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DISAPPEARED: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370


On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemed to vanish into thin air. Less than an hour after takeoff, the plane disappeared from radar—and though seven countries launched a search and rescue operation, the 227 passengers on board were never heard from again.  

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Malaysia, airlines, flight three hundred and seventy left Kuala Lumpur International Airport at one thousand two hundred and forty two, a dot m on March Eighth, two thousand and fourteen it was supposed to in Beijing six hours later, but the plane never made it. Forty minutes after TAT the crew made their last known transmission when they move from malaysian airspace to vietnamese airspace They radio to Standard responds to the Kuala Lumpur traffic controller, goodnight, malaysian Ray seven, zero, less a minute later. The flights transponders signal banished of air traffic controllers radar screen for twenty minutes controller tried to heal the plane, but there was no response. The plane,
All two hundred and thirty nine people on board had disappeared into thin air. This issue for natural Park hast original and I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth, you can buy all episodes of soup. Natural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify, and if you likely your hearing, reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par, cast and twitter at PAR, cast network this week. We're talking about them. March, two thousand fourteen disappearance of malaysian airlines. Quite three. Seventy to this day,
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about that show, and I can still get very worked up if I think too long and hard about the ending envy mess of unanswered questions, but that's neither here nor there. The point is the show was a pretty big television phenomenon. Millions of people, myself included, were invested in the fate of a plane full of people whose plain seriously vanished when Malaysian Airlines flight three seventy or m three. Seventy Van On March, eight, two thousand fourteen everyone kind of froze in their tracks. This real life tragedy felt too much like a tv episode to be true, like life. Imitating art could a plane surely disappear. I mean this was a state of the art Boeing, triple seven piloted by an experienced captain on a routine flight path. How could he just vanish
journalist William launch of each explained in his article about em three, seventy four, the Atlantic he said quote the idea that this machine with its modern instruments and redundant communications could simply vanish seem to be on the realm of possibility? End quote so something bigger had to be at play, let's start with what we know for certain the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia without any issues, there were two Odin, thirty nine people on board from fourteen different countries, the flight reaches a normal cruising altitude of thirty five thousand feet and for the first forty minutes, everything is fine. The two men in the car, but are checking in over the radio and the reporting? Everything is normal. The captain that. Night is a malaysian national named the hoary Hari off he'd been an airplane pilots
nineteen eighty one and had over eighteen thousand hours of flight time under his belt, The hurry was so enthusiastic about being a pilot. He even had a digital flight simulator in his house, so little this guy is doing nothing but flying he goes to work and flies planes. He comes home and practices flying planes. I mean this is his whole life, but he's but the only person in the cockpit that night, the hoary has a co pilot named for weak, Hamid, very in a pilot for seven years, but he was still in training. He had about twenty seven hundred hours of flight time and less than forty of those were in a Boeing Triple seven. In fact, this flight to Beijing was the final piece of his training, and that means that for weak is actually the one flying the plane. This well technically because nowadays, planes practically fly themselves and em.
Three. Seventy was no different once they got to their cruising altitude, a pre programmed flight plan would have kicked in auto pilot. Basically, for weak, would only need to intervene if they came across some unexpected weather or air traffic. And we know they reach their cruising attitude because a hurry, radioed malaysian air traffic control about it twice one? A one, a m he reported that they had levelled off a few minutes later at when await an he confirmed. They were flying at thirty five thousand feet. And this is actually a little strange because normally pilots, only radio to let control no they're, leaving an attitude to make sure there all clear to move, but maybe so he was just a little rusty on his protocol. After all, he's usually captain the flight. So he's used to his co pilot handling, the radio so yeah It's strange, but really only in hindsight at any rate
one nineteen, I am there reaching the border between Malaysia's airspace in Vietnam's airspace when you leave one country you have to check in with the next one. Just like you would crossing any other border, but what makes air I think a little more complicated is that every country's air traffic controller is breeding on its own radio frequency. So when made three. Seventy enters Vietnam's jurisdiction. They need to retain their radio to be able to talk to the new tower. The last transmission heard from MH three. Seventy is a conversation with the tower back in Kuala Lumpur. They gives a hurry. The frequency he needs talk to Vietnam and the hoary can firms in a calm voice and then tells them good night. Then at one twenty one, a m m h: three: seventy disappears off the radars, green in Kuala Lumpur, the country work didn't notice at first. He was talking to another plain when it happened, but when he realises it's gone he's not.
That worry, he just assumes the plane, is out of range and safely in the hands of the Vietnamese. What's the hurry never checked in with the vietnamese controller and unlike the controller and quality poor. The one Vietnam was watching the screen when MH three seventy dropped off the radar they saw. It happened in whose steps first the plane. Transponder number vanished. Then entire blip, disappeared, so rate or is basically echolocation kind of like what bats use, but it can only tell you so much basically, it says: there's some thing out there and its this far away to help air traffic control keep track of whose flying in the sky airplanes had a more sophisticated radar system, every flight is equipped with a trance. Bonds that sends pings directly down to the control tower on land. This means that we
controllers, look at their rate, our screens each blip is identified by a number. So when transponder. Numbered disappeared from this blip representing MH three. Seventy that concerning, but not life, threatening when the blip not entirely that was in a merge and see I mean the plane could be any air, which meant another plain, could accidentally collide with it. So the country or in Vietnam, tries calling an three seventy directly to ask why there transponder isn't working, but they can't get any kind of response after almost twenty minutes of silence the tower in Vietnam calls over to the tower in Kuala Lumpur, to see what they know now. According to protocol air, If control in Malaysia is supposed to all in an emergency flight response team. But here's where things get really wonky For whatever reason. No one in Kuala Lumpur Contacts, the emergency team and
No one really does anything. Instead, Ed, Malaysia and Vietnam play this weird game of bureaucratic hot potato. Each air tower claims. That is the other ones problem. It's not till six, thirty a m nearly five hours. Whose leader that anyone really acknowledges that something is seriously wrong. Till then they were really only worried about the transponder like this was an equipment, malfunction or something everyone assume that they would hear from MH three, seventy at some point, but at six- thirty a m and made three. Seventy doesn't show up in Beijing for its schedule, lending and everyone is forced to acknowledge the huge scope of the problem. They have no idea where this plain actually is we'll dive into the search. First for the missing aircraft. After this
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on the border between Malaysia in Vietnam, but the search turns up empty, no visible to ray nothing that looked like a crash cite the plane had just be, and that fuels all kinds rumours and speculation. How can a jumbo jet just fall off the face of the earth there, ass, to be something bigger, spirits, sea or something supernatural I mean it feel like they were sucked into a black hole. Well then find Only Malaysia's government comes forward with some new information. They admit their own military radar had picked up an unidentified plain. It had flying west over the Indian Ocean as late as two twenty two a m on March, eight, and now they admitted that that plane was probably MH. Three seventy in most other countries The military picked up an unidentified plain on their radar. They would,
immediately launch than jets to figure out if it was a threat, but the militia in government just kind of plugged it off. It was an ant later when their reviewing other data that they realized. This blip was probably their missing plain and this is not standard protocol for any military. So when the public Without that Malaysia had just ignore The unknown blip people are few. Yes, and I mean who can blame them with so many questions about what happened to MH three, seventy, who knows what would have been for it had the military intervened. So not Me is if a huge oversight also means. The search team has been combing the wrong body of water, for dates. Any wreckage is probably go to be over in the Indian Ocean and after wasting this time, the chances of finding it or that much smaller. Of course, this only feeds the black hole. Rumours the more time-
that passes without any sign of image. Three, seventy crashing the more the world convinces itself that the to hunt and thirty nine passengers are all alike I've somewhere. We just don't know fine, then then, in the weeks found in the investigation uncovers some chatter between MH, three, seventy and satellite orbiting over the indian Ocean. They found a series of pings that give more clear about where the plane was flying during its final hours. These pink dont, give an exact route, but they paint a general picture at on twenty one, a m: the transponder fails and Emma three. Seventy disappears from air traffic radar, but, more importantly, shortly after the plane drops off the radar. The auto pilot is switched off and playing makes a sharp turned to the South West heading back to Malaysia. Now this
and is so sharp that there's no way it could have been done by a computer. Even if the auto pilot was seriously malfunctioning. Whatever went wrong in the first place, it confirmed that some one was still alive and at the controls at that point, no one is sure why they would have made a turn like this, but remember that the person flying plain for Reed was still a trainee. For now they assume that's probably the explanation- sometimes Experience. Pilots can get confused in a year also not as concerned with the, why right now, they're more focused on figuring out, where The plane went as soon as possible, so they can recover any survivors. The satellite, Things also revealed that m each three. Seventy flu for hours after it fell off the radar after turning the
I passes over the island of planning, which is off the North West Coast of Malaysia. Then he climbed to forty thousand feet and flies up the Malacca straight. Toward the Andaman and Nikobob islands. Finally, it turns southward toward the indian Ocean. After that point, it flies out of reach of any radar, but according to satellite pings. It was any another six hours until at least eight nineteen, a m- we don't know exactly where it was for all this time. We do know that the plane was clearly flying and operational, and then our best guess is that at eight nineteen lane ran out of gas and crash landed with this new information to search and rescue team adjust their search area to a specific arc in the Indian Ocean, but I mean we're still talking about a huge field and there are a few days later, the party, so they don't find anything, but some
We are encouraged by the fact that the plane was in the air for so much longer than they thought it could have flown another three thousand miles, and maybe we in founding debris because the plane didn't actually crash. Maybe it just fly to an unknown location, because whatever did happen too, it's three. Seventy there were a lot of things to suggest that it was deliberate. On the night of the disappearance, air traffic thought that there was a malfunction with the transponder but If someone switched it off on purpose like say to keep air travel control from seeing the plane make a? U turn so, so when a new theory emerges MH through. Seventy was hijacked. Here's one of the biggest details to support the hijacking theory. There is evidence that the plane deliberately de pressurized after it turned back toward Malaysia, lowering the amount of oxygen inside.
You know when they say if there's a loss of cabin pressure and oxygen mask will drop above your seat. Well, there's only enough surgeon in the ceiling masks to last about like fifteen minutes. So if the plane was depressed rise for long enough. Everyone on word would pass out and eventually die from hypoxia. So if someone had hijacked the plane, depressurizing make A would be a really great way to make sure none of the passengers or crew were able to fight back. I should note, oh at no point. During these seven hours of flying time, did anyone onboard try in contact loved ones. So if someone had been conscious during all these zigzags, wouldn't they have noticed something was wrong. Still, this wasn't a perfect theory. First, Oh no terrorist group ever took credit for an three seventies disappearance, and typically I mean that's the point of hygiene to grab the world's attention and make some kind of statement, will whoever did this.
They did certainly got the world's attention. It was all, for the news for weeks, but no one ever came forward to brag or to say what they did or even why they did it and there in any one, on the passenger lists that sparked any red flags as potential terrorist operatives. Every person on the plane, including the crew was investigated by the chinese government with the help of the FBI. Eternal, there were two uranium onboard travelling under fake names and stolen passports, but they weren't rebels. They were political refugees on their way to Germany for asylum. So, eventually, The hijacking theory loses steam and instead Its widely accepted that MH three seventy must have flown out to the open ocean and ran out of gas as strange as that is, as far as that me. No one can really explain why they haven't found any, but base
on the satellite beans. Everyone feels sure this is what happened except for a journalist named Jeff why's. He doesn't by it. So he can studying the disappearance long after the rest of the world has moved on in twenty nineteen, wise publishes a book called the taking of em three seventy in it. He argues that this was a sophisticated hijacking. Not some kind of accident, so obvious much of what we know about MH, three seventies final hours comes from the satellite pings. It's why we think the pie and went south out into the indian Ocean except to wise. The fact that the satellite pins existed at all was a huge coincidence. He found them incredibly suspicious for wine. The piece of airplane equipment that pins the satellite is called the s you
it had actually been switched off when an aged three. Seventy first disappeared of air traffic controllers radar screens. It was later switched back on just a few minutes after the plane flew out of range, the military's radar. So basically, once the plane free from any kind of tracking, instead of just disappearing completely some one rebooted, the S do you, but why would you do that? Why go through all the trouble of disappearing only to leave this trail of bread crumbs wise bull, If that it was a false trail intentionally planted to throw the investigation off course. Basically, the public need an explanation, otherwise they would never stop looking for the plane These satellite pings gave them a path to follow out to see if you who's the same data but assume the plane flew north instead of south you'd end up and cause Stan instead of the Indian Ocean, but why,
steal a plane and fly to Kazakhstan Wise argues that the whole thing was an elaborate game of smoke and mirrors, orchestrated by Vladimir Putin, This isn't just some random baleen game. In March, two thousand fourteen billion would have a priest needed a diversion. Russia was in the middle of invading and illegally annexes Crimea. It was all Over the news and on March Sixth, President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for the attack. Just for thirty six hours later poof, I may Three. Seventy vanishes, suddenly every major network has wall the wall covered on the plains, disappearance the roof ukrainian war is old news. It's like that one business adage, if you dont, like what's being said about you chain the conversation. But there are few problems with wisest theory. First, it seems unlikely that
made three. Seventy could have flown north for so many hours and over so many different countries without anyone noticing an unidentified airplane on the right are also a third party. Hijacker doesn't fit into the timeline of events, only two minutes passed between. The hoary telling the tower in Kuala Lumpur, good night and the plane disappear from the radar screen it seems unlikely that the hijackers would have been able to execute that timing, so perfectly, even if hijackers had image to unlock the cockpit door, they wouldn't have been able to do it quietly the electronic deadbolt make a distinct noise when their open, so right away in a hurry and for wreak would have known that someone else had unlocked the door. They would have a immediately sent a distress signal instead, journalist, William launch of ease, lays out a new theory. He believes that this was entirely different kind of hijacking one that happened from within the cockpit.
We'll dive into the motives behind one pilots, desperate act after this. Now, let's get back to the story. For over a year, no new answers emerged in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines. Three, seventy the search great had covered Thousands of miles of ocean and sea floor and it had turned up nothing, no crash site, no debris until July. Twenty. Ninth, twenty fifteen! That's when a piece of debris Finally, washed ashore in Re Union, a small island about four hundred miles east of matter, gas car in the Indian Ocean, a beach, cleanup, crew, found a nine foot by three foot piece of metal, it was a fragment of an air plain we called a flap or on an base on its serial numbers. It belonged to MH three. Seventy, it was a bitter sweet. Discovery in this
eighteen months following the disappearance, several family members had held on to hope that the missing passengers might still be alive, but that flapper on seem D. Firm, what many government agencies had assumed for months mhz? seventy had crashed into the Indian Ocean and its passengers were never coming home over time. More pieces debris washed ashore along the east african coast in most and beak and Madagascar right away. Jeff wise sees this as further proof of a conspiracy. He thinks the debris washed up after it was planted by the Russians, he even tries to prove this by having the barnacles on the flap RON examined inside sting that they're not big enough to have been growing for sixteen months, but assume That's not the case. It seems like MH three. Seventy crashed into water at a violent speed and shattered on impact this
help explain why search and rescue still hadn't been able to find a crash site. There may be too many tiny scattered pieces to pinpoint where it actually happened, but the fact that the airplane shattered at all it points to something more suspicious than just an accident. So, as I said, it's bull that I three. Seventy ran out of gas and hit the water at a really high speed around a hundred Seventy miles per hour, then, as William launch of each put it the airplane d sin a graded into confetti when it hit the water, but the thing is: if the plane had since run out of gas. It would have dropped parallel to the water and the only way for it to reach something like a hundred and seventy miles per hour was if it was perpendicular Ready to take a nosedive which and some one was still controlling the plane right up until the end and when the end and start to spread around that someone Tipp the plane
forward, sending it knows first into the ocean what this means that it is possible that the disappearance of MH, three seventy wasn't a hijacking or an accident. It might have in a mass murder suicide of it. I know this is a horrible thought, but it has happened before in October of nineteen. Ninety nine, Egypt, air flight, nine. Ninety crashed off the coast of Nantucket like MH, three, seventy it was an overnight flight, the disappeared off the radar in the early morning, hours and like wait three. Seventy it gave no distress signal and the last transmission to the tower said everything was normal. They simply bid J F K good morning. Then at one, forty eight a m one of the co pilot said a prayer cut the power and pushed to control Yoke forward, pointing the nose of the plane toward the water less than two minutes later flight. Nine. Ninety plunged into the ocean, killing all two hundred and seventeen
people on board. It happened again in two thousand thirteen. Mozambique airlines pilot intentionally flew his plane into the ground, killing all thirty three people on board and in two thousand fifteen, a german pilot waited for his co pilot to use the bathroom, then locked him out of the cockpit. He flew the plane into the side of a mountain killing all the passengers and crew journal. William launch of EAST lays out the following case for MH three seventies, murder, suicide, theory. First and foremost, we know that whatever often too MH three. Seventy. It was a deliberate act, nothing other than an intervention explains the transponder switching off the. U turn and the cabin pressure. Launch if these things, one of the pilot de pressurize the plain and incapacitated the passengers and crew, but the war please that would have been protected from depressurizing was the cockpit the
oxygen masks in the cabin only last for fifteen minutes, but the ones in the cockpit last four hours which makes sense in case of an emergency. You want to make sure the guy flying the plane has plenty of oxygen. It would have been easy for one of the pilots to wait until he was alone in the cockpit before depressurizing, the cabin and pulling the electrical system, and this we'll be done within a two minute window. Then They manually turned the plane around and flew for over an hour until they were out of radar range. After this, they could have restored cabin pressure, took off their oxygen mask and turn the electricity back on, which would have trip the s you to ping. The satellites At this point, the person flying the plane was likely the only one on board still alive, but which pilot was it the rocky or the veteran based on the evidence. The hoary is the most likely suspect
We know the hurry was fanatical about flying. He even had that flight simulator in his house It really so inconceivable that he learn how to turn. As do you often on it, turns out there is a way that you can do it from inside the cockpit you after down most of the plains electrical systems. But it is possible you just pack to know how and the flight simulator he had actually provided some clues of its own winning. Stu Gaiters took a closer look at the hoary simulator. There was one test fight that stuck out to them. According to an article in New York magazine about a month before the disappearance, Doha. Flew a simulated flight along a path that was really close to the presumed route of em. Three. Seventy now it wasn't identical, but it was closer, to feel kind of, like a dry run. Even stranger, in
the other simulated flights, a hurry had done. He always flew the entire route. He said one of the simulator from take off to landing, no matter how many hours it took, except in This simulated try run of Emmett three. Seventy, the hoary didn't finish it. It was only one that he fast forward it through manually and at each point he noted the few level running the simulation until he ran out of gas when astrogator spoke with hurries friends and family. In Kuala Lumpur, they uncovered details to suggest that the pilot may have been clinically depressed and on the day of the disappearance, would have been easy enough for him to send for weak out of the cockpit to check something for weak would have died with the rest of the flight crew and passengers, leaving the hoary free to carry out his final flight undisturbed.
In a lot of ways, Malaysia, airlines, three- Seventy feels like the case of this century. Mean this is literally something that only happens on tv and me. That's why we're still so obsessed with it. We can accept that a plain could simply vanish. Hardly anyone believes that theories that the plane was sucked into the Bermuda triangle or a black hole or some kind of time warp. But how insane. Is it that the two theories that we actually are left with that have the most evidence or still really off the wall either. This was a massive diversion tactic, ordered by Vladimir Putin or a ass murder suicide, but Eve those two answers. Neither of them are actually satisfying, especially to the hunt. It's a family members left behind instead of closure bill just have more questions. Like. Why didn't the malaysian military do anything about that bullet and why did they like
Crews, look in the wrong place for so many days. Even if we do find the Black Box, it won't have those answers, and it won't tell those families where their loved ones went, thinks for listening back next week. With another episode, you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other park. Ass originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all favorite music and podcast, all in one place and they're making. It here to listen to what everyone here for free on your phone, computer, smart speaker and if you like this show, follow at par cast on Facebook and Instagram at park has network on twitter
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