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In 1877, a 13-year-old girl named Lurancy Vennum developed mysterious symptoms. Her doctors couldn't determine what was wrong with her, until a spiritualist suggested Lurancy's illness was due to her ability to speak to the dead.

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It's always painful when a loved one dies but is particularly hard. We ve done a chance to say a proper good bye. You just have to come to grips with every that went unsaid and undone. But what if you could see your loved one again, what if their spirit could come back? But to do so they had to take over the body of a harmless. Ten year old girl. This is the story of rain, see venom for ten months ten days she allegedly contacted several ghosts, improved it by telling Their loved ones, information she couldn't possibly have. No, This is supernatural a spot of.
Original from part cast on your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday album he a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of Superman. Trial and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify this week. I'm Discussing the what seeker wonder a story spend two decades and connects to families. It features a pair of girls who both developed this. seem strange, physical symptoms for no apparent reason when doctors can't figure out what's wrong with them. A spiritual list proposes a theory there in communication with the dead. I have all that in war stay with us. This episode is brought to you by simply by Fredo lay these days. You have a lot going on, but now. thanks to simply by Fredo lay you have one last thing the worry about, so keeping
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Ok, so most of what I am about to tell you comes from one source, a pamphlet called the what seeker wonder by Doktor E W Steve. Unfortunately, a lot of the details are pretty vague within commission we do have is wild and luckily The author, Doktor Stevens was an eye witness to a lot of the events, so we can at least assume it's pretty accurate, like the title imply Today, story takes place in what Sega Illinois a small rural, too on the kind of place where everyone knows each other. In the night century what seekers just filled with traditional mid West values like George Sunday, famine is eating dinner together every single night. You know the kind of place you wouldn't expect horrific other worldly events to take root, but that's exactly what happens.
In the spring of eighteen, forty, seven a six month old, baby girl named Mary Roth- has some kind of strange physical fit one minute, she's perfectly healthy, laughing and playing and the next she's totally unconscious, and will not wake up no matter what anyone tries after a few hours. She comes out of it, but Even then she still seems lethargic and out of sorts, and it takes a few weeks before she fully herself again now I imagine her. Parents are free out the whole time wondering what's wrong with their baby, but they don't see you get any real answers about what triggered the fate, which would be one thing: if this episode was just some weird one off event, but it's not, it happens again. and again and again for years, eventually marries having these spells every couple of weeks without any end in sight and with each one
they become more intense and even seizure like desperate to help theories. Parents try everything, they can think up to fix whatever's misfiring in her brain, including having done there's a play leeches to her head. They even send offer a year and a half to this alternative care center in Peoria Illinois, where they practice things like hydrotherapy, but nothing helps and by the time she's. A teenager, marries condition is only getting worse, sometimes show wake up from her the suit and all she can do is scream and the rash around and threatened people is like. She doesn't have control over her body and its exhausting both ugly and mentally. Before long it takes a toll, her mental wellness when she's, not in or out of a fit marries despondent all the time now keep mind. This is the mid nineteenth century. Doctors are only just beginning to understand depression, so she never
its diagnosed with any kind of mental health condition, but cheat definitely starts exhibiting signs of depression, including engaging in self harm. Now do my best to keep this part of the story. But if you're someone who might find discussions of self harm upsetting, maybe jumper had about a minute or so in give you a second ok. So in July, eight sixty four. When marries seventeen years old, she wakes in the morning grabs a knife and sneaks out of the house. She creeps into the back yard, finds a quiet place and in cuts her arm opened. The cuts bad enough that she passes out from the blood loss. Luckily, I dont know but some one realizes she's missing from the house and finds her before it's too late. When she regained consciousness, that day, Mary insist, she doesn't want treatment. She wants to be left alone, but obvious,
Her family doesn't want to leave her alone at this point, when they don't though she gets very upset she screens and yells and literally tries to run out of the house, for parents have to. Some friends over to the house to help get her under control and it ends up taking by people to pin her down in bed so clearly marries not well something needs to go and it needs to happen fast. Otherwise, There is going to seriously hurt herself or some one else. Her parents are told us and her to an asylum where they seriously dont want to at this point I'm a silence are terrible places I mean even cruel. Patients are typically locked up, whipped and starved. And that's like the best case scenario. Something It is literally put their patients on display for tourists like animal
in a zoo. The raft just don't have any better ideas, though so the end up committing one year after the knife incident, while her parents are visiting her at the asylum in Peoria a screen, a rubs from marries bedroom. Mister, MRS Roth run to check on their daughter expecting to find the usual, but this time marries symptoms are worse than they have ever seen. I dont know exactly what's wrong with her, because the records are vague, but whatever's going on it's too much for married to handle shortly. Her parents arrive at her bedside Mary dies, Naturally, the loss of their daughter, devastates the rocks sure she been struggling with her health for basically her entire life, but I dont think they I really believe that they were going to lose Mary. I just eighteen years old. Nobody expects to loser I also young to make matters worse.
because of the stigma around mental health. People are super insensitive about the rocks laws like this a local paper, the dance times, runs in obituary for Mary. That reads: quote: Disease dethroned her reason and maddened her brain and the mob This young lady was transformed into a screaming maniac end quote so yeah people are exactly showing any compassion and marries parents probably have to cope with their grief alone. However, they can mr raw turns to spiritualism and religion, not sure what he's looking for exactly me, He wants reassurance that his doors spirit is still alive somewhere or maybe leaving in a higher power comforts him. Whatever the case he's searching and eventually he connects with other people who dabble in the supernatural people like psychics and mediums who communicate with the dead and six
years after marries death. This new family moves to town the victims MR venom is also really into the cold. So there is definitely a growing spiritualist community in what seek are with the victims. Have lot more in common with the rather than just a passing interest in the supernatural a few years after they moved to town. Their daughter also starts having inexplicable fits in hers. Come with voices in her head coming up. Spirits take over a girls by the internet. What will we do without it so much information so little time, and yet, with all the answers available online, there still lie scores of deep dark spooky secrets, mystery is yet to be solved until now. This isn't click bait. This is our exclusive new podcast internet urban legends. I'm lonely Your evidence expert and I'm Eleanor, the self proclaimed sceptic together.
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at industrial. They don't want anything to get between you and your great day. That's why you can enjoy a great day and industrious on them. Just go to industrious office duck come slashed butterfly and book a tour again, that's industrious office, dotcom slashed spot. If I now back to the story, by July, one eighteen, seventy seven! It's been twelve years since Mary rafts death and what seek a hasn't. changed much interested. in town with the same values. The Van family has been what Sega for six years now and their settling into the swing of things Lorenzo or Rancey. As her friends call. Her is only thirteen but she's had a pretty rough go at things after loose her brother and sister she's the only surviving venom child, which I mean a sad for obvious, reasons, but it also means she's personally,
responsible for a decent chunk of the work around the house she spends most of her time sewing and taking care of chores in their modest home tonight. She's exhausted, she's alone in her room trying to get some rest despite the sweltering summer heat, but just as she's finally about to fall asleep. She hears bees, voices like There's a bunch of men and women and children in her room they're, all saying her name, indifferent tones like Rancey, Rancey Rancey, and when she opened her eyes to see, the half is happening. She feels this warm worst of air hid. Her face like like someone standing a few inches over her breathing on her, but there's no one in her room. It is completely
empty. I don't know about you, but I would be freaking Duff out at this point reigns. On the other hand, she figures she be imagining things and goes back to sleep, but the next night Here's the same voices again this time she takes action. She walks over parents, bedroom knocks on our door and kind of calmly is like hey. Can you do some thing about this strange disembodied voices in my room. Please now not sure what her power reactions are aiming at this point. It appears to be on until I mean there's no signs of people in their house So maybe they agree that something weird is going on, or maybe they just chalk this up to an over active imagination, regardless Ramses parents, don't do anything. Until a few days later, when their daughters, symptoms turn physical,
leaving around dinner time rances wrapping up a showing project when suddenly she get this intense pain right near her heart she dropped. Her needle and thread put a hand to her chest and without warning collapses to the ground as it she's having a heart attack or something. But this is a thirteen, Year old girl who's, never had any serious medical problems before she's alive. supersede expect to see. This kind of thing happened to her, immediately rush over and start shaking her and screaming her name, but no matter what they do. Rancey just lies there motionless, like parents can even moved her arms and legs. It's almost like she's, a corpse and rigour. Mortis has set in Her situation for lack of a better word doesn't change until eleven p M five full hours later now it's not super clear whether her parents call a doctor
even if they do it's not like being able to do anything as far as anyone can hell, there's nothing physically wrong with her she comes out of the fit feeling perfectly fine. A little weird or out of sorts, but that's it sound familiar it sure, because Ramses symptoms, almost perfectly mere Mary Roth's to tee. And like Mary Ramses episodes keep coming back. Her second fit hits the very next day, and things could even weirder up he'll. This point everyone has pretty much assumed Marian Ramses fits, are linked to some undiagnosed medical condition, but then, in the middle of an episode. Regency starts to talk
out of the blue, she says she can see the spirits of her dead, loved ones in Heaven, including her deceased brother and sister. She tells her parents, they dont need to worry, because both have transformed into these beautiful angel an ok. On the one hand, it's a lovely sentiment and attaching moment on the other, everyone, has to be losing their minds regardless their personal beliefs, nobody expects an ordinary preteen girl, too faint and then sudden, connect to the afterlife, but apparently that's what happens and eventually she just stops mumbling about Heaven, sits up and is fine. Like nothing happened like it's completely normal and well fit she's, having kind become just that normal. These other worldly,
painting spells become a huge part of re and sees day to day life. They happened up to a dozen times a day every day, some episodes last for as many as eight hours. An you, it's a wonder: Rancey manages to get anything else dine from what can tell she spends more time unconscious than she does a week and her parents. They all know what to make of it. They have a steady stream of doctors, clergyman and spiritual healers dropping by to try and figure out what's wrong with her but other than the incense outsiders, cleaning insanity, nobody comes up with a theory for months then on January thirty, first men around four p M, Mr Roth, drops by for a visit as an marries dad Mr Roth and he's brought along a spiritual list, friend of his name, Doktor P, W Stevens they heard about. What's her,
burning and we're like. We know, what's wrong with your daughter, I can even imagine the venom excitement, but before Mr Roth, can even tell them this theory Rancey immediately almost on few hunches over in her chair, but she suddenly much older. Then she starts making these root comments to her parents that she'd normally never dream of saying it's like Rancey, isn't rancey any more like completely turned into someone else or someone else is trolling, her body and as bizarre That sounds. That's apparently what's happening after a few minutes Rancey alludes to the fact that she's a sixty three year old, german woman named Katrina, naturally rain His parents have no idea what to make of any of this. Mr Rothstein, P. W Stevens starts asking follow up questions like how did country
they get from Germany to Ellen away and re and see or Katrina rather says she travelled through the here in that she's been staying at the venom household for three days, which is vague but creepy. Nonetheless, Ultimately, every one in the room is in agreement, some kind. mysterious presence is affecting ran body and this Katrina Spirit or person is maybe what's making Rancey sick, Doktor Stevens Certainly agrees accordingly in their witnessing evidence of the theory. Mr Roth had been trying to explain when he arrived heavings Ray, see, may be channeling the dead and those he says: she's been hearing at night or goes trying to break through the problem. M is he says some spirits are bad, take Katrina,
example, she's so sullen and argumentative because her intentions aren't good Ramses, weird fits in seizures or actual. her trying to ward off more malevolent spirits but its exhausting, and she can't keep it up forever. Now the victims must be equal parts, terrified and just baffled. At this point, it's a lot to take on faith the Doktor Stevens and Mr Roth, or the first people who been able to give them any explanation for what's been happening and given every they have seen so far a kind of makes sense to them. The good news their steel says he knows how to fix her. All round he has to do is let a good spirit take control, so he asks ran see if she can sense any ghosts that might want to help her and she says yeah. Then, after a few minutes, Ramsey breaks the uncomfort.
illness in the room and says that she's no longer rancey, she's Mary coming up marries second stay. What seeker this episode is brought to you by truly, if this park as taking you too, dark and absurd places, count on truly sour, bright crawlers to lead the way and neon and sugar and Sweden sour. Becoming worms, and no none of them are safe from being eaten they're just tutor. issues, so when they hear that surely bag open the price. This is a sweet demise, very yummy gummy goodness, will always find a way to your Tommy. to get some sweet sour to accompany you, pack has fix, go to troll how come. This episode is brought to you by oh, do running away
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We as a good spirit and believes that quote a new fountain of light and the source of help had been reached. End quote eventually Doktor Stevens and Mr Roth decide to go home, but as soon as they leave breathing immediately descends into chaos. Rancey starts unconscious boldly sobbing she's completely, controllable. When Europeans ask what's wrong, she said telling them about how hard it is to come back to earth after spending more than a decade in Heaven, but elaborate. Any further reinforce, continues her fate then she hasn't recognize her parents or her house every is unfamiliar and unpleasant. Now this is it actually what you might expect her to say if it's actually Mary speaking from Ramses Body, which is Everyone says an believes is happening, Mary Robinson. here: it literally seems to be inhabiting. Rancey like Jesus
to have any access to any of realities. Memories only marries, but for clarity I wanna keep referring to who or is in having this little girls body as the original owner rancey Ok! So now we got that out of the way when members of the rough family drop by for a visit two days later, Rancey immediately recognizes that all of them even the one she's never met before, like Mary sister named Minerva and manure, doesn't even make it to the house before Rancey rose. Open a window and shouts- and I am quoting there comes my Mama and my sister nervy. Now this is specially striking, because nervy is a nickname Mary used with Minerva before she died, and there is no reason rancey should know about it. Once they're inside Rancey burst into tears,
in starts giving the rocks giant hugs, but you haven't seen any of them in. Oh, I don't know twelve years and soon Rancey says she wants to go home as in Marries home. Weird, yes, but we under the rocks are like yeah She should come back with us. That's a great idea seriously. The inside Rancey, is now their daughter and thus deserves to live with them. Now I don't know, I think most parents would have problem with some new family stepping in and trying to take custody of their only surviving child especial. if she's got serious medical problems and just started hearing voices and apparently turning into different people, but the rocks aren't the only ones asking reinstall is literally baggy man to go, live at the rocks place and at this point the victims are prob, the second guessing their whole concept of reality, like maybe your daughter,
is channeling, they're, dead, daughter spirit. Maybe she should go stay with these strangers at the very least, it's hard for them. no. The right move and eventually believe it or not. They give in they agree to let Rancey go stay with the roughs temporarily. A little two weeks after Mary took control, the rocks come over to pick rancey up. They mingle for assent and and then they start, heading home. They live on the opposite side of what seek us, it's a long walk but allow on the way. Rancey becomes incredibly confused. See at some point the rocks moved out of the house. They lived in when Mary was a lie, but when they start to pass it Rancey Breaks off and runs right up to acting like this is where they're all going to stay together. Of course, Mister MRS Roth tell her. They live there anymore. They even argue about it, but Rancey insists saying quote
I know that I live here, but here's a the venom, didn't move to town until after the rocks moved out of that house. So there's no way rancey would have known that Mary ever even lived there. So after the Roth's convince her to keep walking to their new home their minds or Meda. Their convinced their daughter still alive in Ramses body. Any evidence keeps piling up over the course of her stay with the rocks. Rancey will repeat things that merely used to say a word for word thing: she couldn't power, simply no. The raft leave, marries old clothes and personal belongings laying around the house without fail. Rancey recognise them as her own this one time. Gino, except an old hat, and says she used to love the way it looked with her marries old haircut. Another time Doktor Stevens Ass, rancey a question about the time she cut her arm. Not only does
see remember, she tries to show him the scar, of course, when she rolls her sleeve nothing's there, because Rancey hasn't engaged in any self harm, but she seemed genuinely surprise to not have a scar as if she forgot he's not in marries body now this lack of awareness isn't always the case. Sometimes a person will ask what ran up to Wall marries in control and show spawned, like she's in Heaven, visiting the angels when she insists this, which isn't for fun or pleasure. I mean I'm sure marries excited to see her family again, but then Surely she says that ran sees in Heaven to learn how to get better, presumably to fight off the bad spirits. Once that happens, Mary will return to the afterlife and Rancey will come back to earth, which I mean that it has to be hard for the rocks to hear
we may just got their daughter back. Obviously they don't want anything. Bad happened rancey, but they don't want to lose marry again either, but they do about three months. into her stay. Mrs Roth, ducks into Ramses room to check on her daughter and she immediately realises it's no longer Mary living under their Ruth Ranch, scrambling around the bedroom wide eyed and panic stricken demand. To know where she is and well. Mrs Roth sets I'd any grief. She may be feeling for losing her daughter a second time and puts on a brave face. She promises to have rience his parents come over and it works Rancey calms down. Then about five minutes later, the roller coaster continues: she's marry again back in charge of the body, but she's only back for a limited time, something like two weeks
then one day, Rancey just suddenly tells marries parents it's time. Her work is done, Rancey needs her life back and Mary Julie has one day left on earth. Rancey spend the day giving Good goodbyes Mary was unable to the first time around according to and she looked sad, but for the most part he spends the morning, lifting up the spirits of those around her treating her departure like a celebration. Leaving is for the best she says, just before eleven, a M Rancey and a group of loved ones gathered together to sing hymns and pray when they finish Rancey this her mother and Minerva good by and then she's rancey again no fire, Six Mary doesn't vanish in a puff of smoke or a beam of light from what I can tell
she doesn't even flinch when Mary Spirit leads her body just happens which admittedly, is a pretty anticlimactic way for this all the end, but the Good NEWS is Rancey says her old illness. the fainting spells in seizures is now cured, it is a miracle and what seekers back to normal again for the most part over the next few years. Rancey still sees spirits. Sometimes they appear to her with messages from the afterlife Mary even comes back and visits a few times. But Rancey seems to be able to talk to these goes without becoming unconscious. Now, just more control, and she you is her abilities for a while until she gets married. her husband apparently doesn't believe in spirits. Maybe that has something to do with why the incur stop, or maybe they don't? Maybe she just keep. them to herself ass, not to upset her husband, but as far as record
go. She never has a ghost occupying her body again now by this point: Ramses. A local celebrities she doesn't quite leave out the rest of her life. In peace, doctors, beer to, and ministers keep coming around asking questions include p w Stevens spiritualist, who basically started all by telling Rancey to let Mary in after it's all over, he publishes the pay what I mentioned at the start of this episode, the what seek a wonder, the rocks back up his claims. They say every detail in Stevens is account is absolutely true. That may be the case, but even at the time There are just as many people who think the story smells like a hoax. You might be one of them, but in fair, as to those involved. As far as scams go it's hard to see a motive here, there's enough that suggests the rocks gave regency any money or anything of value. I guess
And see the rocks, the venom and Doktor Stevens could have baked everything to serve some other agenda, but it's not clear what had agenda would have been an did. The account is true: it hard to think of any rational explanation for what happened. Rancey like whence he knew so many specific details about marries life and sure she could be a good guess her, I guess, but the hat Are the old address her sisters, nickname we're talking minutiae from strangers life who died more than a decade earlier, there's no the reason for my fancy to know any of this unless he's hearing about it burst hand from Marries Spirit or ghost right. What I do know is this the what seek a wonder, changed lies, and maybe that's more potent and whether or not it was real. The rocks got an extra three months with what
he believed to be their doors ghost even fancy with some sort of liar or con artist. She's dead genuinely helped a greeting family find closure with the greatest tragedy of their lives. So, if you ask me, Rancey venom was a miracle worker thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode for more information on see venom and Mary Roth, I found the what's wonder by EDA View Stevens especially helpful to my research. You can find all episodes of supernatural and
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