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For more than two decades, the CIA and U.S. military ran a top-secret project to study psychic phenomena. The declassified files suggest that psychic powers do exist—and that they were used in some of the most important intelligence operations of the 20th century.

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The story, I'm about to tell you is so ridiculous. I barely believe it myself from the early Seventys to the mid nineties. The CIA and military ran a secret study on psychic phenomena. They wanted to figure out how psychic powers could be weapon Ized for national security purposes. Doesn't even the weird part, though, what's really stunning are the results, the researchers called them. Eight martini results, because what happened was so unnerving that any agents who came to observe had to go out. Drink eight martinis to get over it. If your skin tickle going into this you're, not alone Really anyone in the government took this project seriously because it seemed so out there, and yet the programme kept running for twenty three years: consulting on
hundreds of military and intelligence operations, because, frankly, it worked. This is supernatural of hard, castor, regional and I'm your host Ashley flowers, every Wednesday album a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify and if you like what your hearing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast and twitter at Park Ass Network, this week's episode is about price. STAR Gate, a top secret CIA and military program that ran for over two decades, even though
eventually shut down in nineteen. Ninety five. The final report suggests that psychic phenomena is real. And it was used in hundreds of intelligence operations in the seventies and eighties, we'll have all that and more coming up stay with us. You guys know. I love a good government conspiracy. I've talked about a few on my other show crime junkie, but what I've got for you today way more out there than anything. That's ever been covered on crime junkie. Before its in nineteen. Seventy with a twenty three year old stage, magician named Ory Geller or he is pretty popular in home country of Israel he's famous for things, bending metal spoons with his mind or making clocks stop on command things. That could be a waned by regular sleight of hand tactics, but he claims to be telepathic and he has an uncanny ability to weed people's minds.
In September nineteen. Seventy there was one incident that launched ory to international stardom. He was doing a show in TEL Aviv. When suddenly his heart started racing, he felt so sick that he had to sit down. He apologized for the interruption told the audience why he felt so ill he'd had a premonition. The president of Egypt had either just died when he was about to die. A journalist in the audience actually runs out to a pay phone to check the news wired, but there's a word about anything. Having happened, the odds, is honestly kind of annoyed by the dramatic, and they start to trickle out, but later that night news breaks over the radio. The president, Egypt, had died of a heart attack that very evening The prediction was shocking enough to draw attention from the media all over the world not long afterwards, and
American scientist approaches ory after the show. He tells him at his abilities would be very interesting to the CIA now you're, probably wondering why would the CIA want to study psychic abilities? The answer like me, things in the seventies is because the Soviets were doing it. There was video, making the rounded the Pentagon of a classified experiment at the soviet military lab where a woman apparently stops of frogs heart? With her mind, no one really sure it. This was real or a disinformation campaign, but if the enemy was searching this. The? U s better, do it too. They were most interested in extra sensory perception or s p. The ability to perceive things outside of the regular five senses that includes telepathy scene future and something called remote viewing, which is basically where you can see things in your minds. I that aren't physically in front of you. It's obvious
Those skills could be useful for intelligence gathering if anyone could prove that they actually exist. The CIA director personally signs off on bringing or a color to the states to test what he can do it takes over a year to get this thing going. In November of nineteen seventy two or arrives at this and for Research Institute in California, where the classified project will be headquarters A CIA Analyse named kit green is going to oversee the program and he worked with the recent yours to make sure everything is done right now. Security, obviously a concern since, for all anyone knows, or it could be working with these really intelligence so before the test begins the entire lab at S. Our eye is sweat for bugs in order stand to make sure there's no electronic or magnetic devices on him they,
so consult a magician to plan for any tricks, or he might try to use to fake telepathic abilities. The experiments have to be absolutely foolproof or the result won't be worth anything what they come up with is almost laughably simple. They put it down I in a sealed box and chicken, or he has two per day, which number is facing upwards. Ostensibly this would check for remote viewing abilities being able to inside that box without actually physically seeing it. Lo and behold, ory answers correctly eight times in a row. The probability of that happening is literally one in one million, so they decide to move on to a more complicated test. They
sign up ten aluminum film canisters and they put a small object in one of them and leave others empty just by looking at them or has to figure out which of the cannisters contains the object and guess what he did occur equally twelve times without a single air and the probability of that one in eight trillion he never guest incorrectly, but there were two trials. Were he declined to answer now? What's interesting is the hidden objects in those rounds were a sugar cube and a metal all bearing wrapped in paper, he couldn't sense leaping from those objects, but he had no trouble with the other. One like small magnates metal, ball bearings, not wrapped in paper and a drop or full of water. It seems like whatever ability he has, is somehow connected to metals or magnetic fields in another
experiment he's able to effect the reading on a magnetometer just by sitting. Next to it. They also tests to see if he can really bend a spoon with his mind and spoiler. He can't turns out that one is just a stage track, but if there were any doubt about his abilities. This next experiment put to rest and outside assistant, prepared a stack of double sealed envelopes, containing index cards with different drawings on them, and then they lie them in a safe and the researchers didn't have the combination do it before each test. The researchers would choose one envelope at random. They would look at the picture, see get back up and then go sit with ory and experiment, room or ory had to draw a copy of the chosen picture just by reading their minds. They tried this seven times and every single time
or he was able to draw a near perfect reproduction of the original image. The sign his and the CIA agents are stunned when the report gets back to the Pentagon their surprise to, but there are not totally falling for yet ory is an internationally renowned magician. After all, they figured. This is all some kind of parlor track. The defence departments and their own team down to see. What's going on, they conclude that the experiment wasn't objective enough. The researchers bias must skewed the result somehow, but they don't explain how would the exception of the drawing test. All of these experiments were double blind and honesty. I can't even into imagine how a personal bias could affect a magnetometer. So the CIA com who legally disregards the criticism. Not only are they continuing the research at s our eye. They are upping me anti,
The next experiment is another version of the drawing tasked with an added twist to prevent any remote possibility of cheating or fraud or is placed inside. A double walled, sound, prove electrically, shielded room, the researchers in a different room flip through it. Dictionary and choose a word at random and then draw pick, of that word, they tell ory over the inner com when the picture is done without telling him anything about What the picture or word is, he has to draw his own replica. The first picture on by the researchers is a firecracker Urrey says that he see eight cylinder with noise coming out of it, which is technically not wrong, and he, drawing a drum that actually looks pretty similar to the drawing of the firecracker. The next one is a bunch of twenty four grapes. Ory also draws a bunch of exactly twenty four,
reaps they try this experiment a few different ways, putting the researchers in the shielded room and Orient sight of it, drawing the pictures on a computer. Saving the file and turning it completely off before or even gets there and even scientists. All the way on the EAST Coast draw the picture and he gets it right every time, except twice now weirdly the two times ory can't replicate the picture. Are we it was drawn by a researcher he doesn't get along with, but even though he couldn't tell what picture was in those cases he didn't guess that were drawn by that researcher that he doesn't like now what this man the total mystery to the researchers, though, but after eight days of tests. The final report says that ory quote has demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing an unambiguous manner. End quote
at the same time. A sorry is also studying a second subject named NGO swan whose talents go way beyond what we can do in preliminary tests. A pair of scientists would do out to a randomly chosen, location and NGO back at the lab would have to try and draw a picture of what they were seeing out there and he did oh longingly, well, so the CIA overseer kick Green comes up with it. Spare me to see how far they can push this. He walks out. To the hallway and asked the first person he sees to think of a location. Any location and go right down the coordinates for it. Then he asked the lead research doktor how put off give the coordinates to Inga? who locked in a fair deal, cage angle. Mentally projects to those coordinates and describes what he sees rolling hills hi ways to the West, a river to the east city.
To the north and south says, there's a circular, Dr Way, with a flagpole in the middle, and he gets the impression but it might be a military base like there's something underground, maybe old, bunkers orb a covered reservoir, he draws. A map of the area and handed over to put off the whole process takes six minutes total. While doktor put off his preparing his report the next day he gets a call from another potential psychic that he'd been in contact with pat price. Just out of curiosity put off gives at the same set of coordinates, Ingo had been given and asked him to write down a description. He doesn't really expect anything to Romania was just kind of a random whim, but when Pat sends put off his description, it matches Ngos almost exactly, but in way more detail he's not you. Seeing a military base, he says it is a fact. Laurent missile test site. There are launchers scattered around the base. He says the sites
code name. Is sugar? Grove angle thought there might have been an underground bunker. Pat is We were able to see inside that bunker. He describes the file cap. The floor lay out the name. Please cards on the desks here Does it there's a set of documents sitting on top of a file cabinet against the North wall and its labelled operation pool, something he can't quite make out. The last word, doktor put off, isn't true. It too, this, not only because of the level of detail which is frankly insane on its own, but because it man is up so well with Ngos description either they're, both in cahoots or they're, both really psychic but it gets weirder from their when kid gives ink description to the colleague who came up with the coordinates he finds out. It's actually totally wrong. The location was the Collie
cabin in West Virginia, there's, no flagpole, no circular driveway, no big buildings. Just a small cabin in the woods kit is disappointed, but he can't shake it off that easily. How did an ngo come? with near identical descriptions that are both wrong, but what's going on here, so that we can kid drives out vocation personally big. He's. Gotta see this for himself. He finds the coordinates he finds the cabin and then he keeps driving just a little further down the road and he sees a flagpole. A circular driveway building. Just like the one patent Ingo described kit, eventually, figures out that this is actually a top secret military facility code named sugar grow, just like Pat set
so highly classified that his CIA colleague had no idea. It was right down the road from his own cabin on Monday kit writes a report on this and sends it off to his supervisor and and Tuesday he gets a visit from the CIA is security officers. The information pat gave about the base was so accurate. It triggered and espionage investigation the names the folders the floor plan, the color of the filing cap and it was all correct. There are only two ways: this random civilian could have known this information someone at s our eye, infiltrated the top secret base and pass the details on to him or he's psychic after a long investigation the s our eye team is cleared of any crimes and Pat is invited into their research study. They put him through the same kind promote viewing task that they ve been doing with ingo and the result
too shocking in one spare man Ingo is given ten sets of coordinates from around the globe. His responses are scored as either a a hit, which is a good description of the target, be new true, meaning, possibly accurate, but not enough detail to be sure or see a total this and definitely wrong and the results seven hits to neutrals one Miss patch result were pretty similar out of nine descriptions he gave a set of blind judges, were able to correctly match seven of them with the actual locations. When kids sends these reports to us Europe's at the CIA. They are understandably shocked, no one quite understands what their dealing with, but the words reds quickly around the government, every one wants to see what this intelligence gathering goldmine can do in the real world and in February.
In seventy four, they have the perfect opportunity to put this psychics to work. The kidnapping of Patty Hearst will look at that right. After this supernatural listeners. I want to make sure you know about the investigative, true crime podcast Counter clock hosted by Delia De Umbra season. One was a thirteen parts Reed's that covered the unsolved murder of a young woman, living in a small North Carolina Beach, town, Delia, tracked down potential persons of interest and uncovered some shocking information that turn that cold case white hot and you wanna make sure you're caught up unseasoned one because season two is coming this ball and there are some surprising connections that you won't. One amiss search for counter
all one word wherever you're listening to this podcast right now or you can visit counter podcast dot com now back to the story on February. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four Patty Hearst, the heiress to the Hearst newspaper Empire, disappeared, apartment in Berkeley, California, the local police, had heard about the research group going on it s our I just across the bay, so they reached out to see their psychics could be of any help. The next afternoon, pat price and doktor put off go down to the police station at this, quaint. No one has any idea who kidnapped Patty or what they want, hence either desperate enough to bring in a psychic, reportedly pats. Words through some mug shots and he finds three that he pegs as the kidnappers one of them he can quite name, but the name
Lobo pops into his head and that the spanish word for Wolf. He also tells police that Lobo had recently had a tooth pulled without this deja, as it turns out that man was in fact one of the kidnappers. His name was the Wolf and he had in fact had a tooth pulled without Anastasia, the other two mugshots were eventually confirm to be too of the other kidnappers. This all seems to bizarre to be real, but it was real according to this year, A files pat provided quote. A significant amount of data. End quote for the investigation palace On the case and for months he tried to use his remote viewing powers to find Patty. He was able to see her clearly locked in a closet somewhere, but it was too difficult to shift his perspective outside to seep of ST sign or anything useful. In the end, he wasn't much help in actually locating Patty, but the amount
information he could provide was absolutely shocking. Over the next year, Pat was passed on between different government agencies. He helped the annex with a secret operation in Africa. He hoped the Navy locate submarines and he even took a peak inside a soviet nuclear testing facility. His observations for one hundred percent accurate. Sometimes he misses details or held describe something that is actually bear, but a lot of what he sees is eerily spot. He's doing so. Well, that in nineteen seventy five, the CIA takes him out of the research programme and recruits him directly as an intelligence asset. What he did as for them is a mystery, but it must have been sensitive because, within a matter of months, he suddenly dies under very suspicious circumstances,
there was no autopsy, because some mysterious man just showed up at the hospital and somehow convinced the staff not to perform one. Instead, they just wrote down that. He died of or attack whether the CIA took him out or a foreign government was behind. It will probably never know, but just like that, the most promising remote you're in this study is gone around the same time. In nineteen seventy five there was an incident with s, arise, other stars, subject or regular. The short of it is group of nuclear scientists who were studying him all started to see terrifying images at night, one of them reported waking up to see adieu. Embody arm floating above his bed. No one knows What was going on here, but two of the scientists were so freaked out. They completely quit their careers The CIA was understandably alarmed by this, so kit green when
TAT s our eye lab to investigate? He found no rational explanation whatsoever? The only thing that he could think of was that israeli and regions was using or for some kind of psychological, operation, I mean holograms were thus becoming a thing. Maybe this was massage idea of a practical joke would where's, going on, though, with Pat suspiciously dead and worry, possibly being a foreign agent I saw rye, is in trouble. And to make things worse as a result of the Watergate scandal, which had happened over the past couple of years the CIA is under a lot of fire in general, there scrape willing to shut down anything questionable to save face which includes their psychic research, vs, our eyes, programmes. Funding is terminated, but before they completely disband the military school and with an offer bill continue funding for the project. If they can figure out how psychic powers can be weapon iced
so in October. Nineteen. Seventy eight six years after the study began its rebranded, as an army intelligence program called operation, grill flight there, man is to find soldiers who have latent psychic abilities and train them to use them on the battlefield. The researchers have rough battle ahead of them, since they still don't understand how s p works, never mind how to teach it they're, not even sure, if it's possible to teach it, but after screening thousand of army personnel be narrowed down to a team of six who seem like promising candidates. The plan at first is to take it slow, for the entire first year of the study, they'll do basic tasks to establish that remote viewing is actually possible in the second year they'll figure how to train the recruits to harness their full abilities, and in year three they'll start developing protocols for how to put it into action.
But, as most of us know, nothing ever goes quite as planned, not even if your psychic, only if two months after the new recruits begin their training, the IRAN hostage crisis, happens on November for Nineteen, seventy, nine, the? U S, embassy in Tehran was taken over by student rebels and nearly every one inside was taken hostage in response. I promise So this is not a joke. The national security com, so called in the psychics. The six recruits again call in the middle of the night telling them to get the office asap for the next several months there working overtime to figure out where the hostages are being held when their being moved, whose in each room what the lay out is like. I mean anything that could be helpful, of course, the army isn't just going to go in guns, blazing based on the word of six trainee psychics, but a lot of what
they see lines up with Intel. The military already got from other sources, so they start to take it seriously. In fact, according to the ME intelligence agency. Forty five percent of the report from grow flame were proven to be partially or completely correct, and fifty five percent were incorrect. Which is astounding, if you consider how much there shooting in the dark here through even said that quote. The degree of success appears to at least equal. If not surpass other intelligence collection methods. End quote, when the hostage situation still isn't resolved. By April, the grill flame team is sequestered in a suite of hotel rooms to work around the clock and that's when things start to go off rails in MID April, one of the remote viewers unexpectedly see something way off target a K. EC scene of american soldiers repelling out of helicopters somewhere in the desert.
A few days later. Another viewer, Fern Gauvain, sees the same thing and this time there's fire destruction and people dying and then on April, twenty. Fourth, one of them Yours whose only identified as Nancy S has a complete breakdown she sees some sort of attack, happening, machine guns, a fire or explosion, and then she started to hallucinate vividly she's hundreds of giant guerrillas, stampeding, curing tiny rockets know it sounds, funny when you say it out loud, but if you actually look at the transcripts of this Nancy is terrified the Project managers. Scotty Wat is afraid that the trainees are breaking under all the stress it they keep going. It might do irreversible psychological damage so He officially ends the mission there all told to pack up and go home, but then late, that same night Scotty
turns on the news to see President Jimmy Carter, giving in a dress. There was a failed hostage rescue attempt that afternoon a squadron of Army Helicopters- were supposed to be flying into Tehran. But there was a terrible crash in the desert and one of the helicopters went up in flames. Eight servicemen and one iranian civilian were killed, it you're really similar to what Nancy saw during that same time span and what firm in the other- a name. Remote viewer saw a few days earlier. Two of them had apparently seem into the future. After this incident, Nancy and Fern both quit the pie, Jack and I dont believe them. It must have been a horror finally dramatic experience, but despite I'm leaving operation girl flame keeps going on without them over the next few years. The team works on hundreds of missions mostly related to tear,
prison or hostage situations. The same results keep happening provide some stunningly accurate intel, but it's so spotty that most of the time, its functionally useless, a lot of the problem seems to boredom and burn out after a day or two each mission. The accuracy rate starts to plummet, so Clear solution is to train more people to do this in the first six train were able to harness some hidden psychic ability. Maybe anyone could. The question, of course, is how Kate Green has an answer. You after his years running the S our I study, he know that some people just have it, and some people dont any attempt to force people into that state could do more harm than good, but he'd officially been We can all the project when it transferred from the CIA to the army, so even though he was asked his recommendation. It eventually was overruled. The pro
It was now under the control of General Albert Stubble, buying at army intelligence, and he had his own ideas. Chief among them was sending soldiers to a new age retreat in the blue ridge. Mountains called the Monroe Institute. What happened next was the beginning of the end, for the psychic research programme will get back to that after this, let's get back to the story. More than a decade into the psychic research program in November, one thousand, nine hundred and eighty three, the army's intelligence division, approved a new training program called wrapped. The acronym stands for rapid acquisition, personnel training and its justice meaningless. As it sounds the week long programme takes place at the Monroe instead, in rural Virginia if there's any science behind it. It still remains be seen, but the idea is
train people to enter a higher state of consciousness and, in the opinion of general out, stubble bind to harness their hidden psychic powers for military purposes. Wrapped trainees spend most of the day and night in tiny room that are just big enough for a twin bed for an hour or more. At a time they lay there listening to guided meditation tapes that are supposed to gradually move them from focus level one like a regular, weaken consciousness to level twenty one, which is cereal dimension were time and space cease to exist. On the seventh day, once all those levels have been accessed, the participants are taken down dares and told to lie in a circle on the floor holding hands. Another guided meditation plays over the loudspeaker and after just a few minutes, the soothing voice. Suddenly beers into some very direct questions,
will there be a terrorist attack at the government facility in Washington DC area in the next few months. Where will the next terrorist attacks take place? When will the next terrorist attacks take place, as you can imagine. The only result is shock and confusion according to kick green, who wrote a report Commending the soldiers do not go through the wrapped programme, the guided meditations could seed and lowering the participants into an altered state of consciousness, essentially hypnosis, but there is no basis for thinking this Altered state can give someone psychic powers or that it could be useful at all for halogens gathering, but again, this is the army's project now and they do what they want. Unsurprisingly, just two months after the army's first wrapped session disaster struck in the
little of the training programme, an army officer had a psychotic break down. He took off his shirt and threatened to kill the institute's director with a ballpoint pen, accusing her of working for a foreign enemy. The fall out of this was mediate. General stubble by was forced into retirement and in July of nineteen eighty four, the army cancelled the entire remote viewing research programme after a law. Long bureaucratic battle in nineteen. Eighty six, the programme was finally revived by the defence intelligence agency or the dossier, but the downhill sly, had already started. It was real, We only gonna get worse from here. By this point, it was perfectly clear that training people in S p doesn't work. The new reboot of the programme able to find a few genuine psychics, but training
masses is looking like a lost cause to make matters even worse. The new programme is being supervised by an intelligent officer named Ed Deems, who is to put it right. Eccentric instead of having the remote viewing trainees work on regular defence operations, he set them off to investigate the real questions Where is the lost city of Atlantis, who killed J F K and is Your life on Mars. The programme manages to keep running for five years without any big trouble but then in eighteen, ninety, one a new story, breaks that add deems in two of the programmes. Remote viewers are contracting their services out under a private company. Now, for one thing, it's a problem: doing this without approval in the first place even more troubling, is that its turn national news? This programme is supposed to be classified
and then in ninety ninety three, it comes out that it deems and one of those same remote viewers, David Moorhouse, are collaborating on a book about the still classified project. By now has assumed its final name project. Star gate note: the book never came to be because Next year. David moorhouse is court martialed for a bizarre list of offences ranging from a salt to adult tree to theft of army property. He said think jail time and in an effort to get out of it. He fail insanity claiming that the remote viewing programme drove him into madness, his get out of EL free strategy is eventually debunked, but the damage is already done Congress caught wind of this whole pile up a project star Gate scanned, and they want to know what on earth is going on over there. The order Full investigation of STAR Gate by an outside group called the American Institutes for research, one of them
need. Researchers on the review team is a psychologist named re hymen. It's not his first encounter with the project in fact way back in nineteen. Seventy to twenty three years earlier. At this point he was on the came from the defence department that came down to review the work at s our eye. If you Member of the conclusion doktor Hymen, reached back then was at S. Arise research had to be a fraud, despite all the evidence to the contrary, so he's about the fur this thing from an impartial judge, as they could find The team has less than two months to review twenty three years worth of research. So to save time, they decide now to even look at the thousands of test that were Dinah S, our eye, there only to analyze, ten experiments from the past year. Ninety ninety four
were to ninety ninety five, but even with that disappointing data, poor hymen and his co, author, Doktor Jessica us come to some pretty amazing conclusions. They both agree that quote, real effects are occurring in these experiments end quote, there were no apparent methodological problems, there was no fraud and the results could not have been statistical flukes where they disagree is on what's causing those effects. Doktor us thinks it's pretty. Obvious. It must be some undiscovered mental ability. She writes its clear to this, author that anomalous cognition is possible and has been demonstrated. I am confident that the Court genes are no more elusive than any other questions in science and that, if appropriate resources are targeted to appropriate questions, we can have answers within the next decade
now that seems kind of promising, but it makes doktor hymen conclusion seem kind of bizarre because he agree is that something real is going on here, and yet he insists it's not any kind of so called psychic mental phenomena. So What is it instead? He admits I do not have I've already explanation for these observed effects: doktor Hymen rises that there could be some unknown flaw in the experiments that explains the results, although again has zero idea, what that flaw could be? It seems like he just doesn't want to admit that psychic powers might exist, but he doesn't offer any reasonable alternative and in the end, his opinion one out, the executive summary of that report, a k, a the only part. Anyone in Congress is actually going to read, says that, even though, as statistically significant effect was observed,
is no justification for continuing the research, because they were able to find a cause or explanation for that, a fact which is in a to me, since the only way to find the cause is to keep studying it the summary also states that quote in no case had the information provided by the remote viewing ever been used to guide intelligence operations. End quote By the way we know is a complete stray hub lie. It wouldn't be so rising at the CIA was intentionally using this report to cover up evidence. I mean imagine before Congress and having to admit that you been using psychics together intelligence for literally decade's, maybe just better forever. One to pretend this was all a big misguided joke, and that is what they think as soon as
reports in the CIA and the defence intelligence agency are ordered to shut down projects target for good. When the report is released to the pub a few months later in November nineteen. Ninety five- it immediately be arms and national laughing stock? It all over the news and the tone is not positive. Obviously it's hard to Blame anyone. If you just here that the CIA shut down their psychic spy programme for lack of results, I mean that absurd, but what's disappointing, is since no one is willing to take remote viewing seriously. We never got answer on what was going on. We have statistically relevant evidence that certain people, if not all people, can see things without being physically dear there. Some can even see into the future, and yet no one
the right resources once to figure out how doktor us said that we could have had answers in a decade if we kept researching, but now we probably never will. Instead, what we left with is a bit Question mark the most promising theory is that it has something to do with quantum physics, there's something called quantum entanglement, which is where groups of particles are able to communicate with each other, no matter how far apart their separate it. This is actually a eating theory on how birds migrate quantum entangled particle. In their eyes, allowed them to court and could see the earth's magnetic fields, giving them a kind of internal compass, it's possible hope that something like this could account for how people can see locations they're, not physically act, especially securing that from the very first experiments with worry. It seemed like magnetism, had something to do with it, and this could also explain
pre cognition or seeing the future there's a theory that quantum entangled particles can actually reimburse the timing of cause and effect. So an event that happens in the future can affect something past the evidence is contentious, but some physicists believe it, including deal graph who was involved with projects target for sixteen years. Quantum six in general is not very well understood right now, but, unlike s p, it's actually being researched. So hopefully one day. They'll be some answers there.
So much, we still don't know about the universe, and science proves almost daily that just because there is evidence of something. Yet that doesn't mean it's not real. Thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other poor cast originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite, music and podcast all in one place and they're, making it easier to listen to whatever you want to hear for free on your phone computer, marked speaker and if you like, the show, follow at par cast on Facebook and Instagram at park. Ass network on Twitter super,
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