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After a wave of animal murders terrorized Puerto Rican farms in 1995, locals banded together to hunt a beast they called the Chupacabra. Some called it a genetic experiment. Others swore it was an alien. But whatever it was, the Chupacabra would soon take its reign of terror across the entire world.

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They say seeing is believing, but when it comes to supernatural were pretty picky about what we choose to see most of us are sceptical. We want to see evidence from trusted sources. We want pictures and not the doctored kind. We want to explore every logical option before admitting that something strange might actually be going on, but some people out there are different. They hear a horrific legend from across the sea and say: yup sounds possible,
maybe they're, gullible or maybe they're more open to the wonders and terrors of our strange world, and we can all learn a lesson from them when it comes to a monster like the tube macabre. Maybe you have to believe before you can see. This is supernatural Spotify original from par cast, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find
all episodes of supernatural and all other forecasts originals for free on Spotify this week. I'm talking about the tube macabre in animal slaying, blood suck encrypted. That's confounded civilians and scientists. Since the nineteen nineties, it's been called a vampire, a mutant, a military experiment in an alien and before you dismiss it, you should think twice. According to some the people in charge, don't want you to believe it exit I had all been were coming up stay with us. This episode is brought you by three m three M has always been driven to improve lives with science and innovation. It's this forum, thinking, mindset that lead three m to invent household items. You ve come to know and love like posted notes and command talks, but
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who has its problems typical once similar to many other places around the world at the time? Crime? employment and a population hit hard by the AIDS epidemic, but there is also something eerie happening entirely unique to the island and unseen terror. Is slaughtering animals March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five slash eight sheet or found mysteriously dead on a farm. They each have three strange puncture, and in their chests that sort of look like they came from teeth. Nobody got a glimpse of what did it? Whatever it was seemed like it had drained all the blood out of the sheep The scene is virtually spotless now Puerto Rico, isn't home too many large predators if a form Anna ever wines of dead, the culprit is usually a feral cat or wild dogs, and clearly this isn't there handiwork but woods.
so chilling about this whole thing? Is it feels a bit like deja vu, because this isn't the first time something like this happened. Twenty years earlier in nineteen, seventy five farm animals began turning up dead in a town called mocha. All of them had tiny round, puncture wounds and all of them appeared to be drained of blood after locals ported hearing loud screeches and wings flapping around the time of the murders they began, calling the elusive monster the vampire of mocha. After two months, the mysterious deaths stopped as suddenly as they had begun, but now twenty years later, it looked like the monster either returned or a strikingly similar one is on the prow and whatever it is it's hungry over the next
few months. The monster goes on a killing spree, goats cow was even cats, turn up dead, puncture wounds on their neck or chest drained of blood in the town kind of honest alone over one hundred. Fifty Anna, are slain. Obviously there is cause for concern, but for some reason officials are downplay the whole thing: health experts in zoologist, throw out all sorts of possible explanations, for example a bunch of monkeys that apparently skip from an old research facility recess monkeys to be specific and out. ok, I know about you, but that doesn't make any sense to me. I looked up and racist monkeys mostly eat fruit, insects and tree bark. There, certainly not drinking the blood of cows and the FAO more, is losing all their livestock they're not buying this theory either and the right not to
at all of the scenes. There are no footprints found and no evidence like, or from any known animals. So without some, actual investigation or even an autopsy on one of the dead animals. It's all just guesswork ferment. It doesn't make sense why officials won't even consider that there's a new unknown creature out their killing new animal Are discovered all the time so people start wondering or they grasping at straws, because they don't care or are they hiding something? Maybe maybe not. but regardless this killers not easily swept under the rug. Soon it becomes the talk of the island, And whether or not it's the same monster is back in nineteen, seventy five, it gets a new name, o chub macabre with
literally translates to the goat sucker. It's a name, its equal parts, scary and gross, which turn out He too great descriptions for the monster. After its first ever reported, citing its August Nineteen? Ninety five in this thirty one year old housewife. Madeline toll in Tino is having a the ordinary day she lives with her husband and her their inclusion of honest disdain town. That's recently been devastated by animal killings at our own four p M Madeline looks out the window and notices a man parking. His car outside she's, worried going to block her homes entrance, but he doesn't stay long. Second, later, the guy's eyes go wide and he starts backing car await a leap model is sure why, until she sees what he staring at its four feet: tall with a big round here:
and solidity nostrils and webbed toes it stands on. whose skinny legs has these sharp reddish quit Those running down its spine and its covered in dark fur, except for splotches of pinkish purple flesh, were looks like it's been burned now this house terror, fine to me, but Madeline more curious than scared. She called her mother over to see even joke about but when Madeline looks closer at the monsters, huge pulsing, gray, black eyes, she notices it's looking at her. Then, with these almost robotic movements, the creature draws its hands back wicked bout to attack. You know how they say that when you come across a big predator, its sometimes better make yourself appear bigger and make a lot of noise to scare away. Will
That's what Madeline dies she screams then she and her mother run outside straight. At this thing, Madeleine's MA chases it down the street and starts calling out to neighbours for help, and it works. monster runs away, or I should say pops away. Ireland says it moves like a kangaroo, but before it appears, a local boy hears their calls for help. He too, is the monster into the forest, were apparently he tackles it in grabs it by the mouth. The monster opens why I'd revealing razor sharp fangs, but it doesn't bite it doesn't even try to once it breaks free of the boys grid. It dashes off into the woods so fast its feet. Don't look like they're, even touching the ground in an instant, the tube macabre is gone,
Afterward Madeline tells her mom to keep quiet about what they saw. She's worry people were but they ve lost their minds, but someone eventually. Spills, the beans and the story of Madeleine's encounter appears on the local news and over the next few months after there is a serious spike in Cuba, cobbler sightings, a college student says he saw the creature disempowering a goat on his family farm. He tells a reporter quote: it was about three or four feet tall with skin, like that of a dinosaur, It had bright red eyes, the size of hens, eggs, long fangs and multi colored spikes down its head in back no one compared to Madeleine's account. There's obviously discrepancies, but me We won gotta better look than the other or maybe more than one ship macabre out there, but the more sightings.
or in the more unbelievable things, get literally one couple claims the tube macabre kidnapped there. Five year old daughter and returned her with a higher I q and some of the claims, aren't only facts. Less their affair sit like allegedly alien sent. The tube macabre to porter go to spread HIV see. The problem is the only newspaper reporting on the tube macabre is the Elbow Cerro, which is basically Porto Rico's national inquirer, while its great that some ones. Listening, we all know tabloids tend to embellish. As a result, the trooper cupboard turns into this joke on the island is Finally, in the more educated middle class areas like San Juan people, right comedies, etches and songs about the tube macabre bars poor cocktails named after it and listen. I
it a lot of the stories or wild. Many of them are probably made up shore be some of the witnesses or embellishing a little, but that doesn't detract from the fact that something is happening in rural town. The situation is getting dire, People are losing their pets, their livestock in their livelihoods. To this unknown, predator farm, are so worried their hiring guards to watch over their farms at night, she will cover, has only ever killed animals, but no one knows it that could change. Parents start supporting their children to and from school. Some farmers are pushed to the point where they sell their flocks and abandon their homes entirely, and yet nobody seems to be taking it seriously. Officials are basically telling people to buy their time. Saying stuff, like most creatures, can survive off a blood diet
Whatever this thing is it's obviously real. The hurt is real. The death toll is real. The fear is real. People want help, but it doesn't come till the fall of nineteen. Ninety five, when the mayor of Conall bonnets, makes a bold announcement he's going to hunt down the tube macabre coming up. The local mayor takes on the local monster. Imagine living with a secret so big that if any found out it would change everything Imagine carrying that secret with you every day, desperate to when they get it off your chest, do you think you could take a secretly got to the grave I missed, Stephanie Hagen Posters,
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confessions is a spot, a fire regional from Parkhurst airing episodes weekly starting July. Twenty first follow and listen to death, but confessions for free on spot. If I now back to the story. When you're a small town mayor and your citizens are panicking, you can't stand idly by so in the fall of nineteen. Ninety five kind of honest mayor, Jose Soto, announces he's going to capture the tube macabre. Where does he planned to start his hunt, this same forest, where Madeline first saw the tuba Capra. Now, I should mention this- isn't just any old forest, its Elgin Kay the Caribbean National Forest and the only rain forest under the. U S, poorest, services management, its twenty eight thousand
girls and beautiful, but I'll June K has always had a pretty unsettling reputation. Long ago, the Thai now the first indigenous people on the island, believed a god lived inside the forest. To this day p, lead. Animal sacrifices therefore sought to rear rituals, and over the years people have reported we're happenings in and around the area, strange creatures. So sounds shadows. Ton, of UFO sightings. This one I'm in the seventies, a bunch of teens went care being an L June K and they claimed they encountered a skinny human animal hybrid with law like hands and glowing orange eyes, where's later they woke up at dawn on a baseball field, twelve miles away with no memory of how they got there. So yeah June K is a creepy place,
She is why, when Mayor Soto arrives outside the tree line at sunset on October, twenty ninth, he brings a crucifix for protection. He also bring two hundred volunteers, armed with guns and machetes and a baby go to. Look at the monster out, it's all necessary here. as a town to save its matter of justice and within a lot she's coming up soon, possibly a matter of re election. So do his hunting Eddie venture into the woods weapons at the ready they load? The baby go into an iron cage forbade, but just so those about to lock the cage. There's a sudden light flashed near by and this shock sets off his civilian army before he can you given order guns are blazing which is not What the mayor once pseudo begs his to hold their fire or those scare the monster away. So
one man runs up to him and says he saw something in a gorge, something that moved fast like a gazelle, but whatever it was proud. we ran away after all the gunfire the hunt with no success. The Tupac harbour is still at large, now, to his credit. Soda doesn't give up over the next few years. He keeps patrolling Elgin K even after he gets real Did he says he's committed to stopping the bees reign of terror and soon he gets a much bigger platform to spread. The word about his cause. He's invited to appear on Christina. Am Miami based, Huh show that's like the Oprah of spanish language television, so appears alongside a UFO researcher and a veterinarian whose convinced that whatever is killing All these animals is not an ordinary predator. At least none that he studied
together they managed to convince the previously skeptical, Christina that the trooper copper is real By the end of the show she said quote, I used to F every time someone mentioned that Cuba compress, but I have to tell you I I think it's a normal animal at all. The show broad ass to an audience of a hundred million people and soon reports of the blood sucking monster, start flooding in from all over were the United States, Mexico, Brazil Chalais even as far away as Spain. Now you argue that the reports are all about of mass hysteria, a direct result of the Christina episode, but here's. The strange thing, regardless of where the tube macabre spotted it always leaves a body count for animals are actually getting killed in all these places. Puncture wounds drained of blood. The whole nine yards
The human imagination can't make that up is the tube macabre some kind. Dormant species that suddenly awakening everywhere Nobody really knows nobody has been able. Study, one up close, but for years after so those Christina appearance that changes by August when he fifth, two thousand nicaraguan farmer Jorge Calaveras, has had enough over the past two weeks, he's woken up defined about five of his animals dead every single day the killings. All mash, the tube coppers M, o so Jorge, decides he's going to stay up all night on a stake out. after hours of sitting with his gun. He finally sees the creature he's been looking for, but it's not alone, a court The Jorge there are three monsters stalking through his goat heard too, are black
one is yellow. It looks like they have bat like skin a bulls head, pink teeth enriches up their backs like a crocodile, Jorge fires, and the monsters escape, not the outcome he was looking for. with three days later Jorge, gets a surprise. Next to a cave near his farm, he sees vultures. Circling over a dead creature he's never seen before. It's mostly a skeleton thanks to the vultures, but he is convinced its work. No he's cherubic copperas, its tail has the same, yellow tinge as the one he had shot at. Of course, once He'll learn the media. There is an immediate uproar, a pre says the creek there is a warning sign that humans have strayed from God? a veterinarian says it's a genetically engineered hybrid made in the lab, but Jorge ones,
the let science do. The talking here and the remains to university. For testing and days later they come back with results. It's a dead dog, possibly a feral dog, maybe one with our coptic mange askin parasite. They can cause helplessness and discoloration. Mange is a painful, Zis that makes hunting hard, so the dog would be more likely to attack docile farm animals that won't fight back, but a sick dog might be the whole story see Jorge agrees that the corpse he gets back from the lab is a dark. He never questions that, but is convinced that it's not the same animal he sent in the bones are lighter. The teeth are pinker and there's more flesh on it. He thinks the biologists switch the body he does know why? But if it's true, it means there's a cover up going on. Maybe a much
larger conspiracy and The most famous a mirror can chub macabre truth, her Phyllis Canyon, a woman whose earned herself the nickname the tube macabre. Lady Phyllis is tough. She's, this short spunky fifty something rancher who lives in Cairo, Texas, but travels the world hunting animals. She decorate her home. With Taxidermy animal heads, so we not the type to scare easily, but it two thousand seven, and for two years something has been cutting her chickens throats and draining their blood. She's been using video surveillance and even though she hasn't seen an attack happened, she has seen a big eared fanged hairless blue gray creature, prowling around on July. Fourteen Phyllis gets a call from a fellow rancher he's found this dead thing on the road that looks a lot like her mystery predator Philistine,
eyes down the road to check it out and it does look. The same but while she's there of the rancher gets a call on his cell from one of Phyllis his neighbors another one of those creatures is dead right outside Phyllis, his house feeling knows animals and she can tell these aren't dogs or wolves when she talked to her brother, he tells hurried sounds. this monster that some ranch hands once told him about the tube macabre and that's when Phyllis realises she has not one, but two chub macabre was on her hands, or rather in her freezer, for preservation, bill is sends tissue samples to Texas State University for DNA analysis. The story, obviously catch some attention and in Holloway two thousand seven Phyllis is go to find out. The result alive television news cast. It turns
she's wrong, it'll be pretty embarrassing, but when the risk What's a read aloud. Phyllis is right. This creed there isn't a dog were a wolf at all. Coming up the truth about the tube macabre. Now, back to the story. When dna result for Phyllis is monster, come in experts tell her live on tv that, unlike the creature, Jorge found in Nicaragua, this one isn't a dog with Mange it's a coyote now, obviously this is a huge let down, but just like Jorge Phyllis comes convinced that the universities, dna sequencing, isn't telling the whole story. And she vows to keep digging until she finds the truth. But while I support explore
all avenues, plenty more so called cheaper cars have been DNA tested since Phyllis encounter most true. To be dogs or coyotes with mange summer disfigured raccoons or show lows a rare hairless breed of mexican dog one in New Mexico was just a big dead fish and if so, many experts keep coming up with this result. Dont, you kind of have to take their word for it. At some point I mean yes cover definitely happen if you ve been listening to this show. You know that, but it doesn't like the scientists are the ones who have motivations to lie. I mean look, mayors, Soto of kind of on us. He made a name for himself. hunting, the tube macabre. It took him all. The way one of the world's biggest talk shows name Recognition matters when you're a politician and using the tube macabre platform he end up getting real
did many times as for Phyllis Canyon, one. She called her beast at you macabre she started turning a profit, I'm talking a grand, a mine on merchandise, selling, tee shirts, with tagline like two thousand in the summer of the tube macabre and the most famous chub macabre encounter of all idle in Poland, Tenos back in eighteen. Ninety five will people later discover The description she gave up her monster had a lot in common with a killer alien in the hit nineteen. Ninety five film species, a move that Madeline went to see right before her tube macabre, citing an not saying Madeline, didn't see something weird, but maybe her memory and imagination got the best of her and that started wasted game of cryptic telephone that travelled the world and made people rich in AMOS along the way. But all of that that still doesn't
answer the real question here, what was killing all those animals importer, Rico. Farmers never found true x or dna at any crime. See as I mentioned. Experts had a lot of far reaching theories, including Pharaoh cats, dogs and escaped monkeys. They also proposed that mom goose's might be the culprit which, at first sounds just as far fetched as every other explanation, but stay with me. Money who says, are furry mammals that can grow up to two feet: tall and mostly feed on smaller birds, insects, reptiles and rodents. They aren't native deport Rico, but they were brought to the island in the nineteenth century, to control the rat population in the nineteen nineties, when the tube macabre sightings began, the rat population spite and in Her, and so did the Mongoose Population Krypton, knowledge is John Downs, had a theory once the rats or
control this new. Horde of mine. Goose's was left without a major food source. They were starving, desperate and aggressive. Maybe even to attack creatures. They normally would never eat. No man, goose's aren't bloodsucker, so it and explain why the animals were drained of blood, but that's because they probably worked drained just looked like it, you might think that a punctured throw would cause a blood bath. But actually, if the puncture wound happened after the animals heart stopped pumping they're probably would be much bleeding. In all likelihood, there was still a full amount of blood inside the animals bodies, but since there were no autopsies, whenever side and yet to this day, A people in Puerto Rico still believe the tube macabre exists and the prevailing theory, is it's an alien somehow
linked to the. U S: military, even though the United States problem Lee isn't running alien experiments in Porto Rico. Islanders have plenty of, reasons not to trust the government porter. We and are you a citizens, but they don't get any representation in the government. They can't even bo in federal elections, released and with the mainland. U S were especially tents in the nineties around the time. Pupil, copper, citing started and rest It shows that when people are feeling anxious and powerless there more likely to believe in conspiracy theories to explain their circumstances but while there are a lot of reasons to believe eligible copper isn't real some believers going to give up digging after Phyllis Canyon was told her to put copper was coyote. She would,
to spend a thousand dollars for another dna tests at you see Davis and the results turned out to be different. This test said that hurt shoop a cobbler. It was only half coyote on its mother's side, the scientists thought it might be some type of mexican Wolf on the farther side. In other words it. Was an unusual hybrid and as They said they said it is a hybrid. I still say it's a tube macabre beings for listening. I'll be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from park asked for free on Spotify superpower,
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