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HAUNTED: The Moberly-Jourdain Incident


In the early 1900s, Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Moberly visited the Palace of Versailles. The two academics were hoping for a pleasant trip. Instead, they found themselves transported over a century into the past where they saw the long-dead Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

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When we think about time travel. The thing that probably comes to mind is a big silver machine like in the movies or a glimmering portal, to an alternate reality. I learned Your Dane and Charlotte morbidly didn't need a time machine or a portal in. Nineteen o one, the two women visited the palace of Versailles and some how they manage to stumble over a century into the past. What and ensure were serious academics who spent years trying to understand what happened to them to this day. The answer could still be out there This is supernatural natural, a cast original, I'm here
most Ashley flowers, every Wednesday. be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth. You can find suits of supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify. And if you like, what your hearing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par, cast and twitter at Park ass network. This, episode is about Charlotte, Mobilise and Eleanor's or deep, to call administrators who claim that they travelled back in time during a visit to her side to this day. Nobody knows what to make of their story or the evidence they came up with we'll have all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is bright,
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The downward Virginia is for lovers in nineteen o one. Fifty five year old, Charlotte Mobile early, was selected to be the principle of Saint Hughes College in England, since this was a huge undertaking the schools administrators know that she'd need someone to help her out, so they hire thirty eight year old, Eleanor Jordaens, to be her assistant the women, have a seventeen year age difference, but the pairing is a perfect fit. Both of them are in election rules with a proven track record and keep in mind. This was the early twentieth century, females and academia weren't. That comment, especially at such a high level, the women decided that they want to get to know each other a little bit better before the school year starts. So they plan a trip to France. That August, where they'll be visiting the palace of Versailles, Versailles was
former royal residents of King Louis, the fourteenth. This guy was famous, we opulent and it shows Versailles. Is he you spanning thousands of acres and its filled with intricate paintings. did statues and lush gardens, and since it was base, sickly, the seat of political power for over a century, its filled with tales of royal court intrigue, So it's no surprise that in nineteen o one when Charlatan Eleanor arrive at the estate, their excited to explore the play. that they most want to visit is the petite trio. I should pay Now that the women didn't know all that. Much about french history, but Charlotte had read an article about Marie Antoinette when she was a little girl, so she knew the petite Oriana. Was this small decorative little chateau that Lui the sixteenth gate to his wife Marie shortly after they got married because for science,
huge, Charlotte and Eleanor aren't exactly sure where to find the petty trio. They know it's. the palace grounds around a mile away from the main palace, but that's really all the information that their working with fortunately its. Gorgeous afternoon and the women are hitting it off. So I didn't really bother asking for actions, they just kind of start walking and roaming. The whole time there's laughing and talking, and it takes them a while before they realise that their lost before The women could see other tourist here and there peppered through the grounds, but now they were. completely alone, which just not seem right. I mean this is Versailles. In August there should be tourists everywhere. Charlotte Eleanor, aren't really sure what to do with a figure that, though, bump into someone before too long, they can ask for direction, so they just keep walking after some time. they come to a run down farmhouse, it seems dessert.
but near the farm house is a plough. That's been left lying on its side, the two We are looking at the plow when they feel this deep, deep, Caution and sense of beer come over them. Now, Badal ignore which the mood to each other, but both of them definitely sunset and as they keep walking along their feet, of despair only deepens pretty soon when they see two men walking towards them the mainwaring long, grayish green coats, but from the way Charlotte and Eleanor. Tell the story. This outfit didn't strike them is They just sort of assumed that the men were maybe card nor its at first I so the two women ouch the gardeners and they ask how to get to the petty Trina. While the men are, fucking Eleanor sees a small cottage to her right. A young woman, is standing in front of it. Passing a jug of water to a small girl. Eleanor can't help thinking how out of place this, but
mother daughter dual looks. I mean first of all, their clothes really old fashioned and second like why they even here, like they don't look like tourists and tourist. Don't usually carry old jugs of water around, in any case the two partners are directing her and Charlotte to keep going straight, so they start walking in that exact direction, but the book he tree, I know, is nowhere in sight. Instead, they come across a dark would both Eleanor and Charlotte are scared of going into the woods, but they still an acknowledged any of what's going on. It's almost like their depression is keeping I'm from both gliding what's happening, also their concern for each other. Charlie, doesn't
to alarm Eleanor and Eleanor feels the same way about her older friend. So without discussing their fear, they just keep walking straight into the woods. the deeper they go. The more oppressive their depression becomes. Then, suddenly the women come across what looks like a small gazebo shot It says she squinted at it, but she couldn't make sense of the trees behind it. In fact, the foliage looks completely flat and lifeless, The gazebo has been kind of plot in front of some sort of tapestry, but before that can investigate the women notice. A man standing next to the gazebo at First their relieved, but then he too earns any see his face its score and covered in raw pockmarked and immediately the women look away. But it's not his superficial flaws that bother them. It was his expression, something
bout him seems extremely rule and Charlotte feel This chilling certainty that the man is evil and with that she's done pretending at once to get out of the woods as quickly as possible and as if, in answer to her prayers, both women suddenly hear the sound of some one running towards them. turn around no There which is why their startled by a young dark, haired man suddenly standing next to them, the man, is smiling, but he looks really nervous. He jumped tells the women that they're going the wrong way. Any pleads with them to go back at this we charlatan Eleanor or just happy to have someone who can help them and will do anything to get away from the pockmarked man. They follow the young man and eventually he takes them out of the woods and into a wide clearing. Then he led them over a bridge, but as they crossed the bridge, Eleanor is
filled with this eerie sensation. She feels If she is surrounded by people on all sides. Now this doesn't mean any sense, because the bridge is completely empty, except for Charlotte and Eleanor and the young man, but Eleanor's view of being surrounded is so strong that she's literally like pulling her skirt, out of the way as if she's, making room for invisible pedestrians. Eleanor is really crept out by this she gets distracted by a small chateau up ahead immediately. both women know it's the petty tree Anna, but Nor does it feel relieved. In fact, the feeling of gloom that's been plaguing her old think, it's worse and Charlotte feels the same sense of despair but she's distracted from her dark mood when she sees a woman sitting in front of the chateau the will is wearing an old fashioned green dress, a white hat, and she appears to be sketching. Some sort of Troy
just as charlatan Elinor are about to pass her at the woman, looks up from her picture and steered right at both of them, something about her face and perfect still this totally creeps Charlotte out sudden a young footmen burst out of the chateau behind the drawing woman here at Charlatan Eleanor and says it they're trying to access the chateau through the wrong door. He tells us to use the entrance on the other side, so they go around ass to the main entrance and the second They walked through the door. They feel these huge change. Coming up, will explore whether Charlotte and Eleanor travelled back in time hi everyone? I'm Kate park ass network and I'm here to introduce a brand new podcast. I think you'll love, it's called blind dating and it's a fun twist on a classic set up. Every
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for tee afterwards, which is the perfect chance for them. Chat about what just happened. for some reason they say nothing, it's like it. Further to stunned, to put it into words. The two women return to there is a whole week, goes by meanwhile Charlotte can't stop thinking about what happened at first sight. It just keeps bothering her until finally, she has to talk to Eleanor she just straight up. ass Eleanor. Do you think the put he trio is haunted. Eleanor simply tells her. Yes, this opens up the floodgates The women realise that they both felt a strange depression, come over them after getting lost on the grounds, and they also again. That the man who led them out of the woods and across the bridge seem to just appear like out of thin air and they just cover that they were both freak out by the pockmarked and with the sinister face late
Charlotte brings up the lady in the hat, who is sketching outside the petty tree Ano but Eleanor's conferred she says that she didn't see the sketching woman. This frightens Charlotte, the woman char calls and her easel should have been impossible to miss. I mean she was literally staring at them and they walk right past. Her too. To the chateau entrance. But no, or how much Charlotte describes the woman. Elinor has no, I deal what she's talking about this makes it two women realise that, even though they been right next to each other. They might have experienced very different things so before they contain their discussion. They decide to separately right down what they remember. and sure enough when they compare notes, beer experiences were significantly different. For instance, Eleanor had felt the bodies of other people. Bridge with them, but Charlotte experienced no such thing and Charlotte. All
I didn't see the young mother and daughter with that jug the whim, really dont know what to make of any of this short It is leaning towards Versailles being haunted by ghosts, but Eleanor sure, just its it's too silly for a few more They don't really talk about their experience with any one else, then in late nineteen o one. A french friend happens to drop in on Eleanor for a visit almost as a judge. Oak Eleanor Ass, her friend, if she's ever heard of the Petite Ariane O being haunted and the French. instantly says. Yes, she explained that uncertain days in August, a lot of people have reported, seeing Marie Antoinette sitting outside the Petit Triano in an hour fashion, dress and hat Eleanor is stuff She immediately rights to Charlotte, and after doing some research Charlotte confirms that they actually visited precise on August ten nineteen o one, which is significant
because on this exact date over a century earlier, the French. pollution kicked off base equally in the late seventeen hundreds french citizens were angry about a bunch of things, food with super expensive and it seemed like every single government official was corrupt everyone is looking for someone to blame and that person was Marie Antoinette. It had been dead gazed and she moved to France from Austria to marry Louie the sixteenth, but the French will always saw her as an outsider and she even add more reputation than her husband for being super lavish. So instead eighteen. Ninety two, when the revolution was at its height, the mob and street for her they killed These guards imprisoned her and her family, and a few years later, Marie and Louis were executed by getting the four to revolution coincidence and Charlatan Eleanor on a spiral of wild possibilities. Short
wonders whether they saw Marie Antoinette ghost, but Eleanor has even stranger theory. She asked Charlotte whether she thinks it's possible that the two of them entered into One of Marie Antoinette Memories, Blake maybe in the years leading up to her capture Marie Antoinette, was sitting in front of the tea tray Ano, knowing that a mob hum for her suit. Eleanor explains that They somehow entered Marie's memory of that day than the overwhelming sense of fear and depression. They experienced makes perfect sense, obviously This is crazy beery. But at this point the two women are desperate for some sort of explanation. So one thousand for some time after their initial visit, Ellen were and Charlotte decide to return to her side to do some more research and what they do so
It is shocking, first everything about of her side grounds looks completely different distances are shorter and whole landmarks or missing, and no matter how many times they circled the estate. They can't find the guy Debo in the woods. They can't even find the words and that bridge that Eleanor and Charlotte walked across is missing to the two the immediately start researching old maps and asking around about the missing landmarks they finally get a break when they learn that there was a bridge on the grounds of Versailles in seventeen Eighty nine there had been a small bridge on the estate, but it has since been worn down, naturally, the women are freaked out like how, in World where they able to walk across a bridge a hundred and twelve years,
had been destroyed. They really don't have a choice but to keep digging for answers and keep in mind they are both academic. So this sort of deep dive research is totally within their we'll house bring their visit. Remember Charlotte and Eleanor had seen a plough of some sort laying in the garden, but after reviewing local experts. There told that plows haven't been used at the tree Ano for over a century They also learn something about the men in long green coats, as it turns out the only visuals at per se, who ever more green coats were Maria Antoinette personal guards back in the seventeen hundreds as far the scary man with the pockmarked face Charlotte. And Eleanor find a man who fit the description. He was known as the Comte de LA dry. Now, the count
Creole, so he had ten skin just like the man they saw. He reportedly suffered a terrible case of smallpox, which left him with a scarred: pockmarked And he was allegedly the lover of Marie Antoinette best friend Gabrielle. Do polar straw combed isn't known in history as an evil guy per se, but he was supposed. Italy, domineering and socially cunning and it's no secret that a lot of aristocrat and King Louis, the sixteenth court were pretty nobby unfriendly people at any rate, The women are pretty sure that this was him and the only theory that they can think of to explain. All of this is that the time hold no definitely sounds really a rational and impossible even to them. But honestly, they can't figure out better explanation and his team. Ngos by D become more and more certain that
these somehow stumbled into the past so off muesli. I know this story is really out there. We only have their word that any of this happened and big could easily be making it up, but the thing is Charlotte and Eleanor aren't the only ones who claim that they travelled to a different time, allegedly in Herbert nineteen, seventy nine to couples from Britain, Jeff and Pauline Simpson and their friends when in Cynthia gives be were here, a a momentary, MOT, France, its there first I and the writing high on the fact that their on vacation in another country, but they also had a huge drive so they're, pretty exhausted. They start king for a hotel to retire in for the night and after lots of fruitless circling, they discover this old fashion. And two story: building its labelled simply hotel. The building itself looks decrepit
it's definitely not something that they would pick as a first choice, but it's getting late and they're just happy to have found somewhere. So the russian side? They dont really, ascribe the person at the front desk, except that it was the hotel its owner and he didn't speak any English, but there are able to piece together that he has bacon seas, their super relieved, but their mood totally changes once they see their two rooms for the night. They can't believe how beer bones and old fashioned. Everything looks for one. The windows inside the rooms have wooden shutters and no glass, which is really bizarre and the door Where's are so medieval seeming like in place of He and a lock. They have just like wooden catches, neither of the room- firms, have a telephone which, in nineteen seventy nine is completely unheard of, but the two couples aren't in a position to complain, so they just turn in for the night.
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weird it out, but the kind of chalk it up to the foreign locale, like they or in the South EAST of France. So who knows what this town's thing is, and next surprise is actually a pleasant one. When the Simpsons in the guest bees go to check out, there told they only have to pay nineteen francs, which is insane for one night to bedrooms and for breakfast it should be more like two hundred and fifty francs suddenly They love this rickety old place. They slept well and had a yummy breakfast, all four nineteen francs, the two couples are sold. They even take pictures of the hotel before heading off to their next destination, so fast forward. Two weeks later there now on their way back home and they decide that they want to stay at this hotel again they get. The Monti Lemme and defined the exact street at the hotel was on, but no matter How much they look? They can't find the place
when they asked town locals for help. Nobody knows what they're talking about. Eventually, the couples are for just give up and stay somewhere else and their charge. The typical two hundred francs on check out next morning they get back to Britain and they probably would have chalked the whole thing up too bad direction, but something weird happens. Both couples had taken pictures of their holiday, including that rustic hotel, but when they each develop their film, they find out that the pictures of the hotel, are missing, not blank, not blurry. The pictures themselves are just gone, they sort through all there. Film again and again, but they can't find a single one. The couples are so disturbed by this that they supposedly travel back to France just to search for building, but the trip turns up empty again. The
Those aren't ready to let it go, though, so they research the uniforms that they remember the policemen in the lobby wearing and it turns out. Pleesmen involuntarily MOT did where that kind of uniform, but war. It back in nineteen o five, so by all appearances, literally time travelled like maybe they were hallucinating, but that doesn't really make sense that they would all four have the exact same experience. The only The explanation is that the two british couples, an Charlotte and Eleanor all decided to lie. but in Charlatan Eleanor's case I mean they spent a year, of their lives, doing research and piecing things together, and they She took a step further, a few years after, experience. The two women sent a letter about their experience to the society
four psychical research or s p, are in order. position that researchers, paranormal orb supernatural events need is to say the scholars at as PR were not impressed They dismissed Charlotte an Eleanor's adventures saying that they just mistaken modern people and objects as being from the past, but short in Eleanor aren't easily put off so they decided to publish a Och using pseudonyms to hide their identity. Short in Eleanor called their book and adventure ensue. I d not only include a step by step account of their journey to the past. They also provide all the proof they dug up through the years of arduous research and their hard work pays off because an adventure is a hit. People are kept debated by the story of time travelling and french royalty, but the look also has its fair share of critics. One of the main critique
is that Charlotte and Eleanor might have unknowingly wandered into a historical reenactment. There might be a pretty good the explanation for how this could have happened, Two historian, Joan Evans, a french artist named rule Bear Delmonte Skew CAT a home now Versailles in the early nineties? Hundreds this is signify can't because Monti Skew was a high society, dandy known for staging vivid reenactments in these performances. gay parisian men played all the rolls. Both male and female Evans thinks that This is what Charlotte and Eleanor encountered during their walk around Versailles. If it's true it would mean that the sketching woman Charlotte saw wasn't Marie Antoinette. She wasn't even A woman Marie was a male actor fully committing to a role it could also, explained flatness of the trees in the woods behind the gazebo Eleanor had
said that they looked strangely flat like a tapestry so Maybe it was just some sort of set design except there's. Just no record that won't askew put on any performance at Versailles in nineteen o one. In any case, he's some time after an adventure was published, news leaked that Charlotte and Eleanor Worthy authors and in nineteen fit. seven Lucille, IRAN Monger one of their schools. Former students publish her own. Book? Analyzing an adventure, Lucille is ruthless, doesn't bother challenging the specifics. Instead, she goes straight for the juggler attacking the women's characters in her scathing book called ghosts of Versailles, miss morally and Miss Shore Dane and their adventure. Lucille accuses her former teachers of being less serbian lovers who were driven mad by their lust seriously
Lucille insinuate that Charlotte and Eleanor's account of time travelling in verse. I can't be trusted because the Women were so distracted by their lust for each other that they confused modern day people and objects. Now Obviously this is incredibly homophobic. Like sure the to school teachers were companions, but there's no, evidence to speak to there being any more than friends and even if they were in love. But what is that to do with their credibility and left die check? There is no proof that gay relationships cause hallucinations of french royalty Modern day Chris, don't buy Lucille theory, but they also don't think that Ireland and Eleanor stumbled into some kind of reenactment, like Joan Evans, said either they simply that Charlatan Eleanor had fanciful imaginations, but this honestly doesn't match up with what we do know about these women sharks.
and Eleanor weren't frivolous people, they were serious academics like maybe got some publishing money for their book, but why risk their reputations with such an insane story? Also time travel, isn't that far fetched infer act scientists say it's totally possible. Now experts say try. going forward in time to the future is much more probable than the reverse, but, according to our Einstein theory of special relativity journeys to the past are theoretically possible. This would require passing through black hole or even a wormhole, with how limited our concepts are on these things. It could be equally possible today. Stumble into the past somehow or do not realise when you ve crossed in invisible threshold. We just don't know enough yet scientifically to say that this is impossible, which means its impact.
Simple to say what exactly happened to Charlotte Morally and Eleanor Jordaens that Warm summer day in Versailles, they might have been mistaken. The Tire experience could have been a subconscious invention of their imaginative mines or an idea for a book deal, but they made up after the fact- or maybe they did see. Count were dry scary, pockmarked face. Maybe they did walk through a portal and across a bridge into a bygone era, in which case it's possible. The portal is still there in Versailles, just waiting for the next person to stumble into the past links for listening,
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