and heads back to his home town. two years later. He has a second nervous breakdown. He kindest days in touch with Charles. but it's on and off. He starts picking of work wherever he can't, but he always quits. When someone inevitably recognizes him and listen. I understand why Calvin once his privacy, he didn't ask for any of this. Not only has he traumatized, but people are constantly asking him to talk about his trauma and half
They are doing it, so they can call him a liar, as we ve We abduction case sceptics, crawl out of the woodwork and they love pointing at discrepancies and Charlie Collins accounts over time, for example in ninety seventy five Charlie, told the Washington Post that the vessel was thirty feet long with a dull maintop into those nineteen, common told the Mississippi Clarion Ledger. It was eighty feet and shaped like a football. In one interview You Charlie says the aliens mouths look like holes in another. He said they look like slits the sceptics on two. Every little discrepancy may propose all sorts of wild beasts, Greece to explain away what happened. Anything other than aliens some claim that, men, drunkenly, passed out and entered with called a hip, no Gacek state, which is kind of like sleep paralysis, You can't move in your prone to hallucination others. Theorize cow
when in Charlie, had a mental condition called fully under a mental illness that causes to pay bull, to suffer the same delusions at the same time, the person with the dumb the personality drives the beliefs and the more passive person gets sucked in. But the truth is the evidence on Calvin and Charlie side, it's real or to have so much evidence collected after reported ailing abduction, and that's part of what makes this case so special. We know they weren't drunk both men past sobriety test that night, both men psychologically evaluated and neither showed any signs of psychosis, no Hibner Gacek states know fully adhere. As for the discrepancies in their accounts, there not NASA. Similarly, a sign that Calvin in Charlie are lying memories and like a book, you can't just returned to a chapter and recall it exactly.
happened in black and white. It's more like a game of telephone. Every time we recall an event. We might miss. Remember a certain part, a tiny corrections or embellishments off without even realizing it the the UN's MAO's changing from holes to slits the ship growing fifty feet over forty four years. The relatively small changes that are pretty much expected. I mean Charlie, stuck to the exact same story, his whole life. That would be more suspicious, but to be fair, the sceptics have. been wrong about everything. They pointed out that the man who we on Charlie's polygraph was uncertain fight at the time. Of course, that doesn't mean he was unqualified by October. Ninety seventy three heat administered over five hundred test for the Pendleton detective Agency, all of which,
unrelated to aliens and no one seemed to have a problem with any of those results. Now you might be asking yourself: did Calvin ever take apart, graph and the answer is no. He refused to, and in two thousand eighteen, the public learns why Seven years after Charlie Hickson death and forty five years after being abducted by aliens Calvin publishes a book about his experience and the world finally hears his side of the story, the real story it turns out for the asked for decades, Calvin has been lying to the newspapers and to law enforcement. He didn't black out that night, Like Charlie, he remembered everything he floated into the spaceship and was taken into a separate room that had a fourth smaller alien in it. It sent me
just to his mind, telling him not to be afraid, like Charlie, a silver I examined him before he was dropped back onto the river bank outside. According to him. He only said he didn't remember to protect himself He didn't want to have to answer everyone's questions, to constant they re live that night, it seemed easier just say that he couldn't remember and turn he agreed to go along with it, the bad news, the fact that he lied at all cast a bit more suspicion on the story, but that's ultimately outweighed by the Good NEWS. When Calvin comes forward with his full story, it encourages witnesses to do the same later. That year, Pascagoula woman contacts, the Mississippi son, Harold she tells them under condition of anonymity that in December nineteen seventy three she saw a UFO flying over Pascagoula and she
that alone at the time she kept it a secret because she feared ridicule. As she said, we just looked at each other. her eyes down and kept doing what we were doing. We were all embarrassed for some reason He doesn't nineteen two more witnesses came forward on the same Charlie Calvin were abducted. Jerry and Maria Blair were sitting in the parking lot of Graham's seafood directly across the river, from where Charlie Calvin were fishing for almost twenty five, in its Jerry and Maria watched. A floating blue light fly back and forth over the past, the cooler river at first they thought it was a plain or a helicopter, but it moved differently after the blue light disappeared. They want toward the river, while standing on the pier Maria heard allowed splash she looked down and for a split second saw a strange creature in the water. It quickly dipped below the surface and out
site. When Maria read about the creatures, Calvin and Charlie encountered her blood ran cold because they described exactly what she saw in the water when the Blair's tried to talk about what they seen they received, steers and dirty looks from their neighbours is exactly as Calvin said back in the seventies. He just didn't talk about it. nearly fifty years later. Things are different. In two dozen nineteen, the town of Pascagoula, placed a historical marker at the sight of Calvin and Charlie's abduction. Regardless of what the truth is the Doctrine is a part of the towns history for better or worse for Calvin after feed an isolated and shamed, his entire life, the black the healing reminder that his community finally supports him even
If not, everyone is ready to believe things for listening I'll, be back next week with their episode. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from far cast for free on Spotify Super actual stars. Actually, flowers in his Spotify original from part cast its executive produced by MAX cut sound designed by carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro trend Jameson and Carlo Mattie. This episode, supernatural was written by Molly Quinlan with writing assistance by Pat Gallagher in Conor Sampson, checking by on you barely and research by Mickey Taylor. Do your more
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