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A young woman in Greenbrier, West Virginia died mysteriously in 1897. Weeks later, she returned from the dead to identify the man who murdered her. 

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When someone is murdered, the best witnesses are those who actually saw. It happen, or at least one who either witness the victim right before they died or who found the body afterwards. It would all be way easier. If the murder victim could just point to the person who killed them Obviously that sounds impossible, but in the end ACE of Zone, a haste shoe, that is exactly what happened Zono mysteriously died in eighteen. Ninety, seven but weeks later, her mother, Mary Jane, he stirred claimed that her daughters, ghost appeared to her in the middle of the night on her lips,
the name of the man who snapped her neck. This is supernatural power cast original, I'm here Ashley flowers everywhere, this day I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth you can find out episodes of supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify and if you like what your hearing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast and Twitter Parkhurst Network this week. episode is about the Green Briar ghost in
t ninety seven, a young woman was murdered in Green Briar West Virginia, but she returned the day to point out her culprit. Making this the only time in american history that someone was convicted on the testimony of a ghost. we'll have all that and more coming up stay with us, someone solve mysteries may great podcast. Others may great movies for free. I'm filmmaker Medicine, Hamburg. This answer mystery, had to be lived and documented introducing murder on middle beach. I knew the be documentary Series documentary Series that follows one sense: complicated journey to solving mothers unsolved murders, in ten years, since she was killed, how much longer until medicine and covers the full true reaches closure. solve his loved ones in the process
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Well, your email, less engaged your customers, and only your group is the ultimate e commerce marking platform for on line brands of all kinds and all sizes. Looking to finish the year out, strong discover why clay Theo is trusted by more than fifty thousand brands, including living proof in interviews, get started. the free trial. I play the dot com, slash supernatural, that's k, L, L, the eye. Why dotcom slash supernatural in October, eighteen, ninety six, twenty three year old elvers zone, a hasty her was a single woman living in Green Briar County, a rule area in West Virginia such ever really went on there until a mysterious man named Edward Shoe, moved to town, Edward gets job down the local blacksmiths, but that's neither here nor there what's most distinct about Edward. Is that he's a total thirst trap he's
muscular and tall with dark eyes and slick clothes like all the other women in town Zono, once a piece of that, but her mother, Mary Jane, he disapproves she doesn't like Edward at all. For one Edward Lane, but he's twenty nine, but he looks like he could be older, Mary Jane, also hey how he's always bragging about himself and telling all sorts of stories that can't possibly be true like there's just something off about Edwards whole persona. Of course, her mothers disapproval only works to make Edward that much more irresistible in zone as eyes. So long, then, one month after meeting the two lovers elope for the fur few weeks of marriage, things seem to be going well. Edward heads to work every day and when he comes back to their little home zone has a warm dinner on the table. They seem just
like any other couple in Green briar, but three once in things take a turn January, twenty third eighteen. Ninety seven starts off like any other day. Edward wakes up gets dressed and head after the Smithy leavings owner at home alone. Only today, Edward does go directly to his shop first. He stopped by it his neighbour MRS Jones S house. He hasn't and for her eleven year old Son, Andy Edward tells her His wife's owner is feeling a little bit under the whether she won't be, to deliver eggs from their farm to the store in town, so Edward needs Andy to do it. also as Andy to look in on donor and find out if she wants anything else from town built
I should mention that the Joneses are one of the view black families in greenbriar- and this is one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven. So it's definitely possible that Edward was used to having Andy Run errands, and MRS G easily agrees to it. So this doesn't seem like an unusual ass. Well, is unusual. Is that Edward returned to the Jones is home for more times that day and each time he gets programme fifthly angrier that Andy hasn't left yet which, like shore, this guy seems pretty self entitled, but checking in four times about a small erinyes. It's just bizarre. Even Andy is a little weird it out by Edwards Insistence, but after the fourth visit he figures he bent. Or do with the irate white man want, so Andy leaves his house and sets off for the shoe farm the minute he gets there
things seem off. The first Erin Word asked Andy to do: was pickup eggs from his chickens to bring to a store in town, but no matter how much Andy looks there are no eggs to be found in the coop, which is why because normally chickens, lay eggs on a daily basis. So it's almost as if some one had already come by and collected all the eggs, in which case Edward should have known or babies zone as feeling better and did it herself, in any case, an still has to look in on zone, so he walks over to the front. Or the farmhouse and knocks, but there's answer Andy Knox again, but still nobody, com, after waiting around for a couple of minutes. He decides. try the nod and to his prize. The doors unlocked when Andy's Epps inside the house is completely silent,
and so is nowhere to be seen. Andy pro The figures she's upstairs resting, but he decides to look for her in the kitchen first, but the kitchen is cold and empty, like it hasn't been used all day still bill. Andy doesn't think too much of it zone. Probably just isn't feeling up to cooking, and at this why he just wants to get this stupid errand over and done with. So he moves they're into the house, but then he stopped in his tracks. Lying smack dab in the middle of the dining room floor is Jonah Mr Schulz, you her eyes are blank. Her mouth is wide open, Her head is turned slightly to this side. Andy doesn't have to move any closer to see that Sonia is dead, but he can bring himself to leave without making sure so he reaches out and
choose its own as its ice cold. Andy doesn't need any more proof. Zone is dead and he doesn't want to be seen anywhere near her body. He turns and sprints out of the house. Andy doesn't go to the smithy to tell Edward what he's just see. He doesn't even better the town doctor Instead, he runs all the way home which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. I mean first. Andy is eleven, so he's just a kid he's, probably never seen a dead body before and either way his terrified and second like I said Andy, is black he's like aware of the prejudices facing black people, especially in a rule county like Green Briar, and especially during this time, it's definitely possible that and he ran home to his mother because he was afraid that he get blamed for zone is death and he tells his MA, MRS Jones, what he saw and she
instantly knows they have to tackle this head on. They must inform Edward, so she takes Andy to the smithy and helps him explain exactly what happened. immediately Edward sprints home to check on his wife, and the worry people back at the blacksmith forge send out a call for the towns Only coroner a man named Doktor nap when Doktor nap arrives at the shoe farm. He doesn't find zone in the dining room instead, both word and zone as corpse are upstairs the master bedroom and many he enters Doktor nap sees this bizarre see Edward is on the bed with his own as body. He is clutching heart, in his arms and sobbing, but that's not even the weird part, Zone is dressed in this stiff high necked gown.
and there is a large scarf tied round her neck- that completely clashes with her outfit, which might seem like a weird thing to be pointing out, but it was noticed because Zono was a better dresser than this. and sure enough Edward explains that he has just dressed his wife in these clothes. He says the dress and scarf were zone as favour, and he wants to be wearing them when she's laid to rest now victorian custom at the time does dictate that a dead woman's relative dress her for the funeral, but it's supposed to be a b relative. Who does it still doctrine nap seems to kind of just write the whole thing off as Edwards way of grieving. What's more A strange is that Edwards crying seems to escalate every time that doctor nap tries to examine zone as body, especially when he tries to take a look at her neck eventually Doktor nap just gives up, try
to examine her. He puts the cause of death as everlasting faint, which is how doctors referred to part attacks back then, and ok, the the doktor nap doesn't try harder to inspect zone, as body is wild like clearly for it is acting weird and most people would want an autopsy to know why their loved one died. But No one seems to call doktor nap out on this. At any rate words strange behaviour only escalates during his funeral. He stations himself by the coffin and refuses to let any one else come close, not even Mary, Jane her mother Edward has also prompt a pillow and blanket beneath zone his head. When people ask him about, he says he wants to make his dead wife more comfortable, but everyone who manages to catch a closer glimpse at the body before Edward shoes them away has the same thought. It looks
soon as neck, is a little bit loose. It's almost as if the Betty is the only thing keeping her neck propped up, but apparently no he calls this out and before it Miss family knows it: her body is six feet underground. Still now None of this sits well with Mary Jane. In fact Mary Jane is furious her young daughter suddenly dropping dead. Ever made any sense, and after witnessing Edward at the funeral, Mary James got is telling her that something is rotten in green briar. She is desperate for answers. so Mary Jane praise for a sign. She asks guy to show her what happened to owner and Eventually, she sees an answer from the great beyond coming up zone. As ghost visits, Mary Jane
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war crime. Its ten years since his mother was murdered, how much longer until he uncovers the full true about his mother, his family, his home town, and finally reaches closure for himself murder, on middle Beach, premiers November fifteenth at ten p m on HBO Max now back to the story. A few weeks after zone is funeral, Mary Jane, is woken up in the middle of the night by a bright light. Now this happens in eighteen ninety seven. So, there's not a whole lot of details left to work where, but apparently according to Mary Jane, the light was at the foot of her bed and see like Mary, Jane, isn't so much scared by it as she is confused, she keeps gazing. at the light trying to understand it and
actually it starts to take on a physical form. Until to her shock, me Mary Jane realizes what she's looking at its zone solid as she ever was in life stuff and Mary Jane reaches out toward her dead daughter. But before she can make contact sooner disappears Mary Jane instantly has a feeling that she just saw her daughters. Ghost and she worries that she's lot zone are all over again that her ghost will never come back, but after that first night, zone. Is ghost visits Mary Jane three more times over the course of those three visits zones. Apparently tells Mary Jane a chilling tail now, this story is already pretty hard to believe but allegedly zone Mary Jane that her last evening on earth did not go at all. The way she had planned zone had cooked supper for her handsome huh
Edward to enjoy when he got home from work, but when he sits down at the table Edwards Face Cloud. over he realizes zone has prepared any meat to go with the meal. Then he completely flipped out its unclear. What all he does, but according to his own, is ghost Edward started breaking all of her things. He got so worked out that he eventually reached out and strangled her and that's not Also reveals she says he. Had squeezing until her neck snapped right between the first and second vertebrae. According to Mary Jane Zone, and actually get that specific, then as if to prove her words zone of Taiwan's her head for real hundred sixty degrees showing her mother without a shadow of a doubt that her vertebrae aren't attached Mary Jane Ease stunned, but before
she can react zone a disappears and supposedly that's the last time she ever sees her daughters, ghost, ok, Obviously, this story is completely crazy. The idea of a ghost coming back from the dead and twisting their head around like something out of a bad movie, but even Mary Jane is aware how knots her tail sounds. She clearly doesn't care. after zone is both visit. She starts telling everyone in Green Briar about her nighttime apparitions. Now This is a small town and again plenty of people witnessed Edwards behaviour at the funeral. So it's not that out ages to think he had something to do with her death but when Mary Jane tells people what zone is go said, they just feel sorry for her. There figure that the strain of losing a child has basically caused Mary Jane to snap, but she isn't about to give She heads right over to the offices of the county prosecutor, a guy
and John Alfred Preston. If Mary Jane, is expecting a different reaction from Preston Cheese disappointed like everyone else, the prosecutor, pray much thinks. She's nuts but Mary Jane is so insistent that Preston decides to speak to doktor nap. The coroner who examines donor and when he meat doktor. Nap Preston is shocked by what he hears now doctrine. Could have lie to protect his reputation, but to his credit, he's totally honest, he admits that he gave up on, examining zone is body, because every time he tried Edward burst into tears, Preston still doesn't believe in ghosts, but the fact that his body was never examined disturbs him. So much so that he agrees to reopen the case. Marriage is the real, but Edward feels very differently.
And when he hears his wife's body is to be exude, he is furious. But what can you do? Preston is the town Prosecutor and Edward knows he shouldn't draw any more suspicious attention to himself just to show how skeptical everyone else's the Edward even did. It he's actually invited to be present for the day of the actual examination, Edward Exe, their invitation, he's literally in the same room as the doctors who are scrutinising his wife's body. Therein We autopsy last for three whole days and Edward seems nervous. He held his friends that he knows he'll be arrested once it's over, but he all who says: there's no way that the police will be able to even prove that he killed. Jonah even if she was murdered, it doesn't mean he did it. Either way on the third day the doctors finally get around to examining zone his neck and the evidence is all there
zone has black and blue marks all around her neck, as if someone violently strangled her, not only that her wind pipe has been crushed by far the Easiest thing the doctors discover is that her neck had been broken. Its snapped right between the first and second vertebrae, just like her goes told Mary Jane, With that, the doctor turns to Edward and says Well Edward. We have found your wife neck to have been broken. Then Justice, Edward predicted Preston charges him with murder and takes him into police custody. Mary Jane is triumphant when her son in law is finally put behind bars, but then news about Edwards past slowly starts coming out, as it turns out here. Even shade easier than Mary, Jane ever imagined for one Edward
First name, is it even Edward its Erasmus? and sure enough he's not twenty nine is actually thirty five. But what really gets Mary Jane is that zone? I wasn't even Edward first wife. She was his third currently eleven years before, moving to Green Briar in eighteen. Eighty five Edward married, his first spouse A young woman called Alley S to lean cutlet. The two made there home in Pocahontas, County West Virginia, but their union was extremely unhappy. Edward was in violent beating alley so frequently and so severely that it became common knowledge around town. Now this week, as the late eighteen hundred when it came to spousal abuse, people were known to kind of just mind their own business. To a fault, but apparently Edwards Behaviour, disturbed, the other resident. So much that one night group of young boys come knocking on his door when Edward
answers they drag him out of his house and throw him into an ice hole, and just so there's no doubt about why they did it. They tell Edward. Did they attacked him because he keeps being up his wife? should mention that none of the boys are prosecuted The contrary, townspeople line up to vouch for their character. That's how disgusted they are with the way Edward treats his wife of months later, Edward is thrown in jail for horse thievery alley is this opportunity to safely divorce Edward. She can finally escape him, but things don't go so well for Edwards, second wife after his released from jail. Edward moves to the outskirts of Pocahontas County, where he marries another young woman named Lucy and tread. But just months later, Lucy dies now There were a lot of different accounts about how she died. Some people say, Lucy fell and hid her head. Others claim that.
Edward deliberately dropped a brick on her, whatever hat and it seems clear that there was some form, a brain trauma and a lot of unanswered questions, Whatever reason Lucy's death is put down as an accident, and theirs Never an investigation, dashboard, eighteen, ninety seven Mary Jane Easter was probably reeling as she heard. All these horrifying stories about her son in law, but Edward seems a confident that is of coming trial, shore zone as neck was broken, but it's impossible to prove that he broke it all the time seclusion has to go on is some circumstantial evidence and the testimony of a ghost Edward even gets a little cocky imprison not, Why does he admit that zone was his third white? He says he hopes to marry seven wives over the course of his life. Fine We in June of eighteen. Ninety seven five months after zone is death. The trial begins, but
No Mary Jane is the reason they are all here. Preston doesn't want her on the stand. If anything testimony about a ghost can only hurt the case naturally Edwards. Fence attorney takes the complete opposite approach, they can't wait for the hurry to get a load of zone his mom story, so they immediately tat Mary Jane as their witness the minute she takes the stand. Edwards lawyers try and make her look stupid. They do this by asking her about her, so called dreams. But Mary Jane just keeps her cool. She calmly answers that she wasn't dreaming, she was quote as why a week as she's ever been end quote, eventually Edwards lawyers realise they're not going to rattle her. For a long she's. Let go, then the prosecution calls Edwards due to the stand and a whole new level of crime,
He is unleashed Edward see and an antagonistic. He accuses the prosecution, of being driven by sheer spite and throughout. testimony Edward goes on these long, pointless engines where he describes random events in detail. In short, his performance is a complete disaster, and it comes as no surprise that, after a brief deliberation, the jury returns and declares Edward Guilty, by now, all a Mary Janes naysayers have switched sides, this guy death Lee murdered his wife and it seems pretty clear this guy will get the death penalty, which was the standard back in eighteen. Ninety seven West Virginia, but forward a reason. The judge opts to give Edward life in prison which, if you think about it, makes sense Edward was convicted. On
basis of some circumstantial evidence along with a truly terrible performance in court and an initial ghost story like it definitely adds up. But it's not exactly a clear cut case ill. Several green by residents are furious about this. There convinced Edward, is a murderer and they can't stay on the idea of him wheedling out of the death penalty not long. After the verdict. A mob of about twenty angry man decide to bust Edward out of jail. hang him themselves, fortunately for word green buyers, deputy sheriff catches, wind of this, and he manages to talk down the mob, then just three years later. Edward die simply enough from a bout of pneumonia so whether or not you'd call it justice. This guy is dead. He can't cause any more harm, but that's not exactly the end of the story, because while this
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cited to move back to his original hometown in England, so definite not a murder or a kidnapping, and even though drugs. Sudden departure is strange, it's not enough to keep any one up at night. All of his neighbors. Basically move on budgets, four months after Fredericks disappearance, something weird happens, one a local man named John Farley is walking home from the pub when he sees someone sitting on the fence by the creek now to be fair. Farley's probably a little tipsy, but according to him, he tiptoes a little closer to have a look immediately. Farley is stunned to realise the person is none other than Frederick Fisher. The man who supposedly went back to England, Frederick doesn't exe. Plain his four month absence. Instead, he makes
I contact with Farley and slowly points towards the creek men? Frederick just disappear, here's immediately Farley goes from being confused to totally freaked out. Like me, can't just vanish into thin air. It had to have been a ghost which means Frederick, didn't move. After all, he's dead barley, hustles back but he can't keep the scary experience to himself the very next day he is everyone that he's just seen, Fredericks ghost and that it pointed towards the creek, eventually local authority, agree to search the area, it's not long before they fish out Frederick Fishers corpse its unclear whether he here too, have simply drowned or if he was visibly harmed. But one thing is clear: he now
made it back to England, like his old neighbour, George Whirl claimed in fact, word gets out there. George has been selling off all of Fredericks things and pocketing the money. So far, he's been claiming that Frederick left the stuff to him. But after finding Fredericks body, the police go ahead and arrest him George was eventually convicted of Fredericks murder, but as for John Farley, the man who turned him in he eventually came clean, according to a contemporary newspaper, account Farley admitted years later. That here never saw Fredericks ghost pointing to the creek. He didn't you need a goes to tell him where Fredericks body ways, because he witnessed entire murder happen obviously really weird to make up a ghost story instead of just going to the authorities but apparent
You was scared to tell the cops because he was afraid, George World, the murderer would find out and come after him. In any case, the whole day sounds a lot like zone a Hester shoes story seven years later and ass turns out. This probably isn't a coincidence vaseful forward to nineteen? Eighty six, eighty six author, your life Lyle, gets really interested in zones story, so she does I shall write her next book about the so called Green Briar ghost in. her research while comes across one detail that very few people know courting to Lyle zone. Is obituary Weary appeared on page three of the local newspaper, the Green Grier Independent in January eighteen. Ninety seven and p, each one of them fear same newspaper featured an article about Frederick Fishers ghost so
Kay. The fact that this story was published this same day as zone is obituary means that her mother, Mary Jane, could have definitely read it. and maybe she was inspired to make up a ghost story of her own, and I can't really blame her. If you think about Mary Jane never had a good feeling about Edward Shoe. She could see right through his tall tails and she was worried when zone a married him not to mention- Edward Standing Guard by his wife's body like some sort of keeper of secrets of you, Mary Jane, could had just gone straight to law enforcement. But remember this is the victorian era, a woman's suspicions were more likely to be dismissed back that so a desperate mother. picking up a ghost story for closure, pretty understandable, except for one being the verdict
how did Mary Jane no that zone as neck was broken between the first and second vertebrae day detail alone is so specific had hardly just sapped that she, coincidentally guessed it right, and it's not like can eyeball that kind of thing from several feet away at a funeral. I also mention that Mary Jane never retracted her story. She went to her rate insisting that everything happened exactly the way she described it which to be fair. This Woman may have just wanted to preserve her pride, but at that point its like anyone would have blamed her for coming clean. we'll never know just how Mary Jane got it so perfectly right. Maybe her goes
show up some day ready to change her story until then, we'll just have to take her word for it. thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can I find all episode of supernatural and all other parts cast originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite, music and podcast all in one place there making it here to listen to what everyone here for free on your phone compute. or smart speaker and if you like, this show follow at par. Cast on Facebook and Instagram at park has network on Twitter Supernatural stars, Ashley flowers and he's a spot from power cast its executive produced by MAX,
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