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CONSPIRACY: The Philadelphia Experiment


In the 1950s, Morris K. Jessup received a letter from a stranger. The man claimed to have intel on an ultra-classified wartime Naval experiment involving teleportation, human test subjects, and disastrous results that the government would do anything to cover up. 

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Imagine you open up your mailbox one day an inside is this hand written envelope. It's not a bill, it's not your birthday and you recognize the sender but its clearly addressed to you, so you open it up and the letter inside the EU. You seem to be written by a madman which is creepy, because this stranger knows exactly who you are, and first reason. He tells you a secret. The government has been conducting old trick, ass experiments using human lab rat. They might have even ripped a hole through space you'd throughout the letter lock your doors right except bedding, piece of Moorish Jessup. If he had done that, then we
wouldn't know about the Philadelphia experiment. This is supernatural natural, a cast original and I'm your host Ashley flowers every Wednesday I'll, be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other part cast originals for free on Spotify. And if you like that you're here, reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast in Twitter at gas network. This week, I'm examining the Philadelphia experiment, a tops great world war. Two navy test said to have had disastrous results, its oh. Why
old story, but it's worth talking about, because for decades people have tried to figure out. Just how much prove. It is actually true that is more, is coming up, stay with us. If you Been listening to this show, you know that conspiracies, don't just fall from the sky a reason they exist. Even if it's hard to separate fact from fiction today. Story is over flowing with this information from all parties involved, including the United States. Government accounts have been regard take it so many times that is taken on a life of its own. So what we're gonna do Who is tell the story, as its most often told then will try to cut all of the noise to figure out what really happened. This story starts with a guy named Morris Jessup, a nineteen fifty six. Fifty six
Your Jessup is selling used car parts in Florida to make some extra cash, but dont that side hustle fool you he has masters in astronomy. He's study for a page in astrophysics at the University of Michigan, taught science a Drake University and worked on archaeological missions in Central America, like this guy, is legit he's, also written a book or two on his fascination with ufos, which is why He receives a mysterious letter on January thirteenth. The envelope is poor Smart in Gains Ville Texas, but the return address is listed as some place in the middle of nowhere. Pennsylvania Jessup opened the letter, looks like it was written in a rush. Even the sin- taxes garbled its filled with air underlined sentences and sporadically capitalized words. Any author calls him by different names sometimes coral and Alan other Times car.
Those Miguel Allende lending. This is already confusing. But the message itself is Crystal clear: Wendy, a Red Jacobs Book the case for the UFO, and he wants to correct Jessup on very important detail. He says Albert Einstein, unified field theory. Is it just a theory? It's been proven now too day. History officially remembers unified field theory as one of Einstein's biggest dead ends in the nineteen twenty Einstein, hypothesized that a single set of equations might rule all the forces of the universe. So if humans knew what they were, they might be radically people to manipulate that we're talking things like space and time alone, data Jessup that, contrary to popular belief, Einstein actually, cracked, the code, not only does the? U S, government know about it. In the midst of
world war, to the Navy tried to weapon eyes, unified field theory A lending knows this because he witnessed one of the experiments first hand, but bear with me, though, because this story is pretty wild. A lender says that in the late summer, early fall of nineteen, forty three, he was work. For the United States coastguard on a cargo ship called the S ass, Andrew Fewer sat. The furious at is docked in the film healthy and naval shipyard and right next to it is this, now save canning cod, ass naval destroyer, the? U S, S Eldridge, from the way a lender tells the story it sounds like he was, may be. The only person on board his ship that day he can see straight over onto the Eldridge, is DEC before sunset, and around five p m. This green fog starch creeping around the Eldridge. Then
it morphs into these like see through force field like perimeter or at least that's what it looks like to lend it already This story is pretty hard to elite, but I'll Andy claims that could actually see the sailors on board the Eldridge becoming translucent. It's almost like there. Turning into holograms or even ghosts. At this point, a lending is full He out he's trying to figure out what to do, but the next time he blinks. The Eldridge is gone. Like it literally just disappeared, but his very eyes this already sounds insane but of course, to a things, get even more creepy, because the water where the ship just was, still looks displaced. There's a dent like the ship was still physically bear. Just invisible, then a Four minutes later, the massive battleship just reappears
in the same spot as though nothing had happened. The lending here's these blood curdling screams coming from the sailors on deck below his screams, are coming from men, whose bodies now appear to be fewer, to the ship. To align day. It looks like their skin, and bones are literally melting into the deck. Now Lending letter is so far fetched it's hard to believe, but he insists that the All thing was a Navy experiment gone wrong here. Is the sailors who had been on board the Eldridge stopped experiencing time like a normal person, almost as if they trudging through mud while the world raced past them, others started it Turn invisible at random and lending. Aimed to sailors even rated a boar, while invisible he's there's a record of it happening in a nineteen. Forty three news article all
he seems to imply that almost every one of the sailors on board the Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment is now dead Joseph is reading this letter and for most of it he's thinking Carlos Lundy is out of his mind, like none of this can be true, A lending is making the whole thing up or he's embellishing a ton lindy does provide a few other witnessed names, though, then he's in the letter very disrespectfully yours, coral, an island which is just weird and also kind of rude and next to his signature, Lundy includes a string of letters and numbers that first appear to be totally random, but there actually his old sailor Idee code official government records clearly indicate that in the late summer, nineteen forty three a man named.
Alan was working on the S S Andrew Furious at docked in the Philadelphia naval shipyard. So this much is true. In any case, Two days later, Jessup receives a second letter from a Lundy. Apparently he got to mention a few more details. The you says. Eldridge didn't just become invisible that day, its supposedly teleport in the time it was gone from the Navy yard Hollandaise, as witnesses saw, the ship spontaneously materialise at a dock three hundred miles away in Norfolk Virginia. He also he has just said. The name of a man he says is chief of research at the Navy Rear ad Ro Rossen Bennet a lending Miss Bennet may have a job waiting for just now. This worries about as crazy as it gets like appearing ships, a top secret job offer As far as we know, Jessup never reached out to rear admiral Bennet too. By the way was a real person, just like the furious.
Than Eldridge were real World war two ships in any way, the letters Peak Jessup interests, so he writes to a Lundy asking for the names and addresses of these other alleged witnesses, even so yes to a one day that they meet in Texas. If a Lundy still bear but when a Lundy responds, he ignores Jessup request and says he cannot provide any more information, he more or less explains, there's a reason. Nobody has heard of the experiments the Navy has gone to great lengths to make sure the true stays buried. It's been long enough that a lending wouldn't be able to track down the witnesses, addresses or phone numbers? Even if he wanted to but he does double down on that bar rate. He says: if Jessup, could his hands on the newspaper article. It probably a few names in it, as far as we know, Jessup never found the newspaper article, but he did receive overfished
the additional letters from a Lundy over the next year, but they dont Anything new to the story, so Jessup becomes incredibly frustrated in a desperate search for the truth. He does the unthinkable, it's not exactly clear when, but at some point, Jessup reaches out to the United States Navy and gives them a lending return address road, number one box, two to three New Kensington Pennsylvania. When officials go down to investigate these supposedly find a vacant farmhouse and nothing more. It's just other dead end without any more leads Jessup. Let the Philadelphia experiment fade into his periphery. Any figures. The Navy must not care about it either, but the next year in this, ring of nineteen. Fifty seven Jessup receives a call its from the Office of Naval Research in Washington DC requesting he come in for a meeting Davis.
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it's. What's written in the margins in three different colors of in three unique handwritings? Are these bizarre annotations. Some of them messages are stand alone. Remarks others are in conversation with each other, nothing fully makes sense, but one of the note takers calls himself Jemmy B. There are two, never mention their names, but the office of evil. Research starts calling them mister, A and MR, be all three appear to be in credit the intelligent with a grasp of high level physics and super advanced technology, step that the average person shouldn't know or even have access to so either. These people high level scientists or they done a time of research. Now ready. This is really weird but honestly kind of impressive, like the theory legal concepts in this book are insane, but things kind, go downhill from their own
three writers referred to humans, as if they themselves are a different species. They just their way of life, their philosophy and their music, as if it's all distant from earth Speak about things like you are foes and propulsion systems. Now this is obviously pretty weird, but it gets even weirder page seven, Mr A implicate the navy. In what sounds like this same experiment, a Wendy wrote to Jessup about he writes quote who s navies, force, field, experiments, nineteen, forty three October, produce invisibility of crew and ship fearsome results. Fortunately, further research halted. End quote. Supposedly this raises enough of a red flag for the Navy that they tried to track down the center of the package. But, of course, it's a dead end, which is why they called Moors Jessup the author of the book into their office. They cross their fingers.
Hope that maybe he'll know something that they don't and he dies. When Jessup opens the copy of the boy He recognizes one of the handwritings. Mr a is Carlos alleged, he sure of it. Just hands over a lending letters to the Navy and they agree, it's definitely him would instead of chalking it up to a prank stir and letting go. The Navy passes the book up their chain of command until it arrives on the desks of two very important people. Captain Sidney Shabby and Commander George Hoover, both of them or involved with the Navy's special Projects Department, the division charge with creating high tech war machines. Their involvement definitely adds credit, ready to everything that a Wendy said so far, like some being in those nodes made the government care the
in contract, a company called Vero manufacturing to make a hundred and twenty seven copies of the book for their investigation. Its syn become known as the barrel manuscript in any He's just feels like something is up after me, with the navy. He seemed to take the Philadelphia experiment very seriously doing as much research as he can now. Keep in mind. This is both an astrophysicist and a UFO rider. He can't help but be Skype. Go and really curious at the same time. But never know what sort of answers he may have found because too years later, moors Jessup turns up dead on April. Ten, is one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine around six hundred and forty five p dot m and a tendon to send him a park in Florida was preparing to close the park for the night before he turned
The key on the park gate. He notices a white station wagon, its parked in one of the law. And it's still running the attend head over to tell whoever it is that they have to leave as he approach is he notices a hose attached to the cars exhaust pipe it's running up through one of the key is windows which is easily cracked, and this He's around. The house has been stuffed with racks when the attendant things the door moors. Jessup is slunk over in the driver's seat, just seconds away from death police Vive on the scene. Shortly after Jessup is found. According to researcher and again singer as these further investigation, a doktor just so happens to be passing through the neighbourhood. The good doctor print It is just a dead on the spot, so cool additionally or conveniently no trip to the hospital is required as far as the hose that
the toxic fumes into Jessup car. It was it haphazard Lee attached to the exhaust pipe. It was wired on for all. We know just didn't notice in the rear window when he turned the key in the ignition just of also- didn't leave a note me He seemed to those who knew him like this was in a suicide and yet no autopsy was ever conducted. No serious investigation into his death ever happened now to be fair, Jessup had reason we gone through a divorce and lost a book deal. Allegedly he wasn't in a healthy state of mind, but according to Researchers who examined the Philadelphia experiment in two years should have found his death suspicious you earlier in an alleged closed door meeting with fellow researchers, Jessup, supposedly oh who did to his life being in very real danger, and in the weeks
up to his death, he apparently told his friend, Doktor J Manson, Valentine that here onto something really big in regard. To the Philadelphia experiment so its past all that is something big might have gotten him killed. Jessup death catapult the Philadelphia experiment into a new spotlight. Over the next day, aid researchers managed to get their hands on the Barrow manuscript an eleven days. Letters and you the foe and paranormal researchers publish books, calling for further investigation into the Philadelphia experiment and Jessup death. Then nineteen, eighty four, the production company or an ear. My makes a film called the Philadelphia experiment. It's a low budget Indy feature that take some liberties with the lending letters and the chain of events, but it does surprised singly well at the box office. Most
audiences dont know the history behind the fell. They ve never heard of Carlos Lundy or Moorish Jessup. They tossed back popcorn like it's just a run of the mill size I thriller, but if the film never made. We wouldn't have heard from a second person who supposedly witnessed the Philadelphia experiment. Now, if you thought things were already strange buckle up. This is when the story gets really weird in nineteen. Eighty four years after the films release sixty year old, electrical engineering contractor for the military out Bay leg is watching the movie on be with his family, finishes and doesn't really think much of it, but in the car in days. He begins to experience these vivid flashbacks, it sort of like he's swimming through a sea of Deja Vu Bailey goes to therapy. He try seeing a psychic, but nothing does the trick not until he sees a hypnotist who you
is this technique known as past life, regression suppose we in the process, waves appeal in full memories, flood back into bailiffs consciousness. The memory he's belong to him, but there too, for welcoming to process the illusion of time shatters in front of his eyes and he's confronted with the truth about his deja vu. Nearly fifty years earlier. He was a sailor on board the. U S ass Eldridge, coming up I'll be like arrives in the future. Love is a person. Love is a moment the place and when you are ready, love is here in Virginia just waiting to be found from the pictures. Beaches along the eastern shore to this
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nine with it in India, promotional Offer, available in Nevada. Now, let's get back to the story. In nineteen eighty eight, the fictional film, the Philadelphia experiment, triggered painful memories, locked deep within our basic psyche, super Sadly, he remembered that his real name wasn't even out baling. It was Edward Cameron and wasn't born in nineteen twenty seven. He was born eleven years earlier in nineteen. Sixty the government a raised his memories to cover up a terrible secret. But now those memories were back. You years after this discovery, baling shared his story with the world it's another wild one.
The early nineteenth thirties Bailey remembers being in his twenties and studying science at Princeton, then Harvard where he earned a phd, while at Harvard baling apparent meets renowned hungarian mathematician an physicist, after John by Norman, we know that annoying worked on the Manhattan project, the: U S, program that did the world's first nuclear weapons. That's conclusively trip, but according to be led by Norman's work on the Manhattan project was pressed. He did by his work on an arguably more dangerous effort called project Rainbow Base says Rainbow was originally run by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. But when. Ass. The raised concerns about the dangers of human experimentation. President Franklin Roosevelt replaced him with VON Norman by Norman pushes any ethical or moral quandaries aside, and he forges ahead using
Einstein's, unified field theory to turn warships invisible as this, Regos by nineteen. Forty by Norman recruits out obey like an basics. Brother Duncan, who is this, like science, with their job. Is to assist uncertain technical logistics involved on project rainbow, like the details of which are kind of vague, together, baling and Duncan brush up on their physics through this rigorous ninety day, training programme where they meet both nickel attests and Albert Einstein. There too to develop technology to put an end to world war to sort of like Project Manhattan was trying to do with the atomic bomb. By the summer of nineteen, forty three project rainbow is ready to run its first live test on a small ship in Brooklyn. New York bacon Duncan are assigned to operate the machinery below deck. When there too,
old. All systems go. They flip this, which is on the necessary equipment and the ship becomes invisible shortly it reappears again in this same spot, exactly as planned, the experiment, is a success and according to be like some of the sailors, become violently ill, but no one dies now already. The story is way out there, but baling has more detail according to her. Later that summer, Billikin Duncan or on board the? U S, S Eldridge docked in Philadelphia Naval Yard. For yet another test run this time their conveniently on the deck when the experiment starts and when a dense, green Bob Gins to form around the ship, they realise that something is wrong: basic and done and try to shut the experiment down, but they can't so they make a deal ass for the edge of the ship and jump off instead, but they never hit the water when
baling opens his eyes he's in a hospital room surrounded by technology. He's never seen before begin is lying in the bed next to him unconscious, but baling doesn't much time to process this, because a doctor enters the room. The doktor asks him. Do you know what year it is an be like responds like, of course, it's nineteen. Forty three. Fifty as president, you turn the radio on and you'll hear Frank Sinatra, but the doctors like you may want to state. Laying down for this The year is actually twenty one. Thirty. Seven, supposedly, the doktor pulls out a map of the United States and the entire south eastern coast of the country is just ocean. It is entirely underwater for the next few weeks, baling Duncan are treated in this futuristic government hospital then,
they suddenly and inexplicably travel forward through time again to the year twenty. Seven, forty, nine according to Bay, like this trip, your space and time last longer he and done in our healthy enough to get acquainted with the future, and they discover that the world is ruled by computer system, what we would refer as artificial intelligence. Luckily, Bay again Duncan are only present in twenty seven, forty nine for two years before yet another sudden inexplicable jump in time. Supposedly this time they end up in nineteen eighty three, but they bear adjust to their new surroundings before government officials corner then a race, their memories. Ed Cameron's Consciousness is then somehow implanted in a child born in nineteen, twenty seven as Alfred Bailey, meaning he never sees his old body again and when Bay
is boring? He doesn't remember anything about his past life, but it still here in his subconscious. He grows up and the comes this walking talking encyclopedia of Knowledge nobody's specks he's lived another life as a government scientists, they just think he's a little eccentric so. He wandered through life feeling at odds with this world around him. Never fully. No, why that is Until sixty years later, when he's sitting in front of a television watching the Philadelphia experiment on VHF S mouth this story is so crazy. It seems hard for any one to believe, but apparently, like found an audience on January thirteen nineteen. Ninety, he d rivers speech at a UFO conference in Dallas Texas. He tells the world that Philadelphia experiment was real. He even found pictures of what he looked like as Edward Cameron,
and the age in years all seem to match up. Big Lik story gets picked up by media outlets across the country. He goes on. This pressed for radio television conferences and as crazy as he sounds. His account pretty much stays consistent, but one of the details basics, most adamant about is that the Philadelphia experiment didn't happen when Carlos Lending says it did. Bailiwick says that it occur on August, twelfth nineteen, forty three while most sources, say that Carlos eleven days version of events happened in October of nineteen, forty three so who's here the truth in AL Alex case. His unbelievable story really shouldn't be believed. Edward Kay, when the man in the photographs that Bailey claim to be him in a former life was a real person named Alex Cameron and he did go to Princeton and Harvard, but he knew I participated in a government experiment. Care
And also had kids, and they are not happy that basic use, their fathers likeness as evidence for project rainbow. As for Carlos Lundy, he is really a trustworthy per in either after moors, Jessup died, alleged Dave remained allusive for years. They in nineteen sixty nine. He stopped by the air you'll phenomena, research organization in Tucson, Arizona to make a confession. A lindy said he made everything up. It was all This lies, but this could have been falls. Because shortly afterwards he recanted it the only other party under suspicion is the Navy. Of course they maintain that they ve never conducted any investigations on Invisibility period not entirely true in, world WAR too many ships were outfitted with, did gassing equipment which sent in electrical
current through the vessels magnetic field making the field invisible to enemy radar. Now this technology Is real and still exist today, but it doesn't have any known side effects as for project Rainbow Owl Bay Lex name for the Philadelphia experiment. Rainbow was the allied powers code name for their plans to defeat Germany, Japan and ITALY. But as far as me, can tell it had nothing to do with envy ability or time travel still if you ve, listened to past episodes. You know that top secret government programmes like the Manhattan project, an M k all were real. Have been some really crazy. You as programmes that have either succeeded or failed likely said, can, beer, is don't just fall from the sky. They exist for a reason
me and no one has been able to answer why the Navy took such an interest in the book with a note or Jessica there is from a lending may be the only seen who ever knew was more. Jessup and maybe the truth, was so bad that it was enough to get him killed exactly what the truth is, though we may never know thanks for listening I'll be back next week with another episode, you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all favorite, music and pard. All in one place there, making it easier to Listen to what everyone here for free on your phone computer, smart speaker,
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