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On December 5th, 1945, Flight 19 flew out over the Atlantic Ocean on a routine training mission. It was a simple exercise—hundreds of pilots had navigated it before. But the flight crew never made it back to base. Instead, they fell victim to one of the deadliest paranormal phenomena on earth: The Bermuda Triangle. 

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On December fifth, nineteen forty five flight nineteen flu over the Atlantic Ocean on a routine training mission. Their flight plan was simple, hundreds Pilots had navigated it before they should have been back to me in three hours. Instead, they drifted farther and farther. A until they ran out of gas and plunged into the waves surgeon ask. You was deployed immediately. The Navy com thousands of square miles of the Atlantic for days, but they found no tree. Of Flight. Nineteen, no wreckage, no parachutes, no bodies. One officer reported they vanished as completely as if they flown to Mars
the crew of flight nineteen had fallen victim to one of the most dangerous paranormal hotspots in the world. The Bermuda triangle, this is supernatural a poor cast original and I your host Ashley flowers. Every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth, you can find all so the supernatural in all other par cast originals for free on Spotify, and if you like, what you're here reach out on Facebook in Instagram, at par, cast and twitter at PAR cast network. This week we're looking at the Bermuda triangle and the disappearance of flight nineteen. This
the landmark case of the Bermuda triangle: lore the story that started all the rumours. What is it about this piece of DNA take that makes so many ships and planes just disappear in the case of flight. Nineteen will never because no one in the entire fourteen man, crew, ever seen or heard from again. We'll died into the story right after this stay with us, freeze. Bermuda triangle is most often attributed to Vincent Goddess, paranormal writer, from the nineteen sixties. In an article Argosy magazine, Goddess, defying the points of the triangle as Miami Bermuda and Puerto Rico. According to his research, hundreds of ships and crew had disappeared. In this part, killer section of the Atlantic, never to be seen or heard from again, but goddess didn't invent
legend of the Bermuda triangle he just gave it to me. The stories extend all the way back to the fifteenth century. One of the first surviving accounts comes from Christopher Columbus, in one thousand four hundred and ninety two. He sailed through the triangle on his way to the Americas. One night he saw a strange light rising up out of the ocean. He described in his journal that it was like a fleeing from a wax candle that went up and down three or four times in the pitch. Black Columbus and his crew were glad to see the light. They thought it meant it. We're finally close to lay out, but they sailed toward the flame and found nothing. Just more ocean Ben delight disappeared and they couldn't ever explain where it had come from but it stuck with the entire crew. Not only did Columbus document so did to other sailors, and this becomes the first seed of the mystery
It only grows in sixteen ten, a ship Rex off the coast, Bermuda so horribly were travels all the way back to England. It allegedly inspired William Shakespeare to write the tempest. Another boat called the Carol, a deer ran into trouble in the early twentieth century, while sailing through the triangle. When they found the wreckage office Word North Carolina. It was completely deserted. The entire crew was just gone without a trace You could say: oh well, these ships are old, these are small ships. They probably worked that sea worthy. There isn't anything strange here, but how about this one, the: U S: S Cyclops, with a five hundred fifty foot, long freighter carrying eleven thousand times of manganese or in nineteen eighteen, it sailed from Rio De Janeiro to Baltimore Maryland passing through them Would a triangle bill?
message, anyone received from the Cyclops was whether fair all. Well, then, it vanished, along with its three hundred person krill, they didn't even send a distress signal. It just fell off the face of the earth see, if a magazine cover the disappearance, writing usually wooden bucket or a cork life preserver identified as belonging to a law. Ship is picked up after a rack, but not so with the Cyclops. She just disappear though some gigantic monster of the sea had grabbed her men and all and sent her into the depths of the ocean, but The story of this Cyclops get swept under the rug in the chaos of World war. One ships were thinking all the time from torpedoes. What one more afraid or lost in the Atlantic. The war didn't really start paying attention to the power of the Bermuda triangle until the disappearance of flight nineteen,
eight hundred and nineteen left Fort Lauderdale's Naval AIR station, just after two p dot m on December fifth, one thousand nine hundred and forty five. Light is a little misleading. This wasn't just one plain: it was five five team, an avenger crew by fourteen men on what was otherwise a banal training mission. There called flight nineteen, because it was the nineteenth group of training pilots that day eighteen other flights, taken off run their mission and successfully returned. So this was supposed to be a totally routine, exercise that dozens of pilots had done before them without incident, and not just that day but hundreds of times in the history of fight school. In fact, This was the final mission the students had to complete before graduating from the advanced training, the file mission was supposed to test their dead reckoning skills, basically naval, pilots, why most of their missions over open ocean. So it's really,
to get lost without any landmarks like mountains or metropolitan areas, and this is before the days of advanced radar or gps, so they had to use just like straight up math and it's a pretty simple formula. If you fly in unknown direction at unknown speed for a known period of time, you'll generally get well, you're supposed to go. This means that tools become absolutely essential in the cockpit a compass and airspace indicator and a clock, tools were so important for staying on course, that the tv M vendors came equipped with two different kinds of compasses, a giant Compass and a magnetic one. Most pilot also wore a wristwatch as back up to the clock mountain in their dash as well. Their training mission flight nineteen would fly a simple triangle path over the Atlantic. A hundred when he three miles EAST said,
the three miles north than a hundred and twenty miles back west until they reached the Florida east along the way they practice dropping some torpedo bombs. All told it should take three hours to complete this mission now for but the adventurers were piloted by the students. They would each take a turn flying lead and basically guiding the group through one of the legs of the journey. The fifth plain was home by an experienced flight leader to make sure that they stay on the correct course, if any of the tree the pilot straight too far from the planned route. The instructor would assume the lead position and pilot them back. On course. The weather report that day was pretty on marketable sixty seven degrees and visibility of ten to twelve miles, which is good actually slightly above average, the weather, did in K a chance of rain that evening, but this is born. There is basically always that possibility, so all in all It should have made for easy flying conditions flight nineteen,
scheduled for take off at one forty five p m but less then an hour before wheels up their flight leader, Lieutenant Charles Taylor still had. Arrived at the airfield. This do we're all sitting in the ruddy room waiting for their instructor wondering what was going on. You know this is a big day for them. This is, test that they have to pass to graduate we're is thereby maintained, Finally does arrive around one ten p m: he doesn't go To the ready rip, instead, he heads for flight operations, and he finds his friend Lieutenant Howard Williams. Any pulls him aside any quiet ass, William to do him a favor Taylor once him to leave flight nineteen today and Williams you taking a bath like you, can't just change up a flight crew at the last second, but definitely not in the military. They are scheduled to take off in a half hour
so William says. No. I can't leave your fight for you when you Taylor what's going on Taylor, doesn't really give him an answer. He just has this bad feeling about flying today and just so, we don't it is too lightly. Taylor was an experienced world war, two pilot, with literally hundreds of hours flying time under his belt heat faced open combat in the Pacific. And survive. But something about blind today spoke ten William said later that it was like Taylor had some kind, a premonition, still Taylor makes his way to the ruddy room, to greet his training pilots and go over the mission briefing. He reviews the flight and the headings the timings everything they need to determine their dead reckoning. Overseeing this brief is aviation, training, officer, Arthur Curtis and that some
during the mission Review, Taylor stopped and pulls Curtis aside again, he expresses his reservations about flying today. He even formally request to be released. From leaving flight nineteen now neighbour regulations actually do allow for this kind of thing, if a pilot doesn't feel up to the task of flying, for whatever reason there were choir, to ground themselves, but again, Taylor doesnt really have a reason to quit the mission he just as a bad feeling and bad feelings, dont, really all within the regulations plus. This is Last mission of his duty required curriculum. It's supposed to reign, next few days. So if they don't fly, afternoon the test will be delayed almost a week. Curtis wants to just these trainees through the programme, so they can earn their wings and then go home to their families for Christmas. So he tells Taylor request denied he's flying today period after their brief,
the fourteen men had to their planes and prepare for take off. They do their routine checks on the engine, the radio, the controls, everything is good to go at two ten p m nineteen lines up there, five planes on the tarmac, its twenty five minutes per there original regional departure time so alight. Drizzle has started a taste of the predicted evening shower, but Stability is still average and they have almost three and a half hours until sunset, plenty of time to run the mission and get back to base Taylor radios the tower they are cleared for take off the five planes ray down the runway and set off into the sky, I too Eleven p m that same day, a couple sitting on the beach and Fort Lauderdale Soft five TB m. Avenger bombers fly overhead out to sea without knowing it they were the final witnesses to flight nineteen, the fourteen men were never seen again.
Only details we have about their final moments come from the radio transmissions we'll dive into their last no communications right after this supernatural listeners. If you, deep into the story and totally bummed that I took a break. I'm sorry, but also thank you if you like, my story telling be sure to check out one of the other shows I host crying junkie. It's a weekly show. About more traditional, true crime. Cases, though, I can't totally shake my tinfoil hat, and sometimes things get. It'll conspiratorial new episode, the crime junkie come out every Monday and there's over one hundred episodes that you can binge right now, just search for crime junkie, wherever you get your pod casts or visit crying junkie, podcast dotcom. Now, let's go
to the story. After the couple sees the five planes eye to eleven p M, the fourteen men, I've. Never seen again, the only detail we have about their final mission, come from their radio communications with the tower at the naval base and with each other base. Dont radio chatter? We know that the group successfully completed the first leg of their journey. They flew fifty six miles. Ease to a small group of islands called hen and chicken shawls for their torpedo, exercise some time between two thirty p m and three p m the tower in Fort Lauderdale picked up to pilots on the radio. One said I've got one more bomb and the other reports go ahead and drop it it probably would have taken. Twenty minutes to I too, hen and chickens and then another twenty two thirty minutes to complete the bombing exercise. So this report at a time, indefinitely matches up and after this point,
we have to move on to the next wegg key Fine EAST sixty seven miles until they reach great stirrup, keep This is a small island. Only two hundred and sixty eight acres. It should be visible from me, but there's always a chance. You can't miss it if visibility is low, so this is where dead, reckoning equation, comes into play. Flight nineteen sets their clock for twenty seven minutes well twenty seven minutes came and went away, turning to the radio chatter. Nowhere in flight nineteen could see great stirrup key and it's not visibility issue. They can see just fine, it's just that. They see for miles around men is open ocean making matters worse. Lieutenant Taylor who supervising the for student pilots is starting to have doubts that his gyro compass is functioning properly. So he instructs the group to turn north as planned, but declined to a higher altitude
can get a better picture of what around then they'll be able to get back on course, except the visibility gets. Worse at a higher altitude. The impasse Storm meant that the planes were shrouded in cloud cover. They couldn't see anything but Taylor keeps his cool this he's dead reckoning. After all, right, like you, don't have to see where you're going that's the whole point. He knows Directional heading his speed and how long it supposed to take to get to the next check point. He sets his clock for thirty, four, and he keeps flight nineteen heading north when the times of tailor takes the crew down out of the cloud cover expecting to see great sale key up ahead, but again it's just vast empty water feeling like they must have overshot the island. Taylor turns the flight around. They go back the way they can and he reassures the group. We're gonna, see the checkpoint any minute, but they don't
This makes absolutely no sense to tail or any just made all the more confusing by his compass readings. He asked the other pie multiple times over the radio like. What is your compensate? What is your compass say and none of their reading match his tailors gyro they must be busted and his back the magnetic compass, the winds that their flying through too rough for an accurate reading, so he can't even use that one at three forty p m. Another pilot fly. Hang over the Fort Lauderdale AIR base. Lieutenant Robert Cox over here some radio chatter from flight nineteen one of the pilots admits I don't know where we are, but at just about that time. Taylor looks down and realizes he could see land except it's not the eye. When they ve been looking for it's a bunch of small reefs and sand bars a row of small broken up pieces of land. He said we realise is where he is the Florida keys. His compass must,
be malfunctioning so severely that, instead of flying ease towards great stirrup key, they flew South West. There, and when they turn north, they must have gone all the way up to the keys at about the same, I'm Taylor came to this determination. Lieutenant Cox reaches out to the group on the radio and he asked what their trouble was Taylor explains both MIKE. Compasses are out and I'm trying to find Fort Lauderdale. I'm overly under? But it's broken, I'm sure I'm in the keys, but I dont know how far down- and I dont know how to get to Fort Lauderdale and Last comment is a little strange because if Taylor is in the keys than four Lauderdale should be a generally straight shot north, it's just a matter of distance and even of his buses are working with the sun still in the sky. It should be fairly easy for him to determine which way is north. How did he get This disoriented wit,
Cox reminds him if the sun is on your left wing. Your pointed north, just keep coming in this direction and you'll get home, but just to be safe. Cox decides that he's going to fly south to meet them find them somewhere over South Florida and then escort them back to base. Or tries to waive him off. I mean it's already embarrassing enough that he's gotten this lost on a test flight being escorted back to base by another pilot is mortify but com is worried enough about the safety of flight nineteen that he had sought to meet them anyway. He eggs, sure their flying at the same altitude and then tells Taylor he'll, see him soon. But forty five minutes go by you are still hasn't made landfall in Florida, Cox's now down were the keys himself and has seen no sign of flight nineteen even worse, tailors radio transmissions are getting fainter and more garbled. This
in the signal is getting weaker, meaning that fight nineteen is somehow flying even further away from base makes absolutely no sense at all in the cockpit lieutenant color is starting to get rattled ever a decision, he makes every direction he turns only makes feel more lost. He when the sun is going to go down in less than an hour, meaning he'll lose the only reliable sense of direction. He hats. On top of that, the honest storm is rolling in having the cloud or thickening and its starting rain in the briefing room before take off Taylor. Reviewed the standard protocol with his team for what to do if they, find themselves lost over the Atlantic Ocean turn your nose toward the sun and fly west until you hit land at four thirty p m the town.
Or overhears flight nineteen discussing this option should they just head west. But Taylor hesitates. He can't trust any of his. Instruments they haven't seen land in miles, not since they were over the keys and they going north for almost an hour. Now they should have mainly involve. Why haven't they? Then it hits it. They must be West floored flying parallel to the coast, somehow straight into the Gulf of Mexico. If they go even further work asked the woman of gas long before they reach Texas. They have to turn around back east, though run right into Florida So once again flight nineteen turned around. But once again and their radio signals gets weaker, and this indicates that they're getting Further from base not closer,
the radio signal is now so weak. No one is able to communicate directly with flight nineteen. The pilots can your each other and a few towers are able to pick up snippets of their conversations, but no one can get new information to them. Another forty five, minutes goes by and the sun is now almost set. Eight pouring ring, most importantly, pilots are starting to run low on fuel and Taylor is starting to panic another one of the pilots. Group urges him. We need to turn around. We need a head west. I know that's the way home Taylor is oh turned around at this point, so desperate for one of his decisions to be correct that he agrees at five fifteen p m. They make a noise they're. U turn and head back west, hoping that they'll see some kind of land soon at five. Fifty p m,
Gulf and Eastern See frontier station, which is a command centre that uses high power radar to track the location of enemy ships is finally able to get a fix on flight nineteenth position based on their way you're transmissions Bay, determined that the crew, definitely not in the Gulf of Mexico their nowhere near the Florida keys either. They estimate that flight nineteen is or out in the Atlantic Ocean, like a hundred and won T Miles east of Daytona Beach, but that's. Ok, that's actually a good thing because back means that the training pilot was right. They just need to keep heading west and then we'll make it back home accept No one is able to communicate this to attend at Taylor and at six hundred four p m. Fifty minutes after they. U turn he is once again convinced that they're going in the wrong direction. It's been too long, they should have hit land by now
Taylor radios to the other pilots If were mere land, we should be able to see a light or something I suggest we fly. Do east until we run out of gas will have a better chance of being picked up to the shore the other hey. Let's try and reason with him: how could they? in the Gulf they went east of Florida, not west. They were my him that his compass might be malfunctioning, but there is we're all working the whole time. They just need to keep heading West, but Taylor will not be moved. It's like something has passed best his mine and robbed him of all reason of all of his years of experience, ignoring the tower he's, ignoring his crew and, frankly, he's ignoring all logic, would her voice is telling him to head east. It's the only one listening to, and at the end of the day, he's the flight later
he's the senior officer, so the rest of the plains fall in line and they turned back EAST out into the open ocean back into this warm clouds, the thunder and the lightning crashing all around them and they're going to run out of gas any minute at six. Thirty p M Taylor, radios to his crew. All planes close up tight, we'll have to ditch unless landfall, when the first plane drop below ten gallons. We all go down together and that's the last message that anyone picks up from light nineteen Those are the final words of the mission. No one sees or hears from flight nineteen or any of the fourteen men ever again, but that's not the final track, of the night, the Navy immediately scrambles a search and rescue team. If the plane went down. They have to find them to me
in PBS. Mariners are launched from another naval base in Jacksonville. These are giant plain boats like that. Fly out over the ocean, but can also land on the surface of the water if needed. So too, earners take off, but only one retards, just like flight nineteen, be other plain completely vanishes will explore what might have happened to flight nineteen and that other plain after this, now we're back to the story. After flight nineteen disappeared on December fifth, the Name immediately scrambled a search and rescue team, but one of their rescue wanes. Martin mariners see plain left from Jacksonville with a thirteen man, crew and then never returned. There was no s o s. Note
press signal they just vanished into the store, just like lightning teeth. So at this point having lost twenty seven men and six planes in the course of few hours, the Navy grounds everyone they call off relief efforts until morning. It's dark, it's raining just can't risk losing any one else. The next day December six this and rescue efforts start again, but they didn't make much progress as predicted. The storms that started the night before continued unabated, they had abandon their search efforts or risk losing more planes by December? Seventh, the Navy is desperate for some kind of answers throughout
course of the day they send planes out to scour over a hundred thousand square miles of open ocean. Looking for any sign of flight, nineteen or the missing mariner, see plain and may find nothing, no debris, no parachute nobody's. So what actually happened here over the years. The story of lightning team has been immortalized in the pages of port magazines and science fiction of EL as they take the report's assessment of flying to Mars and kind of run with it lieutenant there's last words are now rumoured to be. I know where I am now don't come after me. They look like their from outer space and others worry that was popularized was that the family of one of the crew I received a telegram shortly after his disappearance, and it said simply I am very much alive and it was Georgie appear.
We know one outside of the family, called him by this name, making the family trust its authenticity. So, with this land. The story of flight nineteen becomes connected to ufos the prevailing beery The nineteen sixty suggests that the pilots and their planes were all abducted by aliens that's why the Navy was never able to find any trace of them and that's how Georgie was able to send his message to his family. If your entire theories about the Bermuda triangle as a whole, anyone who disappear there was actually abducted, but we have the transcripts from blight. Nineteen three There is no mention of any thing coming from outer space. So, let's just go ahead and assume that, at least in this story, aliens had nothing to do with it I mentioned earlier the strange disappearance of the: U S: S Cyclops, like flight. Ninety, and it seemed to vanish into thin air
even stranger, the Cyclops had to sister ships that also disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. That's the common theme here. People just seem to disappear feeds into these theories that something truly paranormal is happening in this corner of the ocean, In addition to Ufos, it's been suggested that the Bermuda triangle is the site of the lost city of Atlantis. Whatever force plunged the ancient city in The depth of the ocean now praise on unsuspecting ships and planes dry, begging men to the watery grave, never to be seen again. Their theory say that the Bermuda triangle is home to a portal to another dimension. Ships go in and I dont come out. It's basically a black. Hole in the middle of the Atlantic and with another or of cases of people and boats just vanishing. Without any explanation, you can why these theories get traction, its
bizarre enough that scientists are looking into the triangle, disappearances and over the years they ve been able to provide some pretty compelling explanations of their own. For one, Gulf stream runs directly through the Bermuda triangle. This isn't, in current that runs north from the Gulf of Mexico along the EAST coast of the United States and Canada think of it like a river running through the middle of the ocean and all this water moves at a constant speak about four miles an hour. So when a ship thinks or a plane crashes. Any debris that's left by find and any survivors left floating in the water they constantly being pushed worth four miles every single hour in the case of flight nine he's been Navy, wasn't able to mountain effective start until the morning of December, seven, almost forty hours after the plain entered the water. That means that any d,
we had already travelled close to a hundred and sixty miles before anyone had a chance to look for it, and even search and rescue crew were able to account for all of the movement binding. A person in the open ocean he's a needle in a haystack, I mean today all the technology at our disposal. The coastguard has only a seventy eight percent chance of recovery in the open ocean and that's at peak conditions that it is only go down if there is any kind of adverse weather in nineteen. Forty, with limited technology and battling the elements. The odds were wildly stacked against them. That chances of finding any one from flight. Nineteen were basically from the start and for the mariner see plainly disappear during the search. It's me similarly the same reason, though Planes were known to have mechanical problems. Apparently the fuel lines were so notoriously faulty all mariners, constantly smelled of gasoline
another ship reported seeing of fireball crash into the ocean on the night of December Fit so it's like, that the mariner experienced a massive mechanical failure, exploded without warning and then the wreckage just washed away? So Dat shed some light on why we may be never found any sign of flight nineteen or the other vanish ships we mentioned, but what made them crash in the first place again, the Gulf stream provides some of the answers it brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico up to meet the cold water from the northern Atlantic Ocean when these two ten cheers meat. They release a time of moisture in the air causing storms. And sometimes this is happening so rapidly raging hurricane seemingly appear out of nowhere ships get caught in them. They crash or the abandoned ship, and then the Gulf Stream current just spirits them away
we're afraid or like the. U S, S Cyclops. It would take a huge huge storm with massive waves to capsize and the Bermuda angle isn't really known for waves that size and dont for at a lot of these missing ships reported fair weather before they disappeared. Some scientists think the culprit is pockets of methane gas along the sea floor when one of them ups and release is all that gas into the ocean. It actually changes. The density of the water This change can be so dramatic that it might cause a ship to sink rather than float, so the Cyclops could be sailing through the com it not a cloud in the sky and then suddenly start to take on water out of nowhere by the time they realised what was happening. It was too late, but flight. Nineteen wasn't in the water so that wasn't the issue this time we can explain. Why the planes were never found with the scientific theories, but once more
treating to me is how did flight nineteen get so lost in the first place, the flight leader can it Charles Taylor was an incredibly experienced pilot high flown over twenty five hundred hours, and yet he completely fell apart in the air He was so flustered at one point. He actually gave the wrong call sign over the radio he went against every protocol. Pilots are taught he ignored reason. It was like some thing took a hold of him over the shit. Every time he got close to shore some kind of force convinced him to turn back around and go back out over the ocean until finally, he and his crew were just done for women Taylor didn't want to fly that mission. That day, he had a bad feeling about something and I have to wonder had he sends something supernatural in the works in the
in the aftermath of the disappearance, the Navy actually concluded that Taylor was at fault for the whole thing. Some people suggest that he'd been up partying the night before his mission, and maybe when he tried to excuse himself from flying, it was because he was too hung over, but there's really no evidence to suggest that this was the case. There's mother even petition the Navy on her sons behalf and had his name heard of any wrong doing so what happened, this case has been studied by dozens of people over the years you followed. Aside, one of the leading Experts on this is a former pilot named John Marie. He spent for thirty years. Looking for the answers to flight nineteen- and he believed the answer could be found in the purpose of the mission dead reckoning, like I said, dead reckoning is based on the idea that if you know what erection you're going in and how fast your going and how long you been flying, you have all the information you need to get to your destination, whilst
flight. Nineteen theorists have suggested otherwise my respected did that lieutenant tailors. Gyro compass did malfunction, and this is actually a common trope of the Bermuda triangle stories, some people who pay Do the triangle report that not only does their compass pale, but the needle spins wildly totally out of control, but and it tailors case, the explanation is much more banal. It was likely human error like flight nineteen, was made up of an experienced pilot and training pilots, so was the ground crew. It's likely that tailors Compass was checked by a student who just didn't notice. Any issues before take off and nor led the magnetic compass would serve as a fail safe, but by the time, healer realise the issue he was in rough wins, he's I was bouncing around making the needle skip. He couldn't get an accurate reading, even if he tried so without a functional compass tailors ability to guide.
His flight was severely compromised and that planted a seat of death, in his mind that grew and bastard as the flight faced more uncertainty, so right off the bat one of the elements of dead reckoning is off direction, but their speed was off as well. The calculations they used were east off readings taken on the morning of the bit by the time flight nineteen took if that afternoon, the wind speed, had increased from thirty six miles per hour to forty nine miles per hour. Finally, direction of the wind had also shifted from two hundred forty one degrees to two hundred twenty degrees alone, none of these factors would have had that great of an impact but combined be became a perfect storm of confusion but completely enveloped. The and it Taylor until he wasn't sure which way was up, even though he had done thousands of ours of experience in the cockpit he was relish,
Have we knew too the Florida area so once flight nineteen strayed from the designated route tale didn't know how to get them back home John, Ray theorize that, after the bombing exercise flight ninety, unknowingly, overshot their next checkpoint, great stirrup key by about fifty miles. Instead They turned north at the next island. They saw great Abaco, but. Throws off the next check point as well, because now there's so much farther east. When finally see some kind of land. It's these small, broken reefs and sand bars so Taylor, who can't his compass, no he's, missed his checkpoints and is generally unfamiliar with the area, becomes absolutely convinced that he southwest of Florida in the keys instead of where he asked Surely is North east of Florida in the Burmese triangle. Once you,
as this in his head, no matter how much evidence to the contrary. He can't let it go. He just gets complete tunnels. And when the tower and the other pilots try to convince him that safety is to the west, he is convinced that there farther out in to see into the gulf, but sadly the opposite is true. There not a lot of emotion, conveyed in the radio transcripts, but why thing that is clear, is tailors, utter confusion. He know some thing isn't right, but he can't figure out what it is, because so many things wrong the compass, the ears the wind direction, the checkpoints, it completely confounds head and he bent so much time flying in circles trying to figure it out, he eventually runs out of options here to crash Leon into the water tailors not the only highly experienced person to lose themselves in these waters, Joshua Locum was the first person to sail around the world so low. There was passed
let no one more seasoned in the ocean and he was but he made along with his boat while crossing the Bermuda triangle in nineteen o night as recently as June, two thousand three afford a couple went missing in the triangle. They sailed out in a sixteen foot boat on June. Eighteen, never to be seen or heard from again no wreckage where so ass. We, look at the sheer number of shipwrecks and disappearances. It seems like for welcoming evidence that something is going on here. A thousand disappearances have occurred. Bermuda Triangle in the last century, but the U S coasts insist that it's just a numbers, game they say, millions of planes and ships travel through that area of the Atlantic every year is one of the most highly traffic He is in the ocean, John Reilly of the. U S Naval historical Foundation explained: the region has been a busy crossroads.
The early days of european exploration, to say quite a few ships and airport have gone down. There is like saying there are an awful lot of car accidents on the New Jersey. Turnpike, surprise, surprise. So if there are any dark forces at work, in this corner of the ocean. What convinced lieutenant learn to fly out to see today what you are experienced, is called spatial disorientation. It's actually a I'm in danger for pilots even those with years of experience- and we know a lot more now about the warning signs and how to prevent it. One of the most important pieces of advice trust your instruments, not your gut Oh, maybe tailors real mistake was ignoring his instincts when he was still on the ground. That's honestly, the only thing. We can't explain about flight nineteen. What was a bad feeling? He had that premonition Taylor. Was so uneasy about his upcoming flight. He had even mentioned
to his mind the night before when she called what was his got, trying to tell him then, and what, if he had listened Thank you for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite, music and pod cas all in one place and they're, making it easier to listen to whatever you wanna hear for free on your phone, computer or smart speaker, and if you like, the show, follow at par cast on Facebook and instruments at park ass network on Twitter. Supernatural was created by MAX Cutler and stars actually flowers and is a park ass, original its executive produced by MAX
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