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In 1892, Lena Brown died at just 19 years old, joining her mother and sister in an early grave. Then her brother, Eddie, got sick too. The working theory? His health was being syphoned by a vampire. When townspeople exhumed Lena’s body, their theory started looking a lot more plausible… 

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Legends of hideous creatures draining the life and blood of the living have been around for thousands of years like since ancient Mesopotamia from God to China to Germany, the list is basically endless. Some have hooks. instead of Linz, some can remove their heads others drink with their toes. but in New England vampires were more ingest legends you heard about. They were family. This is supernatural apart cast original, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every
Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find Besides, if supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify? And if you like, what your hearing reach out on base in Instagram at par, cast and twitter at Park ass network this week, We are discussing vampires in New England justice. one hundred years ago, residents of a small Rhode, island town, suspected wine or many vampires were wreaking havoc on its population. Of course, you, and I know that monsters exist only in our minds. So there has to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for a young nineteenth century girl buried without her heart rate. All that more is coming up stay with us
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In January eighteen, ninety two hundred and population is less than a thousand down from more than tat five hundred a few decades earlier while the Vanderbilt are putting their finishing touches on their marble mansion twenty miles away in exit there are so many abandoned farms that the United States government is preparing to seize them and burned to the ground and the towns. didn't, might want a few fires. At this point c, it's a bitterly cold winter, when one exit her family of self proclaimed Swamp Yankees is watching them. Longest daughter die her name mercy, Lena Brown. But she goes by Lena and her body is being ravaged by disease. A few weeks earlier. She was absolutely fine, but her sickness What one doktor called the galloping kind as in its in a hurry to end her life and tonight her
Other George is listening to that same doktor. Doktor, Harold met can tell him that there's nothing. He can do for Lena the docks, as listen hard reality is she's going. to ride this cough ever and shale and night sweat to an the great, and that's that As far as anyone can tell this met, calf guy doesn't even give Lena medication to soothe the pain in her lungs. He just leaves not long After in January eighteen, ninety two Lena passes away at just nineteen years old. Which you area in the Providence Journal Red Quote: miss The Brown died Sunday morning, end quote, and that's basically it her body doesn't even get queried the soil has frozen over, so nobody can dig a grave. The brow just place her in a coffin hammer. The top with some nails and lock her stone, crept located on the family cemetery. They
though, come back in the spring time when it's warm and give her a proper burial in the family. Cemetery right next to her recently does EAST, mother and sister The tragedy was in a new experience for the brown family and eighty, eighty three nine years earlier, the same sickness that took Lena's life claimed her mother, Mary Eliza Brown. we didn't have the galloping kinds like Lena had, so her death was more drawn out with her symptoms were all the same. The cough the fever, the chills the night sweats agonizing pain, less than one year after Lena's mother, passed, Lena's, older sister, Mary all have died as well. After fighting a long bout of this same disease, her obituary red quote, last few hours she lived was of great suffering. Yet her faith was, and she was ready for the change and quote Exeter held, Funeral for Mary Olive all, the townsfolk saying
him that Mary selected on her death bed called one. Wheatley Solemn thought below sir, about someone begging God to be near by as they slipped over the brink of death into whatever comes next. But there's a reason that Lena just a decade later received so much less fanfare than her sister a reason why the townsfolk weren't so keen to being close quarters with the browns. What It is sad, too, is tragic, but after three people start thinking that this family is in fact it like cursed or some they were once a family of five and now they're down to two just George and his twenty four year old Son, Edward and Eddy will now he's sick too he's actually been sick for a while when Lena dies he's been something like two years in Colorado, nursing his health, hoping the western air might do him some good, but it didn't you
return to Rhode Island shortly after Lena, took her last breath by the end of February eighteen. Ninety two he's counting down his final days on earth trying to make them as comfortable as possible, but eddies well liked. town so he's not short on people willing to lend a hand before hospice and hospitals, attending to the dying was considered a position of honour in New England society even had a name for it. Watchers in addition to doling out medicine and taking care of basic needs, watchers made sure that when somebody passed they weren't alone, someone they loved was sitting by their side, easing them through families. Even entire villages would take ships, but any makes a con. virtue decision, he doesn't use
his father to be as watcher. He stays with his inlaws. Why? Well, it turns out Eddie might want to stay far far away from the brown the farm one winter night, a group of well intentioned townsfolk, arrive on Georgia's doorstep with a wild theory. They think the disease. he's plaguing Georgia's family is caused by one of three things to our buried under ground and one is in a crept, their basically like what if your wife in daughters, aren't dead or aren't always debt. What? If there? ed and feeding on the living tissue and blood of your sign. Now they don't you who's? The word the empire in conversation that they do sing chest that George exude his wife in two daughters to see. If there's any ash blood in their hearts. If there s
I don't know for sure that eddies help is being siphoned by a love one from beyond the gray as you can. Imagine this all sounds like three shades too Nicholas to George he's sure, really a god, fearing man and disturbing the dead, probably feels like its breaking all kinds of commandments, but at the end of the day he doesn't have another option. Medicine has failed, prayers have failed and he has a town of people scare about what will happen if the disease isn't contained, So after talking it over with Eddie George, actually says yes to resuming his family underwear condition. He doesn't want to be there. He refuses to bear witness so. One march, seventeen eighteen. Ninety two George stays behind. As for neighbours, doktor met calf and possibly a correspond, from the Providence Journal head over to the brown family cemetery,
the good doctor more or less thinks this trip is a joke and the supernatural believes being flaunted our laughable, even says as much but goes along with it. If only to say I told you so afterward when there is no vampire burst, they on earth, Mary Eliza, she's been dead. Or nine years, or so and actually she's not much more than a skeleton. I mean There are some mummified flesh here and they are, but certainly no blood. So the men are like oops, sorry for disturbing the peace and they put her back in the ground. Next may got Mary Allah. She is a little more hair on her skull than he expected, but there's no flesh, no blood lay her mother, if she's feasting on living to keep herself cleaning to life. She's not doing great job of it after
ray bearing Mary Allah. The men head over to the crept where mercy Lena Browns coffin is being kept. They pry the coffin open and after two months, Lena's body barely shows any signs of decomposition. She doesn't look garotting Corpse Very much looks a lie like sure her fingernails and hair, have grown in a little alive or dead. That is to be expected, but when they cut her open, the men find blood in her heart by some accounts in her mouth and we're not talking like crusty blood, either like actual liquid blood, The discovery is strange enough that even the sceptical doktor met cap doesn't have a satisfactory explanation for it. According to Brown,
family oral tradition that wasn't the only surprise Lena was apparently Laying on her stomach upside down as if she'd been like tossing and turning in her great or as if she crawled back into her coffin after a night of resting on her brothers soul. either way for doktor met calf and the neighbors. This is evidence enough. That Lena is a vampire but finding the empire is only step one in their plan to rid exit or of disease step to be afflicted must consume her organs of next the empires move to the centre of town.
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Lena Brown, who had died two months earlier exuding, Lena's body, her heart and liver, were ripped out and burned on a near by rock the ashes where were then collected and mixed with water to be given to her brother Eddie as a medicinal tonic, which he was structured to drink, and he most likely did now whether or not he was told what was in it chronic is an entirely different story. It all sounds a little barbaric right just, little over a century ago, Americans worth making movies about vampires. They were literally digging I'm out of the ground and feeding their organs to their sick relatives. I mean it little easier to wrap your head around. If it's just like a one time thing, one town, one tonne, one the Empire Exeter was Joe an unlucky drop in the bucket, except that's, not true at all
mercy. Lena Brown wasn't New England, first vampire by all accounts She was the last for nearly a century. Before her, the force of New England were littered with them. seriously more than eighty did or an exclamation, have been tied to the emperor ISM in Amerika and the earliest. recorded happened not long after the country's founding in seventeen Eighty four, a local politician, wrote a letter in a weekly newspaper about some doctor who was going around telling people to dig up and burn their dead relatives in eighty Fifty nine Henry David Throw wrote in his journal about a Vermont family who Bird the lungs and heart and liver of their dead relative to prevent the spread of disease. Now you might be like
but you know I didn't hear any mention of the empire and either of those end you're right, you didn't, you heard, burning dead relatives and that's because these documents were written from the past bacteria of high society craning its next a peak through the trees at their backwoods name furs and their satanic rituals. You see, respected, gentlemen, wouldn't be caught dead using the word monster, but exe We now know that these semi, ritual. Ized burnings were almost explicitly tied to the empire. Now, to avoid rabbit hole of who was using what label, when when I say that, empire. I need a monster or spirit siphoning. The souls of the living and it's worth mentioning at the time blood was thought. by many to be the vessel for the sole p,
would know if their town might have a vampire, because residents would suddenly- and inexplicably start coughing a blood and mucus one day, their fine, and the next their pale, weak and bedridden, as if all the energy drinks, from them overnight. Once people start dropping like flies, it's time to visit the local cemetery to do a little digging for the most part, these vampire examinations were conducted exactly how you'd imagine, under the cover of darkness, lit by flickering lantern and you can find a similar seen in any run of the mill vampire feature, but not all then we're so clandestine in Vermont, hearts of suspected vampires were sometimes burned on blacksmith forges in the centre of town with hundreds of speck, Peters gathering to watch members of the clergy preside at local level. during the wanted. The most medical expertise would assist. The creations, the afflicted either inhaled the few
of the burnt remains or were instructed to drink. The ashes but in the areas of main in Massachusetts they had a different way of neutralizing the evil. The vampires bodies were simply turned over in their coffin and that's how mercy Lena Browns body was supposedly found when the men first open her. and that March, based down in her crept round thing on her stomach maybe someone had already suspected Lena had gone to her crypto flipper over before those men burn her heart and liver. There were more than a few vampire hunters in town with wildly different techniques, but probably not. George was so reticent to disturb his family's eternal rest that he most likely only let it happen once and Lena Well, we didn't try out a new resting position. One night see new.
He wins version of vampires, weren't springing from the ground and walking on earth. Like Dracula, they were arguably much more terrifying. They were these invisible spirits they here at night and sat on the chairs of the dying as they drain their life forces, they could be the room without anyone knowing other than person being preyed upon, of course. In other words, if Lena really was pyre, according to New England, folklore that still wooden explain why her body moved in the crept, which leaves us with two possible alternative explanations: one the family, Legend was mistaken or too she wasn't actually dead when they hammered in the nails, sounds while to us today, but at the time being buried alive was actually
common enough that multiple Patten's existed for devices that would alert the living if their loved ones woke up six feet under if Lena was better. Alive. It only strengthens the argument that she became of the empire after die. alone in a crept: she'd have plenty reason to exact vengeance on the ones who put her. They were in the first place without a watch her without a funeral and without a chance the story of Lena being found face down in her coffin comes from a nineteen eighty one interview that professional folklore is Michael Bell had with a descendant of the Our family named Everett Pack like his ancestors before him, Everett still lived in eggs at her and work as a farmer, a middle aged ever it also too, Belle another story about mercy, Lena Brown, this What about an experience he personally have with Lena many decades after her death, but back when he was a teenager. You see
in his brother were driving on an errand when they saw this bright ball of fire hovering about maybe a tables height off the ground. The flame was about the size of a football and burns so hot that it's blue. Of course. The boys spooked, they have no interest in investigating any further, so they hightail it down the road to their cousins farm. when they arrived, they tell their cousins all about what they witnessed only to find out that their cousins or not shocked, You see the cousin there like. Oh you, must have been up by mercy. Lena Brown. Grave right yeah you're. Not the only one to see that bank, it never saw the flame again and it was his only taste of the supernatural in his lifetime, but he stood by his story and
Why would he make up a story about a fine ball of fire when he didn't even believe that mercy, Lena Brown was a vampire or that the IMF? Here's, where real at all, as a middle, aged man, living near the turn of the twenty first century. Of course, he knew better than to believe in monsters, but that the strange as part of the vampire panic that swept New England and reach as far as Minnesota, every one sure, have known better the Salem which trials, which would suspect even in its day and didn't you a century before American started examining the empires, the anachronisms are wild. That same year that thorough wrote about burning vampires in Vermont, Charles Darwin, published his book on the origin of species one year later America elected Abraham, Lincoln as president of the United States,
The time mercy, Lena Brown came along secret. Exclamations were usually conducted by medical students wanting to further science, not the empire hunters and In the years surrounding all that progress, there was an American named Timothy Mead, who made a sacrifice to a demon vampire who was supposedly sucking the blood of the law There were the ransoms, the core, the end, the roses who all sliced open their dead children and burned their organs. George Bush, and made the decision to dig up his wife's nearly decade old, corpse and Edwin Brown drank nineteen year old sisters, heart some real, must have been happening. I mean
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Eugene Ash combines romancing music into a sweeping and beautiful new love story that brings together changing times, are changing culture and the true price of love. This Christmas discover. story for the ages that you can enjoy with your loved ones, Amazon, studio sell. Love is now streaming only prime video. Let's get back to the story, Two days after the Brown women's exhumations, the Providence Journal printed an article about the little posthumous family reunion in it the author RO. killed. Anyone who believed in vampires calling it a horrible superstition and that's the thing nobody alive at the time believed in vampires, as George Brown was telling his son to drink his dead sisters heart he
thought the suggestion of the empires was completely outlandish. also suited Edwin who buy, The way died less than two months after drinking Lena's heart from tuberculosis or as it was called. Then consumption. Nowadays, you know, a lot about tuberculosis. In the 18th century, its contagion rates were high enough to be considered an epidemic by one thousand. Eight hundred twenty five percent of all deaths in the country were from tv, which isn't to say that people back knew nothing about the disease. Ten years before Lena's, exclamation and microbiologist identified the bacterium that causes TB. But the question is: what did the people of exit or no and the answer probably not much
back. Then there was no cdc, see no standard. Compilation of knowledge. Medicine was mostly just opinions and a lot of them from disreputable sources according to Bell, for the average physician formal, Training was practically non existent around eighteen Already, a surgeon wrote about how he believed Americans were more likely to survive if they ignore the advice of their local physician so When one treatment didn't work, it was only natural for people to try another option. Even if it wasn't there cup of tea so to speak, and say what you will about folk medicine healing can be found in feeling agency over the forces in life that are out of your control, even if it he had saved the dying. It can unite the people that love them in powerful ways. Call it faith, call it a placebo effect enjoy
large browns case when he ran out of options, belief or doubt or region were beside the point. The only that mattered was his entire family was dying and nothing else was working. I mean we we take a second to imagine yourself in George Browns Shoes, the heartbreak that he experienced What would you do to save the last person on earth that you loved earning a vampire starts to sound a little less out there right. So was mercy, Lena Brown, a vampire two months: she died, she looked pretty alive and she did have liquid blood in her heart. But in addition to tuberculosis, science has taught us more about Lena's. Miraculous preservation is well here are the facts. she died in January and New England. Winters are cold
I mean she didn't even receive a burial, because the soil was frozen. The icy temperatures inside the crib almost certainly slow the natural process of decay. The blood found in her heart may have been recognizably liquid, but it was also Claude. And decomposed blood, as the Providence Journal wrote at the time. This was expected at Lena's stage of decomposition, As for the rumour blood in her mouth three to five days after a person dies. There, how do you usually bloats and their mouth bills, with foamy blood in the final stages of tuberculosis? The infected law start to get ulcers and cavities patients often cough up blood With all of this information, there doesn't seem to be much supernatural about mercy, Lena Brown. That said This small dead teenage girl from the nineteenth century has definitely in
warmed your understanding of vampires in eighteen. Ninety six, an up and coming London stage manager named Brown. Stoker is travelling with some theatre production while out on tour, he picks up a copy of the new world and inside is a story about mercy. Lena Brown, the Van pyre of exit or Rhode Island, The following year he publishes a novel Dracula Dracula, pulled the trigger on a vampire craze that still exist. Today, and it's likely not a coincidence that Lucy, the young girl exude in one of the books, most famous scenes sounds like mash up of Lena and mercy at a glance their king doctors and stories are eagerly similar since Dracula with the exception Maybe the twilight saga there having been many notable updates to the empire image and glittering
skin, isn't exactly an innovative hot take Most of the legend we know today is still based on the story of mercy. Lena brown love it or hate it. Vampires now or go out of style. You could that the modern residents of Exeter ERR on the side of hate, the mostly blue, or community, isn't exactly thrilled when lathered up teenagers show up out of the blue with crosses asking for directions to the chestnut hell. Cemetery today Lena's buried right between her father George and her brother at went Legend trips, a visit, Lena's graver, pretty popular, especially after dark and especially on Halloween, in addition to leaving Knick knacks like big vampire t people scratch her name's into her headstone or chip off pieces of it to take home with them as a souvenir and in
one. Ninety six, the headstone disappeared entirely, but don't worry, the culprit handed it back. Eventually, sure folklore aside its pretty easy to say mercy, Lena Brown was just a girl who died from tuberculosis, but tell that to the people who ve heard her crying whispers. There said to fill the chestnut hell Cemetery night and have allegedly been caught on tape, tell it to the people who have smell. Freshly cut roses. Filling the air while walking past Lena's headstone tell it to the ball of fire that every pack, a non believer saw hovering above her great. If all you do, is walk away from this episode thinking. While I can't believe that kind of stuff people believed in eighteen ninety two years Other story, for you in two thousand by
Six romanian men or sent to jail for examining a dead body burning its heart and drinking it with water. They pledged self defence, because they said the guy was a well known, vampire, thanks for listening I'll be back next week with another episode, you can find all of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify. Supernatural stars, Ashley flowers and his Spotify original from her cast its executive produced by MAX cut sound designed by carry Murphy with production.
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