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A 32-year-old resident of Vancouver Island vanishes in November 1980, leaving behind a note that says he’s heading off on an adventure. But Granger Taylor is not your regular voyager. He’s a mechanical genius who’s built a life-size replica of a flying saucer. And he’s heading to space — with the help of aliens. 

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If you ve ever lost someone you love, then you probably understand just how important closure is. It makes things a little bit easier when you get to give some one final hug by or say, you're sorry or reminisce one last time, but closure is pretty hard to come. I will you aren't sure if that person is actually gone. The stormy November night in nineteen, eighty, a man at me Granger Taylor left a note for his parents got into his truck and drove off into the pouring rain. But this wasn't an app gee or a suicide note. Was even really a good bye. It said quote dear mother, and father? I have gone away to walk aboard and alien spaceship, as reoccurring drew
assured a forty two month, interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, this is supernatural aspire, fi or original from hard cast. I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep sigh into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other poor originals for free on Spotify. Today, covering the bizarre disappearance of her injure tailor. The thirty two road was mechanical genius, who built a model spaceship in his back your then rangers dead. He was kind by beings from another planet aliens needed
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number eats the official on demand through delivery. Partner of the NFL operates is bringing you game day deals all season order now. This episode is brought. You buy Bacardi, spiced rough, but a phantom beryl aged Caribbean rub Bacardi spices, infused with Cinnamon Megan Vanilla over a bold, yet smooth taste, that's perfect for making, but currencies based around you would lose you by now. I really dont come and get new delivery and, under an hour live passionately, drink responsibly, copyright, twenty twenty one according to stray dress, our trade might have accordion company limited Kali. Usa, ink coral gables Lord a room with natural flavors inspires us thirty, five percent, echoed by volume on the south EAST coast of Vancouver Island. There's. This quaint little town called Duncan, which is home to about five thousand people, It's got this cute little downtown area, surrounded by farmland and woods back in
nineteen seventies. It was the kind of place where kids still road their bikes to their friends houses where people walk to go grab milk in the morning and everyone knew each other in some capacity, but every small town, Has it secrets or, more importantly, its outcasts in Duncan that person was Granger Taylor even as a kid in the nineteen sixties, Grange was a bit of an odd duck. He has a heart I'm connecting with other children need us do well in school. It doesn't help that he's and his early years dealing with a pretty significant tragedy. While on a trip to the family, cabin on Horn, Lake Rangers Father takes their boat out and well he never come. back some say that he drowned in some freak accident, but family members say they aren't exactly sure what happened rig.
Less granges mother, eventually remarries and he gains a whole bunch of step and half siblings ringing. The total family had count to ten. His parents are based. Would you may be why they have a hard time keeping granger in school around the eighth grade, he drops out to focus on his real passion, mechanic, which seems a little young to be making any major career choices, but luckily for Granger it pays off once he reaches his teeth. means every one is like this. Kid is pretty, a genius when it comes to fixing things see grey There's not just refurbishing old car engines he's rebuilding trucks, those errors, even a depression. you're a locomotive that he finds out in the woods like no joke, he plows a trail through the forest, untangled, the web of trees that have grown around it and toes this train to his parents farm. Then he restores it from scratch,
as you can probably imagine, Granger start some scrappy little guy. He grows into a six foot. Two hundred forty pounds, husky man but he's stature- is a complete contrast to his personnel in fact, everyone who knows him apparently calls him gentle Ben, but just because, dangers known around Duncan. Doesn't mean he has a lot of friends at least not his own age, when he reached his twenties he's mostly hanging out with a neighborhood kids boys who come by two were a thing or two about mechanics, so yeah, Granger too, there might be a little strange, but his antics also some of the most interesting events in the small town of Duncan at least until New year's day. Nineteen sixty nine. That morning, around five, a m just a few minutes away from Granger Stanley Farm for nurses. working a shift at a local hospital, their tending to pay In the geriatric unit, when outside of the wind
do they spot something hovering three stories above the ground? Is this Saturn eight almost blinding flying saucer, it has a string. Lights around the centre that light up like a Christmas tree, but that's not all nurse named Doreen reigns. She can see something moving inside the craft, there's too tall human looking figures behind a glass, windshield, She says that one is intently focused on the controls almost giving her impression that the ship might be malfunctioning, but apparently they get their controls back online because because the saucer only for for a few more minutes, then it glides away through the trees and off into the sunrise, the nurses aren't. They only Duncan residents who spot this thing? There are multiple people in the area who report similar objects in the sky. Including some local school teachers and a boat captain now
I have no idea of Granger is amongst those witnesses that early January morning, but after this, citing unidentified aircraft, definitely become a hot topic. Around can which may be why Granger becomes fascinating, with rebuilding old airplanes in the nineteen seventeen he gets his hands on the sky. Of a world war, two kitty hawk fighter, plane and completely refurbish. Is it but he really love sin on his true passion in nineteen. Seventy seven when star worse, hits theatres twentieth oh Granger lines of four blocks away from the cinema. With his twelve year old friend, Robert Keller, together, they see the movie at least four times on the big screen began. It isn't just watching the film he's studying it with each viewing he becomes more and more convinced he's going to build his own spaceship
roots robber and some other neighbourhood. Kids. Together they go dumpster diving for discarded satellite dishes and bring them back to rangers yard over the course of the next year, I've Granger constructs his very own light size replica of a flying saucer. He melted does together, creates an aluminum ramp and door and places it on a pair of stilts. He outfits it with a couch, a bed, a tv, even a wood burning stove I mean it is basically the world's coolest clubhouse. The only thing I can do is fly released, yet so Granger turns the ship into his own private research centre. He spent his evenings, sleeping in this market, UFO poring over books about outer space, Possum Alien species and DE. I why propulsion systems, and apparently in nineteen eighty this research actually pays off
one evening. Granger is falling asleep when he hears something in his head. It's a voice, but it's not his voice. it's another being that claims to be transmitting messages from beyond the milky way. Galaxy supposedly Granger asks for the beings advice. He wants to know how to master propulsion system for the craft. now? I have no idea specifically what information they gave him, but they do tell him it has something to do with magnetism. This information exchange. Is it just happened once allegedly their conversations can you, four months during one these mind. Hacks the boys supposedly invites Granger on a trip through the solar system. ranger later tells a friend that he is ensure when or where he'll be picked up by these beings. Only that the voice plans
to return with further instructions which it dies. A few and later Granger mentions to Robert that the spacecraft will come for him during a big thunder storm. This way Granger can get into the ship and escape without every in Duncan noticing, but these are the stories rangers using two spook, his young friend he even confesses to his own mother. Supposedly he tells her that his connection, The aliens is getting more powerful, as his departure grows near He genuinely seems to be planning his life around this in June. Nineteen eighty granger even prepares a will for himself. He said she's out words like funeral and death, The standard document and right in the word departed like This guy genuinely has plans to go somewhere.
Then, on November, twenty Eightth Granger goes to his step father, to tell him how much he loves and appreciate him. They have this long. Heartfelt conversation, an granger, basically says his goodbyes unfortunate his mother doesn't get the same opportunity she's on it occasion in Hawaii and Granger tells his friends. He doesn't want to ruin her fun, the following name on November. Twenty nine Duncan is hit with this incredible storm like one for the history books We're talking torrential rain, thunder, lightning gale force winds, Miss downpour no joke, but it is right on schedule at least a court to the Timeline Granger received from his alien telepath, so that each Grainger writes a note phrase. Parents, it says quote: dear mother and father gone away to walk aboard board and alien spaceship as recurring
dreams. A short of forty two month, interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return, I'm late behind all my possessions to you, as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instead genes, in my will, as a guide to help love Granger on the back of the note is a hand drawn map of Waterloo Mountain which is about twenty miles. South West of the families farm aside from his position and Granger leaves all of his money behind ten was in dollars, cash to be exact. Then he tosses on a sweater gets into his pickup truck and derives off into the pouring rain. Coming up, grinders final moments before his possible abduction, I'm gonna Maguire, an answer to bother with hope the new Spotify original from Parkhurst Syn.
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the easy dont come talk to your doktor about nor take odp. Take control of migraine now back to the story on the evening of November twenty ninth nineteen, eighty Ranger Taylor leave a note for his family gets into his pickup truck and leaves home, but a man's guy eat before a forty two month voyage, through space, around six at ease being Granger stops at a local diner called Bob's grill. He takes a seat, at a table and orders from the same kitchen staff who always helps him reynard how's them, along with a few other regulars that tonight he's going to space now pretty much every left him off the her used to Granger, making these kinds of wild claim. So they don't think much of it after his quick by Granger, P, the bill and leaves the restaurant from there. Makes one final stop to say goodbye to his friend Robert Color, and this part actually kind of devastates me
Fifteen year old Robert looks up to Granger as a sort of big brother. He wants to know if he can go with Mama spaceship Green, tells him he's sorry, but he did ass the aliens if he could tag along, but they told him that Robert has too much left to accomplish here on earth. This trip is something that Granger is destined to do on his own. With that Granger gives him a hug and assures Robert. This isn't good bye forever. Then he gets back into his. And drives off into the storm bathing Next morning, the bad weather has passed but follow power lines and trees still clutter the streets and Granger Taylor is gone for the night. Several weeks: Granger Stepfather, Jim scours, remote roads around town, hoping to find a trace of his missing son. He even hopes in the royal Canadian mounted police who come through hospital passport and vehicle registration records with theirs.
No sign of Granger or the pickup truck that he drove off in all his friends and family can do is wait who knows maybe Granger, will walk back through those doors with a remarkable story. To tell now look when I first heard Granger story, I thought it was pretty bananas of all Places Granger could have disappeared. To outer space does not seem like the most probable option, but I heard a similar story to rangers when that happened just a few years before his only this is. To some one. A little more famous of a musician named Jim Sullivan in an teen. Sixties Jimmy's is six foot to guy with a handlebar, moustache and boy. Can he rip on the guitar, but like many twentysomething artist, having a hard time breaking into the industry, eventual he leaned his regular gig at a bar called the raft in Malibu California. He starts hey
with actors like hearing Stanton gains a bit of traction and records. His debut album. The title UFO now around this I'm psychedelic rock is hitting the mainstream. I mean Abbe ROW It's just been released. Tickets to Woodstock are selling like hotcakes, but Jim is just leaning into a trend. His music almost seems to be based on some personal experience or at least a sort of belief system. in one of his songs, Jim sings, that Jesus will one day returned earth, but as an aim in visitor and he's I've Barbara buys into the idea of you if those two in a later, interview their son. Chris explains how extraterrestrials were a big topic of conversation around their dinner table, specifically the dear of multi dimensional realms where humans and alien can coexist. Now you can believe in you oppose without having a personal experience with them. I understand that, but sir,
events after Jim's album is released, seem to suggest he really did an alien encounter, three years after you, Avaux comes out Jim signs with Playboy records. He has immediate success and poorest his heart and soul, into a new album, but ultimately Playboy king Anyone to buy it Jim and his family suffer where it both emotionally and financially so Jim Design, How many would under Nashville see if I can get some songwriting worker, maybe if, gigs here and there if it works. A move, my wife and kid out to Tennessee on March Fourth, nineteen, seventy five Jim hops into his. LT wagon bug and leaves the golden stay behind the following he arrives in New Mexico. He calls his wife to check in says he's doing. Ok, but then his tone kind of change according to Barbara Jim? Is it making any sense? I'm not,
sure exactly what he tries to explain to her, but I know he eventually gives up and says quote you Believe me. If I told you Barbara, tries to press him for more details, but he brush her off, says. He'll call when he reaches his next stop so ugly see. This is a little bit unsettling for Barbara, but it only grows worse over the next The days when she realizes Jim death, we should have made it to Nashville by now, but she's heard nothing. She phone hospitals and police stations in every town Jim was supposed to pass through. She learned that the morning he called her, he was actually pulled over First we're moving in Santa Rosa New Mexico, but the odd part is Jim wasn't drunk, he passed sobriety tests or the police. Let him go later. He into a roadside bone tell. But the bed in his room was completely untouched and he left his keys behind
Twenty six miles away from the motel part on a sprawling desert. Reengineer the highway police eventually find gems Volkswagen bug the car. is locked in the engine is dead, but it's what's inside the car. That's really weird. for some reason. Jim didn't take his wallet, didn't take his clothes or the one item, he never goes anywhere without his guitar. Now, This is the middle of the New Mexico desert. If he pulled over smoking a walk. It's not like a dense forest blocked. His view, he should have able to see his way back to his car, even if he go wandering the fact that the engine is dead suggested he may have left the vehicle running and he apparently didn't plan to go far since he left his wallet and his guitar behind and yet police and multiple search party
these are unable to locate Jim anywhere missing person post turn up zero, please it's literally leginn vanish from the face of the earth. Interesting Santa Rosa is only a two hours drive from Roswell home to one of the most feigned ill. in sightings of all time. Even genes, wife, Barbara says she wouldn't be surprised if Jim was taken by aliens. In fact she says it would be kind of great, to this day no one's found a single trace of the lost folks singer James family never gotten explanation for his sudden disappearance, but Granger Emily eventually receives a clue, one that ending on how you look at it might confirm that his interest, Our voyage was the truth at next. A break in Rangers Kate
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Granger stepmother Douglas is a member of the canadian coastguard here Wednesday night watching the sky from his patrol boat, searching for any evidence of a U S, boat or even a shooting star anything might imply rangers on his way back to earth, but that night comes and goes without any sign of his brother in there still a lot of lingering questions about what happened to him. There's one in particular, or that even the canadian police can't seem to figure out what happened to Rangers car. I mean it's hard enough to build the two hundred forty pound man could just vanish into thin air, but a two thousand pound pickup truck. That's even stranger. By now, rangers licence and registration have expired, not to mention his parents still putting out adds the paper offering a cash reward to anyone who spots him or his vehicle, meaning. If your was driving across borders, someone certainly would have spotted him or the truck by now right well in nineteen. Eighty six
We actually does. six years after Granger seemingly disappears from the face of the earth. A group of forest workers discovers strange see near Mount prevail. It's about an eighteen minutes, dry, north west of Grinders family farm, and here they find what appears to be a blast site. There's a crater in the forest floor littered with metal debris. There is even a tire lodged high in the branches of a near by tree. Police are hold to the site where they later discover to human bones close by one isn't ARM bone with a significant break, which means that the explosion pact or real punch so further. First time in six years, investigators are feeling competent. They found Granger Taylor According to Rangers family, he often carried explosives in his truck for projects like clearing out tree stumps. So from the police is pointed
you, the likely scenario, is that ranger went out into the woods that night cause an explosion and either sedately or intentionally got caught in the middle of it, which is enough for police to essentially say ok until we can prove otherwise work. Considering this to be the remains of Granger Taylor case closed, but granges friend Robert sees massive flaws in the evidence, for starters, police say they positively match this vehicle to rangers pickup truck. But according to their reports, the car they discovered out in those woods was blue and Robert remembers vividly. He helped Granger paint that truck Peppino Bismarck Pink. So unless he applied a fresh quota ain't in a rainstorm the night he left the truck. Isn't his also. Proveau Bowl, where his truck was found, is in the opposite direction. Inn of Waterloo Mountain the location
that Granger mapped out on the back of his note, the This issue is dna testing. Still in its infancy at this time, meaning bone fragments are never positively to Granger Taylor. They could be any once and turning to the CBC Documentary Space Man, they can't breathe. Those remains in protesting today because Nobody knows where they are, which is a whole Americans, You see that I would even go into Robert also has a problem with the ten t argument. Says: they're Granger only carried a small amount of dynamite with him at any given time, but to completely disintegrate a truck and a man Granger. I needed a couple tons of tea anti. Now I'm noakes was of expert, but I'd. Imagine that even if he was left to the elements for six years. There will be some other evidence of his body or the truck more than just a few scattered pieces, and you know who was an explosives expert Granger
Taylor he knew how to handle dynamite and Robert says that he was always mindful about safety precautions Robert see anyway, that this could have been an accident and, unlike some other p, oh, he doesn't believe Granger Blue himself up intentionally either he and the tailor family argue that Granger wasn't suicidal. He never hinted at hurting himself and apparently didn't show signs of depression? That's when someone mysteriously leaves home and never comes back. One of the natural assumptions is death, possibly by self harm. Which is why this became the most publicly accepted version of what happened a granger. After all, a lot of bill in Duncan knew him as the town outcast he didn't fit in well with, people his own age. He was quite a bit of a shut in, he also left behind all his money and possessions, so it doesn't seem like you
trying to run away or start a new life? But who knows, maybe Granger harbouring some dark demons and wanted to leave his family and friends with a semblance of hope. However, there was another: the area that was later put forth by Granger Sister Grace, apparently keeping experimenting heavily with LSD, turns out the summer before rangers disappearance, he'd been doing quite a bit of I said in his UFO clubhouse, like we're talking a few hits a day, according to grace, which could have played a huge part in why he thought he was communicating with aliens Is it possible that Granger, Taylor and Jim Sullivan were expelled? raising some drug induced hallucinations that the two men, both wandered out into the elements simply hoping that aliens would pick them up and transport them to another world, yeah, absolutely and its possible. That therefore
and families believed that they were abducted? Simply because it's easier to accept, after all, that, One nation still offers a bit of hope, a slight chance, maybe one day their loved one will return to this world, but between the perfectly tie, rainstorm the? U S, oh sightings. In Duncan and the fact that Granger was a mechanical genius, I can't help but wonder maybe he wasn't lying after all, forty two months on earth might be a little different than forty two months in space. According to Einstein theory of relativity the faster we travel. The slower. We passed through, tie it we're moving at the speed. Like a year in space would last about seven years on earth. So what say: Granger isn't still out there. Just a little delayed may one day: Granger will return to a completely different world, one where he is the first human
known to have made contact with alien life. These were listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can fly. And all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify Superman. Charles stars, Ashley flowers and his Spotify original from her cast its executive produced by MAX Cutler sound design by carry Murphy with production. Is this Hence my RON, Shapiro trite Williamson entirely Maddy. This episode. Supernatural, was written by worry, got lead with. Writing is this by Angela Jorgensen and K Gallagher backtrack.
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