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ALIEN: Tic Tac, GoFast, and Gimbal


Navy pilots stationed in the Pacific Ocean saw something inexplicable in November 2004. Eleven years later, a different crew saw the same unidentified phenomenon. The U.S. government has confirmed that leaked tapes of the encounters are real… But what exactly are we looking at?

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Now the international space Station broadcast a continual lie, feed from their position in the earth's outer atmosphere. Anytime, you want, you can tune in and see asteroids distance stars and occasionally images that defy explanation, bright lights, descent toward our planet white blurs hovering in space a row of glowing spots emitting a red being that looks a lot like the phases from STAR Trek every time. Someone spots something unusual: NASA will step forward with a super simple reasonable explanation. They always find a way to prove. It was now aliens with three exceptions. That's right! There are three video clips that the government
has never been able to debunk. Today there called Tik Tok go fast and gimble. This is supernatural Spotify original from her cast. I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth you can find all Besides, if supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify this week, I'm discussing Tik Tok go ass an gimble three videos of unidentified flying objects reported during: U S needy training exercises whatever they Are the objects travel in ways, unlike any technology from earth, which is why
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story, though we have eyewitnesses who aren't your average Joe Schmo off the street, there trained pilots and technicians with years of experience working for the? U S, military and the events all happened not long ago. It's the fall of two dozen for and two ships are parked about a hundred miles, South West of San, Diego, the cruiser. U S, S Princeton and the air. Carrier? U S S Nimitz. Besides the ships, crews, their loaded with Navy pilots running routine flight drills, keeping their skills sharp as they wait for deployment as the pilots hit the skies radar technicians back on the ships track. Their flights is all pretty standard stock, but some I'm around the end of October, a few technicians notice, unusual blips register ring on their equipment as many as five to ten objects keep,
lying within ten miles or so of where their running these drills they're all cruising at about twenty eight thousand feet, which is too high for them to be birds; they're moving too slowly to be, please, the text broadcast if you YO transmissions asking who these aircraft are really not receive any replies. The even recalibrate there Men thinking the blips could be some bug in their software, but they're, not their screens, keep show in these unidentified flying objects. Now, thanks to pay, culture a lot of people here, unidentified flying object and think alien spaceship, despite its view, Harry Literal, meaning I mean a balloon, can be considered a ufo until someone confirms its just a balloon. In this case the ufos could be anything a spy. Playing a missile or even a drone smuggling drugs into the country, so one November fourteenth to thou
for the Navy, dispatches Squadron Commander David favour to intercept the objects whatever they are. But a half hour into David's flight rate or technicians spot one of the blips. They give him some coordinates and he has our in that direction, mentally preparing for what he'll do at the? U F, o is actually hostile near the coordinates, his plane, infrared camera, picks up on something and its directly below him. David peers out his window, he can see pretty far in every direction and for the most part, the ocean is peaceful and still, except for the Maria directly, underneath this thing it's some type of aircraft, that, hovering enshrining the water beneath at creating so many ways that the ocean looks like it's boiling. As far as David can hell. The object doesn't have wings. It's over
eight smooth and white. It looks like a tick tock meant, so that's what his team and calling it But here is the weirdest part David's infrared camera measures heat. Any object is in meeting exhaust no propulsion system, is registering at all. However, the ship staying in the air. It's not using a traditional engine as David's trying to figure out what he's looking at the tick. Tock suddenly start darting all. Over the place as if it realized it was being watched and wants to get away David chases it Bay king and angling his plane to keep it in sight, but the tick tock is executing these impossible. Maneuvers dives, darts, hairpins, turns David's playing. Just can't keep up and eventually David, is due for refuel. So even though he
really doesn't want to he turns around when he leaned back at the Nimitz. He tells one of his support. That's lieutenant Chad Underwood about what happened. Chad scheduled for a flight soon's even wants to give him a heads up after that David's, probably thinking the drama is over, but it's just the beginning as soon as he stepped into the Nimitz hold. He realizes that everyone is already talk, about his mission. Some of them are unnerved, especially the crew. saw the objects appear on the radar first hand, but a bunch of people are treating the tick tock encounter like a big joke, Someone turned on a whole bunch of television monitors and is playing different alien, themed movies and tv shows on each one, like sign in the x files and men and black, keep in mind David hasn't
spoken, o word to suggest that he thinks the tick tock had anything to do with aliens. If anything he's been especially careful to stick to the facts and stay away from the a word but, like I said, unidentified flying object, has a certain connotation and David use you F, o is apparently enough to get him bullied, even though he was simply reporting what he saw to it. We'd being labelled as some sort of conspiracy arrest, all he can do is hope. Chad will spot something similar to back up his account. Luckily, for David, that's exactly what happens shortly after taking off the infrared camera on Chad's Plain picks up in an usual object about ten to twenty miles away, presumably the tick tock. It's far enough away that he can't actually see it with his eyes. But from looking at his greens readings, Chad can tell it's not
your standard, fair aircraft, its crossing tens of thousands of feet in a matter of seconds as if it's not just flying its tell reporting, Chad spends about ten minutes trying to get closer to whatever it is he plays around his cameras deceive you can figure out what's going on, but he doesn't make any progress, before he knows it? The object veers sharply to the left, excel he's out of range and just disappears now when an airplane changes course so abruptly with such speed, it creates a sonic boom, but this ship disappear is in complete silence, seemingly defying the laws of physics by the time, Chad lands back at the Nimitz, he's visibly shaken but even without knowing about David's harassment. He knows that he absolutely should not tell anyone that he may be saw an alien ship in vain.
He's not even sure that he believes what he saw, he just can't come up with a better theory. I mean, maybe the military was testing out some super new high tech top secret aircraft, but why they send a flying through an area where the Navy was actively running training programmes, and does it make sense to me and Chad doesn't get any hard answers either but at the very least, David and Chad half a ton of physical evidence to support their accounts. The infrared cameras on their planes automatically record everything they pick up. The same goes for the radar systems on board the limits and the Princeton. So there's plenty of footage taken from multiple vantage point, backed up on numerous platforms, but short, we, after David and Chad's flights, all of those tapes disappear seriously.
I have to imagine that Chad gets really freaked out when he finds out, but David pretty much shrugs it off maybe the bullying is getting to hand, but he suggests that me be it's an honest mistake like these tapes weren't labelled correctly or something and someone accidentally recorded over them, which ok is possible- but first went to make the same mistake with David, an Chad and the rate our text footage simple little to coincidental. If you ask me- and I liked Leave the United States Navy. Isn't that careless and here's the thing? Why I witnessed even says the tapes didn't go missing by accident. The person in charge of story inflicted on the limits is this guy named Pga hues, literally the same day PJ's logs and files, the tick tock tapes. three men dropped by his office. Unannounced one is his superior officer and the other
You are complete strangers who refuse to introduce themselves after bagging of every copy of the rate are recording, plus Chad and David's videos they leave without explanation. This. being essentially happens. Pj's counterparts on the prince did the other technician the two men flew in on a helicopter confiscated all the tapes than white, their local backups. In other words, there was no innocent miss here for reasons unknown someone somewhere wanted to bury all evidence of the tick tock encounters coming up, we'll see what happened to the videos after they disappeared every so often something so impact full happens. It has the power to capture the attention of a whole country, and events, show D
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seven, someone with the user name. The final of theory, pops into an online message board called above Topsecret. Its unity where people share stories about UFO, sightings, an alien encounters and that's exactly what The final theory wants to discuss. Allegedly they do some kind of like high level working computers and they ve recently hacked into some. U S military database with video evidence of ufos at first. It's just talk but the next day they share a link to download this video, which happens to be Chad, Underwood, lost infrared footage when his planes camera picks up the mysterious tik Tok ship now you'd think be like catnip to a group of alien enthusiasts, but the other users are pretty skeptical
for two main reasons: first, the final theories posts are full of typos and grammatical. Air, so doesn't feel like a super credible source and second, the clip doesn't have any audio, so it would have been. easy to fake. After some digging. One moderator learns that the video is hosted online by a video affects company based in Germany. So you know the people whose job is literally to create fake footage. That looks real so needless to say, much. Nobody takes the post seriously. It faith into the background until the pick tat vessel shows up again this time, eight years later and in real life, not online, and this time it brings friends in
January twenty fifteen, while conducting routine test flights, a group of Navy pilots run into a fleet of unidentified objects that looks just like the tick tock ship. The objects, dont have any wings or any apparent means of propulsion. Now, David in Chad's encounters happened on a clear windless day. but this time around winds are blowing up to one hundred and forty miles per hour, which work perspective is similar to a category four hurricane, and yet the Gus aren't slowing the tic tacs down there flying directly in the wind. The whole flock is just zipping around like it's nothing. I am not an expert on airplane mechanics, but even the pilots are floored by what they are seeing. I'm in a play you some audio from their radio conversation and you can hear in their voices how confused they are
going against the lineaments at some point: have, alas, these objects or so quick. The pilot are struggling to get a lock on them with their instruments, one days hovering over the fleet, while the tick taxes Beat around right under Kneepan, he keeps trying to make his infrared camera focus in on them, but he can't do they're just that fast, when he finally get his equipment to lock in on one he is the real. I mean just listen to this clip from his recording equipment to the end of may be hard to make out, because the pilots in over another voice on the radio. But what he says is what is that thing?
This is an experienced Navy pilot who has no idea what he's looking at and he never figured it out. They tracked the objects for as long as can until they eventually speed off into the distance. Just like what happened last time, none of these pilots have come forward about What happened so I dont know their names. Nobody does maybe a Tools are pressuring them to keep quiet. Maybe they just don't want to be called, not jobs or conspiracy, theorist, it's impossible to say, but regardless the whole thing doesn't make much of a splash until three years later, in the winter of twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen, when two recordings incident or leaked this time. The source isn't some anonymous person on an obscure message board the two videos titled go fast and gimbal you're in a joint release published by two groups, one is made.
what you expect a group called to the Stars Academy. Arts and Sciences which reach Searches you a phone counters, but the other is the New York Times yeah. Even if your super sceptical about. Ufo accounts. It's hard to argue with such a reputable pay. for if they released doctored footage, it could ruin their reputation. The clips themselves aren't Quite is cool, as you might imagine. They come from black and white computer screens had to show a blob floating over a background. Honestly they like graphics from that old, asteroids arcade game, if you were to stumble over these videos online. Without in context you weren't, even think, there's anything to get excited about, and the timescale It is still missing one big thing: official confirmation. The video was taken by the: U S, military, nobody
Any real authority is willing to come forward and verify it. That is until September, eighteen, twenty nineteen, when the? U S, government. Finally, admits. The footage is entirely real. Coming up the military. Try to explain away the. U S. Foes and in the process, only raises more questions. Now back to the story. In twenty nineteen, the! U S, government confirms the tick tock go fast. An gimbal tapes are all often tech. They even release impartially sensor report about David and Chad's encounter with the tick tock. The names are blacked out, but made this point. A few crew members from the Nimitz and the prince in have come forward with their stories about the incident, and the government report corroborate off.
All their claims like yes, the tick tock is real. Yes, it moves in a way. We can't explain, we still don't know what exactly it is. So, yes, it could maybe be an alien species. After these released the media goes while there's coverage on NBC news, CNN, the New York Times and they're all reporting on a ufos, citing as possible proof of extra terrestrial life. And I should mention the public has still barely seen a subtle Limburg of the actual encounters chat, interacted with the tick tock for about ten minutes, but only about a minute of footage made it online and the Fasting, gimble recordings aren't that long either. There are both- maybe like thirty four seconds, which raises the question: what happened to the rest of the footage.
Earlier I mention how some unidentified random men confiscated all the original tapes from that first Tik Tok encounter it's easy here that in think, maybe there's some kind of cover up going on but now that the government has admitted that it's all real, how could a cover up still be happening? less and stay with me hear them. military is just changing tactics and is taking control of the narrative. And yes, I know, Oh, how all that sounds. But there is a precedent for this type of deception. Official from all over the world have a long history of leasing, information about Ufos to Gaslight, alien, enthusiasts, information led by Edward Snowden, british secret agents intentionally join conspiracy. Theory forms online just to spread misinformation. The you Government has a similar operation commonly called the Mirage men. I've talked about than before on the show
A former agent named Richard Dodi says that he spent years meeting with people who claimed to have seen ufos or aliens Each time he met a new eye, witness he basically say: hey, I'm with the government. Tell me everything you know and I'll. Let you in on the true, but once he got our information he needed he'd make up these ridiculous lies and feed them back to his tipster. This served to purposes Richard could keep track of What do you follow just new and by Spain misinformation, he could make them seem gullible and irrational, so nobody would take them seriously and all This was done with one goal in mind to prevent anyone from finding out the truth. Now, something similar could be happening with the tick tat. Go fast and gimble footage only instead of the government pulling strings from behind the curtain, now they're doing it out in the open and sometimes the best place to hide,
it is in plain sight right. It's the last place any one expects and the more you think about it. The more a kind of me since there is always going to be a decent size community that lives for the sort of mystery. These three videos offer if official stay silent, especially in the wake of the New York Times report. The footage will just keep p being around the internet being analyzed and picked apart and me. Be one day. Someone would stem onto something they shouldn't by when the government publicly acknowledged the tapes were real. It squashed any doubts about what they weren't When people everyone moved on to the next new cycle, not feeling the need to dig any deeper is that thinking. A little paranoid sure that have you met me just look at this statement and astronomer names,
That's Shasta gave to NBC News. A reporter asked him if he thought the objects in the tick tock go fasting. Gimble videos were extra terrestrial spaceships. Said: the responded by saying he's not ruling out any thing, but he doesn't think so they're just two much we don't know about these cracks and they could be anything which sounds reasonable, except said follows that statement up by saying. In his opinion, he thinks many unidentified objects are birds. birds. Let's take a moment to let that sink in every eye. Witness and all the equipment says these aircraft or forty feet long dont have wings, can travel faster than any plain known to the american public aid.
said ever seen a bird before in fairness, set works for a group called Seti. Would you say private organisation, so he isn't a government employees, but a lot of Seti's studies. Gatt the funding from NASA and the National Science Foundation. So if officials are pressing sacked say: the tick tock isn't an alien ship. He might not feel like using position to say no, all the while the press see whose embarrassed to even be covering this stuff. At one point New York Times runs a front page news story on Defence Department program that investigates ufos the peace talks a little bit about the initial tik Tok encounter and some of the steps taken to investigate it. They even embed delete infrared footed at the very top of the article. But then, two days later, they publish this weird follow up where they pay,
much apologize for covering alien sightings at all. The articles called on the tree, hell of a secret Pentagon, UFO Programme and the entire time Keeps reassuring readers that everyone at the times has done? due diligence and fat checked everything. The second paragraph of article reads quote How does a story on Ufos get into the New York Times not easily and only after a great deal of vetting? I assure you end quote it's almost like without The constant reassurances he's worried people will assume he's making this stuff up, but at the same Mine is undermining his own argument by essentially saying that this is all, no bonkers, no reasonable person would ever believe it. and on some level I get it. There are so many ridiculous UFO stories out there, so many hoaxes
obvious lies and information that can't be verified. Lots of people fields almost impossible to take any citing seriously, but if we're not going, believe trained Navy pilots, whose testimony is backed up by video evidence and vera. By the: U S, government. What will we believe when do we hit it Turning point, where it's not shameful to suggest that we might possibly have visitors from space humans once thought. The earth was flat and sat at the center of the universe and that the mood with a living God and when scientists found hard evidence to suggest otherwise they were often mocked or person. Would it are aliens already here? I don't know if they are They don't seem dangerous or unfriendly, but will never
get real answers until we open our minds and accept what's right in front of US beings for listening I'll, be back next week, with another episode. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify, supernatural stars, actually, flowers in is Spotify original from par cast. Its executive, produced by MAX Cutler, design by carry Murphy with production assessed thence by IRAN. Shapiro Trent, Williamson Coralie Madden in Erin Marcy. This episode of super trot was written by Angela Jorgensen with writing assistance by Conor Sampson and include Gallagher fact checking by on you barely and research by me,
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